BIS AUFS MESSER MAY news (Kevin Morby, Sunn o)), Big Brave e

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BIS AUFS MESSER MAY news (Kevin Morby, Sunn o)), Big Brave e

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 03 Mai 2019, 12:18

hi. welcome to the first newsletter for May. Lots of great stuff arrived like restock of the SUNN o)) - life metal DLP, the amazing AUTOCLAVE - Autoclave LP, the fantastic new BIG BRAVE LP (!!!), GOSPEL DLP restock, the new SECRET SMOKER LP, the new KEVIN MORBY - Oh My God DLP, two new re issues on MINIMAL WAVE, MERRY AIRBRAKES LP re issue restock, NUMENOREAN - adore LP, DOCTOR UMEZU DIVA - Diva LP on studio mule, the GENESIS BREYER P ORRIDGE & CARL ABRAHAMSSON - Loyalty Does Not End With Death LP, CATERINA BARBIERI - Ecstatic Computation LP, STEREOLAB re issues via WARP, MF DOOM - Born Like This DLP, PROTOMARTYR - No Passion All Technique LP re issue, KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Fishing For Fishies LP, new PIGEON LP, a bunch of SLEATER KINNEY restocks, V/A - Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 CD (LP BOX comes a bit later) …

Besides selling tickets for the a bunch of upcoming PUSCHEN shows and DIRECT BOOKING (Uniform, Full of Hell etc) we also have tickets now for the GRAF ORLOCK & SPORT & BAYONNE show in Berlin

we also added a bunch of 2nd hand stuff on our discogs (mostly emo/screamo etc) check it out

Thank you
Robert & Norman


ANESTIS LOGOTHETIS - "Hör!-spiel" / Nekrologlog 1961 / Fantasmata 1960 LP (fantome - The Greek avant-garde composer Anestis Logothetis was noted for his pioneering tape techniques as well as developing his own notation system for composition that incorporated visual symbols meant to be interpreted by the performers. "Hör!-spiel" / Nekrologlog 1961 / Fantasmata 1960 collects 3 of his most famous works, realized in Vienna where he spent much of the 1940s-1960s. After completing studies at the music academy there, in the 1950s Logothetis became enamored of 20th century composers like John Cage and Earle Brown, and moved away from traditional composition for orchestras and performers in favor of fully electronic composition in the late 50s. A groundbreaking composer and electronic musician, Logothetis has long been underappreciated by the world of avant-garde and electronic musicians but Fantôme Phonographique seeks to rectify that issue with this brilliant release.) 20.00

AUTOCLAVE - Autoclave LP (dischord - Autoclave’s discography on a single LP for the first time ever. This 12” combines the band’s 7” and 10” singles as well as two extra demo tracks. The music has been remastered from the original tapes by TJ Lipple and cut for vinyl by Bob Weston at CMS. Christina Billotte and Melissa Berkoff initially began playing together in a Washington, D.C. band called Hazmat in 1989, but then joined up with Nikki Chapman and Mary Timony to form Autoclave. The group lasted for one year and played only a handful of shows. In 1991, the quartet released a three-song 7" on the "DisKord" label -- a joint effort between Dischord and Olympia, Washington's K Records. The band's second release was a posthumous 10" that came out via Billotte's label, Mira Records. Following Autoclave’s dissolution, Billotte would go on to perform in Slant 6, Quix-o-tic, and The Casual Dots. Timony formed the bands Helium and Ex Hex in addition to releasing four records under her own name.) 17.00

