Bis Aufs Messer Aug News (Sleep, Birds in Row, Swans, THou..

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Bis Aufs Messer Aug News (Sleep, Birds in Row, Swans, THou..

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 03 Aoû 2018, 13:30

hi, it has been a while since our newsletter. The beautiful summer days put a little break in the usually reliable friday newsletter lecture u are all waiting for ;)

So here we go with some great news! We got the amazing re issue of the GEISTERFAHRER - sehr entgegenkommend LP, the killer GYEDU BLAY AMBOLLEY - The Message (Limited Edition) LP on Analog Africa, MULATU ASTATKE & HIS ETHIOPIAN QUINTET re issues, new MORROW LP and new TOUNDRA DLP via Alerta as well the as the REMAINS OF THE DAY re issues, the great GAD WHIP- Post Internet Blues LP!, new SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Have You Considered Punk Music LP, CAMP COPE - How To Socialise & Make Friends LP, TURNSTILE - Time & Space LP, SLEEP - The Sciences DLP, FIDDLEHEAD - Springtime And Blind LP, BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE - The Truth About Love LP, BIRDS IN ROW - We Already Lost The World LP, VERBAL ASSAULT - Trial LP, THOU - Rhea Sylvia LP, SWANS - die Tür ist zu DLP and many more

Vendetta released the great new YITH - immemorial LP (a handful green ones left) and the ULTHA - Dismal Ruins Pt. II 10“ (down to the very last copies)

Adagio830 is down to the last copies of the GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ LP on clear - get one while the last. The duo will tour August / September



Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


CRIPPLED YOUTH - Join The Fight 7“ (revelation - Before they were called Bold, this K-Town mosh crew was originally known as Crippled Youth. "Join The Fight Fight" was their debut EP as well as the first release for up and coming West Coast hardcore label New Beginning Records (Underdog, Halfoff, P.H.C.), recorded in late 1985 and released in 1986. With song topics covering the positivity of their scene, being straight edge, and friends sticking together, this record was the catalyst for a thousand sing-alongs. Includes 28 page color booklet with liner notes from people involved with the band and the original release of the 7" with lots of photos and other artwork from that period in the band's history. This is the red vinyl version, out of 700 copies.) 12.00

ECOSTRIKE - Time Is Now 7“ (triple b - The debut 7" from Florida's juggernauts is back with a limited 1,000-copy repressing on Triple-B Records. First press was limited to 500 copies via Carry The Weight Records and sold out immediately. This is your last chance to get a copy of this on vinyl. 7" includes digital download.) 8.00

FIREBURN - Shine b/w The Controller 7“ (closed casket - Following their 2017 debut, "Don't Stop The Youth," California's own Fireburn presents "Shine b/w The Controller." This two-track 7" single is in anticipation of the band's upcoming Spring 2018 US appearances with American Nightmare, G.B.H, and Kill Your Idols, and at Punk Rock Bowling and United Blood Fest. 7" includes digital download. New pressing now available on pink vinyl.) 7.00

URSULA - Meet Is Murder 7“ (indecision - The frantic debut from Apple Valley, CA's Ursula blurs the lines of every conventional facet of underground noise, being equal parts metal, punk, hardcore, grind, crust, and thrash. Call them what you will, all labels can apply, but no single one really defines them. For fans of War On Women. 7" includes digital download.) 7.00


ULTHA - Dismal Ruins Pt. II 10“ (vendetta - It's with great pleasure that we can finally unveil another well kept secret: The second Dismal Ruins EP. This time a ltd.10" record with a new track called "Vitrescent" you won't find on any other Ultha release. The song was originally intended to be part of a split record with our brethren Woe, which, for various reasons, as with the Paramnesia split and the first Dismal Ruins EP, didn't pen out at this time. But this split will happen, sooner than later. Now, you can get this 10" with Doré artwork, silkscreened sleeves and screen printed B-side, designed by Thomas Reitmayer (who also did the Witches shirt). This will be a one time pressing of 250 copies. PLEASE NOTE: This track is NOT a part of the new full-length!!) 13.00


BIRDS IN ROW - We Already Lost The World LP (deathwish - "We Already Lost The World" is Birds In Row's latest, a stunning nine-song album that blends post punk and angular rock influences into something emotional and electric. Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauve at The Apiary, and mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab. For fans of Touche Amore, Modern Life Is War, Oathbreaker, and La Dispute. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 20.00

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE - The Truth About Love LP (repeater - Broken Hearts Are Blue, from Michigan, released their sole classic and underrated LP "The Truth About Love" on Caulfield Records in 1997, which has become a staple LP of the mid-'90s emo/indie scene. Broken Hearts Are Blue was able to merge the sounds of Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas Is The Reason, and Evergreen together, yet still created their own unique sound that helped forge the classic mid-late-'90s emo style, similar to their peers in Braid. Now this rare LP has been remastered with new artwork and is back in print on vinyl after more than 20 years. Now available again on vinyl with one additional track. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.) 18.00

CAMP COPE - How To Socialise & Make Friends LP (run for a cover - The follow up to their 2016 self-titled debut kicks off with the instantly remarkable bass line of "The Opener," an explosive diatribe against the sexist double standards of the music industry at large. What follows the lead single are a collection of songs that anchor on the cycles of life, loss and growth through resilience and those moments of finding and being yourself. Throughout the nine songs on "How To Socialise & Make Friends," it becomes clear that if their debut was the flame, this is Camp Cope rising from the ashes, stronger and more focused than ever. Cassette and vinyl versions include digital download.) 24.00

CEREMONY - The L Shaped Man: The Demo Recordings LP (first letter -  The title of this record is an apt description of its contents, demo versions of the songs that became Ceremony's fifth full-length album, "The L-Shaped Man.") 22.00

ECOSTRIKE - Voice Of Strength LP (triple b - lorida's finest Ecostrike returns with their debut LP and debut release on Triple-B, "Voice Of Strength." This LP features seven new songs of blistering, vegan straight edge hardcore in the vein of Strife and Bane. LP includes digital download.) 21.00

FIDDLEHEAD - Springtime And Blind LP (run for a cover - Fiddlehead is a Boston, MA, supergroup featuring members of Have Heart and Basement, formed in 2014. Their first EP, "Out Of The Bloom," took heavy influence from DC melodic post-hardcore of the '80s/'90s like Fugazi and Rites Of Spring. While still keeping the energy from their EP, this latest album sees the band taking their songwriting to the next level, putting vocalist Pat Flynn to the forefront. Now available on cassette. Vinyl and cassette versions include digital download.) 24.00

GAD WHIP- Post Internet Blues LP (x-mist records - First full-length vinyl for this UK-based (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) band, who previously released (in 2017) a stunning 12" on NYC-based label EVER/NEVER RECORDS. Their Art-Noise-Rock and Post-Punk sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the SLEAFORD MODS with the legacy of british bands like the SWELL MAPS and THE FALL, and... if you're in doubt about my words, here's a perfect write-up, including a video for one track on this LP: 
Limited edition of 200 vinyls, housed in a reverse-board printed sleeve, with a double-sided insert and download-code included 

GEISTERFAHRER - sehr entgegenkommend LP (German post-punk/NDW. Originally recorded during 1979 at Geisterfahrer Studios as a demo and released in a tiny print run only on cassette. Professionally re-mastered in 2017.) 20.00

GYEDU BLAY AMBOLLEY - The Message (Limited Edition) LP (analog africa - Prepare yourself for new directions in Afro-funk. During the 1980s, ghanaian bandleader Gyedu-Blay Ambolley began to experiment with electronic instruments, and the result was a potent cocktail of highlife, funk, exploratory synths and righteous vocals, the sound of a restless genius intent on pushing the traditional sounds of highlife into a brave new future. On July 20 Analog Africa will release a 12” containing four of Ambolley’s hardest-driving excursions to the outer limits of eighties funk.  By the end of the 1970s, Ambolley was already a legendary figure on the ghanaian music scene. A drummer, turned guitarist, turned bassist, turned lead vocalist, he rose to prominence during the late 1960s, serving with countryman Ebo Taylor in the Stargazers and the Uhuru Dance Band before launching his own career with ‘Simigwa-do’, the 1972 hit that propelled him to West African stardom. As a founding member of the Apagya Show Band and the Complex Soundz, he stretched the boundaries of highlife with electric instruments, funky rhythms and socially charged lyrics in Fante and English.  If he had retired in 1978, Ambolley’s place in the history of ghanaian music would have been secure. Instead, he dissolved the Complex Soundz and embraced the synthesizer. With a new band, Zantoda Mak III, he recorded ‘The Message’, a seven minute funk workout built on a highlife foundation, and decorated with shimmering synths. Recorded in 1980, the song became a hit that would change the direction of Ambolley’s music: over the next decade, electronic instruments played a much larger role in his sonic experiments.  ‘The Message’ receives a long overdue re-release on this 12" along with three other peaks from Ambolley’s eighties output. The futuristic funk of ‘Akoko Ba’ strips down the rhythm, raises the intensity of the vocals, and adds a dose of serpentine saxophone. On the B-side, ‘Simigwa Soca’ sets classic highlife horns against an unshakable bass groove, while the incredible ‘Burkina Faso’ is Ghana’s great lost electro-funk gem, a sleek construction of robotic bass, call-and-response vocals, and fat stabs of slippery synth.  Difficult, if not impossible to find for decades, Analog Africa is proud to make Gyedu-Blay Ambolley’s extraordinary eighties recordings available to a wider audience. ) 27.00

MORROW - Fallow LP (alerta - Morrow are a violin and cello driven atmospheric crust band, in the vein of Ictus, Fall of Efrafa and Remains of the day. They began their post civilisation odyssey in 2016’s “Covenant of Teeth” the somber string laden D beat, seated in the forests and ice scapes of future primitive cultures. “Fallow” picks up where their debut ended; following the same protagonists as they leave the safety of the forests in search of knowledge amongst the sweltering, vibrant and violent carcass cities in the desert south. It is a far more raucous record; a pandemonium of drums and throaty cello as our characters face a chaotic, terrifying and majestic landscape, one of bared teeth amongst the sand storms and screaming voices. Fallow features guest vocals from members of Gattaca, Monachus, Autarch, Wildspeaker, Hyena, Sol and Fall of Efrafa.) 14.00

MULATU ASTATKE & HIS ETHIOPIAN QUINTET - Afro Latin Soul Vol 1 LP (strut - Arriving after Astatke’s life-changing years studying at Berklee College in Boston, the albums were the first experiments in his pioneering sound, fusing Ethiopian cultural music with Afro Latin and jazz forms. “I have always felt a deep connection between Latin and African music,” he explains. “I travelled to Cuba and listened to their musicians; the tempo, rhythm and feeling was very similar to different African forms. In the mid-‘60s, I formed a band called The Ethiopian Quintet in New York comprising Ethiopian, Latin and Afro-American musicians - the band included trumpeter and pianist Rudy Houston who later played with Yambu and Felix Torres who played with La Sonora Poncena.”Supported by Worthy Records’ Gil Snapper who offered to record the quintet, Astatke began to experiment during two separate sessions: “We created a different feel and different arrangements. On the first recording, I played an adaptation of an ancient Ethiopian warrior song, ‘I Faram Gami I Faram’ - the lyrics were translated so that the singer could sing it in Spanish. Some compositions were important steps for me: ‘Mascaram Setaba’ (‘Summer Is Coming’) ‘Shagu’ and ‘Almaz’. With the second album, a personal favourite is ‘Girl From Addis Ababa’ which worked very nicely as a fusion of Ethiopian modes and R&B rhythms.”
Astatke would start to perfect his Ethio jazz sound on his later album for Worthy in 1972, ‘Mulatu Of Ethiopia’ (STRUT129) but the two volumes of ‘Afro Latin Soul’ stand as important recordings documenting his early career. “It was a very interesting time to be in New York during the mid-‘60s. I was there at the same time as Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and Fela Kuti and we each tried to play our part in putting Africa on the map of contemporary jazz.” ‘Afro Latin Soul’ Volumes 1 and 2 come in their full original artwork and are painstakingly remastered by The Carvery. All formats feature personal liner notes by Mulatu Astatke.) 23.00

MULATU ASTATKE & HIS ETHIOPIAN QUINTET - Afro Latin Soul Vol 2 LP (strut - vol 2) 23.00

PILLBOOK - Boy Band LP (life is a funny - PILLBOOK are Aaron and Randy from Chelsea, Massachusetts, two very young guys who lost their guitarist on the way and luckily decided to go on as a duo. Without guitars... And it is hard to label what they have created! Something like emo-sludge-pop-post-punk-indie-rock? Just imagine (early) Coheed and Cambria start a session with Death from Above 1979, Conor Oberst appears to bring in some melancholic stuff and in the end suddenly Kylesa joins to bring the whole thing to an heavy end! For thos who want to know: "Boy Band" was recorded at Getaway Studios by Jay Maas! This record is released together with the great people from Five by Two Records.) 12.00

