BIS AUFS MESSER NEWS (youth attack, la luz, the body, yellow

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BIS AUFS MESSER NEWS (youth attack, la luz, the body, yellow

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 18 Mai 2018, 11:49

its may and we got so many new releases this week. New stuff from Dischord arrived like the new RED HARE LP, THE MESSTHETICS - Messthetics LP and a bunch of restocks, The new RYLEY WALKER LP on dead oceans, new YOUTH AVOIDERS LP, new THE BODY DLP, new COURTNEY BARNETT LP, new ANTLERS DLP, new YELLOW EYES LP, a bunch of new Youth Attack releases plus merch, BOY HARSHER restocks, a new PISSE split 10“ and repress Pisse LP, new DAMIEN JURADO - The Horizon Just Laughed LP, DAISY CHAIN - You Moved Like I Wanted To LP (peeps of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers etc), GRAF ORLOCK destination time yesterday LP re issue, SARAH LOUISE - deeper woods LP and many more!!

ADAGIO830 also started taking pre orders for the upcoming REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER LP

June 12th - LOOSE TOOTH (Milk!, Australia) & Pigeon


Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


AXIS OF DESPAIR - Mankind Crawls 7“ (Second release of the new grind beasts Axis of Despair. Axis of Despair features former and present members of such bands as Nasum, Coldworker, Infanticide, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift and Overtorture. To be exact: The band was formed by former Coldworker members Anders Jakobson (drums), Oskar Pålsson (bass) and Joel Fornbrant (vocals) in the end of 2013. They play old school and raw (to the best and purest extent) Swedish grindcore!) 5.00

DIVISION OF LAURA LEE - Hollow Pricks 7“ (lovitt - Division of Laura Lee are a musical tornado from Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2003, Lovitt and Division of Laura Lee teamed up to release the compilation album 97-99, which compiled early singles and hard to find tunes. Now, twenty years later, it’s time to do it again. This single -- which includes one new song and a live track -- will be the band’s first release since 2013’s full-length, Tree. Pressed on yellow vinyl.) 6.00

DOMAIN - Retreat 7“ (refuse - One of the brightest points of a new crop of bands affiliated with the "Deutschhardcore" tag are finally on vinyl. DOMAIN started right after the demise of SKAGGS by some active figures working hard to put Mannheim on the map as one of the main centres of HC in Germany. Following their two tapes and couple of tours, here they are with their debut 7-song 7". If you're into raw, unpolished late 80's youth crew straight edge hardcore, then you need this. Simple. FFO: "New Breed" and "X-mark the spot" comps., Wide Awake, early Turning Point. ) 5.00

KALTE LUST - Passage Obligé / Dissolution 7“ (destructe - Two new songs from bordeaux Kalte Lust. These two new tracks bury you deeper in the gentle melancholy of Kalte Lust. Each of these songs explores its own aspect of coldness and darkness, from a slow hypnosis to a sour lullaby. The repetitive synth, the enveloping guitar and bass melodies, the haunted vocals remain the same from the previous releases but the band takes them to new level, opening a new window on a world of blackness. The lyrical introspection continues with sensitive words in French and English, contributing to the singular aesthetic. This fragile beauty comes in a great mat finish sleeve.) 5.00

LA PETITE MORT/LITTLE DEATH / MASKROS - split 7“ (life is a funny thing - lifeisafunnything proudly presents you this split 7" between these two young german bands! Having already toured together, this is the physical demonstration of their friendship. On Side A you will find two tracks, starting off with La Petite Mort / Little Death, which deliver another groovy piece of their unique mix of Math, Screamo, Emo and Rock! They are followed by another intense song by Maskros - still dark and gloomy, still melodic and emotional. Post-HC/Screamo that combines newer influences like Touche Amore with the sound of older Ebulliton/Gravity-Bands! 
On Side B both bands team up and present you an instrumental piece of music that they recorded together!) 5.00

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY / SECONDGRADEKNIFEFIGHT - Split 7“ (miss the stars - Split of the year alert. Furious grind/chaos split between SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY & SECONDGRADEKNIFEFIGHT. Killer!) 5.00

WALL BREAKER - Wall Breaker 7“ (refuse - WALL BREAKER is a new straight edge hardcore punk band with members from NJ and Baltimore. Formed by Jeremy Evans (Coke Bust, WarXGames), Jeff DeSantis (Bloodtype, Bleeding Edges Label), Ken Ramsey (Glory Fades) and Ben Wood (Chainsaw To The Face, Durian). Heavily influenced by bands like SSD and Life's Blood, but played with the speed of some of the early 00's era thrash bands. This is Trump era hardcore, the era of building walls. And this is your new soundtrack to breaking them down. Great sounding vinyl reissue of their debut 5-song demo. Remastered by Smok (As One). One-time pressing of 548 copies. ) 6.00


PISSE / PERKY TITS - split 10“ (phantom - mysterious) 14.00


ANTLERS - beneath. below. behold. DLP col. vinyl (VAN - Leipzig based ANTLERS’ second album turns out to be a 9 track bastard of blackened, melodic, introspective tunes and words that were not just played to be recorded, but bled, sweated and screamed on tape! "Beneath. Below. Behold" is an atmospheric and emotional journey that drags you down into the abyss of the human being, full of cryptic messages and diverse collaborations. It gets you drowned into the void of loss, love and hate and at the same time brings you out of the deep black waters to the healing surface and above. Over 50 minutes playing time.) 23.00

BEACH HOUSE - 7 LP (bella union - ltd clear vinyl 7 is our 7th full-length record. At its release, we will have been a band for over 13 years. We have now written and released a total of 77 songs together.  Last year, we released an album of b-sides and rarities. It felt like a good step for us. It helped us clean the creative closet, put the past to bed, and start anew.  Throughout the process of recording 7, our goal was rebirth and rejuvenation. We wanted to rethink old methods and shed some self-imposed limitations. In the past, we often limited our writing to parts that we could perform live. On 7, we decided to follow whatever came naturally. As a result, there are some songs with no guitar, and some without keyboard. There are songs with layers and production that we could never recreate live, and that is exciting to us. Basically, we let our creative moods, instead of instrumentation, dictate the album’s feel. The twisted double edge of glamour, with its perils and perfect moments, was an endless source (see “L’Inconnue,” “Drunk in LA,” “Woo,” “Girl Of The Year,” “Last Ride”).) 25.00

BAD BREEDING - abandonment LP (one little indian - Bad Breeding have returned with a brand new EP - a riotous, impassioned statement about the frustration of the UK's marginalised majority - Abandonment. The Stevenage-bred anarcho punks have just signed to One Little Indian Records for the release of their EP of the same name, the Abandonment EP. The band's affinity to label founder Derek Birkett's '80s punk band Flux of Pink Indians made OLI a natural home for the rising political punk band, as well as their now-label-mate Crass' Penny Rimbaud. ) 12.00

BETTER OFF DEAD - Taking Trains 12“ (destructure - Welcome on the journey, "Taking trains" is the first BETTER OFF DEAD full lenght. This trio involves long time punk activists from Angers, France. BETTER OFF DEAD plays some kind of dynamic punk-rock with a melancholic touch here and there. Listening to these nine songs, other female fronted bands  like LA FRACTION, POST REGIMENT or SIGNAL LOST may come to mind . Some melodies, guitar parts and bass lines may remind you recent peace-punk bands like 1981 or SURRENDER. Anyway, BETTER OFF DEAD develops their own identity on this LP. Lyrics treats various subject like religion, masculine behaviour, the need of travel... from a very personnal angle. The record come with nice artwork drawings by frontwoman Kroquette. Check this great punk vinyl.) 10.00

BOY HARSHER - Pain II 12" (nude - DJ 12" with Pain (edit) / Pain (Soft Moon Remix).) 11.00

THE BODY - I have fought against it, but I can't any longer DLP (thrill jockey - With each release, the duo of Lee Buford and Chip King continue to defy the constraints of what it means to be a “heavy” band, seamlessly combining composition or production approaches from hip hop, pop, classical, as well as rock and electronica resulting in a rich and utterly singular sound. Equally at home on festival stages, art spaces, or in DIY basements, they transcend musical boundaries. Their ambitious creativity shapes their bleak worldview into propulsive, affecting, and even danceable music often drenched in distortion. On I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer The Body challenged themselves again by turning their compositional approach on its head, choosing to build the record on their own samples rather than recording the basic tracks of drums and guitars and processing those. The results carry the listener towards the brink of emotional and musical extremes. I Have Fought Against It… conjures the sublime from an unexpected and incomparable variety of sounds. The Body are known for their intense, abrasive live shows, whose waves of dissonance create an abiding dread or an overwhelming sense of terror. They create a volume of sound almost unfathomable from a duo and are unaffected by instrument choice: guitar and drums, or keyboard and synthesizers. Inventive producers, the duo expand their recorded sound palate with regular contributions from the likes of Chrissy Wolpert (Assembly of Light Choir), and Ben Eberle (Sandworm), arranged with help of longtime engineers Seth Manchester and Keith Souza (Machines With Magnets). Wolpert’s ethereal calls and Eberle’s vicious growl are augmented by Lingua Ignota’s Kristin Hayter, whose impassioned voice features on the viscerally emotional “Nothing Stirs.” On “Sickly Heart Of Sand,” vocal tradeoffs between King and Hayter’s are punctuated with the howls of Uniform’s Michael Berdan. With The Body’s keen sense of balance, the ferociousness of these extreme performances are underpinned by the elegance of string swells and pensive, even melodies from a lone piano.) 25.00

CADAVER DOG - dying breed LP (youth attack - Easily the most negative hardcore album of all time, CADAVER DOG's debut LP showcases Denver one-man-army James Trejo as he flies off the handle like no one else—a visionary single-handedly shaping hardcore into what it should have always been. "Dying Breed" unleashes a savage musical assault, dialed to astounding levels of ferocity. These 15 songs can be considered the end conclusion to hardcore's aim, with a sound both timeless and fresh, assuring the listener that this is what nearly 40 years of bands have tried to achieve. Coming off the "Blunt Force Trauma" flexi from last year, "Dying Breed" is a rampage of relentless chord changes, rabid vocals and blazing tempos that fly by with the dizzying delirium of a fistfight. An album that lives up to its title in every regard, and aggressive lyrics that go further than any other "hardcore" band, "Dying Breed" is proof that CADAVER DOG stands alone. Standard edition of this devastating album features sleek 150gm white vinyl housed in standard-coated, black-flood printed jackets and inner sleeves. ) 20.00

