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BIS AUFS MESSER - new webstore

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 25 Fév 2021, 00:05

hi. we got a new webstore. Check it out

here are some recent news

hi. Welcome to another newsletter for February. A bunch of stuff arrived in the last couple days like

ASSHOLE PARADE T-shirts and Bandanas, CASPIAN RE ISSUES, LEBANON HANOVER - Sci-Fi Sky DLP, SHE PAST AWAY - Disko Anksiyete LP, THE DREAMS - Morbido LP, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Ellengæst DLP, ACCIDENTE - Canibal LP, LOSS LEADER - Songs About LP, PAULINE ANNA STROM - Angel Tears In Sunlight LP, CHUCK JOHNSON - The Cinder Grove LP, BILL ORCUTT & MICHAEL MORLEY - Electric Guitar Duets LP, LOREN CONNORS - Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Vol. 1 LP

Various dischord restocks (Coriky, Fugazi etc), PAGE 99 - document #7 LP restock, MAJORITY RULE / PAGE 99 LP restock, NØ MAN (NO MAN) - Devils Cast Long Shadows LP, LLOYD MILLER - At the Ends of the World (with Ian Camp and Adam Michael Terry) LP, POST TEENS - Exitos LP restock, BUBBLE JUG - Anthology LP, DIE HOFFNUNG LP restock, 125 RUE MONTMARTRE - discography LP, 75 DOLLAR BILL - I Was Real DLP (DLX-US-Press) restock, BILL ORCUTT - Odds Against Tomorrow LP restock

As you might saw we got a new webstore. Let us know how you like and if you have any recommandations. We still try to figure things out.

We also received the OSTSEETRAUM - s/t LP and shipped all pre orders … already running low on Fletcher Tucker on clear and the Ghost Bag LP on yellow.

Thank you for your support in those difficult times

Norman & Robert


ACCIDENTE - Canibal LP (various - The new album from Madrid's Accidente, which impresses with its fast, simple anarcho-punk sound with super catchy melodies!) 13.00

ALICE BAG - sister dynamite LP (in the red - On her new album Sister Dynamite, L.A. punk icon Alice Bag confronts some of the most pervasive problems troubling the world today: unchecked privilege and willful ignorance, systemic inequality and fragile masculinity. Her third solo effort and first release for In The Red Records, the album also offers an unbridled celebration of community and the undeniable power in embracing one's own truth. In her impassioned push for freedom of all kinds, Bag endlessly transmits a raw and exhilarating energy, ultimately transforming each song into a much-needed antidote to numbness or despair. The follow-up to 2018's Blueprint -- named one of the best albums of the year by NPR Music -- Sister Dynamite marks a thrilling return to the full-throttle punk that Bag pioneered with her legendary first-wave punk band, The Bags. With its breakneck velocity and galvanizing melodies, the album's kinetic sound was partly inspired by Bag's work in producing the latest record by Chicana punk band Fea.) 22.00

BAILTER SPACE - Wammo LP (orange vinyl) (This year Matador’s Revisionist History series concludes with Bailter Space’s ‘Wammo’, now celebrating its 25th anniversary. ‘Wammo’ has been remastered from the original tapes and returns to us pressed on translucent orange vinyl. Formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987 as Nelsh Bailter Space, the band’s musical family tree touches on some of the nation’s most revered weirdo luminaries – including Flying Nun mainstays like the Skeptics, the Clean, and the Gordons. Bailter Space (aka bailterspace) embraced chaos, but celebrated precision, finding melody amid networks of brooding noise and feedback. After relocating to New York City, the band – who by then included Alister Parker, John Halvorsen, and Brent McLachlan – arrived on Matador in in time for the US release of ‘Robot World’ (1993). ‘Wammo’ was the trio’s third and final full-length with the label (their fifth album overall) and was among its most tuneful efforts (relatively speaking!). At the time, music scribes were a bit puzzled by the record’s “accessibility.” In the rear view, though, we can recognize ‘Wammo’ for the perfectly melancholy and drone-laced brain-zap that it is.) 25.00

BILL ORCUTT & MICHAEL MORLEY - Electric Guitar Duets LP (Palilalia Records - Limited repress! LP reissue of Land And Sea's limited 2016 tape documenting a performance by guitarists Michael Morley and Bill Orcutt at the L&S gallery in Oakland) 26.00

CASPIAN - the four trees DLP (dark operative . “The Four Trees” is the first proper full-length effort from Beverly, MA’s Caspian. Originally issued in 2007 on the Dopamine Records label, this formal reissue on Dark Operative marks the first time it has been in print physically in over 7 years.) 30.00

CASPIAN - You Are The Conductor LP (dark operative - You are the Conductor” is the debut album from Beverly, MA’s Caspian. Originally issued in 2005 on the Dopamine Records label, this formal reissue on Dark Operative marks the 15th anniversary of the record and the first time it has been in print physically in over 6 years.) 20.00

CASPIAN - Live At Old South Church LP (“Live at Old South Church” is a special live recording from Beverly, MA’s Caspian. Originally issued in 2012 on the Mylene Sheath label, this formal reissue on Dark Operative marks the first time it has been in print physically in over 5 years. On October 22, 2010, Caspian put on their own benefit concert in Boston, MA with proceeds of the performance going to Amirah, a non-profit organization focusing on whole-person care for survivors of human sexual trafficking. “Live at Old South Church” is a document of that night’s performance, recorded during the band’s touring cycle on the “Tertia” album. It is a mix of songs from “You are the Conductor” (“Last Rites”), “The Four Trees” (“The Dove,” “ASA,”), and “Tertia” (“Concrescence,” “Sycamore”).) 20.00

