BIS AUFS MESSER september news

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BIS AUFS MESSER september news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 12 Sep 2019, 13:24

hi. Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for September and since we are excited about the news - the newsletter comes a day earlier.

A bunch of stuff arrived like new TOTAL PUNK releases, the killer HAMMERED HULLS - s/t 7“ on Dischord along with the new MESSTHETICS Lp, new stuff from Neck Chop (Judy & The jerks, Nosfertau, etc), the new OH SEES DLP and the new KING GIZZARD, restocks of the new CFM LP, new 20 buck spin titles, TOMB MOLD restocks, new EXEK - Some Beautiful Species Left LP on digital regress, ALEXIS ZOUMBAS - s/t LP on mississippi, Cate Le Bon restocks, Florist restocks, PELT - Pearls From The River LP re issues on VHF, new SHEER MAG - A Distant Call LP (tickets for the berlin show are also available at the shop), PSYCHEDELIC SPEED FREAKS - Psychedelic Speed Freaks LP etc etc. along with lots of restocks (5678s LP etc etc)

We also started taking pre orders for the CONTRACTIONS - Demain Est Annulé LP (peeps of DAITRO, BATON ROUGE, 12XU etc) as a co release with PURE PAIN SUGAR!!! ... -est-annul
We also two things coming up. First of all is the celebration of our 13th year in existence in this analog bubble as a record store on September 15th

And then we host the SWAIN release show at Kantine am Berghain on September 25th. Tickets are available via Bis Aufs Messer


HAMMERED HULLS - s/t 7“ (dischord - HAMMERED HULLS are a brand new band from Washington D.C. made up of some very old connections. MARY TIMONY (bass) and ALEC MACKAYE (vocals) grew up in the same Washington neighborhood and have spent the better part of their lives in each other’s somewhat distant orbit. Always aware of each other, but never able to play together. MARK CISNEROS (guitar) has been in D.C. for more than a decade. He cut his teeth in Los Angeles listening to both Mary and Alec’s bands, but also a healthy dose of free jazz and garage. He is the man who plays everything with everyone, but this is his band. Hammered Hulls are rounded out by CHRIS WILSON (drums), a monstrous drummer with no shortage of love for all three of his bandmates. Every person in this band is a fan of every other person in this band. Mutual respect drives this train. But to say they are an odd collection of influences is to understate the point. If you tried you couldn’t imagine what this band might sound like. This single was recorded and mixed in a single day at Inner Ear studios, appropriate home to everyone in the DC scene.) 7.00

MUSK - Animal Husbandry 7“ (total punk - While some bands are content to drag their knuckles MUSK have theirs completely submerged leaving trenches in their wake as they lumber through the wasteland. Here at Total Punk misanthropy is praised but Musk might have finally unseated ACTION SWINGERS from Total Punk's misanthrope of the month title. Two tracks of swamp sludge skronk and their first release since adding fellow Total Punk JIM VEIL (FNU CLONE) to the fold insuring maximum guitar fuckery. 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!!Limited to 400 copies.) 10.00

PENANCE HALL - Covered In Shit 7“ (neck chop - NOLA neg-vibing courtesy of TRAMPOLINE TEAM’s MICHAEL HE-MAN and our righteous lord, GIORGIO MURDERER/BUCK BILOXI. Abandon hope all ye who enter PENANCE HALL, lest ye get “Covered In Shit”—a brilliant and heretofore nameless opera of waddling synth-punk sludge, neo-classic despite the impending end of life as we know it. “Take Me To The Bar Fight” goes positively subterranean, extolling the virtues of neon-lit violence and taking unnerving pleasure in the consequences. In total, a brisk work of frightful din, sure to peel the punkest of scabs. Grievous, thuggish and essential sounds.) 9.00

TRAMPOLINE TEAM - Kill You EP 7“ (neck chop - New Orleans’ fire-at-will TRAMPOLINE TEAM bounce back with Kill You, a four-song crash test with death (yours specifically!) as the central thematic concern. “Kill You On A Streetcar” very nearly approaches hardcore, with the slicing central riff retracting juuuuuust enough to allow for another rapid-stab hook. These moments of punky gallantry appear throughout the EP, each showcasing TT’s expert knack for legit lost-art garage punk, turn ‘o the century style—steeped in smirk, obscured by hiss, down to kill. Those already clued-in enough to be on board have new cause to careen, but Kill You oughta prove most deadly for the as-yet uninitiated. Does Lucky Dog even accept Kroner? For your sake, we hope so. In obvious parlance: KILLER.) 9.00


ALEXIS ZOUMBAS - s/t LP (mississippi - The truly virtuousic violinist ALEXIS ZOUMBAS immigrated from the mountains of northern Greece to NYC in the 1910s, where he recorded with the great Marika Papagika before cutting his own instrumental sessions with a small string ensemble. Zoumbas had the rare gift of expressing emotion so clearly and urgently through his instrument, and his violin feels like an extension of his heart, soul, and the deep musical history of his faraway home in Epirus. Previously only heard on scratchy 78s and the Lament For Epirus compilation (Angry Mom, 2014), the original recordings were recently uncovered in pristine condition and have been restored in astonishingly clear and present sound quality, and includes completely unreleased takes and stunning solo improvisations. *Please note this is a completely different release than the Lament From Epirus release. LP includes am 8-page booklet with extensive biographical notes, with poly-bags and promotional sticker, and is co-released by Orpheum Phonograph and Olvido Records.) 23.00