COURTNEY BARNETT - Tell Me How You Really Feel LP (marathon - The new album Tell Me How You Really Feel follows her critically acclaimed 2015 debut album Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit, and a recent top 10 collaborative record, Lotta Sea Lice, with Kurt Vile. One of the most distinctive voices in music, Courtney is known for mixing witty observations with unflinching self-assessment - fast forward to now and although all of the cleaver turns of phrase and an eye for story telling are still there; this new collection of songs see a more serious and outwardly tone capturing the current social landscape yet still retaining moments of intimacy and warmth. As the world becomes more familiar with Courtney Barnett these songs feel comforting and emphatic yet that raw energy and the ability to make the listener think still remain.) 22.00

DAISY CHAIN - You Moved Like I Wanted To LP (at water - Debut LP of this fuzzed out semi-hardcore rocker band from Los Angeles. Made up of current or former members of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Mossbreaker, Haarm, etc. Check it out) 15.00

DAMIEN JURADO - The Horizon Just Laughed LP (secretly canadian - They say—when the atmosphere is just right—there is a green flash the moment the sun touches the horizon. There are photographs to prove it, and stories from pilots, though we've yet to see it for ourselves. The summer we turned 17, we stood on a beach, unflinching, unblinking, staring at the remnant of a sunset until mosquitoes bit our arms and we could hear—across the darkness—people laughing at the dive bar. We had waited and waited for that moment when the light separated from itself, only to see nothing we hadn’t already seen. On the bus ride home, pressed against one another, your hand in mine, we heard the driver whistling, and watched as a child fell asleep against her father. I tasted the sea on my lips, and you shared a handful of quarters with the boy behind us. We spent our brightest days still hunting down the flash, starving for something brilliant we could claim and make our own, so hungry we'd have gladly stepped on a sparrow to prove our devotion to Sisyphus. Then we grew old, taking stock of our lives under half-lit skies. You smiled first, and I followed. The idea, caught in my throat, flashed across your face, saying something like this: the miraculous had shown up, my love, disguised like the ordinary, under skin like yours and held up by bones like mine, and it continued to show up each morning in color and light. - Claire Carey Deering) 18.00

DEATH ENGINE - Place Noire LP (apocaplexy - Let it be clear : few bands have mastered the art of communicating and releasing tension as well as Lorient, France's DEATH ENGINE. Delivered with an effortless austerity, their suffocating brand of noise rock-infused hardcore is unarguably of the most unmerciful sort. Now back to the three-piece that recorded their groundbreaking debut EP "Amen" (2013), the french band returns with "Place Noire", their second full-length. Recorded live then mixed in Laval by Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Plebeian Grandstand, Necrodancer) and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén (Breach, Terra Tenebrosa, Crippled Black Phoenix), this record is a natural progression in the band's body of work, full of hypnotic patterns, earth-shaking breaks, menacing bass tones and guitars that swing between desperate, angst-driven riffing & feedback assaults. Then the more emotional, expressive vocal approach and the clean-cut songwriting make of "Place Noire" the band's most memorable work while being more abrasive than ever. Blast it at unreasonable volume and feel your body consuming itself from the inside.) 14.00

DRAB MAJESTY - careless LP (dias - In the smoggy orange light of a new millennium, the young Deb Demure would take the bus, once a week, from his home in crumbling Hollywood to his grandmother’s apartment, nestled in the pastel pristineness of Beverly Hills. During these visits, Deb couldn’t help but notice the disconnect between the glow of his grandmother’s temple, and the downtrodden, alienated figures that populated the seats of the mass transit that took him there. Week after week, he would observe these characters: fading B-movie starlets, leisure-suited alcoholics, aging transgender prostitutes, and forgotten civil servants. But one fateful commute home, as the twilight waned to the purple Los Angeles night, he realized these figures were not as lost as they appeared – there was a nobility in their failure, reflective of the dignity of the city’s vanishing golden era. They were survivors, in need of a voice: a spokesperson for every color of hope and hopelessness, transcendent of gender and time; Drab Majesty became Deb's musical podium for this undertaking.  Raised in a music-centric household, Deb would find the time to teach himself to play his father's right-handed guitar upside down and left-handed; an unorthodox fashion from where his earliest understanding of chords and harmony were conceived. Exploring the bins of discarded vinyl in his neighborhood thrift stores, his toolkit expanded with the subterranean sonic gems of the recent past.  Influences range from the virtuosic arpeggiated guitar work of Felt's Maurice Deebank and the grittier pop progressions of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's Chris Reed as well as Steve Severin from Siouxsie and The Banshees.  He also studied the harmonic oscillations and utilization of the occult power of vibratory frequency present in New Age sounds of Greek artist, IASOS.  In terms of orchestration, he consciously culls from the seaside maximalism of Martin Dupont and mechanized grooves of early Depeche Mode.  Like a dualistic pendulum, his vocals swing from a preistly baritone to a choir boy's falsetto reflecting the sepulchral ambiance of church visits with his grandmother.) 21.00

GRAF ORLOCK - Destination Time Yesterday LP (vtriol - Finally after a decade this repress is here. In swamp green and coke bottle blue, this is laid out in a die-cut briefcase and several other accoutrements you just can't pass by.Finally after a decade this repress is here. In swamp green and coke bottle blue, this is laid out in a die-cut briefcase and several other accoutrements you just can't pass by. Graf Orlock is a cinema-grind band from California who weaves an intricate mesh of conceptual brutality. Through the vehicle of late-'80s and early-'90s action films, Graf Orlock creates a potent social commentary in a theme that permeates lyricism and live shows. Their release (originally on Level Plane Records), "Destination Time Yesterday," explored a wide range of critical topics through the medium of concise, intense, and aesthetically rhythmic songs, coming to fruition in a chaotic sensory barrage. Now available again on vinyl with updated artwork.) 15.00

GUTTER - s/t LP (destructure - GUTTER is a quite new band from the very prolific city of Lille, northen France. There is a lot of great bands coming from there since a couple of years. GUTTER released a cool demo last year and we were very enthousiastic when we heard these new songs. This first vinyl effort is a 7 songs 12" of distorded and bitter hardcore with a sour 80's aftertaste. GUTTER develops a very personal kind of anger and despair. The quartet has been compared to the recent wave of UKHC bands or to Boston bands but for us it's just a great fucking hardcore band done with sincerity. This 12" is a corelease with our friends Build me a Bomb and No Glory records. ) 12.00

HEMELBESTORMER - a ring of blue light 2xLP col. vinyl (van - We are the air that Gods breathe, we are Aether, we are Hemelbestormer!” A four piece collective of long time servants in the hardcore, black and doom metal scene (Death Penalty, Gorath, Serpentcult,...). HEMELBESTORMER is a Dutch word which can be literally translated as "stormer of heaven", but is given to those with revolutionary minds and idealists. Since 2012, HEMELBESTORMER opens the doors to a new universe and shout out a mix of various genres, whether it is post-rock, sludge, ambient, doom or even black metal, combined to an instrumental light-dark balanced whole. The HEMELBESTORMER sigil is marked on various places in Europe. They aim for quality, not quantity. With sole the lights of their custom sigils and entrancing wall projections, each show feels like being sucked into a black hole.) 23.00

ICEAGE - beyond less LP (matador - Beyondless is the 4th LP from Iceage. This record radiates joy.  Pay attention to the journey, from New Brigade, a juvenile delinquent take on post-punk, full of cold, distant condemnation, and onto the ecstasy of You’re Nothing, shedding the more aggressive hardcore influence and dragging in more light, a tendency followed on Plowing Into The Field Of Love. The intoxication is consistent, this has always been drunk music, but it’s less a stumbling confusion and more a sturdy heartfelt confession with each record. They have finally caught up with their ambition. Their entire charm has always rested in their running ahead of themselves with blind confidence, taunting you to follow and you follow because wherever they are going is vital, is alive; on Beyondless they are treading with an assurance that is disarming, but there is no loss of charm, you are arm in arm now, whispering intimacies.  Intimacies that recall other intimacies: something must have happened when Iceage heard Gun Club Miami. Some traumatic event! A wild band has not been tamed, but is in repose, retaining an edge but expressing something less definite, something about hurt or longing or regret. Letting in the light, the joy radiates. They are post post-punk, Beyondless retains the rich character of their brash beginnings, but this is something beyond, oh hell, this is something very, very special, a generous gift for an anemic age. ) 24.00

LA LUZ - Floating Features LP (hardly art - Los Angeles has often been described as a “dream factory”–both a mecca where dreamers converge to pursue long-held aspirations, and a topography of hallucinogenic contradictions: enchanting tangerine sunsets diffused by smog, crystal-clutching spiritualists mingling with deep-pocketed narcissists, rows of scenic palms competing with garish billboards for commuters’ attention. It was against this backdrop that the four members of La Luz–singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland, drummer Marian Li Pino, keyboardist Alice Sandahl, and bassist Lena Simon–conceived of Floating Features, the band’s third studio album. For this, their most ambitious release yet, La Luz consulted landscapes both physical and psychological.) 18.00

LITIGE - Fuite En Avant LP (destructure - LITIGE is a great punk-rock band based in Lyon, these 3 girls and this guy bring something very fresh and inspiring, sung half in French, half in English. The demo was already really good, the shows we've seen were awesome and we could not miss this and offered to help them release their first vinyl effort. "Fuite en avant" contains 8 great punk-rock but not the boring kind of punk-rock. The vocal parts are inspired and lively. The social / personnal lyrics are very original and well-written. It's a record that you shouldn't miss.) 11.00

MATT MEHLAN - The Mehlans LP (att Mehlan has been recording his songs, wherever and whenever he can, since he was a kid. Raised a Midwestern hustler in the City That Works™, his longing for a kind of Transcendental Escape in Music was always coupled with a worker’s pragmatism. When he moved to New York in 2005, abandoning his mall job in the Chicago suburbs, the reasoning was as practical as it was whimsical: live with the band, wake up and hit record, subsidize costs and share, build a self-reliant community for making art and music in the City That NeverSleeps™. It kinda happened: Mehlan’s Skeletons b(r)and (AKA SKELETON$™, Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities, Skeletons & The Girl Faced Boys, Skeletons Big Band) and label Shinkoyo, both founded with like-minded collaborators while students at Oberlin College’s Conservatory of Music, indelibly marked New York’s underground music scenes over the past 12-13 years. Among friends, Mehlan lived and worked communally in Brooklyn and Queens, making records and putting on shows in the warehouses and old office spaces and leaky derelict church basements where he and his friends lived and played (i.e. The Silent Barn / Paris London West Nile / St Cecilia’s). The group became regulars in a vital scene that revolved around musician and experimentation friendly venues Zebulon, Death By Audio, Less Artists More Condos, Cake Shop, Secret Project Robot/Monster Island… a scene that somehow landed this group of weirdos opening for Erykah Badu in Damon Dash’s basement, failing miserably in front of large audiences at prestigious art-world events or music industry showcases, and later finding a generous home for their most ambitious ideas and expanded ensembles at the experimental institution Roulette. ) 20.00