CASPIAN - tertia DLP (dark operative . “Tertia” is the second proper full length effort from Beverly, MA’s Caspian. Originally issued in 2009 on the Mylene Sheath label, this formal reissue on Dark Operative marks the first time it has been in print physically in over 5 years. Following up a much-heralded debut full length often presents itself as a much taller order than most bands can ever possibly anticipate. In the case of “Tertia,” however, Caspian charges headlong into what has become a perennial tradition of crafting albums as entire wholes… all utterly devoid of filler or inconsistencies. In an era where the skip function is always a threat and used more than any prior generation, the band deftly crafts compositions that work in unison. To skip any given track on “Tertia” would be akin to ripping out an entire chapter of a great novel before reading it or skipping the first scene in the third act of a great movie.) 30.00

THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS - Mystery Meet LP (feeding tube - "Vinylization of an insane and legendary CDR that Nashville's Cherry Blossoms collective issued when they did a 2007 tour of Upper and Lower Rangoon with Josephine Foster as a special guest member. The Cherry Blossoms are a musical entity not easily described, but I feel as though their essential whatsis was grasped by Michael Hurley. We were talking a few weeks ago and when the Blossoms were mentioned, Mike said, 'Oh Yeah. I remember the last time I played a gig with those guys. Their van pulled up, and each of them got out, already playing an instrument and singing, and each of them was doing a different song.' And so it is here. This is a blend of roots music unimaginable to the average No Depression type listener. Various threads of beauty are woven together into a tapestry of such psychedelic magnitude you can barely comprehend the individual elements. Listening to this album one hears a blend of Pindar Family-style Bahamian ecstasy, slightly tipsy Protestant psaltery, jump rope songs, and just the sort of rag-taggery that Snock described. Josephine's distinctive voice is deep in the mix sometimes, at others it emerges for semi-solo highlighting. And the whole thing is a thoroughly provocative series of unfolding wonders. So sad you missed the tour. So glad we could help." --Byron Coley, 2020 Edition of 400.) 22.00

CHUCK JOHNSON - The Cinder Grove LP (vdsq - The follow-up to Chuck Johnson's acclaimed Balsams LP (VDSQ 021LP), The Cinder Grove delves further into the compositional possibilities of the pedal steel guitar. This halcyon collection of tracks draws on a wider palette of sounds, adding strings and piano, to dive deeper into the sound bath of Johnson's meditative music. The Cinder Grove is a profound, affecting statement on the nature of loss and irreplaceability as well as a major addition to the canon of Johnson's work. It's a suite of requiems for lost places. Many of the spaces that once fostered affordable living and creative work now only exist in sonic memory, like the echoes of ghosts. Like much of the California landscape in recent years, some of these spaces having succumbed to fire. Others, to the equally inexorable forces of gentrification. While his 2017 LP Balsams was intended to provide the listener with a space for respite and calm -- even healing -- The Cinder Grove seeks to remember what has been lost while celebrating the resilience of the human spirit and the natural world. In making The Cinder Grove, Johnson dug through archival recordings from Oakland DIY performance spaces to digitally extract their reverb and echo qualities. He then applied these effects -- as well as the digitally modeled reverberation of a redwood forest -- to the tracks on The Cinder Grove, allowing the pieces to bask in the lush virtual spaces, and in the process realized that these sonic re-constructions can only ever be approximations. We try to make spaces what we want them to be, whether in memory or in the material present.) 25.00

CRAIG SMITH - Love is Our Existence LP (restock - Craig Smith was an extraordinarily gifted songwriter and musician who seemed poised for a successful career in the 1960s music business until his life was derailed by drugs and schizophrenia. In 1969 clean-cut, charismatic Craig Smith became Maitreya Kali, a dark, disturbed psychedelic Messiah figure with a black widow spider tattooed on his third eye. He laid out his strange vision on a self-released double-album Apache/Inca (1972), which would become a sought-after artifact of the psychedelic era. Success came easily for Craig Smith. In 1963, right out of high school he became a cast member of the popular Andy Williams TV show as one of the Good Time Singers, a wholesome folk ensemble that recorded for Capitol Records. Next he landed one of the lead parts in a new TV show, The Happeners, about a Greenwich Village folk group. But when the TV pilot was not picked up, he set out on his own musical path with the folk-rock duo Chris & Craig and then the more psychedelic Penny Arkade, produced and managed by Mike Nesmith of the Monkees. Throughout this period Smith was constantly writing songs, some of which were recorded by other artists, including the Monkees ("Salesman"), Andy Williams ("Holly", "Christmas Holiday"), the Robbs ("Rapid Transit"), and Glen Campbell ("Country Girl"). But soon afterwards, his life took a dark, terrifying turn. Turning to LSD and Eastern mysticism he journeyed through Asia along the hippie trail where he was brutally attacked, raped, and left for dead. He was never the same again. As Maitreya Kali, he self-released the now legendary Apache and Inca albums in 1972 before disappearing into the shadows. He spent much of the 1970s in prison or in mental institutions before eventually drifting into homelessness on the streets of Hollywood. He died in his sleeping bag in North Hollywood Park in March 2012. Craig's older brother Gary contacted Stax with a trove of unreleased music. The best of those songs are presented on Love Is Our Existence. Professionally recorded in Los Angeles studios between 1966 and 1971, these previously unheard songs reveal a singer and songwriter of breathtaking depth and talent. Remastered from acetate discs and master tapes.9) 38.00