ASCENDED DEAD - Abhorrent Manifestation LP (dakr descent - "Surprisingly born under San Diego’s sun, Ascended Dead are nevertheless as ugly as it can be. Not by design nor by trying their best to sound that way but just because that foul stench they ooze from every pore is their true nature. Yes, their founding members and some of their current members have played or are still playing in other bands but none of this really matters as their main man JR stresses out that 'everything we've attained was built from the ground up and we’d like to maintain as much of a stand-alone legacy as we can.' Yes, they’ve had their fair share of struggles and obstacles to overcome—something well-documented in the booklet of last year’s self-released Ritus Mortuus compilation—but this somehow only strengthened their determination and musical idiosyncrasy. 
"See, a lot of bands these days wish so bad they were part of the same early extreme metal wave that swept the plate clean in the llpasceabhoate '80s but end up only second guessing how all their idols thought. But Ascended Dead are a rare case of a band who just go for it and whose DNA is naturally carrying that FTW element, that simple idea, not wait, instinct to destroy everything in sight. Necrovore, Insanity or even Sarcofago are just of some of the acts they’ve been compared to but it doesn’t really matter because after one raw-as-fuck demo, one EP and two compilations, Abhorrent Manifestation is the sound of a band who have come to term with their own bestiality and instead of trying to tame it, they’ve decided to ride the wave and let it overflow everything. "Recorded last spring at Trench Studios in Corona, California, most of the album ten songs are exclusive to this release, with only three being newer, more focused versions of tracks already presented on side A of The Advent tape and Ensnared For Eternity from the Arcane Malevolence EP which has been given a new lease of life." – Olivier Badin) 24.00

BEN BABBITT - Paris Window OST LP (NNF - Director Amanda Kramer’s prompts for composer Ben Babbitt’s soundtrack to her enigmatic film Paris Window read like magnetic fridge poetry – “warped ambient bumper muzak tension” – but the results skew closer to some hypnagogic contemporary noir: lulling, low-lit, and laced with lingering dread. Electronics, strings, and percussion swoon and seethe in heady mirages of dreams and delirium, romance and menace. The narrative it accompanies is equally opaque and out of time: two eccentric siblings psychologically unravel through divergent fixations, one obsessed with the hypnotic infomercials of a mysterious self-help institute while the other falls in love with an ambiguous doppelganger.  Babbitt’s background scoring experiential video games (Kentucky Route Zero) and collaborating with exploratory songwriters (Angel Olsen, Weyes Blood, Eartheater) is evident in his versatility and finesse, flowing fluidly between minimal and maximal modes. Like all dynamic film music, the pieces weave a story of their own. Serene synthetic swells decay into murmuring television static and eerie vocal fragments; close-mic’d drones turn acidic then claustrophobic, mirroring sleep paralysis transformed into panic. Babbitt builds a window into a surreal world, seen through shadows and smeared, street-lit glass.

CEREBRAL ROT - Odious Descent Into Decay LP (20 buck spin - Continuing to extract the deadliest beings from the dankest corners of the Northwest, 20 Buck Spin summons from the festering swamp-soaked murk the revolting mutation that is Cerebral Rot. Like sewage winding its way through tunnels below the street, this music reeks with the stench of vulgarity and noxious body fumes. ) 24.00

COACHWHIPS - Night Train LP (THE COACHWHIPS (JOHN DWYER of OH SEES, JOHN HARLOW, MARY ANN MCNAMARA) Night Train remastered (in pure mono) and reissued on vinyl for the first time. Twnety-one tracks comprised of demos and outtakes from all four Coachwhips albums, along with some choice 7-inch cuts. "Listen to the tweaks on the title track and 'Tired of Wasting My Time,' and know that the engine driving the cacophony is one of genius." — MaximumRocknRoll. Edition of 500 copies.) 25.00

DESOLATE SHRINE - Deliverance From The Godless Void DLP (dark decadent - Finnish death metal trio Desolate Shrine will release new album Deliverance From The Godless Void November 10 on Dark Descent Records. It may be their fourth album (third on Dark Descent Records) in six years, but the band shows no sign of fatigue on their newest opus. The band continues to erase the already thin line existing between black, death and doom and once again come out of the abyss with their own instantly recognizable style. ) 28.00

DEVOURING STAR - Antihedron LP (dark decent - "All things pass from Obscurity to Manifestation, inspired harmoniously by the Breath of the Void." The borders of worlds are broken: Antihedron is a three song EP interpreting the relation between the world obscure and our physical presence. From the Breath of the Void unto manifestation, through a life of ordeal into the maws of Death. Solve Et Coagula. Digital Download included. Includes eight page booklet.) 24.00

THE DUM DUM BOYS - Let There Be Noise LP (in the red - “Often obscured by the ascent of Flying Nun’s legendary roster is New Zealand’s late 1970s / early 1980s punk scene. Based in Auckland, a cadre of acts influenced by The Ramones and Stooges briefly thrived. The Dum Dum Boys—the first NZ punk band to record and release a full-length in their native country—were hooked on the Ann Arbor sounds of Iggy Pop.  “The Dum Dum Boys’ Let There Be Noise (1981) is chock-full of James Williamson and Deniz Tek riffage; it also contains elements of Iggy Pop’s nihilism. Take the lyrics to “Something To Say”—it’s refrain repeatedly asking ‘What am I living for?’—and juxtapose them to the band’s namesake track from Pop’s The Idiot (1977): ‘What happened to Zeke? He’s dead on jones, man.’ ‘Stalking The Streets’ taps into the meaninglessness of James Taylor and Dennis Wilson’s Two-Lane Blacktop journey through the American Southwest. ) 23.00

END RESULT - The Seven Year Locust Returns LP (alonas dream - END RESULT's 1982 masterpiece The Seven Year Locust Returns on vinyl for the first time! This album was originally dubbed on cassette and distributed among friends in the Chicago punk scene. TSYLR represents End Result at their most formative stage. The recordings presented here contain the brutal roots of what would come later on their excellent, DAVID RILEY (Big Black, Savage Beliefs) produced, Ward 12″. From The Chicago Punk Database: "End Result first rehearsed in July 1979 in a basement near Pill Hill on the south side. They were (ARE!) a well respected experimental / nowave band that had a changing lineup throughout the 1980s. Their style was much different than their “hardcore” peers and featured a style that couldn’t really be categorized by normal punk conventions." The best preserved copy of End Result's hand-dubbed The Seven Year Locust Returns cassette was located in the archive of Chicago experimental institution ONO. It was subsequently and expertly transferred and mastered by Carl Saff. Pressed into vinyl and placed inside a cardboard sleeve for you to buy, rip open and enjoy. Limited white vinyl version: recorded, mastered and pressed in Chicago. Includes printed inner sleeve with rare photos and excellent liner notes.) 21.00

