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BIS AUFS MESSER NOV (Converge, John Maus, Haunter, Effects,

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November it is - perfect season for new records and a cozy day at the couch. We got the right stuff for you I guess :) Lots of new records arrived like new stuff from Mississippi, Little Axe a long with some restocks, Dischord restocks and the new amazing THE EFFECTS - Eyes to the Light LP, the new CONVERGE LP, CHAIN AND THE GANG - experimental music LP restock, the new CIRCUIT THE JEUX LP, another Bill MacKey & Ryley Walker collab, DÖDSRIT - s/t LP (ex totem skin), new EA80 LP, FOTOCRIME LP, HAUNTER / BLACK VICE - split LP, new JOHN MAUS LP, new LASCAR LP, MIHAI EDRISCH - un jour sans lendemain LP, ALTARAGE - nihl LP re issue and lots moreeeeee.


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Robert & Klose & Norman


BLESS - Yr Always On TV 7“ (dz tapes - Three songs by Washington, D.C. weirdo-pop quartet, Bless. Features members of Flasher, Cool People, and Big Hush. Released by DZ Tapes in 2017.) 7.00

ESCAPE-ISM / LIGHT BEAMS - split 7“ (lovitt - A split single featuring Washington, D.C.’s ESCAPE-ISM and LIGHT BEAMS. Escape-ism is called "the found-sound-dream-drama", "the grieving widow of rock 'n' roll", the "press play and run away group". The strrrripped down sound machine starring IAN SVENONIUS of CHAIN & THE GAMG, THE MAKE-UP and NATION OF ULYSSES. Its a single occupancy combo, a one banana bunch, the gestural rock 'n' roll provocation which combines cave person poetry with beats and melody translated incorrectly from hieroglyphs found in arch-pharaoh Cheops' triangle shaped record collection. Escape-ism is a bid at inciting longing for a past behind an IRON CURTAIN, and hope for a future in flames. Light Beams began in 2015 when JUSTIN MOYER (PUFF PIECES)—-influenced by '80s-era freestyle music and Sheila E.—started playing sampler and timbales with SAM LAVINE, the longtime drummer of D.C. hip-hop mainstays the CORNEL WEST THEORY. With the addition of bassist ARTHUR NOLL, the resulting polyrhythmic melange, sometimes called "zap-tone" or "block rock," reinvents late-20th century dance-pop using the tools of the 21st. Includes a download with an extra track by each band.) 6.00

FREEDOM - Never Had A Choice 7“ (triple b - Freedom's strain of unrelenting hardcore has always reflected a harsh reality, and their latest EP, "Never Had A Choice," is no different. Following up their Triple-B Records debut LP "USA Hardcore," this 7" EP rips through five tracks of old-school style in the vein of Madball and Agnostic Front. 7" includes digital download.) 7.00


ABRONIA - Obsidian Visions/Shadowed Lands LP (Debut LP by Portland Oregon sextet! One can find evidence of a pretty broad array of musical touchstones on Abronia’s Obsidian Visions/Shadowed Lands: Morricone Spaghetti Western soundtracks, spiritual free jazz, Tuareg guitar bands of the Sahara, drone metal, 70’s Krautrock, Ethiopiques, Glenn Branca, outlaw country, various tribal music, 60’s psychedelia, and maybe even a little 80’s goth. Recorded onto 2” tape by Jason Powers (Grails, Moon Duo etc.) at the venerable Type Foundry Recording Studio, this album is a document of the first five completed compositions by the six piece. Replacing your standard drum set with an early 70’s 30" marching drum, which proves to be a proper centerpiece for the guitars, lap steel and saxophone to create mesmerizing and sometimes cacophonous soundscapes. Everyone gathered around the drum and played together, with minimal overdubbing. It’s a snapshot of a band coming right out of the gate with a powerful, realized vision, that in actuality was a long time coming for this group of veteran players. Abronia is Keelin Mayer (Saxophone/Vocals) Benjamin Blake (Guitar) Andrew Endres (Lap Steel) Amir Amadi (Bass) Eric Crespo (Guitar/Backing Vocals) James Shaver (The Big Drum/Percussion/Melodica)) 17.00

ALTARAGE - nihl LP (throne - Spain's ALTARAGE return with their highly anticipated debut album, NIHL. Much like labelmates HIC IACET and SACRIFICIO, the mysterious ALTARAGE hail from Spain and are a conjuration of musicians with veteran status in the metal underground. The band's opening MMXV assault was a quick 'n' consuming blast of blown-out bestial grind and juddering, volcanic down-tempo surges. However, the record was a mere two songs, and only suggested the synapse-destroying mastery to come. With NIHL, ALTARAGE have created an even wider world-eating vortex that rips asunder the fibers of blackened death metal - and the listener's own comfort levels. The sound across NIHL is absolutely MASSIVE - every guitar tone rich with destruction, every drum hit the echo of war, the vocals once again less like anything emanating from a human and more the sound of a derelict factory's soul being torn apart - which then sets the stage for a full-scale sonic meltdown. Undeniably, the basis of ALTARAGE is firmly within death metal, but the band dutifully strive for the most alien hinterlands of the imagination, where riffs sound less like "riffs" and more like the mangled language of a lifeform both a millennium into the future and the past. Even the song titles themselves suggest as much (among them: "Batherex," "Graehence," "Drevicet," and the telltale "Womborous"), and the cold 'n' calculated, martial 'n' militant manner in which ALTARAGE play likewise suggests life far, far removed from the "human." Taken together, the totality of NIHL is a landscape unto itself, and the work of titanic death metal deviance.) 14.00

ANDREW BELLING - WIZARDS OST LP (wyrd war - FIRST TIME EVER ON VINYL!. Wyrd War very proudly presents the original motion picture soundtrack to Ralph Bakshi’s animated masterwork Wizards on vinyl for the very first time! Ostensibly Bakshi’s “family film,” this almost impossibly PG rated post-apocalyptic “fantasy epic of peace and magic” emerged like a strange fungus through fissures in the Hollywood machine in 1977 topsychedelicize unsuspecting audiences with slouching android assassins, nearly nude fairy wenches, supernatural siblings skirmishing for world domination between slugs of cheap wine, demonic dog soldiers belly-crawling through skeletal landscapes of airbrushed fog, and, perhaps most memorably, terrifying genocidal elfin warfare punctuated with Leni Riefenstahl stock footage, all perfectly choreographed to a beautifully ethereal sci-fi jazz soundtrack seemingly scorched with atomic energy. Such music! Composer Andrew Belling delivered one of the first truly musical scores for a major Hollywood film composed almost entirely for ARP 2500 and ARP 2600 synthesizers. 40 years after its theatrical release, the music of Wizards continues to fascinate, perplex and inspire viewers, like a beautifully handcrafted Rorschach test of the late 20th century’s excesses, hopes and increasingly foreboding anxieties of things to come. Mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk and featuring massive gatefold insert liner notes by Dennis Dread with exclusive new interviews with director Ralph Bakshi and composer Andrew Belling.) 28.00

ANOMALIE - visions 2xLP (art of - Anomalie's highly anticipated third album, Visions. In 2011, Marrok (Harakiri for the Sky, Selbstentleibung) founded Anomalie to combine his favorite elements of emotional black metal, post-metal, and depressive rock, which soon resulted in his own incomparable vision of profound and honest music. Two years later, the work for his first full-length album, Between the Light, came to a conclusion: Anomalie impressed many and received much positive reaction in the press. It was followed in 2015 with the even-more-critically acclaimed Refugium: what was originally nothing more than a one-man side project turned into Marrok's main (and very personal) channel of artistical expression with this second album, which was soon followed by a decision to gather a full live lineup during that year's summer season.) 20.00

BILL MacKAY & RYLEY WALKER - SpiderBeetleBee LP (drag city - Shared joy and acoustics in rambling conversation, as two friends travel the continents via high-road, short-cut and their own paths, yet untravelled. Picking in the tradition, Walker and MacKaysummon drafts of slide blues, baroque dance, percolating latin and deep-focus space to push them on their way beyond the sunrise.) 23.00

CHAIN AND THE GANG - experimental music LP (radical - back ion stock - CHAIN & THE GANG… the world’s only “DOWN WITH LIBERTY” group… the best and most radical rock n roll group ever… have a BRAND NEW long playing record out on RADICAL ELITE records and its a “head scratcher” for sure… Chain & the Gang—known as the dynamic and irresistible live combo that pens provocative, unforgettable odes to obedience and total destruction (e.g. “Devitalize”, “Certain Kinds of Trash”, “Detroit Music”) got sick of the simple fare so prevalent at the rock festivals these days. After nodding off to the washed-out zzzounds of the latest five-star folly critic’s catastrophe, “Chain & the Gang” decided to respond with their patented perversity; they reached to the farther corner of the lab and came up with an immortal classic in the hard-to-hear genre of “EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC” (!!!!?!!!!)  In fact, this record is so confounding, so new and uncharted, they decided to call it “EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC.” Not only is it a pounding super-classic, but it's the final word in the experimental music genre, answering the questions initially proposed by John Cage, Yoko Ono, LaMonte Young etc., shutting down the need for further experiments forever. The Lab is Closed!) 17.00

CIRCUIT DES YEUX - reaching for indigo LP (drag city - A moment that fell down in the life of Haley Fohr on January 22, 2016 — now in album form! Redefining and realizing the goals that were set to allow Haley become Circuit des Yeux andCircuit des Yeux to become Haley. ) 24.00

CITIZEN - As You Please LP (run for a cover - For their third album, "As You Please," Citizen is looking inward. Pairing up again with longtime producer Will Yip, the band presents 12 songs that fuse aspects of their entire catalog into one neoteric whole. "As You Please" presents Citizen's vision at the most focused it has ever been - it is delicately crafted to provoke at every moment. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 22.00

CONVERGE - The Dusk In Us LP (deathwish - Five years since their last release, Converge returns with "The Dusk In Us": a brutal but beautiful album that shows the band's artistic evolution while still capturing their classic sound. The ninth full-length from the Boston, MA-based heavy-music innovators - vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller - "The Dusk In Us": proves to be both dark and hopeful, abrasive and melodic, devastating and powerfully cathartic. While "The Dusk In Us" finds Converge defying boundaries and pushing into new sonic terrain, it's also a natural progression for a band that's long thrived on making music that both challenges and connects. LP includes digital download.) 23.00

COUNCIL OF RATS - coarse LP (per koro - The four-piece from Milan, Italy have succeeded in creating a coherent, concise and abrasive hardcore record. "coarse", their 2nd full-length is a fantastic example of how a straight-forward hardcore record should be. It's visceral and unapologetic in its delivery and approach. Roughly 30min. - 11 songs, and a whole lot of pissed-off emotion - blasting, roaring shouts packed with a whirlwind of riffs going through a mixture of genres. Since their inception in 2012, COUNCIL OF RATS can be described as a blend of everything that hardcore has always stood for. Despite the fact that every song is a confrontation, there’s also a great deal of sensitivity contained the tracks. The emotional sensitivity doesn’t undermine the pure rage. Compared to their early work, "coarse" shows the band at their most confident, focused, and most importantly, their most viscerally impacting. "coarse" does not fail to deliver prompt and hyper effective firebrands. It’s fast and inflexible, conscious, angry and most of all, pissed as hell. "coarse" allows no time to catch your breath. COUNCIL OF RATS strikes fiercely and it’s still pretty good to hear such bands carry the torch of engaged music within the hardcore spectrum. Mastered by Brad/Audiosiege to get a scintillating result - the kind of record that hammers you from front to back - riffs aplenty, socio-political themed lyricism and musical complexity ensure an avid listener won’t get bored. Regardless of what you’re into, this is a record you have to hear. It's fast, it’s hardcore, it’s punk! ) 12.00

DÖDSRIT - s/t LP (alerta - ex. TOTEM SKIN!!! Dödsrit is a project created by Christoffer Öster from TOTEM SKIN. Dödsrit tries to blend atmospheric black metal with the rawness from crust. The writing for Dödsrit started right after Totem Skin had recorded their last album "Weltschmerz" . And was conducted for almost two years before it saw the light of the day. Dödsritt shivering melodies were created in the deep forests in the outskirts of Borlänge, Sweden. Conducted by Christoffer Öster from Totem Skin who poured every drop of passion he could harvest from the bottom of his heart. "this same titeled LP is the band’s 1st full-length. The soundscape of the album ranges from raw aggression to doomy heaviness and unsettling guitar melodies. The vocals create an honest and desperate atmosphere, the vocalists screaming themes of nature and problems in life. Intense grinding shares space with quiet and reverent moments, but the sonic landscape is always filled with emotion.) 12.00