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Ellengæst DLP (season of - 'Ellengæst' has the difficult task of following 2018’s profound and moving 'Great Escape'. This new release, though, does not make any attempts in pairing with or succeeding its predecessor. Circumstances largely prevented it anyway. On the day tracking started for 'Ellengæst', Crippled Black Phoenix found themselves without a male lead vocalist and keyboardist. Whereas events of a similar thread would spell doom for most bands, CBP leader Justin Greaves took it as an opportunity to tap into his deep network of musician friends. Before he knew it, several prominent guest vocalists were secured, ready and able to lend their considerable talents to: Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh, Gaahls Wyrd’s Kristian “Gaahl” Espedal, Coliseum / Fotocrime / one-time Crippled Black Phoenix touring bassist Ryan Patterson, up-and-coming U.K. solo artist Suzie Stapleton, and Tribulation’s Jonathan Hultén.) 26.00

CULT OF LUNA - The Raging River LP (“‘The Raging river’ feels more like a bridge. A midpoint that needs to be crossed so we can finish what we started with “A dawn to fear”. It’s a seamless continuation of the writing process and the creative mindset that has guided us for the last couple of years. It’s been an interesting as well as an introspective way of working, having our instinct leading the way and then having to figure out where it takes us. But not only has it been a linear journey, some aspects of it is clearly circular. We have been a fan of Mark Lanegan for many years. So in 2005 when we wrote the song “And with her came the birds” we had his voice in mind and the working title was “The Lanegan song”. But we were not many years over 20 and our lack of self-confidence prevented us from even daring to ask. It took fifteen years for us to get the guts to ask him. Hearing his voice on “Inside of a dream” is nothing more than feeling that we’re inside of a dream.” – Johannes Persson) 28.00

DON DIETRICH - option LP (feeding tube - "FTR is proud to present what is only the second solo album by Borbetomagus' sax giant, Don Dietrich. Crazily, Option documents the FIRST solo performance Don ever did. It was recorded in 2019 as part of the OPTION series in Chicago, where Dietrich appeared at the invitation of Ken Vandermark (who also wrote the liner notes). The cover photo shows one of Don's polycarbonate sculptures, after which the album is partially named. Twisted, compressed, and strangely inviting, it is emblematic of the eruptive ruckus Don creates using amplified tenor sax and effects pedals. This music possesses some of the same cerebral overload as the sounds Dietrich invents inside his long-lived trio. But without the specters of Jim Sauter's sax and Donald Miller's guitar, the sonic envelope here feels somehow less hermetic. There are no sneak attacks from his brothers about to happen. The shape of the solo improvisations here are under his control. The pedals allow Don to make all sorts of un-sax-like textural moves. A few spots bubble down into solo electronics that would not be out of place on a Basil Kirchin LP. But most of Option has a crazy flow, constantly bending and folding back on itself, in order to make the sound richer and darker. Like a black hole star, Don sometimes seems to be pulling raw sounds out of the air towards himself. It's a totally wild process, and something we hope you will enjoy, before you file this title as a JAZZ record. Which Don says is where it belongs. And who are we -- really -- to argue?" --Byron Coley, 2020 Edition of 300.) 25.00

THE DREAMS - Morbido LP (The Dreams (members of Le Grande Tripple, The Feeling of Love, etc.) are a two-piece jungle/tropicalia/reggae/glue wave band from France that play a spaced out, psychedelic mix of dub, reggae, post-punk, and French garage rock. It's impossible to pin down or classify, but you'll dance like your inner-stoner was set free into a tropical tiki party where the punks are all hanging out with the masters of reggae and dub, and everyone's having a good time. Their first LP, "Morbido", contains an amazing mix of feeling and aesthetics that will instantly appeal to fans of early Rough Trade Records, Trojan box sets, or modern Glue Wave French punks. Mastered by Seb Normal of the Normals / The Feeling of Love.) 18.00

JON COLLIN - Water & Rock Music Volumes 3-4 LP (feeding tube records - "A single LP compiles another two installments in the Water & Rock Music series by Jon Collin, UK ex-pat guitarist currently based in Sweden. Once again, Collin has put together a riveting set of acoustic guitar pieces, these recorded around Stockholm between April and October, 2018. There is a wistful, bluesy quality to the playing and inventions here. John Fahey once told me that blues was 'about anger.' But this work seems suffused with delicately scrambling melancholia, like a tangle of vines trying to reach for a breath of sunlight. Sometimes this attempt is rewarded, other times it just turns back on itself for further rumination. Which I guess is really just another kind of reward. Interestingly, while the playing here is nothing like Loren Connors's, Collin begins to vocalize along with his guitar lines in places. He also employs a good bit of rough string sliding, both of which were features of Connors's very early work. This suggests they two share parallels in terms of thinking that are deeper than mere style. Jon's melodic inventions remain as open-ended as they have ever been, but he has begun to add an extra chiming element ay the end of some lines. It almost sounds like he's using a small harp, but I'm guessing it is not. Just another stone in the path Jon Collin is following, ever deeper into the forest of his imagination. His most gorgeous album yet." --Byron Coley, 2020) 25.00