EXEK - Some Beautiful Species Left LP (digital regress - From Melbourne Australia, EXEK are proud to unveil their third album, Some Beautiful Species Left. Like their previous releases, Some Beautiful Species Left is the cultivation of numerous edits and overdubs, where once again EXEK subscribe to Brian Eno’s philosophy of the studio as an instrument. This MO allows the songwriting process to develop simultaneously alongside the recording process whilst privileging greater sonic control. The result is a record difficult to pigeonhole but post punk is perhaps the easiest way to categories EXEK’s music—post modern and containing the defiance inherent within punk whilst incorporating elements of dub production, classical arrangements, hip hop and krautrock rhythms and the use of kitchen appliances as instruments.) 22.00

JAY SOM - Anak Ko LP (col. vinyl) (polyvinyl - Received a 7.3 rating from Pitchfork. 
After the breakout success of JAY SOM's 2017 debut album, Everybody Works, the band’s songwriter, producer, and creative force MELINA DUTERTE spent the next few years taking advantage of all the opportunities her unexpected success suddenly offered her. She took Jay Som on the road, performing with the likes of Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Paramore, Alvvays and more across multiple US and European tours. She made appearances at various high-profile festivals, including Primavera Sound, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, and many more. When it was time to make Jay Som’s second album, Duterte relocated from her hometown roots in California’s Bay Area to Los Angeles and started writing. The result, Anak Ko, is some of Duterte’s strongest work to date. Translating to “my child” in English, Anak Ko, features sweeping, shoegazey guitars (“Superbike”), delicate string & pedal steel arrangements (“Nighttime Drive,” “Get Well”), and incredible production that showcases Duterte’s evolving skills in the studio (“Anak Ko”). Anak Ko presents an exciting glimpse into Duterte’s creative process and solidifies her undeniable progression as one of 2019's strongest and gifted songwriters. LP pressed on 180-gram splatter vinyl.) 26.00

JUDY AND THE JERKS - Friendships Formed In The Pit LP (neck chop - Timed hot on the heels of their blow-out Thrilling Living EP, Neck Chop enshrines Mississippi’s JUDY AND THE JERKS’ formative daze to wax with Friendships Formed In The Pit. Through their passionate touring and Hattiesburg-hosting schedules, these Jerks achieve a highly-endearing, from-the-jump frothy obsessiveness via classic-yet-spastic hardcore—a sound centered on now-time freakiness, hyper-accelerated punky riffs and infectious F-U-N rather than faux-tuff posturing. Friendships Formed In The Pit compiles the inaugural 2017 demo tape, the follow-up Three Songs From Us To You and a handful of exclusive cuts, including a really raucous all-directions take on a sugary GO-GO’S classic. Truly vibrant and infectious USHC recommended for every punk with a pulse.) 18.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Infest The Rat's Nest LP (col. vinyl) (flightless - The planet is in trouble. Dire trouble. But fear not: Melbourne, Australia seven-piece King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have returned with Infest The Rats’ Nest to save us all, this time armed only with blast beats, an arsenal of well-oiled guitars that are locked and loaded, and a desire to melt faces clean off. Their fifteenth studio album, Infest The Rats’ Nest is by far The Gizz’s hardest and heaviest album to date. How metal is it? Very Metal. Maybe even more. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard aren’t mere dabbling dilletantes either. Their love of this ferocious music runs deep, and was previously explored on 2017’s apocalyptic concept album Murder Of The Universe, hinted at during 2016’s award-winning Nonagon Infinity’s more bludgeoning moments and elsewhere in numerous hardcore psychedelic freak-outs in their back catalogue. Infest The Rats’ Nest is the sound of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard scratching the thrash metal itch, fully and unequivocally, ferocious and direct. Pressed on black and red split vinyl.) 30.00

K. LEIMER - Irrational Overcast LP (first terrace - First Terrace Records have the honour to present an album of new work by influential and idiosyncratic artist K. Leimer.  His second outing for First Terrace, following his part on FTS001, the album finds the composer working in a solemn & focused mode, rendering deep sonic landscapes that shimmer, sink into themselves and play host to a slowly emerging carousel of auditory apparitions - dynamics delivered through his mastery of textural manipulation. Emerging in opposition to the sunless days & countless distresses of current US politics, each track is imbued with a refreshing sense of equanimity - in Kerry’s own words, he “does not profess that music - especially an experimental, lyric-free music - can change or influence such circumstances. But this is the context in which we now live, and this has shaped the music of Irrational Overcast — a coping mechanism for living under clouds of baseless beliefs and simplistic ideologies that disfigure and stifle what is an admittedly difficult though really quite lovely world.”) 25.00

MYLINGAR - Döda Själar LP (20 buck spin - Savagery in musical form takes a further step toward total sonic annihilation with Döda Själar, the culmination of a bestial trilogy from the eccentric intensity called Mylingar. A tempest of whirlwind-blackened death metal barbarity and animalistic filth, this album is unrelenting in its intent to rend flesh from bone and inflict torment. ) 24.00