THE MESSTHETICS - Messthetics LP (dischord - The Messthetics is an instrumental trio featuring Brendan Canty (drums), Joe Lally (bass), and Anthony Pirog (guitar). Brendan Canty and Joe Lally were the rhythm section of the band Fugazi from its inception in 1987 to its period of hiatus in 2002. The trio's debut includes nine songs recorded at Canty's practice space throughout 2017, live and mostly without overdubs. Vinyl version includes free album download code) 12.00

MILTON MARSH - monism LP (manufactured - In 1975, Milton Marsh released his first album Monism for the Strata-East label. Marsh, a composer, arranger, saxophonist and flautist, recorded the album in New York City from 1973-1974. The musicians on Monismrepresent some of the finest living in NYC at the time: pianist Cedric Lawson, bassist Don Pate along with two rising stars at the time, David Ware on saxophone and Greg Bandy on percussion. Ironically, all of these artists would go on to record several volumes of music in their careers except for Marsh, who recorded only one additional album, 1985’s Continuum, after a decade long absence.) 25.00

MORAST - ancestral void LP col. vinyl (van - With their first album 'Ancestral Void' Germany's MORAST continue to follow the sepulchral path and dismal vision started last year with their well-received demo. 'Ancestral Void' is a trip through melancholic desolation and raging subversion. The album does not conveniently fit into one category – be it doom, death or black metal – 'Ancestral Void' stands on its own with its dark and obscure atmosphere, monolithic riffs, liturgic drumming and gloomy vocals. Six songs about loss, grief, anger and bitterness. A hauling maelstrom erupting into pure armageddon and back. MORAST leaves you lonely, cold and miserable. However, in the end this is a cathartic moment....This piece of pure blackness has been unleashed through the blessed hands of Totenmusik in conspiracy with Ván Records.) 18.00

NEVASCA - collecting dust LP (life is a funny - After their 2 Song 7" in 2015 (for me still one of the best Emo 7"es released in the last 10 years), i'm more than happy to bring you the debut 12" by russias own Nevasca! The record is called "Collecting Dust" and it is full of bittersweet melodies and emotions! Emo in its purest form and still a sureshot for everyone who likes the good old sounds of Mineral, Christie Front Drive or Time Spent Driving. But with this full length release they show even more various influences: Some faster Songs, that got a rougher Emo-Punk edge, where Bands like Basement or older Title Fight come to mind! And in their greatest moments they even add a shoegaze/dreampop feeling to their epic Emo-Sound! Heartbreaking!
The Vinyl includes a downloadcard and a booklet with lyrics and art!) 12.00

PARQUET COURTS - Wide Awake! LP (rough trade - Parquets Courts' fifth album Wide Awake! - produced by Danger Mouse - is a groundbreaking work, an album about independence and individuality but also about collectivity and communitarianism. The songs, written by Andrew Savage and Austin Brown but elevated to even greater heights by the dynamic rhythmic propulsion of Max Savage (drums) and Sean Yeaton (bass), are filled with their traditional punk rock passion, as well as a lyrical tenderness. The record reflects a burgeoning confidence in the band's exploration of new ideas in a hi-fi context.) 21.00
RED HARE - Little Acts of Destruction LP (dishcord - Little Acts of Destruction is the second full-length record by Red Hare. Like their debut album Nites of Midnite and 7", Lexicon Mist, this album was recorded and mixed by longtime collaborator and friend J. Robbins.) 16.00

RYLEY WALKER - Deafman Glance LP (dead ocean - Deafman Glance is the second Ryley Walker album produced by LeRoy Bach and Walker himself. It was largely recorded at the Minbal (now JAMDEK) Studios in Chicago. Some later sessions also took place at USA Studios and in LeRoy’s kitchen. Cooper Crain (Bitchin’ Bajas, Cave) recorded and mixed the album, as well as adding his shimmering synths all over it. Ryley plays electric & acoustic guitars and was joined by long-time 6-string sparring partners, Brian J Sulpizio and Bill Mackay, who both play electric. LeRoy Bach also plays some electric guitar, whilst adding all piano and other keys. Andrew Scott Young and Matt Lux play bass – Andrew supplying some double-bass, both of them played electric. Drums / percussion are handled by Mikel Avery and Quin Kirchner. Topping off this list of notorious Chi-Town players is Nate Lepine, who added a lot of flute and a little saxophone too. Deafman Glance will be available digitally, on CD and on LP, which was cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios in London, using his half-speed mastering method for the greatest possible audio detail and fidelity.) 20.00

SARAH LOUISE - deeper woods LP (thrill jockey - LP version pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged with an artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon. On Deeper Woods, the verdant forest that surrounds Sarah Louise’s North Carolina home can be felt with each note. Louise’s poetic depictions of nature both lyrical and musical are animated and reverent. Lauded for her work as an accomplished 12-string solo guitarist, Deeper Woods is the first album to prominently feature her voice. Louise enriches her warm singular vocal sound with a lush variety of instruments as well as layers of harmonies that together create a tapestry of texture. Steeped in Appalachian folk traditions, Louise’s influences are much broader with shades of psychedelia and experimentalism, pushing her beyond genre constraints. Incorporating both traditional and modern methods of composition, Deeper Woods is a reflection on the struggle between peaceful isolation and the need for community. Sarah Louise’s Deeper Woods is as vivid in its beauty as it is transcendent. Louise, an avid naturalist and forager, draws from the guidance that the natural world provides. Whereas portrayals of women in nature are often demeaning and powerless, a folk waif, Louise uses songs such as “Pipevine Swallowtails” to reframe them more powerfully. By reframing traditional music styles and lyricism with a feminist stance, Deeper Woods blends the spiritual with the cerebral. Sarah Louise is actively blending natural themes with explorations of complex emotions. The Appalachian valley is the setting for her stories of independence, solitude, and awe. “Bowman’s Root” and “Fire Pink And Milkweed” take their names from plants that grow on the edges of meadows, reflecting the album’s central theme of liminality. These liminal spaces and complicated emotions are made ever clearer by Louise’s nuanced performances and arrangements, with subtle melodic flares and delicate, sometimes dramatic, shifts in atmosphere.) 22.00

SARAH MARY CHADWICK - Sugar Still Melts In The Rain LP (sindyln - New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Sarah Mary Chadwick is not a new face to Melbourne's music community. After spending a decade fronting the New Zealand formed grunge band 'Batrider', Sarah became tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life and shifted her focus to songwriting independently, drawing inspiration from 'weird old New Zealand musicians' and the way they 'tinker away and work for decades for little to no commercial success'. Six years and three solo records later - 'Eating For Two' (Bedroom Suck Records), '9 Classic Tracks' (Siltbreeze) and 'Roses Always Die' (Rice Is Nice Records), Sarah will join fellow songwriters Homeshake, Jaye Bartell and Tim Cohen on Omnian Music Group's label Sinderlyn to release her fourth solo record Sugar Still Melts In The Rain. To listen to Sarah's music is to be an observer to her thoughts on love, death and mental health. Sometimes this anguish bears itself in quiet moments of the record, but more often torment manifests at the break of Sarah's voice as she sing-shouts painfully self-aware lyrics. Learning that Sarah's songwriting is thoroughly autobiographical is perhaps more unnerving than the sexually deviant pornographic art that she creates to accompany her music.) 19.00

SCREAM - no more censorship LP (southern lord - SCREAM was formed in 1981 by vocalist Peter Stahl, his brother Franz Stahl on guitar, Skeeter Thompson on bass, and Kent Stax on drums. The next few years would see the addition of second guitarist Robert Lee Davidson. Following three LPs through Dischord Records — Still Screaming (1983), This Side Up (1985), and Banging The Drum (1986) — SCREAM’s No More Censorshipwas released via reggae label RAS Records in August 1988. A seminal album of the 1980s DC punk sound, the album was the first to feature drummer Dave Grohl, who replaced Stax for the album, and stayed with the band until they disbanded in 1990. This was the first album the now world famous musician ever played on. Southern Lord is proud to be chosen to reissue SCREAM’s everlasting No More Censorship album. The band found the original multi-track tapes and Southern Lord had them baked/prepped for a remix at Grohls’ 606 Studio. The new mix sounds vital and intense; the entire packaging, layout, and design is completely different from the original, with the inclusion of photos, lyrics, poetry, and other personal writings from the band during that era, collected in an extensive booklet.) 20.00

THE SEA AND CAKE - any day LP (thrill jockey - The Sea And Cake deliver a refreshingly intimate collection of elegantly arranged, singular pop songs. For over two decades and 11 albums, The Sea And Cake have honed a sound all their own, comprised of delicate, intertwining guitar patterns, syncopated rhythms, and airy melodies. Masters of subtlety, their compositions have continually evolved - through minute alterations in texture, unusual approaches to lyrics, and creative production choices. Any Day is testament to The Sea And Cake’s artistry, song craft, and utterly unique sound. The results are intimate songs that speak to the searcher in all of us. Through shifting instrumentation and sonic exploration, the band invites you into a world that is both familiar and unexpected.  Written and recorded following the departure of bassist Eric Claridge, Any Day is The Sea And Cake’s first album recorded as the trio of Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt, and John McEntire. Since the release of their last album (2012's Runner), the band have, in addition to shows, been creatively very busy: Prekop focusing on solo modular synthesizer and soundtrack work, including an acclaimed collaboration with artist David Hart; McEntire’s recording and touring with Tortoise, and maintaining a busy schedule as a recording engineer and producer; and Prewitt’s work as a cartoonist and illustrator, in addition to duo performances with Prekop. The band, still actively performing with bassist Douglas McCombs(Tortoise, Brokeback), were inspired by the challenge of composing as a smaller unit. Once the songs began to take shape, says Prekop, “we got really excited about it almost immediately - as soon as we started playing together.”  ) 22.00

SHUDDER TO THINK - Ten-Spot LP (dischord - Originally released in 1990 and long out-of-print, this was the band's second album and first record on Dischord. At the time of this recording, Shudder To Think was Craig Wedren, Stuart Hill, Chris Matthews, and Mike Russell. This pressing of "Ten-Spot" has been remastered from the original tapes and has been pressed on blue vinyl.) 16.00

SORTILEGIA - arcane death ritual LP (van - "It's quite difficult to describe just how much Arcane Death Ritual embodies black fucking metal in its purest form. It's a genuinely rare thing nowadays--sure, your band can have black metal riffs, rhythms, vocals and lyrical themes, but it still might not have that black metal feel. That eerie, mystical vibe I can only really articulate in one word as "vampiric" can't really put your finger on it, but it's what all the best black metal has in common. This has that, buried somewhere in the layers of minimal noise, and it's for this reason that Sortilegia may be the only true black metal coming out of Ontario right now. Recommended for those who wanna hear the real shit." metal archives) 21.00