REMAINS OF THE DAY - Hanging On Rebellion LP (alerta - Released in 2003, Remains Of The Day followed up “An Underlying Frequency” with ‘Hanging on Rebellion.” Where their previous effort was despairing landscapes of dereliction, interspersed with moments of hope, ‘Hanging on Rebellion” focuses on that desperate, frantic hope; the melody is heightened, the pace is quickened, the violin ever present yet out of reach in waves of heavy reverb over far more melodic post punk inspired guitars, howling screams and low growls and the very prominent pummelling d beat. It is this juxtaposition of almost etherial and intricately delicate melodies and the underlying crushing crust hardcore that is so evocative. Remains of the day perfectly captured the sound of an abandoned world of forgotten things; of expanses of pylons and withered trees, of cities lost to nature. Together with the likes of His Hero Is Gone. Madame Germen, Ekkaia and Tragedy, they would inspire a decade of epic, emotive crust.) 13.00

SAM PREKOP - old punch card LP (Thrill Jockey - colored vinyl Old Punch Card is the third solo album by Sam Prekop with a completely unexpected sound unlike anything he's created before. Sam Prekop is known to most as the singer and songwriter of The Sea and Cake. He is a painter of some renown, a photographer and in addition he has released two solo albums of pop songs infused with his own blend of African and Brazilian guitar rhythms. Old Punch Card, his first solo effort since 2005, takes a dramatically unexpected turn away from either of these paths. Prekop described the move thus, "I'd have to say this record is pretty much unlike anything else I've done. There's some relation to music I made for my book "Photographs" but really only in instrumentation. The intro to The Sea and Cake's David Bowie cover of "Sound and Vision", on One Bedroom is an early precedent. The most significant difference, is that I've left the confines of "song" structure." The LP and CD each come in an edition of hand painted covers. "In painting the covers I found an appropriate shorthand to describing the music or re-imagining it. Start with nothing and without deduction an image appears reflecting only itself, the music arrived similarly." said Prekop.) 21.00

SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Have You Considered Punk Music LP (run for a cover - With more than 30 releases under their name, Self Defense Family continues to become increasingly more like an actual extended family. "Have You Considered Punk Music" is their latest full-length and perhaps a defining one for this era of the band. With 10 songs that reflect the diverse musical interests of its members and their mutual affinity for repetitive post-punk, psychedelic rock, and various film scores, "Have You Considered Punk Music" documents a band further refining their own particular invention. Vinyl version includes download code.) 24.00

SLEEP - The Sciences DLP (thrid man -  Sleep's first full-length album of new recordings since 1998. Years after the release of "Volume One" in 1991, "Sleep's Holy Mountain" in 1992, and "Dopesmoker" in 2003, the sonic titans reaffirm their place at the top of the riff pyramid with this brand-new double album, "The Sciences.“) 31.00

SOJOURNER - The Shadowed Road DLP (avantgarde - 'The Shadowed Road' is the second album of Sojourner, one of the best surprises / emerging acts to come out in the last two years. "Excellent atmospheric black metal in the vein of Saor etc incorporating really nice, folky, female vocals.“) 20.00

SWANS - die Tür ist zu DLP (mute - Lovely double-LP reissue of Swans’ 1996 EP Die Tür Ist Zu here by Mute. This release takes material from their towering Soundtracks For The Blind and translates it into German, while also including tracks unique to DTIZ. It finds them at their most alarming, fearsome and brilliant. Few bands would even attempt something like the Titanic, shapeshifting ‘Ligeti’s Breath/Hilflos Child’. Even fewer would be able to pull it off.) 25.00

SWANS - Soundtracks For The Blind 4xLP BOX (mute - Soundtracks For The Blind was the final Swans album before their break up in 1996 and when the band reformed in 2010 this was the one Michael Gira referred to in order to push the band forward. Already a sprawling varied epic of an album, this reissue has been expanded to include the rare German language EP Die Tür Ist Zu (CD only alas), as well as some lavish packaging treats.) 75.00

THOU - Rhea Sylvia LP (deathwish -  Thou is a forward-thinking metal/punk band from Baton Rouge, LA. "Rhea Sylvia" is the first of three EPs the band plans to release in 2018. It is a six-song monster that sees Thou exploring melodious territory with more confidence than ever before.) 16.00

TONY MOLINA - Kill The Lights LP (slumberland -  West Bay native Tony Molina has been following a fascinating trajectory on his recent string of releases. The ten songs on "Kill The Lights" continue in his evolution towards stripping the songs back to reveal each one's emotional and melodic core. Everywhere on "Kill The Lights" we hear Tony synthesizing his influences with great skill and intention; these classic folk and pop styles are being employed in the service of stellar songs and universal lyrical truths rather than just as aesthetic filigree. LP includes digital download.) 18.00

TOUNDRA - IV DLP (alerta - Toundra are a 4 piece outfit from Madrid, Spain. Esteban, Alberto, Macón and Álex have been writing music since 2007 and in 2009 they released their first album (I). If at that time their potentiality was evident, today, after the release of the albums II and III – III is a particularly interesting album and maybe my favourite work from them so far thanks to its dark vein – they are one of the most well-known bands in the instrumental post-metal/post-rock music scene. IV is the last effort of the Spanish quartet and it’s a collection of eight movements that is not 100% post-rock or 100% post-metal, but a fine mix of the two and that will please several kinds of audiences, from fans of metal to indie rock enthusiasts. Even though the new album is fully instrumental there is a concept behind it. IV tells the story of two foxes that need to escape from the forest where they live because of a huge fire. For the band, that fire represents our politicians that are destroying our jobs and opportunities while the forest represents our hometowns or the place we want to live. The band were able to deliver this concept with the energy and dynamics that characterise their music style. On a first listen, I noticed that IV echoes the sound of bands like ISIS and Russian Circles, which for sure influenced the Spanish outfit, but listening more carefully and going deeper into the tracks, I have to tell that Toundra manage to serve you a sonic experience that has its own unique flavour. ‘Toundra has delivered an album that is interesting, engaging and fresh, as much as it’s possible in this music genre.) 23.00

TURNSTILE - Time & Space LP (roadrunner - Recorded with producer Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA, "Time & Space" marks Turnstile's Roadrunner Records debut and follows their 2015 breakthrough "Nonstop Feeling." "Time & Space" features additional vocals from Sheer Mag's Tina Halladay on "Moon," while Diplo offers added production to "Right To Be." Vinyl version includes digital download.) 28.00

VEIN - Errorzone LP (closed casket - This is all that you were programmed to be afraid of. Boston, MA's own Vein has made their name since 2016 with constant touring and intense live shows. "Errorzone" is produced and engineered by Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio (Body Count, Harm's Way, Knocked Loose) and delivers 11 songs of dark, emotional, and chaotic metallic hardcore. LP includes digital download.) 18.00

VERBAL ASSAULT - Trial LP (atomic action - Classic Rhode Island hardcore band Verbal Assault's 1987 masterpiece finally re-issued and remastered by Nick Townsend from Townsend Mastering (drummer for Fireburn/Deadbeat). Originally released in 1987, Verbal Assault bridged the gap between "heavy" hardcore and "smart" hardcore playing extensively with everyone from Agnostic Front to Fugazi. This is the first time since its original release 31 years ago that it's been re-issued.) 18.00

YITH - immemorial LP (vendetta - "the music is the audio equivalent of a dark and ancient tapestry, one hanging from the vast wall of a cold and crumbling edifice, lit only by candlelight. Woven with indigo strands of lugubrious melody over stately rhythms, and more vibrant bursts of fiery color on a field of blasting percussion, and embroidered with vocals that range from tortured growls to livid shrieks, the music draws organically from the schools of doom and black metal. The corrosive distortion of the stringed tones gives the music a pervasively unsettling effect, but the evocative power of the melodies is even more unsettling and oppressive. Even the brief, classically inclined acoustic-guitar accents have a doleful resonance. The acoustic melodies also contribute to the feeling I’ve had before in listening to Yith, that medieval music has been an influence. I should warn you that the immersive power of the album is considerable… and that what it draws you into (or rather, submerges you beneath) is a particularly devastating and haunting  gloom." no clean singing) 15.00

ZOOANZOO - Neck Out LP+CD (beau travail -First vinyl-release (full album with 10 tracks) for this young artist from Harrisonburg, Virginia. A kaleidoscope of styles and sounds: Trip-Hop, Post-Punk, Lounge-Pop, Electronica, all melted into it. Avoiding any easy categorization, and despite this eclectic approach, the album comes as an homogenous piece of modern art. As experimental as song-oriented. Bizarre samples channelled into mesmerizing songs. Could this guy be the Brian Wilson of the digital age, and "Neck Out" the Pet Sounds of contemporary times?Superbly packaged in a colourfully printed thick cardboard cover, including an insert with flashing artwork, and the CD-version of the album as well! An explosion in sounds and art!) 16.00


IMHA TARIKAT - kenoboros CD (Furious, negative, powerful and intense Black Metal based in Germany. With Turkish and Egyptian roots the band has a somewhat unique and intricate style yet never straying away from the left hand path laid before them by the for-fathers of the genre.) 10.00

SVARTMÁLM - svartmálm CD (vendetta - "Svartmálm's self-titled album is not just the best Black Metal Album of 2018 so far, but will likely become one of my all-time favorites. Its atmosphere is... beyond anything I've heard before. Until now, I felt that " Earth 2" was the soundtrack of the end, but this... this is what the apocalypse sounds like folks..."- 5/5 Pentagrams!) 10.00

SWANS - Soundtracks For The Blind 3xCD Box (mute - Soundtracks For The Blind was the final Swans album before their break up in 1996 and when the band reformed in 2010 this was the one Michael Gira referred to in order to push the band forward. Already a sprawling varied epic of an album, this reissue has been expanded to include the rare German language EP Die Tür Ist Zu (CD only alas), as well as some lavish packaging treats.) 17.00

YITH - immemorial CD (vendetta - "the music is the audio equivalent of a dark and ancient tapestry, one hanging from the vast wall of a cold and crumbling edifice, lit only by candlelight. Woven with indigo strands of lugubrious melody over stately rhythms, and more vibrant bursts of fiery color on a field of blasting percussion, and embroidered with vocals that range from tortured growls to livid shrieks, the music draws organically from the schools of doom and black metal. The corrosive distortion of the stringed tones gives the music a pervasively unsettling effect, but the evocative power of the melodies is even more unsettling and oppressive. Even the brief, classically inclined acoustic-guitar accents have a doleful resonance. The acoustic melodies also contribute to the feeling I’ve had before in listening to Yith, that medieval music has been an influence. I should warn you that the immersive power of the album is considerable… and that what it draws you into (or rather, submerges you beneath) is a particularly devastating and haunting  gloom." no clean singing) 10.00


IMHA TARIKAT - kenoboros TAPE (Furious, negative, powerful and intense Black Metal based in Germany. With Turkish and Egyptian roots the band has a somewhat unique and intricate style yet never straying away from the left hand path laid before them by the for-fathers of the genre.) 7.00
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Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 09 Aoû 2018, 14:42

hi. welcome to the 2nd newsletter for august filled with lots of great new releases. A day earlier then usual cause we have no patience :) Highlights are the ALICE COLTRANE - Lord Of Lords LP re issue, BODEGA - Endless Scroll LP, INDEX - Originals Vol. 1 (1967-68) LP res issue, new CROWN COURT 7“, DAS KABINETTE - Spy Thriller LP restock, new POWER - turn it on LP, new PEACK KELLI POP LP, STEVE REICH - drumming DLP, SUNN o)) white 1 and white 2 DLP re issues and much moreee

Vendetta released the great new YITH - immemorial LP (a handful green ones left) and the ULTHA - Dismal Ruins Pt. II 10“ (down to the very last copies)

Adagio830 is down to the last copies of the GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ LP on clear - get one while the last. The duo will tour August / September



Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


COUNTER INTUITS - Vietnamese Lighter 7“ (total punk - One of the greatest thrills of running a record label is the opportunity to work with your heroes and it is with a great deal of excitement that I release a brand new COUNTER INTUITS 7" on Total Punk. Ohio is a state known for it's punk legacy and Columbus has a long running and strongly defined sounds of it's own. Lou Reed worship filtered through the Electric Eels. Grating broken down pop songs with melodies simultaneously damaged and confoundingly catchy. One of it's greatest and longest standing practitioners is RON HOUSE (THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS., GREAT PLAINS, EGO SUMMIT, et al.). A man who's lyrical abilities and biting edge seem to improve with age (I can only imagine what he'll be producing when he turns 100) and his partnership with fellow Columbus stalwart JARED PHILLIPS (TIMES NEW VIKING) has produced some of the best music of their respective careers, which is I why I'm so happy to be releasing their newest effort. A two song burner with dizzying circular guitar loops, trashy drums, and Ron House's signature nasally snarl. 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500.) 8.00

CROWN COURT - Mad In England 7“ (gone r- Each consecutive Crown Court record has been an incremental improvement in songcraft and sonics. That being said, this is their tightest, toughest release to date. The Mad In England EP is a welcome continuation of elements from the instant classic Capital Offence LP, but steeped in some extra mean laddish swagger. “Mad in England” typifies the Crown Court sound, grabbing your collar out of the gate with barbed wire guitars and stomping drums that roughhouse through verse and chant for just over two minutes. The accompanying tracks are two bare-knuckle rippers that hit like you had it coming all along. This is classic Oi! done right with a Chiswick 'tude and across the board punk appeal.) 9.00