NOSFERATU - A Field Of Hope LP (nck chop - Austin, TX’s NOSFERATU are one of the most substantive and powerful hardcore punk bands currently in operation. Often likened to rage linchpins such as Void and Koro, Nosferatu’s too-good-to-be-true attack succeeds on all fronts: inventive & highly impressive drumming, tortured, piss-gutter vocals and excessively grimy riffs that unveil multiple hooks despite the concise nature of each breathless tune. Since forming in 2016, the gang have since amassed myriad short-run cassettes, stray compilation shards and one recognized ruler EP via Lumpy Records—each new entry building upon its predecessor, exhibiting a brand of winning and raw scuzz that’s too drool-inducing for punks to ignore. Timed to coincide with their debut album, Neck Chop is thrilled to present all of Nosferatu’s savage formative material on LP format—56 tracks total!!! Mandatory punk, no excuses, no snoozing.) 18.00

OH SEES - Face Stabber DLP (castle face - Hey there, human kids, lift your face out of the feed trough and pluck that feculence from your ears. Hark! A sonar blip from beneath the pile of bodies—the latest Oh Sees, Face Stabber! Boop, blip, ughhh….people churning like a boiling swamp. Man, this din is nauseating. The screen flickers for the first time this year with a transmission from two months in the future: “the internet has deemed guitar music dead and you are free to do whatever the fuck you like ….long live the new flesh!” This album is Soundcloud hip-hop reversed, a far flung nemesis of contemporary country and flaccid algorithmic pop-barf. No songs about money or love are floating in the ether. Just memories, echoes, foggy blurs, blip-blop goes the scope, heavy funk, dystopia-punk canons, long jams, bloated solos dribbling down your caved-in chest. Human cattle like a beef avalanche, right on your burned out face hole. Spider-legs fuzz crawling in your brain. Lots of curse words for your mom. You’ve gotten the over-population blues, so let’s have some art for art’s sake. What else are you gonna do? Stare at the sky? Please…fifty carbon copies of you look back at you as you walk the streets. Take a breath, you’re going to need it. Take drugs, you’re going to need those just to stand in line at the air and water reclamation center soon enough. There’s no fruit, buddy. You’re at the bleak-peak. They will squeeze you till you’re all squeezed out. For fans of fried prog burn-out, squished old-school drool, double drums, lead weight bass, wizard keys (now with poison), old-ass guitar and horrible words with daft meanings. If you don’t like it then don’t listen, bub. Back to the comments section with you! Easy—over and out.) 28.00

PELT - Pearls From The River LP (VHF - VHF presents the first time on vinyl for Pearls From The River, the all acoustic epics album from the “classic” Pelt trio lineup of Jack Rose, Mike Gangloff, and Patrick Best. Recorded in a single March 2003 session in Virginia by Mikel Dimmick, this was a superb distillation of their interests at the time (both alone and together—Rose’s first solo records, the emergence of the Black Twigs as a busy working band, etc). “Up the North Fork” is a trio for banjo, baritone banjo, and cello—after the snakey bowed introduction, the fast thwacking of the banjos and forcefully strummed cello take over and whip up a storm. The other two tracks are lengthy ragas (one in C, one in D) with the virtuoso modal guitar of Rose front and center. The title track features Rose on twelve-string, dueling with Mike Gangloff on esraj. Best’s thick, sonorous double-bass bowing anchors the duet between the lightning thrumming / plucking of Rose’s guitar and Gangloff’s arcing, sharply bowed half-time melody. “Road To Catawba” has Rose on six-string, with Gangloff moving to tamboura. Best’s bass is again the foundation, with whistling overtones rising from his bow over the low drone. Liner notes by Byron Coley.  “Join Pelt in celebrating the ecstatic joy that results from refusing to accept the alleged primacy of shit-culture. It does not exist if we will not believe in it. And we must refuse it on all levels always. The proof of its surrender is at hand. Yr hand. Right now, motherfucker!”  — Byron Coley) 25.00

PSYCHEDELIC SPEED FREAKS - Psychedelic Speed Freaks LP (black editions - PSYCHEDELIC SPEED FREAKS is a new power trio led by MUNEHIRO NARITA, founding member of Japan's legendary HIGH RISE and easily one of the wildest, most original guitarists in rock history. Blazing in total hyper-saturated glory, Psychedelic Speed Freaks centers on the raw, unrelenting attack of Narita's "motorcycle fuzztone guitar" and a rhythm section driven by a pair of untamed LA acid punks. Recorded deep in-the-red and punched into overdrive, Psychedelic Speed Freaks is a full-throttle adrenaline shot into the 21st Century. Deluxe Edition housed in heavy tip-on jacket featuring silver foil printing and embossed paper. Includes metallic printed insert. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.) 30.00

SHEER MAG - A Distant Call LP (wilsuns - Sheer Mag return with their sophomore album, A Distant Call. They’re still writing about surviving the current hellscape, but this time around, the politics get extra-personal. The album verges on being a concept piece, and the protagonist resembles frontwoman Tina Halladay. The songs document a particularly alienating time in her life when she was laid off from a job. Broke and newly single, her father passed away, leaving her with more wounds than it felt possible to heal. It’s heavy power-pop so sleek it gleams. “We’ve been waiting to write these songs since we started the band and we were able to take these experiences and build a story out of them,” Halladay says. “A Distant Call makes an argument for socialism on an anecdotal level. We’re talking about how late capitalism alienates and commodifies whatever is in its path without using the term ‘late capitalism.’” Guitarist Matt Palmer and Halladay’s new approach to lyricism extended to the recording process, too. Once the brothers Hart and Kyle Seely had laid down the tracks, Halladay recorded vocals with producer Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Code Orange).) 23.00

U.S. MAPLE - Talker LP (drag city - REISSUED ON VINYL!!! - It’s now 20 years since U.S. MAPLE and Talker were sent to the Drag City office. Their third album took the egretions and abrasions of their early music to a new height of quiet horror, their contribution to the summer of ’99—a hot, trying season, one that won’t soon be forgotten. Out of print on vinyl since 2008. Recorded by MARTIN BISI and produced by MICHAEL GIRA at Bisi Studios. “…one of the most obliquely beautiful releases... evasive, creepy, engrossing, and lovely... No one sounds quite like U.S. Maple, and that’s the greatest compliment you can pay a band these days.”— AV Club, 2002) 26.00