AUTOMELODI - Mirages au futur verre​-​brisé LP (Brilliantly combining the art of sound design with unforgettable songwriting, Montréal-based synth-pop duo Automelodi is back with their third full-length Mirages au futur verre-brisé out May 3, 2019. As an established and respected staple of the international community of underground hardware enthusiasts, Automelodi is led by the inspiring studio engineering and magnetic persona of singer/producer Xavier Paradis. Showcasing his master ability to design infectious rhythms, rich bass lines, and brooding hooks, Automelodi expertly crafts a listlessly romantic aesthetic embodied by Paradis’ dynamic voice and eloquent French lyrics. Automelodi’s focus on color and arrangement converges taste and technique, making Mirages au futur verre-brisé deeply engaging for both party-goers and analog synth connoisseurs alike. Paradis was born and raised in Québec, gravitating towards the sounds of post-punk and industrial music in early adolescence. Inspired by the expanding tonal language of electronic instruments, Paradis fully immersed himself in the vocabulary of drum machines, samplers and synthesizers as his primary tools of composition. By the age of fifteen, Paradis was writing pop songs and dark ballads while developing his vocal style and learning to produce his own tracks. In the mid-’90s, Paradis truly formed his musical identity under the solo moniker Arnaud Lazlaud, recording and playing live for many years in the dense music scenes of Montréal. Paradis’ gifted capacity for melodic expression through complex tones began to blossom and caught the attention of the electronic scenes in the US and Europe. Before long, he was releasing albums on labels like Kernkrach (Germany) and Wierd (New York) and by 2006 he assumed the new alias, Automelodi. Since then his discography has expanded to include full-lengths, EPs and collaborations with artists like Liz Wendelbo of Xeno and Oaklander as the duo Liz and László. Paradis further elevated his poignant compositions with the addition of Dillion Steele on guitar in 2015, resulting in a refined and unique lexicon that continues to evolve.) 28.00

BIG BRAVE - A Gaze Among Them LP (southern lord -BIG | BRAVE to release their fourth full length A Gaze Among Them on Southern Lord. Since their inception in 2012, BIG|BRAVE have explored terrains of experimental rock with a clear focus on the key principles; space, volume, and raw emotion. The same principles are the starting point for the new album and in the process of revisiting their early intentions, BIG | BRAVE have boldly evolved, emerging with a thrilling new body of work that is all at once refreshingly new, explosively heavy, dynamically loud, beautifully minimal, carefully repetitive, and totally and utterly cathartic.  ) 18.00

BITEMARKS - Sucia LP (belladonna - BiteMarks "Sucia" single sided 12". Gainesville garbage rockers BiteMark's first vinyl release. A pressing of 300 single sided 12"s on pink vinyl with a screen printed B-side. Former members of Palatka, True North, AssholeParade..... Lady fronted raging punk rock, reminiscent of a dumpster fire behind a Panda Express that turns out to be the beginnings of a revolution for the liberation of Puerto Rico from the tyranny of its imperialist neighbor. - Mr. Pennypacker: "Well, you know, it's like this every day in Puerto Rico.“) 17.00

CANTIQUE LEPREUX - Paysages Polaires LP (ew - Inspired by the frost-bitten regions of Québec, the title of the second full-length directly translates to “polar landscapes,” exploring a recurring theme of the icy wilderness which makes up the majority of the band’s homeland. Musically, 'Paysages polaires' continues the nostalgic path laid out with the frosty, archaic tunes from the debut album as the record carves itself into another 45-minutes of darkness, misery, and gloom. Cold black metal for the ages, Paysages polaires’ stirring anthems – with a sharper and more direct songwriting approach – lead the way throughout the sophomore album’s seven hypothermic tracks. Based on fast and atmospheric black metal, 'Paysages polaires' balances between beautiful and harsh dirges in combination with the conceptual middle trifold of songs based around the North American winter. A secret fire of stellar splendor as Cantique Lépreux reveals a wild black metal monument set in ice and stone.) 18.00

CATERINA BARBIERI - Ecstatic Computation LP (edtions mego - Caterina Barbieri is an Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism. Following 2017’s acclaimed 2LP “Patterns of Consciousness”, “Ecstatic Computation” is the new full-length LP by Caterina Barbieri. The album revolves around the creative use of complex sequencing techniques and pattern-based operations to explore the artefacts of human perception and memory processes by ultimately inducing a sense of ecstasy and contemplation. Computation is turned from being a formal, automatic writing technique into a creative, psychedelic practice to generate temporal hallucinations. A state of trance and wonder where the perception of time is distorted and challenged. Equally nervous and ecstatic, the fast permutation of patterns can create a state where time stands still whilst simultaneously being in motion. Is this propulsive music moving forward or backward? As long as the perception of the present is constantly enhanced and refreshed in an endless sense of loss, re-discovery and the search for self-orientation this question lies mute aside the thrilling and perplexing moment of the matter at hand.) 20.00

DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA / CHRIS CORSANO & BILL ORCUTT - Electric Smog LP (unrock - Electric Smog, the next installment in Unrock's ongoing Saraswati series, will be the most rebellious and wildest to date. Again an intercontinental output, this is a dangerous, electric brew filled with exotic aroma from Cairo's sound guerilla, Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls), Maurice Louca (Karkhana), and Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush, Karkhana). The always-changing face of Dwarfs Of East Agouza shows them in a feverish mode with an adrenalin rush; massive eruptions fight a genuine flow. Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt manage to sound like a tonal cyclone consisting of 156 musicians, blowing heads and minds away. Out of the blue they suddenly manage to change mode and develop mild, calm, and elegant/fragile melodies. Interplay between early Baker and Clapton in Cream's looser frequencies seems sometimes just a stone's throw away. Electric Smog is meant to be a twin release to Sir Richard Bishop and David Oliphant/Karkhana with Nadah El Shazly's Carte Blanche.) 28.00

DIE HOFFNUNG - Elegies and Creation Songs LP + CD (belladonna - die Hoffnung's second record. Originally recorded in 2012,. Former members of I Hate Myself, Moonraker, Burnman, Reactionary 3. Songs on this record alternate between Codeine/I Hate Myself slow burners and faster songs in the vein of Bastro/Minutemen. Includes a cd of bonus songs reflecting on the suicide of one of the members. Record comes with a digital download. On white vinyl.) 17.00

DOCTOR UMEZU DIVA - Diva LP (studio mule - Doctor umezu diva is a japanese sax player kazutoki umezu's one off project which he invited two female artists, one is a legendary marimba player midori takada and one more is a vocalist&pianist and half of japanese new wave band colored music in the end of 80’s. this album was one of the best kept secret jazz album from japan. dubby from ondas tokyo (he compiled 'va/midnight in tokyo vol.2' on studio mule) brought me this record. it was really hard to find as the amount of copies has been very limited. this album is a unique mixture of modern classical sound and avant-garde jazz which is kind of similar with strata east or nimbus.) 28.00

ELA ORLEANS - Movies For Ears LP (night school - Movies For Ears is a retrospective collection of works by Polish-born, Glasgow-based artist Ela Orleans which navigates almost two decades of songwriting in the heart of the global pop underground. This remastered collection casts an ear over what Orleans might call the ‘pop sensibility’ within her back catalogue. Released previously on a number of small DIY labels, Orleans’ music coincided with the explosion of auto-didactic musicians finding their voice in the age of the blogosphere, artists emboldened by the democratisation of music-making afforded by the internet. From the outset, Orleans’ childhood studying formal music mixed with cut-up techniques, sampling, sound-art and experimentation to create a distinctive signature cloaked in an innate melancholy and playfulness. Fully remastered by James Plotkin, featuring extensive sleeve-notes and rare photos from Orleans’ archive, Movies For Ears presents an appraisal of the musician’s work, painting a portrait of an artist with an uncanny ability to evoke emotions and ghosts of memories in the listener.) 20.00

FRIENDSHIP - Hatred LP (southern lord -While Friendship’s identity remains an enigma, those who have encountered their antagonistic, loud, and murky sonic world, can testify to the sheer power of the auditory torture the band creates. Friendship has previously self-released two CD EPs which sold out in a month, since reissued as I & II vinyl and cassette versions through Sentient Ruin. For their Hatred LP, the band delivers twelve caustic tracks in just over twenty-five minutes, the album recorded in their home city of Tokyo, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.) 18.00

