Bis Aufs MeSSER - March news

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Bis Aufs MeSSER - March news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 06 Mar 2021, 12:47

hi. Welcome to the first newsletter of March Also lots of stuff is on its way like the PHIL ELVERUM BOOK (finally), HUM DLP restock, MOUNT EERIE restocks and much much more …

A couple new releases arrived like the ANGEL BAT DAWID & THA BROTHAHOOD - live DLP, IAN WILLIAM CRAIG & DANIEL LENTZ - Frkwys Vol. 16: In A Word LP, THE OUTSIDERS - Calling On Youth LP, THE GORDONS - s/t & Future Shock LP + 7“, Hexis 6“, new Plankton Wat, a bunch of restocks of Cat Power, Dinosaur Jr etc as well. The new WIRE MAGAZINE arrived finally (thank you Brexit), also SOLID SPACE LP restock and FLAMING TUNES LP restock arrived

We also received the OSTSEETRAUM - s/t LP and shipped all pre orders … already running low on Fletcher Tucker on clear and the Ghost Bag LP on yellow.

Thank you for your support in those difficult times

Norman & Robert


HEXIS - Exstirpo / Exsorbeo 6“ (It is quite unbelievable what HEXIS (Denmark/Italy) have achieved in their career so far. Singer and bandleader Filip Andersen founded the band in Denmark in 2010. Within the last 10 years HEXIS then toured numerous times across the globe and stopped by at places like the United States, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Iceland, Russia, China, Australia, nearly every part of Europe and countless other countries. There are barely any places left, where they have not been on their overall 800+ shows!!! 2020 should have continued like 2019 ended for the band, but this year everything is a bit different and so they couldnt play any shows (so far). This year marks their 10 years anniversary and the band wants to celebrate it with a two-song 6" vinyl record and later this year with a full discography on a Double CD. After two full albums and over ten EP / Split releases, it is their first time on a 6" format. With the songs Exstirpo and Exorbeo the band follows their distinctive blend of black metal that is influenced by doom-ish sounds and the furiousness of hardcore-punk without only adapting the stereotypes of the mentioned genres. The songs appear to be both, ferociously and in a way menacing when singer Filip unleashes his harsh vocals within the adamant and brute sound walls that the other musicians build up.
) 9.00


MIAMI DEATH 2 - erfahrung macht krank 7“ (diy - Limited to 300, black vinyl, screenprinted Obi-Strip, risoprinted cover - 2nd release by the power violence monster from Leipzig. Killer fast songs in the vein of Infest, Scholastic death etc ... in your face. Great) 7.00


75 DOLLAR BILL - I Was Real DLP (DLX-US-Press - Thin wrist - back in stock - 75 DOLLAR BILL is one of the essential groups at the heart of NYC's underground. Driven by the telepathic union of CHE CHEN's microtonal electric guitar and RICK BROWN's odd metered percussion their long-form sound is unmistakable and compelling. On their third album I Was Real, the group expands in bold new directions, embracing brilliant fuller orchestrations, joyous rockers and entrancing new textures. The album is 75 Dollar Bill's third, featuring new directions accompanying the band's previously established interest in sprawling, unusual grooves and microtonal melodies. The record is enhanced by the presence of eight additional players in various combinations over its nine tracks—but also shows off the duo's strength when stripped down to the core. Requiring a variety of approaches, the album was recorded over a four-year period, in four different studios, with the band's closest associates and collaborators in a range of different ensemble configurations. The album also features several "studio as instrument" constructions that harken back to the collage-experiments of the band's early cassette tapes, while at the same time pointing to territories altogether new. Double-LP version presented in a heavy tip-on gatefold jacket with textured clothe wrap and matte foil stamping.) 45.00

ANGEL BAT DAWID & THA BROTHAHOOD - live DLP (international anthem - Clarinetist, composer, singer & spiritual jazz soothsayer Angel Bat Dawid presents this powerful live document alongside her band, Tha Brothahood. LIVE was mostly recorded on November 1st, 2019, at Haus der Berliner Festspiele in Berlin, Germany, during the 2019 edition of JazzFest Berlin. For Angel and Tha Brothahood - which includes Deacon Otis Cooke (vocals, synth), Viktor Le Givens (vocals, auxiliary instruments), Xristian Espinoza (tenor sax, percussion), Norman W. Long (electronics, synths), Dr. Adam Zanolini (double bass, bass guitar, soprano sax, flute, percussion), Isaiah Collier (drums), and Asher Gamedze (drums) - it was the first stop of their first European tour. Angel and her band experienced a number of difficult, racially charged interactions during their two days in Berlin. But despite, or perhaps in light of the difficulties they faced, they performed a set at Berliner Festspiele that Angel considers to be one of their best ever. "The show was very deep, and really helped me to process all the rage, and uncomfortable things I was feeling... It made me think of all the artists of the past who endured way more than I ever will with this music industry. It was a very freeing and beautiful show... we played our ass off!!“) 32.00

CORECASS - Void LP (marbled vinyl) (golden antenna - CORECASS is the solo brainchild and creative outlet of distinguished Hamburg based musician and composer Elinor Lüdde. Since its inception in 2014, CORECASS has been able to look beyond the conventional approach and fuse together instruments such as harp, accordion, electrical guitar and her natural voice, combined alongside field recordings, foleys and digital or synthesized instruments in order to create something truly unique and expressive. The result is an innovative and cinematic style of music – an elegiacally dark and atmospheric conglomerate made of cliché busting conceptions between electronic and non-electronic sounds and sources. With several well received releases and film scores already under her belt, CORECASS has once again found a new way to explore and challenge both herself and the listener by evoking a wealth of feelings through her anomalous musical expressions. In her newest offering, VOID, she uses her multi-instrumental talents to interpret and repurpose the world around her into an ethereal mix of sounds that encapsulates a full spectrum of emotions. With the creation of VOID, CORECASS has discovered fresh ways to convey a myriad of states through a series of movements and interludes. The most driving component in this composition is a church organ, which provides an especially unique characteristic due to its distinctive tonal qualities. ) 19.00

EMILY A. SPRAGUE - Hill, Flower, Fog LP (rvng - Emily A Sprague's deeply rooted insight and clear-eyed foresight is harbored once again in the newly carved space of Hill, Flower, Fog. "Hill, Flower, Fog is a place and a poem," says Emily, "a personal letter and vision for myself, outlining priorities that I aspire to incorporate during my time on earth: family, sustainability, patience, and growth." Seeking language and dream between the stasis and shift of this year's blur, Emily found nourishment in transformed daily practices, a process of retrieving the important things from the fog of past routines. Channeling deeply into the here and now fostered a far-reaching connectedness, a lifeline from the everyday to the cosmic. If Water Memory / Mount Vision, Emily's first forays into formless music, read as earth-bound passages, HFF scatters more ineffable references across its pages. The maximal stretch of the universe, and germanely, its minimal density, are explored through compositions that search and embrace the infinitude and human condition mirrored, fragmented, and felt in both. On HFF, Emily invites meditation on perception and sensation in a six part spectra. "Moon View" and "Star Gazing" are cosmic commitments to look up, while "Horizon" and "Mirror" describe abstract views relating to the position of self and its projection outwards. "Woven" and "Rain" represent more textural and tactile impressions, elemental immersions in our earth's perfectly imperfect patterns. Each piece varies subtly, yet remains soundly familial.) 27.00

DOUG CARN / ADRIAN YOUNGE / ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD - jazz is dead 005 DLP (jazz is dead - Among the heroes and innovators of 70s spiritual/progressive/funk/jazz, Doug Carn has always flown a little under the radar. He has long plied his trade with patience and dedication, releasing absolutely stunning albums that are cherished by cognoscenti but lesser known even to the jazz mainstream, even as his influence can be detected among his colleagues. Carn's newest project, his entry in the Jazz Is Dead album series helmed by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, takes his unique and timeless art and places it within the context of a musical culture that has always taken cues from his '70s classics. There's no mistaking the musical mind that created legendary albums like Infant Eyes and Adam's Apple, but the encounter of that with the distinctive jazz-hip hop-funk-noir that is the Younge/Muhammad/JID trademark creates something worthy of comparison to Carn's past work but which could only have been made right n) 36.00

EYELET - The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes LP (i corrupt - Baltimore's eyelet is back with second Full Length "The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes". We see eyelet's sound expand into huge places while staying themselves with the LP boasting big memorable parts that might remind someone of Isis' Oceanic as well as some huge moments from the timeless MARE self-titled LP that still lives with each of us. (Think Tone and Riff Heft / Impression). A beast of a record to drop on unsuspecting public on the last day of the shittiest year any of us have known.) 18.00

THE GORDONS - s/t & Future Shock LP + 7“ (1972 - The Gordons crashed upon the do-it-yourself scene of early 1980s Christchurch with torrential force, self-releasing two foundational planks of the vibrant New Zealand underground. Future Shock, a three-song 7-inch released in 1980, is a wild-eyed rampage, as staggering as any feedback-addled punk then being recorded at Southern Studios. The Gordons LP, which followed in 1981, matches the abandon with motorik churn and livewire dissonance, evoking New Zealand antecedents as divergent as This Kind Of Punishment and the Dead C. Brought together on this release, they’re a noise-rock landmark anticipating fans such as Sonic Youth. Flying Nun Records, the storied Christchurch label and symbol of the island nation’s rich independent music scene, re-released The Gordons and Future Shock together in 1988 following the formation of Gordons outgrowth Bailter Space, which frontman Alister Parker founded with Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour. Bailter Space, which would also come to include founding Gordons members Brent McLachlan and John Halvorsen, settled on a droning shoegaze sound, drawing comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies. The Gordons and Future Shock, however, represent the trio’s unreformed id, as startling today as upon release.) 25.00

IAN WILLIAM CRAIG & DANIEL LENTZ - Frkwys Vol. 16: In A Word LP (rvng - In a Word, the sixteenth installment of the intergenerational collaboration series FRKWYS, brings together postminimalist composer Daniel Lentz with vocalist and sound artist Ian William Craig for an album that embraces erosion and the fertility of the loam left behind. A document of shared transformation, Lentz's elegant piano figures and Craig's trembling tenor are wilted, warbled, and looped through manipulated tape machines in a real time composition that evokes a strange warmth and layered beauty.) 25.00

PLANES OF SATORI - s/t LP (wcty - Planes Of Satori included members from bands like Sweet Chariot, Golden Void, Futuropaco and Once and Future Band. Inspired by that golden era of late 1960s and early 1970s Krautrock luminaries, Oakland, California quartet Planes Of Satori was largely informed by the rhythmic repetitions and mechanical mantras of what was happening in Germany during the late) 14.00

ONE DYING WISH - Origami LP (i corrupt - WHO DOESN’T LOVE ITALIAN POST-HARDCORE, SCREAMO and/or food?!?! One Dying Wish is a four-piece from Torino and “Origami” is their second output ever since the group’s inception in 2017. Origami is rich with beautiful and powerful melodies which interact perfectly with the singer’s half-spoken/half-screamed vocals (oh, and the Italian language, which is so perfect for this kind of music!!!). If you dig the “older” stuff from bands like Raein or La Quiete, then this could be your thing. But if you prefer the newer stuff from Ojne, Regarde or Storm{O}, then this could be your thing as well. Jackpot!) 13.00

PLANKTON WAT - Future Times LP (red vinyl) (thrill jockey - The music of Portland musician Dewey Mahood exists in constant communion with nature. From acclaimed albums with heavy-psych mainstays Eternal Tapestry to his prolific solo excursions, Mahood’s work has always been defined by his restless exploratory spirit and reverence for the environment. As Plankton Wat, his expressionist compositions exude a supernatural grace and patience, reflecting the resplendent beauty and mythical energy of the West Coast’s wild places. Piece blossoms from low-lit, porchside ambience into powerful head-trips, ushering the listener through ravines of feedback and along warm currents of synthesizer drift to peaks of lysergic bliss. Mahood’s masterful and distinct guitarwork consistently blurs the confines of the instrument, at once texturally and melodically rich. Future Times elevates Mahood’s psychedelic instrumentals to new planes. Written to the backdrop of social unrest and climate change fueled fires, Mahood lays out a sprawling cinematic and psychedelic survey of a planet in crisis that weaves a path of hope through the darkness.) 23.00

SWEET CHARIOT - Lean Into The Breeze LP (wcyt - Sweet Chariot is a San Francisco and Oakland based band with members who prefer old gear and cold beer. Their timeless rock ‘n’ roll is a blend of pickled pub rock and greasy biker boogie trimmed in the smoky tones of West Coast canyon-twang. Lean Into The Breeze is the band’s second album, but it’s their first for Who Can You Trust? Records. These songs were tracked and mixed on a vintage Tascam 388 analog eight track by producer and recording artist Walker Phillips. Though the band’s eponymous debut flirted with ‘70s inspired California country rock, this album finds the foursome dialing down the Gram Parsons and turning up Graham Parker. Lean Into The Breeze is still rooted in rustic tones, but the songwriting comes from a more modern take on British pub rock, jangly guitar pop and hard throttled boogie jams. Influenced by such bygone bands as Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Grease Band, The Byrds and Big Star, Sweet Chariot also found themselves inspired by Teenage Fanclub, GospelbeacH, Shannon And The Clams, Endless Boogie, and Chris Robinson, who along with Isaiah Mitchell, jumped up onstage with the band last year. Sweet Chariot has also shared stages with NRBQ, Mother Hips, The Flamin’ Groovies, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Jesse Dayton, Beachwood Sparks, Allah-Las and the late, great Pegi Young. ) 15.00

THE OUTSIDERS - Calling On Youth LP (1972 - Before fronting classic post-punk group The Sound, Adrian Borland was a Wimbledon teenager enamored of Iggy Pop and the Velvet Underground. With friends, he formed The Outsiders. In 1976, they home-recorded Calling On Youth, a searching full-length that straddles nihilo-punk argot (“Terminal Case” and “I’m Screwed Up”) as well as smudged glam balladry (“Start Over” and “Weird”). Its release in 1977, on the group’s own Raw Edge label, with Borland’s cityscape abstraction on the cover, marked the first independent punk full-length in the United Kingdom. The Outsiders, featuring bassist Bob Lawrence and drummer Adrian “Jan” James, were punk in the moment before punk cut ties with solos and five minute songs. (Close Up, released in 1978, is more streamlined.) Like the Saints or Crime, they still trafficked in rock ’n’ roll. Calling On Youth, though, announces Borland as more than a precious teenage bandleader. The nervous introspection, wiry leads and negative space that he would refine solo and in The Sound, Second Layer and Witch Trials glistens throughout Calling On Youth, beckoning rediscovery.) 25.00

VERY PARANOIA - s/t LP (wcyt - Very Paranoia formed in 2018 with the express intent of delivering short, sharp shocks of electrified rock and roll that simultaneously heralded both a "war on music" and offered a way forward using the scattered shards left behind on the sticky, rickety fields of battle and trapped in the structurally unsound masonry memory of those walls still standing around us. Composed of veterans of the sonic conflicts from the Annihilation Time/Lecherous Gaze/Hot Lunch/Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound divisions, the four of them huddled together in their San Francisco rehearsal room where they quickly hammered out an arsenal of crude missives designed to fire as roaring missiles into the heart of 2019. ) 16.00