WITCH VOMIT - Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave LP (20 buck spin -After the reckless barbarity of 2017’s Poisoned Blood 12-inch, Portland’s Witch Vomit dig deeper into the ground than ever before, disinterring Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave, their second full length torrent of skullbashing wormridden horror from beyond. ) 24.00

V/A - Ryley Walker Presents Imaginational Anthem IX LP (tompkins square - Tompkins Square label's very first release in 2005 was the acoustic guitar compilation, Imaginational Anthem Volume One. The concept was to showcase new talents alongside first-gen American Primitive guitar legends, a formula that stuck across the first three volumes. Volume Four, released in 2010, featured all contemporary players, giving many folks their first taste of William Tyler, C Joynes, Chris Forsyth and Tyler Ramsey. The label then started farming out curation duties to others : Sam Moss for Volume 5, Chris King for Volume 6 (Origins of American Primitive Guitar), Hayden Pedigo for Volume 7, and Michael Klausman & Brooks Rice for Volume 8 (The Private Press). Tompkins Square recruited label alum RYLEY WALKER to compile Volume Nine. Given his deep Rolodex and exquisite taste, it's no surprise that this comp is probably the most diverse of the series. Nine of the eleven artists were previously unknown to us, so we get to discover new artists just like our label fans do.) 22.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER september news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 20 Sep 2019, 12:21

hi. Welcome to 4th newsletter for September. A bunch of stuff arrived like the BEWITCHER LP, IDLE HANDS LPs, new HESITATION WOUNDS & HARBORLIGHTS - Hold The Dark on DEATHWISH (along with a bunch of DW restocks), ltd DROPDEAD Longsleeves & T-shirts, CHOKEHOLD - With This Thread I Hold On LP, FURY - Failed Entertainment LP, new CEREMONY LP, TEAM DRESCH re issues and a bunch of other stuff …

Also you can get CONTRACTIONS - Demain Est Annulé LP on ADAGIO830 / Pure Pain Sugar now

We also host the SWAIN release show at Kantine am Berghain on September 25th. Tickets are available via Bis Aufs Messer


HEAVY DISCIPLINE - s/t 7“ (pain killer - On Heavy Discipline’s first recording Pittsburgh continues to deliver weapons grade HC/punk in 2019. Folks from Hounds of Hate, Blood Pressure, Curmudgeon, and more jackhammer your ears with 5 tracks of ‘83-flavored slam and stomp power.) 10.00

REIGN OF TERROR - Don't Blame Me 7“ (radio Raheem - Short-lived punkish-metal band from Los Angeles, CA, formed by members of Würm and the Stains. Calling their sound "Modern Metal", they issued one very rare self-released 7" in 1983. Finally reissued!) 10.00

TORSO - Build And Break 7" (green) (revelation - Torso is armed with a powerful punk and hardcore sound with influences as geographically diverse as its members. Lyrically, Torso does not rely on any of the hardcore cliches or spew overly simplistic lyrics that carry no real meaning. Instead, the band tackles issues of veganism, politics, mental health, displacement, and feminism at a time when the world needs it the most.) 9.00


BARONESS - Gold & Grey DLP (abraxan - "Gold & Grey," produced by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Mogwai, MGMT), is Baroness' fifth studio album. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 39.00

BEWITCHER - Under the Witching Cross LP (shadow - BEWITCHER, in conspiracy with SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is pleased to announce the long-awaited follow-up to their self-titled debut album. The time has come to finally unveil the band’s sophomore effort, entitled UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS. The album was engineered at The Captain’s Quarters studio in Ventura, CA by Night Demon axeman Armand John Anthony with mix/master duties once again falling to Joel Grind. Their combined efforts give the production a sound not yet heard on a Bewitcher record; ominous and layered without sacrificing any of the viciousness of its predecessor. With stunning cover art from the incomparable Polish painter Mariusz Lewandowski, UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS is a clear statement of the band’s expanding musical and artistic aspirations. Don’t be fooled however, the content within is pure Satanic Speed Metal savagery that Bewitcher delivers with deadly force.) 25.00

CAVE IN - Live At Roadburn Festival 2018 LP + 7“ (roadburn - On March 28 of 2018 Cave In bassist, Caleb Scofield, died in a car accident leaving behind his wife and two children. The Cave In inner circle rallied around Caleb’s family, fundraising and arranging benefit shows; it was clear that their aim was to do what their friend tragically no longer could – provide for his family.  At the 2018 edition of Roadburn, Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath paid a moving tribute to Caleb with an acoustic set of covers and Cave In tracks. As the audience and band members alike found catharsis through music, we wouldn’t have begrudged them one bit if this performance was the closest we ever got to Cave In at Roadburn.  As communicated at the time:  On Saturday, 21 April, Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath will unite to play a very special set at Het Patronaat in honour of Caleb Scofield, their long time bandmate, collaborator and friend, who sadly passed away last month. The pair comment: Please join us for an afternoon of Cave In songs and cover tunes dedicated to Caleb Scofield, our best friend and bandmate who passed away tragically and suddenly on March 28th, 2018. Sincere thanks to the good-hearted people of Roadburn for swiftly and gracefully giving us an opportunity to honor Caleb’s life and legacy.” We, at Roadburn, are honoured to be able to host such a special tribute to Caleb– a musician who not only performed at Roadburn himself (as part of Old Man Gloom in 2014), but whose influence can be seen in many of the bands that pass through the festival. ) 24.00