EA80 - definitiv: ja! LP (mjaor label - Nach 6 langen Jahren Veröffentlichungspause ist es wieder mal an der Zeit für ein neues EA80 Album, das 13te! Zu hören gibt es 11 sehr kraftvolle und düstere Punkperlen. Die Mönchengladbacher beweisen damit erneut, dass sie die wichtigste deutschprachige Postpunkband sind! Das schwarze Vinyl kommt in einem 4-farbigen 350 g/m² Graukarton LP-Cover mit partieller UV-Lackierung und inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle) 16.00

THE EFFECTS - Eyes to the Light LP (dischord - formed in Washington, D.C. in January of 2014, the EFFECTS are DEVIN OCAMPO, MATTHEW DOWLING and DAVID RICH. A multi-instrumentalist, Ocampo is a former member of the bands FARAQUET, MEDICATIONS, SMART WENT CRAZY and DEATHFIX, all of whom released music on Dischord. He has also toured and recorded with Mary Timony, Beauty Pill, and J. Robbins. Dowling was the bassist and co-leader of DELETED SCENES, while Rich was the drummer in the instrumental group, BUILDINGS. Both released music on the experimental-minded (and now defunct) local record label, Sockets. Devin met both Matt and David years before and while there had been talk of a possible collaboration everyone had their own projects at the time. However, by 2014 all were between bands and it finally made sense to get together and start something new. For the trio, playing together was a nice change in routine. It was a new configuration of musicians, rather than a recombination of old friends and former bandmates, which happens regularly in the close-knit music scene of Washington D.C. Matt and David offered a fresh perspective and (possibly) gave the Devin a nudge out of his comfort zone. Since then, the Effectshave performed sporadically throughout the East Coast and digitally released four two-song singles.) 15.00

ESTHER SUAREZ - La Bolognesina LP (little axe - ESTHER SUAREZ, also known as LA OCRASINA DE ORO, is a popular Peruvian Huayno singer. La Bolognesina is one of her earlier albums, featuring reverbed vocals over Andean harps supplemented with light percussion and handclaps. The album was recorded in 1981, with the title referring to her roots near the snow-capped Andean mountains of the Bolognesi province in the Ancash region of Peru. Peru experienced waves of mass rural-to-urban migration in the latter half of the twentieth century due to poverty and political instability, but with it also came an explosion in the popularity of the folkloric Huayno tradition. An urban and modernized studio version of ancient indigenous Quechua folk traditions, Huayno became the soundtrack to the migrant’s experience of both hardship and homesickness. Esther Suarez’s clear and yearning vocals soar over galloping huayno rhythms, evoking the highlands of her youth with heartbreak, regret and melancholy, while simultaneously looking to a place where there is always a will to live and an invitation to dance. Truly some of the most beautiful music ever.) 18.00

FORCED ORDER - One Last Prayer LP (triple b - "One Last Prayer" is the latest offering from Southern California's Forced Order. Their first release on Triple-B continues where their last full-length, "Vanished Crusade," left off, wasting no time by leading off with the intense opening title track. Like the pioneers in metallic hardcore before them, Forced Order combines the crushing power of Hatebreed with the manic fury of Integrity to create an entirely new, chaotic sound. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 18.00

FOTOCRIME - Always Night LP (golden antenna - Fotocrime is the new group led by R. Pattern (aka Ryan Patterson, formerly of Coliseum) and including Nick Thieneman (also of Young Widows, guitar) and Shelley Anderson (bass). After over a decade as the singer-guitarist of post-hardcore trio Coliseum, Pattern forged ahead on his own with a new vision, sound, and moniker: Fotocrime. Backed by danceable, battle hymn drum machines and layered synths, Fotocrime brings a monochrome clarity to its electronicmeets-organic post-punk with driving bass, single-note guitar work, and Pattern’s unmistakable drawl. The Always Night 12" EP on Golden Antenna Records follows Fotocrime’s self-released Always Hell 7", which was issued in early 2017 and quickly sold out of its limited edition pressing. In addition to two songs from the 7" (Always Hell and Plate Glass Eyes ), Always Night features three new exclusive tracks and a remix by Ben Chisholm, producer and multi-instrumentalist for Chelsea Wolfe. All songs were produced by Pattern’s longtime collaborator J. Robbins (Jawbox).) 17.00

GEORGE MUKABI - Furaha Wenye Gita LP (mississippi - An almost mythical giant of African guitar, whose reinvention of acoustic fingerstyle quickly spread from western Kenya throughout East Africa, before his tragic death in 1963. Spellbinding guitar lines, sweet harmony vocals, every melody an instant classic, and a life story steeped in legend. 12-song LP comes packaged in a deluxe spot-color jacket, with a 12-page full color booklet featuring an oral history by GEORGE MUKABI's family and peers, and lyrics in English and Swahili. Co-released by Raw Music International and Olvido Records.) 20.00

GOVERNESS - same LP (radical empathy - Eight songs by Washington, D.C.-based garage/pop trio, Governess. Features Erin McCarley (Pygmy Lush, Hand Grenade Job). LP version of the  tape includes a released on Sister Polygon Records in 2016) 17.00

HAUNTER / BLACK VICE - split LP (Opening the split is Black Vice. This trio of songs offers a familiar approach to the “atmospheric” sound now locally indicative to bands from the United States, but there is an animalistic quality to Black Vice which is wholly endemic to them. Vocalist Daine Vineyard, also of Dead to a Dying World and Uruk, snarls, howls, and gurgles like a feral madman, breaking through the otherwise glorious walls of melodic sound and painting Black Vice’s mid-paced blast as something more inherently natural than the patchouli-rank masses otherwise associated with “nature black metal.” Thrinodίa‘s unique, unhinged progression warranted itself a position as one of my favorite albums of last year, and Haunter certainly demonstrates their position as one of America’s most exciting new black metal acts. Though their full-length exercised balance between discomfort and release, the two songs on this split play the long game of tension. Riding out lengthy progressions of discord and anxiety, even the closest semblance of slow-paced fruition offers little respite. Even with Haunter concentrating on one half of their roaring existence, the visions of demo-era Leviathan, Arizmenda, and, yes, Opeth retain clarity.) 14.00

JOHN MAUS - screen memories LP (ribbon - Broadly cut from the synth pop cloth, Maus has fashioned the frosty minimalism of its fabric into a cloak of infinite meaning, genuine grace and absurdist humor over the course of three defining albums since 2006. His fourth album Screen Memories, follows six years after 2011’s We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves, which appeared like a thunderbolt of maniacal energy and turned everyone’s heads. Screen Memories was written, recorded, and engineered by Maus over the last few years in his home in Minnesota. It’s a solitary place situated in the sub-zero winter temperatures creep into the songs as do the buzzing wasps of summer.) 23.00

LASCAR - saudade LP (throne - Lascar is back with their sophomore release, “Saudade”, an album that moves along the lines of its illustrious predecessor "Absence", underlining once again the band’s naturalistic approach and marking a perfect syncretism of those feelings of loss, fragility and desperation that have always been Lascar’s trademark.) 14.00

LES CHANTS DU HASARD - s/t LP (throne - The self titled Les Chants Du Hasard is simply a masterpiece of forward thinking metal fusing strange classical and avant garde elements with black metal in order to refine something that is at times truly disturbing and at others strangely powerful. Their powerful orchestrations and ethereal compositions can't help but to impress, time and time again.) 14.00

MAGMA WAVES - .​.​.​and who will take care of you now DLP (Magma Waves is an instrumental post-rock band from Duisburg, Germany. "and who will take care of you now" is their full-length debut album on vinyl via Narshardaa Records. It is a record to drown in. Its powerful, heavy soundwalls go along beautifully with atmospheric post-rock melodies. The seven songs are perfectly filling over 60 minutes of an auditive journey. ) 20.00

MIHAI EDRISCH - un jour sans lendemain LP (echo canyon - 500 copies on red & black mixed colored vinyl Comes with a 12 pages booklet with an interview of the band members from 2017, pictures and lyrics, reproductions of flyers and a DL code. A true labor of love ! Repressed for the first time of their full length released on Purepainsugar in 2005… Featuring members of Celeste, Daïtro, Baton Rouge, Lost Boys, Pinku Saido & more Mihai Edrisch was like a comet in the sky… shortlived but full of light. Active in the early 2000s, in a time when bands like Amanda Woodward, Daïtro, Belle Epoque, Gantz, Hyacinth, Sed Non Satiata& co were releasing records and touring, Mihai Edrisch as well had that (what is trademarked now as) ‘french screamo’ touch but they pushed the intensity, complexity and depth further than their peers. Driven by emotional high-ends guitars, heavy drums, aerial bass lines and desperate vocals, that album is a true masterpiece for the genre and it was time to bring it under the light once again.) 13.00

MR. WRONG - Babes In Boyland LP (mr wrong -  Guitarist Moff and Drummer Ursula started Mr. Wrong in a spider filled basement in 2015, inspired by femme punk & post-punk bands from the 70’s and 80’s, and the desire to learn their instruments. Many mix tapes and late-night-listening’s later, many of which can be attributed to the discovery of blogs like Gunilla and T.V. Dinner,  Mr. Wrong found their raw, confrontational sound. They met their bassist-to-be, Leona, at their first show (a rowdy house-show at their place of origin, Spider Vein) January 2016. Mr. Wrong continued as a 2-piece for about 9 months until realizing that Leona’s bass stylings were the missing ingredient in their witches brew. At this point, Moff and Ursula had reached a new level of proficiency due to their dedicated practice schedule and tendency to never-say-never to a show. They recorded their Demo, Distraction, on local friends’ cassette label, Cosmonaut Music, which captured the raw energy of their early songs (a blur of fierce 2-minute rants about jobs, witches, shitty dues, and gentrification) in the Spring of 2016. The addition of bass that Fall opened a door to the post-punk portion of Mr. Wrong’s early inspiration, resulting in a wave of new song-writing which relied more heavily on complex rhythms. BABES IN BOYLAND  was recorded winter of 2017 at Red Lantern Studios. At the time, they didn’t know what those recordings would turn into, they just knew they had to happen. Synchronicity struck at the recording space, leading to the release of their full-length record on Water Wing. 300 copies pressed! Letterpressed covers by Stumptown Printers. ) 17.00

PORT ROIS - Atomic Pieces LP (verlag von - Debut LP by Cologne-based Postpunk/Indie band Port Rois.) 16.00

RA AL DEE EXPERIENCE - Diatessaron LP (aja offensive - Ra Al Dee Experience derives it's name from the two founding members: Ben Ya Min Al Dee and Mors Dalos Ra. The duo performs acoustic music with strong mystical content and uses oriental structures and themes within the construction of their music. The release comes in a heavy weight jacket and includes a printed inner sleeve and a two-sided poster. ) 20.00

REV. JODIE HOLMES - When I Could I Wouldn’t & Now I Want to But I Can’t' LP (detroit gospel - A perfect sermon recorded live with a congregation becomes something else when the band kicks in a third of the way through. They vamp their way through a dozen classic spirituals and gospel songs, behind Rev. Holmes, who recorded three LPs for Natural. "Sounds like a Velvet Underground bootleg, but it's happy!," says Sam Hooker (Peoples Records/ Tarpit). Non-subscriber titles from the Knight Foundation-supported Detroit Gospel Reissue Project. Retail copies, limited to 450.) 20.00

REV. LONNIE FARRIS - A Night at the House of Prayer' LP (buked - All music culled from small artist-run label 45s issued in the 1960s. Absolutely sublime gospel, from stomp to ethereal jams and back again, and all starring Farris' killer slide guitar. Hand stamped covers, each unique, edition of 450.) 20.00