GENESIS BREYER P ORRIDGE & CARL ABRAHAMSSON - Loyalty Does Not End With Death LP (ideal - Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, controversial occultist and iconic founding member of COUM Transmissions, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, brings to a close a series of collaborations with Carl Abrahamsson which now spans three decades and which finds P-Orridge narrating over immaculate ambient tapestries, delivered at time-dilating pace.  Electing to use their own names, ’Loyalty Does Not End With Death’ is the final part of a spoken word trilogy initiated in 1990 with the Psychick TV & White Stains side ’At Stockholm’, and proceeded by their ‘Wordship’ [2004] album as Thee Majesty & Cotton Ferox, and is the first appearance the pair have had together on vinyl. It’s the sound of two cosmically-travelled minds crossing paths again after a long absence in which they’ve been able to chew over the bare essentials - love and magick - via vibrant poetry and beautifully charged forms of ambient music. In nine parts they conjure a warmly meditative space, where Abrahamsson’s characteristic tones, cut-up electronics and gentle rhythms comfortably lay the bed for Genesis, who inhabits and enlivens the pristine scenes like an observant dark interpreter, translating the incomprehensible and revealing the divine through their psychedelic prism. The spellbinding results were recorded in New York and Stockholm 2017/18 and could feasibly have occurred at any point between 1990 and now. They are blessed with a pacing, intuition and timelessness that pays testament to an enduring creative friendship, taking the form of writing, interviews, photographs and film for nearly 35 years, bringing to resolution an almost life-long arc.) 24.00

GOSPEL - The Moon Is A Dead World DLP (repeater - Gospel's "The Moon Is A Dead World," originally released in 2005 on Level Plane and recorded by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, came together at the tail end of the diverse turn-of-the-century hardcore scene. "The Moon Is A Dead World" was an ambitious, mysterious and innovative blend of hardcore, punk, post-rock, prog, psychedelia, space rock and metal. This reissue by Repeater Records has been remastered by Josh Bonati with updated art and insert. 2xLP includes digital download.) 26.00

KEVIN MORBY - Oh My God DLP (skyblue) (dead oceans - Throughout his four solo albums and myriad records of various collaboration, Kevin Morby has recognized in his work the ubiquity of an apparent religious theme. Though not identifying as “religious” in the slightest, Morby—the globetrotting son of Kansas City who has made music while living on both coasts before recently returning to his Midwestern stomping grounds—recognizes in himself a somewhat spiritual being with a secular attitude towards the soulful. And so, in an effort to tackle that notion head-on and once-and-for-all, he sat down in his form of church—on planes and in beds—and wrote what would become his first true concept-album: the lavish, resplendent, career-best double LP Oh My God.) 25.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Fishing For Fishies LP (flightless - Fishing for Fishies is the fourteenth studio album by Australian psychedelic rock band. On the album, band frontman Stu Mackenzie said, "We tried to make a blues record. A blues-boogie-shuffle-kinda-thing, but the songs kept fighting it - or maybe it was us fighting them. Ultimately though we let the songs guide us this time; we let them have their own personalities and forge their own path. Paths of light, paths of darkness. This is a collection of songs that went on wild journeys of transformation.“) 25.00

LA SCENES DE LA BOHEME - Standing In The Rain LP (minimal wave - It’s a surprise that we’ve got Scenes De La Boheme’s Standing In The Rain at all. The solo project of one Anthony Waites, Scenes De La Boheme only released one hyper-limited 7” back in 1982. The two Talk Talk-ish art-rock tracks were never sent out to the NME or BBC or whatever, and the project lay dormant until the 7” started to circulate among collectors in the 2000’s. Now interest in Scenes De La Boheme has grown enough that Minimal Wave have issued Standing In The Rain, an LP that brings together the 1982 single with four unreleased cuts. This autumnal set is an outstanding example of golden-age synth-pop/coldwave.) 25.00

LEECHFEAST - Village Creep LP (vendetta - Slow moving pain, torment, death and suffocating riffs are the thoughts that come to my brain as I listen to the new EP entitled Village Creep by the Sludge/Doom warriors LEECHFEAST. I can’t express enough how with each release from this band, I fall more in love with their sound because they have been able to inject something new into this genre. In a strange way, their music almost has a Deathrock vibe to it. The haunting vocals backed by their grim, majestic music is fucking intoxicating. LEECHFEAST’s new EP has more power than many bands full length albums, which is why we are so excited to be premiering their stellar video for the title track “Village Creep.” This release will be on our end of the year list for sure, so stay tuned. (CVLT Nation)) 14.00