WAU WAU COLLECTIF - Yaral Sa Doom LP (sahel - Avant-garde cosmic sounds from Senegal, “Yaral Sa Doom” is a groundbreaking album spanning borders and musical scenes. Inspired from West African tradition, Sufi praise songs, spiritual jazz, and dub rhythms, the effect is a genre defying entry in outernational sound. Hypnotic percussion loops across sweeping pads, call and response chants echoes layer over electronic beats, and children’s voices sing out to recordings of crashing waves. In 2018, Swedish music archeologist and leftfield musician Karl Jonas Winqvist traveled to Toubab Dialaw, Senegal, a small fishing village turned hub of Senegal’s bohemian art scene. Over the next weeks, local musicians, percussionists, poets, and beat makers came together, sketching out ideas and recording free improvisation. Winqvist returned to Sweden, trading recordings back and forth over WhatsApp with Senegal based collaborator and studio engineer Arouna Kane. “Yaral Sa Doom” is a Wolof phrase that means “educate the young.” Central to the album is this theme of education, with songs that directly address social issues facing contemporary Senegal, education, and immigration. "Today you must educate children with an instrument and art, when you teach them an instrument you teach them to use their spirit," says Djiby ) 25.00


THE WIRE - Issue 445 MARCH 2021 MAG (Inside this issue: Maggie Nicols: The veteran experimental vocalist discusses the trail she has blazed from 1960s jazz clubs through Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Feminist Improvising Group to her brand new debut solo album. By Louise Gray James Spaulding: Over a nearly 70 year career with 100-odd album credits from Sun Ra to Bobby Hutcherson, the reedist has maintained his faith in the power of collective improvisation. By Howard Mandel, OSEES: With his label Castle Face releasing the ever shifting music of his primary project along with his collaborators and even archival recordings of The Fall, John Dwyer places himself at the centre of a psychedelic hurricane. By Dave Segal, Invisible Jukebox: Femi × Made Kuti: The flame-keepers of Afrobeat test each other with a mystery record selection, Authentically Plastic: The Ugandan DJ/producer majors in polyrhythmic dislocation. By Gloria Kiconco, Holland Andrews: Phoning it in with the US vocalist/composer. By George Grella, J Fisher: The Los Angeles polymath introduces his selves. By Joseph Stannard, Marcin Pietruszewski: Micro-sieving dataflows. By Emily Bick, Unlimited Editions: enmossed, Unofficial Channels: Foxy Digitalis, Global Ear: Our regular column continues to report on music in the time of pandemic. This month: the effect of Brexit and Covid-19 on gig and tour organisations, The Inner Sleeve: Raven Chacon on New Red Order’s Never Settle and more) 8.00
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Re: Bis Aufs MeSSER - March news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 12 Mar 2021, 17:19

Hi. Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for March. A bunch of stuff is still on its way and should be here next week. Some Phil Elverum Books arrived and the rest should be here next week and then we ship all remaining paid pre orders. Also HUM restock, Mississippi restocks, Lungfish love is love LP re issue, Mount Eerie restocks should be here next week.

But we got some killer restocks from Omlott like the ANNA HÖGBERG ATTACK - Lena LP, the beautiful FACIT - Beach Music LP on Discreet, ROSE CITY BAND - s/t LP, MANSLAUGHTER 777 - World Vision Perfect Harmony LP, JUJU - Live at 131 Prince Street DLP, V/A - Too Much Future - Punkrock GDR 1980-1989 3LP+BOOK-BOXS and more …

We also made a some BIS AUFS MESSER shirts since spring is here and summer almost around the corner. T-shirt weather, yeah. So, we got some fancy white Bis Aufs Messer shirts with an useful Kugelschreiberpocket. Printed on organic and super soft cotton from Stanley/Stella, feels so good. We’re wearing it as official shop uniform and you can rock it pretty casually too. But be careful with ice cream and pasta sauce.

Thank you for your support in those difficult times

Norman & Robert


ANNA HÖGBERG ATTACK - Lena LP (Omlott -back in stock - "A primal force of something... real. I have listened back and forth to the new album of Anna Högberg's “Attack” numerous times now and it hit me like a split axe in a split second: this music is for real! Wham Bam! This is liberating music. Allowing music. It hits me just as the split axe hits the wood. Without hesitation, but still very sensitive. Pure power does not cut the wood automatically. No fancy flirts with post-this and post-that. Just the force. Of itself. This music is definitely connected to something. Nature? Life? The nooooooow! Having visited Anna and her family in the north of Sweden recently to make an interview with her – and a solo sax shoot - for a film project on the late Bengt “Frippe” Nordström, it hit me already then. Her connection to something deeper is for real. As real as the split axe outside of their house. Snapshot: Anna in her beloved Helly Hansen- outfit. Short hair and boots. Playing up on a cliff with the forest in her back. The sea below her. Her support and inspiration. Anna lives with her family on the verge of 'Höga Kusten' (the High Coast) – famous for the ultimate delicacy Surströmming (Sour herring) and wild Ice-hockey-related-behaviors. It is pretty obvious to me where she draws some of her inspiration from. I have followed this wild ensemble from its beginning. And now it is all ripping! It was pretty much amazing from the very beginning. A fascinating creative jazz with its roots in the '60s. But never as a pale imitation or repetition, but as a real new take on a tradition and the upcoming future. I hear now music that has gone deeper on all levels. I kid you not! It is still wild and provocative in its form and execution. But the compositional work is way more solid now and the solistic statements are spectacular. The addition of Niklas Barnö on trumpet is sensational. He was the missing piece. The way I hear it. It was truly great before he joined the forces, but this shit is explosive. And yet poetic. The balance of the group is unique, and the individual personal voices make this a real adventure to listen to. I love how the hornlines travel without any stress... how the bass is solid as a rock... how the piano is commenting the events freely and beautifully (this is my absolute favorite Lisa Ullén record to date! Fuck yeah!)... how the drums are swinging beyond swing... the tenor sax of Elin Larsson is ripping the instant now in a way that I just LOVE (brutally and poetic)... and the build-ups... fuckin magic! And hey - check the trumpet work of Niklas Barnö out again (and again) - this guy is serious. As serious as your life... And Anna Högberg herself.... I have no words. I love her shit beyond comprehension. But hey - don’t let me fool you - make up your own mind. Listen up. Listen to it all. I just want to express my true dedication to the players and the music at hand. No real need for me to describe what is going on here. It is pretty obvious. “Attack” is on the move. This shit is free. It is a difficult navigation - to deal with all the strong traditions of American, European and Scandinavian takes on the creative jazz - But with this new album, “Attack” manages to make me forget about all those stupid analytical hang-ups. I just listen and enjoy what I hear. Free music is free music. And when it is combined with such beautiful melodic lines and grooves in addition to the stellar solo works.... What can we say??? The music takes over. Music in general is a primal force and Anna Högberg and her crew got it. There is no doubt. Just as the split axe splits the wood with the right attack, swing, force and angle. Wham Bam! This shit is Real. Wham Bam, thank you Ma’am!" - Mats Gustafsson, Nickelsdorf, Easter 2020) 26.00

DJ MUGGS THE BLACK GOAT - Dies Occidendum LP (sacred bones - Dies Occidendum is a mythical voyage across fog-laden, scorched earth terrain from the original friar of dark hip hop, DJ Muggs the Black Goat. Known and revered as the sonic mastermind behind both Cypress Hill and his own Soul Assassins imprint, here Muggs sheds the MCs and presents his latest dark-soaked productions as an illuminated manuscript of sorts; a fully immersive, instrumental soundtrack to the mysterious Dies Occidendum. No one wields the Excalibur of sonic darkness quite like Muggs. Combining ingredients of psych rock, gypsy folk with modern elements of trap, forged together under layers of his signature sonic grime, Muggs has created yet another blueprint for the utmost sonic menace and macabre. The Renaissance is upon us. Long live King Muggs. One of the original architects of dark hip hop in the early ’90s, DJ Muggs helped craft a singular sound that blended darker sensibilities of psychedelic rock and hip hop in a unique way that influenced many in its wake. As the primary producer of legendary rap group Cypress Hill, Muggs’ productions and sonic sensibilities are unmistakable and deeply revered by the truest of heads. Muggs’ own MC round-robin imprint, Soul Assassins has been home to countless productions, laying sonic drop cloths for everyone from Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Chuck D, GZA, Mobb Deep to MF Doom, Freddie Gibbs, Roc Marciano and Mach-Hommy.) 26.00

DOG LIFE - Fresh From The Ruins LP (Dog Life explores free improvised music on a high-energetic plateau, descending from the outskirts of free jazz, and further towards a harder, darker and undefined terrain. Their debut album was critically acclaimed in Europe as well as in the US. On their new album Fresh From the Ruins, Doglife continue to push the freejazz-punk limits and sets out new directions with elements of doom and noise. Anna Högberg: Saxophones , Finn Loxbo: Electric Bass Mårten Magnefors: Drums) 22.00

EL BLASZCZYK - rock in the maquis DLP (mono - tone records - A retro-futurist record, home made, on hand build equipment, which brings to mind the french sixties, yéyés and Nouvelle Vague movies, zigzaging between an iconoclast and DIY Serge Gainsbourg, a twisted Jacques Dutronc, the delirious spirit of les Blousons Noirs or an art brut painting. This double album comes with gatefold sleeve and an insert plus two three pages folded inserts containing lyrics and stuff with color pictures + digital download card. After the very succesful Quirky Lost Tapes album on Born Bad Records, compiling his ultra rare 45s, El'Blaszczyk dived back into his old and daunting project: Rock in the Maquis! This double - 29 songs out of the 40 recorded during two years - and conceptual record - about World War Two, mixing members of the Resistance, Fritz and collaborators - is his Master Work, long deferred and now boldly presented to the world! From Jerk in Dunkerque to Rock des FFI via Das ende der haricots and Ces boches sont faits pour morfler (a very personal cover of These Boots Are Made For Walking), this record is a bomb, a proudly claimed terrorist attack! A minimalist son of Jean Yanne and Hasil Adkins, handyman of genius recording alone in his room, handling irony and iconoclasm as well as fuzz guitar and one finger Farfisa organ, El'Blaszczyk is the true Unknown Soldier of french rock'n'roll! Sharing (let's not talk about collaboration, a world hold in contempt!) his own forces with those of Mono-Tone Records and les Disques Beretto - the Liminanas' label - to form the El'Maquis Productions, El'Blaszczyk makes, with this Rock in the Maquis, his own June 18 Appeal, an appeal to rock'n'roll resistance, to yéyé uprising!) 36.00

FACIT - Beach Music LP (discreet - The debut full-length from Facit after a few years of silence. Often working as a duo consisting of Joakim Karlsson and Mai Nestor, Facit released a couple of fantastic EPs between 2013 and 2016. Beach Music is a rapid turn from the previous recordings, with barely no traces left of the minimal wave and synth-pop of the past. Recorded by Joakim Karlsson alone at the island of Hönö in the west coast archipleggio outside of Gothenburg in the summer of 2020, Beach Music is an entirely guitar-based album. With an old Vantage guitar, Joakim has created a beautiful morning light soundtrack. 10 shimmering instrumentals stripped down to the bare minimum. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.) 23.00

FINN LOXBO & KARIN JOHANSSON - Vent LP (Omlott - New Duo LP from Finn Loxbo (Guitar, Electronics, voice) and Karin Johansson (Piano, Accordion) Artwork by EKTA. in a rain forest of moments. the eye hears what the ear sees. through each moment of karin johansson’s and finn loxbo’s music runs the firm conviction that all points and layers of sound – in true democratic spirit, carry the same weight. or lightness. as precise as scattered bird calls may be crucial to the totality and the outcome of the drama as a whole, as cautiously do they take care of the phrased line by being extremely exact with the gaps and the charged rest, where that very thing appears in just the right moment. an archetypical weave of strings being pulled and plucked further into our audible and visible listening. as a natural relief, the metal tongues from the accordion emerge and end up in new weightless states together with electronics and space. to suddenly whirl on in a dance for prepared piano and guitar that later just disappears out in the impossible where everything before was possible for thirty-one minutes and one second. Sten Sandell, stockholm may 2018) 22.00

HOLY SONS - Raw and Disfigured DLP (thrill jockey - The music of Emil Amos is at once intimate and expansive. Under the name Holy Sons, as well as with bands Om, Grails, and Lilacs and Champagne, Amos harnesses boundless sonic textures to embellish delicately crafted songs. His music balances cues from classic and indie rock traditions with a tenderness and sense of foreboding through unparalleled artistry. Holy Sons’ first double album Raw and Disfigured showcases Amos’ mastery of songcraft through a seemingly impossible combination of subtle yet potent gestures, bold arrangements and resolute vulnerability. Raw and Disfigured stands as Amos’ most ambitious and comprehensive album yet, a panoramic gallery of songs as beautiful as they are crushing. Raw and Disfigured draws thematically from the archetypal tale of Quasimodo and classic ghost story imagery to illustrate the "hero's journey" in the time of a coming apocalypse. Album opener “The Loser That Always Wins” acts as the album’s thematic thesis and traces the tale of an underdog triumphing against all odds. From the opening swells, Amos creates a sense of mystery and tension. Melodic sections pierce through the thick fogs of unease with gliding choral harmonies and guitar lines. The looming threat of apocalypse hangs in the air of “Cast Bound King” and “Permanent Things” which gives way to sun dappled catharsis. Songs like “Lady of the Hour” and “Transformation” serve as vistas amidst the gloom with sweeping pastoral layers and melodies that grasp towards hope rather than resignation. Amos pays homage to one of the greatest champions of the underdog in outsider pop music with an anthemic cover of Daniel Johnston’s “Held the Hand.” Closing piece “Bloody Strings” quietly draws the curtains on the album, borrowing melodic phrases from “Permanent Things” and reconfiguring them into a funeral march towards acceptance of our inevitable decay.) 28.00

JUJU - Live at 131 Prince Street DLP (strut - Strut continue their in-depth archive reissues from the Black Fire label with a definitive edition of JuJu’s ‘Live At 131 Prince Street’,recorded in 1973 at Ornette Coleman’s gallery in New York and featuring a previously unheard recording of the Pharoah Sanders composition „Thembi". After forming in San Francisco while working on the Marvin X theatre piece ‘The Resurrection of the Dead’, JuJu began to hone their uncompromising fusion of Afro-Latin rhythms with free and spiritual jazz before signing to Strata-East for the ‘A Message From Mozambique’ album in 1972. “We moved to New York and became part of the avant-garde community on the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village,” remembers bandleader Plunky Branch. Following a high profile live show at the Lincoln Center, Ornette Coleman invited JuJu to his gallery and loft at 131 Prince Street to perform there and to stay on while he left on tour. “That was life-changing for us,” continues Plunky.“It was fabulous. The recordings you hear on this album are in close proximity to each other, maybe across one day or a weekend at the gallery.” Alongside tracks written by the JuJu band members, like the 5/4 tempo ‘At Least We Have A Horizon Now’, they play choice covers from their peers. Plunky explains, “‘Thembi’ is a Pharoah Sanders piece which he wrote for his wife in 1971 and it’s one of my favourite pieces by him. ‘Azucar Pa Ti’ was written by Eddie Palmieri; we loved him too and enjoyed Latin music in general. Here we play ‘Mozambique’, based on an Afro-Cuban rhythm and we regularly played that for 10 minutes before morphing into ‘Azucar’. ‘Out Of This World’, written by Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen, was inspired by John Coltrane who recorded a version of it on his ‘Coltrane’ album in ’62.” Recorded in 1973 at Ornette Coleman’s Artist House Gallery, 131 Prince Street, New York Produced by J. Plunky Branch - Remastered by The Carvery from the original reel to reel tapes.) 27.00