TEMPERANCE - Searching For Silence LP (mow cow - The original 1995 full-length by this Rhode Island melodic hardcore band. First time on vinyl. Limited edition of 300 copies.) 18.00

TW WALSH - Terrible Freedom LP (diy - he theme of an oppressive digital world returns often on the album, whether he’s reminiscing over classic cars or blandly singing about human nature and its hypocrisy. The quirky, funky “Dead Landmines” paints a desolate picture of tanking markets, global destruction and the evergreen ignorance of youth with a nearly haywire improvised keyboard line. The dream synth hook on “Dropout” echoes the so-called “good old days” before the internet. Walsh suggests we “Go for a drive, like your daddy used to do in 1965,” or at least turn the plastic knob on the car radio instead of “call(ing) your guru on Skype.” His clean, Americana-style guitar playing on “Dropout” continues into the steady beat and sliding bass of “High Numbers.” On “Fake Disease,” another bumpy ride of synth and guitar pulses, Walsh sounds like a cranky “back in my day” cynic appealing to others caught up in the latest computer system update and “buying garbage that goes in the trash.” Yet by the end of Terrible Freedom, he’s become part of that social disconnect he railed against at the start. On the stark piano ballad “Is That Wrong,” he says, “I won’t reveal the things dearest to me in song/Is that wrong?” Asking for approval from the generation that turned against him might be the most destructive thing he does. (Paste Magazine)) 20.00

URFAUST - the constellatory practice LP (van - With “The Constellatory Practise” URFAUST has returned once again to harvest souls in their vessel of transcending intoxication. The Ouroborus is now coming full circle after “apparitions” and “empty space mediation”, this is the final chapter of the holy trinity.. If you stare long enough into the abyss, it will shun away in fear with its tail between its crooked legs.. The trademark ritual ambient mixed with epic doom black metal has never sounded so claustrophobic. The key to the gates has been found, turned, and broken in the lock Delve into the universe of Urfaust and LEVITATE….) 18.00

VILKACIS - Beyond the Mortal Gate LP (psychic violence - "The heavens will crumble and the masters will kneel, As I spit on the angels who beg at my feet." Vilkacis returns with "Beyond the Mortal Gate", nearly 4 years after the project’s debut, "The Fever of War". Vilkacis plays elemental black metal wrought with atavistic fury and feverish emotion; bitter and primal, but marked by a razor-edged melodicism and guided by a sense of violent romance. With recording beginning immediately after the debut release, "Beyond the Mortal Gate" continues in it’s predecessor’s bold and single minded footsteps. Drawing upon the same wolfish intensity and unyielding force as the debut, coupled with an increased dynamism in the songwriting, Vilkacis remains dedicated to the same vision that has informed it since its creation; raw, passionate performances tracked to analog tape, accompanied by primitive scrawled lycanthropic art rendered by the artist himself. Discussion of “innovation” and “evolution” miss the point of Vilkacis. This is black metal as spiritual war.) 18.00

VILE GASH - nightmare in a damaged brain LP (youth attack - A masterpiece years in the making, this 12-track expurse of barbarity leaves the entire genre of hardcore in a smoldering crater. VILE GASH has achieved a fully-realized vision, delivering what can only be described as the end of music. Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, the album explodes in a barrage of hatred and disgust, each song showcasing a bitter contempt for life. Their blunt execution has intensified, becoming harsher and uglier, ranging in tempos the band has never before achieved with a perfect, grinding production that showcases the hideous nature of their riffs. This is a feel-bad experience like no other, and to listen is to feel yourself compelled to sickening violence. "Nightmare in a Damaged Brain" is the final command for existence, from which nothing shall follow. Recorded by Adam Smith and Benjamin Holesapple at Musicol. Vocals recorded by Matt Russell at Club Rectum. Mixed by Will Killingsworth and Benjamin Holesapple. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Standard edition features heavy 180gm black vinyl housed in an extra-heavy, tip-on gloss-coated gatefold jacket with unforgettable inner spread artwork by vocalist Andrew Hinton.) 23.00

WAX CHATTELS - s/t LP (flying nun - Guitarless Guitar Music. This is the self-imposed one-line description chosen by Auckland, New Zealand's Wax Chattels. The keyboard, bass and drums trio don't have a guitar player, but their overwhelming sound and energy creates an atmosphere akin to a traditional loud power trio – except their music is anything but traditional. They create darkly hypnotic and frenetic music that's both rhythmically complex and sinister. If that paints any sort of aural picture, it comes as no surprise that "Gillian," their homage to X-Files star Gillian Anderson, was roundly endorsed by the ex-punk actress herself on social media before the band had even played shows outside of their home country or received any support from larger press outlets.Peter Ruddell (26, keyboards/vocals), Amanda Cheng (26, bass/vocals) and Tom Leggett (22, drums) met studying Jazz Performance at the University of Auckland, and started Wax Chattels a few years later after they'd lived in Japan, Ireland, gone to Law School and/or performed in various other projects. Though Peter plays heavily treated keyboards in the band, he's a multi-instrumentalist that focused on sax in school. His influences range from old horror movies to the more outrageous side of live performance styles in Tokyo's music and art scene. "We want to play shows that make people feel uncomfortable. The goal is to leave the audience feeling slightly altered, like they have experienced, not just heard or seen something." This is evident in the self-recorded "Stay Disappointed," the band's self-recorded debut single where Peter takes the lead.) 20.00

YOUTH AVOIDERS - Relentless LP (destructure - "Relentless" is the long awaited YOUTH AVOIDERS second album. The five years between this new full lenght and their debut have been really. intense for the band, made of constant live appearances everywhere around the globe. Intensity is the trademark of YOUTH AVOIDERS, "Relentless" is the fruit of a five days session in the Normandy countryside studio Swan Sound. To keep it simple, "Relentless" is YOUTH AVOIDERS making what they have done so good so far but even better : catchy riffing, rich melodies, inexhaustible drumming, sharp vocals... The band has also raised the tempo, these 11 songs go at an unrestrained pace. "Relentless" well bears its name !) 12.00


COMMITTEE(S) - (Final) Flares TAPE (lovitt - (Final) Flares is the debut full-length by Committee(s). Conceived across three cities -- Chicago, Chapel Hill, D.C. -- Committee(s) is the brainchild of Chicago resident, Sean Husick (Milemarker, huSEQ, Static is a City). Formed in 2015, the project’s roots go back to a years-gone post-show conversation between Husick and Ben Davis (Milemarker, Bats & Mice), in which Sean asked Ben if he might want to collaborate on a “goth” project together. After adding Ben’s fellow Sleepytime Trio and Bats & Mice bandmate Dave NeSmith (Maximillian Colby, Men’s Recovery Project, Rah Bras) to the mix, the trio had generated a record’s worth of songs and recruited friends from Chapel Hill to form a live version of the band, including guitarists Pete Wagner (Midnight Plus One, Challenger, Auxes), Rachel Hirsh (Bruxes, I was Totally Destroying It) and drummer John Crouch (Solar Halos, Horseback).) 7.00
FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring TAPE (gnom life - Cold Spring is an artifact of Fletcher Tucker's deep inhabitation of Big Sur, California. Recorded gradually over the course of four years, songs were gathered on cloud-hidden peaks, wrung out from moss, and received while splitting wood, pushing through brush, and making camp. These recordings serve as trails, leading deep into a mythopoetic backcountry where forgotten mysticism and abandoned ancestral knowledge resurface. In arranging the soundscapes of Cold Spring, Tucker took inspiration from Gregorian chants, Shakuhachi (zen flute) compositions, ancient Chinese paintings of mountains and mist, and of course the landscape of Big Sur itself. Analog synthesizers surge like storm-swollen creeks. A 110-year-old pump organ rumbles up from the depths of a ravine. Drones from 12-string electric guitars flicker like torchlight. Distinct aural-textures – buzzing rosined bows, resonant bells, trembling leaf rattles – punctuate the sound-world of Cold Spring. Ethereal harmonies by Molly Erin Sarlé (of Mountain Man) drift above Tucker's dark baritone.) 8.00

ROBERT STILLMAN - portals TAPE (orindal - Portals is an album of multi-tracked improvisations on Fender Rhodes electric piano. The music’s repetitive structure is intended to encourage a state of ‘no-mind’ in the listener, acting as a gateway out of thoughts and into the present moment. Headphones are recommended for the ideal listening experience. Recorded at home in Broadstairs, Kent during the winter of 2016-2017.) 8.00

SANGUINE EAGLE - Individuation TAPE (psychic violence - Sanguine Eagle is devotional music, exalting an unfolding magickal current that its members refer to as storm mysticism. The practitioner becomes a personification of the storm itself as he experiences the long and painful process of becoming severed from the dream or banal realities. Embodying its rapturous ability to devastate as well as bring remarkable resurgences of life, the storm is a perfect exemplification of the mercurial power that can be harnessed from knowledge of nature’s mysteries, wielded of course by one who knows, wills, dares and keeps silent. Knowledge of this frightening totality is so volatile it presents as much risk and danger as it does progress. While led through these vestigial mysteries, existence will persist as a subservient entity and all of perception becomes his temple. As the spirit goes through this harrowing castigation, one finally gazes upon the fruits of strength contained at the zenith-heart of the storm.) 8.00


CADAVER DOG - dying breed T-shirt (youth attack - The iconic Ed Brady CADAVER DOG cover painting on a tee let's you finally be all bite and no bark. Two color print from the classic "Dying Breed" album with the band name and title on the back for your enemies to gaze up at from a pool of blood and remember in their hospital beds. Printed on Gildan 100% cotton shirts. in S/ M / L) 20.00

SUBURBANITE - cover T-shirt (youth attack - The hair-raising design from SUBURBANITE'S crushing debut LP showing Freedom on a maniacal path to crush you under foot has at last stepped its way onto a cozy Gildan 100% cotton shirt. Even if you don't see the end coming, at least others can see you dressed for it. S / M / L) 17.00

VILE GASH - nightmare in a damaged brain LONG SLEEVE (youth attack - Only a psycho would pretend to make sense of this world. Thankfully, VILE GASH keeps it real by wallowing in despair, showing us that life is only bleak, black darkness, as showcased in this awesome Nightmare in a Damaged Brain "Blackout" long sleeve. Printed on Gildan Dry-Blend fabric, this shirt features their monumental album design with unique black-on-black printed band name and arm sleeve text, ensuring the world that we are meant to remain in the dark. in S / M / L) 26.00
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hi. tons of stuff arrived this week like the amazing re issues USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN DAGAR on Editions Mego, AUS - s/t LP, BANYEN RAKKAEN - The Essential Banyen Rakkaen LP, BODY VOID - i live inside a burning house DLP, END OF DATA - Sahrah LP, JENNY HVAL - The Long Sleep LP, WOODEN SHJIPS - V LP, V/A - Technicolor Paradise 3xLP on Numero and many more. Also Beach House restocks etc.