ERIK NERVOUS - Nervoloid EP 7“ (digital regress - It should come as no surprise to you that ERIK NERVOUS is a member of the DEVO fan club. This new 7" (his first since Ice Cream on Total Punk) Features Erik ripping through some of his favorite obscure DEVO songs from various bootleg and live records. We are not men, we are NEVO.) 8.00

INSINUATIONS - Prompt Critical 7“ (feel it - Formed in 1979, the INSINUATIONS existed entirely on the fringes of the early Richmond punk scene. The band evolved out of a wild, politically-charged act, known as the I REMEMBER REALITY REVUE—a two-man live performance that fringed between cabaret stage tradition and Fugs-esque satire. Following that, guitarist and vocalist W.R. DRAPER kept things moving, forming Insinuations with LINDA FIRMIN, her partner LYNN ABBOTT on drums, and bassist PAUL LIPSCOMBE. The group did not last long, playing perhaps a dozen shows, and recording only two songs before disbanding. However, what the Insinuations left behind is quite unheralded and unique, even to this day. Released in 1980, "Prompt Critical"—an arty, schizoid punk blast with lyrics inspired by the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor failure of 1979, hits hard—delivering with a loose, oddball amount of character... perhaps in some parallel universe where Captain Beefheart and Pere Ubu coexist. Draper's deranged vocal delivery and wah-washed guitar lines are some of the era's best, standing tall amid a serious field of contending KBD/Bloodstains-comped hits. "(My Head Is Made Of) U.S. Muscle" is a highly worthy flip, every bit as odd and memorable. Originally pressed in a criminally obscure edition of 100 copies (!), with a picture sleeve simply marked, "Radiation Hazard," this authorized reissue has been sourced from one of only a handful of remaining originals. Limited edition of 400 copies, packaged in a printed dust sleeve with the addition of an insert featuring liner notes from band leader W.R. Draper plus a digital download code. A fine specimen of early 80's American punk, finally widely available after toiling in regional obscurity for nearly forty years!) 9.00

THE JETBOYS - I Don't Want To 7“ (rertun - THE JETBOYS were a striped shirt wearing, punky power pop band from Columbus, OH. They looked more like they'd fit in with the Fast or the Speedies in NYC than in a Midwestern town. They started when members of other local bands came together and formed a side band, just for fun. They played a bunch of shows in the area, but only released one 45 in 1981. The record was band financed, but it was released under Mike Rep's New Age Records imprint. The band soon faded, but the single stands as a hidden treasure among the more obscure reaches of the early days of punk. Rerun presents a newly remastered reissue, in a limited edition of 500 copies. It comes in a heavyweight pocket sleeve, along with a fold-out insert featuring new liner notes and previously unpublished photos of the band.) 10.00

KUBIE AND THE RATS - Turtle Dove 7“ (just add water - This slice of glam/power pop perfection is available again for the first time since 1974! You have to wonder why a song as incredibly catchy as "Turtle Dove" wasn't a mega smash. Maybe the lyrics were too bawdy for the BBC? The flip side was definitely much too much for the Beeb. "Oxford Donna" is a tender song about a former Oxford pupil who just likes a gang bang now and again! T. Rex's Marc Bolan was a fan and friend of lead singer/songwriter DAVID KUBINEC (ex-WORLD OF OZ). Marc even said to Kubie after hearing "Turtle Dove," "I should have written that!" In fact, David has stated that "Turtle Dove" was very much written with T. Rex in mind. If you were wondering why it's "KUBIE and the RATS" now, instead of just "RATS" as it was originally released, the group was never intended to be just "RATS", that was their management's decision. The group was built around David "Kubie" Kubinec and he wrote and sang all the songs. He later went on to a solo career and notably, his second album, Some Things Never Change, was produced by The Velvet Underground's John Cale. Sourced directly from producer ADRIAN MILLER's masters. This a one-time pressing of 500—once it's gone, it's gone.) 10.00

SALT LICK - Doctor (Of Love) 7“ (permanent - The early '70s were an incredible time for RocknRoll. Music had lost it’s virginity and abuse of all sorts was running rampant. Bands were turning up, de-tuning, and dropping out left and right. Bad trips and other people’s battles were bumming everybody out and the discontent was palpable. These vibes are what informed SALT LICK's first recordings. Informed and influenced by the Motor City scene as much as the boneheaded side of the American underground, Salt Lick recorded these two crunchy tunes in one short late-night session in a seedy LA neighborhood. Bargain basement beer flowed like wine and you can almost hear the pull-tabs being popped over the hiss of the tape machine. The men of Salt Lick came together over a collective disdain of the castrated rock they’d been hearing and wanted to toughen things up a bit, all while keeping it groovy. “If the ladies ain’t having a good time, no one is.”, one member recalls thinking. No picture sleeve necessary. Everything you need to see is on the label.  Recommended if you like: Brown Acid, Acid Nightmares, regular Acid, The Stooges, MC5, Leaf Hound, Jerusalem, Josefus, Blues Creation, Sir Lord Baltimore, Grand Funk, Floating Bridge, Les Variations, and the one good song on a bunch of major label LPs from the early 70s.) 10.00

TARANTÜLA - The Very Best Of Sex And Violence 7“ (deranged - The Very Best Of Sex And Violence is the third vinyl installment from Chicago’s Tarantüla with five new glorious hardcore punk tracks. For those unfamiliar, this band is the reincarnation of Cülo and they play an intoxicating blend of classic punk and meat and potato hardcore. “While one might consider the idea of catchy, song-oriented hardcore to be completely played out, Tarantüla toe the line between poppy and aggressive so perfectly that their music feels fresh. You can hear the influences quite clearly—the snotty, aggressive punk of bands like the Angry Samoans and Zero Boys, the earnest drive of early '80s midwest hardcore like Articles Of Faith and early Hüsker Dü, and a dash of DEVO / Geza X-style irreverence—but they’re swirled together in a way that’s just different enough from anything I’ve heard before to be noteworthy.” - Daniel from Sorry State Records) 7.00


ALICE COLTRANE - Lord Of Lords LP (superior viaduct - Originally released in 1972, Lord Of Lords was Alice Coltrane’s final album for Impulse! and the last installment in her awe-inspiring trilogy that also included Universal Consciousness and World Galaxy. While all three records featured strings alongside a jazz ensemble, Lords Of Lords stood apart from its predecessors due to the sheer size of the orchestra (12 violins, 6 violas and 7 cellos, arranged and conducted by Coltrane herself) and its refined, blissful performances—shining a vital light on the devotional path that she would follow for the rest of her career. On the first two pieces, “Andromeda’s Suffering” and “Sri Rama Ohnedaruth” (titled after the spiritual name for her late husband), Alice’s dazzling piano and harp blend perfectly with the blanket of strings, while the haunting rhythm section of Charlie Haden and Ben Riley and a magnificent, droning electric organ emerge immaculately on the title track and closer “Going Home.” Coltrane’s musical vision is bold in its imagination and cosmic in scope, yet remains intensely personal and immediate. Lord Of Lords points inward as much as to the beyond, recalling her classical roots and recasting Eastern modes to radically invert the American avant-garde and spiritual jazz traditions. This first-time vinyl reissue has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes.) 24.00

BODEGA - Endless Scroll LP (wyr - BODEGA, the art-punk band from Brooklyn create, arguably, the greatest debut album from a NY band since Parquet Court's Light Up Gold. Produced by AUSTIN BROWN (Parquet Courts). "Brooklyn’s Bodega have been around for a while, having grown out of band Bodega Bay, shortening their name and condensing, morphing into a more focused sound that draws from situationist post-punk with a strong anti-consumerism streak. You may have seen them opening for Protomartyr, or at Jonathan Toubin’s Soul Clap a couple weeks ago with La Luz (where they were terrific)."—Brooklyn Vegan) 25.00

CHURCHBURN - None Shall Live... The Hymns Of Misery LP (armaggedon - It's been 4 years since the first album The Awaiting Coffins was released. CHURCHBURN is proud to finally unveil the new album None Shall Live...The Hymns of Misery. Churchburn is the musical collaboration between two of the undergrounds masters of misery. DAVE SUZUKI (VITAL REMAINS) and RAY MCCAFFREY (SINS OF ANGELS, GRIEF). The two have set out to share with the world their love of the riff. Not only the heaviest but also the most haunting. Each song is crafted with the most sinister of intent. Churchburn want the listener to feel a true sense of dread as each song progresses. Includes guest appearances by ANDY GRANT (THE VOMIT ARSONSIST) and former member MIKE CARDOSO, along with new members TIMMY ST. AMOUR (HOWL) on guitar and DEREK MONIZ (HEADROT, WREAK, BLACK ACID PROPHECY) on bass. Recorded, engineered and mixed at Machines With Magnets by SETH MANCHESTER, mastered at Audiosiege by BRAD BOATRIGHT for maximum hearing damage. Features artwork by NESTOR AVALOS. LP housed in gatefold jackets and pressed on colored vinyl.) 22.00

CHROMATICS - camera LP (italians do it better - “I Want To Be With You…But Sometimes Life Becomes Too Real…I Want To See The Things In My Heart I Know I Feel.” The opening track is a love song written from the perspective of the camera, asking to be held up to see the world through the eyes of its user. CHROMATICS’ dense electronics are anchored by the intimacy of RUTH RADELET's vocals. Framed by negative space, this is pop music from the blurry hours. She softly sings, “I write a song in my head, pretend that I’m lying in your arms.” The music is minimal and bare, layered with sparse percussion. The Camera EP features unreleased material, including a haunting take on Dear Tommy’s title track and the midnight mood of “Flashback To Forever.” Eight tracks in all.) 22.00

COLIN POTTER - The Where House? DLP (dakr entries - Colin Potter is a sound engineer and musician currently based in London. He has worked within the fields of electronic and experimental music for over 35 years, collaborating with the likes of Current 93, The Hafler Trio, Organum, Andrew Chalk, and most notably as a key part of Nurse With Wound alongside Steven Stapleton. He started the esteemed ICR (Integrated Circuit Recordings) label in 1981 releasing a clutch of wonderful home recordings of his own, over half a dozen small run cassette only releases.  ‘The Where House?’ was recorded in 1981 at IC Studio, a converted wash house in Sutton on the Forest in North Yorkshire. The album was self-released on cassette that same year via ICR. This expanded double LP edition features all 13 tracks from the original tape on vinyl for the first time plus 4 bonus tracks. ‘The Where House?’ is a prime example of early UK post-punk/industrial electronic music. “Combining dub, electro, and krautrock rhythms with psychedelic, kosmische noise in multiple mutations ranging from almost pop-wise songcraft to horizon-scanning motorik flights,” says Boomkat. Most of the damage was done by Colin using guitars, synths, sequencers, drum machines, percussion, and modified toy keyboards with fairly primitive 4-track recording equipment. He was assisted on some of the tracks by Stephan Jadd-Parry (guitar, percussions), Jon Caffery (guitar, bass, e-bow, percussion) and Nick Jackson (synth). All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The record is sleeved in a replica of the original cassette artwork by Jonathan Coleclough. Every copy includes a double sided postcard insert with notes from Colin.) 26.00

CRUCIFIX - s/t LP (kustomized - Reissue of 1981’s classic first recording by legendary San Francisco band Crucifix. This EP’s raw Sabbath-fueled punk, Shaggs-like musicianship and honest teenage angst provoked one reviewer at the time to write, “it makes you feel like going out and bludgeoning an old lady to death.” Recorded at Tom Mallon Studios in San Francisco in 1981, and originally released on Universal Records, this long out-of-print five track EP contains the band’s defining anthem of the period, “You’re Too Old.”) 17.00

EARTH GIRL HELEN BROWN - Four Satellites Vol. 1 DLP (in the red - The Earth Girl Helen Brown Center For Planetary Intelligence Band (E.G.H.B.C.F.P.I.B.) is pleased to join forces with In the Red Records and Empty Cellar Records, presenting the first vinyl release of their proto-lanetary series Four Satellites Vol. 1. Double gate-folded LP (three sides + etching), the release is a collection of songs and information from the band’s 2017 consumer recycled cassette series: Spring: Mercury: Fire, Summer: Mars: War, Fall: Saturn: Communication, and Winter: Venus: Love. The band, related media artists and technicians includes: Heidi Alexander, Jamie Barron, Jamin Barton, Eric Bauer, Aylin Beyce, Emilee Booher, Ryan Browne, Tim Cohen, Grace Cooper, Dave Cousin, Brad Caulkins, Mikal Cronin, Bart Davenport, Brigid Dawson, John Dwyer, Chris Fallon, Lars Finberg, James Finch Jr., Davin Givhan, Dylan Hadley, Dustin Hamman, Kiran Harlow, Wilder Harlow, Graeme Gibson, Tahlia Harbour, Anna Hillburg, Douglas Hilsinger, Warren Huegel, Emmett Kelly, Nora Keys, Shannon Lay, Raven Mahon, Rusty Miller, Charlie Moonheart, Jack Name, Ethan Novikoff, Tim Presley, Ty Segall, Dave Sitek, Sean Smith, Sonny Smith, Kelley Stoltz, Enrique Tena, Alica Vanden Heuvel, Lida Vanden Heuvel and Mikey Young.) 25.00