JOSEPH ALLRED - michael LP (Michael is the third LP we have done with Boston-based musician, Joseph Allred. The first, O Meadowlark (FTR 451LP, 2019) was a suite for guitar and banjo. For its follow-up, Traveler (FTR 491LP), Joseph added splendid vocals to the mix. With Michael, Mr. Allred gives airing to his fine harmonium playing, alongside string majesty and vocals. Maybe on the next one he'll teach us how to fly. Michael is an album with a dreamy narrative core. Its loose tale deals with the idea of the Archangel Michael appearing during a spirit ritual, performed by the character Faulkner (something like Allred's alter-ego) in hopes of remembering the contours of heaven. But this concept only emerged after the music was recorded. Allred compares the process of divining narrative content form musical improvisation to 'throwing an inkblot on paper.' I can dig it. All of the instruments as acoustic -- harmonium, autoharp, singing bowls, dulcimer, bowed guitar -- and the overtones and interplay on surfaces here is unbelievably rich. And even though they're connected, the individual tunes flow from different head spaces. 'Ascent + Return' is long-tone meditation, conceived for harmonium, singing bowls & autoharp soon after Allred performed a Tony Conrad piece as part of the big MIT Conrad exhibit. 'Every Thing in the Dim Night' (a random quote from Whitman's Blades of Grass) lies midway between that and a string improvisation with Indian tonalities. 'O Death' follows the original Lloyd Chandler lyrics (originally entitled, 'A Conversation with Death'), before evolving into swells of drone and strum. And so on. Each piece different, but expanding the boundaries of the drone-based universe has created for this album. Joseph Allred's music is an always evolving, constantly astounding wonderment. His live shows are quite otherworldly, but we're sure you'll find his records equally transportational." --Byron Coley, 2020) 25.00

LEBANON HANOVER - Sci-Fi Sky DLP (fabrica - No other pairing in the history of Darkwave ever matched the unfettered creativity, resolve, and DIY attitude from the collaboration between the two creative minds that compromise Lebanon Hanover. The meeting of the Swiss musician Larissa Georgiou, aka Larissa Iceglass and British artist William Maybelline a decade ago in the latter’s hometown of Sunderland in the UK, was a monumental occasion, reverberating throughout the European music scene and even across the Atlantic. Lebanon Hanover would emerge from the peak of the world-wide minimal wave revival, with their 2011 split 7-inch record with La Fete Triste issued as the catalog debut of Europe’s most ubiquitous Techno-Industrial EBM labels, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe. ) 26.00

LETHA RODMAN MELCHIOR - Tretetam LP (feeding tube - We discovered the experimental work of the late Letha Rodman Melchior through her husband Dan. Our first release was the amazing Mare Astrale LP (FTR 432LP, 2019), and we have now reissued 2009's Treteman as an LP. Tretetam was actually the operating handle Letha originally used for her sound collages. And this music was first issued on CDR as Tretetam's eponymous debut for the Finnish Ikuisuus label. A few other releases appeared under this soubriquet before she began using her own name on such projects. Letha displays her absolutely original approach to musique concrete from the very beginning of her investigation of the form. Using field recordings, found sounds and invented instrumental passages, she creates bizarre landscapes blending natural and synthetic elements into a seamless whole. Then she tales our hand and leads us through the maze with whispers of comfort echoing across the boundless spaces. The journey she leads is as intoxicating as any you'll ever take. Close your eyes and lean back into it and just go... you can thank us later. Incredible." --Byron Coley, 2020 Edition of 250.) 25.00

LOREN CONNORS - Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Vol. 1 LP (feeding tube .- "Here is the first volume of protean solo improvisations recorded by Loren Connors in his artist's garret in New Haven, Connecticut. It was committed to tape on February 20, 1979 and pressed to vinyl soon after. As with the two earlier LPs on Loren's Daggett label, singer/recorder-player Kath Bloom also appears on this record, although only on the second side. Those prior LPs were both issued in 1978, The first was Acoustic Guitar/Gifts a split LP with Loren solo on one side and with Kath joining him on the flip. The second was Fields, which I have been assured uses the same split format. Although most people cannot help themselves from believing all nine volumes of this series (all of which we will be reissuing) are of a piece, the first volume represents a real declaration of identity for Loren. He was introducing himself publicly as a guitar player, although his approach was still very much dictated by the influence of the painter, Mark Rothko, who Loren once described as using a minimal palette to create vital art. The music on Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Vol. 1 is less violent than the solo side of the Acoustic Guitar/Gifts split. I've never been able to hear a copy of Fields, so I can't compare that one. But the feel to this session is bluesy, in as much as Loren's wordless vocals have a surface similarity to a hellhound's, and while he was not using a slide, most of the notes he plays are bent to the edges of their known range. Fahey always said blues was 'about' anger, however and there's not really any of that here. I am more reminded of this Rothko quote. 'You've got sadness in you, I've got sadness in me ... and my works of art are places where the two sadnesses can meet, and therefore both of us need to feel less sad.' The first side is solo. On the second Loren is joined for a bit by Kath on hums and recorder. The music brims with sorrow more than anything else. And while it's clear Loren was embracing an abstract avant garde aesthetic vis-a-vis his playing, the urge to communicate seems to lie at its roots. Whatever you choose to call it, this is the beginning of something quite beautiful." --Byron Coley, 2020) 25.00

LOSS LEADER - Songs About LP (The quartet was formed in Madrid in late 2017 by Casta (bass), Paula (drums, backing vox) and Tote (guitar and vocals), all mainstays of the capital city's punk/DIY scene and members of the likes of Ulises Lima and Wild Animals to name a couple. In December 2018 they released their first self-titled EP and after playing extensive shows nationally, they filled out their sound with the addition of Guille (keyboards) and toured the UK and France. After spending 2019 writing new songs and playing shows they recorded their first full-length in November / December of that year. It's fair to say the recording was somewhat accident prone including recording studios blowing up, neighbours threatening violence and more mishappenings.) 15.00