We also released the 2nd song by Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz and start shipping pre orders next week. This record turned out beautiful. We also still taking pre orders for the COLD LEATHER LP, the CARSON WELLS and the REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER LP. ... ixtape-iii

We also made some new beautiful tote bags for BAM & ADAGIO830. Check them out!! They are special ;)

June 12th - LOOSE TOOTH (Milk!, Australia) & Pigeon


Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


Ø - Kantamoinen DLP (boomkat - Boomkat Editions present a (slightly reshuffled) vinyl version for one of our favourite Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) albums; originally recorded between 1999-2004 and issued on CD only under his revered Ø alias for Finland’s Sähkö Recordings in 2005. Kantamoinen is perhaps the most intimately beautiful yet little known LP in the Ø canon, bridging the gap between his classic ‘90s minimal techno productions - compiled in the vital Metri and Olento collections - and the project’s subsequent turn to more ambient, kosmic and dub wise dimensions in the coolly brilliant Oleva and Konstellaatio albums. Upon original release it was an immediate favourite of ours - a go-to disc for hazy daydreaming and post-club head salvage alike, drifting between iced out instrumental rhythms and chasmic spaces interspersed with moments of indelibly heart-rending melody that have clearly lodged in the memory ever since. Taking in 16 tracks in just under 50 minutes, it’s notable for including a number of exquisitely succinct - or tantalisingly short - glimpses of Vainio at his sweetest, even sentimental, especially with the breathtaking Tuulessa / In Wind and the frosted harmonies of Talven Henki / Winter Spirit, as well as the rare appearance of vocals (the voice of Oskar Sala recorded by Hans Ulrich Obrist) in the armchair transportation of A¨a¨nikuva / Sound Picture. Vacillating poignant emotive clarity with forlorn abstraction, this expansion and contraction between deep, wide and relatively longer-form pieces, and a high frequency of shorter, starry-eyed passages, lends the album a more broken, strangely resolved flow than many other Mika Vainio records, and with a twinkling lustre that refocuses the ear with an ancient yet timeless sort of depth perception and atemporal appeal. It’s an often sublime and necessary addition to any collection of classic ambient electronica and a firm reminder of Mika Vainio’s full spectrum electronic dominance and purity.) 25.00

AUS - s/t LP (static shock - How does something so vintage sound like such a breath of fresh air?! Berlin's AUS tap into the Heimatland's heritage of notoriously cold and humorless nihilism to produce a danceable sense of dread. When the rhythm section isn't driving us closer to armageddon it's providing a pounding tribal backdrop for brooding and disaffected witchy incantations. Distant guitars cut like broken glass and the synth rises up through the cracks like a blend of cigarette smoke and fog machine. Night time only record. Collectors take note!: Comes in a heavy 320g sleeve with band photo in handstamped wax envelope. Night time only record. by Daryl Sulfate, Diät.) 12.00

AUTOMELODI - Surlendemains Acides LP (Automelodi is Montréal based producer and  songwriter Xavier Paradis, whose 2013 full-length Surlendemains Acides remains one of the most well  produced and memorable synth-based works of the  modern era. On March 30, 2018 Holodeck Records is proud to reissue this evocative collection of songs on  LP, cassette and digital download. Delivered in French, Automelodi is the result of Paradis’ passion  for analog electronics and devotion to brooding pop  sensibilities. Surlendemains Acides has been out of  print for several years, and now to the delight of  hardware enthusiasts and fans alike, this classic is  given a second life.  Paradis is a well-established figure in Montréal’s  dense electronic music culture, and Automelodi has  become one of the most innovative projects to come  out of the region that has produced pioneers like  Marie Davidson and Tim Hecker. Paradis shows the  exquisite ability to arrange with a careful ear for  texture, forming each song element with rich  expression and character. His process of composing  with analog synthesizers and drum machines like the  Moog MG-1 and the Roland TR-808 is used in  combination with field recorded “found sound”  allowing Paradis to write with a palate that is aesthetically wide-ranging but chosen with precision.  Paradis’ persona as a weary romantic is at the heart  of Surlendemains Acides and extends well beyond  the studio. Paradis’ charm and sleek aesthetic  translate smoothly to his live show and music videos,  with swaggering stage presence and seductive  dance moves. ) 25.00

BANYEN RAKKAEN - The Essential Banyen Rakkaen LP (em - An exciting collection from pioneering Thai molam idol Banyen Rakkaen, featuring her most thrilling performances from the early to mid-70s, with innovative genre-bending arrangements and production from Thepphabut Satirodchomphu. These tracks, all originally released on 7-inch vinyl, showcase her powerful yet alluring voice, revolutionary yet rooted in tradition. Her exciting performance style was revolutionary and shocked traditionalists, but none could dispute the fact that she was a truly gifted singer, and Theppabut's visionary production skills added to the feeling of freshness and vitality. The early 1970s saw a growing demand in Thailand for exciting and danceable music, and the recordings compiled in this release filled that demand perfectly. Banyen was one of the great singers of that era who propelled Isan music to nationwide popularity. A true star who in 2013 was designated a living national treasure, Banyen stole hearts with these hard-driving hits, while inspiring a new generation of aspiring singers. Banyen will now steal your heart.) 24.00

BODY VOID - i live inside a burning house DLP (dry cough - Following their well received debut release "Ruins" in 2016, Body Void returned to Earhammer Studios, once again under the watchful ear of Greg Wilkinson and submitted to tape an hour of painful sludge and wretched doom to welcome the year of 2018. Continuing in the same style as fellow doom peers and labelmates Primitive Man and Keeper, as well as genre-defining bands like Khanate, Body Void built upon what they started with previous demos and "Ruins" but expanding upon what they have already manufactured to create, biased of course, what we consider one of the great doom metal records of 2018. The record was mastered by longtime ally Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE with artwork again handled by Ibay Arifin Suradi.) 20.00

EMERSON KITAMURA - The Countryside LP (em - The fifth and final in a series of 12' releases in support of the film Bangkok Nites. Kitamura is a renowned veteran keyboardist in Japan, having worked on countless sessions from the late 80s to the present. These self-produced tracks, featuring his trademark old-school rhythm box, feature instrumental and dub versions of Rungphet Laemsing's The Countryside is Great', plus a bass music version of Angkhanang Khunchai's Lam Phloen Salab Khonsawan' and a cover of George McRae's early disco classic Rock Your Baby', with mmm (mii mai moe) on vocals. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48.) 18.00

E - negative work LP (thrill jockey - E, the trio of Jason Sidney Sanford, Thalia Zedek and Gavin McCarthy make angular, energized, and idiosyncratic rock music. These accomplished and inventive musicians could not be more different in the way they express themselves but their egoless dedication to ensemble playing and writing shapes E’s distinct sound. Negative Work is the product of three individuals whose dedication to the collaborative process may very well be the source of compelling tension underlying their songs. Recorded and mixed in 4 days at Machines With Magnets (Battles, Lightning Bolt), the album captures the energy of E’s gripping live shows. There is lots of room in this recording, each voice distinct and clear. The album title, Negative Work, is a nod to an essential part of their creative process. “Writing a good song is frequently not so much about how much you can put into it, but also about how much you can take back out,” says Sanford. It is also undoubtedly a process that does not work if there are competing egos. McCarthy’s excellent playing gives the songs their drive, while Zedek’s lines dance concordantly with Sanford’s highly modified and unexpected tones. Using a variety of manipulations - alligator clips, and Sanford’s own pedals: the Low A Oscillator, Bass E Stomper and Bass G Thumper - he manipulates the intended microtonal abnormalities of his homemade instrument. The taut and lean compositions give room for these voices to act and react to each other. The resulting tension makes for a compelling listen. It is with their lyrics that E gives space for the individual to shine. The writer of the lyrics is most often the leading singer giving voice to their own words. While the topics are as varied as their creators, from a dissection of the words of Alberto Giacometti, to defiant sexual liberation, the band finds cohesion in shared emotions and a sense of defiance.) 22.00

END OF DATA - Sahrah LP (bfe - Official reissue of the excellent first mini album by End Of Data, originally released in 1984 by Divine records (Tuxedomoon, Fra Lippo Lippi, Mecano…). End Of Data existed in Rennes, Brittany (France) during the early eighties and shared members with Charles De Goal. They released only 2 records that are classics of the minimal synth pop and new wave. “Great and rare French album. Minimal Synth,post punk and some art rockish hints. Would appeal to all fans of Autopilot, Kas Product, Dark Day, Sad Lovers and Giants,etc.” Mutant Sounds The record has been remastered and includes liner notes by the band) 16.00

GAS - rausch DLP (kompakt - The return of GAS with a new composition entitled RAUSCH.  RAUSCH is intended to be heard as a whole from beginning to end. *Please Note – all formats contain the full version of „Rausch“. The album is meant to be heard from beginning to end as a whole. It has been track marked or separated due to format restrictions.) 25.00

JAMES PLOTKIN - The Joy Of Disease / Demos And Remixes LP (BFE - Progression and creativity are keywords regarding James Plotkin’s oeuvre. Beginning with the relentless, ever evolving and hallucinating music of OLD, through his many solo records and collaborations, to the surreal heavy-weight sound of Khanate, he’s always been bound to be personal. And quality stuff. Proof of quality are these instrumental demos of his landmark album of experimental music “Joy of Disease”. Electronic dark psychedelic music to listen carefully at night, these are not half-baked demos. They have been considered worth sharing by master self-editor Plotkin, and it’s such an honour to release them. "The Joy of Disease: Demos and Remixes" showcases the initial recordings in preparation for the cult-favorite Joy of Disease album, released in 1995 on John Zorn's Japanese Avant label. These early home-recorded instrumental versions are supplemented by unreleased remixes from Plotkin and co-producer Mick Harris of Napalm Death/Scorn fame. The remixes were done during the original album sessions at Mick Harris' Black Box studio in the Custard Factory in Birmingham, UK. "... somewhere full of stabbing psychedelic guitar loops and a slow, steady swarm of almost goth-like dirge beats that was quieter than something of the Wax Trax! or Boredoms ilk, but also subtler and simpler, with an avant-garde touch of Bruce Gilbert-styled feedback minimal electronica" All music review This is the first time these demo recordings have been heard by anyone other than Plotkin since their inception. Edition of 300 copies) 18.00