EXTREMITY - Coffin Birth LP (profound lore - Oakland’s Extremity burst like a pustule onto the death metal scene in 2017 with their mini-LP Extremely Fucking Dead. Five ferocious tracks gave the first taste of what was to come, and now the band returns with its debut full length album Coffin Birth, a hideous ode to the scene’s past and present. Right from the start of the menacing opening intro / track of “Coffin Birth / A Million Witches,” the band brutalize with a hammer of pulverizing devastation and a defined melodic sensibility. Memorable and outright catchy songs that seamlessly veer from grinding speed to crushingly mid-paced unfold via a sordid concept that may reveal itself with careful attention. Once again recorded at Oakland’s Earhammer Studios, the birthplace for so many of today’s standout metal releases, this album boasts both surgical clarity and pummeling raw aggression. In combination with the attention to detail in both song and lyric writing, Extremity exhume a debut album born straight from a coffin.) 21.00

GWENIFER RAYMOND - You Never Were Much Of A Dancer LP (tompkin square - Tompkins Square present the debut full-length by Welsh multi-instrumentalist, Gwenifer Raymond. Hailing from Cardiff and now residing in Brighton in the South of England, Raymond began playing guitar at the age of eight. Tompkins Square released her debut 7" on Record Store Day. ) 20.00

HAMISH KILGOUR - Finklestein LP (merge - The Clean member Hamish Kilgour’s second-ever solo album, Finklestein, flips the singer / guitarist / drummer’s path taken on All Of It And Nothing. Having previously gone for intimate, minimalistic performances, this album displays a chock-full production quality akin to a fairytale. It’s a fitting change, seeing as the songs are based around a children’s story Kilgour conceived for his son about a kingdom that invents a way of dealing with their depleting gold resources. The songs include organ, saxophone, pedal steel, piano, vibraphone, harmonica, even footsteps (Kilgour is renowned for his stepping), most of it performed by him and his producer / collaborator Gary Olsen at Olsen’s studio, Marlborough Farms, in Brooklyn. Originally conceived as being a children’s book as well as album, it rides roughshod through this fairytale world with grace.  Finklestein took a year to record, as Kilgour’s involvement with a large part of the Brooklyn music scene, as well as dates with recent New Zealand Music Hall of Fame inductees The Clean, split his time. His songs benefit from this elongated recording period, as each track creates its own space within the album’s world, mixing instruments and melodies in a rainbow of ways. Yet it’s Kilgour’s songwriting sensibilities that hold the album together, his charismatic and loose arrangements within a congenial environment of musical play.) 20.00

HELL - hell LP (sentinent ruin - BACK IN STOCK!!!  Sentient Ruin is Proud to bring you the new album from Salem, Oregon-based apocalyptically heavy and wretchedly visionary extreme sludge-doom behemoths HELL. Written and recorded in total isolation over a span of three years by sole mastermind M.S.W, this new self-titled opus is the reaffirmation and consecration of one of modern doom's most harrowing, demoralizing, and imaginative prospects, and the final seal on their status of absolute legends in American underground extreme metal. Spanning seven inhumanly crushing songs, for over forty-five minutes of colossal and earth-shaking audial torture—Hell's new album is already a classic, and a tyrannically iconic masterpiece that shall forever be remembered as one of the most awe-inducing turning points in extreme doom, having raised the bar of what "heavy" is to implausible heights, and redefined the concept of musical oppression through a new realm of extremism.) 18.00

INDEX - Originals Vol. 1 (1967-68) LP (lion - All of the original compositions from the band's two self-released holy grails of psychedelia (the Black Album and the Red Album, from 1967-68) combined into one collection—all newly transferred from the original tapes! Most of you have no doubt heard of records that have been touted as “mind blowing”, “fuzz monsters”, or “lost/undiscovered classics”. The raves rarely turn out to be justified. That's certainly not the case with the music of Index—if anything, the raves underplay the essence of the band's music, which is seething with cavernous reverb, snaky guitar lines, and downer lyrics. It is fantastically minimalist, starkly atmospheric, and sprinkled with ferocious guitar work. In the mid 1960’s, Detroit Michigan was a thriving industrial city. But the great ethnic diversity in the inner city was a brewing powder keg of civil unrest. This, coupled with a disillusioned population struggling to make some sense of a questionable war in the rice paddies of Viet Nam, set an uneasy and troubling tempo for the future. Still, there were pockets of communities in the Detroit area where things were good and economic life was vibrant. The Grosse Pointes were such communities. It was on the outskirts of this political and racially tense era, in those affluent suburbs just outside Detroit, that Index was formed. The music of Index has been lauded by (and bootlegged by) music heads for decades, and with good reason: it is unexpected, atmospheric, and "home-made" in the best of all possible ways. The band has a druggie sound, with songs full of feedback and fuzzy guitars, hazy guitar riffs and loud pushy rhythms. And in there amongst the echoing canyons of sound you'll find some snotty post-punk attitude wrapped up in all that trippy velvet fuzz. It's a wonderful bleak sound, droning and murky and introspective—the atonal side of late 1960's rock that would leave the most lasting impression on those who would eventually become punk, post-punk and indie rock... you know, artists like Joy Division or the Fall or Felt to name three out of a thousand. Includes a 4-panel color insert, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with rare photos.) 26.00

DAS KABINETTE - Spy Thriller LP (minimal wave - Due to popular demand, Minimal Wave has decided to do a limited repress of our tenth release by Blackpool band DAS KABINETTE. They were known mainly for their underground hit “The Cabinet,” which was originally released as a 7” single in 1983, and later appeared on The Minimal Wave Tapes : Volume 1 in 2010. The song is inspired by the 1920 classic silent horror film The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, a highly influential film of the German expressionistic era. The film is themed around: the madness of society, the inner workings of the human mind and the paranoia of a country in the aftermath of a war. Fascinated and inspired by both the themes and visuals of the film, Das Kabinette wrote the song “The Cabinet” during their second visit to the studio in 1983, and self-released it later that year on their own Klosette Records label. They also created a primitive video whilst at art college, to go along with the song. “The Cabinet” was aired on BBC Radio 1 on several occasions and was a solid underground hit. Unfortunately the band dissolved several years later. Minimal Wave made contact with them in 2007 and aside from remastering the 7” single tracks, culled together a collection of unreleased studio tracks. Those were then released in January 2008 as Spy Thriller. The record sold out quickly soon after. Finally, the label presents a repress of Spy Thriller on 180 gram ultra clear vinyl, limited to 999 hand numbered copies complete with a heavy weight die-cut matte jacket, with a printed inner sleeve which shows through the window. Lyrics included on the innersleeve.) 25.00

THE LANDLORDS - Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! (feel it - The 1984 debut LP from THE LANDLORDS has long remained a cult favorite amongst punk/hardcore collectors and those local to the band's hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Formed in the Fall of 1983 through a chance encounter at WTJU, the University of Virginia's college radio station, The Landlords soon began practicing in the upper floor duplex apartment of bassist EDDIE JETLAG, pissing off the landlord who lived downstairs, and thus earning their name. The Landlords' first show came only a couple of months later at the Plum's Lounge talent show, where the power was cut in the middle of their third song. Soon after, The Landlords became acquainted with the local punk scene in Charlottesville, playing frequently with Lackey Die and Beef People, and regional acts like Death Piggy and Scream. In March 1984, The Landlords headed up to Inner Ear Studios to record their debut LP with DON ZIENTARA. Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! was released later that year on the band's own Catch Trout imprint. While the 21 song LP bears the same vibrant production as early DC hardcore releases, The Landlords' style and approach remains unique to this day. While a firmly-rooted hardcore punk record of the 1980's, tracks like "Nuns In Black Leather" (featuring guest vocals from DAVE SMALLEY of D.Y.S.), "Termination," and "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" hint at the dirgier, noise rock influenced direction the band would later move towards. Singer JOHN BEERS and guitarist CHARLIE KRAMER would later go on to found the epic experimental duo, HAPPY FLOWERS. Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! has been remastered from the original reels for this reissue, limited to 400 copies. Packaged with a 12 page booklet featuring liner notes, never before seen photos of the band recording the album, and a spread of flyers and zine clippings, plus a digital download that includes 17 bonus tracks recorded just prior to the LP, a few of which never were re-recorded. A definitive edition of this highly underrated and essential document of early American hardcore punk.) 18.00

MARE COGNITUM / SPECTRAL LORE - Sol DLP (fallen empire - Originally released in 2013, Sol is the acclaimed conceptual split album which contributed to establish SPECTRAL LORE and MARE COGNITUM within today's atmospheric black metal scene. A scene that they helped to develop, bringing in new and exciting stimuli together with a daring, progressive approach, transforming and transcending black metal without betraying its primary nature: that of a probe to plumb the human microcosm reflected in macrocosmic abysses. Far from being a typical split album, Sol is a collaboration on many levels, starting from the conceptual and moving on to the musical. Themes and riffs have been cross-referenced and transfigured, structures have been put in proportion, lyrics have been written in parallel. Conceptually, Sol is an attempt at a kind of cosmological philosophy; searching the vast, cold expanses of the universes for traces of meaning and purpose. What it is out there that is fundamental, absolute and shared? What can we learn about ourselves by looking outward, to the void and the inanimate? The bands reintroduce those important questions once again, thanks to the long-awaited and remastered reissue of Sol, an album that already made the history of atmospheric black metal.) 35.00

MIKA VAINIO & JOACHIM NORDWALL - Monstrance DLP (ideal - Monstrance documents Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall reshaping guitars, drums and incendiary electronics at Einstürzende Neubauten’s Berlin studio back in 2010. The results were originally issued by Touch in 2013, with this new 2LP edition arriving on Nordwall’s iDEAL label five years later as a posthumous tribute and reminder of his erstwhile collaborator. In our opinion, it’s one of Vainio’s most crucial and absorbing collaborations; moving away from ice-cold electronic precision and into a more visceral re-rendering of Metal. In a sort of fantasy regression imbued with the spirit of their shared heroes - Einstürzende Neubauten - Mika returns to the instruments he cut his teeth on way back in the ‘80s, manning electric guitar, drums and effects, while Nordwall takes control of electronics, electric bass, Hammond organ and vibraphone, with both arriving at a mutually primal conclusion of distortion and fiercely charged electro-acoustic air. The first side’s ‘Alloy Ceremony’ comes on like an Earth deathmarch (especially if played at 33rpm!), before the furnace blast of ‘Live at The Chrome Cathedral’ settles to the sepulchral croaks of ‘Midas In Reverse’. In the 2nd part, the duo communicate in reverberant, hollow knocks and guttural bass waves on ‘Irkutsk’, leading to a moment of raw, staggering poignancy with the shimmering primitivism of ‘Praseodymium’, leading each other in acres of negative space, with needled strings creating a fine tension that dissolves into the funereal, floating tones of ‘In The Sheltering Sanctus of Minerals’ in a sort of blue, etheric and almost ecclesiastic resolution. All the track titles allude to metal (in the material sense), which gives you a firm sense of the hard, grey tonal palette the duo worked with. But Nordwall and Vainio generate such an impressive array of music out of this ascetic approach that we can’t really think of much in either of their extensive repertoires that sounds much like the hour of music they created here. It’s one of Vainio’s most impressive and unique collaborations outside of Pan Sonic, an essential exploration of silence and noise.) 25.00

NO LOVE - Choke On It LP (sorry state -Finally! Despite a constant, five-year presence in Raleigh, NC’s fertile DIY hardcore community, NO LOVE's recorded output seemed meager: two demo cassettes and a 7” on the Sorry State Records Singles Series. Speculating punk atrophy would be understandable, but this new record demonstrates the complete opposite. Those around for their inception watched No Love struggle with their footing, treading those awkward tween years as a snotty punk band. Once the dual guitar chemistry gelled and expanded from trading hardcore riffs to a high tension game of set-and-spike leads, the shows started getting better and tighter. That confidence bled out ELIZABETH LYNCH's guarded nervousness, which she replaced with her signature sarcastic menace. No Love’s explosive debut LP, Choke On It, has been simmering in a centrifuge and wastes no time hurling potently packed punk rock nuggets at the listener. Clocking in 13 songs at 21:12, it’s a furious listen.) 20.00

OH SEES - Smote Reverser DLP (castle face - Crack the coffers, Oh Sees have spawned another frothy album of head-destroying psych-epics to grok and rock out to. Notice the fresh dollop of organ and keyboard prowess courtesy of Memory Of A Cut Off Head-alum and noted key-stabber Tom Dolas, while the Paul Quattrone / Dan Rincon drum-corps polyrhythmic pulse continues to astound and pound in equal measure, buttressed by the nimble fingered bottom end of Sir Tim Hellman the Brave and the shred-heaven fret frying of John Dwyer, whilst Lady Brigid Dawson again graces the wax with her harmonic gifts. Aside from the familiar psych-scorch familiar to soggy pit denizens the world over, there’s a fresh heavy-prog vibe that fits like a worn-in jean jacket comfortably among hairpin metal turns and the familiar but no less horns-worthy guitar fireworks Dwyer’s made his calling card. Perhaps the most notable thing about Smote Destroyer is the artistic restlessness underpinning its flights of fancy. Dwyer refuses to repeat himself and for someone with such a hectic release schedule, that stretching of aesthetic borders and omnivorous appetite seems all the more superhuman!) 25.00