KAPSEL - Band 4: Träume BOOK + 2xTAPES (Kapsel, the magazine for Chinese science fiction literature, proudly presents “Träume”. This very special issue contains four positive visions of the future by the renowned Science fiction writers Baoshu, Anja Kümmel, Tim Holland and Anna Wu. Two exciting new musical artists have produced a soundtrack for two of the works. Berlin based psychedelic rock band Kadavar have created an accompanying piece that captures the epic depth of Baoshu’s virtual love story through time and space. Whilst Ella Zwietnig has translated the density of Anja Kümmel’s plot into ever changing ambient soundscapes. With narration by Berlin based actors Niklas Wetzel (Baoshu) and Pia-Micaela Barucki (Anja Kümmel). Kapsel magazine launched in 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Since then Kapsel have published three issues featuring the first translations of stories by acclaimed writers Chi Hui, Xia Jia and Jiang Bo. Between 2019 and 2020 they invited the magazines contributors to the Kapsel head office at the famous Kunsthaus Acud in Berlin, where the writers discussed the various topics of their stories with artists and scientists from Berlin & further afield. Kapsel have also hosted a panel discussions at the renowned Frankfurter Buchmesse and presented a live podcast at the Freiraum of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe as part of BookyMcBookface 2020 hosted by Textem Verlag.) 35.00

LUFT (Mats Gustafsson & Erwan Keravec) - Inhale | Volume One LP (omlott - ”The debut record of LUFT – is a two volume album of exceptional explorations within the bagpipe and reed universe—— unknown music of poetic beauty and high energy cascades. Fast moving changes in texture and layers vs static repetitions and alternatives densities and melody treatments! Vol 1 – is focusing on the interaction between the two persons/ instruments – with a huge variety in extended techniques and various ways of treating the instruments – leading to an improvised music never heard of. Vol 2 – is focusing on states of the mind. slow moving micro tonal drone activities and layers of interferences. Sounds mixing and melting together in a body of musical poetry and beauty.” – Mats Gustafsson feb. 2018) 20.00

THE LOST TAPES - Inconvenience LP (rockstar - Ok, wow! If you liked the first LOST TAPES album you will definitely love their second record. This fantastic post punk band out of Aachen just came up with 10 brand new songs that merge the dark and punk sound of early 80‘s Joy Division/The Cure/Wipers with contemporary bands like The Estranged or Grave Pleasures. What the fuck is the sopho- more jinx? These 4 guys are better now than ever and happily serve you 40 Minutes of inconvenient joy. Awesome) 14.00

MANSLAUGHTER 777 - World Vision Perfect Harmony LP (thrill jockey - Manslaughter 777 is the new collaboration of drummer/percussionist Lee Buford (The Body) and drummer Zac Jones (Braveyoung/MSC). Debut album World Vision Perfect Harmony follows a decade of collaborations starting with The Body and Braveyoung’s Nothing Passes. For their debut as a duo, Buford and Jones blend bracing and imaginative takes on rhythmic-centric forms from dub, breakbeats, hip hop and beyond for a phantasmagoria of bristling drumscapes. Manslaughter 777 pulls together a vast array of disparate percussive traditions and patterns into a veil of dark, propulsive energy. Recorded and mixed by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets, the album’s mélange of live and sampled beats fizzle, splat and rupture with an edge. While there are sounds that could be at home on a record by The Body, Manslaughter 777 inhabits much more open spaces. The duo’s music is based primarily on drums and eclectic samples, shifting melodic ideas to the overtones and resonances of their respective percussive thuds or clicks. Buford and Jones incorporate hybridizations of live, sampled, and electronic percussion obscuring their boundaries while highlighting their specific tonal and timbral qualities. The repetitive amen break of “ARC” creates a hypnotic stasis before being broken wide open by bending and grizzly distorted hits. “Gainax” and “Mag Tech” both utilize a rolling tom pattern as a tonal drone that interplays with pitched bass drums to startlingly contrasting effects. Elysian vocal snippets and laidback tempos spin pieces like “I Can Not Tell You How I Feel” and “Do You Know Who Loves You” into more contemplative and ecstatic atmospheres. An alchemical balance of detailed and dynamic production guides each element to the fore in steady waves of relentless momentum.) 23.00

ROSE CITY BAND - s/t LP (thrill jockey - Produced and recorded by Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo), and mixed by Chris Cohen (Captured Tracks, Deerhoof), the album finds its niche in the hazy sonic landscape of private press country and psych records, and alongside artists like Relatively Clean Rivers, Jim Sullivan, Kenny Knight, and countless other explorers of the pastoral underground. Johnson describes the album: "The band was aiming to capture a timeless, natural sound, not quite of the present, past, or future, but phasing in between the consciousness of now and the stoned dream-state of the eternal. Sort of a back porch jam just as the shrooms are starting to kick in. Handmade and human, but also cosmic and transcendental. The goal is to let the music speak for itself and hopefully find a weird and wonderful audience somewhere out there.“) 23.0

V/A - Too Much Future - Punkrock GDR 1980-1989 3LP+BOOK-BOXSET (major label - Auf der Compilation TOO MUCH FUTURE sind 38 Punkbands zu hören, die im Zeitraum von 1980 bis 1989 ausschließlich als illegale Bands ohne staatliche Spielerlaubnis im Underground der DDR agiert haben. Viele dieser Bands sind bis heute einer größeren Hörerschaft unbekannt oder ihre Namen waren bisher nur als Gerücht im Umlauf. Einige von ihnen spielten nie vor Publikum. Die Bands, die gelegentlich live zu sehen waren, traten konspirativ auf. Etliche Musiker wurden anschließend zu Gefängnisstrafen verurteilt. Neben einigen Klassikern des DDR-Punkrock veröffentlicht TOO MUCH FUTURE vor allem Bands oder Songs, die aufgrund teils jahrelanger Recherchen zum ersten Mal zu hören sind. Die Compilation erscheint als 3LP und wird durch ein 80 Seiten starkes Buch begleitet. Der Autor Henryk Gericke widmet jeder Band einen ausführlichen Text. Den Texten werden zahlreiche Fotos zur Seite gestellt. Die beiden Herausgeber der Compilation waren Teil der frühen DDR-Punkszene. Maik “Ratte” Reichenbach spielte Bass in der Leipziger Punkband H.A.U. und in der Punkrocklegende L’ATTENTAT. Henryk Gericke sang in der Ostberliner Punkband THE LEISTUNGSLEICHEN. Auf der Compilation sind untere anderem KONSTRUKTIVES LIEBES KOMMANDO, WUTANFALL, PLANLOS, H.A.U., SCHLEIMKEIM, L'ATTENTAT, PARANOIA, ROSA BETON, DIE FRECHHEIT, GEFAHRENZONE, DIE FANATISCHEN FRISÖRE u.v.m. vertreten. Die 3LP kommt im Klappcover und dieses steckt mit dem LP-Begleitbuch in einem luxuriösen LP-Schuber. Ein MP3-Downloadcode darf natürlich auch nicht fehlen.)70.00


BIS AUFS MESSER - logo T-shirt (Brand New Bis Aufs Messer T-shirt with a small pocket print on a little pocket. Fresh for your upcoming summer hangs - Printed on Fair Trade Stanley Stella Shirts - 100% Cotton in S/M/L/XL/XXL) 15.00
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hi. Welcome to another newsletter packed up with lots of great releases. We also finally got the PHIL ELVRUM - Microphones in 2020 silent version BOOK. Almost all pre orders shipped and we got a few more in stock. It turned out beautiful and was definitely worth the wait. Along with this we got

lots of MOUNT EERIE restocks, DISQUIET - s/t LP, ASHLEY BELLOUIN & BEN BRACKEN - String Songs LP, CLAN OF XYMOX - Peel Sessions LP, OF FEATHER AND BONE - Sulfuric Disintegration LP, CLOUD NOTHINGS - The Shadow I Remember LP, a couple EARACHE restocks (carcass, at the gates, morbid angel, CULT OF LUNA .. ), TURNING POINT - Demo TAPE, some TOCOTRONIC restocks, CHAD VANGAALEN - World's Most Stressed Out Gardener LP (col. vinyl), PIERCE WITH ARROW - Shatter LP, DEAD MOON restocks, some new MISSISSIPPI titles, FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring LP restock, MAMIFFER - Mettapatterning for Constellation LP, LUNGFISH - love is love LP, BOOTBLACKS - Thin Skies LP , GRACE FERGUSON - Voler LP, NIEL LYHNE LOKKEGAARD - Saturations LP, ERIK WOLLO - Silver Beach DLP, also restock of the latest NOTWIST LP arrived again and much more

Thank you for your support in those difficult times

Norman & Robert


THE BRISTLES / KRIMTÄNK - split 7“ (THE BRISTLES are legendary to those that know their raw Swedish punk and hardcore, and KRIMTÄNK, whilst slightly less well known, hold their own on this E.P., taking their cues from classic MOB47 records and cranking up the intensity even further, leaving you totally breathless at the end of their side. The classic Swedish/Finnish råpunk sound along a touch of Italian insane thrash punk. If you're into Swedish hardcore this is an essential release!) 6.00

KRIMTÄNK - Ditt Fel EP 7“ (13 songs of fast and furious råpunk crammed on one EP. Latest EP from this long-running Swedish band. I’ve seen their EPs kicking around over the years (in fact, I’m sure we’ve had used copies come through Sorry State), but I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Krimtänk before. The sound is a guitarist and bassist banging out simple riffs with little to no sense of melody while another guys yells and the drummer plays as fast as they can. In other words, it’s punk! There are 13 tracks crammed onto this 45rpm EP, so everything is short and to the point. The shortness of the songs and how blisteringly fast everything is makes me think of the Swedish band Pusrad that had a string of great records a few years ago, but this is wilder-sounding, like the fastest and blurriest moments of Mob 47. Raging!) 6.00


ASHLEY BELLOUIN & BEN BRACKEN - String Songs LP (Built around exploring a set of hand-built stringed instruments, this album has been more than 7 years in the making. - Album notes by Sarah Davachi: "I've been privileged to know Ashley Bellouin and Ben Bracken for over a decade now, both as close friends and as musical collaborators, especially during my time at Mills College with Ashley when we were practically inseparable. In August of 2012, Tashi Wada and I accompanied them on harmonium in their debut performance with the intricate hand-built stringed instruments you hear throughout String Songs, up in the Marin Headlands overlooking the Pacific ocean. That was one of numerous shared musical experiences – the first public performance I ever gave was in a duo piece for pipe organ and a microtonal glass harmonica that Ashley hand-built while at Mills, which is featured heavily on her beautiful 2016 album, Ballads. What inspired me as a collaborator back then, and what continues to move me as a listener and admirer of their output as a duo now, is the incredible care and consideration that they bring to their work and the passion that they share for sound as an intimate and experiential practice. I'm keenly aware of this not just when I encounter an entire piece or performance of theirs, but also in every recorded detail and at every moment of the sound as it develops. What I hear in this music is a truly affective process of listening and suspension, and that is a lesson that I've learned from watching them work that has always stuck with me. I can't think of many other musicians who strike such a balance between intention, as in designing and building their own instruments so as to engender a specific harmonic perspective, and experimentation, which you hear in the three vastly different landscapes of String Songs. For me, the side-long "Strung Strings" in particular is an absolutely astounding moment, and takes me straight back to the almost inarticulable but deeply transformative headspace that I have always associated with their music. Though they vary in texture, there is a complementary and more delicate complexity in "Sung Strings" and "Strummed Strings", all of which are once again recorded and presented here with a precise consideration for the psychoacoustic environments they've aimed to create for the listener.“) 25.00

BOOTBLACKS - Thin Skies LP (Thin Skies, Bootblacks' first album for Artoffact Records, zooms forward where Fragments left off. The nine songs combine a driving, dancefloor pulse with soulful, melodic post-punk, yielding results that are positively anthemic. Produced by Jason Corbett of Artoffact labelmates ACTORS, Thin Skies evokes scenes of dark days and reckless nights in the urban jungle – a marriage of post-punk emotion and clubland sweat. Frontman Panther Almqvist's brooding voice captivates as it veers from detached cool to deep vulnerability. Guitarist Alli Gorman's hard jangle "channels the trademark delay techniques of [U2's] The Edge," in the words of Post-Punk. Keyboardist Barrett Hiatt's arpeggiated synths are the life force pushing the songs relentlessly forward, as Larry Gorman bashes a mix of acoustic and electronic drums with power and perfection. Backing vocals come courtesy of Shannon Hemmett (ACTORS) and Kennedy Ashlyn (SRSQ, Them Are Us Too). ) 22.00

CHAD VANGAALEN - World's Most Stressed Out Gardener LP (sub pop - 2020 was a terrible year for gardening. It was terrible for peppers, it was terrible for tomatoes, it was terrible for the condition of the soul. But Chad VanGaalen somehow raised a garden all the same: carrots and sprouts and broccoli and a revivifying new album, all of them grown at home. He likes to eat directly off the plant, he says—"I get down on my knees and graze. It's nice to feel the vegetables in your face"—and the 13 songs on World's Most Stressed Out Gardener were harvested with just such a spirit: in their raw state, young and vegetal, at the very moment, they were made. What that means is that the Calgary songwriter's new album is a psychedelic bumper crop. A collection of tunes that does away with obsessiveness, the anxiety of perfectionism, in favor of freshness and immediacy — capturing the world as it was met while recording alone at home over a period of years. "Don't overthink it," VanGaalen told himself again and again, despite the push/pull love/hate of his relationship with songwriting. "I'm always trying to get outside of the song—but then I realize I love the song." ) 23.00

CLAN OF XYMOX - Peel Sessions LP (dark entries - Dark Entries reunites with longtime idols Xymox, also known as Clan of Xymox, to reissue their Peel Sessions. Xymox was founded in Nijmegen, Netherlands in 1983 by Ronny Moorings and Anka Wolbert, who were joined shortly by Frank Weyzig and Pieter Nooten. Melding the synthesizer-driven experiments of post-punk and New Wave with the doom-laden atmospherics of the burgeoning goth rock scene, Xymox were one of the key progenitors of dark wave. The success of their 1983 debut EP, Subsequent Pleasures (reissued by Dark Entries in 2014) paved the way for a string of epochal releases on 4AD, where they honed their lush, despairing sound. Following their 1985 debut LP, Clan of Xymox, DJ and tastemaker John Peel invited them to BBC studios to record for his Radio 1 show. These recordings were released in 2001 via the Strange Fruit label on CD and are now available here for the first time on vinyl.) 24.00