MATT SOWELL - Organize or Die LP (feeding tube - "Minneapolis guitarist, Matt Sowell, is another of the many great players we were first introduced to at the Thousand Incarnations of the Rose festival in Takoma Park, MD. Matt played a richly dark and brooding set at Rhizome, with a style deeply indebted to the American Primitive tradition. His set had the raw strength of Fred Gerlach, the precision of Peter Lang, showed a country/blues influence that seemed to reference Fahey, and possessed the raga-meets-ragtime eclecticism of Jack Rose. We were blown away. Later, talking to Matt while we watched Mark Fosson play in the bandshell, we talked about what he's up to. He's a family guy, a committed union member, and an all-around nice fellow besides being a killer guitarist. He said he'd get in touch when he had something together that might make a good LP, and we are proud to present the results. Organize or Die is both a call to collectivism as a way to fight crony capitalism, as well as a damn lovely record. Matt's technique and compositions continue to blend raw power, delicate note placement, and wild imagination into a unique alloy. While it's easy to close your eyes, lean back and know you are listening to a record in the great Takoma tradition, the borrowings here are solely of tone and mood. The specific approach is all Matt's. This allows his work to be familiar and all new at once. In this sense, he's akin to every new generation of finger picking guitarists who have found something special in the syncretic blend of traditional and modern that Fahey head-birthed. But Matt's playing is illuminated by a very special kind of light. And we think you are gonna dig it like crazy." --Byron Coley, 2020) 25.00

MAL WALDRON & GARY PEACOCK - first encounter LP (alternative fox - Alternative Fox presents a reissue of Mal Waldron and Gary Peacock's First Encounter, originally released in 1971. After playing with Mingus, Coltrane, Lady Day, and Abbey Lincoln, inventive jazz pianist Mal Waldron moved to Europe and first reached Japan in 1970, where he met Idaho-born double-bassist Gary Peacock, who had played with Art Pepper, Bud Shank, Bill Evans, and free-jazz giant Albert Ayler before moving to Japan to study Zen Buddhism. First Encounter, recorded in Tokyo in 1971 for French producer Herve Bergerat, shows that the intense pairing was quite natural, the harmonic dissonance of Waldron's "She Walks In Beauty" contrasted by the up-tempo groove of Peacock's "What's That"; future Native Son founder Hiroshi Murakami makes important contribution on drums.) 22.00

MIDKNIGHT - 1975 LP (feeding tube - "Over the many years we've known each other, Joe Carducci had several times mentioned his brother Mark had a cool band back in the pre-punk '70s. Then a couple of years ago, he added that tapes of this project were around, and asked if might we be interested in hearing them. Midknight 1975 is the result. Two different line-ups of the band are documented here -- a quintet studio session recorded on location at the Hippie House, and a live one with a different drummer and one less guitar -- and both are wailing, raw instrumental dives into what you'd have to call hard underground prog. There are some 'chops' displayed, but they're usually more in line with stuff like Hawkwind, the Pink Fairies, and Third World War than something more delicate. It's just great, driving, drug-fueled noise from the Chicago suburbs. Here's what Joe wrote, when I asked him for a few words on the band. 'When Jimi Hendrix died In 1970 the Tribune put him on the cover of the Sunday Arts section and my Grandma, who lived with us, asked me if Hendrix could possibly deserve such an honor -- she wrote Dick Locher a fan letter when he had Dick Tracy unmask hippies as criminal degenerates . . . Mark named his band after the greatest tune on any of those, the instrumental 'Midnight' from the War Heroes album. The 'K' got added to the name soon after, I suspect at my suggestion, but luckily nobody can remember. MidKnight mostly just practiced in our basement . . . If I was home when they played out at a school or church I would go to record them on Mark's 4-track reel-to-reel. I remember that certain passages in their music would inspire the girls in the audience to start dancing, but then the time signature would change and the girls would stop and try to get their bearings all over again. I quit college and moved to Hollywood in the fall of 1976 and though I wasn't connected to any scene there I tried to convince Mark to move his band out; rent was cheap and it seemed that something was bound to happen. But they'd all graduated from high school and gone separate ways." That said, this is the documentary evidence Midknight left behind. There were bands something like this all over the States in those days, but I can't think of any I ever saw in high school or college auditoriums back then who had the good sense to play without a lousy singer. Without some Robert Plant wannabe simpering over the top, you can get a real sense of how wild their sound was..." --Byron Coley, 2020 Edition of 200.) 25.00

ONENESS OF JUJU - Space Jungle Luv LP (now again - Restocked. "Magical, mystical, Afrocentric, progressive -- words that could be used to describe any number of musical compositions by Sun Ra or his cosmic brothers and sisters, from John to Alice Coltrane, early '70s projects on record labels like Detroit's Tribe or Houston's Lightin' or the interests of one Washington, DC native named Jimmy Gray that centered under one, perfect moniker: Black Fire. Gray spent nearly three decades pushing boundaries as a Black American promoter, distributor and, finally, record label owner. Together with Oneness of Juju's leader James 'Plunky Nkabinde' Branch, Gray oversaw sixteen releases on Black Fire Records between 1975 and 1996. These are the definitive reissues of five of the label's key titles; all were lacquered -- most directly from master tape -- by legendary Los Angeles mastering engineer Bernie Grundman, With this set, Oneness Of Juju and Black Fire's story burns forth into its fifth decade, its message not tempered, its sound pure. It's cycle, once again, complete. Each release is packaged in a thick, tip-on sleeve and includes a deluxe booklet with extensive notes on the album, the Black Fire collective, and the musical and cultural revolution they created. Limited edition, one time pressing.“) 30.00