PAPA LORD GOD - The Sheik Of Downfall Creek LP (feeding tube - "Debut LP by Brisbane's brilliant Greg Hilleard, who we first heard when he was part of the incredible Lost Domain. The Sheik is a solo album that makes us think of a summit between the Gibson Bros and Parachute-era Eugene Chadbourne(or something equally far-fetched). Pretty amazing by any yardstick." -- Byron Coley, 2018) 25.00

PEACH KELLI POP - Gentle Leader LP (mint - US PRESS - BACK IN STOCK!!!  L.A.’s DIY sunshine punk favorites Peach Kelli Pop are back with Gentle Leader, the band’s fourth full length album and first in three years. It is a departure for the band’s founder, Allie Hanlon, demonstrating growth and a new confidence as a musician and songwriter. Following close on the tails of the band’s recent EP, Which Witch, their first with renowned Canadian indie pop label Mint Records, the album captures the band at a crossroads exploring new ideas and complexity while maintaining their colorful energy. Gentle Leader’s ten tracks are inspired by a unique range of guitar-driven power pop and feedback laden post-punk from the ’80s and ’90s. Unlike the band’s past releases which were almost entirely written, recorded and produced by Hanlon, this album is a collaborative effort. Engineer / producer Roland Cosio played guitar on some of the songs. Sophie Negrini is also on guitar, and Andrew Bassett of Portland’s party-punk band Mean Jeans provided the drumming. This new collaborative spirit works well, highlighting the strengths of each performer and creating a more sophisticated record without sacrificing Hanlon’s distinct vision. Like a collection of short stories, each of the ten tracks on this album possesses its own background, narrative and unique charm.) 18.00

POWER - turn it on LP (in the red - Being that Power is a band with just three members has meant that everybody carves their own name into the stone, a trio de force who share the Atlantic weight equally upon their shoulders. In the time since their debut album, Electric Glitter Boogie, finer details have been ironed out, their craft honed to a sharp point: 2018’s Turned On is a sonic triumph. Three days in the studio has given birth to a titan—a thunderous recording that’d make Lemmy and the fellas blush.  From the get-go there’s an outrageousness in songwriting that is present on many classic R‘n’R follow up albums. Stomping boogie, raw glam, punk‘n’roll, blues bashing and primitive heavy metal exaltation. There’s not a moment of falter or doubt to be heard, it’s purely sweat and confidence here. They’ve created an album equally drenched in the classic moves of loud guitar music (think the sounds oozed by Australian acts of the ’70s and a certain band from England featuring Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar, Philthy Animal Taylor on drums and God himself on bass) while also completely stepping forward on their own hero’s journey—a journey through many moons of rock and roll. Be turned on.) 18.00

PUSSY - Invasion LP (lion - Vinyl debut for post-JERUSALEM material from 1972-73! Jerusalem is well known among '70s hard rock enthusiasts thanks to their stone-cold classic 1972 Deram label debut album. After that record was released, the band made the bold decision to not to continue with the same name—for them, Jerusalem was a one-off moment in time and could never be recreated. And so, three-fifths of Jerusalem (founding members PAUL DEAN and RAY SPARROW, along with BOB COOKE), became PUSSY. The new band were still managed and produced by IAN GILLAN (DEEP PURPLE). Pussy recorded and released one single on Deram and then went on to record tracks between 1972 and 1973 with BRIAN GOFF taking over for Bob Cooke on guitar, for their debut album—which was never released. Pussy was a different beast from Jerusalem, despite Paul being the main writer for both bands. There seems to be a touch of Ziggy Stardust crunchy space glam in the mix—although Pussy kept the raw, no rules edge from Jerusalem which sets both bands apart from many others of the era. Gillan was far more proactive this time around; he played piano and percussion, and was responsible for many backing vocals on the songs. Pussy were a hard rocking band with no pretensions of being super musicians or technical geniuses. If it seemed like fun, it was worth a try, which explains a lot about their sound and direction. On stage anything could happen—no rules of course! They gigged all over the UK and Germany as a main and support act, very much in the same way as Jerusalem had done.) 26.00

SAUCERS - Third Saucer From The Sun LP (rerun - SAUCERS were led by CRAIG BELL, founding member of legendary ‘70s Cleveland proto-punk bands THE MIRRORS and ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS, Saucers was Craig’s first band when he relocated to New Haven, CT, after the breakup of RFTT. The band existed from 1977–1980 and released two 7”s of infectious garage rock and punky pop of the highest caliber. They were a favorite on the New Haven and East Coast circuit. Members included MARK MULCAHY (MIRACLE LEGION) and SETH TIVEN (DUMPTRUCK, DUNE BUGGY) along with MALCOLM MARSDEN, KATHERINE CORMACK and MALCOLM DOAK. Third Saucer From The Sun is a newly remastered collection of material from their original 7" releases, along with other recordings, most on vinyl for the first time. The LP includes a full color insert with ephemera and new liner notes, along with a free digital download.) 20.00

STEVE REICH - drumming DLP (superor - Steve Reich’s Drumming is regarded as one of the most important musical works of the last century. Distilled through his studies of African percussion in Ghana during 1970 and Balinese gamelan music, Reich revolutionized our understanding of polyrhythms, sculpting a new sonic territory to illuminate the radical potential of Minimalism. Divided into four sections, performed without pause, Drumming is written for eight small tuned drums, three marimbas, three glockenspiels, piccolo and voice. The singers recite melodic patterns that mimic the sounds of the instruments, gradually rising to the surface and then fading out. The overall effect can be transfixing—pulling listeners into the rhythm and possessing a raw immediacy, directness and energy. The premier performances of Drumming took place in December 1971 in New York City—first at The Museum of Modern Art, then at Brooklyn Academy of Music and finally at Town Hall where this recording was made—and featured the composer along with a cast of longtime collaborators including Art Murphy, Steve Chambers, Russ Hartenberger, James Preiss, Jon Gibson, Joan La Barbara, Judy Sherman, Jay Clayton, Ben Harms, Gary Burke, Frank Maefsky and James Ogden. Originally released in 1972 by gallerist John Gibson in a small private edition, Drumming represents the culmination of Reich’s investigation into rhythmic phase relationships and its early realization captures a remarkably organic feel, especially compared to the more widely known version on Deutsche Grammophon from 1974. This first-time vinyl reissue and first-time CD release has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes.) 32.00

S.H.I.T. - What Do You Stand For? LP (iron lung - Subtle terminology is trite, so to get to the point: S.H.I.T.'s LP blurs by in under 20 minutes of thrashing, hardcore gristle. Gone are the telltale training wheels of delayed vocals and endless layers of feedback, here now are the tighter, louder songs we'd hoped S.H.I.T. would write. A piercing, musical rallying cry for the listless and ever-approaching bulldoze march of the future, wrapped in cellophane transfers of melted early hardcore and the best of the last decade's fresh take on simplicity and power. LP includes digital download.) 18.00

SUCKDOG - Drugs Are Nice LP (dero - BACK IN STOCK!!!  Out of print on vinyl since it's initial release in 1989, this legendary spoken word/experimental/punk masterpiece from legendary writer, musician & performance artist LISA CARVER's band SUCKDOG sounds like two teenage girls on acid with a boombox telling jokes, making up songs, singing filthy nursery rhymes, garage punk anthems and screaming/crying (because that's basically what it is). Just as relevant today as ever—this music sounds strangely fresh and new, even 28 years later. Lisa recently published a book about the band and its various incarnations over the years, Suckdog: A Ruckus, and this record is a true Punk Classic that is long-overdue for a reissue. Australian import.) 17.00

SUNN O))) - White1 (2018 Remastered Edition) DLP (soutehrn lord - SUNN O))) co-founders Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson originally conceived the WHITE albums to be “acoustic” but the sessions at Fontanelle’s Magnetic Park studios in Portland Oregon quickly took a far different route toward the psychedelic and the electronic/synthetic, with trance and drone experiments. The WHITE1 album was a bold step forward into the experimental and highly collaborative area which SUNN O))) has metamorphosed via and travelled since. Together with the generosity and talent of the unique and great guest artists Julian Cope, Joe Preston, Rex Ritter, Ulver and Runhild Gammelsæter the concept of SUNN O))) was brought forth from the shadows of the earth unto the broader cosmic spheres. For these reissues SUNN O))) returned to the original full length unedited premasters/final mixes and brought them to Matt “The Alchemist” Colton at Alchemy Mastering in London for a complete high resolution mastering and, crucially, cut the lacquers using Alchemy’s half-speed method on their Neumann SX 74 cutterhead. The outstanding results allow the original full length mixes to be pressed at high fidelity on the vinyl format. The new WHITE1 masters reveal a broader frequency response, the bottom end is deeper and more intense, low mids are lusher, high frequencies are smoother and the stereo image is vastly improved, seeming more 3 dimensional spacially and more dynamic. The sound is clearer, sharper, more direct. Southern Lord Recordings is pleased to present the historical SUNN O))) WHITE albums in their fundamental and proper forms.) 31.00

SUNN o))) - White2 (2018 Remastered Edition) DLP (southern lord - SUNN O))) co-founders Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson originally conceived the WHITE albums to be “acoustic” but the sessions at Fontanelle’s Magnetic Park studios in Portland Oregon quickly took a far different route toward the psychedelic and the electronic/synthetic, with trance and drone experiments. The WHITE2 album was notably the first collaboration with the Hungarian legend & singer Attila Csihar, which has since begat a long and fruitful creative story of the O))) ethos. With the WHITE albums SUNN O))) took a bold step the experimental and highly collaborative path the concept of the group has traveled since. Together with Attila, WHITE2 featured the extraordinary talents of special guests Joe Preston, Rex Ritter & Dawn Smithson. Along with WHITE1, the album brought the concept of SUNN O))) forth from the shadows of the earth unto the broader cosmos spheres, arriving at a truly transcendent note with the pairing of the “DECAY” tracks featuring Attila. And, the sky cracked open. For these reissues SUNN O))) returned to the original full length unedited premasters/final mixes and brought them to Matt “The Alchemist” Colton at Alchemy Mastering in London for a complete high resolution  mastering and, crucially, cut the lacquers using Alchemy’s half-speed method on their Neumann SX 74 cutterhead. The outstanding results allow the original full length mixes to be pressed at high fidelity on the vinyl format. The new WHITE2 masters reveal a broader frequency response, the bottom end is deeper and more intense, low mids are lusher, high frequencies are smoother and the stereo image is vastly improved, seeming more 3 dimensional spacially and more dynamic. The sound is clearer, sharper, more direct. Southern Lord Recordings is pleased to present the historical SUNN O))) WHITE albums in their fundamental and proper forms.) 31.00

TABLE SUGAR - Introductory Material LP (water wing - Introductory Material is the debut recording by Olympia art-punk four-piece TABLE SUGAR. Recommended for obsessive fans of The Slits, The Raincoats, Grass Widow and Bush Tetras. "The band’s mindset with putting songs together is about throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. The music, as a result, is blanketed in chaotic discordance, a wild, vaguely confrontational jumble of jagged chords and shouted vocals. Comprising of PASCAL LUTHER (guitar and vocals), ELLA SVETE (guitar and vocals), AIDAN MCNELLIS (bass) and BRYN ACKLEY (drums), Table Sugar began on a whim after 3/4 of their members met in art class at The Evergreen State College. That early 'let’s start a band!' enthusiasm translates to their songwriting.”—Adam McKinney, Oly Arts. Limited to 500 copies.) 18.00

TY SEGALL & WHITE FENCE - Joy LP (drag city - Blonde and brunette. Dog and cat. Lemon and onion. Friend and foam. The change has been made! You can scratch your seven-year itch freely now: TY SEGALL and WHITE FENCE are become one again, regrooving what we once called Hair into what is now Joy. Hair grew out of a simpler time, man! If, as the dyphrenic duo indeed affirm on Joy, rock in 2018 is dead, don’t come around here looking for no burial. Instead, find Joy caught up in the commencement of on-beyond rock; music made with the old tools, but emitted from a fresh new, single-celled organism. This time, the old “one and one make one” line does not apply. Hair had the quality of emulsion—drops of Segall suspended in Fence; a compound of White dispersed over sheets of Ty. With Joy, Tim and Ty arrive without traveling from the same place, occupy one single headspace, finishing the other’s phrases, pulling licks from each other’s places. Singing and thinking and laughing as one. Calling themselves from inside the house. C-c-c-creepy! Both these fellows have been known to trifle with tropic pasts and reactivate vintage visions within their new music. Not now. Now is the only time this time—Joy is their own sound of today, a shared individuality, prisming all possible stances into an unseamly metastasis that FLOWS for 15 ebbcentric tracks. Plus, since it ends at the beginning, it never has to stop. LOOP that shit!) 23.00