CLOUD NOTHINGS - The Shadow I Remember LP (cartparl - For a band that resists repeating itself, picking up lessons from a decade prior is the strange route Cloud Nothings took to create their most fully-realized album. Their new record, The Shadow I Remember, marks eleven years of touring, a return to early songwriting practices, and revisiting the studio where they first recorded together. In a way not previously captured, this album expertly combines the group’s pummeling, aggressive approach with singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi’s extraordinary talent for perfect pop. To document this newly realized maturity, the group returned to producer Steve Albini and his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, where the band famously destroyed its initial reputation as a bedroom solo project with the release of 2012 album Attack on Memory. Another throwback was Baldi’s return to constant songwriting à la the early solo days, which led to the nearly 30 demos that became the 11 songs on The Shadow I Remember. Instead of sticking to a tired-but-true formula, his songwriting stretched out while digging deeper into his melodic talents. “I felt like I was locked in a character,” Baldi says of becoming a reliable supplier of heavy, hook-filled rock songs. “I felt like I was playing a role and not myself. I really didn’t like that role.” More frequent writing led to the freedom in form heard on The Shadow I Remember. What he can’t do alone is get loud and play noisily, which is exactly what happened when the entire band— bassist TJ Duke, guitarist Chris Brown, and drummer Jayson Gerycz—convened. ) 24.00

CLOUD NOTHINGS - Turning On LP (10th Anniversary Edition) (carpark - It’s been 10 years since the release of Turning On, Cloud Nothings’ debut album. Singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi was just 18 years old when he began recording the album, creating each track in his parents’ basement in Cleveland, Ohio. Over one winter, Baldi produced an album of taut, lo-fi guitar-pop songs, playing each instrument himself. His music gained traction in the increasingly popular music blog circuit, allowing Baldi to book his first shows in new places, like New York City. He gathered a band together to play live, and Cloud Nothings were on their way. The band has accomplished a great deal since Turning On, signing to Carpark Records, releasing seven albums, and headlining numerous international tours. Yet, their debut isn’t dusted over in the band’s history. Turning On still remains the stripped-back core of Cloud Nothings style: raw and grungy, filled with catchy earworms that are surprisingly pop. The album carries all the stored potential of someone ready to venture off into the world, a feeling that bursts with energy even 10 years later. All the tracks on Turning On are eruptive and restless, its lo-fi quality embodying the desperate need to record an idea by any means necessary. Songs like “Hey Cool Kid” encapsulate Baldi’s talent for churning, hook-filled guitar. The vocals on songs like “Can’t Stay Awake” are distorted, with scattered lyrics that echo the angst of a teenage diary. As a whole, the album delivers dissonance and edge, without sacrificing the authentic romanticism of someone who is on the verge of something big and doesn’t know it yet. ) 24.00

CULT OF LUNA - Cult Of Luna DLP (earache - The band was formed in 1998 by Klas Rydberg and Johannes Persson after the Swedish hardcore band Eclipse broke up. Cult of Luna's sound has progressed from early material being heavily doom metal influenced to one much less aggressive and more concerned with orchestration. Fans and critics have termed this sound post-metal. This is their debut!) 27.00

CULT OF LUNA - Eternal Kingdom DLP (earache - At long last, Cult Of Luna's 5th album, "Eternal Kingdom", is available on vinyl once more! The first pressing of this album sold out on pre-order way back when the album was released in 2008, and has never been reprinted until now.) 27.00

THE DAN RYAN - Guidance LP (On The Dan Ryan’s second release with Cosmic Dreamer, Guidance presents a more directed approach to discovering frontman Nathan Dixey’s inner dimensions as a musician and his desire to allow the music to transcend the physical realities of mundane existence. Raised in the rushing winds of Chicago and settling in the sun soaked hills of Texas, the Austin based band have taken their river of hypnotic dreams and run it over the rounded pebbles of rippling waters, softening and refining their sound. By enlisting the gentle, steady and solid vibes of label mates RF Shannon to hold down the line as the backing band, this release shows Dixey and company capitalizing on the textural orchestration discovered on the debut to design an articulately crafted landscape from which one can journey into the artist’s more metaphysical musical inquiries. “Unlike the first LP, I wanted to focus on writing more complete songs instead of grooves. Some of the grooves are still present, but having more of a narrative within the structure was important for me. Like the first record, accepting change is at the core of Guidance, whether that change be within society, oneself, or witnessing a transformation in a loved one or a relationship. I was listening to a lot of Damien Jurado/Richard Swift records while writing and recording this one, so it was especially wonderful to have Swift, a master of sonic texture (and song-craft in general), to add his touch on the songs.“With a deep reverence for all things Grateful Dead, The Dan Ryan aren't afraid to allow their songs to open and evolve in their own time while also holding on to the folk tradition of Texas natives like Townes Van Zandt, whose picking style and strong narratives sits as the base coat to each of these 9 beautifully painted tracks. Recorded in Austin by engineer and musician Lucas Oswald and mixed at National Freedom by Richard Swift, The Dan Ryan continue to create with an arsenal of auditory color. With more breathing room in Dixey’s vocal performances, one is not just taken to the green pastures of magical euphoria but given the opportunity to feel the blades of grass underfoot and taste the orchestrated air.) 23.00

DAVID CHESWORTH - Industry & Leisure LP (burka for - Originally released in 1983 as a cassette and an EP containing three tracks - The Search,I Just Thought, and Schoolbooks Decide on Innocent Records. This is a remastered version of the cassette including an unreleased track. Electronic Post Punk and Synth Pop, waves travelling in circles, spiralling around solid blocks of underground experimental rhythms. A proper treasure in the hidden realm of eighties experimentation. These songs demonstrate some of the most brilliant occult songlines in musical innovation of their time. They have the marks of domestic pieces of art where you can hear the anxious tension between the mechanical production of goods and the need to consume pleasure in your free time; just as unsatisfying, just as devoid of essence. Around this dialectic, we hear the result of home made repetitive music as a reflection on consumer existence. Not conceptual but very much thought out, the success of these tunes is both their initial idea and the end product. We can hear a solitary room of composition and an exhibition in an art gallery interacting with bodies. The imaginative sound design and very catchy composition make this one of the most memorable entries in the fertile and innovative musical canon of its time.)25.00

DISQUIET - s/t LP (trost - Disquiet is a special quartet that came together on the stage of the Konfrontationen festival in 2018. Initially formed and lead by Austrian electronic musician Christof Kurzmann, the project is reflecting the difficult political situation of the refugee movements to Europe – and how politicians deal with it in a selfish and unhumanitarian way. Christof Kurzmann, Sofia Jernberg, Martin Brandlmayr (Radian) and Joe Williamson reinterpret and process in quiet waves of emotions and thoughtful lyrics - concentrated music between serenity and sheer beauty, esp when Kurzmann and Jernberg sing a duet with Joe McPhees lyrics.) 23.00

ERIK WOLLO - Silver Beach DLP (Erik Wøllo is a unique Norwegian musician that has been active since 1980, covering a wide range of styles but mostly known for his very personal take on electronic ambient music. In Silver Beach, gentle rhythms hold center for lush beautiful melodies to unfold, manifesting a restrained elegance in the way the chords hover around this percolating heartbeat. The result is synthetic walkabout music, an album of simple yet vibrant sophistication, perfect for wandering around or sitting contemplating imaginary beautiful vistas with eyes closed. These seventeen stunning tracks create a sense of ceaseless motion without arrival, the pleasure of traveling without destination: walking on an outer limits beach. An early electronic music masterpiece, it was made using the latest MIDI technology at that time. Everything was composed and recorded on the now vintage Roland MSQ700, and all the diverse synths and rack modules were mixed directly down to 2 track analog tape (no multitrack tape was used). ) 28.00

ELEPHANT9 - Arrival Of The New Elders LP (rune grammofon - Ståle Storlokken - Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, grand piano, Eminent 310, Mellotron, Continuum Nikolai Hængsle - Electric bass, electric and acoustic guitars Torstein Lofthus - Drums, percussion. After a solid run of five studio albums and 2019's two double live albums, Psychedelic Backfire I and II, Elephant9 had taken their groovy mix of high energy rock and power jazz as far as they could. In this respect Arrival Of The New Elders comes as a welcome and most timely addition to their recorded output. More varied, mature and reflective, don't let the self-ironic (?) title mislead you, they are as groovy as ever, but more structured and less jam oriented, with the longest track clocking in around the seven minute mark. Rather short, by their standards.Having built a solid live reputation even before their brilliant 2008 debut Dodovoodoo, the trio boasts what is probably the strongest rhythm section in Norway, complemented with keyboard magician extraordinaire, the one and only Ståle Storlokken. And boy, does he excel himself on this album, notably with more focus on the Rhodes than before. That said, this is nothing if not another strong group effort from what has been a very tight unit straight from the outset. Seven brand new compositions from Storlokken and one from Hængsle make way for what we consider to be their finest and most cohesive album to date. Arrival Of The New Elders was recorded by trusted stalwart Christian Engfelt, with early Dungen producer Mattias Glavå handling the mixing duties.Ståle started his musical journey in Veslefrekk with Jarle Vespestad and Arve Henriksen in the 90s, soon morphing into Supersilent with Helge Sten on board. He's also a member of Moster! and Humcrush, and have collaborated with a number of artists, most notably Motorpsycho. Nikolai is also a member of Bigbang, Needlepoint and Band Of Gold and have appeared on a couple of hundred records. The same goes for Torstein, an associate member of numerous bands ranging from pop and soul to free jazz. But Elephant9 has always been their special baby. ) 28.00

EVAN PARKER - the snake decides LP (otoruku - One of the final Incus releases and one that was written up in The Penguin Guide to Jazz as 'an essential document of modern music'. Otoroku is proud to release the first ever vinyl re-issue (second pressing now, 300 copies ww) of Evan Parker's legendary recording The Snake Decides. Featuring 4 solos recorded in 1986 in St. Paul's Church, Oxford by the late Michael Gerzon. The Snake Decides is a groundbreaking example how far the language of a particular instrument can be taken. From Brian Morton's liner new notes: "The Snake Decides attracts a certain array of adjectives - intense, radical, fearsome, hypnotic, virtuosic - and occasionally allows a more ambitious reviewer to avoid platitude by talking more specifically about 32nd harmonics, circular breathing, multiphonics and Gerson's exact choice and placement of microphones. But this misses a point, too. Listening to this record, either for the first or the fortieth time, is an arousing experience." Remastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and housed in a reverse board sleeve with new liner notes by Brian Morton this is the ultimate document of one of the most important recordings in all of Parker's extensive and exploratory catalogue. Edition of 500 copies. "If you've ever been tempted by free improvisation, Parker is your gateway drug." - Stewart Lee) 28.00

EVAN PARKER - Six of One LP (otoroku - Originally recorded and released in 1980, "Six of One" beautifully captures the detail in Evan Parker's high frequency split tones for which he is now perhaps better known. Five years on from "Saxophone Solos" and with circular breathing and polyphonics well worn into his live performances, Parker's experimentations here produce sustained passages of brilliant flight. Set into the echoes and resonances of St Judes On The Hill church, the results are stunning. "The recital commences with a split tone line of twining sine waves that expand and contract in telepathic collusion. Pitch dynamics narrow and redefine themselves more emphatically on the second piece where sliding legato rivulets born of Parker's compartmentalized tonguing create the sonic semblance of up to three separate voices emanating from the single reed speech center. It's a feat he's accomplished innumerable times since, but every fresh hearing never fails to open an aperture into a style of improvisatory expression that is at once wholly alien and intensely mesmerizing. There's also something strangely subterranean about the flood of sounds, like the rush percolating water through an underground aquifer system enroute to unknown tributaries. The third piece trades tightly braided tones for leaner and more linear phrases, but a vaporous trail of phantom notes still clings to the central line. And so it goes, with the illusion of repetition guiding the momentum, though Parker never explicitly repeats himself." - Derek Taylor, All About Jazz Transferred from the original master tapes at Abbey Road Studios and released in an edition of 500.) 28.00

EVAN PARKER - Saxophone Solo LP (otoruku - OTOROKU is proud to reissue Evan Parker's first solo LP "Saxophone Solos". Recorded by Martin Davidson in 1975 at the Unity Theatre in London, at that time the preferred concert venue of the Musicians' Co-operative, Parker's densely woven and often cyclical style has yet to form; instead throaty murmurs appear under rough hewn whistles and calls - the wildly energetic beginnings of an extraordinary career. Reissued with liner notes from Seymour Wright in an edition of 500. "The four pieces across the two sides of Saxophone Solos - Aerobatics 1 to 4 - are testing, pressured, bronchial spectaculars of innovation and invention and determination. Evan tells four stories of exploration and imagination without much obvious precedent. Abstract Beckettian cliff-hanging detection/logic/magic/mystery. The conic vessel of the soprano saxophone here recorded contains the ur-protagonists: seeds, characters, settings, forces, conflicts, motions, for new ideas, to delve, to tap and to draw from it story after story as he has on solo record after record for 45 years. 'Aerobatics 1-3' were recorded on 17 June 1975, by Martin Davidson at Parker's first solo performance. This took place at London's Unity Theatre in Camden. 'Aerobatics 4' was recorded on 9 September the same year, by Jost Gebers in the then FMP studio in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Music of balance and gravity, fulcra, effort, poise and enquiry. Sounds thrown and shaken into and out of air, metal and wood. It is - as the titles suggest - spectacular." - Seymour Wright, 2020.) 28.00

FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring LP (gnomlife - back in stock. LAST COPIES _ "Cold Spring" is an artifact of Fletcher Tucker’s deep inhabitation of Big Sur, California. Recorded gradually over the course of four years, songs were gathered on cloud-hidden peaks, wrung out from moss, and received while splitting wood, pushing through brush, and making camp. These recordings serve as trails, leading deep into a mythopoetic backcountry where forgotten mysticism and abandoned ancestral knowledge resurface. In arranging the soundscapes of "Cold Spring", Tucker took inspiration from Gregorian chants, Shakuhachi (zen flute) compositions, ancient Chinese paintings of mountains and mist, and of course the landscape of Big Sur itself. Analog synthesizers surge like storm-swollen creeks. A 110-year-old pump organ rumbles up from the depths of a ravine. Drones from 12-string electric guitars flicker like torchlight. Distinct aural-textures – buzzing rosined bows, resonant bells, trembling leaf rattles – punctuate the sound-world of "Cold Spring". Ethereal harmonies by Molly Erin Sarlé (of Mountain Man) drift above Tucker’s dark baritone. In Tucker’s words, “'Cold Spring' is an invitation to draw the blade of your mind across a whetstone of mythos and song. To hone your awareness of the uncanny, sense into the liminal, and awake within a vast atavistic wilderness.” "Cold Spring" is the first LP released by Fletcher Tucker under his own name. Tucker created five full-length albums and several EP’s under the project name Bird By Snow (the last, "Offering", was released in 2012). Tucker has performed on and produced records by Little Wings, Fountainsun, and Daniel Higgs. He is also the founder of Gnome Life Records. ) 21.00