JENNY HVAL - The Long Sleep LP (sacted bones - The follow-up to Jenny Hval’s acclaimed 2016 album Blood Bitch is The Long Sleep, an adventurous new EP that sees the Norwegian multidisciplinary artist embracing an instinctive, even subconscious, approach to creating meaning. In contrast to Hval’s more explicitly conceptual work, The Long Sleep foregrounds the act of composition itself, letting the melodies and structures reveal the other elements of the songs. All of the songs on the EP recycle the same compositional motives, but manipulate them into very different shapes that take them further and further out of their original, "life-like" context.) 15.00

ØJNE - Prima Che Tutto Bruci LP (miss teh stars - After an EP, "Undici/Dodici", and two splits, the Italian four-piece has finally released their first full length, "Prima Che Tutto Bruci". It's their first album with a new singer, written and recorded between 2014 and 2016 in Milan, mixed and mastered in the States by Mike Moschetto and Brad Boatright. The classic sound of Italian screamo meets the structures of post-hardcore and the atmosphere of post-rock, in a vivid concept album about violence, growth, hope and revenge that perfectly describes the times we're living with a passionate, heartbreaking fury. ) 12.00

OMMADON - end times LP (dry cough - Ommadon return with a new album, End Times. 500 copies. Ommadon are a Scottish two-piece who play heavy drone-doom. Fiercely independent, Ommadon have recorded all of their music themselves and made their releases available for PWYW download. They have been crushing audiences and pummeling minds in the UK since 2012 on tours with Bismuth, Legion of Andromeda, Coltsblood, Horse Latitudes, and Primitive Man.) 14.00

THE THING - again LP (trost - Mats Gustafsson: tenor & baritone saxophone Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: electric & double bass Paal Nilssen-Love: drums , percussion Recorded July 2nd and 3rd, 2017 by Oyvind Gundersen at Studio Paradiso, Oslo Mixed October 2017, by Andreas Werliin at Repeat Until Death, Stockholm Mastered by Lupo at Calyx mastering, Berlin Liner notes by Brian Morton) 23.00

USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN DAGAR: RAGA YAMAN - RUDRA VEENA // SEATTLE //15 MARCH 1986 DLP (editons mego - Recorded by unknown at the University of Washington, HUB Auditorium, Seattle, Washington 15 March 1986 ; concert co-sponsored by the UW Ethnomusicology Division and Ragamala. Original digitally processed audio recording made with Panasonic PV-9000 VCR, Sony PCM-F1, PZM mics. Mastered & Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering 1117 & 0318. Liner notes by Renaud Brizard, edited by Ian Christe. Front and back cover photos by Niranjan B. Benegal, Seattle Center Folklife Festival 1979. Elizabeth Reeke & Annie Penta on tanpuras. Inner gatefold photography by Niranjan B. Benegal & Ira Landgarten. Around ten years ago, deep into a cozy and hazy night following a concert with my sound brothers Daniel O'Sullivan and Kristoffer Rygg in London (as Æthenor), they graciously introduced me to a recording of rudra veena (a kind of noble deeper bass relative to the sitar, in a way) as performed by dhrupad master Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. Dhrupad, for those who do not know, is a branch of Hindustani classical music said to "show the raga in its clearest and purest form". It's pacing concentrates heavily on the slow, contemplative alap section and works with specific microtonal gestures and deep characteristics of resonance ... in short I was hooked on this new (to me) and ancient form of music from the first listen, and feel that a more or less continual listening & reviewing of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar's recordings in the years that followed have influenced my own approach to music quite heavily (if, albeit, indirectly). In early 2015 I was able to make contact with Zia Mohiuddin Dagar's son Bahauddin and some of his American students/disciples, primarily Jeff Lewis. Over time we developed a friendly and educational exchange, access a massive archive of recordings and developed these two paired titles for my label. It's been a long path to arrive at actually releasing them but also probably in many ways one of the most significant releases I've worked on. And I'm proud to be able to reveal these to date unreleased archival recordings of one of the masters of dhrupad, Z. M. Dagar, to the public for the first time. Zia Mohiuddin Dagar was the nineteenth generation in a family tradition known as Dagar gharana, a rich lineage which continued and performed the musical form of dhrupad (Bahauddin Dagar continues the lineage as a master rudra veena dhrupad player of note today). Initially, dhrupad was a rigorous, austere, devotional genre that was sung in Hindu temples. But between the 16th and the 18th centuries, it became the preeminent genre in royal courts in North and Central India, and the Dagar gharana developed and continued publicly following the eventual loss of court patronage for dhrupad in the 19th century. The French ethnomusicologist Renaud Brizard covers the story of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar's life and teaching (a long story also in Seattle, my hometown!), the Dagar family and gharana, the rudra veena and more topics in an extensive set of liner notes in this release. Raga Yaman was recorded at a public concert in Seattle at the HUB Ballroom at the University of Washington in March 1986 (the week after the accompanying release SOMA028 Ragas Abhogi & Vardhani was recorded) at the end of his last tour of the United States. Yaman was a special raga for Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, one of his signature raags. For centuries, Yaman has been considered as one of the most fundamental ragas in Hindustani music and is one of the first ragas which is taught to students. A deep knowledge of Yaman gives a key for understanding many other ragas. It's filled with tranquility, contemplation, pathos and spiritual yearning. . -Stephen O'Malley, March 2018, Paris, France) 28.00

USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN DAGAR - RAGAS ABHOGI & VARDHANI (RUDRA VEENA // SEATTLE // 9 MARCH 1986 DLP (editons mego - Concert recorded at the home of Shantha and Niranjan B. Benegal, Seattle, Washington 9 March 1986. Recorded by Niranjan Benegal. Files obtained from Jeff Lewis. Mastered & Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering 1117 & 0318. Liner notes by Renaud Brizard, edited by Ian Christe. Front and back cover photos by unknown.
Interior photography by Niranjan B. Benegal, Dan Neuman & unknown, Seattle 1978-1980. .
Around ten years ago, deep into a cozy and hazy night following a concert with my sound brothers Daniel O'Sullivan and Kristoffer Rygg in London (as Æthenor), they graciously introduced me to a recording of rudra veena (a kind of noble deeper bass relative to the sitar, in a way) as performed by dhrupad master Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. Dhrupad, for those who do not know, is a branch of Hindustani classical music said to "show the raga in its clearest and purest form". It's pacing concentrates heavily on the slow, contemplative alap section and works with specific microtonal gestures and deep characteristics of resonance ... in short I was hooked on this new (to me) and ancient form of music from the first listen, and feel that a more or less continual listening & reviewing of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar's recordings in the years that followed have influenced my own approach to music quite heavily (if, albeit, indirectly). In early 2015 I was able to make contact with Zia Mohiuddin Dagar's son Bahauddin and some of his American students/disciples, primarily Jeff Lewis. Over time we developed a friendly and educational exchange, access a massive archive of recordings and developed these two paired titles for my label. It's been a long path to arrive at actually releasing them but also probably in many ways one of the most significant releases I've worked on. And I'm proud to be able to reveal these to date unreleased archival recordings of one of the masters of dhrupad, Z. M. Dagar, to the public for the first time. Zia Mohiuddin Dagar was the nineteenth generation in a family tradition known as Dagar gharana, a rich lineage which continued and performed the musical form of dhrupad (Bahauddin Dagar continues the lineage as a master rudra veena dhrupad player of note today). Initially, dhrupad was a rigorous, austere, devotional genre that was sung in Hindu temples. But between the 16th and the 18th centuries, it became the preeminent genre in royal courts in North and Central India, and the Dagar gharana developed and continued publicly following the eventual loss of court patronage for dhrupad in the 19th century. The French ethnomusicologist Renaud Brizard covers the story of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar's life and teaching (a long story also in Seattle, my hometown!), the Dagar family and gharana, the rudra veena and more topics in an extensive set of liner notes in this release. Ragas Abhogi & Vardhani were recorded in a private house concert in Seattle at the home of the Benegals in March 1986 (the week before the accompanying release SOMA029 Raga Yaman was recorded). The Benegals were friends (& Shantha Benegal was also a student) of Dagarsahib who sometimes hosted Hindustani music concerts in their home. It's a rare glimpse of a more intimate, personal and perhaps different kind of performance considering the form of dhrupad. -Stephen O'Malley, March 2018, Paris, France)) 28.00

V/A - African Scream Contest Vol.2 DLP (analog africa - A great compilation can open the gate to another world. Who knew that some of the most exciting Afro-funk records of all time were actually made in the small West African country of Benin? Once Analog Africa released the first African Scream Contest in 2008, the proof was there for all to hear, gut-busting yelps, lethally welldrilled horn sections and irresistibly insistent rhythms added up to a record that took you into its own space with the same electrifying sureness as any favourite blues or soul or funk or punk sampler you might care to mention. Ten years on, intrepid crate-digger Samy Ben Redjeb unveils a new treasuretrove of Vodoun-inspired Afrobeat heavy funk crossover greatness. Right from the laceratingly raw guitar fanfare which kicks off Les Sympathics’ pile-driving opener, it’s clear that African Scream Contest II is going to be every bit as joyous a voyage of discovery as its predecessor. And just as you’re trying to get off the canvas after this one-punch knock out, an irresistible Afro-ska romp with a more than subliminal echo of the Batman theme puts you right back there. Ignace De Souza and the Melody Aces’ “Asaw Fofor" would’ve been a killer instrumental but once you’ve factored in the improbably-rich-to-the-point-of-being-Nat-King-Cole-influenced lead vocal, it’s a total revelation. The screaming does not stop there, in fact it’s only just beginning. But the strange thing about African Scream Contest II’s celebration of unfettered Beninese creativity is that it would not have been possible without the assistance of a musician who had been trained by the Russian secret services to "search and destroy" enemies of the country’s (then) Marxist-Leninist president Mathieu Kerekou. Already familiar to fans of the first African Scream Contest as a mainstay of ruthlessly disciplined military band Les Volcans de la Capitale, Lokonon André vanished in a cloud of dust at Ben Redjeb’s behest with a list of names and some petrol money, only to return a few days later having miraculously tracked down every single name he’d been given. The source of this Afrobeat bounty-hunter’s impressive people-finding skills - his training with the KGB - highlights the tension between encroaching authoritarian politics and fearless expressions of personal creative freedom which is the back-story of so much great African music of the 60s and 70s. Happily, in this instance, Lokonon was tracking the artists down to offer them licensing deals, rather than to arrest them. Where some purveyors of vintage African sounds seem to be strip-mining the continent’s musical heritage with no less rapacious intent than the mining companies and colonial authorities who previously extracted its mineral wealth, Samy Ben Redjeb’s determination to track this amazing music to its human sources pays huge karmic dividends. Like every other Analog Africa release, African Scream Contest II is illuminated by meticulously researched text and effortlessly fashion-forward photography supplied by the artists themselves. Looming large - alongside Lokonon André - in the cast of biopic-worthy characters to emerge from this seductive tropical miasma is visionary space-nerd Bernard Dohounso, who laid the foundations for Benin’s vinyl predominance by importing and assembling the turntables that would play the products of his Bond villain-acronymed pressing plant SATEL, a factory that would revolutionise the music industry in the whole region.) 28.00