ROZAMOV - this mortal road LP (dullest - he title track gets things off to a deliciously heavy start. There’s no pretentious buildup: the curtain rises and Rozamov lurch directly into crushing doom, as if delivering body blows with a maul. Heavy and plodding, yes, but with a distinct sense of melody as well. One-third of the way through the eleven-minute epic the rhythm section takes a break, letting Matt Iacovelli play a speaker-rattling progression on his guitar, along with what sounds like pops and static from a record player in the distant background. “Wind Scorpion” is even heavier and slower, almost Electric Wizard-like in its intensity, with unnatural stops between lines of verse, and layers of feedback-drenched guitars. The trio is musically impressive, with Will Hendrix laying down a thundering foundation on the drum kit and Tom Corino maintaining an impressive rumble on bass throughout.) 14.00

THE JOHNSON SPIRITUAL SINGERS - Don't Let the Devil Ride LP (dtroit gospel - Extremely rare 1970s killer kid-funk gospel from this Saginaw-based family band. Remastered from original master tapes. Extensive liner note booklet inside. Mind-blowingly good. Non-subscriber titles from the Knight Foundation-supported Detroit Gospel Reissue Project. Retail copies, limited to 450.) 20.00

THRÄNENKIND - the elk DLP (supreme - An amazing dreamful album from Germanys THRAENENKIND embedded in a beautiful layouted gatefold with high quality sound on double vinyl inclunding many extras. The group formed by Agrypnie members is perfect for fans of Alcest, Solstafir and the sorts... ) 20.00

UNRU / TONGUE - split LP (With "Intimhölle Regression" UNRU from Bielefeld / Germany will drag you into the gorge of deepest darkness again. Here is no escape, the nightmarish intro is followed by hypnotic riffing, vocal sounds, manic fury. This creation leaves the listener completely distressed.  TONGUE deliver their first split right after their debut album. "Omega Male" is chasing black metal, a thick chunk of hatred spit directly into the microphone, disrupted by melodic interludes are drawing a rough pattern of sound. The suddenly appearing TONGUE may lead to the assumption that int the underground of Bielefeld a vulcan is billowing and throwing up an unpolished gem from time to time.) 13.00

WINEANACAS CAMBODIAN BAND - S/T LP (little axe - The second album by Wimeanacas, originally released on cassette only in 1987.  An amazing album of Cambodian celebration music, Wimeanacas played weddings, new year parties and community events during their 10 year existence. For this record, the band recorded all original numbers and had grown to a 10 piece ensemble. Holica and Sovann Yoeun were both working musicians in their native Cambodia when they fled the Khmer Rouge in 1975. Settling in Portland, Oregon they formed Wimeanacas Band which translates to Castle In The Sky. ) 18.00

V/A - I Am On the Battlefield For My Lord : Jamaican Gospel vol. 3 LP (buked - Third volume of this still largely unheard, amazing music. Absolutely stellar performances from the Heavenly Dreamers, Otis Wright, and many more. Lovely silkscreened covers, edition of 450.) 25.00

V/A - The Gospel Soul Of Detroit: Sacred Sounds from the Motor City LP (detroit - Expertly compiled by musician and gospel historian Michael Hurtt, this overview of Detroit gospel from 7"s is years in the making, and well worth the wait. Cumberland River Singer Singes, the Trumpelettes, Jericho Travelers, Rev Drayton, Pure Heart Travelers, and more. Stellar from start to finish. Non-subscriber titles from the Knight Foundation-supported Detroit Gospel Reissue Project. Retail copies, limited to 450.) 20.00


DEKADENT - veritas TAPE (Formed in 2005 by Artur Felicijan, Dekadent is a ferocious, yet exquisite and ethereal black metal of unique kind. Though the name might imply the band is leaning towards decadence, their hatedriven art is quite the opposite as it expresses utter progress and growth with each album. Dekadent’s black metal is profoundly something else. While black metal is the band’s main orientation, Dekadent draws a variety of metal and classical influences and has incorporated elements of 60’s psychedelia, epic soundtracks and ambient music. The list of bands that Dekadent have cited as influence ranges from prime classical luminaries such as Richard Strauss, Wagner, and Dvořak to the legendary creations of black metal bands like Emperor, Bathory, and Samael. But while there are traces of Ihsahn, Quorthon or Vorph in some of Dekadent’s guitar and vocals parts, these black metal godfathers never incorporated that sort of etherial and sanguine atmosphere that one gets when listening to Dekadent. Their new album, the fourth entitled 'Veritas', sees further development of Dekadent’s music, showcasing diversion in style yet incorporating more extreme metal brutality than ever before. ) 7.00

FELL RUIN - to the concrete drifts TAPE ("Hailing from Michigan, USA, FELL RUIN debuted in 2015 with “Devices”, a promising EP through which they started refining a personal metal formula that was described as “a potent combination of black metal, progressive metal, and heavy, grinding doom — ominous, perilous, and mesmerizing”. ) 7.00

HAUNTER - thrinodia TAPE (Haunter’s debut album, Thrinodia delivers forty-six and a half minutes of aggressive, filth-encrusted Black/Death Metal, heavy on gritty, grating nihilism and grim, sombre melody, without mercy or compromise.) 7.00

PALEHORSE/PALERIDER - burial songs TAPE (Palehorse/Palerider can best categorized as 'Doomgaze', combining the styles and sensibilities common to shoegaze, but with a darker overall sound and message. Their debut full length 'Burial Songs', released digitally February 4, 2017, has thus far received incredibly positive feedback, both locally and internationally) 7.00
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welcome to the 2nd newsletter for november. As usual packed with lots of great new records like the new BELL WITCH DLP, ANGEL OLSEN - phases LP, THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION - The Waiter Chapters I-VIII LP, EXPLODED VIEW - Summer Came Early LP, new Superior Viaduct Titles (FRANCO BATTIATO, JOHN FRUSCIANTE), new GUN OUTFIT LP, MARTIAL CANTEREL - Lost At Sea LP, HELL - II TAPE, TONY RETTMAN - Straight Edge - A Clear-headed Hardcore Punk History BOOK, ROBERT CROTTY & LOREN CONNORS - Robert Crotty with Me: Loren's Collection LP + CD and moreeee. Also lots of official Benefit shirts from RUINATION, STRUGGLE, STRAIN, ENDPOINT, REVERSAL OF MAN, CAREER SUICIDE, BOTCH and moreee

so far so good - don´t miss the SHOPPING SHOW on Nov 25th

25.11. SHOPPING (UK) plus Bikini Jesus at Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

Thank you
Robert & Klose & Norman


QUIET SLANG (BEACH SLANG) - We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags 7“ (“BEACH SLANG delivers acoustic versions (complete with piano and strings) of two beloved Beach Slang tracks, along with covers of The Replacements and Big Star. I suppose we’re all chasing something that resembles salvation, something that calms our bones. Maybe this is some small slice of that. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s chaos in soft clothes. Maybe it’s frightened. Maybe it’s fearless. Maybe it’s both. Or maybe it’s nothing. I don’t know, but I think about this: one day I’m going to be dust. And when my soul splits, maybe this will be the thing that sneaks me through the gates. If not, well, those are the breaks.”—James Alex [Quiet Slang]. ) 8.00

TROIKA - Una Vida 7“ (Since i unfortunately don't speak spanish and there's not much info about this band, all i can say that it's pretty profane and simple but full throttle onward "grrrl" punk rock performed by this quite young band from Madrid (Spain) featuring members of ACCIDENTE. Eight tracks that remind a lot of some classic VULPESS style without the odd pop elements! - This album was recorded in january 2017 at the COKO La Kondenada squat by "Como churros grabaciones". Cover art by Mario ( - Comes with a massive and thick 24 page booklet containing lyrics and artwork. Great debut! Co-released DIY with a ton of labels …) 6.00

UNNATURAL HELPERS - Wonder Years (the Lost Recordings) 7“ (famous class - Standing around guzzling beers at a show at the long defunct Gibson House in the early 2000’s, Brian Foss the booker, mentioned an upcoming show w/ the Evaporators to Lars, Jed & I. Quickly surveying the scene & seeing we had a 3 piece at hand & could grab the show, somebody said “Can we play that? Yeah, umm… we’ve got a new band, it’s sounding pretty good, it’s called ummm… we’ll get back to you with the name”. A band was born.   Jed & I might’ve been playing in the Intelligence then. Lars & I might’ve been playing in Dipers then. Min was in the Intelligence w/ us for a time & the A Frames w/ Lars. Mike from Double Fudge played in Intelligence, Welcome and later Unnatural Helpers with me. It’s difficult to peel apart all of the bands & be sure which shows you saw, which shows you played, who might’ve playing with who at that time. We were all psyched to be playing music. Energy was high, down time was unacceptable. Forward we moved. ) 9.00


ALVARIUS B - Natural Wonder - With A Beaker On The Burner And An Otter In The Oven - Vol. 1 LP ("Volume One of three new LPs I am releasing simultaneously called Natural Wonder, this is the more melodic, savvy one and you might like it. Maybe I'm lying and it's the innocent, straight record so maybe you should get Vol 3 instead if you're in a darker mood. But that's not really true either. Or maybe it's one of those records that grows on you the more you continue playing it... like a cancer. The musicians who played on all three albums don't deserve to be involved in these kamikaze promotional descriptions so don't blame them for any of this... The modern world of record making has become so fucking dull and obedient that someone has to ram a poison dagger up your asses and since you're all under hypnosis, I promise you won't feel a thing. I could pay Dougie Jones to write this piece to match your intellect or hire a publicity company to promote it but who really gives a fuck?... By deciding to write my own album promos, I can perform some market research. For example, this album description text will undoubtedly be copy/pasted by most online retailers onto their respective sites because they don't write their own new album reviews or get too excited about music, they simply want to create the illusion that they're in business to sell records. So I could put something like: Fuck all website retailers that copy/paste this description onto their site because they are too fucking cheap, lazy or chicken shit to have an opinion to write individual album reviews—and they probably wouldn't even notice while doing it. Anyway, back to my new album. These songs are pretty good, most likely way better than your songs, and I don't even have time to be a real songwriter, so what does that say about you? It says that you suck. And most of you do. But you should buy my new three album set because it's probably as good or better than any other LPs that will be released this year. But if you aren't ready to go all-in with confidence, then forget it."—Alvarius B. One-time pressing; Includes printed inner sleeve with lyrics and credits.) 25.00

ALVARIUS B - Heathen Folklore - With A Beaker On The Burner And An Otter In The Oven - Vol. 3 LP ("Serial killing was one of history's greatest art forms. Now it's becoming almost impossible to get a skull-drilling startup off the ground unless you murder for the corporations or governments where you have highly organized protection from any enforceable law but at the expense of sacrificing all the glory for the anonymity required to maintain employment. So, unfortunately, the days of any zit topography random commoner being able to string together a few killings to hit the big time before being caught has almost come to an end. Sad. This record, the third and final volume of my new three-LP set called Heathen Folklore, could serve as somewhat of a manual of inspiration on how one could start such a career, as risky and unpopular as it is. It gets much more fucked-up than the previous two LPs, and sometimes I think it's the best one due to that aspect. I'd have to give it one more listen but I also think this is the LP with coded messages that could trigger an unsuspecting listener to start his/her career in extreme behavior. But killing isn't everything you know. There are many more ways to express yourself and reach the top of the charts these days. In fact, I saw Burt Bacharach three weeks ago gripping a huge fucking machete while chasing modern dance music architects off his champion ship and into deep water where they hopefully became shark bait. And to set the record straight, Jimi Hendrix did not fake his death and become Morgan Freeman nor was Hunter S. Thompson directing snuff films. But most of that other weird shit you hear about these days is probably true. And I'm working on a film called 'Being Alvarius B.' where all of you loser fucks crawl into my brain and see yourselves from my perspective and then commit collective suicide because you finally realize I was right all along. And I am. Can't wait to make more albums so I can write these album descriptions. Cocksuckers.”—Alvarius B. One-time pressing; Includes printed inner sleeve with lyrics and credits.) 25.00