FRANK & THE HURRICANE - Love Ya Love Ya LP (feeding tube - "Frank Hurricane’s been chugging along at his own personal pace for a good while now, and the further he rambles, the further we roam with him. Here he’s joined by Jake Merrick on bass, vocals, and keys and John Spiegel on drums and percussion. And it feels good. The group exquisitely compliments Frank’s tales of travel and serenity and the embrace of uncertainty. There’s a languid hallucinatory Meat Puppets vibe to “Creekside Cooler,” “Spivey,” and “Wildorado,” a song with a killer Taco Bell shout-out. Elsewhere they lope through after-hours vibes that could be drawn from the Raccoon catalog or some Shangri-La Studio sessions. Some examples: “Cold and Snow” gives a classic American trope the Hurricane psilocybin head nod treatment. Frank’s always aware of spirits, and on “I Know I’ll See a Ghost” he casts himself as temporarily dead – or halfway dead at least. It’s the spiritual purgatory outlined by George Saunders in Lincoln in the Bardo funneled into a 90s flannel. “Devil’s Looking Glass” is almost bardic in scope and feel. “Dandelions” renders the intoxication of amorous desire into a chug worthy of Crazy Horse. “Luna Belle” starts as a lilting evening lament and gallops off to the moon before it gets started. “Dreamed About You” could be a song about missing just about anything or anyone or any hope or any wish. And so Frank Hurricane yawps wide and loud, once again, without apology, from his jug of love. This record is an elegy to sadly departed friends (Danny Cruz, Terry Turtle, et al.), and a beautiful dream of a future none of us can quite imagine but should probably be working towards." Matt Krefting Holyoke, MA 2020 ) 23.00

FRANK AND HIS SISTERS - s/t LP (mississippi - The world’s first collection of gorgeous pop songs from Frank and His Sisters, a family band from Moshi, Tanzania. Formed in the early 1950s by Frank Humplick, Thecla Clara and Maria Regina, the trio recorded and toured throughout East Africa and issued a string of instant classics, capturing fans with their beautifully harmonized singing, clever lyrics, and Frank’s stunning guitar work. Imagine the fingerstyle finesse of John Fahey with a pure pop melodicism, combined with the family harmony of groups like The Carter Family, The Roches, and The Beach Boys, set in the golden age of Tanzanian music! Frank composed many of his songs while working the land on his beloved tractor (really), and once instigated a house-to-house search to destroy all copies of his record “Yes/No” due to its politically subversive lyrics. He went on to record and tour with the Jambo Boys band before retiring from the music industry in the early 1960s, to focus on his passion for agriculture. But his favorite songs were always the ones he created with his sisters, and we are proud to present 12 of their best. Previously only heard on extremely rare 78 rpm discs and Tanzanian oldies radio, this album collects the trio’s finest songs, lovingly restored and remastered. We love this music so much that in late 2018 we traveled to Tanzania to meet Frank’s family and collaborate on this album. The result is a colorful 8-page booklet featuring complete lyrics in English, Swahili and Chaga, as well as previously unpublished photographs, extensive interviews and anecdotes, and a biography by Tanzanian musician and radio host John Kitime. All tracks fully licensed from the Humplick family. ) 23.00

FUCKED AND BOUND - Suffrage LP (quiet panic - Despite the name, Seattle, WA's Fucked And Bound feels fundamentally untethered. This is a band whose existence is essential for these times, encapsulating the frenetic energy, confrontational anger, and increasing anxiety that so many are feeling. Fucked and Bound is an outlet for those who seek solace in the filth and the fire, whose cynicism has grown out of disappointed idealism, who carry a bloody, sharpened ax to grind with the powers that be.) 25.00

GRACE FERGUSON - Voler LP (We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the Country where we live, create and work, and recognise that sovereignty has not been ceded. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. Sensuous and vivid this series of warrens are elliptical breaths that lead the body with anticipation. In her words, Grace plays “without inhibition or apology for what resulted from this lack of inhibition.” In doing so, she creates a panorama where nuance is felt in the flaws of motion. Repetition and layering renders new and unfettered meaning in the space between notes, the silences that punctuate listening. Composition and improvisation are integrated, as the acoustic piano is at once vast and intimate. This elemental album moves through cyclic states, untethered to a particular time or place. Introspective and longing, Voler is a chase, beyond hesitation and weight, to flight and its speed.) 25.00

HAZEL ENGLISH - Wake Up! LP (polyvinyl - Since debuting with bittersweet single ‘Never Going Home’ in 2016, the Sydney-born artist has felt the urge to connect with her listeners in a meaningful way. Blending wistful, candid lyricism with jangling psych and beach-pop sounds, English’s compelling songwriting has earned her over 25 million streams, airplay on BBC Radio 1, 6Music and Beats, praise from Lauren Laverne and Annie Mac, and press acclaim with double EP Just Give In/Never Going Home labelled by The 405 as “one of the strongest records of the year”. 2019 saw her gain an even wider audience after touring with Lord Huron and Death Cab For Cutie. Where the double EP was very much a lo-fi, bedroom-produced record, English left her home setup behind in favour of roomy recording studios and tapped up session players for her debut album. Bigger, lusher, and more live-sounding, the LP shows a new side to English: one that conveys the joy and excitement of collaboration. Drawing from a more grandiose sonic palette while pulling on the same sun-kissed thread of her previous work, half of the record was made in LA with super-producer Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Angel Olsen), while English flew to Atlanta to work with Ben H. Allen (Deerhunter, M.I.A, Animal Collective) on the other half.) 25.00

JANE WEAVER - flock LP (fire - Flock' is the record that Jane Weaver always wanted to make, the most genuine version of herself, complete with unpretentious Day-Glo pop sensibilities, wit, kindness, humour and glamour. A consciously positive vision for negative times, a brooding and ethereal creation. The album features an untested new fusion of seemingly unrelated compounds fused into an eco-friendly hum; pop music for post-new-normal times. Created from elements that should never date, its pop music reinvented. Still prevalent are the cosmic sounds, but 'Flock' is a natural rebellion to the recent releases which sees her decidedly move away from conceptual roots in favour of writing pop music. Produced on a complicated diet of bygone Lebanese torch songs, 1980's Russian Aerobics records and Australian Punk. Amongst this broadcast of glistening sounds is 'The Revolution Of Super Visions', an untelevised Mothership connection, with Prince floating by as he plays scratchy guitar; it also features a funky whack-a-mole bass line and synth worms. It underlines the discordant pop vibe that permeates 'Flock' and concludes on 'Solarised', a super-catchy, totally infectious apocalypse, a radio-friendly groove for last dance lovers clinging together in an effort to save themselves before the end of the night. The musician's exposure to an abundance of lost records served as a reminder that you still feel like an outsider in this world and that by overcoming fears you can achieve artistic freedom. Jane Weaver continues to metamorphise_ "A mind-expanding delight, devoid of retro posturing." The Guardian "Ominous and luminous, expansively spacious and sonically imploding, scientific, ephemeral and eternal" The Quietus) 26.00

LAVENDER HEX - Bunch of Flowers LP (diy - The second instalment of Lavender Hex is out now. 17 new songs, sketches and collaborations of freeform punk; made in Berlin with folk near and far between 2018 and 2020. The thread of Lianne and Arndt's lo-fi sound making weaves through another diverse collection of voices and noises. Lavender Hex is a project of friendship, connection and experimentation. 'Bunch of Flowers' includes voices/ samples/ words/ sounds (in order of appearance) from: Sarah Bag, Alec Mac, Matthew Arthur Williams, Susanne Lambert, Heena Patel, Lady Salmon, Rifa Thorpe-Tracey, ¿La Pregunta?, Seb Ymai, Henny McD, Vi Subversa, Erin Yanke, Lianne Hall, Emma Hexen, P6, Cat Barich, Lisa Fannen, Late Nights in Squat Bars, N Ren Yu, Ellie Erickson.) 16.00

THE LEGENDARY BEYONS - s/t LP (amid - For over fifty years, The Legendary Beyons have delighted Portlanders with their music. And now, for the first time, their work has been documented in this high fidelity LP accompanied by a detailed oral history of the group. The album’s well-designed booklet features a wide range of archival photography, serving as a period piece for the uninitiated. On the cover of this previously unreleased 1977 album, there’s an image that tells you nearly everything you need to know: four Black men, resplendent in custom-tailored suits, are working it with synchronized steps before the rushing falls of Portland’s Fourcourt Fountain. In their joyous faces is written a brotherhood that began when this core of singers—Jeddy Beasley, Thurtis Channel, James Tims, and Ira Hammon—endeavored to harmonize as The Legendary Beyons. The group’s presence in this image reveals the richness of their soulful, Motown-inspired vocal sound. These songs are the culmination of a story that began when these young men began singing in the locker room after basketball games at Jefferson High School. As their reputation grew, The Beyons––with the help of a crack backing band featuring arranger Dan Brewster and The Soul Masters––aspired for greatness in Albina’s club scene. A litany of touring acts on the Chitlin Circuit stopped through the area, performing side-by-side with The Beyons: The Whispers, Bloodstone, Blue Magic…the list is deep. But without a local recording industry or sustainable income for gigging Black musicians, The Beyons never released a recording in thei) 25.00

LORI GOLDSTON AND JORDAN O'JORDAN - Very Old Songs LP (Prolific cellist Lori Goldston, whose first major appearance was on stage with Nirvana at their MTV Unplugged concert, will play her favorite folk tracks from Very Old Songs, her new LP with singer Jordan O’Jordan. They'll be joined by guests Phil Elverum, Tomo Nakayama, Clyde Petersen, and J.R. Rhodes.) 28.00

LUNGFISH - Love Is Love LP (dischord - This is Lungfish's 10th full-length album, released in 2003. Baltimore, MD's post-hardcore group Lungfish performed and released albums on the Dischord Records label for more than 20 years. The group's consciousness alternately/simultaneously coalesced and dispersed creating a continuous quasi-musical pulse, which reached its climax at many intervals along the way. Lungfish is now, as it often has been, quasi, if not entirely, defunct. Originally issued in 2003, the Ian MacKaye-produced Love Is Love is the band's tenth studio effort and it marks the welcomed return of former bassist Sean Meadows. The band trims the fat like no other and they sound as repetitive, hypnotic and as powerful as ever here.) 20.00

MAMIFFER - Mettapatterning for Constellation LP (Faith Coloccia’s music as Mamiffer behaves as a living organism that feeds off its surroundings as it multiplies and evolves to live in harmony with its environment. This malleability is presented in Mamiffers’s latest record, Mettapatterning for Constellation. The album features two incarnations of a single composition by Coloccia, commissioned by the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow, Poland. Side A documents the 2017 live presentation of “Mettapatterning for Constellation” as performed by the Półdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble, orchestrated by Eyvind Kang, conducted by Mateusz Rusowicz, and mixed by Randall Dunn. The B side features the initial pre-notation home recording of the composition, “))((Mettapatterning for Constellation <ll>,” as performed by Faith Coloccia, Aaron Turner, and percussionist Jon Mueller. Together the two tracks not only depict the emotional depth and textural vibrancy of Coloccia’s vision, they model the organic breadth and variability of the work. The two versions have distinct intentions and diametric harmonic spiritual relations. A perfect metaphor for Mettapatterning would be that of eukaryotic organisms: those that can live freely as single cells, but can also aggregate together to form multicellular reproductive structures, just as a lo-fi 4-track creation can evolve into its own distinct, transcribed, and orchestrated form when presented to the world. ) 25.00

MARIKA POLITISSA - All Parts Dark LP (Marika "Politissa" Frantzeskopoulou was a Greek singer from Constantinople, reknowned for her precise, fluid and graceful performances and depth of feeling. Backed by some of the best musicians of the era on lyra, violin, oud, kanonaki and guitar, Marika’s repertoire and techniques drew from Byzantine and Ottoman musical traditions. She possessed an ability to devastate her audience through her expressions of grief, exile, and tragic love, running the gamut of cafe aman, torch songs, lilting and fragile odes to heartache, heavy Piraeus style rebetika, and ecstatic Near-Eastern climaxes, all with a visceral sense of atmosphere, emotion, and fatalism. Marika’s voice is complimented beautifully by her backing musicians, creating a pulsing acoustic foundation over which her voice soars with clarity and purpose. LP version includes a 12 page color booklet with rare photographs, full lyrics, and extensive notes (Bandcamp version includes booklet in PDF format). Produced in collaboration with Tony Klein (Greek Rhapsody, Mortika) and Stavros Kourousis (From Tambouras to Bouzouki) and co-released by Olvido Records (A. Kostis, Alexis Zoumbas).) 23.00

NANCY SINATRA - Start Walkin' 1965-1976 DLP (The definitive new collection surveys Sinatra’s most prolific period over 1965–1976, including her revered collaborations with Lee Hazlewood, over 23 tracks. Remastered from the original analog tapes by GRAMMY®–nominated engineer John Baldwin, the collection is complemented by liner notes penned by Amanda Petrusich (author and music critic at The New Yorker), featuring insightful new interviews with Sinatra, as well as a Q&A with archivist and GRAMMY®–nominated reissue co-producer, Hunter Lea. The two-disc vinyl set is presented in a gatefold jacket (featuring a 24–page booklet). Nancy’s performance of the Lee Hazlewood–penned song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” was a huge hit in 1966 and became her signature tune. The pair began a three year run of successful albums, duets, and singles including “Sugar Town,” “Some Velvet Morning,” “Summer Wine,” “Sand,” “Jackson,” and the title track to the 1967 James Bond film “You Only Live Twice.”) 46.00

NIEL LYHNE LOKKEGAARD - Saturations LP (Important! - Saturations is a composition by Danish multidisciplinary artist Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, and features a clarinet choir consisting of 19(!) clarinet players. Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard (b. 1979) considers his work to be a basic research in realities working within the domains of imaginary & physical sound as well as other non-sonic media, and since 2012 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard has experimented with creating music that lets the instruments transcend their inherent sonic norms and reappear in another form by way of multiplication of sound. His work with multiplication of sound has led to numerous compositions in which one instrument is multiplied a number of times: One piece is written for 9 pianos, another for 10 hi-hats and yet another for countless triangles and so on. The multiplication brings out bodily timbral phenomena, interference of sound waves and vibrations, and brings out what Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard calls the sound’s potential of transformation. He describes this as the quality in a musical piece, when you no longer hear recognizable instruments, but instead the individual sound, as well as the individual musician, is dissolved into the collective sound. ) 27.00