V/A - Cititrax: Tracks Volume Three LP (cititrax - Cititrax presents the third in a series of four song samplers showcasing the talents of some of the most innovative producers of the moment. Cititrax: Tracks Volume Three features a powerful new collaboration between Amato (aka The Hacker) and Mariana Saldana (Medio Mutante, Boan), the brutal industrial techno of Barcelona based British producer The Sixteen Steps, a Polish mastermind based in Miami who goes by His Dirty Secrets, and the NYC underground duo Further Reductions (Shawn O’Sullivan and Katie Rose). The overall sound can be described as modern, uncompromising and guttural. Each artist reinvents dance music by bringing their own unique vision to the floor. Artwork designed by Veronica Vasicka and sourced from Polaroids shot in NYC clubs in the 1980s, Cititrax: Tracks Volume Three is pressed on blood red transparent vinyl – limited to 999 copies and housed in a matte printed sleeve.) 22.00

V/A - Outer Himmilayan Presents LP (sacred bones / dark entries - Dark Entries and Sacred Bones team up to release the early discography of UK synth-punk and Deathrock label Outer Himmilayan Records. Between 1979 and 1982, Nick Blinko and Martin Cooper’s Outer Himmilayan Records released 7-inches by three short-lived bands – The Magits, Soft Drinks, and S-Haters – who would nonetheless cast a massive shadow on the UK’s burgeoning post-punk/anarcho punk scene. Outer Himmilayan Presents collects all of the music found on those original records, along with rare and unreleased tracks by all three bands. It’s a snapshot of a period of frenzied creativity by some of the UK’s most thrilling experimental punks.) 18.00

V/A - Technicolor Paradise 3xLP (numero - It was a musical cocktail born in a marketing meeting: Two parts easy listening, one part jazz, a healthy dollop of conga drums, a sprinkling of bird calls, and a pinch of textless choir. Serve garnished with an alluring female on the album jacket for best results. Exotica! The soundtrack for a mythical air conditioned Eden, packaged for mid-century, tiki torch-wielding armchair safariers. Be it mosquito-bitten torch singers, landlocked surf quartets, fad-chasing jazz combos, mad genius band leaders, D-list actors, or a middle aged loner programming bird calls into a Hammond, Exotica was always more concerned with what geography might sound like over who was conducting. Captured across three albums (or three compact discs) are 48 (or 54) curious examples of the short-lived genre’s reach, each summoning their own sonic visions of Shangri La, bringing their versions of the Pacific, Africa, and the Orient to the hinterlands of America. Technicolor Paradise is where one makes it, after all.) 49.00

WATCHING TIDES - These Years Show On My Face LP (miss the stars - The debut EP from Berlin's own, WATCHING TIDES. 12" features 5 tracks of that sweet sweet emo. ) 11.00

WOODEN SHJIPS - V LP (thrill jockey - Wooden Shjips, long-time leaders of the contemporary psychedelic movement, expand their sound with V. The quartet of Omar Ahsanuddin, Dusty Jermier, Nash Whalen and Ripley Johnson augment their already rich sound with laid back, classic summer songs. The songs were written during the summer of 2017 by singer and guitarist Ripley Johnson as an antidote to the pervasive anxiety both political and natural. As Ripley tells it, “We had huge forest fires just outside of Portland and there was intense haze and layers of ash in the city. I was sitting on my porch every evening, watching ash fall down like snow, the sky looking like it was on fire. It was an apocalyptic feeling. Summer in Portland is usually really chill and beautiful, and we were working on a ‘summer record,’ but the outside world kept intruding on my headspace.” V., a graphic representation of the Peace sign, seemed apt to an album focused on the power of peace, beauty and resistance. The music is a balm against the noise and negativity.) 22.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER NEWS (youth attack, la luz, the body, ye

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 01 Juin 2018, 19:29

Another friday another newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather. We are def sure u need some new sounds to get a soundtrack for long nights at the lake. Also we recommend our Tres espresso for a nice home made cold brew :)

Adagio830 just released the debut full length for Berlins Cold Leather called smart moves. 500 copies on heavy black vinyl, thick card board covers and a silk screened insert. Just a banger! You can still pre order the upcoming GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ - s/t LP + a 40 page riso print comic on clear or black vinyl. Then the upcoming Carson Wells LP and the Regional Justice Center LP. Check them out on

Vendetta also takes pre orders for the upcoming ANICON LP, SOLBRUD, SPECTRAL WOUND LP, ABSTRACTER LP and the HAUNTER LP.

Besides the label news we got the amazing FAUX DEPART - Au Pied Du Mur LP, the JEREMY ENIGK - Return of the Frog Queen (Expanded Edition) LP re issue, Youth Avoiders restock, KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - Polygondwanaland LP, JESSE DRAXLER - Misophonia BOOK on sacred bones, HAMFERD - evst LP , GESPENST - forfald LP, Lots of restocks (Boy Harsher, the BODY, Wooden Shjips etc).

We also made some new beautiful tote bags for BAM & ADAGIO830. Check them out!! They are special ;)

June 12th - LOOSE TOOTH (Milk!, Australia) & Pigeon


Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


VEILED - Abysmal Wounds / Maelstrom 7“ (A relentless and evil beast is rising from the blackest maelstrom to crush all those who thought the essence of Black Metal is dead; and its name is VEILED! Consisting of members of bands like Antlers, No Empathy, Vidargängr, Division Speed, Evil Warriors, Black Salvation, I I and many more, this murky creature lurks like shadows in a black fog just to tackle you down immediately with raw and determined capacity. In the true spirit of the early days of Black Metal, this EP will be released on 7inch vinyl in a strictly limited amount of 200 copies in March 2018 to prepare your misplaced souls for the first full length VEILED is working on right now. Join the cult of Chaos and breathe the winds of sorrow!) 7.00


COLD LEATHER - smart moves LP (adagio830 - 500 copies on Black - Silk Screened inserts 9 song debut album after a stunning 7" and Demo. Well, Cold Leather sound like neither. In fact, they probably sound as if no punk band had existed from ’74 on. They play those tasty classic rock type riffs with a groovy rhythm section and have the same sexy teenage urgency that you feel when you listen to The Runaways. It’s like they were punks before there was punk – and I don’t mean power-pop. I’m thinking about that period of time when rock was dangerous and sexual and it wasn’t necessary to differentiate it from all the commercial bands’ bullshit. And believe me, if Cold Leather have one fault, is that the short duration of their single and demo leaves us wanting more. For a whole lot more." (cvlt nation /HUGO FILIPE LOPES) Recorded July 2017 by T - Rex at Allee der Kosmonauten  Mixed and mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory  Artwork by Zsa Zsa) 13.00

DYLAN CARLSON - Conquistador LP (sargent house - Conquistador is the debut solo album from Dylan Carson. He was a founding member of Sub Pop drone metal band, Earth and will probably forever be known as the man who gave Kurt the gun. Carson says that the album soundtracks an imaginary western. Throughout he shows his ability to create powerful widescreen sounds, but also shows his deftness at knowing when space and quiet are the right sounds. ) 26.00

FAUX DEPART - Au Pied Du Mur LP (After a killer demo tape that sound like a proper and fully realized 12", here comes higly-anticipated Faux Depart's debut full-lenght on vinyl, with all the new songs!  Faux Depart come from Lyon, France and are all about that classic, upbeat and melodic style that draws influences from 77 era punk. Think about killer garage punk riffage mixed with pop sensibility that equally brings to mind both popish side of early british punk rock and new wave, moody vibe of "Is This Real" Wipers era, and some classic punk rock stomp Ramones were known for. if you're a fan of catchy and pop-infected punk sound don't miss on this great record! ) 12.00

GESPENST - forfald LP (Gespenst (translated as „Phantom”) is a new Danish two piece act featuring (ex) members of Glorior Belli, Woebegone Obscured and Horned Almighty. On their debut album Forfald, they create an otherworldly atmosphere by fusing Scandinavian black metal with funeral doom and touches of dark ambient. 4 lengthy tracks loaded with unspeakable tension from start to finish. The record was tracked, mixed and mastered at Sol Ater studio in 2015 with session drums performed by Andreas Joen (ex-Glorior Belli, Dwell). Originally issued on vinyl in August 2016 via Duplicate Records, Forfald is available now in a limited digipak CD edition with a bonus track „L’Appel du vide” (a tribute song to Stephanie „Deathanie” Allouche, previously featured on a vinyl-only compilation, showcasing emerging bands from the Danish city of Aarhus).) 14.00

GRUESOME - Twisted Prayers LP (relapse - Less than four short years into their career, Death Metal Defenders of the Old GRUESOME (featuring current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, etc.) have quickly made a name for themselves as not just torchbearers of DEATH’s eternal legacy but as one of the most heralded bands in the scene today. After releasing a pair of acclaimed EPs, GRUESOME return with their second full-length sermon, Twisted Prayers. Twisted Prayers follows DEATH’s paradigm shift during the Spiritual Healing era, incorporating more cerebral, melodic instrumentation with elements of thrash and thought-provoking, socially conscious lyrics. Recorded with producer Jarrett Pritchard (Exhumed, 1349, Goatwhore) at New Constellation Studios in Orlando, FL, Twisted Prayers features GRUESOME doing what they do best across eight songs and 40+ minutes of unholy hymns with lurid melodies and vulgar atmospheres. The band has once again teamed up with the legendary Ed Repka (Death, Atheist, Massacre) for the album’s blasphemous cover art in addition to legendary DEATH guitarist James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament) for a pair of special guest guitar solos. Bow your heads and worship at the altar of GRUESOME! ) 23.00

HAMFERD - evst LP (tutl - "Hamferd" refers to an apparition: the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen. "Faroese doom metal" is a powerful sound. Exclusive to this self-styled tag is Hamferd. For nearly a decade, the funereally dressed sextet has been casting a unique expression rooted in conceptual tragedy and intense, narrative doom metal. "Hamferd is heavily inspired by our natural surroundings and our cultural heritage. Those aspects combine into unique feelings and atmospheres which we attempt to describe through our music." - Theodor Kapnas With an ambitious lyrical and conceptual approach, Faroese language, history and folklore are mixed together with grand atmospheres and weather-beaten grimness; a trademark that has earned worldwide attraction. Stages at festivals such as Inferno, Midgardsblot, Tuska, Summer Breeze, Wacken and many more have been turned into funerary ceremonies, and touring with the likes of Amorphis and Moonsorrow has further garnered the band a respected reputation due to strong yet solemn live performances.) 18.00