PAULINE ANNA STROM - Angel Tears In Sunlight LP (rvng - Angel Tears in Sunlight is Pauline Anna Strom’s first album in over thirty years; an assemblage of music that refracts the expansiveness, and minutiae, of imagined realms while embracing the kaleidoscopic echoes of our distant epochs. Recorded in the same San Francisco home where her early work emerged, Angel Tears in Sunlight elevates Strom’s mysterious, masterful synthesis of music and machine and opens another portal to the transportive power and healing potential of her work) .25.00

ROB NOYES - Arc Minutes LP (vdsq - A dazzling display of 12-string melodicism, Arc Minutes is the second full-length LP from once New Englander, now Tokyo-based, instrumentalist Rob Noyes. If one had to pin an influence from the holy trinity, rather than the existential drift of Fahey or the raga-tinged interpretations of Robbie Basho, Noyes excels at Leo-Kottke-style dynamics playing huge, bright runs within compact arrangements that explode with exuberance. Since his debut, Noyes has matured with an intense focus and here delivers a concise, powerful collection of acoustic virtuosity, further cementing his status among the most revered young players to emerge from the modern solo guitar set. “I've strayed from double thumb type fingerpicking and a little more towards unusual rhythmic patterns and tunings that are unique to the 12-string, says Noyes. “There are general musical ideas I tend to focus on when writing, like dynamics, rhythm, how the texture shifts/develops, that were probably somewhat noticeable on the first record that I think are much more in the forefront this time. I've become a lot more comfortable playing over the past couple of years, so I feel I can play odd meter/polyrhythm type stuff with a lot more ease. It's taken some time for my playing to catch up to my writing, so I think this new record is a much clearer statement musically.” These developments are front and center as Arc Minutes flows with a beguiling dexterity. While there are plenty of forceful displays of guitar picking, the album is punctuated by lovely ballads such as “Dwelling” and “And How” to show the gentler side of Noyes' playing. But these moments of respite only highlight the record's assertiveness. Noyes’ easygoing mannerisms offstage belie a fierce command of finger-picking and composition that result in an album that hits immediately and rings resoundingly. Injecting a fresh spirit into classic forms, Arc Minutes is an essential addition to the VDSQ catalog, a new peak.  ) 25.00

RYAN POWER - Mind the Neighbors LP (feeding tube - Music doesn't have to be self-expression, but for Ryan Power that's the only way it can be. Every note, melody, turn of phrase, and point of view in Power's carefully-crafted songs is intravenously infused with his particular way of moving through the world. It's a curious, probing, never-satisfied mode; he's always searching for the perfect combination of chords, the most precise arrangement of words, the most complete capturing of a mood. As one song on his eighth album Mind the Neighbors puts it, his songs are 'dreams on the run' -- part of an exhilarating chase for elusive ideals. That chase leads to some wonderfully weird discoveries. On the wind-blown 'The Slime', sweetened tones inspire surreal visions: 'your feet are burning on thoughts of coal / slowly seeping through the walls of your soul.' Whitetail deer and tectonic shifts get equal footing in the breezy sway-rock of 'Spirit Animal', which takes place during 'pot therapy at brain camp'. And in the deliberate, meditative 'Breathe Deep John', a robot turns into a human but feels like a mirage: 'Everybody wants to see the monster,' Power hums. 'So everyone's out getting wrecked.' Those kinds of inimitable reflections put Power's personality all over the music on Mind the Neighbors. But these tunes are not without precedent: his own obsessions with Brazilian music -- particularly Bossa nova -- as well as jazz (a form in which he's trained) and folk all flutter through his songs, and you can hear some remnants of '60s French pop careening around as well. But Power's been at this for almost 20 years, and any echoes you might hear in Mind the Neighbors are merely intriguing footnotes to the autobiography his music continues to write with precision and, yeah, power. You don't want to miss this chapter." --Marc Masters, 2020) 25.00

SHANKAR JAIKISHAN - Raga Jazz Style LP (Repressed. Never before reissued, this legendary 1968 EMI recording is a revered Indian jazz rarity; a collectors' holy grail. Raga Jazz Style is an original Indian excursion into Indo-jazz fusion. A one-away recording from the almost unknown Bombay jazz scene, it is among the few jazz LPs to hail from the subcontinent. Closely contemporary with the UK-based explorations of Amancio D'Silva, John Mayer, and Joe Harriott, Raga Jazz Style takes the melodic, scale-based raga system of Indian classical music and marries it with a swinging jazz rhythm section assembled by Bollywood's most highly acclaimed musical directors, the soundtrack composing duo Shankar Singh and Jaikishan Panchal. Singh and Panchal were a dominant force in Hindi film music from the late 1940s onwards. Shankar had been trained in classical tabla, while Jaikishan was an expert harmonium player. They worked together on well over a hundred films, and their innovative compositions and orchestral scoring revolutionized the music of the nascent Bollywood industry. Central to their sound was regular collaborator Sebastian D'Souza. Originally from Goa, D'Souza had cut his teeth in the dance-band era, arranging and playing with his uncle's jazz bands in Lahore and Quetta. After Partition, he had moved to Bombay to follow the reliable work provided by the film industry, where Goan musicians had become the mainstay of Bollywood's film studio orchestras. Goans were also the core of Bombay's thriving dance-hall and hotel-based jazz scene, with artists including saxophonist Braz Gonsalves, guitarist Amancio D'Silva and trumpeter Chic Chocolate all working in the city during the post-war years. The team assembled for Raga Jazz Style were drawn from this inventive and forward-thinking milieu. Pianist Lucilla Pacheco, saxophonist Manohari Singh, and guitarist Anibal Castro were all fixtures on the Bombay jazz circuit, while drummer Leslie Godinho is reputed to have taught Joe Morello the 5/4 "Take Five" beat when they jammed together during Dave Brubeck's State Department tour of India. To this jazz backbone was added the sitar of Ustad Rais Khan, scion of long line of classical instrumentalists, and nephew of the renowned sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan. Bombay's jazz modernists had been experimenting with the fusion of ragas and jazz since the 1950s, long before American or British jazz musicians had tuned in to Indian classical music. But very little of this exciting scene was ever captured on record. Reissued using the original masters. Facsimile artwork; 180 gram vinyl pressed at Pallas, in Germany.) 27.00