NOISE - Tenno LP (Moone - For over four decades, Reiko Omura and Tori Kudo have endlessly woven themselves throughout the avant-garde and underground scene of Japan. While internationally appreciated in countless incarnations and contexts (Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Guys & Dolls), if one were to seek out an early moment in which the two artists created something truly awe inspiring, 1980’s Tenno (天皇) would be it. As Noise, the duo experimented with the juxtaposition of Kudo’s extended organ based dirges (be they eerie and/or harmonious) and fragile, meditative harmonies found in Omura’s voice and more abstract moments of minimal trumpet, sparse drum and atonal guitar. Simultaneously tense and beautiful, echoes of Tenno can be found resonating in the work of their contemporaries and countless others spanning the past 40 years and an infinite amount more to come. The LP was originally released by ALM and subsequently reissued in 1997 on CD (Pataphysique) and LP (Org), and on CD again in 2005 (Alchemy). Just past it’s 40 year anniversary, Moone Records is elated to announce the first edition of Tenno released outside of Japan as a LP in a limited run of 500 copies – bringing the monumental release back into print on vinyl for the first time in 23 years.) 23.00

NØ MAN - Erase LP (diy - CLEAR vinyl - NØ MAN formed in 2017, shortly after Majority Rule reunited to play a benefit tour with long time friends pageninetynine. The band includes all three members (Matthew Michel, Kevin Lamiell, Pat Broderick) with the addition of Maha Shami on vocals. Maha’s voice may be familiar to some as she was a guest vocalist on MR’s “Packaged Poison" back in 2002. Upon returning from the MR reunion shows, the band swiftly wrote, recorded, and released “Devils Cast Long Shadows” in 2018 as an outlet to continue creating new music together. Since then, they’ve had the opportunity to tour with some incredible bands, including Portrayal of Guilt, Darkest Hour, The Hirs Collective and more. In their follow up record “Erase,” the band solidifies their sound, blending mean chaotic punk that occasionally comes up for air with haunting, melodic breaks.) 20.00

NØ MAN (NO MAN) - Devils Cast Long Shadows LP (diy - NØ MAN is a new band featuring all the members of the Majority Rule family, including the venomous vocals of Maha Shami (who sang on “Packaged Poison” from the split with pg99). Their debut album is devastating from the drop, and refuses to relent over the course of eight songs. The DC veterans cover a great deal of territory, from plodding crunchy numbers to more frantic breakneck rhythms, always knowing how to build, restrain, and ultimately unleash that urgent energy. Limited to 500 copies on blue color vinyl with a super nice printed jacket, silkscreened insert, and download code.) 20.00

OF FEATHER AND BONE - Sulfuric Disintegration LP (profound lore - The new album from death metal outfit OF FEATHER AND BONE, “Sulfuric Disintegration”, sees the Colorado power-trio deliver their most brutal, dynamic, and punishing album to date. Following up 2018’s “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion”, an album which signaled a new paradigm shift for the band and saw the band get the worthwhile recognition deserved through acclaim and notable touring cycles (the band being recognized for their devastating live performance), bringing a new sense of awareness to the band. “Sulfuric Disintegration” takes OF FEATHER AND BONE’s intensity and aura to the next level. With not only delivering a more dynamic and complex musical vision that balances the genres of pure dark death metal, blistering grind, and unrelenting bestial metal, “Sulfuric Disintegration” sees OF FEATHER AND BONE become the full-on sonic killing machine that one was given a mere glimpse of with their past works. Not only is the sound on “Sulfuric Disintegration” more devastating than anything done previously, but the tighter and warmer production courtesy of a lethal mix and master executed by Arthur Rizk (tracking was done at Juggernaut Audio by Ben Romsdahl) gives the band their deadliest sounding album yet.) 28.00

OWLS - two LP (polyvinyl - back in stock - It didn’t come fast and it didn’t come easy. It’s been over two decades since TIM KINSELLA, MIKE KINSELLA, VICTOR VILLARREAL and SAM ZURiCK formed CAP’N JAZZ as teenagers, and 13 years since they followed up that band with their debut self-titled album under the name OWLS. In the time that has passed since then, the members have kept active with a string of other endeavors (including OWEN, JOAN OF ARC, MAKE BELIEVE, and GHOSTS AND VODKA) that have never failed to showcase their vast, diverse, and ever-evolving musical aptitudes. Slowly, but surely, new Owls songs fell into place: Villarreal would introduce a guitar riff from which Tim Kinsella would build a simple chord sequence and vocal melody. Then, the entire group would hash out the rest of the song amidst yelling, arguing, and practices that were often cut short or canceled outright. While sonically their technique still has the ability to dazzle, age and experience have lent new perspectives to tracks such as “I’m Surprised…” and “Ancient Stars Seed...”—making them more aggressive and direct, but certainly no less captivating. In a world that increasingly favors style over substance, Owls is unwilling to compromise the latter for the former. And that, at least, is something all the members can easily agree on. ) 23.00

PIERCE WITH ARROW - Shatter LP (dias - The collaborative debut of American minimal techno producer Troy Pierce and Colombian audiovisual artist Natalia Escobar aka Poison Arrow was conceived in reverse: first they created a collection of shadowy surrealist videos, then wrote music inspired by them. This inverted process proved remarkably fruitful. Shatter is a simmering, slow-burn noir odyssey inspired by the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus, traversing subtle shades of sleepwalker dub, metallic lament, broken beats, and erotic negative space. It's an effectively unsettling evocation of the legend's core theme: “There is nothing more complex than a shattered heart, or a heart that can't love.” Considering their shared background trafficking in darkened dance floor modes, what's most striking about Pierce with Arrow's partnership is its rhythmic restraint. The album's 10 tracks seethe and shudder between glamor and gloom, with only occasional dread-steeped metronomes mapping the malaise to a grid. They speak of pursuing a “spatial approach” with this project, which manifests in the music's immersive design and patient execution, each mangled clang and rippling pool of bass allowed to reverberate its full flickering waveform. ) 25.00

PHEW / JOHN DUNCAN / KONDO TATSUO - Backfire Of Joy LP (A previously unheard recording from Phew, John Duncan and Kondo Tatsuo, documenting a concert at Tokyo’s Hosei University in 1982. "Though the fertile exchange of ‘zines, tapes and records between the Japanese underground and the Los Angeles Free Music Society meant the artists were familiar with each other’s work, this performance (occurring on Duncan’s first visit to Japan) was their first meeting and only performance as a trio. Duncan is heard on his signature shortwave radio set-up, while Kondo performs on synth, tape loops and echo-drenched piano, providing a spacious backdrop for Phew’s astonishing performance of spontaneous, free-associative song moving between Japanese and English. A testament to the unhinged exploration of the 1980s experimental underground, the trio careen wildly between crashing percussive tape loops, deluges of shortwave noise, insistent piano figures and playful synth melodies. On the B side, we are treated to a remarkable ten minute sequence moving organically from spaced-out synth and radio textures to a stunning finale of improvised balladry centred on piano and voice, unexpectedly broken up by electronic interjections. Beautifully recorded in crunchy vintage fidelity, Backfire of Joy arrives accompanied by archival photographs and newly authored liner notes from all three participants.”) 25.00

RIVET - On Feather and Wire DLP (editons mego - Swedish producer and electronic enthusiast Rivet (Mika Hallbäck Vuorenpää, Malmö) joins the Editions Mego fold with a dynamic and diverse album that pivots between the punctuated pop of Ivan Pavlov's COH project, the chromatic slink of Chris and Cosey whilst also bearing a degree of fruit birthed from Hallbäck's home country Sweden in skewered pop such as The Knife. This is electronic music born from the worship of machines and the spirit of punk, mood music brooding with sophistication and subversive twists all underscored with a deep industrial pulse. Are these songs? Are these lyrics? Words melt as beat perpetually takes us deeper into flight. Interpretation is flung open as the audience are invited to gauge what on earth is going on here. Are Sooty Wing Flecks a minuscule species of half keyboard half vocoder chatter? Is Gleitende Liebe to be trusted or simply laying out a guide for disorientation? Pearling Woes is a queasy ballad sung by a robot on a very special comedown. Keloid knows exactly where the party can be now whereas Sodden Healer is an uber ride sans mask to destinations dark and unknown. Throughout this trip sharp snares punctuate ghost melodies as vocals rise and vaporise. Shadows hover the walls leaving holographic traces of the duality between fun and fear, the unexpected drifts diagonally across the audio plane teasing and taunting the listener in a unique blend of industrial, techno, pop and experimental forms. On Feather and Wire album is a deep absorbing trip through multiple moods, genres and guises, as mysterious as it is engaging and one to ingest in a single sitting, lying back, sitting up, standing up and yes, even dancing. Let the angels and angles, the voices and distorted faces take shape before your mind. Who is Ordine Kadmia? What are they saying to me, here we go, on and on... With it's haunted vocals, coded linguistics and dark sensual propulsive atmosphere On Feather and Wire is a sublime contemporary techno pop trip both psychedelic and subversive. ) 27.00

ROBBIE BASHO - Visions of the Country (Reissue) LP (gnomelife - Repressed! Comes in a gatefold cover and with a digital download code! Recorded in the height of Robbie Basho's creative career, Visions of the Country was originally released in 1978, and has been out of print for nearly 35 years. The album is comprised of technically superb instrumentation (6 & 12 string guitars and piano); majestic compositions; transcendent singing and whistling; and astonishing lyrical, emotional, and spiritual depths that defy description or comparison. It is with a feeling of tremendous honor and joy that we offer this re-issue, which we hope will please existing Basho devotees, and create new acolytes, in equal measure. The feeling is akin to re-introducing an endangered species back into its native habitat, for this album is a precious, mighty, and wild thing. "Visions of the Country" should not stay couped up in expensive e-bay auctions and low quality vinyl-to-Mp3 rips, it needs to soar gloriously in high fidelity through our culture once more!) 26.00

SLICKAPHONIC - s/t LP (albina music - Next up from Albina Music Trust is a previously unreleased reel-to-reel session by Slickaphonic, a nine-piece powerhouse in Portland’s lost funk scene. Recorded in 1975 at Recording Associates by engineer Bob Stoutenberg (The Wipers, Baba Yaga, Mel Brown), this carefully restored collection places the listener in the thick of a watertight disco-funk session done the Albina way. These songs unfold like a dream. The record ignites with Andre Billingsley’s custom break to “Doin’ It,” a neighborhood classic written by Pleasure guitarist Doug Lewis. From there, the blistering instrumental “Bubba” unfolds with symphonic horn arrangements setting the scene. But it’s bassist Randy Smith and Jimmy Washington’s locked-in percussion that takes you higher. Throughout the record, this band drops the tempo and mood with ease. Milton Davis’ dynamic vocal burns tracks into flames then swiftly pivots into a ballad zone, sending things out to all the ladies in the house. “Back Into My Life Again,” with its chicken-scratch guitar and pithy horns, expands and contracts with Davis’ vocal enmeshed in the point-counterpoint of dueling guitarists Lewis and Kit Garoutte. “I Shot Him Down” is the group’s take on a canonical Bob Marley cut and features a spoken word intro from Davis. Set to a brilliant pseudo-country waltz, Davis narrates the listener through a Green Book-themed sojourn with Southern Gothic underpinnings. In great detail, he describes a road trip and fateful interactions with law enforcement, tragically no different for Black Americans in 1975 as it is today. There are cover songs on this record but the listening experience is…well, different. Carefully mastered by Gus Elg (Nu Shooz, Funky Drive Band, First Touch), this diamond in the rough has been rescued from a North Portland basement and returned to the conversation in which Albina’s legacy music belongs. And with current members of Slickaphonic still active in the city’s club circuit, this record takes the listener back, to a simpler time where the origin of these musicians, their stories, and the underrepresented Albina musical culture can once again be discovered.) 25.00

TASHI DORJI - but a night that ends, as all nights end, when the sun rises LP (moone - Bhutanese guitarist currently residing in Asheville, NC. 2 long improvised guitar songs. FFO: Derek Bailey, Bill Orcutt, John Fahey) 25.00
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Re: Bis Aufs MeSSER - March news

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BROTHER THEOTIS TAYLOR - s/t TAPE (Brother Theotis Taylor is a 92-year-old spiritual singer and piano player known throughout South Georgia and beyond for his powerful voice and heavenly falsetto. His music took him from his home in Fitzgerald, Georgia, to the stage with Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, to Harlem’s Apollo, and even to Carnegie Hall. Though his releases are limited to six stunning and rare singles on the Pitch label and a single small-press LP, his recorded archive is vast. For much of his life, Brother Taylor kept a reel-to-reel recorder atop his piano at home. “The music just comes down on you,” Brother Taylor told us late last year. “You always have your machine where you can catch everything. ‘Cause what you can catch today you can’t remember tomorrow.” Brother Taylor recorded himself on his DIY home setup only when he was inspired by a higher power, often fasting and praying for days before recording. These intimate home recordings were digitized in 2020 and are being heard for the first time with this release. Revisiting these old songs brought Brother Taylor to tears. “[When I hear this music] I pick up the same spirit that I did it in. And you see me cryin’. It made me feel good ‘cause I know I did it and I did it well. And I want to see it get out, because if it made me feel good, it make somebody else feel good. Right? This is spiritual music.”) 14.00

FRANK AND HIS SISTERS - s/t TAPE (mississippi - The world’s first collection of gorgeous pop songs from Frank and His Sisters, a family band from Moshi, Tanzania. Formed in the early 1950s by Frank Humplick, Thecla Clara and Maria Regina, the trio recorded and toured throughout East Africa and issued a string of instant classics, capturing fans with their beautifully harmonized singing, clever lyrics, and Frank’s stunning guitar work. Imagine the fingerstyle finesse of John Fahey with a pure pop melodicism, combined with the family harmony of groups like The Carter Family, The Roches, and The Beach Boys, set in the golden age of Tanzanian music! Frank composed many of his songs while working the land on his beloved tractor (really), and once instigated a house-to-house search to destroy all copies of his record “Yes/No” due to its politically subversive lyrics. He went on to record and tour with the Jambo Boys band before retiring from the music industry in the early 1960s, to focus on his passion for agriculture. But his favorite songs were always the ones he created with his sisters, and we are proud to present 12 of their best. Previously only heard on extremely rare 78 rpm discs and Tanzanian oldies radio, this album collects the trio’s finest songs, lovingly restored and remastered. We love this music so much that in late 2018 we traveled to Tanzania to meet Frank’s family and collaborate on this album. The result is a colorful 8-page booklet featuring complete lyrics in English, Swahili and Chaga, as well as previously unpublished photographs, extensive interviews and anecdotes, and a biography by Tanzanian musician and radio host John Kitime. All tracks fully licensed from the Humplick family. ) 14.00

TURNING POINT - Demo TAPE (revelation - This recreation of the Turning Point demo tape from 1988 is the first release as Revelation Records reissues the band's out-of-print catalog. From New Jersey, Turning Point was the state's answer to the hardcore movement of New York and Connecticut of the late-'80s, playing up and down the East Coast with Chain Of Strength, Bold, Judge, Burn, Mouthpiece, and many more before disbanding in 1991. Jade Tree and Think Fast! Records released the band's catalog as a discography in the early 2000s, but none of the releases have been issued as stand-alone records since they were first released.) 13.00