VESSEL OF INIQUITY - s/t LP (sentinent ruin - Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to release the life-shattering debut album of UK-based one-man black/death/noise monstrosity VESSEL OF INIQUITY. Fifteen minutes of unfathomable audial terror designed to disintegrate existence directly from within. Fifteen minutes of inconceivable sonic trauma administered through the unholy abuse of the most blighted blackened death metal and of the most anti-human and liminal strains of noise, drone and power electronics. A sensorially annihilating and humiliating sonic holocaust that has brought together the diverse but equally decimating aesthetics of extreme acts like Gnaw Their Tongues, Impetuous Ritual, and Teitanblood to conceive the most absurd and completely unthinkable realms of musical devastation.) 18.00

V/A - Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk DLP (1234 - go - This compilation inspired by the documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is a sprawling collector’s edition double album and a perfect audio companion to the film. Ninety minutes of music over thirty-five rare, unreleased and / or out-of-print tracks from bands like Green Day, Rancid, Neurosis, NOFX, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Mr. T Experience, Jawbreaker, Pinhead Gunpowder, Filth, Blatz, Sweet Children, Isocracy and many more. This album is must-have vinyl for both new and old fans of the early East Bay punk music scene. Proceeds from this compilation go to the Women’s Daytime Drop In Center, a non-profit program in Berkeley, CA, empowering women and children to move from the streets to a home by providing ongoing and intensive counseling, case management services, daily support groups, a comprehensive children’s program, a variety of referral services, and a transitional housing program for four single parent families.) 26.00


V/A - Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk 2xTAPE (1234go - This compilation inspired by the documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is a sprawling collector’s edition double album and a perfect audio companion to the film. Ninety minutes of music over thirty-five rare, unreleased and / or out-of-print tracks from bands like Green Day, Rancid, Neurosis, NOFX, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Mr. T Experience, Jawbreaker, Pinhead Gunpowder, Filth, Blatz, Sweet Children, Isocracy and many more. This album is must-have vinyl for both new and old fans of the early East Bay punk music scene.  Proceeds from this compilation go to the Women’s Daytime Drop In Center, a non-profit program in Berkeley, CA, empowering women and children to move from the streets to a home by providing ongoing and intensive counseling, case management services, daily support groups, a comprehensive children’s program, a variety of referral services, and a transitional housing program for four single parent families. PLUS A SECOND TAPE. Cometbus Fanzine presents: Lest We Forget | 45 unreleased songs by 35 great old Berkeley bands (1981 - 1988).) 18.00


MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #422 JULY 2018 MAG (Maximumrocknroll #422 features Italy's Shitty Life, Virginia's Haircut, Colombia's Muro, Gen Pop from Olympia, Russia's AIWT, Lars Finberg from California, Winnipeg's Whip, C/Site Recordings, photos from Manic Relapse Vol. 6, and more.) 5.00

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #423 AUG 2018 MAG (Summer heats up with features on Philly's Break Free Fest, Oakland's Multivers Is Illuminated Fest, France's PMS, Oregon's ABOLITIONIST, Oakland's COHERENCE, Norway's OSLO BORS, and Olympia's PHYSIQUE. All that, plus a Dumb Fest 6 photo spread, the DIY As A Privilege Manifesto, and the usual columns, news items, action-packed photos and reviews.) 5.00
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Re: Bis Aufs Messer Aug News (Sleep, Birds in Row, Swans, TH

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 23 Aoû 2018, 14:51

hi guys. a few things arrived this week and also a couple restocks. Lots of stuff is on its way like the new NOTHING LP, new THOU DLP etc etc etc. So here is a few things we got this week like SVARTMALM restocks, new Numero Group stuff, Empowerment restock, the great LIME CRUSH LP etc …

also Adagio830 is down to the last copies of the GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ LP on clear - get one while the last. They just started their little euro tour yesterday.



Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


RESTRICTION / ASO NAGA - split 7“ (pure hear Two great new power violence / hardcore / punk from CZ.) 5.0


COMA REGALIA - The Mirror 11“ (time is a color - The new 11"LP 'The Mirror' from COMA REGALIA is arguably their best work since the 2x7". Mixing in more atmosphere, generally with feedback and/or lush, dreamy bits alongside the furious screamy hardcore assault, the balance and intensity is magnificent. For fans of: You & I, Funeral Diner and Orchid) 12.00


AFFENMESSERKAMPF - Seine Freunde kann man sich nicht aussuchen + Demo LP (Repress der lange vergriffenen ersten Affenmesserkampf-LP aus 2009 mit dem kompletten Demo-Tape aus 2008 als Bonus. Das wunderbare Originalcover wurde nachgestellt und im Wendecover gibt‘s die „früher / heute“-Version. Inzwischen sind Affenmesserkampf bei drei Alben und einem ganz eigenen Sound angelangt: unzufriedener, pöbelnder, aufmüpfiger (Deutsch-)Punk gegen alles und jeden, der sich dabei aber seinen Humor bewahrt und nicht verzweifelt. Leicht überdrehter, manchmal hysterischer Gesang von Hannes (Tackleberry / Die Bullen), der wunderbar zu den Texten passt und so ganz anders ist als das meiste, was dieses Genre üblicherweise zu bieten hat. An Deutlichkeit kaum zu überbieten, gegen Deutschland und seine Begleiterscheinungen, Hipster, Jungdesigner, Eva Hermann und die Rykers. Gegenkulturelle Totalverweigerung mit Sympathien für Alf. Musikalisch irgendwo zwischen den diversen Jens Rachut-Bands, frühen Turbostaat mit einem leichten Antitainment-Einschlag. Insgesamt 18 Songs, die 12 Songs der Original-LP, ergänzt durch 6 Songs des Demos.) 12.00

EMPOWERMENT - Gegen.Kult LP (twisted chords - back in stock - Empowerment, das Hardcore-Kollektiv aus Stuttgart, schuf 2012 mit dem Debut „Gegen.Kult“ einen kleinen Meilenstein. Nach mehreren Singles und Demos ist die Zeit reif und ballert dieses Album 12 ultra-wütende, angepisste und kämpferische deutschsprachige Hardcore-Metal-Punk-Songs raus, die es in dieser Form lange nicht gegeben hat. Endlich wieder Hardcore von der Straße, dreckig, heiser, hingerotzt und angepisst.) 15.00

HARLEY FLANAGAN - The Original Cro-Mags Demos 1982/83 LP (mvd - The Cro-Mags are, without a doubt, one of the most influential New York hardcore bands of all time, and these are the first demos ever recorded by the sole founding member of the band. The tracks were recorded at the Song Shop in 1982 and finished in 1983. These are the demos that started it all.) 15.00

LIME CRUSH - Sub Divide LP (fettkakou - First full length by this female-fronted band from Vienna. Contains 12 tracks of their super-charming Sixties-sounding Garage-Pop pearls and crushing Punk-Rock ditties. Amongst guest-musicians on these recordings are Adrienne Berry (DOWNTOWN BOYS) and Calvin Johnson. And actually LIME CRUSH could have been as well a perfect addition to the K RECORDS roster.) 18.00

NEGATIVE - projections LP (sabotage - Finally! At long last we get a new sign of life from Oslo’s “NEGATIV” straight from the dark vaults of Norways riot city number one! Eight new stompers that mix the anarchic chaos and rage of 1982′ UK hardcore punk with the fury and raw spirit of japanese punk. All this boosted up with norwegian guitar virtuosity (…or was it madness?), stomping drums and vocal chords lubricated with gasoline and razorblades. Recorded and Mixed by Mr. Møkk and Negativ at Endless Tinnitus 2018 Mastered by John Flynn at Balance Mastering, UK) 12.00

PRIMITIVE MAN / UNEARTHLY TRANCE - split LP (relapse - One year after each releasing two of 2017’s heaviest albums, Denver’s PRIMITIVE MAN and New York City’s UNEARTHLY TRANCE unite for an exercise in complete and total suffering. Across seven apocalyptic tracks, both bands tap into some of the most uncomfortable, vile realms of blackened doom and dissonant, harsh noise put to tape in the new millennium. Includes Digital Download.) 23.00

RUTKA LASKIER - Protiklady LP (zegema beach - For fans of: Raein, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and La Quiete Following their fantastic split with Pacino comes the band's first 12"LP, an 8-song foray into bigger soundscapes and a more varied style of playing, titled 'Protiklady'. Vinyl coming summer 2018. 'Protiklady' 12" vinyl with insert. 8 songs. Download code included.) 12.00

SVARTMÁLM - svartmálm LP (tul - "Svartmálm's self-titled album is not just the best Black Metal Album of 2018 so far, but will likely become one of my all-time favorites. Its atmosphere is... beyond anything I've heard before. Until now, I felt that " Earth 2" was the soundtrack of the end, but this... this is what the apocalypse sounds like folks..."- 5/5 Pentagrams! CD and tape version on Vendetta!) 17.00

THIS HEAT - Repeat / Metal LP (modern classics - Recorded from 1979–1980 Repeat / Metal is essentially This Heat’s third proper album, although it was released posthumously in 1993. Arguably their most radical work, Repeat / Metal features side-length tape experiments ranging from the dubby drum loops of “Repeat,” a 20 minute edit / reworking of their landmark piece “24 Track Loop” to the gamelan-inspired sounds of “Metal,” an electro-acoustic work recorded outside of their studio, Cold Storage, and helmed by member Gareth Williams..) 28.00

THIS HEAT - Made Available LP (modern classics - Made Available collects This Heat’s two Peel Sessions, recorded for BBC Radio 1 in April and October of 1977 and features essential songs that would later appear on their debut album, This Heat (1979) and the follow-up, Deceit (1981), as well as electro-acoustic works unique to these sessions. These are the earliest public recordings of the band, showing even in their infancy, masterful use of live tape loops and radical song structure..) 28.00

UNIFORM - The Long Walk LP (sacred bones Following the release of critically acclaimed LP Wake in Fright, which had two songs featured in the new season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, it was time for Uniform vocalist Michael Berdan and instrumentalist Ben Greenberg to return to the studio. The duo decided to up the ante and add a third member to help perfect their vicious post-industrial dystopian cyber-punk. After some deliberation, Greenberg called upon drummer Greg Fox (Liturgy, Zs) to help round out the sound they were looking for. Using a mix of triggered samples and real drums along with layered synths and good old electric guitar, the trio arrived at what would become The Long Walk after only a few short days in the studio.  From the opening whirr of the title track, it’s clear that the band is onto something special. Recorded in Strange Weather studios in the first part of 2018, The Long Walk is eight new tracks by the duo of Greenberg and Berdan, incorporating Fox’s skills behind the drum kit to add an entirely new dimension to the signature Uniform sound. Ditching sequenced tracks, Greenberg opted for single takes to highlight the Frankenstein-like guitar-bass-synth hybrid that oozes throughout the recording. Meanwhile, crushing guitar thunder is punched up by Fox’s masterful drumming while Berdan’s cries from the nether feel more desperate and morose than ever. This is Uniform at its most bleak, emotional, and powerful. ) 18.00

V/A - Moss Rose / Caton & Ophélie / Duct Hearts / Child Meadow split LP (time is a color -Split 12" with screenprinted b-side. 1 new song of each band. ) 12.00

V/A - Teen Expo: The Cleopatra Label DLP (numero - From a basement in New Jersey, Tommy Falcone remade himself into a DIY Phil Spector. From 1962 to 1970, he founded and ran Cleopatra Records, discovered and mentored young Garden State talent, wrote songs and produced wild studio effects, and quit his day job to promote it all himself. Trained as an accordionist, Falcone had a whirlwind imagination and an omnivorous approach to genre, expressed through acts like the Centuries, the Tabbys, Johnny Silvio, the Inmates, Bernadette Carroll, the Hallmarks, Vickie & the Van Dykes, the Shandillons, Eugene Viscione, the Shoestring, and more. Cleopatra became a time-capsule of every 1960s pop style imaginable—garage rock, psychedelia, surf, girl groups, soul, novelties, exotica, even a crooner—a kaleidoscope of sound in search of the ever-elusive hit record.) 29.00
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Re: Bis Aufs Messer Aug News (Sleep, Birds in Row, Swans, TH

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 30 Aoû 2018, 15:36

hi, so Thursday is the new friday I guess. To excited to get you the news for this week which incl. the new THOU - magus DLP, a new GLENN JONES - The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar LP, NOTHING - Dance On The Blacktop LP (also available on Grey), RYAN PORTER - The Optimist (Ft. Kamasi Washington) SOUNDTRACK 3xLP, SIMPLE AFFECTIONS - Simple Affections LP on recital along with some restocks, the new HORROR VACUI - New Wave of Fear LP, new HYÄNE LP, SYNDROME 81 - Beton Nostalgie LP restock etc.

also Adagio830 is down to the last copies of the GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ LP - get one while the last. They just started their little euro tour a week ago.