ANGEL OLSEN - phases LP (jagjaguwar . How do you best describe Angel Olsen? From the lo-fi, sparse folk-melancholy of her 2010 EP, Strange Cacti, to the electrified, polished rock ‘n’ roll bursting from 2016’s beloved and acclaimed MY WOMAN, Olsen has refused to succumb to a single genre, expectation, or vision. Impossible to pin down, Olsen navigates the world with her remarkable, symphonic voice and a propensity for narrative, her music growing into whatever shape best fits to tell the story. Phases is a collection of Olsen’s work culled from the past several years, including a number of never-before-released tracks. “Fly On Your Wall,” previously contributed to the Bandcamp-only, anti-Trump fundraiser Our First 100 Days, opens Phases, before seamlessly slipping into “Special,” a brand new song from the MY WOMAN recording sessions. Both “How Many Disasters” and “Sans” are first-time listens: home-recorded demos that have never been released, leaning heavily on Olsen’s arresting croon and lonesome guitar.The b-sides compilation is both a testament to Olsen’s enormous musical range and a tidy compilation of tracks that have previously been elusive in one way or another. Balancing tenacity and tenderness, Phases acts as a deep-dive for longtime fans, as well as a fitting introduction to Olsen’s sprawling sonics for the uninitiated.) 19.00

BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper DLP (profiund lore - Received an 8.0 rating from Pitchfork.  With their third full-length album Mirror Reaper, Seattle doom metal duo Bell Witch have created their most enormous and all-encompassing work to date.The band takes their blueprint for minimalistic, mournful, yet massive sound and expands it to a new level, doing the unthinkable in the genre: a continuous 83-minute piece unfolding as a single time-stretching track. Once again engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson (who claims this as one of the milestones in his entire producing career) the duo of Dylan Desmond (bass, vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums, vocals, organ) push the sound even further beyond their landmark 2015 album, the genre-defining Four Phantoms. With organ adding a new layer, the album also sees honorary member and guest vocalist Erik Moogridge (Aerial Ruin) return once again offering an even more prominent presence with his vocals. On the themes surrounding the concept and lyrics, the band states: “Our original idea for this record was to write a two-song album titled As Above / So Below. These two songs would have been split into seven movements to correlate with the seven Hermetic principals. The process took a life of its own and upon completion we have one song spanning 83 minutes. It is titled in reference to the axiom ‘As Above So Below’. During the writing process we were devastated by the loss of our dear friend and former drummer, Adrian Guerra. Out of love for and in respect to his memory, we reserved an important yet brief section in the song for him that features vocal tracks left over from our previous album. We believe he would be proud of it.”) 32.00

THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION - The Waiter Chapters I-VIII LP (robotic empire - Hailing from the sun-drenched shores of San Diego, California, The Black Heart Procession has sought to bring their unique dream of winter to life for nearly two decades. Over the course of six full length albums and numerous ancillary offerings, they have captured the essence of heartbreak, the tragedy of discord and the exultation of redemption. Through it all, a mysterious figure, known only as The Waiter, has made intermittent yet poignant appearances—his is a world of cold, sorrow and loss, experienced through his ceaseless turning of memory and dream. Chronicled here in one volume are his exhaustive laments: eight chapters spanning those six albums and numerous releases, including two rare and one previously unreleased title. Listen and wait, unburden the heart and soul and dream, dream, dream, my lonely one….) 22.00

ERIK ENOCKSSON - Farväl Falkenberg LP (posh isolation - Farväl Falkenberg is an album by Erik Enocksson and a soundtrack to the movie of the same name. It is 10 years old this year and in celebration of that Posh Isolation is rereleasing it in a remastered version with new artwork, giving it its first widespread LP release to date.) 20.00

EXPLODED VIEW - Summer Came Early LP (sacred bones . xploded View is: Annika Henderson, Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo. After finishing the songs that became their self-titled debut LP for Sacred Bones, Exploded View decided to go back into the studio and record some more. Mixed in with some of the outtakes of the first record, such as “Mirror of the Madman,” the songs on Summer Came Early signal a step forward for the band, revealing more clarity and focus than the first, yet retaining a certain messy experimentalism that gives them the freedom they crave.  ) 15.00

FACELESS BURIAL - Grotesque Miscreation LP (Coming from the underlands of scorched minds and poisonous everything, FACELESS BURIAL have arrived to ruin you with 34 minutes of blast-surging, malformed death metal mayhem. Hyper-menacing. Grinding. Dirty. Death. Members of AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE, WHITE WALLS and INTERNAL ROT if you're keeping score. 666 copies on shrouded mystery colored vinyl housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket adorned with art by XAVIER IRVINE. Recorded by FINN KEANE, Xavier Irvine. Mastered by MIKEY YOUNG. ) 18.00

FRANCO BATTIATO - Fetus LP (superior viaduct - Franco Battiato is often heralded as Italy’s answer to Brian Eno. A quizzical composer / lyricist, Battiato turned pop music upside down in the early ‘70s with three classic LPs—Fetus, Pollution and Sulle Corde Di Aries—that formed a confluence of avant-folk sensibilities and analog electronics.  Originally released in 1971 on Bla Bla, Fetus predated the prodigious Cramps and Multhipla catalogues to become one of the first electronic records produced in Italy. With his trusted VCS3 synthesizer, Battiato created primordial soundscapes that shift between dreamy and delirious. His unsentimental, yet evocative voice—combined with a sublimely detached approach to lyrics—spawned a new breed of divergent songwriting.  Fetus, a concept album exploring themes of genetic engineering, is enigmatically sub-titled “Ritorno al Mondo Nuovo” (Return to the New World) and dedicated to Aldous Huxley. While the sleeve design may have raised a few eyebrows upon its initial release, the back cover photograph of Battiato (standing defiant in dark glasses) makes the real iconoclastic statement.  Battiato’s infectious melodies and innovative sound-collage techniques remain uniquely spry given that each track averages less than four minutes in length. Pink Floyd’s Meddle, Os Mutantes’ eponymous recordings and Jim O’Rourke’s experimental-pop idiosyncrasies all find parallels to the curious beauty of Fetus.  Superior Viaduct is honored to present the first-time domestic release of Fetus on vinyl. Reproducing the original gatefold jacket, this reissue is part of an archival series that chronicles Franco Battiato’s masterful body of work from 1971 to 1978.) 27.00

FRANCO BATTIATO - Pollution LP (superior - Franco Battiato is often heralded as Italy’s answer to Brian Eno. A quizzical composer / lyricist, Battiato turned pop music upside down in the early ‘70s with three classic LPs—Fetus, Pollution and Sulle Corde Di Aries—that formed a confluence of avant-folk sensibilities and analog electronics.  Pollution from 1972 is the captivating follow-up to Fetus. Like its predecessor, the album features Baroque textures, motorik rhythms, weird tape effects and Battiato’s perfectly oblique vocals. Upon hearing Pollution, Frank Zappa joyfully proclaimed it “genius.”  While Battiato’s core group of collaborators remains largely the same as on his debut, this phenomenal band (joined by an eighteen-year-old Roberto Cacciapaglia on keys) appears even more in the foreground on Pollution. Out of the Ash Ra Tempel-like riffs and urgent guitar strumming emerge hypnotic grooves and cinematic flourishes, suggesting a futuristic meeting point between Stereolab and Ennio Morricone.  Dedicated to the Centro Internazionale Studi Magnetici, Pollution touches on themes of environmental catastrophe. Futurist allusions seep in through eccentric lyrics (at times sung backwards) about hydraulics, magnetic fields, etc., yet listeners don’t need to speak the artist’s language to grasp his melancholy vision. With Pollution, Battiato solidifies not only his cult figure status, but also many of his forward-thinking ideas on rock ‘n’ roll.  Superior Viaduct is honored to present the first-time domestic release of Pollution on vinyl. Reproducing the original gatefold jacket, this reissue is part of an archival series that chronicles Franco Battiato’s masterful body of work from 1971 to 1978.) 27.00

FRANCO BATTIATO - Sulle Corde Di Aries LP (Franco Battiato is often heralded as Italy’s answer to Brian Eno. A quizzical composer / lyricist, Battiato turned pop music upside down in the early ‘70s with three classic LPs—Fetus, Pollution and Sulle Corde Di Aries—that formed a confluence of avant-folk sensibilities and analog electronics. 1973’s Sulle Corde Di Aries is the third chapter in Battiato’s foray into esoteric pop. While the artist would venture further out into avant-garde terrain on subsequent releases, his early records enjoy a lyrical and playful spirit—eschewing traditional, song-based composition in favor of kosmische voyages. On Sulle Corde Di Aries, Battiato guides the labyrinthine structural changes and majestic tones to evolve gradually over four electroacoustic suites. “Sequenze e Frequenze,” the album’s side-long centerpiece, blooms in a polyphony of organic pulses reminiscent of the vibrant keyboard minimalism of Terry Riley’s A Rainbow In Curved Air and the rhythmic interconnectedness of Can’s Ege Bamyasi.  While Fetus and Pollution are often considered his masterpieces, Sulle Corde Di Aries remains a hidden gem in Battiato’s catalogue. With more of a cohesive album-feel than the previous records, Sulle Corde Di Aries slows the pace to take in the sweeping scope of otherworldly sounds and soulful harmonies. ) 27.00

HOWARD HELLO - Election Year LP (temprorary - After more than ten years apart, multi-instrumentalist songwriters Marty Anderson (Dilute, Okay) and Kenseth Thibideau (Tarentel, Sleeping People) have reconnected to resurrect Howard Hello. Originally founded to craft music inspired by the American Zeitgeist, Election Year finds Howard Hello returning to familiar themes: The dichotomies of reality and illusion; organic and synthetic; sincerity and irony; faith and fact. These themes, however familiar, are perhaps no more confusing and confounding than right now in present-day United States (hence the album's title). Musically Anderson and Thibideau use music as an analogy, fusing abstract and traditional instrumental textures with angelic, distorted layers of vocal accompaniment. Their collaborative connection is extraordinary and rare, symbiotic craftsmen of profound meditations that are as fascinatingly weird as they are irrefutably wonderful.) 20.00

GUN OUTFIT - Out Of Range LP (paradise of - Like a stone eroded by years in the arroyo, Gun Outfit’s enveloping “Western expanse” aesthetic of guitar levitations and honky-tonk hexes has become gradually smoother over time. Their fifth LP ranks as their most brutally beautiful statement yet. Drawing from mythologies both classical and postmodern, Out of Range builds a world in which Brueghel the Elder, St. Augustine, and the ancient goddess Cybele ride with John Ford, Samuel Beckett, and Wallace Stevens on a Orphic-Gnostic suicide drive towards the hallucinatory vanishing points of the Southwestern desert, debating the denouement of the decaying American dream.  “And Orpheus’ ghost fled under the earth, and knew The places he had known before.”  – Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book XI - RIYL: Steve Gunn, Terry Allen, Promised Land Sound, Chance, Amps for Christ, Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth, Waylon Jennings, Lee Hazlewood, Blaze Foley, Townes Van Zandt, Kurt Vile. ) 20.00

JOHN FRUSCIANTE - Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt DLP (superior - Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt is the first solo record by John Frusciante. Between 1990 and 1992 the guitarist made a series of 4-track recordings, which at the time were not intended for commercial release. After leaving the band Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992, Frusciante was encouraged by friends to release the material that he wrote in his spare time during the Blood Sugar Sex Magik sessions.  Originally released on Rick Rubin’s American Recordings label in 1994, Niandra LaDes is a mystifying work of tortured beauty. Frusciante plays various acoustic and electric guitars, experimenting with layers of vocals, piano and reverse tape effects. Channeling the ghosts of Syd Barrett and Skip Spence, his lyrics are at once utterly personal and willfully opaque.  Frusciante’s rapidfire, angular playing shows how key he was in the Chili Peppers’ evolution away from their funk-rock roots. His cover of “Big Takeover” perfectly deconstructs the Bad Brains original with laid-back tempo, twelve-string guitar and a fierce handle on melody.  The album’s second part—thirteen untitled tracks that Frusciante defines as one complete piece, “Usually Just A T-Shirt”—contains several instrumentals featuring his signature guitar style. Sparse phrasing, delicate counterpoint and ethereal textures recall Neu/Harmonia’s Michael Rother or The Durutti Column’s Vini Reilly.  On the front cover, Frusciante appears in 1920s drag—a nod to Marcel Duchamp’s alter-ego Rrose Sélavy—which comes from Toni Oswald’s film Desert in the Shape. This first-time vinyl release has been carefully remastered and approved by the artist. The double LP set is packaged with old style tip-on gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeves.) 33.00