SELOFAN - Partners in Hell LP (fabrica - A match made in heaven and hell, since forming in the cradle of Europe Athens, back in 2012, dark synth duo Selofan have paved their own perditious way, reinventing the modern Darkwave scene throughout the continent and worldwide with their prolific creativity and work ethic over the past decade. Through varied experimental synth-scapes conjured with keen ears for sound design, production, and theatrical aesthetics, Selofan rest not on the laurels of just creating highly danceable coldwave infused music, but with together with Joanna Pavlidou’s haunting vocals, and Dimitris Pavlidis’ throbbing bass guitar, and modular synth compositions, the pair conjure whole other worlds and narratives throughout each album and music video they create.) 21.00

SHE PAST AWAY - Disko Anksiyete LP (It’s been almost four years since the release of the band’s sophomore album “Narin Yalnızlık”. Since then Turkish duo has established themselves as one of the most influential and successful genre-defining acts throughout the World. Already having scored numerous crowd-puller performances all around the world, She Past Away now graces the audience with a beautifully dark and driving new album “Disko Anksiyete”. Experimenting old-new aesthetic of synth music into their core guitar stuff, She Past Away surveys a sound, a look, and a sensibility which will sweep the audience through a dense, continual, epic trip. “Disko Anksiyete” drags the band into a somber yet piercing mood than usual, mocking up modernist fears and doubts in their iconic 80’s influenced sound with songs about dancefloor anxiety, desperation, and dilemmas. ) 22.00

THE SLOWEST LIFT - Plutonic Shine LP (feeding tube - Vinylization of last year's cassette by UK duo, The Slowest Lift. Comprised of Julian Bradley (Vibracathedral Orchestra, etc.) and Sophie Cooper (whose Divine Ekstasys LP, (FTR 342LP, 2018) is a dang classic), The Slowest Lift has been producing high-quality avant-pop form-waffling for several years. Their eponymous debut album was on VHF (2017), and Plutonic Shine continues their drive into the heart of some very weird beast. Sophie's vocals sometimes breath like the air itself, although they can also surface as distorted puffs of lung-powered color, melodically-oriented, but trapped by no ordinary sense of song structure. The instrumental portion seems to be built with electronics and guitars, which create mounds of sound for the vocals to hide behind and dodge around. Although the sound is as 'now' as any hep cat could wish. There is really very little to date this music archeologically. The basic tools for what The Slowest Lift do have been around for decades. It is what Julian and Sophie choose to do with these tools that will knock that beaver hat right off your head. Gorgeous stuff." --Byron Coley, 2020 Edition of 250.) 25.00

WEDNESDAY KNUDSEN & WILLIE LANE - Long Time 'Til Tomorrow LP (feeding tube - First issue in the Drowned Lands series, assembled by Jason Meagher, is the debut duo recording by Wednesday Knudsen and Willie Lane. Long Time 'Til Tomorrow is a gorgeous instrumental collaboration by guitarist Lane and multi-instrumentalist Knudsen that will knock your Smartwool socks off. Recorded at Meagher's Black Dirt Studio, the album documents the first time the pair played together. They are, of course, well known to Feeding Tube fans. Willie's first three Cord Art LPs have been reissued over the last two years (FTR 413LP, FTR 437LP, FTR 438LP) and Wednesday's two albums with Weeping Bong Band (FTR 313LP, FTR 448LP) have slain stoned listeners across the globe. Wednesday is also one of the founding members of the great Pigeons, and if you don't know their music, you should correct that pronto. Anyway, Willie plays guitars, Wednesday plays electric guitar, alto saxophone, flute and even adds a little voice at one point if I'm not mistaken. And the blend is awesome. Gently improvised melodic nuggets that make me think of everyone from John Renbourn to Spires That in the Sunset Rise. The sounds flow so wonderfully it's hard to believe they haven't been playing together for a while. But hey, when a concept works. It just does. And this one works like a very strong pony! Long Time 'Til Tomorrow was originally released by Jason, in a digital format, on his Natch imprint. Now it's available to a wider audience. There will be more titles in the Drowned Land series coming soon. So keep your ears peeled." --Byron Coley, 2020) 25.00