MERRY AIRBRAKES - s/t LP (scissor tail - back in stock - Well-known bluesman and one-time Oklahoman Bill Homans, known in the blues world as “Watermelon Slim” and known by ’70s rare psychedelic vinyl collectors as “Merry Airbrakes” found work as forklift driver, funeral officiator, small-time criminal, newspaper reporter, saw miller, and truck driver for industrial waste among others. In 1979, Slim and a friend came to Oklahoma and wound up in Pushmataha County, where he bought a piece of land and took up watermelon farming. That vocation didn’t last, but the nickname he got doing it did. It was in Vietnam, while laid up by an extended illness at a Cam Ranh Bay hospital, that Homans negotiated in French the five dollar purchase of his first guitar from a “papasan” in a tiny commissary on the hospital grounds. “It was the nastiest old guitar you ever saw, but it did have all six strings on it,” he said. There, with a Zippo lighter and a broken shard of a coffee can top, he began to teach himself to play his unique, backwards style of bottleneck slide. After returning stateside he would join the ranks of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), and in 1973 recorded with his brother and friends an LP titled Merry Airbrakes, a protest album he categorized as “psychedelic folk.” A cut from that record eventually appeared on a Country Joe McDonald compilation of music by Vietnam veterans. However, his music career would soon tank. A brief career in petty crime ensued, which he would forsake by 1978.  What is an underground album? Some people would say that it is one which has been produced outside, or in spite, of the music industry, whether or not it has prospered. This album, Merry Airbrakes, has incontrovertible underground credentials. This may be one of the only albums one can hear by a Vietnam veteran, and aside from certain American bluesmen, John Prine, and a literal handful of others, American music has never addressed the Vietnam War and its effects. Certainly it is the only place one can ever hear a song from the Vietnamese point of view.) 26.00

MF DOOM - Born Like This DLP (lex — 10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe double LP with embossed / debossed, spot-glossed, foil-blocked sleeve! DOOM's most recent solo album, featuring guests including Ghostface, Raekwon, Bumpy Knuckles and Charles Bukowski with beats from J Dilla, Jake One, Madlib and the supervillain himself!) 26.00

THE MISZ - The Lonely Crowd LP (minimal wave - The Lonely Crowd features songs by synth-songer The Misz taken from different cassette releases they've appeared on. There's a immaturity to these recordings,  but not in a bad way. The Misz were still figuring out what exactly they wanted to do leading to some delightful improvisation. Sleek yet bold, this is very cool music.) 25.00

NUMENOREAN - adore LP (seasons of mist - Contrasting the bleakness of their debut record ‘Home’, Canadian post-black metal act NUMENOREAN have painted their sophomore effort ‘Adore’ in an array of brighter shades, while never loosing intensity. NUMENOREAN skilfully employs the feeling of melancholy, an intricate song writing and the black metal roots that marked their debut. Yet the newfound hooks and facets of ‘Adore’ represent a band that has established and evolved sound.) 22.00

PIGEON - Bug LP (tcm - These guys from Berlin are around for quite some time. Their last longplayer was released by Dunkelziffer Records and Antenne Krzyku in may 2018. Their new stuff (Bug ep) was only released on tape so far and will be ready for all vinyl maniacs in spring 2019. Music wise the songs vary between furious noisy uptempo smasher and cold atmospheric creepy stuff. Think of GØGGS meet Eagulls or wavy EX-Cult.) 16.00

PROTOMARTYR - No Passion All Technique LP (domino - The long-awaited reissue of Protomartyr’s debut album No Passion All Technique. The reissue is accompanied by an expanded digital version which includes four bonus songs from the original recording session. When PROTOMARTYR—vocalist Joe Casey, guitarist Greg Ahee, bassist Scott Davidson, drummer Alex Leonard—stepped into a studio together for the first time, in November of 2011, they didn’t know they were about to record an album. With only four hours of studio time booked and one case of beer between them, their plan was to walk out with enough songs for a seven-inch single. Instead, at the suggestion of engineer Chris Koltay, the newly formed Detroit outfit recorded as much as they possibly could, in what little time they had. They left with 21 songs—enough material for two singles *and* a full-length album that, years later, is still vital listening. Sold out and out of print shortly after its original release on Urinal Cake Records in 2012, NO PASSION ALL TECHNIQUE is a sometimes messy look at one of rock’s most magnetic bands—and lyricists—just as they were coming to life. Primal, cerebral, heartbreaking, funny—it’s an accidental tour de force that’s also become an unlikely collector’s item. “My memory is shot,” Casey says, “but I appreciate now, looking back, how raw and off-the-cuff it was. There’s tons of mistakes in it and that wasn’t because we planned on it. We still can’t really admit that it’s as good as it is. You never want to say that your first is the best, but I’m happy that the first ended up not being terrible. It gave us doorway to what we’d want to do later.”) 23.00