JEREMY ENIGK - Return of the Frog Queen (Expanded Edition) LP (sub pop - PURPLE Jeremy Enigk performed with legendary indie rock band Sunny Day Real Estate from 1993 to 2000. He was their singer, songwriter, and one of their guitarists. In 1996, following Sunny Day Real Estate’s first breakup (which lasted from 1995 to 1997), Enigk released his first solo album, Return of the Frog Queen. Return of the Frog Queen represents a major shift from the sound of Sunny Day Real Estate. The album features a 21-piece orchestra backing Enigk as he performs striking, dramatic, chamber-pop compositions that demonstrate the full breadth of Enigk’s talents as a singer, musician, and songwriter. The album was produced by Greg Williamson, who also produced Sunny Day Real Estate’s 1998 comeback album, How it Feels to Be Something On. Return of the Frog Queen has been out of print since its original 1996 pressing. This reissue includes the original album, remastered in 2018, plus digital bonus tracks from Enigk’s 1996 live session on Seattle radio station The End. ) 23.00

JOAN OF ARC - 1984 LP (joyful - Over their 20-odd year discography, Joan of Arc's astute, endlessly probing musical experimentation has been chorused by a barrage of voices, mostly from the singular larynx of mainstay Tim Kinsella. Richard Brautigan, Mark Twain, Elizabeth Taylor, and Assata Shakur might visit his lyrics, but it's the band itself that contains multitudes. Ever since Joan of Arc's most recent lineup_ Kinsella, Theo Katsaounis, Melina Ausikaitis, Bobby Burg, and Jeremy Boyle_began playing shows together in 2015, fans have witnessed an even more radical democracy at work. Live, old jams and new tracks have often melted and mutated, members jumping from instrument to instrument in between or in the middle of songs, all stasis discarded. And now, a series of nearly a cappella performances from Kinsella's fellow vocalist Melina Ausikaitis, debuted live by Joan of Arc over the last several years, has become the backbone of their new LP, 1984. Thoroughly of the band's lineage, Ausikaitis' lyrics are equally measured with wit, despair and stubborn perseverance. Like the album's striking hand drawn cover art, the music inside is often spare; anthemic highs ring from elegiac lows and back again. At times, Ausikaitis sings in an earnestly tangy and lovely flat twang redolent of the midwest, before screwing her voice up into a fearsome roar. Sometimes her voice is electronically distorted, like bells in the sky, into ringing eternity. Remarkably, so much of the cluttered sound of earlier Joan of Arc LPs has largely fallen away on 1984, as has Kinsella's voice. At first it's genuinely shocking. But the songs here are a revelation, as profound and plainspoken as parables.) 20.00

JULIE DOIRON - Désormais / Heart and Crime DLP (jajaguwar - The devastation in Julie Doiron’s work creeps in unexpectedly. Both Désormais and Heart and Crime swell slowly - like the first inklings of a Polaroid developing, the unfurling tangle of smoke from a just-extinguished candle, or the way a sky patiently burns red before slipping into nighttime. Equal parts unassuming and moving, these early solo records from Doiron simmer with an emotional reckoning, delivered as a sigh instead of a howl. Doiron’s music career began in 1990 at age 18, when she became the bassist and a founding member of Canadian four-piece Eric’s Trip. The Moncton, New Brunswick band lived at the intersection of grunge and dreaminess. By 1996, Eric’s Trip had released three records of pop-dissonance on Sub Pop, toured extensively, and broken up. Doiron’s subsequent solo career – initially released under the moniker of “Broken Girl” – favored a sound that skewed sparser. Even so, her hushed, unassuming work drew significant attention; her self-titled 1999 LP recorded in collaboration with the Wooden Stars won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year. But Désormais, originally released via Jagjaguwar in 2001, marked a departure: the intimate record is sung almost entirely in French. Across Désormais’ ten tracks Doiron builds a disarming and warm atmosphere - through sparse, minimally-composed fingerpicking, Doiron’s soft voice steers a wounded sound. “I don’t need to wake up dreaming of this,” she breathes on the opening line of “Don’t Ask,” the lone track sung in English. It’s both striking and simple. But even for the English-speaking listener, the cohesion of the LP’s subdued, immersive atmosphere looms. Désormais clearly communicates a close, unflinching look at self-doubt submerged in melancholy. Heart and Crime, released less than a year later in 2002, traverses much of the same territory. Written within the same time as Désormais, Heart and Crime is a companion to its predecessor, similarly vulnerable and scarce compositionally, save for flickers of brass or a piano line flitting in or out. Again, its weight comes from its somber simplicity, in Doiron’s wistful voice and lyricism. Both albums represent an emotional, tumultuous time for Doiron at her young age. The work touched upon her insecurities as a mother, partner, and lover, and as a human, and trying to find meaning in that disappointment. The LPs bloomed from a time where she had so much to say and lingering fears around expressing it, so the expansive exploration instead manifested as a whisper. “I feel that these albums still had an innocence that I can barely recall in my life now,” Doiron says now.) 22.00

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - Polygondwanaland LP (heavenly - HEAVENLY VERSION “Polygondwanaland is the farthest the seven-piece has strayed from their usual psych sci-fi roots. The band still employ lyrical nerdiness and wigged-out guitar in the album, but whereas King Gizzard’s last records got knee deep in prog rock, Polygondwanaland slinks into those waters until it’s waist high and loses the usual gnarly riffs. Like its mouthful of a title, Polygondwanaland delivers a 10-course meal without dividers between its dishes. Songs seep into one another for an immersive listen. The stirring, quiet percussion of 'Inner Cell' tiptoes into 'Loyalty' for a slow buildup, before it splashes into the punctuated vocals of 'Horology,' a sea of guitar tapping and rich, warm woodwinds. As usual, transitions are key in KING GIZZARD's work, but they add a smoothness to Polygondwanaland that makes it particularly digestible, so that every vocal sigh and gaudy synth acts as a complementary flavor.”—Pitchfork) 20.00

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - age of LP (warp - ‘Age Of’ is Daniel Lopatin’s most cohesive and richly composed work to date weaving a tapestry of disparate musical histories — early music, country and folk balladry, melodic pop, computer music and much, much more — demonstrating both the complexity and range of the artist's repertoire. With sounds that are unsettlingly familiar and uniquely his own, ‘Age Of’ guides us through an unclassifiable new world.) 21.00

WHORESNATION - mephitism LP (throatruiner - Since the release of their debut album six years ago, grindcore unit WHORESNATION has established themselves as a household name in the european scene, playing more than 300 shows all over the world and releasing a string of shorter formats. Formed in 2009 in Besançon, eastern France, the now-three piece returns with their relentless second full-length "Mephitism", recorded by Steph Lawansch then mixed and mastered by William Blackmon (Gadget, Victims, Lack…).  With their technical yet-always crushing riffing, blast-beats galore and brutal, guttural barks, the band's no-frills, savage grindcore always finds the perfect balance between death metal precision and punk urgency. "Mephitism" strengthen the band's supremacy in twenty tracks delivered in barely more than 20 minutes, never easing the pressure despite the avalanche of tight-as-hell brutality.) 13.00


GOAT EXPLOSION - siesta infernal TAPE (doom metal from leipzig) 6.00

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO - o camino das mans valeiras TAPE (new album  screenprinted cover) 6.00


ORAE - disbirth CD (Black/Death Metal of the non-Euclidean geometric sort. Dissonant sounds from the Abyss.  Handmade Digipack made of heavy carton, limited to 300 units. ) 10.00


JESSE DRAXLER - Misophonia BOOK (sacred bones - A 200-page master collection of poly-dimensional artist Jesse Draxler’s work throughout his career to date. Misophonia incorporates various mediums and styles from figurative painting and harsh typography to deliriously textural photography and collage. "His ability to harness and reveal vulnerability, tension, anxiety and heaviness is unbounded as he confronts both what we repress and what we reveal." —Vice Magazine Jesse Draxler has been exhibiting his black-scale canvases and moon-sick reality-collagesboth nationally and internationally since 2012. He is privately collected around the world and his most recent solo exhibition "Tire Fire" took place in September of 2017 at Booth Gallery in New York. As an illustrator his client list includes The New York Times, McQ Alexander McQueen, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker, among others. He is also an active member of his music community, and has created work for musicians like Zola Jesus and Chelsea Wolfe, and designed an album cover for Prince.) 39.00

THE WIRE - #412 June 2018 MAG (Inside this issue: Laurie Anderson: More active than ever, the multimedia artist and performer discusses a career marked by hybridity, borderless networks and a new interest in virtual reality. By Emily Bick. Cecil Taylor: When the revolutionary pianist died in April, jazz lost one of its most uncompromising individualists. Author, photographer and historian Val Wilmer recalls their encounters. Senyawa: Javanese musicians and instrument makers Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi fuse metal with trance to create overwhelming fields of sound. By David Novak. Once Upon A Time In Paris: In the 1960s and 70s Gérard and Odile Terronès were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the new thing in the French capital. By Pierre Crépon. Bites: Proc Fiskal: The Edinburgh producer channels the sensory overload of the moment. By Daisy Hyde Tansy Davies: Environmental apocalypse from the Rochester based composer. By Robert Barry Rodrigo Tavares:The Brazilian guitarist distils beauty from minimalism, post-rock and the music of his home country. By Francis Gooding Sarah Hennies: The percussionist investigates identity through timbre. By Claire Sawers Global Ear: Veracruz: The Mexican coastal state is the cradle of the cross-bred folk form son jarocho. By Patrick McMahon Invisible Jukebox: The Storm Bugs: Will the post-punk duo resort to chitin in the face of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Mike Barnes The Inner Sleeve: Tashi Dorji on His Hero Is Gone’s Fifteen Counts Of Arson Epiphanies: How cartoons animated Carl Stone’s youthful interest in classical music Print Run: New music books: grime history, postwar Japan, sci-fi music, Michael Jackson, and more On Screen: New films and DVDs: Derek Jarman Vol 1 (1972–1986); Laurent Goldstein’s To Life, Death And Beyond: The Music Of Magma; Metahaven & Rob Schröder’s Possessed On Site: Recent exhibitions: Rhythm & Reaction: The Age Of Jazz In Britain; Tamar Harpaz’s Crazy Delay On Location: Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam, Ingrid Plum, Masami Kawaguchi, Lonnie Holley, and more) 8.00
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