Thank you
 Robert & Norman


COLD LEATHER - past remedy 7“ (sabotage - After that fresh demo comes the first seven inch from these berlin punkers. Catchy stuff, i tell you. If late 70s l.a.dangerhouse rockers took a trip in a timemachine and just landed in 81 rainy britain and form a band - comes in a screen printed cover) 6.00

THE ESTRANGED - frozen fingers 7“ (sabotage - Newest release by Portland, OR post punk 3 piece The Estranged. Two “new” tracks recorded back in 2013 before their recent hiatus. This ep was scheduled to be released to coincide with their Australia/New Zealand tour in 2014 but for various reasons never came out. The first song, “Frozen Fingers” is a textured post-punk track with a constant ebb and flow like an upbeat version of something off a Nick Cave and the bad seeds or Echo and the Bunnymen album. With the climax coming via a farfisa lead that brings to mind some of the classic 60’s garage bands. The heavy 60’s rock influence continuing on the flip side with their cover of “World of Birds” by Dutch legends Q65. Their own take on this somber and depressing classic coming with some added distortion among other things that is guaranteed to give you chills. Finally back from their 3 year “break”. This ep is set to be released for their upcoming European tour (spring ’18) released in Europe by Sabotage and in the US by Black Water.) 6.00

FRAMTID - the horrific visions 7“ (la vida -  European press of FRAMTID's last release. Osaka crust legends FRAMTID return with the first recording since their line up change which brought a new drummer and bass player. As expected the "Horrific Visions" continues what the band started nearly twenty years ago: Their own take on classic early Swedish hardcore with and added over the top delivery, massive distortion and relentless drumming, all mixed with a really strong Anti War message. It is hard not to be infected by their sound as the aggression and song craft remain unmatched with B side opener "By Any Reason" showing a side of FRAMTID we hadn't seen yet mixing samples of war documentaries over a hypnotic more metallic slow paced song. Overall a fantastic release proving why they are probably the best band with black and white overexposed artwork and over-saturated guitar tone there is.) 8.00


AHMED AG KAEDY - Orion Congregation LP (schneeball - Orion Congregation is a live recording that perfectly captures the palpable raw excitement of a particularly memorable evening, the concluding date of a series of packed concerts which took place in various venues around Berlin in June 2017. Led by Ahmed Ag Kaedy's entrancing guitar licks, which seamlessly merge blues and rock with the traditional "Assouf"-style of his homeland, the pace soon quickens as the band pick up the gauntlet. The double-drummer, double-keyboard line-up produces a genuine Sensurround sound, enhanced by depth charge levels of bass action, blasts of saxophone fury, and storm clouds of electronic whooshes, sending the listener on a sonic rollercoaster with the controls set to the furthest constellation, with the volcanic drumming of Mahalmadane Traoré acting as rocket fuel. The audience hollers and whistles that crop up from time to time are an accurate reflection of the electric atmosphere that pervaded at every gig. Ahmed Ag Kaedy, who is featured in the documentary film Mali Blues (2016), founded the band Amanar de Kidal in 2005 (two records on Sahel Sounds) and worked with Fatoumata Diawara and Samba Touré. Kidal is a small town in North-East Mali which despite its size and relative isolation, has been the focal point for uprisings of Kel Tamasheq rebels against the Malian government for several decades. Ahmed Ag Kaedy's conscious lyrics stress the importance of education and development in a country plunged in deep turmoil. When the extremists took over his hometown, the suppression of music was one of the main points in their agenda. After being threatened with having his fingers cut off if he ever dared to play the guitar again, Ahmed Ag Kaedy decided to move to Bamako, where he still lives. Orion Congregation (or in Tamasheq, "Amanar Assafou", as it stands on the cover in the Tifinagh script) features a floating line-up revolving around Ahmed Ag Kaedy and drummer Mahalmadane Traoré from Amanar, and key members of two bands representing two generations and contrasting approaches to trans-continental fusion. Keyboard and duff player Michael Wehmeyer has been a member of the legendary German band Embryo since 1977, and the remaining musicians, saxophonist, flutist, and synthesizer player Johannes Schleiermacher, and keyboard player Jörg Hochapfel (both members of Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra), drummer Bernd Oezsevim (who, along with Schleiermacher, plays in Gunter Hampel's Trio), and bassist Kalle Enkelmann (Julia Kadel Trio). Recorded live at BLO-Ateliers, Berlin, June 28, 2017.) 25.00

ALEXANDER TUCKER - Don't Look Away LP (thrill jockey - There is a distinct otherworldliness to Alexander Tucker’s art. Psychedelic without ever resorting to tropes of the genre, it’s the subtle thread connecting every aspect of his output, from the vibrant and hypnotic avant-pop of Grumbling Fur, his duo with Daniel O’Sullivan, to extended drone collaborations with Charlemagne Palestine and Stephen O’Malley, to his beautiful yet strangely unnerving paintings and comics. Continuing to carve out a space as one of Britain’s most forward-thinking songwriters, on Don’t Look Away, Tucker displays distinctly honest vocals with subtle shifts through unexpected variations. Don’t Look Away contrasts traditional song structure with experimental collage and rich orchestral arrangements. Viewing Don’t Look Away as the final part of a trilogy, alongside Dorwytch (2011) and Third Mouth (2012), Tucker explains, “the composition across these three albums feels like a move away from my earlier records towards something clearer and traditional but still maintaining my love of manipulating source material into new shapes and forms.”) 22.00

AUS - s/t LP (static age - back in stock -How does something so vintage sound like such a breath of fresh air?! Berlin's AUS tap into the Heimatland's heritage of notoriously cold and humorless nihilism to produce a danceable sense of dread. When the rhythm section isn't driving us closer to armageddon it's providing a pounding tribal backdrop for brooding and disaffected witchy incantations. Distant guitars cut like broken glass and the synth rises up through the cracks like a blend of cigarette smoke and fog machine. Night time only record. Collectors take note!: Comes in a heavy 320g sleeve with band photo in handstamped wax envelope. Night time only record. by Daryl Sulfate, Diät.) 12.00

AUTOMATISME - Transit LP (constellation - Reclusive glitch artist and electronic music producer William Jourdain has been keeping busy since the release of his acclaimed 2016 debut Momentform Accumulations for Constellation under the Automatisme moniker. From his home studio in the Quebec town of Saint-Hyacinthe, alongside his day job at Fréquences (one of the country's leading indie record stores), Jourdain has continued churning out quality tracks, adding to his excellent and formidable Bandcamp discography. The Post-Landscape collaboration with Erinome came out on Neologist in spring 2018 (alongside their re-release of the pre-Momentform album Automatisme 2) and the self-released E.T.I. Space, Transit Et Individu (Reshape & Restoration) from December 2017 demonstrated various evolutions in the post-Momentform trajectory. Rare Automatisme performances have included Inductive Prism VI (documented in a live recording) and MUTEK 2017 (documented in a live video premiered by MUTEK and Resident Advisor). Building out his modular synthesis racks and amassing new field recordings, Jourdain has plunged Automatisme deeper into experimentation with Transit, his second full-length for Constellation. Once again the sonic material is all sourced from the field, with recordings captured in the forests and caves of rural Quebec, along with ex-urban "non-places", and various waiting rooms. A simulacrum of what Jourdain calls "the architecture and landscape of supermodernity" is rendered through generative and probability-based digital patches, creating a partially randomized ecosystem for his soundworld to unfold. The through-line on the Transit album is an oscillating tempo that rises and falls like a shifting heart rate or ocean waves or a warped clock - heightening attention to the micro-sampled glitch topography and white, pink and brown noise fields of these immersive, pointillist compositions. The pieces are never the same twice: Transit codifies one iteration of these exploratory and temporally unstable works, yielding a superb album of cerebral, enveloping, de-territorialized electronica that occupies a liminal space at the boundaries of ambient, glitch, dub and environmental sound. Thanks for listening.) 25.00

BLACK SPIRITUALS - Black Access / Black Axes DLP (sige - Like the resonant African-American traditions that long precede them, the Black Spirituals are equal parts choreographed and improvisational, containing simultaneously measuredly deliberate and frenetically urgent sonicities. True to name, the Black Spirituals evoke and produce a Black spirituality in the sonorous tradition of Black flight calling us to follow the North Star and any and all other pathways to freedom. It’s the choreographed and synergistic spontaneity and improvisation with clear inspirations drawn from jazz traditions, indigenous African drumming, and anti/de-colonial musico-theological and ritualistic traditions across the Afro diaspora; and it’s an expression that constitutes the kind of musical fugitivity most organically and innately produced by Black Americans in our “post-emancipation” captive state. It’s a music for music’s sake, and it’s a feverish cathartic expression of freedom dreams with true liberatory capacity. The Black Spirituals, like their musical forebearers, are fugitive planners enacting, per Harney & Moten, “ruptural and enraptured” soundscapes and offering a space of refuge within which enlightenment can be understood and, thus, enacted. But this is not music alone. The Black Spirituals are a transdisciplinary and genre transcendent epistemic framework that exists both in itself and in complement with other artists. Black Access Black Axes is a project expressing Black vernacularity as a solo-duetting avant-garde musical technology driven by clear need to contain and articulate both the world in which we live and the dire need to flee and imagine and create another. The album’s core are the drone-like meditative frequencies recalling an ever-present sounding alarm: a state of emergency, an alarm signaling the need for and actualisation of Black escape, a Black articulation of futurity only accessible through distortions and conversing-dueling guitar and drum. Though this is the last joint project with which Zachary James Watkins & Marshall Trammell will bless us, the beauty in their music is their dynamism together as well as apart. So/but before we continue to be blessed with their respective solo workings (made evident in this and all the group’s work), this is an invitation to revel in this deeply affective creation born out of their wellspring of love for Black people and our deservingness of freedom. From my head to my DNA, I felt this. I hope you will, too. by Zoe Samudzi) 28.00

BROTHER AH - Divine Music 5LP BOXSET (manafactrured - Following the reissues of Brother Ah's three studio albums in 2016, Manufactured Recordings is proud to present Divine Music, a collection of three unreleased albums from this jazz visionary: The Sea (1978), Mediation (1981), and Searching (1985). Moving from rich spiritual jazz to more meditative ambience, Divine Musicfurther explores Brother Ah's unique sound and musical vision. Released as a 5xLP box set, a 3xCD package, and digitally, Divine Music includes an extensive interview with Brother Ah by Pitchfork and Resident Advisor contributor Andy Beta. Recommended for fans of Laraaji, Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, Brian Eno, Popul Vuh, and the recent new age renaissance. ) 120.00

CATERINA BARBIERI / ELEH - split LP (important - Highly synergistic split from Eleh and Caterina Barbieri featuring two sides of similar audio dimensions. These two electronic sound poems slowly unfurl rich timbre and harmonics with an austere stillness that is, somehow, ever-changing. It hardly matters whose side is whose.) 25.00

CATERINA BARBIERI - Born Again In The Voltage LP (important - Born Again In The Voltage is an astonishing collection of electro-acoustic pieces for Buchla 200 system, cello, and voice composed and produced by Caterina Barbieri at Elektronmusikstudion (SE) between 2014 and 2015. Cello by Antonello Manzo. Images by Giovanni Brunetto; Photography by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Layout by Important Records. Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi. "One of electronic music's most interesting new voices." FACT) 25.00

CREMATION LILY - In England Now, Underwater LP (alter - Vast, expansive and introspective works utilising place-specific found sound on this second Cremation Lily LP for Alter. Contemplating mortality, illness and the perennial bleakness of British winter in a seaside town we find Zen Zsigo experimenting with piano, violin, synthesiser and walkman tape players. Layering field recordings of the Hastings shoreline atop druggy, stretched out 303 basslines and snippets of spoken word there seems to be an overarching thematic of memory and reflection at play. From vignettes of crumbling glass and bittersweet drones through to sprawling, semi-rhythmical pieces (‘As a sea creature...’) it seems as if Zsigo is trawling the coast for fragments of its former glory. The end result of his study manages to echo the work of Yoran, Leyland Kirby and even Jacob Kirkegaard yet the rare moments where he lays bare his own vocal narrative seemingly transforms In England Now, Underwater into sonic diary territory. Mixing salt-water soaked cassette loops with haunting, minimalist piano motifs and warped recordings of crashing waves and bird noise an intense atmosphere of Ballard’s drowned world is evoked through sound.) 18.00

DAVID AXELROD - Songs Of Experience LP (now again - Songs of Experience is visionary composer/arranger/producer David Axelrod’s second album; it was recorded after the death of his beloved son Scott. Experience is an ominous affair, an album concerned with mortality and spirituality – the solitary, pastoral musings of William Blake set to the urban bombast of a full Los Angeles orchestra, with Wrecking Crew vets grounding the proceedings with dark funk. This is the second Now-Again issue in a series of reissues centered around Axelrod’s Capitol Trilogy in 2018 – Song of Innocence saw release in April, and Earth Rot will see release at the end of the year. Audiophile reissue, lacquered directly from Axelrod’s original master tapes at Capitol Records by Ron McMaster. Contains oversized, 28 page booklet that delves into Axelrod’s incredible life and music, replete with never before published photos and an interview with Axelrod by Eothen Alapatt and Waxpoetic’s Brian Digenti. “There are very few people who see the Grand Picture of the Universe and understand the Nothingness that it all comes from. There are even fewer who can express these ideas through music – David could do it all.” – T-Ray.) 28.00