ROY GARRETT & MAN PARRISH - Hot Rod To Hell LP (dark entries - Roy Garrett born Roy Sambar in Colonia, New Jersey arrived in New York City hungry to explore the sex and porn scenes he’d seen advertised in the Village Voice’s classified section. He danced in Times Square theaters The Gaiety, Ramrod, and Big Top before moving into adult film. From 1979 through 1983 Garret starred in ten films, five of them for Joe Gage, including his lead role in 'Heatstroke'. Throughout this period of self-discovery, he wrote the suite of poems that became ‘Hot Rod to Hell’. In 1982 he recorded 48 of the poems with haunting, atmospheric score by Man Parrish, who also did several soundtracks for Gage. The project was produced for the stage and for cassette by Manhattan illustrator Robert W. Richards. Richards calls 'Hot Rod', “a searing voyage through the labyrinths of modern male sexuality; it’s geography ranging from porn theaters to back room bars to the intimacy of shared beds. Only a man born at exactly the moment in gay history that Garrett was could have lived through and conceived this work.” Roy Garrett tells his stories of sex, violence, truth, and illusion, a visceral and personal a record as any of that moment in gay history pre-AIDS. Joe Gage, describes 'Hot Rod' as, “…sweet danger. This is a perceptive look at the underside of love. It is funny, scary, surprisingly moving and best of all, extremely acute in observing the specifics of the human condition.” All poems have been carefully remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The records come housed in a jacket designed by Gwenael Rattke and includes an 44-page full color magazine with all 48 ‘Hot Rod’ poems plus 44 previously unpublished poems from Garrett’s archive. All proceeds from ‘Hot Rod’ will be donated to Housing Works, a New York City based non-profit fighting the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness.) 25.00

RUNE LINDBLAD - Death Of The Moon & Other Early Works LP (fantome - Rune Lindblad was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1923 and began composing music in 1953. This was a time when composers in Germany and France were feuding over the merits of electronic music made by pure wave oscillators versus musique concrete, which used the tape recorder as its main instrument. Rune Lindblad however did not see these genres as mutually exclusive. In fact, Lindblad extended his work to incorporate other mediums along with his approach to music. Deeply involved with woodcuts and painting Lindblad was already experimenting with using damaged 16mm film in his "Optica 1" as early as 1959. Not surprisingly, since Lindblad represented no institutionalized school of thought his experiments went unnoticed for many years with the exception of his demonstration of musique concrete in a concert at Folkets Hus in 1957 where the audience demanded their money back and the critics called his concert "pure torture”. Until the LP retrospective published by RADIUM in 1989 there were only 2 recordings of Rune Lindblad's compositions. One was the single side of a 7” record released in 1957, the other a full length album published in 1975. Both of these recordings were poorly distributed and remain fairly unknown. Rune Lindblad has taught at Gothenburg University: among his students are Rolf Enstrom, Ake Parmerud and Ulf Billing. The music on this record has lain dormant for almost 35 years. It was recorded at a time when Lindblad was forced to borrow equipment from the University in Gothenburg in the evening and have it returned by sunrise the next morning. These compositions are essentially tape music, where individual performances are fed back and forth between tape recorders in a style represented by the technical limitations during this time period.) 20.00

SAINT VITUS - V LP (high roller - Following their self-titled debut album from 1984, »Hallow’s Victim« (1985), »Born Too Late« (1986) and »Mournful Cries« (1988), 1990’s »V«, as the title implies, was Saint Vitus´ fifth full-length studio record. Saint Vitus were originally formed in 1979 under the name Tyrant with Scott Reagers on vocals, Dave Chandler on guitar, Mark Adams on bass and the mighty Armando Acosta on drums. In 1981, they changed their name to Saint Vitus. The early Saint Vitus albums were released on punk label SST Records gaining the band a small cult following in North America. In Europe, however, only a handful of underground metalheads had been aware of Saint Vitus up until the mid to late 1980s. This all changed when Vitus signed a deal with Hellhound Records. Just like SST, Hellhound also had a punk background, their office being situated in the heart of Kreuzberg prior to the Berlin Wall coming down. During the 1990s, Hellhound became the most important label for doom metal in all of Europe – with Saint Vitus being their flagship band. »V« was recorded in November/December 1989 at Vielklang Studios in Berlin. It was an historic album, recorded at a historic time with the band witnessing the first phase of German re-unification first-hand.) 25.00