LLACUNA - s/t LP (A lagoon (in Catalan, "llacuna") is not born out of nothing. Behind this band name we can find four regular members of the Spanish punk underground (Eric Font, Eloi Nadales, Albert Riera, Gerard Serrano), linked to acts like Hurricäde, I'M, Föbia, Turnstile, the Saltamarges label or the extinguished Eclectic music venue, to name a few examples. Their cover letter is the self-titled album "Llacuna" (October 2017), a five song EP where every track is different from each other despite starting from the same point: all that someone ended up baptizing as "emo-core" and would define the irruption of bands like Rites of Spring in 1985, a genre that currently continues alive internationally, constantly updating. All songs are also connected through Catalan lyrics that permanently navigate the hopelessness/hope dichotomy.) 12.00

LOW ESTATE - Covert Cult Of Death LP (flenser - Low Estate is serious music played by men inclined to laugh themselves to death. The title of their debut album, Covert Cult Of Death, is taken from the book The Insanity Of Normality by Swiss-German psychologist Arno Gruen, whose argument that evil is the result of self-hatred and self-betrayal forms the backbone of the group’s thematic approach. With backgrounds in classic metal, hardcore, and noise rock, the band has forged an imposing and caustic sound with a wry sense of humor, not reliant on blastbeats or atmospherics. Their off-kilter approach allows for sonic digressions that never overshadow the weight and gravity of the songs. Their heaviness exists near the low-end of black metal, with a healthy dose of ’90s hardcore, and a dash of Jesus Lizard stirred in for good measure. Splitting time between Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY, Low Estate consists of Brendan Tobin (Red Sparrowes) on bass, Geoff Garlock (Orchid) on guitar, Jimmy Hubbard (The Year is One) on vocals, and Christopher Todd (Sannhet) on drums. The album also features appearances by Integrity’s Dwid Hellion, David Castillo of Primitive Weapons, and Zachary Lipez of Publicist UK. Recorded by Tobin, it was mixed by Sanford Parker and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The Covert Cult Of Death is a winding and propulsive meditation on the world as it is, as it has always been.) 18.00

MARTIAL CANTEREL - Lost At Sea LP (dias - Since composer SEAN MCBRIDE unveiled his first utterance as MARTIAL CANTEREL almost two decades ago, he has produced a body of work both substantial and alluring within the field of live analogue electronic music. Effortlessly fusing a variety of styles and influences, Martial Canterel is one of the premiere outfits utilizing analogue electronics and modular synthesizers. In particular FM synthesis is employed to produce clustered polyphonies and organic atmospheres—a staple of his signature style. Three years have passed since Martial Canterel’s last full length album Gyors, Lassù was released on Dais Records. During this down time, McBride found himself in a state of flux, ebbing back and forth between material displacement and musical aestheticism. His expert pedigree in electronic sound and arrangement bridges the gap created by an undecidability between life at home and abroad - his new album, Lost At Sea, is an attempt for the artist to locate common ground, mutating fable with reality, exteriority and interiority.) 22.00

NO LIGHT - Gemini LP (Copenhagen, Denmark-based alternative/indie rock outfit, NO LIGHT, will issue their debut album Gemini through Indisciplinarian. Issues NO LIGHT of Gemini, “The record was recorded in one intense day, capturing the looseness and the honesty of the songs which were all written over a short period after the band’s first EP. Usually when you take a long time contemplating the songs, but we decided to let go of our need for control and just go with it.”) 14.00

PATRICK COWLEY - Afternooners DLP (dark entries - Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem Records have teamed up once more to release the final volume of gay porn soundtracks by San Francisco-based musician and producer, Patrick Cowley. One of the most revolutionary and influential figures in the canon of disco, Cowley created his own brand of Hi-NRG dance music, “The San Francisco Sound.” Born in Buffalo, NY on October 19, 1950, Patrick moved to San Francisco in 1971 to study at the City College of San Francisco. He founded the Electronic Music Lab at the school, where he would make experimental soundtracks by blending various types of music and adapting them to the synthesizer. By the mid-70’s, Patrick’s synthesis techniques landed him a job composing and producing songs for disco superstar Sylvester, including hits like “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”, “Dance Disco Heat” and “Stars.” This helped Patrick obtain more work as a remixer and producer. His 18-minute long remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and his production work with edgy New Wave band Indoor Life were both of particular note. By 1981, Patrick had released a string of dance 12″ singles, like “Menergy” and “Megatron Man”. He also had founded Megatone Records, the label upon which he released his debut album, “Menergy”. Around this time Patrick was hospitalized and diagnosed with an unknown illness: that which would later be called AIDS. Throughout 1982, he recorded two more Hi-NRG hits, “Do You Wanna Funk” for Sylvester, and “Right On Target” for Paul Parker, as well as a second solo album “Mind Warp”. On November 12, 1982, he passed away.) 24.00

ROBERT CROTTY & LOREN CONNORS - Robert Crotty with Me: Loren's Collection LP + CD (family vineyard - In the years 1978 to 1981, Robert Crotty would show up on Loren Connors' doorstep in New Haven, Connecticut with his tiny, almost toy guitar. The two would then spend hours playing acoustic blues, the likes of which was absolutely staggering in its truthfulness. "Robert Crotty with Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1987)" is the first anthology of the late bluesman's work, as selected by Connors, his former playing partner and avant blues master. These are the unheard tapes of Crotty and Connors communing with the spirits of Delta and County Blues through their own revisions of standards and tingle-inducing improvisations. These also some of the Connors' earliest available recordings showing the development of his iconoclast guitar style and vocal moan. Crotty was a New Haven lifer and linchpin of the region's blues scene yet, he never achieved much recognition outside local bars and house parties - until now. The album features never before heard recordings, unseen photos, liner notes by Connors and Crotty's brother plus a bonus CD: the first-time reissue of Crotty's ultra rare sole LP "Robert Crotty Blues" and 7-inch -- both released on Connors' private St. Joan imprint in the late 1980s. RIYL Blind Willie Johnson, Bill Orcutt, Robert Johnson, Sam Cooke, Keiji Haino) 20.00

THE STALLION - The Dark Side Of The Wall 3xLP (in the red - All hail the debut release from The Stallion! The Stallion is Ben Wallers and Alastair Mackinven of the Country Teasers. For two years they labored at the legendary Hit Factory recording studios in London as their schedule allowed. The project at hand was their long-planned / often-threatened The Dark Side Of The Wall—a song for song interpretation of Pink Floyd’s 1979 album The Wall. At long last In The Red is proud to unveil the results. It should surprise no one familiar with Ben Wallers’s work or record collection that he would choose this particular album to honor. The Wall’s influence has been noticeable in his music before (see “Spiderman In The Flesh” from the Country Teasers’ Empire Strikes Back album). The man likes his Floyd—he even rates The Final Cut as “brilliant”. ) 43.00


ANNA ST. LOUIS - First Songs TAPE (woodists - Despite her last name, Anna St. Louis was born and raised in Kansas City. She grew up a painter and singing in punk bands, eventually leaving her hometown to attend art school in Philadelphia. After graduating she made the move to Los Angeles where she began teaching herself guitar, writing songs and recording them on her own in her bedroom. First Songs is the sound of someone discovering their talent in real time—a peak into a wonderful mind absorbing new surroundings and using new tools to put them into the room. Listening to this collection one can feel the sun coming in through the window, St. Louis on the foot of her bed with a guitar on the knee, finding her voice. St. Louis wears her influences well—think Patsy Cline singing over John Fahey—but has a style all her own. And while you can take the artist out of the midwest, you can't take the midwest out of the artist—so let this be known: this is Midwestern music run through a California filter. Anna St. Louis will have many more releases in her lifetime, but let it all begin here.) 8.00

HELL - II TAPE (Record number two from this black/doom/sludge outfit from Salem, Oregon, the second in a proposed trilogy, this one taking the already grim and abject sound of the first installment even further, dragging them even deeper into the infernal pits, the sound hellish and hateful and harrowing, the opening track beginning life as a bleak slab of churning slow motion dirgery, a filthy, crusty tarpit creep, the sound raw and blown out, the guitars tuned WAY down, the vocals a demonic hellish croak, the crushing black doom eventually swallowed up by a cloud of psychedelic guitar swirl, a sort of black metal buzz, but blurred into stasis, before the whole thing collapses into a black hole of crumbling low end and Merzbowic black noise, before briefly returning to the initial doomic plod, before spacing out completely into a hazy stretch of almost Earth like twang, although here it's wreathed in heaving black clouds of buzz, the sound constantly shifting over the course of the rest of the song, from shimmery drift, to wild tangled guitar freakout, to stumbling churn, to blurred drone. And that's just the first track. Although it does lay the groundwork for the rest of the record, the guitars seeming to grow even more blown out, the vocals more and more anguished, the downtuned riffs, even more downtuned, as if the whole thing was melting right there on your turntable. "Metnal" mixes in some actual black metal blasts, as well as some swirling ethereal ambience, "Trucid" too, unfurls some black buzz, strangely twisted and tangled, and in-the-red, so it almost sounds like the tape is malfunctioning, all woozy and warped, before slipping into the prettiest stretch on the album, a lilting clean guitar drift, that leads directly into "Umbilicus", which at nearly 8 minutes is the shortest of the bunch, but which also manages to be the heaviest, the sound so dense and blown out, it pushes the black buzz into the realms of Tim Hecker, the crumbling buzz becoming a wall of roiling texture, the track lurching into a weird convoluted noise rock groove, stonery and sludgey, eventually shedding the sludge, leaving just some muted drumming, and a brittle layer of guitar buzz, that drifts into the weirdly melodic doom-sludge coda. Epic and crushing, brutal and beautiful.) 7.00

ORTEGA - Sacred States TAPE (Since 2007, Ortega have been exploring the murky depths of humanity's longing for the horizon. Perilous courses which drag carcasses ashore, sojourns that tell of the bells that chime on the sands below, collisions of doom, sludge and noise that tell tales of abyssal mankind. ) 7.00

PALACE OF WORMS / ECFERUS - split TAPE (The night sky shimmered. Even though the midewikwe could not have seen it, she was sitting upright. Her neck hairs bristled. “Not now…” She grabbed a cloak, and slid out of the lodge.  “NOT NOW” she screamed at the screens, flickering, pulsating, never sure. The smell of burning copper started to overwhelm her other senses, green blots and piercing bursts of blue took over. ) 7.00

QUIET SLANG (BEACH SLANG) - We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags TAPE (“BEACH SLANG delivers acoustic versions (complete with piano and strings) of two beloved Beach Slang tracks, along with covers of The Replacements and Big Star. I suppose we’re all chasing something that resembles salvation, something that calms our bones. Maybe this is some small slice of that. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s chaos in soft clothes. Maybe it’s frightened. Maybe it’s fearless. Maybe it’s both. Or maybe it’s nothing. I don’t know, but I think about this: one day I’m going to be dust. And when my soul splits, maybe this will be the thing that sneaks me through the gates. If not, well, those are the breaks.”—James Alex [Quiet Slang]. ) 7.00


TONY RETTMAN - Straight Edge - A Clear-headed Hardcore Punk History BOOK (Starting in 1981 via MINOR THREAT's revolutionary call to arms, the clean and positive straight edge hardcore punk movement took hold and prospered during the 1980s, earning a position as one of the most durable yet chronically misunderstood music subcultures. Straight edge created its own sound and visual style, went on to embrace vegetarianism, and later saw the rise of a militant fringe. As the “don’t drink, don’t smoke” message spread from Washington, D.C., to Boston, California, New York City, and, eventually, the world, adherents struggled to define the fundamental ideals and limits of what may be the ultimate youth movement. TONY RETTMAN traces the story of straight edge from adolescent origins to enduring counterculture via fresh first-hand accounts from the clear and alert members of Minor Threat, SS DECONTROL, YOUTH OF TODAY, DYS, SLAPSHOT, UNIFORM CHOICE, 7 SECONDS, STALAG 13, JUSTICE LEAGUE, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, NO FOR AN ANSWER, INSTED, GORILLA BISCUITS, JUDGE, BOLD, PROJECT X, LARM, BROTHERHOOD, SHELTER, H2O, HALF OFF, RESURRECTION, RAID, STRIFE, EARTH CRISIS, VEGAN REICH, MINDSET, STOP AND THINK, MOUTHPIECE, FLOORPUNCH, TEN YARD FIGHT, MENTAL, FUCKED UP, TRIAL, HAVE HEART, CLEAR, THE GEEKS, and many others. 384-page softcover book with 16-page color insert. 6.75” x 9.5” (170mm x 240mm); 2.75 lb. (1.2 kg)) 30.00angel
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER NOV (Converge, John Maus, Haunter, Effec