CEREMONY - In The Spirit World Now LP (relapse - Ceremony makes their Relapse Records' debut with their highly ambitious, new album, "In The Spirit World Now." "In The Spirit World Now" is full of layered sonic fury and anxiety, each song building up to a point and then descending down through a militant, catchy hook. The album marks a milestone for this Northern California punk outfit who has stayed true to themselves as songwriters throughout massive sonic growth during their storied career. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 23.00

CHOKEHOLD - With This Thread I Hold On LP (good fight - The seminal, '90s-hardcore band CHOKEHOLD release their 1st new material of the 2000s via Good Fight Music. 1994's "prison of hope" floored the hardcore scene when it was unleashed. Lyrics, replete with fury, tackled political and socio-political topics with a rage that immediately demanded attention. Colored vinyl is limited to 200 copies.) 25.00

COHERENCE - of alternate spaces LP (get better - Comprised of four individuals, from four different perspectives, that make up a whole: COHERENCE is based out of Oakland, Ca and from all over North America. Musically drawing influences from Spitboy, fourhundredyears, Sleepy Time Trio, Unwound, and One Last Wish, while lyrically (in English, Arabic, and Farsi) sharing stories of diaspora, assimilation, anti-colonialism, smashing white supremacy, as well as narratives of immigrant families. Made up of members of Jabber, Long Knives, My Parade, Watercolor Paintings, Drawing Water, Ten Thousand Leagues, Pills, and SOAR. All Ages. All the time.) 21.00

CONTRACTIONS - Demain Est Annulé LP (adagio830 - Demain Est Annulé (tomorrow is canceled) is the first album from indie rockers Contractions. Written in Lyon, arranged in Besançon, Demain Est Annulé makes an intimate link between the future and the past of its creators. It sums up their previous experiences with their previous bands (Baton Rouge, Hawaii Samurai, The Irradiates) and brings into the light the massive musical knowledge / experiences they acquired through the years thanks to their involvement in the local indie / punk scene of their hometowns * This album has been recorded and mixed by Bruno Germain at L'Epicerie Moderne in Lyon, France in the beginning of 2019, then mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control) in Melbourne, Australia in may 2019. It got inspired by melodies coming from Kiwi Pop bands + contemporary indie garage bands such as Parquet Courts, The Babies or Reigning Sound, mixed with raw energy inherited from their DIY punk background and a common worship for Hot Snakes and 60s UK/US garage bands. Contractions though know they won't bring anything new. Because novelty is not really the point here… behind its obvious simplicity, the songwriting is very subtle. Every song has a hook. Arrangements are precise. The melodic vocals are often on the edge of being in tune. Every element of the songs and their recording actually point in the unique direction of looking for the genuine emotion. There also is in Julien's lyrics this disturbing and familiar sense of realism in the abstraction. They go through personal / intimate topics (Juste Derrière Chez Moi, Un autre Temps, Dans la peau), to this will of staying far from the dominant mass and praising the underground cultures (Passe Par le Detour, Un jour qui traîne). There is also social reflexions about the last riots / social movements in France (Trace En Ville, Demain Est Annulé) and last but not least about sexual assaults in the punk community (Rien n'est Acquis), which is a painful topic to deal with. *  in Besançon Buanax has its own fanzine sine called Slime, Lopin set up shows with its collective Holly Grind, Macst does posters and artworks for bands and in Lyon Julien does Echo Canyon records, a 10+ years old DIY label and does some artworks for people from the punk community as well.) 13.00

ENISUM - moths illusion DLP (avantgarde -Back from the woods of Piedmont is ENISUM, once again delivering their lore-infused atmospheric black metal. The fourth album since the shift from one-man project to full band, Moth’s Illusion can no longer be defined a surprise in the lively Italian extreme underground.) 22.00

FRAIL HANDS - s/t LP (twelve gauge - Frail Hands is a five piece screamo band from Halifax, Nova Scotia with members of King's Girls and Heisse. Drawing influence from bands like Portraits of Past, Loma Prieta, Orchid, and La Quiete, the band is a new comer to the thriving Halifax screamo scene. This self-titled record is the band’s first release (originally released on tape on Middle Man Records) that preceded their recent split with Los Angeles’ Ghost Spirit. Noisey described the band best: “It sounds like pure catharsis funneled into a microphone”.=) 20.00
FURY - Failed Entertainment LP (run for a cover - "Failed Entertainment" examines vast, philosophical inquiries throughout its 11 tracks. Rather than the short, intense bursts of energy that 2016's "Paramount" delivered, songs here are given more space to contort in strange, new shapes. Harnessing this chaos and ferocity is at the center of the theme of "Failed Entertainment," which is authenticity in every possible moment: to investigate grief devoid of melodrama, to urge political change off the soapbox, to examine everything in sight without grandiose diagnosis.) 24.00

GAURA DEVI - s/t LP (dingleberry - Based between Valencia and Castellón, a new band with members of Automuro, Mistkafer, Fera, Fukushima… 4 songs with an awesome mix between screamo, post hardcore and even post rock with some crust vibe sometimes.) 13.00

HARBORLIGHTS - Hold The Dark LP (deathwish - HarborLights are a post-rock band from the North Shore of Massachusetts. Since their formation they have released two split EPs (w/ Ember Wreath and Superblonde respectively) and the powerful debut album “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree” (2017). “Isolation Ritual” by HarborLights was recorded by Mike Moschetto at The Record Co. and Zach Weeks at God City Studios (who also handled mastering duties on the album). Opener “Hold the Dark” emerges amid delicate melody before “Eternal Return” drenches us with a downpour of shoe-gaze emotion. Instrumentals “Skinwalker” and “A Stable Mind” pulse and dance like a soundtrack to a movie that never was. While “From Virtue (Sacrament)”, “Year Without a Summer”, and “Ego Ideal” reintroduce beautifully haunting vocals that deepen their creative well. It’s not all pretty though, “…And Hell Followed” and “Sigh from the Depths” in combination are dirge and discordance on display at a masterclass level. All of this leads to closer “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” which features guest vocals from TJ Copello of Aviator. An 8 minute epic where the incredible dynamic repertoire of HarborLights impressively shines.) 23.00