WOMEN - Rarities 2007 - 2010 LP (jajaguwar - Ten years ago, on September 28, 2010, Flemish Eye released 'Public Strain', the second album by Women. Now, a decade later, we have the release of this 12" of rarities. Fans of the band have waited years to hear snippets of rare material, and five of these long-rare tracks are now available in one collection. 'Rarities 2007-2010' features material that was either hard-to-find or never released, all mastered properly for the first time.) 20.00

BOOKS / magazines

BLANK FORMS - Vol. 3: Henning Christiansen: Freedom is Around the Corner BOOK (The third issue of Blank Forms's journal is released in conjunction with Freedom Is Around The Corner, a retrospective exhibition and performance series devoted to the work of Danish composer and artist Henning Christiansen (1932-2008). Perhaps best known for his collaborations with artists such as Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, and Dick Higgins, Christiansen, working primarily on the remote Danish island of Møn, moved beyond his Fluxus roots to create a vast, ineffable body of work that spanned music, performance, film, and visual art over the course of a fifty-year career. Christiansen's work has, however, remained under the radar; only a few of his recordings were available until recently, and his prolific compositional and visual outputs have rarely been performed or exhibited in the United States. Freedom Is Around The Corner seeks to present Christiansen's life and work in a holistic manner that befits his dynamic practice, collecting a combination of newly discovered, never-before published, and newly translated materials. In this case, many of the materials were found in the Henning Christiansen Archive. The issue begins with a newly translated interview with Christiansen, conducted circa 2006 by writer Thomas Groetz. Two others were conducted by Francesco Conz and Michael Glasmeier in the 1990s; these three interviews offer a well-rounded picture of the late-career Christiansen through his own, good-humored lens. The fourth interview, a more experimental text conducted by Helmer Nørgaard, was originally published in the magazine DMT, in an issue devoted to Christiansen. Here, it's presented as a translated facsimile, featuring texts on Christiansen by his prominent Danish collaborators, the writer Lars Morell and the artists Per Kirkeby and Bjørn Nørgaard. ) 25.00

IAN SVENONIUS - The Psychic Soviet BOOK (Ian Svenonius (Make-Up, The Nation Of Ulysses, and Cupid Car Club) has compiled a book of his popular essays for release. Called THE PSYCHIC SOVIET, after the central framing essay, it consists of both new articles and ones published previously in places like Index, BBGun, Dot Dot Dot, Sound Collector, Plan B and Weird War World, among others.) 16.00

MAGGOT BRAIN - #3 Dec*Jan*Feb 2021 MAGAZINE ("We're back with ink on paper and stoked to bring you a Super-Packed special issue of our arts and music quarterly Maggot Brain! For our cover story, we dive into the genesis and continued import of our namesake, with a lengthy feature by Detroit music journo Ana Gavrilovska on the mind-melting fifty-year-old Funkadelic masterpiece Maggot Brain. We also have rare photos of the White Stripes live at Paychecks Lounge in Hamtramck Michigan from 1999 by noted photographer Doug Coombe. There's a mini-roundtable discussion on gay rights pioneer Morris Knight and San Francisco's brilliant hippie queer activist pranksters the Cockettes and the must-see pages with Rachel Leah Gallo's eight-page bio-comic on the delightful and obscure kitchen-folk singer Connie Converse. Includes: Jessica Beard's vital, personal yet succinct piece on accountability and community in the music scene; RJ Smith dives deep on Fortune Records in a review of the Mind Over Matter book; Murat Cem Mengüç documents the impromptu art show that sprung up around the White House at the start of the Black Lives Matter movement; Andy Beta on Brazilian composer, anthropologist, and musician Priscilla Ermel's gorgeous work; Instagram sensation Tara Booth in an intimate interview with Amy Gillfeather; Joshua James Amberson goes deep on poet Lydia Tomkiw and her stunning new wave band Algebra Suicide; Michael Gonzales on 1990s neo-soul singer Ephraim Lewis; Robert Gordon on Memphis' primitivist aesthete Tav Falco -- an excerpt from the final chapter to It Came From Memphis.“) 15.00

UGLY THINGS - #55 MAGAZINE (In this issue we detail the history of the Magic Fern, one of the key bands in Seattle's psychedelic music scene in 1966-68. Photographer Eric Hayes shares his journey through the 1960s, along with some remarkable rare photos of the Yardbirds live onstage in 1966, and the Stones in the studio in early 1969 -- their last sessions with Brian Jones. David Holzer provides new insight into Brian's musical expeditions in Morocco and the making of the talismanic album Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka. Tim Stegall talks at length with Bun E Carlos about the early days of Cheap Trick -- the first installment of a two-part feature. Phil Milstein explores the origins of the Velvet Underground's name. Also: an appreciation of dark country master Porter Wagoner, Scandinavian beat merchants the Beachers (once billed as 'Sweden's ugliest group'!), King Records R&B icon Otis Williams, Bay Area garage band the Mockers (whose members included a teenage Carlos Santana), enigmatic DIY folkie Scott Seskind, South America's Los Shakers, UK psych icons July, Budapest beat group Hungaria, and the wild saga of ace Swedish garage revivalists the Crimson Shadows. And of course, acres of reviews of all the latest reissues and rock 'n' roll related books.“) 12.00


ASSHOLE PARADE - hog T-shirt (belladonna - Limited run AssholeParade "Hog" logo T-shirt. Metallic bronze ink on Black 100% cotton T-Shirt) 18.00

ASSHOLE PARADE - logo Bandanna (AP bandanna. Keeps out bad smells while looking cool. Hides cold sores and other blemishes. 21.5 x 21.5". 100% Cotton.) 12.00
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