ELSE MARIE PADE - Electronic Works 1958 - 1995 3LP (important - Else Marie Pade's Electronic Works 1958-1995 is a heavy duty three LP set which was restored, mastered and cut at Dubplates in Berlin under the watchful ears of curator Jacob Kirkegaard. These monumental works are presented, for the first time, pressed on audiophile grade heavy duty vinyl where they belong. Audiophile grade 3LP is pressed in an edition of 500 copies. "The sounds outside became concrete music, and in the evening I could imagine that the stars and the moon and the sky uttered sounds and those turned into electronic music." Else Marie Pade. Else Marie Pade (born 1924 in Aarhus, Denmark; currently living in Copenhagen) is a precious golden gem in the world of contemporary electro-acoustic music. She is a true pioneer of Musique Concrete and electronic music recorded on tape. She is Denmarks first lady of electronic music and her piece Syc Cirkler (Seven Circles) became Denmark's first electronic piece to be performed on the radio. EMP's search for sound began in early childhood when she was isolated in her bed for long periods of time due to illness. There she would lie and listen to the sounds around her just as she did years later when she was imprisoned for spying on Nazi compounds in Arhus. Once released from prison she became a piano student at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen but chose to instead pursue the nuances of her inner sound world after hearing Pierre Schaeffer in 1952. She began studying with him not too soon thereafter. Her first electronic composition premiered in 1955.) 50.00

GLENN JONES - The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar LP (thrill jockey - Glenn Jones is an instrumentalist of unparalleled skill and creativity. As a masterful raconteur Jones’ guitar work is both complex and sublime, intricate and emotional. His deep knowledge of the world of American Primitive music and his abilities on the fretboard have made Jones a pillar in his community. With each album Jones chronicles his experience, looking to the past or capturing the present with limber melodies that potently communicate the underlying emotions of the songs. Jones’ flair for storytelling shines in a live setting where origin stories are quite often the song’s introduction. It not only makes for an exceptional evening of listening, but one that draws on the deep traditions of country blues. The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar is Glenn Jones at his most vivid, exploring memories old and new through beautifully woven threads of melody. Jones approaches his compositions first and foremost as concepts, emotions, and colors. Every step in his process of writing and recording is in service of creating a distinct character for each piece. His choice of guitars or banjos, tunings, often alternating through his custom partial capos, to choices in tempo and phrasing, even down the environment where he records all play a role. Together with recording engineer Laura Baird, he chooses a location, often a house with some meaning or an arresting view, and sets up the recording space customized for this set of songs. According to Jones, “To get that sense of place and time, you have to let the world into the recording.” Both Baird and Matthew Azevado, who mixed the album, have been Jones’ trusted collaborators for several years in both performance and on recording. “Laura doing what she does best allows me to do what I do best,” Jones says. “Matt helps me turn those performances into albums.” With their assistance, The Giant Who Ate Himself translates the complicated emotions behind the songs into music that is emotionally resonant to the listener. The Giant Who Ate Himself, like his 2013 album My Garden State, was recorded in New Jersey, Jones’ home state through his formative years before moving permanently to Boston. The people whom Jones surrounded himself with too share a presence in the pieces throughout the album. “A Different Kind of Christmas Carol” took on an entirely new life for Jones after his curmudgeonly, Scrooge-like introduction to the song at a show in Pennsylvania was met with beaming enthusiasm from a child. The arching journey of “From Frederick To Fredericksburg” recounts a day Jones spent with old friend and collaborator the late Jack Rose while visiting renowned 78 collector Joe Bussard and their journey home late into the night. Sounds of the rural New Jersey outdoors of the recording studio even find their way onto the album with the sound collage piece “River In The Sky.” A piece is never truly finished for Jones unless he feels he’s exhausted their possibilities. The recordings on The Giant Who Ate Himself mark a moment in each of its pieces lives amidst their many variations Jones may assemble for them over the course of performing them. Consistent tinkering is emblematic of a searching that can be felt in his music. This very searching is what makes Jones such a vibrant composer and unique voice in the realm of solo guitar. The Giant Who Ate Himself stands as a testament to Glenn Jones’ considerable powers to paint portraits with sound. The album’s title is itself is an homage for Jones’ mentor John Fahey, whose friendship with Jones spanned 25 years. By giving glimpses of the colorful personalities who have affected him, Jones’ The Giant Who Ate Himself in turn shows us who he is: a master of his craft, continuing to reach for more.) 22.00

HORROR VACUI - New Wave of Fear LP (sabotage -

HYÄNE - Demontage & Zerfall LP (staic age - Eight new killer songs by Berlin´s Punk Band Hyäne. A great follow up to their 7"s they released last year. Pumping bass, squeaky guitars, impulsive drumming and german lyrics. Well, hyenas are mean animals and Hyäne is a mean band.) 12.00

LUBOS FISER - Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders LP (finders keepers - It has been exactly ten years since Finders Keepers Records rst liberated Luboš Fišer’s immaculate soundtrack music for Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (Valerie A Týden Divu) from the vaults of the Barrandov Studio in Prague. As the inaugural release of an ongoing discography of previously unreleased scores from the hugely creative “Film Miracle” that occurred during and after the Czech New Wave (CNW), this score will always retain a special place in the heart of the label as well as our listeners who consistently request an updated repress of this signi cant vinyl milestone. Having grown in status from an obscure and misunderstood socialist-era art house oddity, via the hands of risqué foreign uff merchants, to nally nd its rightful audience as a bona de surrealist cinematic masterpiece of world class standards, this 1970 lm adaptation of Vítezslav Nezval’s 1935 avant-garde novella (a lm that literally cross-pollinated Max Ernst’s A Week Of Kindness and Lewis Carols Alice In Wonderland) has garnered widespread critical acclaim. Inspiring ongoing generations of visual artists, musicians, writers and lmmakers - all of whom regard this truly individualistic and inimitable surrealist lm poem to be an indelible in uence - Valerie continues to impregnate their daily artistic referential fabric.) 20.00

MIZMOR - Untitled Winter LP (The sold-out cassette from 2013 is now reissued by A.L.N. on 12" vinyl. American Black/Drone/Doom metal act from Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2012. "מזמור" ( transliterated as "Mizmor") is a Hebrew word meaning "a song set to stringed accompaniment" or „psalm“.) 17.00

NOTHING - Dance On The Blacktop LP (relapse - BLACKDROP GEY - NOTHING’s third full-length recording, Dance On The Blacktop, is the next chapter in the band’s tumultuous story and like its predecessors, pulls from all corners of life with a focus on the bleak and despairing. Captured by renowned producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile) at Dreamland Studio in Woodstock, NY, Dance On The Blacktop is a stirring collection of songs accentuating the band’s love for all sounds 90s from both sides of the pond; from alternative rock and shoegaze to the realms of pop and post-punk. Across the course of 45 minutes, NOTHING weave together nine tales of heightened confusion, anxiety, paranoia, depression and chronic pain juxtaposed against angelic yet apocalyptic, reverberating walls of shimmering sound. Dance On The Black Top is a fervent, emotional tour-de-force, the sound of a band at the peak of their individuality.) 25.00

PAULINE OLIVEROS - Early Electronic Works 1959 - 66 DLP (Lim. Ed.) (sub rosa - Her early and definitive contribution to the tape and electronic music of the late fifties and sixties - her systematic exploration of electronic sounds, which was fundamental to this period. Rare tracks for this strictly limited edition on silver vinyl. There gonna be no reprint, even in black vinyl!) 25.00

PHILLIP WERREN - Electronic Music 4LP-BOX (manfufacture - An astounding, epic journey into the more obscure areas of early electronic music, Phillip Werren’s Electronic Music is a wellspring of contemporary composition across four LPs. Originally released in 1971 in an edition of 100 copies, this impossibly rare piece of early Canadian electronic music has finally been reissued on vinyl in an exact replica box with a silk-screened cover. Electronic Music was recorded at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), McGill University (Montreal) and Radio Warzawa (Poland) between 1967 and 1971. Influenced as much by serialism as by psychedelia and the occult, the album features elements of tape collage, voice, and experimental composition. Most of the recordings were performed on a Buchla System 100, one of the first modular synthesizers. An absorbing piece of the Canadian avant-garde, Electronic Music is a journey through space, sound, texture, and unbridled experimentation. Recommended for fans of artist ranging from Stockhausen, Xenakis, and Ferrari to Basil Kirchin, Conrad Schnitzler, Throbbing Gristle, and Coil – Manufactured Recordings’ reissue of Electronic Music aims to shed light on this crucially overlooked composer. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.) 115.00

RYAN PORTER - The Optimist (Ft. Kamasi Washington) SOUNDTRACK 3xLP (West Coast Get Down's Ryan Porter will launch the 2CD / 3LP set The Optimist on World Galaxy, ushering in an instrumental body of work that encompasses the respite of Los Angeles jazz music. The Optimist pulls together veterans of the LA music scene, including West Coast Get Down alumni Kamasi Washington (tenor saxophone), Miles Mosley (upright bass), Cameron Graves (piano, fender rhodes), Tony Austin (drums), Jumaane Smith (trumpet), Edward Livingston (upright bass), Aaron Haggerty (drums), Brandon Coleman (fender rhodes), Dominic Therioux (electric bass), Robert Miller (drums), and Lyndon Rochelle (drums). The Optimist was recorded at Kamasi's parents house between 2008 and 2009, captured inside a small tiny basement area their crew called "The Shack." This was before The Epic catapulted the group into the highest stratospheres of jazz music and feature associations started to populate through the world of Kendrick Lamar. Ryan Porter and The West Coast Get were just as active through this era, carving out weekly shows through local jazz clubs and touring with some of the biggest names on the circuit. Every person featured on The Optimist were fully committed to the execution of decade defining jazz music, charging through the 21st century with the hopes of finding the platform that would elevate their music to the masses. This would unfold in ways nobody could have predicted, ushering in a transition of optimism and hope, to that of success and proven longevity. This is a mirror of the inspiration and energetic reprise President Obama provided Ryan and millions of others at the time, adding a sonic memory point to one of the most important transitions the United States has taken politically. Ryan Porter has spread his craft to the masses for decades, included on critically acclaimed albums such as the Original Netflix Series soundtrack The Get Down, Push The Sky Away from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Epic LP and Truth EP from Kamasi Washington, To Pimp A Butterfly from Kendrick Lamar, and many more. The Optimist represents these albums and the incubation period that's continually reverberated through his career, seasoned with the brilliance these individuals build on as a unified musical cell. The Optimist was executed with the same fire, passion, and technicality the group carries with them on stage and through every album since, serving as an important foundation piece to the legacy and story of LA's most revered jazz collective, the West Coast Get Down.) 45.00

THE SCIENTISTS - Weird Love LP (numero - Unhinged Aussie grunge captured just as the Scientists were imploding/attempting to explode. Recorded over three days in February 1986, Weird Love is the band’s last ditch effort to bring their bad vibes to bedrooms the world over, a colossal failure and brilliant mistake that sounds best when blasting out of a 1982 Corolla’s blown Alpine tweeters.) 25.00

SIMPLE AFFECTIONS - Simple Affections LP (recital - Simple Affections are playing compositions by Alexander Scriabine, Camille Saint-Saëns, Carlo Gesualdo, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Guillaume Dufay, Josquin Des Prés, Nicolas Gombert, Thomas Tallis, Tiburtio Massaino. The album features contributions from: Peter Friel, Jackson Graham, Mark Harwood, Graham Lambkin, Lia Mazzari, Sean McCann, Madalyn Merkey, Michael Pollard, Eric Schmid, Zach Schwartz, Tom James Scott, Patrick Shiroishi, Christina Stanley, Matthew Sullivan, Dennis Tyfus, Will Gottsegen.) 25.00

SUNKEN - the crackling of embers 12" (vendetta - atmospheric black metal from denmark.) 14.00

SYNDROME 81 - Beton Nostalgie LP (sabotage - Beton Nostalgie” LP is a collection of songs released on various EP and split recordsBeton Nostalgie” LP is a collection of songs released on various EP and split records 18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. It is coming in a gatefold jackets with awesome drawing by All Cats Are Grey France’s Syndrome 81 started gaining momentum in the Punk scene with their 2013 demo tape, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French Oi sound of the 1980s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. The band has progressed since then, and the sound is more diverse but also more defined, having filed off some of the American influences and moved in a darker, distinctly French direction that is both melancholy and anthemic, with lyrics being influenced by growing up in Brest, France. The band comes from this dark place and write songs about their personal struggles growing up and growing old. These are songs about watching your friends lose sight and move on while you question why you are still here, haunted by your past and having to look your former self in the eye while you apologize for who you’ve become. These are songs about trudging through a desert you built yourself.) 12.00

THOU - magus DLP (sacred bones - Magus is Thou’s first full-length since 2014’s Heathen. In the months leading into the new album, Thou will be releasing three drastically different EPs: The House Primordial on Raw Sugar, Inconsolable on Community Records, and Rhea Sylvia on Deathwish, Inc. Each record will focus on a particular sound—noisy drone, quiet acoustic, and melodic grunge—all of which is incorporated into the new LP, subsumed in the band’s more standard doom metal. While sonically, Magus may be a continuation of Heathen, thematically it stands as a stark rebuttal, a journey beyond the principles of pleasure and pain. It is more the culmination of these distinct EPs, which all orbit some internal black hole. FFO alienation, absurdity, boredom, futility, decay, the tyranny of history, the vulgarities of change, awareness as agony, reason as disease.) 27.00
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