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 17 Nov 2017, 13:57

hi, welcome to our friendly routine. Lots of records arrived this week again, lots quiet heavy stuff like the new ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Hostage Animal LP on southern lord, ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard Bloody Wizard LP, CHRISTINA KUBISCH / ELEH - split LP, MARTIAL CANTEREL re issues, Epitaph restocks of the PROPAGANDHI - Victory Lap LP and the TOUCHE AMORE - Stage Four.LP and we also got the new QUICKSAND LP on Epitaph, OM restocks, SUNN o)) and SLEEP restocks, new LVMEN - Mitgefangen Mitgehangen LP …

vendetta repressed the PARAMNESIA - ce que dit la bouche d'ombre LP.

so far so good - don´t miss the SHOPPING SHOW on Nov 25th

25.11. SHOPPING (UK) plus Bikini Jesus at Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


LION - You've Got A Woman 7“ (numero - Lion—and the mean ecstasy of “You’ve Got A Woman,” the B-side to their sole release—comprise a rare burst of psychedelic-Western soul from two names best known for Dutch progressive rock and new wave. Drummer Peter de Leeuwe, departing from the symphonic leanings of Dutch prog-fixtures Ekseption, penned it in 1975, layering syncopated explosions of hand-claps, vibraslap and slick drumwork with neutron-star density, with super-producer Hans van Hemert nearly bursting Glenn Robles’ vocals through the fore. The “Shoes Subtle Edit” provides exactly that, gently teasing the organ- and requinto-hinted contours of the track to better suit the treasure within. Chicago-based septet Whitney have brought some attention to "You've Got A Woman" with a recent cover, and the faith with which they recreate much of the original instrumentation proves the extent of Lion's accomplishment.) 9.00


HEXIS - XII 10" + CD (On this new 5 songs ep, Hexis strikes harder, hit faster and takes no prisoner. These guys are not doing a sort of post black metal hipster shit, goddamn no. They are actually the best representation of what black metal has to be in 2017: fierce, relentless, uncompromising, dangerous & wicked. Their style is still firmly rooted in a sort of hardcore urgency, but the atmosphere on this songs is so thick that you’ll somehow find yourself walking in a forest, surrounded by deep fog, unable to see anything, but clearly earing the wolves all around you. This ep is the real deal if you’re searching for pure darkness.) 12.00


ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Hostage Animal LP (southern lord - All Pigs Must Die are far more than the sum of their parts, and their fusion of crust punk, hardcore and metal is more ferocious than ever before. The band return with Hostage Animal and an expanded lineup, thanks to the addition of Trap Them’s Brian Izzi. Bound by a shared sonic vision, APMD is comprised of some of the most well-seasoned musicians on the eastern seaboard —Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), Ben Koller (Converge), Matt Woods, and Adam Wentworth (both of Bloodhorse). Distilling aggressive music to its purest tenets, APMD craft songs that pulverize, gnash, and whirl with a punishing delivery. APMD unleashed their first full length with 2011’s God Is War. The 30-minute rip was a nod to primeval disdain and anger. Exploring facets of human conflict one track at a time, God Is War introduced the world to a whole new spectrum of rage. In 2013, APMD upped the ante with Nothing Violates This Nature. Honing their craft with more speed and filth, APMD pushed their sound closer to the edge of the cliff. 2017 sees the release of APMD’s third full-length, Hostage Animal. Like its predecessors, Hostage Animal was recorded at Kurt Ballou’s GodCity Studio. But that is where the similarities end; Hostage Animal ushers in the most concise, yet dynamic collection of work in the band’s catalog. As a 5-piece, APMD broadens their sound without abandoning any brutality. Drawing from inspirations as diverse as  Slayer, Trouble, Morbid Angel (old), GISM, Jesus Lizard, Bathory, Ulver (old), Sepultura (old), Nietzsche, Heidegger, Darwin, pessimism, fear, hatred, paranoia, THC. This is a record that will leave you with whiplash of both body and mind.) 18.00

BLACK CAPRICORN - omega 2xLP (Debut album by doom band Black Capricorn from Cagliari / Sardegna. limited to 300 copies) 20.00

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY - Psychosis LP (napalm - Breath in, breath out: "Psychosis" is the fourth installment from the most lucent export of Brazil: CAVALERA CONSPIRACY! The Thrash Metal-brothers Iggor and Max Cavalera dive deep into the mire of human panic and anxiety states. This is the soundtrack to your worst sickness, a most sinister Thrash-psychoses that rip the scabs from old wounds. The album features brutal shredding on the track "Spectral War" then progresses to super-fast blastbeats in "Judas Pariah" that lead into the stomping beast called "Crom". A hail of Black and Death Metal-arsenal that disturb your hearing in so many ways! Just merciless. Primarily these guitar solos chatter in paranoid disharmony. With "Psychosis" CAVALERA CONSPIRACY are able to reanimate the intensity of the good old 80s thrash, black and death metal. This record is so powerful, that even the thought of hearing this wonder hurts. The brothers Cavalera have outlived all the crazy eras of metal and remain more stable and frightening than ever! "Psychosis" is terrific, in the truest sense of the word. You won't find any thrash metal on the planet that could boast more brutal. Bow your heads down amidst the brothers of the crowbar!) 21.00

CHRISTINA KUBISCH / ELEH - split LP (importamnt - This split LP release is packaged in a letterpress printed jacket in an edition of 500 copies. This record is being released at the same time as a new full length from Eleh titled Home Age. Christina Kubisch contemplates Nicolai Tesla and his concept of electrical remoteness as it applies to the modern world. In this piece Kubisch considers whether this is the future Tesla envisioned and what remoteness means in an age where remoteness hardly exists at all. Tesla's Dream includes electromagnetic field recordings from tramways, analog machines, light systems, power stations, airports, banks, secrity systems, advertising and the sounds of discharges and activities of Tesla's own devices. Recorded all over the world. Eleh's composition Ohmage/Resistor utilizes a new kind of spaciousness and was composed for piano & Serge STS modular synthesizers. Though Tesla was not a consideration when the piece was recorded it takes on a new meaning and is well paired with Kubisch’s.) 25.00

CHRISTOPHER YOUNG - Hellraiser OST LP (death waltz - Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to bring you a classic horror soundtrack fresh from the depths of hell - Clive Barker's HELLRAISER with music by celebrated genre composer Christopher Young (THE FLY 2, SPIDER-MAN 3, DEF-CON 4). You know how the story goes, you pick up a strange puzzle box, try and solve it, and get pulled into hell where you're subjected to infinite torture by a guy with pins in his head. Bad day, bad day. But HELLRAISER is a gothic horror masterpiece celebrating the transcendence of pleasure into pain and the question of what can come after death. One thing's for sure: there will be blood. And rats nailed to the wall. Young's main theme mirrors the Lament Configuration, the Rubik's cube of the damned that is the centre of all this bloody mayhem, underlining the seductive nature with violins before opening up with the full orchestra to foretell the true nightmare contained within. The score features industrial elements reminiscent of the band Coil (who were originally due to score the film) intertwined with the sensual gothic overtones illustrating the next level of gratification the box offers, and it explodes in the final act as Pinhead and Co. come for their student of deviancy. Composer Christopher Young wen't back to the original reels for this anniversary remaster celebrating 30 years of the coenobites and the twisted mind of Clive barker.  ) 32.00

CONAN - Man Is Myth (Early Demos) LP (napal, - "Man Is Myth - Early Demos" - The unheard beasts of everything that CONAN stands for! Britain's dirtiest doom metal-band CONAN provide insights into a secret world! "Man Is Myth - Early Demos" are unheard beasts out of their rehearsal room and studio. It roars and cranks all over, dull distortion drags nerves into the coldest regions of the world. It's no accident that they call themselves Caveman Battle Doom. "Man Is Myth - Early Demos" is the primordial soup for everything that CONAN stands for. There is nothing that fascinates more than the crudity of underlying ideas of eventual noise-hits. "Satsumo" revives in it’s rawness of the demo-version of 2006, "Gravity Chasm" throbs with booming guitars. The grand finale is the previously unreleased "Domed Iron Boss" - the cherry on top of the cake.) 21.00

ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard Bloody Wizard LP (spinefarm - “Wizard Bloody Wizard” transcends whatever the in-thing of the moment is, and focuses instead on musicianship, the album's all-analog approach creates a warm, vintage sound for the songs and on the whole Electric Wizard feels re-energized, whilst  remaining true to their seedy pedigree.) 19.00

ELEH - home age LP (important - Home Age is the first proper Eleh full length since 2012's Homage To The Pointed Waveforms. Packaged in a deluxe gold on black heavy duty letterpress jacket made by Studio On Fire in Minneapolis. Edition of 500. Also available simultaneously is a new split LP between Eleh & Christina Kubisch.) 25.00

FREE JAZZ WORKSHOP - inter fréquence LP (The Free Jazz Workshop came into being in 1967 but their first album, Inter Fréquences, only appeared in 1973. Unfortunately there is no recorded trace of the group including the first drummer Pierre Guyon before he was replaced by Christian Rollet in 1970. One of the slogans doing the rounds at the time sets the tone: "Aesthetic liberation is but a prelude to the liberation of humanity." The trajectory of the Free Jazz Workshop (which became the Workshop de Lyon in 1975 with the arrival of clarinetist-saxophonist Louis Sclavis) is emblematic of the emancipation of the mindset of certain French musicians during this period. It has been an exceptionally long-lived trajectory a "half-century" as the members say, during which the group - in Christian Rollet's own words – went from being "an exploratory workshop who claimed to take no account of the musical certitudes of the majority" to becoming something of a classic institution. Right from this first album it is clear that the group would function as a collective with no designated leader. The legacy and influence of American free jazz can be heard throughout: Albert and Don Ayler, or Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry for the horns of Maurice Merle and Jean Mereu; Cecil Taylor for the pianist Patrick Vollat, absent from the group after the second album La Chasse de Shirah Sharibad; Gary Peacock and Barre Phillips for the bass; Sunny Murray or Milford Graves for the rhythmic agitation; but also the Art Ensemble of Chicago for the collective aspect. This lyrical, incandescent album, alongside those released by François Tusques and the Cohelmec Ensemble at the same period, represents one the high points of free jazz produced by French musicians. ) 21.00

HYPOTHERMIA - svarta nyanser av lius LP (Definitively one of the best “depressive Black Metal” bands out there, recommended! This is their demo from 2004.) 14.00

JOSEFUS - same LP (akrama - reissue on AKARMA of the second LP by Texas-based hard psych outfit Josefus. Originally issued by Mainstream in 1970) 18.00

LVMEN - Mitgefangen Mitgehangen LP (day after - New album after 9 years. For fans of Neurosis, Isis, Slint, Swans,Lightbearer, Russian Circles, Fall of Efrafa, ….) 17.00

MARTIAL CANTEREL - Lost At Sea LP (Since composer SEAN MCBRIDE unveiled his first utterance as MARTIAL CANTEREL almost two decades ago, he has produced a body of work both substantial and alluring within the field of live analogue electronic music. Effortlessly fusing a variety of styles and influences, Martial Canterel is one of the premiere outfits utilizing analogue electronics and modular synthesizers. In particular FM synthesis is employed to produce clustered polyphonies and organic atmospheres—a staple of his signature style. Three years have passed since Martial Canterel’s last full length album Gyors, Lassù was released on Dais Records. During this down time, McBride found himself in a state of flux, ebbing back and forth between material displacement and musical aestheticism. His expert pedigree in electronic sound and arrangement bridges the gap created by an undecidability between life at home and abroad - his new album, Lost At Sea, is an attempt for the artist to locate common ground, mutating fable with reality, exteriority and interiority.) 25.00