HESITATION WOUNDS - Chicanery LP (splatter) (deathwish - Hesitation Wounds is a hardcore punk band featuring Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore, Stephen LaCour (ex-Trap Them), Neeraj Kane (The Hope Conspiracy), and Thomas Cantwell (Gouge Away, Axis). “Chicanery” was recorded in just a few days time by Zach Tuch (Trash Talk, Movements), later mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The album artwork was created by Mark McCoy (Youth Attack!, Full of Hell). Musically the album is a hyper-aggressive whirlwind that has elements of the member’s previous musical efforts. Creating an unrelenting backdrop for Bolm’s biting lyrical commentary where he tackles social/political subject matter head-on.) 21.00

HOPE DRONE - Void Lustre DLP (moment of collapse - Not from dark Norway, as you might expect from this kind of music (Black Metal), but from sunny Australia (Brisbane), the quartet HOPE DRONE makes its third album by now. In 2012 the band gave their first sign of life with the digital single „From Mimas To Phoebe“. The following year, the self-titled debut was released on OSCL (Australia) and MOMENT OF COLLAPSE. In their Australian homeland, the band played from now on as a solid support for Deathwish or Relapse bands. Consequently their second album „Cloak Of Ash“ (2015) was also released on RELAPSE. With this album, the band finally managed to establish themselves at the top of the league of modern post-black metal bands. For their third album „Void Lustre“, the quartet took a little more time. The five songs consistently continue the band‘s path. Nothing is rushed here. Slowly and deliberately, atmosphere and tension build up and then end in a blastbeat thunderstorm. The sound is not strictly bound to (black metal) conventions and oscillates between ambient, post-rock, drone and post-hardcore and sludge elements. „Void Lustre“ is not a blind rage, but a thoroughly breathtaking and intense album. The nihilistic singing of CHRIS ROWDEN is accustomed to complaining and skillfully subordinates to the instrumental garment, so that there is never obtrusiveness. If you are looking for a related band, you will find them at DEAFHEAVEN and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, but ALTAR OF PLAGUES and DOWNFALL OF GAIA are also mentioned here.) 21.00

IDLE HANDS - Mana LP (eisen - IDLE HANDS introduce their first full-length album, "MANA".
Entering into the studio only 4 months after the release of their highly acclaimed EP “Don’t Waste Your Time”, "MANA" conjures up an emotive 40-minute ride into the realms of heavy metal, new wave, goth rock, and continues to solidify the bands unique brand of heavy music. MANA was recorded between the months of November 2018 to January 2019. Drum production executed at Sharkbite studios in Oakland, CA with producer Zack Ohren (Machine Head). Tracking of all guitars and vocals were completed at Falcon Studios in Portland, OR with Producer/Engineer Gabe Johnston, and followed by mixing by Gabe Johnston and Gabriel Franco. Brad Boatright gave the album it`s final touches at his esteemed Audiosiege mastering studio (Corrosion of Conformity, Yob, Poison Idea, Mantar)) 22.00
IDLE HANDS - Don't Waste Your Time LP (eisen -Rising out of ashes of traditional heavy metal quintet Spellcaster like a new wave phoenix, IDLE HANDS is bound to catch the attention of anyone who loves old school metal, occult rock or the sleaze of the 80s. Featuring five dark, moody and ballad-esque tracks, Don't Waste Your Time was recorded by Gabe Johnston (Spellcaster) and mastered by the illustrious Brad Boatright (Corrosion of Conformity, Yob).F ormed in the heart of the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2017, IDLE HANDS initially began solely as a creative outlet for former Spellcaster bassist Gabriel Franco, who now handles vocals and rhythm guitar in addition to being the band's sole songwriter. With the first EP under their belt, the band plans to release a full-length and tour heavily in 2019.) 20.00
MIZMOR - Yodh - Live At Roadburn 2018 DLP (roadburn - While we try not to gloat (too much), we at Roadburn pride ourselves on acting as musical necromancers and hermit whisperers. Bringing acts back from the dead or coaxing elusive artists out of hiding and into the live arena is always a joy for us. In the case of Oregonian doom artist Mizmor, we feel particularly fortunate. Mizmor’s 2016 release Yodh was a high water mark for American doom in the past few years and the album release show at Migration Fest was the first and only Mizmor show to date. That changes at Roadburn 2018. We are humbled and delighted to announce that Mizmor will be rising from its slumber to perform Yodh live in its entirety for the first time as the sole European date in 2018.  Those who have yet to hear this sprawling, monolithic album should take heed: this is far from your traditional metal act of any sort. With a tendency to rush from breakneck blasting to a hideous lurch, Mizmor leaves few subgenres of extreme metal unexplored in the scope of its all-consuming black/doom/death hybrid, and we know it’s going to level the room when delivered in a live setting. When asked about the performance, Mizmor’s sole member (on recording, at least) A.L.N. shared, “We are beyond honored to be invited to Roadburn. To us, it’s the most important festival in heavy music. It’s been a dream of Mizmor’s to perform here; like a pipe-dream though… something lofty and hopeful, seemingly unattainable and out of reach. We are eternally grateful for this opportunity.”  We’re not sure if A.L.N. is the one who should be grateful, as the feeling is quite mutual. Expect to find us in the corner of the room with hands over our hearts as the sound swells around us during Mizmor’s set. ) 28.00

MYSTAGOGUE - And The Darkness Was Cast Out Into the Wilderness LP (vendetta - Atmospheric, melodic and intense black metal by members of Laster and Gnaw Their Tongues.  "Mystagogue bridges the gap between rawer, more visceral forms of blackened expression with the stylistic rapture of trendier outfits. Whether laying out a simple punky beat or just slathering on the layers in an atmospheric frenzy, this band feels absolutely tight as a drum." invisible oranges) 15.00