PHIL ELVRUM - Microphones in 2020 silent version BOOK (761 page hardcover book 7” x 7” x 2” 3 1/2 pounds - My teenage job was working in the darkroom at The Business, a weird little camera/book/record shop in Anacortes. I sat in the dark and listened to my Eric’s Trip and This Mortal Coil tapes and made black and white enlargements of peoples’ torn ancestor portraits, hunched over in the fumes and squinting through a loupe at grains of grey. I took h0me expired film and weird old cameras and always kept them with me from then on, even now. As life evolved into always traveling, touring, diving into the days, I took hundreds of pictures. Thousands? The 4x6” prints were taped to the bedroom walls, the door, the car, the guitar, everywhere. As I made songs and albums these photographs stood in for the unmade movie that I was always soundtracking. Each photo, for me, contained an expanse of music and ideas, mostly unexpressed but always waiting, ripe. In my mind at least, some images are directly married to a specific song or musical moment but most just float as part of the vast wash of atmosphere in which all of these recordings have grown, hundreds of 4x6” windows into a world of multicolored grain, cloud and wave wall, phantoms in twilight, a real world exaggerated through long exposures and low light into a revelation of an unknown one. In the summer of 2020 I organized 761 of the old photos into a careful sequence synced up with the long new Microphones song and this became the video. A few seconds for each image flopped down, a fragement of the autobiographical lyrics subtitled down below. This flood of images felt too unrelenting so I decided to make a book to allow people to turn the pages at their own pace, and to hear the song silently. It can work in conjunction with the album, a libretto, and it can also work as just a book of images with no story, an abundance of beautiful light, an “art book”. Technical specifics: the camera is a Mercury Univex II half frame 35mm camera, the film is expired 800 speed Kodak, the prints are pre-2004 cheap lab optical light onto paper in chemicals. Around 2004 the global move to digital printing ended this pursuit of distorted walls of fog; the gradients got ugly. In book form the photos are printed at actual size. The text is unobtrusively small. The dustjacket removes to reveal hidden tiny text specifying additional information about each image (where known). There’s a golden ribbon to mark your place. The heavy hardcover binding is wrapped in black cloth and stamped with gold foil on the cover and spine. This book is a substantial brick. It’s a culmination of a lifetime still underway. I’m still taking pictures in the weird low light with the same obsolete camera, finding ways. The pursuit continues, the path through distortion and grain twists forward. - Phil Elverum November 9th, 2020) 48.00


JAY SOM - Balance CAP (polyvinyl - BRAND: Adams Pigment Dyed Baseball Cap HAT COLOR: Periwinkle - THREAD COLORS: Sand and Red) 28.00
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Re: Bis Aufs MeSSER - March news

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hi, welcome to another newsletter for March. A bunch of amazing stuff arrived like the CINDER WELL - The unconscious Echo LP, ERIK WOLLO - Silver Beach DLP, HECKER / OKKYUNG LEE - Statistique Synthétique / Teum (the Silvery Slit) LP, FELICIA ATKINSON - Echo LP (col. vinyl), SUSAN ALCORN - The Heart Sutra (Arranged by Janel Leppin) LP, EMBROY re issues, a bunch of MINIMAL WAVE restocks (DEUX, OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS etc), PLUGPOINT MUSIC - Last Chance LP, WRITHING SQUARES - Chart For The Solution DLP, HENRY GRIMES TRIO - The Call LP, BONNIE MERCER / YLP - Old Moon, New Moon / The Image of 36 LP, NORDSIND - Lys LP and much more.

Also a few PHIL ELVERUM Books are available in case u missed the pre order.

We also received the test pressing for the upcoming PIGEON LP and it sounds amazing!! So keep an eye out for pre orders etc .

Thank you for your support in those difficult times

Norman & Robert


THE LOST JOBS - s/t 7“ (THE LOST JOBS kommen aus Leipzig und haben vor knapp 3 Jahren ein Split-Demo-Tape mit STREIT veröffentlicht. Seither hat die Band recht viel live gespielt, einige neue Songs geschrieben und jetzt kommt endlich das Vinyl-Debüt in Form einer schönen 7″. Darauf gibts 5x schnökellosen Garage-Punk mit rockenden Surf-Gitarren und dreckigem 77er-Einschlag. Die Platte ist limitiert auf 500 handnummerierte Exemplare und kommt inkl. Textblatt, DIY Stempel-Cover und Sticker. Alles zusammen in 5 verschiedenen Coverfarben – der Zufall entscheidet welche ihr bekommt.) 6.00


BONNIE MERCER / YLP - Old Moon, New Moon / The Image of 36 LP (Downwards look to Melbourne, Australia’s incredibly fecund experimental scene for this almighty split LP; facing off Bonnie Mercer’s colossal sub-bass drone hallucinations with scorched-earth drug dirges by the YLP duo. If yr into Sunn O))), Earth, The Birthday Party, Spacemen 3, Sun City Girls, Gallon Drunk - this one’s for you. Both sides of ‘Old Moon, New Moon / The Image of 36’ sustain their influences from doom drone, gothic blues rock and post-punk for the already fraught 2020s. Each act renders a certain, ravishing sort of romance from end-of-earth bleakness, sketching out feedback-drenched vistas and sunburned, byzantine visions augmented by drum machines and electronics to blistering effect. Internationally renowned guitarist Bonnie Mercer offers a rare solo suite for her part. Moving beyond her decades of work with bands including Grey Daturas and Breathing Shrine, Mercer generates a transcendent collapse of desert rock forms that will reward listeners with the sandblasted riff textures of ‘Half Moon’, the skull scraping psyche noise lushness of ‘Linda’s Goodman’s Love Signs’, and a deathly crawl to dawn in ‘The Latest Disappointment.’ If you’ve ever seen Sunn O))) play live, Mercer makes use of the same sort of precision tooled grot that turns our insides out - all subharmonic drone and subby gnarrr that's a properly transformative listening experience at the right volume. ) 36.00

CINDER WELL - The unconscious Echo LP (contraszt - Cinder Well is the project of multi-instrumentalist Amelia Baker. In the early twenty-tens when she lived in Santa Cruz, CA, she played in the dark-folk group the Gembrokers and was a member of Blackbird Raum. Both bands were touring the emerging anarcho folk scene in Europe in 2013 when they met the folks of Lankum. This encounter proved quite influential and after collaborating on an album together Amelia eventually moved to Ireland to study Irish traditional music. By the sound of it alone, a voice, two violins, resonator guitar, its folky instrumentation and traditional feel ‘The Unconscious Echo’ could be described as a ’timeless’ folk record. But the slower pace and drawing out of tones with a shruti box and long stretched string sounds, make it a dark and modern variation on a traditional theme. It is also a record (and this might sound hyperbolic, but just wait for it) that could have only been made after the Holocaust. In the title track Amelia lets us in on what she has come to understand about the passing down of generational trauma. That is what the ‘Unconscious Echo’ is, and what it is echoing with is truly horrific.) 18.00

CRYPTS - Coven Of The Dead LP (tcm - Take no prisoners! CRYPTS from germany deliver very true old school deathmetal, no gimmicks, no intros, pure and simple stripped down end of the 80s style. Without any exaggeration you can name Morgoth, early Entombed, Hail Of Bullts or Autopsy as comparisons – technically fit, great songwriting, a fantastic singer, who, if i can believe the band, growls even in normal conversations. This record has the power to raise the dead and everyone who has more than three OSDM records in their posession will probably adore COVEN OF THE DEAD) 15.00

DAME AREA - Ondas Tribales LP (mannequin - We are really proud to welcome Dame Area in the Mannequin Records family. Hailing from Barcelona, Silvia Konstance and Viktor L.Crux (a collaborator of Nurse With Wound and J.Arbeit from Einstürzende Neubauten) developed during the last years a unique music style recognized as "Tribal Wave". Mixing synth bassline arpeggios and live percussions, noises and congas, industrialism and tribalism, Italian and Spanish, Dame Area are running across the same path and breathing the same air of the EBM/Industrial driven Diseño Corbusier or the drum compositions of Roberto De Simone. Starting to play live and releasing their music in 2018 for their own label and venue Màgia Roja (with the support of fans like Julian Cope and Yamatsuka Eye), their incessant touring schedule has already seen them play all over Europe in the past couple of years. Since 2019 they also play live as a trio with Jesse Webb from Gnod/Anthroprophh at the drums/percussion. For fans of: Diseño Corbusier, Esplendor Geometrico, Einstürzende Neubauten, group A, Kris Baha) 20.00

ERIK WOLLO - Silver Beach DLP (abstrace - Erik Wøllo is a unique Norwegian musician that has been active since 1980, covering a wide range of styles but mostly known for his very personal take on electronic ambient music. In Silver Beach, gentle rhythms hold center for lush beautiful melodies to unfold, manifesting a restrained elegance in the way the chords hover around this percolating heartbeat. The result is synthetic walkabout music, an album of simple yet vibrant sophistication, perfect for wandering around or sitting contemplating imaginary beautiful vistas with eyes closed. These seventeen stunning tracks create a sense of ceaseless motion without arrival, the pleasure of traveling without destination: walking on an outer limits beach. An early electronic music masterpiece, it was made using the latest MIDI technology at that time. Everything was composed and recorded on the now vintage Roland MSQ700, and all the diverse synths and rack modules were mixed directly down to 2 track analog tape (no multitrack tape was used). The original Silver Beach album was released on vinyl on the Norwegian label Cicada Records in 1986. In 1988 the album was released on CD (also Cicada) and included the additional and very rhythmical tracks “Little Big Tune” and “Mountain Train.” The album was also re-released on CD on the Spanish label Margen Records in 2005, remastered and fine-tuned with 5 additional previously unreleased tracks from the same era. These tunes just refuse to be forgotten, their glittering beauty having both an air of nostalgia, but also of validity, as they continue to haunt new ears. There's no doubt that this is a classic of European eighties electronic music composition, a polished artwork with the best aesthetic and emotional signifiers of its era. ) 28.00

FELICIA ATKINSON - Echo LP (col. vinyl) (boomkat - Newly remastered by Rashad Becker for this vinyl edition, ‘Echo’ finds Félicia Atkinson synching her feelings into a watercolour suite of solo keys, voice and field recordings, unfurling 40 minutes of new music that we wager will take your breath away. Félicia was undertaking an artistic residency in La Becque when the plague took hold in Europe at the start of 2020. Stationed with her husband and young child in the small artistic community near Geneva, she wrote this “imaginary garden” of music dedicated to anyone in pain or isolation. The result is a ponderous mix of slow but searching keys, windswept sax, room recordings and sensitively detached but intimate electronic touches that she intended to mirror the solace she came to find and provide a place for reflection for anyone in need. Working from a wooden chalet surrounded by gardens, and particularly one inspired by Derek Jarman’s in Dungeness (created in the years after he learned he had AIDS), Félicia acts as a transducer for quiet energies and the worries of a world where, as she puts it; “basic things… suddenly seemed so crucial and vast; health, disease, plants, nature, solitude, family, people, fear, calm….”. Across six pieces spanning almost 40 minutes, Félicia describes a slow but fleeting passage of time between pruned pieces of sound poetry, uncanny concrete abstractions and broader parts of ambient jazz that recall the vulnerability and fragility of Terre Thaemlitz’s solo piano expressions with her own sort of tactility and blurry ambiguity, especially the 13 minute ‘Lillies’. Around and behind each note you can hear the creak of Félicia’s chair, her breath on the microphone, birds outside - radiating warmth and a wondrous intangibility that’s impossible to express in words, imbuing the listener with a sense of liminality - of existing between worlds.A proper salve for the soul, we tell you.) 28.00

HECKER / OKKYUNG LEE - Statistique Synthétique / Teum (the Silvery Slit) LP (Statistique Synthétique draws as much from the history of computer sound synthesis as from its latest developments. But well beyond developing simply as a proof of concept, this piece aims to transcend the abstract status of synthetic sound objects and lead them to a properly hallucinatory state, that is to say to a meeting point where the object and perception dissolve into each other, in a sort of transcendental field. Beyond, also, hylomorphism, to reach the world of matter-form fusions, where perception knows how to see “shoulders of hills”, as Cézanne wrote. Teum (the Silvery Slit) is, as the title suggests, an overture, an opening to the game of multiplications, fragmentations, duplications. But it is also the opening understood as the void that blossoms between two borders, a break from which escapes a double tension, both the pulling force of these two edges which move apart and the opposite force of reconciliation, of compression. Okkyung Lee invites us to a truly telluric moment, a rare moment of expression where tectonic movements and shear stresses become music. If the earthquakes were, as we thought in the 18th century, due to underground thunderstorms, there is no doubt that this piece of music, both celestial and continental, could have been their audible manifestation. Text by François Bonnet=) 23.00

HENRY GRIMES TRIO - The Call LP (esp - ESP-Disk present a vinyl reissue of Henry Grimes Trio's The Call, originally released in 1966.It has occasionally been assumed that Henry Grimes got this December 28, 1965 recording date as a reward for his long service in the avant-garde of jazz. Having already honed his musical conception with a varied range of players, from Benny Goodman and Arnett Cobb to Lee Morgan, Gerry Mulligan, and Sonny Rollins to McCoy Tyner, Steve Lacy, Albert Ayler -- including Spirits Rejoice (ESPDISK 1020CD/LP)--, Don Cherry, and Cecil Taylor (to name just a few), the service was certainly there, but he got this gig fully on his merits. For The Call, Grimes teamed with highly original clarinetist Perry Robinson (as label owner Bernard Stollman has noted, "a virtuoso who merits far wider recognition...and this recording reflects both of their contributions, in equal measure") and stalwart drummer/ESP-Disk' regular Tom Price. As a bassist, Grimes's melodic style is well up to the task of being co-equal voice with a horn, resulting in a thoughtful and texturally rewarding LP with a level of quality far above the rote sideman session cliché, and far away from equally clichéd ideas of unrelentingly full-bore free jazz. It offers the sound of three excellent musicians listening to each other and responding superbly. The Juilliard-trained Grimes appeared on six other ESP LPs besides those already mentioned. He retired at some point after the last of them, 1967's Marzette Watts LP, and went so far off the scene that it was rumored that he had died. Happily, that was not the case, and he reemerged in 2003, moved back to New York, and returned to his prolific ways until illness slowed him down and then took him from us earlier this year (2020).180 gram vinyl featuring original artwork; edition of 500.) 26.00

KIOVA - Empty Fields & Smoke-Filled Skies LP ("Two years after their debut album “An End in Motion” on Suicide Records (Sweden), Finnish epic post metallers KIOVA are back with new EP ”Empty Fields & Smoke-filled Skies”, showcasing the band’s new vocalist and refreshed mixture of many different subgenres, including crust, post hardcore, and post rock." - 15.00