MARTIAL CANTEREL - Drilling Backwards LP (Ltd. to 500 copies, deluxe letterpress sleeve, incl. lyric sheet Essential recordings by this minimal synth master of our age. Deluxe re-issue edition of Martial Canterel's third album from 2006. Originally released on cassette only, now on vinyl for the first time. With the staccato surge and somber vocalizing of DAF, the distorted synthetic soundscapes of Dirk Ivens' eeriest work, and the industrial strength of The Young Gods, Martial Canterel’s earliest outings are a bleak intellectual exercise in the dark and danceable. His music creates a cold atmosphere, and has an ominous melancholy feel to it. The emotional, and sometimes dark feel of the album is everything electronic new wave music should be. it's futuristic, robotic, and at the same time, nostalgic. In 2002 Sean McBride began performing at bars, clubs and private parties in Brooklyn, NY, functioning singlehandedly as the pioneer and instigator of what would become a new movement of minimal electronic bands in the United States. Inspired both by the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in Northern Europe (a musical genre also often referred to as ‘minimal synth‘) and the seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and Cabaret Voltaire.) 25.00

PROPAGANDHI - Victory Lap LP (epitaph - Over five years removed from their Failed States LP, Propagandhi have returned with new full-length Victory Lap.12 tracks in length, the band are continuing to morph their spry, catchy pop-punk leanings into the aggressive blend of melodic hardcore and thrash that has permeated their past two releases.) 18.00

QUICKSAND - Interiors LP (epitaph - New York City post-hardcore band Quicksand have released Interiors, their first album in 22 years. Interiors features the band’s original (and only) lineup of drummer Alan Cage, frontman/guitarist Walter Schreifels, bassist Sergio Vega, and guitarist Tom Capone. Recorded at Studio 4 Recording in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, Interiors was produced and engineered by Will Yip (The Menzingers, Title Fight, Pianos Become the Teeth). While the album finds Quicksand embracing the cathartic, guitar-driven dynamic of their earlier work, Interiors also takes on a wider spectrum of sound. “It was all just about being ourselves and who we were as well as who we are,” says Schreifels of the making of Interiors. “We did it for us completely.”) 19.0

SPIRIT DESIRE - distract your mind LP (The influence of nostalgic, ‘90s grunge and emo inspired post hardcore in the vein of BASEMENT, TITLE FIGHT and CITIZEN continues to show here and there, and it’s always a pleasure to realize there’s still room for more rich and compelling records that deserve and reward our close attention. “Distract Your Mind” by alt / melodic post hardcore SPIRIT DESIRE delivers a breeze of tunefulness balanced with moody aggression that recalls the melodically inventive pioneers from the past.) 12.00

SUZANNE CIANI - Help, Help, The Globolinks! LP (finders -keepers - As faithful guardians of the Ciani Musica Inc. studio vault Finders Keepers Records twist the key and return to their collaborative series of previously unreleased music from one of the most important and influential composers in the history of multi-disciplinary electronic music. Open-minded, unpretentious, enigmatic and consistently inspiring, Suzanne Elizabeth Ciani would shatter the mould and invert the stereotype of electronic composers in the early 1970s with a bona fide education in classical music, a clear understanding of technology and a genuine will to communicate and naturalise electronic music. A) 21.00

VIKTOR KNUD - Ambiances / Images DLP ( • 2LP: Edition of 300 copies, gatefold sleeve This reissue documents Knud Viktor’s only two releases on record – Images and Ambiances – both released in 1972 on the french label L’Oiseau Musicien. These records have long been out of print and are hereby made available again, gathering the two separate albums on this double-release. The utmost care has gone into creating a reproduction that is as faithful as possible to the original works. These have been transferred from the original analog master tapes and have not been remastered to any other extent than to prepare them for the vinyl reproduction. Thus, Knud Viktor’s pieces appear with the same degree of tape hiss, hum and other “artefacts” related to his aesthetics, compositional process and tools. Knud Viktor (1924 - 2013, born in Copenhagen) was a Danish recordist and sound artist. Viktor was a pioneer of phonography and sound ecology. Formerly a painter but also a photographer and a film maker, Viktor wanted to picture the landscape by capturing the impact of the intense light and sounds upon animals. He spent most of his life trying to capture the tiny sound of animals and the sound of erosion on the rocks of Régalon (Lubéron, France) where he lived for almost 40 years. Viktor considered the rural landscape of Lubéron as an open territory with its own idiosyncratic acoustic signature. Viktor's methodology of work involved long periods of deep listening before placing his microphones at the right point of ear. "I don't pretend to make music, even if what I hear in nature is produced by forces that seek harmony. I see what I do as a continuation of the painting, surveying sounds that organises sonic intensities most unattendedly, contrastingly, modulated and dissonant. I try to create an enhanced sensation via the sounds, the air, the light, the wind, the rain, the rocks, the vegetation, the smells of Lubéron“.) 30.00

WORKSHOP DE LYON - la chasse de shirah sharibad LP (In France, in the years 1960-1970, musicians pondered over how to transpose the political struggle of free jazz onto a completely different political terrain. One of the first to do so was pianist François Tusques (agitator, theorist and militant) who recorded Free Jazz, and then continued with Le Nouveau Jazz, French equivalents to the American New Thing. The word spread, and was picked up by the Free Jazz Workshop which became the Workshop de Lyon in 1975 with the arrival of clarinetist-saxophonist Louis Sclavis. Still a source of joy, this lyrically feverish second album maintains a narrative dimension however subtle the textures developed through the contrasting collective improvisations. With their ever-inventive melodicism, the Workshop de Lyon invent an imaginary folklore on this album which is unlike any other. It is a knowing mix of the avant-garde and the traditional, collective playing vying, with panache and complexity, with the inspired urgency of the soloists. Even without filmed images the theatricality and humour of the group's live performances, essential components of their identity, can be felt during the long thematic suites which are both expressive and full of joy. What better way to honour their imaginary mentors, Albert Ayler or the Art Ensemble of Chicago! More, More! ) 21.00

YIDHRA - hexed DLP ("Hexed", the first full length studio album from Los Angeles' Doom-Metal Wizards YIDHRA, was released through all major digital outlets on Friday the 13th of September 2013. The vinyl was released on Friday the 13th of December 2013 through Stone Stallion Rex. "Hexed" is the long awaited 9-song follow-up to 2009's critically acclaimed self-titled EP and was recorded at Skull Seven Studios in North Hollywood, CA by legendary producer Bill Metoyer (SLAYER, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, TROUBLE, ARMORED SAINT, DARK ANGEL, SACRED REICH, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, D.R.I.) Metoyer had this to say about working with YIDHRA, “Not since TROUBLE have I worked with a band in this genre so talented. YIDHRA! I have no clue what the name means, but to me it means DOOM!”) 20.00


TORTOISE - On Tour BOOK + CD (The Catastrophist Tour Book intimately captures Tortoise during their 2016 west coast tour in support of The Catastrophist.  The 6” x 8.5” 80 page perfect bound book features photographs shot by photographer Andrew Paynter on black and white film. In addition to live performance images, the book showcases intimate backstage moments as well as photos from the road Packaged with the book is a download coupon for access to unreleased live recordings from the tour + a CD of Tortoise’s 2016 album The Catastrophist with new artwork exclusive to this book release. ) 21.0
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER NOV (Converge, John Maus, Haunter, Effec

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 24 Nov 2017, 16:30

friday it is. our weekly routine …. so as usual tons of great new stuff arrived like new Sonic Pieces releases, a few HÜSKER DÜ box sets, A CERTAIN RATIO re issues, a new THE BODY & FULL OF HELL collab LP, ED ASKEW - A Child in the Sun: Radio Sessions 1969–1970 LP, THE OBSESSED - same LP, LOTH - loth TAPE on Vendetta a bunch of other goodies

so far so good - don´t miss the SHOPPING SHOW tomorrow

25.11. SHOPPING (UK) plus Bikini Jesus at Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


JASON MOLINA - the black sabbath covers 7“ (Limited edition 7" includes two never-before-heard covers of Black Sabbath songs on Side A, and a hand-drawn etching of a ram on Side B! When Jason Molina took on another artist's song, he willed his own universe into it, his own personal and artistic mythology. Be it Conway Twitty or Townes Van Zandt, their blues were infused with Molina's own entrancing blues.) 8.00

SEARCH FOR PURPOSE - More Than Us ... 7“ (ugly and - Search For Purpose is a new US XXX band started as a solo project by some North Carolina kid, Matt Kalbaugh, who was / is known for booking gigs in his area. The record, which is actually the 2 demos, features 5 tracks of 90’s influence Hardcore for fans of Strife, Undertow, Trial and a few classic 90’s band on Crucial Response.) 6.00


A CERTAIN RATIO - The Graveyard And The Ballroom LP (mute - The Graveyard and the Ballroom was the very first album released by A Certain Ratio. It was recorded by legendary producer Martin Hannett and shows the band in their beginning stages, starting to perfect the danceable post-punk that yielded true rewards on their follow up opus To Each. Re-issue on Mute. ) 25.00

A CERTAIN RATIO - force LP (mute - Factory records signing A Certain Ratio have teamed up with Mute for a series of reissues and special releases. Here we have the reissue of their 1986 album Force which is such a defining record in their catalogue of leftfield post punk and disco inspired sound. On LP) 25.00

BITCHIN BAJAS - Bajas Fresh DLP (drag city - Keep on flowing Bajas, so chill and pretty. Next-man expansions of the walls and bridges of our sonics universe, synthesizing amidst a separate but also growing ecosystem. Not enough ‘sh’s in Freshto convey what we're trying to say) 27.00

THE BODY & FULL OF HELL - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light LP (thrill jockey - The Body and Full of Hell are both unique and influential forces in heavy music. Both artists welcome challenges and eschew self-promotion. Each artist seems driven to take risks and push boundaries of what is considered heavy. A clear example being that on recent tours The Body have performed without any live guitar or drums. Both artists enjoy the creative growth and music and good times that come out of collaborations. Each has collaborated often with other unique but like-minded musicians such as Thou, The Haxan Cloak, Merzbow, The Bug and the list goes on. Despite their obvious differences in songwriting, The Body and Full of Hell are unified by their shared aesthetic, catharsis through the manipulation of emotions transformed by visceral noise and fueled by an inescapable sense of dread. They have returned to collaborate again not because of their commonalities but because of their differences and what those differences yield in performance. With Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light, The Body & Full of Hell have integrated a love for electronic noisescapes with abrasive, precise sonic assaults into a sound unlike anything either has produced before. Written and recorded in one week at Machines with Magnets in Providence, the music of Ascending draws from unexpected sources such as reggaetón and jungle (“Master’s Story”). Extremity in The Body & Full of Hell’s music is not based on macho musings or competitive trendiness, but rather is an integral tool to exploring the anxieties of modern life and the bridges between personal and political strife. As leading voices in DIY and underground music communities, The Body & Full of Hell, along with peers such as Thou, are expanding the possibilities of extreme music by shaping worlds of sound with a palette of diverse influences seldom seen in “heavy music” today.) 19.00

CANNABIS CORPSE - left hand pass LP (CANNABIS CORPSE deliver a deadly dose of brutal death metal with their long-awaited new album 'Left Hand Pass'. 'Left Hand Pass' sees the band, led by the imitable Phil "LandPhil" Hall (MUNICIPAL WASTE) and his twin brother Josh "Hallhammer" Hall joined by SIX FEET UNDER guitarist Ray Suhy and his prodigious six-string talents. Under the influence of the genre legends who preceded them, the trio give rise to unrelenting piece of crushing, weed-themed death replete with their signature, THC-fueled, horror fiction lyrics. As tracks such as "The 420th Crusade", "Chronic Breed", and the title track illustrate, 'Left Hand Pass' is another massive step-forward for the band and a monumental piece of U.S. Death Metal.) 17.00

CHRIS GANTRY - At the House of Cash LP (drag city - Back in '73: invited by ol' JC (that's Mister Cash to you and me) to chill out and cut some tracks at his country manor, our hero (Chris Gantry, to you and me) let loose with a surge of revelations of love and haight; minimalist acid-country/folk, as if the genre ever existed! This is the first sign of it since then, made all the sweeter by the years — and the weirder!) 26.00