SECOND GUESSING - Tijd Verdringt LP (dingleberry - Second Guessing is a 4-piece screamo / post-hardcore band based in Utrecht, The Netherlands formed in 2013.) 13.00

TEAM DRESCH - Personal Best LP (jealous butcher - Combining the brazenness of Riot Grrrl with the angst dirge of grunge, Team Dresch didn’t just raise the stakes of queercore: They created two near-perfect albums about longing, freedom, and belonging over guitar riffs as epic and intense as Jody Bleyle and Kaia Wilson’s poetic couplets. On their 1995 debut, Personal Best, they rage against the Christian right and small towns, then kiss their girlfriends on the mouth. Donna Dresch, Bleyle, and Wilson play ferocious, intricate riffs fast while Marcéo Martinez hits the drums hard. To paraphrase their own song, they are amazing; their words save us.) 25.00

TEAM DRESCH - Captain My Captain LP (jealous butcher - Captain My Captain shows Team Dresch finding and creating community, elevating and becoming dykons. Drummer Melissa York joins the fold, adding a level of NYC showmanship to the quintessentially Northwestern, T-shirted live act. Already they commanded a level of assurance and confidence, staying true to the underground’s autonomous spirit; “Remember who you are, Make up who you are,” they roar over the noise of busted closets. The fierce and biting lyrics are aided by raging, skilled punk rock sounds, creating one of the most intense and meaningful punk revival albums to date. Team Dresch is able to accomplish more in this 35 minutes than many bands can in their entire career. Punk rock will never be the same.) 25.00

TRÖPICAL ICE LAND - D LP (dingelberry - tröpical ice land is a screamo / emoviolence band from Torreló in Catalunya.) 13.00

WLOTS - Sempre Piu LP (dingleberry - On their full-length debut Sempre Più, post-hardcore / screamo outfit WLOTS (pronounced “vuh-lots”) offers a unique take on this genre's roots with a sound that harkens back to the early 2000’s while retaining a firm foothold in the band's dark and dreamy modern world. For its members, Wlots is a kinetic outlet for both calmer songs like My Morii and faster / heavier / crazier songs like Bitter Lemon alike, all set against a backdrop of snarling pain and somber emotion. Revolving around turbulent feelings drawn from life experiences, a neighbor’s suicide and the death of a close friend, the eleven track album focuses on the relationship with self, self-esteem (and/or the lack thereof), isolation, confrontation and turning points. The italian phrase “sempre più” (which means “ever increasing”) refers to the context of the album’s narrative, embodying the downward spiral caused by depression and mental health issues. With a central theme of everything going increasingly wrong, the album tells a number of stories about how one's bleak mental state can often result in one’s own isolation. So listeners be warned, this is not a fun-loving record...but a must-listen for anyone who likes genuine, legitimate, true emotion. An angry, raw and honest collection of songs delivered with unflinching sincerity and intensity, Sempre Più is a deeply human album that is impossible to listen through without being moved. Recommended For Fans of: La Dispute, Touché Amoré, The World Is ABP, Old Gray, Listener, Pianos Become the Teeth, Polar Bear Club) 13.00

ZETA - Magia Infinita LP (ifb - Housed in a massive gatefold cover - epic and transformative emo-chaos ala Funeral Diner, Yaphet Kotto, Envy, La Quiete etc. but with a huge dose of post-rock atmosphere and an infusion of afro-caribbean beats and percussion work. Amazing band from Venezuela.  This record ebbs and flows in the most perfect way from whirlwind intensity to beautiful atmospheric builds incorporating unique percussion for the genre with dueling toms and bongos pushed forward with massive effects and an ever-steady heartbeat of perfect basslines.  I can't say enough about this band - please see them live if the chance presents itself.) 12.00


20.SV - The Great Sonic Wave TAPE (black horizon - Industrialized post apocalyptic noise act from Lebanon featuring Alan Dubin of Khanate! "One long 28 minute track that is mirrored on the b-side. Gold and silver offset printing on gray laid paper. Edition of 100 on silver tapes with gold labels.") 7.00

LACANTHROPE / SOOT - Black Utopia TAPE (black horizons - Recorded in one afternoon, improvised power electronics from these two projects. Think of a spacey, synthesized Bastard Noise and you'd have a pretty clear picture of the sounds herein. Blue vellum and bronze metallic custom fold over j-cards and booklet with digital printing. Edition of 100 copies on silver tapes with blue labels.) 7.00

V/A - Frozen In Time III - Music To Accompany The Films Of Ingmar Bergman 3xTAPE (black horizon - A second edition of the compilation to enjoy in time with the given films of Ingmar Bergman. The artists involved include; Micromelancolié with Sindre Bjerga, German Army, L'Acephale, Head Dress, Spettro Family, and Night Worship doing soundtracks / dedications to Passion of Anna, Hour of the Wolf, Seventh Seal, Cries and Whispers, and Hour of the Wolf and Cries and Whispers over again, respectively. Each artist with a 20 minute contribution. As with the first, all submissions are bleak and dark affairs, yet with stylistic variations typical of the Black Horizons line-up. Packaged in an all clear 3-up norelco case, the large 4-panel j-card is with silver offset printing on black linen paper. Black tapes and silver labels. Edition of 200 copies.) 18.00


DROPDEAD - Tradition T-SHIRT (armaggeddon - Black Tultex shirt with white and red print. In S/M/L/XL) 22.00

DROPDEAD - Fucking Assholes Don't Get It LONGSLEEVE (armaggeddon - Black Tultex longsleeve with white print! In S/M/LXL) 26.00

YOUTH OF TODAY - Fist T-SHIRT (rev - White Gildan Softstyle shirt with classic red/blue print. M/XL) 18.00
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