MULATU ASTATKE & BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE - To Know Without Knowing LP (Legendary vibraphonist and “Father of Ethio-jazz”, Mulatu Astatke joins forces with Melbourne-based eight-piece Black Jesus Experience on their latest album To Know Without Knowing, an absorbing nine-track assembly of majestic Ethiopian melodies and hip-hop-infused jazz and funk grooves, released via German imprint, Agogo Records. Recorded between Addis Ababa and Melbourne and melding Astatke’s dexterous improvised stylings and Black Jesus Experience’s penchant for transcontinental and cultural exploration, To Know Without Knowing sees Mulatu Astatke and Black Jesus Experience (or BJX) expand on their unlikely yet formidable partnership, combining illuminating original compositions and exciting new arrangements of Ethio-jazz classics. Since pioneering the “Ethio-jazz” sound in the late 60’s, Mulatu’s ascent in to the musical stratosphere is unparalleled. Born in Jimma, Western Ethiopia, Astatke moved to Wales to study engineering, before diverting his attention to music, moving to the US, and becoming the first student from Africa at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Blending traditional Ethiopian scales with jazz arrangements, and Latin rhythms, Astatke pioneered the “Ethio-jazz” sound, which rose to prominence in the late 90s after the renowned Éthiopiques series, alongside the reissue of Astatke’s masterwork, Mulatu of Ethiopia. Having been sampled by the likes of Nas/Damian Marley, Four Tet and Quantic, as well as contributing a number of original compositions to the OST for cult director, Jim Jarmusch’s 2005 film Broken Flowers, Astatke’s influence on the wider music community and his unrelenting mission to bring the music/culture of Ethiopia to the world continues to this very day. Having met Astatke at his nephew’s jazz club in Addis Ababa in 2009, BJX are one of the finest contemporary purveyors of Ethio-Jazz today. Bringing together artists from across Melbourne’s thriving scene and with members of Moroccan, Zimbabwean, Maori and Ethiopian heritage. Lead saxophonist and co-founder Peter Harper’s first introduction to Ethiopian music came from his father, a music teacher for the Ethiopian Navy band in the sixties, however it was upon meeting singer and future frontwoman of BJX, Enushu Taye that his love of the country’s vibrant music history really came to the fore. Hailing from Ethiopia, Enushu began singing for her local community from a very young age. In 1992 Taye was forced to take refuge in Cairo and years later migrated to Australia, bringing her captivating voice and remarkable life story to Melbourne, and later forming the foundation of Black Jesus Experience with Harper, Ian Dixon (trumpet/flugelhorn), Pianist, Bob Sedergreen, and the “lyrical miracle”, Zimbabwean/Australian MC, Mr. Monk, amongst others. ) 24.00

NORMAN WESTBERG & JACEK MAZURKIEWCZ - First Man In The Moon LP (hallow ground - An unlikely meeting of two like-minded spirits, »First Man in the Moon« sees the former Swans guitarist and Hallow Ground regular Norman Westberg and the prolific double bass player Jacek Mazurkiewicz collaborate for five evocative tracks. The pair finds common ground beyond the boundaries of atmospheric drone, abstract jazz and experimental music and blurs the lines between the acoustic and the electronic. The two first met when the composer Mazurkiewicz supported Swans with his solo project 3FoNIA on their 2014 European tour. »I really enjoyed his approach,« says Westberg about the Polish musician’s blending of the acoustic qualities of his instrument with electronically generated sounds. A decision to collaborate was made and when the US-American musician returned to Eastern Europe to support Michael Gira on his solo tour in late 2019, Mazurkiewicz reached out to him with the idea of booking some studio time before Gira’s two concerts in Warsaw. »Recording was very fun and easy,« remembers Westberg. »It was just two people enjoying hearing and reacting to what the other is doing.« »First Man in the Moon« is not however a plain document of these improvised sessions, but also shaped by Mazurkiewicz’s approach as a composer. Once the recordings were finished, he selected and edited the recorded material, refining the peculiar dialogue between the guitarist’s meditative drones and bright chords and his own rhythmic yet subtle approach to playing the double bass, sometimes plucking the strings and occasionally using his bow to underscore Westberg’s fleeting melodies, but also using the instrument in unconventional ways to generate sound. A feeling of weightlessness prevails throughout the aptly-titled »First Man in the Moon.« Even at their most abstract however, these five improvisations-turned-compositions remain tangible, lively, and joyfully explorative. It is a record that you wouldn’t expect from either of these musicians, but the logical result of two idiosyncratic minds sharing not only space and time, but also their respective visions with each other. ) 26.00

NORDSIND - Lys LP (Following the bands EP Efterår and standalone single Dvale, Danish instrumental blackgaze/post rock duo NORDSIND is gearing up to release their debut full length “Lys” through DIY punk/hardcore/post-metal labels Voice of the Unheard, Belladonna Records, Vinyltrolden, Araki, Maniyax and Dingleberry Records. The core of Nordsind has always been storytelling through music. By creating atmospheres of melancholy, joy, calm and sadness, Nordsind strive to be the soundtrack to your daydream. The bands coming album Lys is no exception and as the title suggests, the main inspiration for this album has been light (Lys being the danish word for light). Light both as a physical thing, that can be observed and explained, but also light in an esoteric and spiritual manner. Lys serves as a sonic representation of how the band interprets this.Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordsind has existed since the beginning of 2017 and play instrumental post rock/blackgaze, with big open chords, fast blastbeats and calming melodic parts, that makes thoughts wander and time fly.) 20.00

PHAROAH SANDERS & FLOATING POINTS & THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Promises LP (luaka - Promises is an extraordinary, collaborative album by the electronic giant Floating Points and saxophone titan Pharoah Sanders. The album features the London Symphony Orchestra and cover art by the acclaimed American artist, Julie Mehretu. Five years in the making, it will be released on Luaka Bop, March 26, 2021. The album is composed and engineered by Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points, who's second album Crush earned Best New Music from Pitchfork and a major feature in the New York Times, and placed him on several 2019 critics lists. His debut album Elaenia, released by Luaka Bop, was another Best New Music pick and hailed as one of the best debuts of the decade. It is also the release that made Pharoah Sanders want to work with him in the first place. A restless, ever- evolving producer and composer, Shepherd has toured with the xx, and also holds a doctorate in neuroscience. For Pharoah Sanders, who recently turned 80, this is a rare outing and his first album in fifteen years. One of the last icons of his generation, Pharoah performed with John Coltrane on his late-career free jazz masterpieces, and released a string of expansive recordings under his own name for the Impulse! label which have been cited as a pivotal influence by everyone from The Stooges to Marvin Gaye. Most recently, he was featured in a 2020 Supreme campaign. The music unfurls, patiently, over nine movements, and 46 ever-undulating minutes. It's a work of pure feeling, like no other record you'll hear this or any other year.) 25.00

PHRYDDERICHS PHAELDA - Bruchstuecke LP (Even those of you who are already familiar with our label's concept of rediscovering music which has unjustifiably been lost, overlooked or forgotten will be surprised by the reissue of the six-track-record 'Bruchstuecke' LP by Free-Jazz artists Phrydderichs Phaelda. This band was a short living school band project of the Gymnasium Voerde Mitte (West-Germany) led by pianist and music teacher Friedrich Schepers joined by other teachers and students (Hans Klimek on bass, Lutz Leonhardt on drums, Wolfgang Kulawik on guitar). In 1975 they went to the studio to record 6 instrumental tracks in a style that could be best described as jazz / fusion with hints of r’n’b and rock, which are brimming with crisp snare drums played in polyrhythmic and ever-changing patterns and tempos. Alongside that the astounded listener gets to enjoy thrilling electric guitar lines and breathtaking electric piano excursions together with ultra-warm and elaborate bass guitar parts. All this is held together by the four musicians great overview and ability to improvise and react spontaneously to their fellows. This creates a kind of magic which is rare to hear in music these days. Stefan Leisering and Juergen von Knoblauch, the two record digging members of Jazzanova have immediately understood the unique quality of 'Bruchstuecke' and decided to re-release this overlooked masterpiece. In the course of the original release of this album in the early 1980s only a small amount has been pressed. Now with this reissue on Notes On A Journey is the chance to make this gem available to a larger audience – to people who share a great interest in the remarkable development of underground Jazz in Germany during those exciting years. ) 25.00

PLUGPOINT MUSIC - Last Chance LP (minmal wave - Here comes a reissue of a rare self-released record by Plugpoint Music called ‘Last Chance’. Plugpoint Music was the minimal synth project of Reiner Ossmann, who recorded the 12 songs on this album in his home studio in Germany in 1987 and released them as an edition of 200 copies. This gem of a record was never properly distributed and so essentially disappeared until it began circulating amongst underground collectors sometime over the last 15 years. The sound has been compared to the likes of Mort Garson and Cluster. It’s a true minimal synth classic in all of its eccentricity and lack of self-consciousness. The record has been remastered and will be pressed on 180-gram black vinyl as an edition of 500 copies along with a lyric insert sheet.) 27.00

ROTURA - Estamos Fracasando LP (First album by Barcelona-based Power Pop / punk-rock band Rotura. "It is always worth it when it comes to good friends. After their demo recorded at the beginning of February 2020 with 5 songs and presented digitally, they again put themselves in the hands of Xavi Escribano at EM Estudi in October to record 5 more cuts that give shape to ESTAMOS FRACASANDO, a physical debut in LP format by this trio of Molins sense Rei that despite being hardened in a lot of battles and bands in the city of Barcelona waste no time and present us with a recovery of the most melodic, combative and anarchist PUNK sounds of the city with a dark and melancholic aftertaste that may remind bands like SIGNAL LOST on their guitars. Solid bass lines and a fast-paced hi-hat setting the beat of an incredible melodic voice that may recall bands like ELEKTRODUENDES or ACCIDENTE ... but ROTURA has its own personality and the solidity of its lyrics is what makes the difference from what we expect be one of the next punk references in the city. „) 13.00

SUSAN ALCORN - The Heart Sutra (Arranged by Janel Leppin) LP (idioligic organ - Legendary pedal steel player Susan Alcorn presents her music as curated and arranged by cellist and composer Janel Leppin. This recording is from a live performance from her residency at Issue Project Room in July 2012. Leppin’s arrangements and curation emotes the brilliance, transparency and resonance of the pedal steel guitar. Through this ensemble, the mastery of Susan Alcorn's compositions shine. Susan Alcorn has taken the pedal steel guitar far beyond its traditional role in country music. Having first paid her dues in Texas country & western bands, she began to expand the vocabulary of her instrument through her study of 20th century classical music, visionary jazz, and world musics. Struck by the music of Messiaen she began transcribing classical music from recordings and scores on her instrument. Soon, she began to combine the techniques of country-western pedal steel with her own extended techniques to form a personal style influenced by free jazz, avant-garde classical music, Indian ragas, Indigenous traditions, and various folk musics of the world. By the early 1990s her music began to show an influence of the holistic and feminist “deep listening” philosophies of Pauline Oliveros. As her records gained a cult following she moved to Baltimore, MD. She performs internationally and is a key figure in the free improv scene in the US.) 23.00

VANCE AND SUZZANNE - I Can't Get Along Without You LP (Kalita are proud to announce the first ever official reissue of the holy grail of disco 12” singles, Vance and Suzzanne’s ‘I Can’t Get Along Without You’. A record that deserves its space on the shelf of every collector, DJ and dance music connoisseur, and with original copies now regularly fetching triple figures, it’s time to share this masterpiece with the world once more. In addition, here Kalita accompany the release with a never-before-seen press photo and interview-based liner notes. Originally privately released in 1980 on Vanton Records, this is the first time that both the record and the label’s story has been told. The product of two members of Crown Heights Affair (Richard Vance Turner and Eleton Johns), the label was established as a way to protect both their musical freedom and copyright that they would have lost had they signed to a major label. With Vanton, they sought to create a sound that combined Eleton’s love for Philadelphia with Richard’s love for New York-based productions. ) 18.00

WAYFARER - A Romance With Violence LP (WAYFARER is black metal of the American West. A cavalcade of fury, melancholia, and dust-laden storytelling; the band is informed by the fierce and adventurous spectrums of heavy music, along with the stark Americana of the “Denver Sound” artists that carved the identity of their home. In “A ROMANCE WITH VIOLENCE”, their most fully realized effort to date, WAYFARER presents a searing silver-screen requiem for the myth of the West. This new work sees them at their most intense and triumphant, as well as at their most pensive. Bold, rhythmic and riff laden, the band’s pointed expedition across the frontiers of black and extreme metal are tinged with the grit and genuine air of artists like Sixteen Horsepower and Jay Munly, and the majestic heights of the Ennio Morricone/Sergio Leone collaborations. Through seven harrowing anthems of the high plains, the album paints a poignant exploration of heroes and killers, the setting sun on a romantic era, and the shadow it has cast on the world we live in today. Recorded in the midst of the pandemic by Pete deBoer (Blood Incantation, Dreadnought), A ROMANCE WITH VIOLENCE was mixed by the inimitable Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts), and Mastered by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress). )30.00

WEAK TIES - Find A Way LP (contraszt - Like a punch in the face and the whole body being shaken. This is what the new record of WEAK TIES sounds like… WEAK TIES is a four piece band from Bielefeld, Germany. In their second album “Find a Way” they diverged from the initial power violence of previous releases and turned to a well done stop-and-go hardcore punk. The album is aggressive, tense, uncompromising and cut to the core. The guitar sound is rather clean and scrappy and blends in perfectly with the overall sound and the blast beats tend to give way to groovier drum rhythms. The riffs screw their way into your brain like parasites and the grooves are as clever as they are blunt, think of early CEREMONY or even BLACK FLAG.) 13.00

WRITHING SQUARES - Chart For The Solution DLP (TROUBLE IN MIND _Writhing Squares - the Philadelphia duo of Kevin Nickles (sax, flute, synth) & Daniel Provenzano (bass, vocals) - have been refining the nuts & bolts of their sound over their previous two albums. Their latest (and second for Trouble In Mind), "Chart For The Solution" is a double album chock full what makes them tick; heady, progressive, psychedelic space-rock-cum-minimal synth slop, punctuated by MacKay/Chance-style blasts of brass & woodwinds that definitely scratch an itch. Over the course of "Chart For The Solution"s four sides, Nickles & Provenzano utilize the extended format to stretch out & settle into a groove all their own. From the relentless synth pulse of opener "Rogue Moon", thru the aggro-throb of "Geisterwaltz" & four-on-the-floor scree of "Ganymede", The Squares have no mercy for your weary ears. After a brief, (slightly) mellow respite thru three tunes ("The Abyss Is Never Brighter"/"A Chorus of Electrons"/"The Library"), the band ratchets up the intensity with the cacophonous clatter of "NFU" (featuring Philly legend "Harmonica" Dan Balcer RIPPING thru runs on his harp) leading right into the album's centerpiece; all of Side Three's "The Pillars", a near-nineteen minute epic suite that launches the listener straight into the maw of a black hole & thru the other side. Side Four closes out "Chart For The Solution" starting with the slinky stomp of "North Side of The Sky" into "Resurrect Dead On Planet Whatever"s unsettling, cosmic-funeral dirge. Fittingly, "Epilogue" closes out the album, with Nickles' sax dive bombing around Provenzano's bass throb like an alien interpretation of "Funhouse"s howling anarchy, augmented by live drums by John Schoemaker & organ by Alex Ward. "Chart For The Solution" really is a ZONE, & the perfect auditory cleanser to scrub away the stain of the previous year. ) 28.00
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