ED ASKEW - A Child in the Sun: Radio Sessions 1969–1970 LP (drag city - More Astral Folk Gold from the vault — the previously invisble vault that we didn't know existed! Eg., actual realls of Ed Askew radio sessions of from 1969–1970, during his honey-dipped Ask the Unicorn days. Stunning fresh performances of many of his classics, and an unreleased song, even!) 24.00

EMPTINESS - nothing but the whole LP (Since 1998, Belgian death squad Emptiness has show its ability to write surprising material with diversity and set a real identity, pushing boundaries far beyond traditional black/death metal music. Through their powerful sounds and visuals, they express a dark, original view on an empty, valueless world. When Phorgath and Olve aren't busy touring with their other band Enthroned, the band convenes in their own recording studio, Blackout, which serves as a bursting energy lowland where the members can gather and take the time to shape their sound even closer to their aesthetics and intention. ) 15.00

ENSLAVED - Roadburn Live DLP (« Roadburn Live » is Enslaved’s first official live album, a split release between Roadburn Records and By Norse Music. The album was recorded during one of the band’s headline shows at the renown Roadburn Festival 2015; an edition curated by Enslaved’s guitar player Ivar Bjørnson.  The album was mixed by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio, mastered by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Opeth, Sepultura) in Fascination Studios. It is also the last official release with Herbrand Larsen on keys and vocals.  After celebrating 25 years in 2016 showcasing a majority of older material, « Roadburn Live » displays songs mainly from the « newer » and more progressive part of Enslaved’s career, with songs from “In Times”, “Riitiir”, “Isa”, “Below the Lights” and “Monumension”. The album features the guest appearances of Einar Selvik (Wardruna), Aðalbjörn Tryggvason (Sólstafir), Per Wiberg (Opeth, Candlemass); and Menno Gootjes (Focus) on « Immigrant Song », the first cover song by Enslaved to ever appear on a record.) 21.00

FELIX KUBIN - takt der Arbeit LP (editions megs - Originally developed as a film score »Takt der Arbeit« is inspired by a handful of industrial and instructional films from the early 1960's until the early 1990's that portrait different forms of work. Felix Kubin is translating these historic documents into a musical poem of conceptual depth. »Takt der Arbeit« - the beat of work - is not only serving as a title but also as constructive element in this endeavour. Being hunted down by the ever accelerated pulse of our reality is an omnipresent issue in capitalist societies of the the Western world. Living in times of constant exhaustion, it's not only our bodies that have been disciplined by and synchronized to the rhythms of working processes, but also our minds that rage in the tempo of our surroundings. Following an almost analytical effort, Kubin and an ensemble of 3 percussionists are investigating the different qualities and intensities of time that are catalyzed in working processes. While picking up precise temporal and motoric motives of the films, condensing paces and excavating rhythmic patterns, the ensemble is mapping out an animist choreography, shifting from a time when labour was still relying on bodily efforts to a time when machines and ticking clocks seem to reign and model our perception. While Side A is dedicated to procedures that are still based on manual and mechanical movement, Side B is inspired by the digital age, marked by invisible processes and subcutaneous pulses that we internalize. The result is a critical and poetic reflection on the rhythms of our daily life and yet another example of Felix Kubin's skills as a composer, placing him in the field of orchestral music.) 18.00

HÜSKER DÜ - savage young dü 4xLP BOX + Book (numero - 1st press - Experience the punishing sonic origins of a punk icon. Collected here for the first time, and skillfully remastered from original board tapes, demos, and session masters, this collection is an authoritative chronicling of the wellspring and maturation of Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould—three St. Paul teenagers who'd go on to become the most heralded trio of the American punk underground. Follow the Hüskers to their earliest gigs in 1979, through extensive road dog touring, and to the start of their partnership with West Coast tastemaker SST in 1983 via a 108-page hardbound book crammed full of photos, flyers, and a sprawling essay with participation from the band. Spread across four LPs, 47 of the 69 songs compiled here are previously unissued, and includes In A Free Land, Everything Falls Apart , and an alternate Land Speed Record. Package details: •4 LPs 
•Tip on jackets or die cut sleeves •108-page or 144-page hardcover book •Linen-finished slipcase 
•69 songs, 47 previously unissued  •Flyerography  •40 previously unpublished photographs 
•12,000 word essay by Erin Osmon •Sessionography by Paul Hilcoff •Remastered from the original analog tapes) 105.00

JACKIE SHANE - any other way DLP (nuero - Recognized by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in soul music, Jackie Shane has remained largely unknown outside Toronto, where her career briefly flowered in the 1960s. Ms. Shane is a star without parallel—a pioneer of transgender rights born in a male body, living her entire life as a woman at a time when to do so seemed unthinkable. Any Other Way is the first artist-approved collection of Ms. Shane’s work, collecting all six of her 45s and every highlight from the legendary 1967 live sessions at the Sapphire Tavern, including three mind blowing, previously-unreleased tracks. Any Other Way marks Jackie Shane’s first communication with the public in nearly half a century. Rob Bowman's extensive liner notes tell, for the first time ever, Ms. Shane’s story in her own words, copiously illustrated with never-before-seen pictures from a career and life unlike any other.) 27.00

SERGE GAINSBOURG & JEAN CLAUDE VANNIER - Les Chemins De Katmandou LP (finders keepers - After decades in the making, Finders Keepers present the first-ever pressing of Serge Gainsbourg's most elusive studio recordings in Les Chemins De Katmandou. This was co-written, arranged and orchestrated by the genius Jean-Claude Vannier (the arranger behind 1971's Histoire De Melody Nelson) during what many consider to be the dynamic duo's most definitive creative period. It was believed that these recordings had been lost in a studio fire by Gainsbourg enthusiasts for over forty years (a myth that also shrouds Morricone's lost Danger Diabolik soundtrack). The misplaced master tapes for the drug-fueled/road-movie Les Chemins De Katmandou (1969) have been widely considered the final audio jigsaw piece in the Gainsbourg / Vannier discographies, thus earning this soundtrack a bona fide holy grail status amongst the most avid disc detectives. The music on this record contains the full extent of the music found on the newly discovered studio tapes. It has since been preserved through the "baking" process, re-emulsified, transferred, remastered, recompiled and sequenced in accordance with the original screenplay in close collaboration with Finders Keepers and Jean-Claude Vannier) 21.00

KARL BLAU - Out Her Space LP (Karl Blau is a busy musical man, and has been for many years, but it is only recently that his solo material has started getting wide distribution. Out Her Space is a new album of all-original material, recorded with a band of MegaFaun and Fleet Foxes members. Perfectly produced good-time country-soul, out on Bella Union.) 25.00

KEIJI HAINO / JIM O'ROURKE / OREN AMBARCHI - This Dazzling, Genuine “Difference” Now Where Shall It Go? DLP (black truffle - Black Truffle presents the eighth full-length release from the trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi. Over the course of four LP sides, the October 2014 concert documented here ranges from rock power trio dynamics to maelstroms of analog electronics. Once again, the three demonstrate their commitment to pushing into new areas of instrumental exploration and group interaction. Where their previous releases featured extended vocal workouts from Haino, his vocalizations here are restricted to the occasional impassioned cry, putting the focus squarely on instrumental interplay. More than ever before, this feels like the work of three equals, with O’Rourke or Ambarchi taking the lead role as often as Haino does. The four pieces presented here each focus on extended development.Cover image by Traianos Pakioufakis; Live action pics by Mike Kubeck. LP design by Stephen O’Malley; Gatefold sleeve. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.) 27.00

THE OBSESSED - same LP (relapse - Deluxe LP includes the remastered album plus a digital download of all the bonus tracks. Originally released in 1990 and out of print for almost two decades, the now legendary debut album from Doom godfathers THE OBSESSED will once again see the light of day in multiple deluxe formats. Now completely remastered with previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the highly sought-after Concrete Cancer Demo, expanded artwork, never-before-seen photos and extended liner notes from frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich, this is the definitive edition of THE OBSESSED's Self-Titled debut, a true piece of Doom history!) 23.00

OTTO A TOTLAND - The Lost LP (sonic pieces - The Lost follows and expands on Otto A Totland's intimate debut solo piano album Pinô from 2014. Once again several days were spent in Nils Frahm's legendary Durton studio to lay down both composed and improvised pieces of quiet beauty. While mostly residing in a small Norwegian coastal town, Otto has been trying to escape the constant movement towards fast paced, polluted lives, where it seems like sounds and impressions never stop. The Lost can be seen as a countermovement towards this development - something genuine and personal. There's a lightness felt while listening, and yet an overwhelming feeling of melancholy and nostalgia captures you through the lenght of the album. It could be described as pure timelessness captured with the best vintage recording technique you can find, opening up to a new wider scope and detail while keeping the intimacy as if it would be played right besides you. The humming of the world and the warmth of the piano shines through like a natural accompaniment as they enthrall from beginning to end. Leaves are falling and times are changing. The horizon seems dark. Otto seems to capture both the questions and feelings we have about our surroundings. Not judging them, but easing us into a mindset that feels hopeful. A sort of quiet relief that things might actually work out no matter how dark it can look.) 29.00

SLOWMATICS - Futurians: Live At Roadburn LP (roadsburn - Slomatics will release Futurians: Live At Roadburn on vinyl on Roadburn Records. The band commented on their performance on the legendary festival beforehand: “To say we’re excited about playing Roadburn would be an understatement,” says guitarist David Majury. “It’s funny how something like a music festival can take on almost mythical proportions, but if any festival has done so it’s definitely Roadburn! We’ve had an association with the festival through our records being on Burning World Records, so it feels good to be finally hauling our fuzz pedals over to Tilburg.”) 18.00

WE LIKE WE - Next To The Entire All LP (sonic pieces - • LP: Cover with laser-cutting and printed inner sleeve, ltd. to 500 copies Next to the entire All is an astonishing work by Danish experimental sound quartet We like We, consisting of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin), Josefine Opsahl (cello), Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion) and Katinka Fogh Vindelev (voice). Although classically trained, all four share a desire for exploring, experimenting and shaping a sound of their own, something which is truly present on this album. Both instrumentation and composition feel glued together with an abundant sense of playfulness and vision. The record starts with the beautiful I'm not for More which sets the tone for the 10 pieces, hurling you back and forth in a whirlwind of sound and musical intuitivity. Genre bending as the record can be, it can be seen as somewhat of a contrasting work – as much of northern folk traditions as of an avant-classical work in the spirit of György Ligeti and Meredith Monk. Forest Sketches, as an example, starts with minimal woodblocks and percussive rattling while slow building violins, cello and vocals pull themselves in through the unknown before bursting into a Pagan sounding wormhole of screams and looped cellos. The piece ends with minimal vocal sound scapes fading away into almost pure silence. It could be mirrored with a merger of both the opening and closing scene of Kubrick's classic movie 2001 - creating the sense of beginning of humanity versus the far future, with abstractation and the unknown.) 27.00


AUBE GRISE - Feue TAPE (Aube Grise is the musical moniker of Anna M., Distant Voices' photographer and graphic designer. Her first album, Feue, defines her very own vision of raw and contemplative black metal. Composed during times of seclusion, recorded in a few days, Feue takes us into the abyss of a silent and violent mind. Those 8 songs of cold and melancholic atmospheres will enshroud you in blurry dreams and forgotten memories and will not let you return from the dust…) 6.00

LOTH - loth TAPE (vendetta new black metal band from france. LOTH use music as a cathartic yet enjoyable experience. Their songs are full of sorrow and anger as they filled with underlaying hope. They aim to recall the fogginess of their beloved cold hearted Austrasia, a bleak of French area where their love for raw melodic black metal has grown stronger and stronger through the years) 6.00

MISERY - Mélancolie Suite TAPE (Dark ambient (early) & depressive black metal project created back then when you could still hear the trees whispering without being oppressed by shameful city noises. Misery is about life, death, love & pain. More radical. More raw. More desperate. More poetic. More forsaken. More bleak. More beautiful. More introspective. More contemplative. More negative. More melancholic. More miserable. And as Taylor said, haters gonna hate.) 6.00

SOMBRE PRESAGE - Necrodrone (Origine) TAPE (French black ambient group which formed in 2005.) 6.00
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