SECRET SMOKER - Dark Clouds LP (belladonna - Second Release from Baton Rouge's Secret Smoker! Follow up to their 2013 "Terminal Architecture" LP released on Adagio830/Protagonist Music akin to 400 Years, Sleepy Time Trio and Hoover. Raging post-punk/revivalist hardcore. Includes download code.) 17.00

STEREOLAB - Transient Random​-​Noise Bursts With Announcements [Expanded Edition] 3LP (warp - Remastered from original tapes. Bonus disk of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes. Co-released by band’s own label Duophonic UHF Disks and Warp Records. Fold-out poster insert with lyrics and sleevenotes from Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane. Vinyl comes in bespoke gatefold sleeve with download card, housed inside a heavyweight clear PVC wallet. Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements is Stereolab’s breakthrough album, their major label debut, and one of the most innovative releases of the 1990s, a musical decade signified by breaking down artistic barriers. Originally released in August 1993, Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements builds on the promise of the band’s early releases Switched On and Peng! by expanding the scope of their highly distinctive mix of one-chord Krautrock grooves, distorted vintage keyboard noise and Euro-pop. Adding touches of ’50s and ’60s easy listening, exotica and space-age sounds as well as samba and French pop, Stereolab did more than any group in the modern rock era to expand the language of art music by incorporating styles left for dead by the serious rock community. Among the highlights is the fluid and lush opener “Tone Burst” with its layers of whirring analog synths, trance-inducing rhythm guitar and balanced motorik beat. The closing track, “Lock-Groove Lullaby” inverts those same elements to bring the album full-circle. Songs like “Analogue Rock,” “Our Trinitone Blast” and “Pack Yr Romantic Mind” experiment with more complex and adventurous structures. However, “Jenny Ondioline” is still the head-turner: a hypnotic, 18-minute-long tower of a song that checks all of the boxes for what the band had done up to then and points at everything they would do moving forward. Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements remains Stereolab’s most eclectic and experimental early release and also hints at the evolution that lead them to indie-rock stardom.) 29.00

STEREOLAB - Mars Audiac Quintet [Expanded Edition] 3LP (warp - Remastered from original tapes. Bonus disk of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes. Co-released by band’s own label Duophonic UHF Disks and Warp Records. Fold-out poster insert with lyrics and sleevenotes from Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane. Vinyl comes in bespoke gatefold sleeve with download card, housed inside a heavyweight clear PVC wallet. "Mars Audiac Quintet saw Stereolab beginning to shed their experimental tendencies in favor of a post-modern space-age pop. The album exudes a sophisticated cool and catchiness that helped them gain new fans while straddling the line between their experimental-rock brethren and the ascending class of pre-millennial British pop. It’s also the album that put them on the A-list of underground rock bands. Arguably the band’s most accessible album, Mars Audiac Quintet not only features gentler textures than any of its predecessors, but also more upbeat and hooky songs such as “Ping Pong” (the first Stereolab song to receive widespread video and alt radio airplay) and “L’Enfer Des Formes,” not to mention groove-dominated tracks like “Outer Accelerator” and “Transona Five.” The album is layered with a sensual and beguiling vibe, bringing the allure of lead vocalist Laetitia Sadier to the forefront. The hints of exotica and lounge music on Transient Random-Noise Burst With Announcements are now fully explored on the mellow, marimba-driven album closer “Fiery Yellow” (featuring major contributions from The High Llamas’ Sean O’Hagan). The bubblegum pop of “Wow and Flutter” exhibits the earliest example of the band’s Krautrock stylings being overpowered by an ingratiating melody. Mars Audiac Quintet is one of Stereolab’s most complete attempts at bridging experimental rock and retro-pop. Future releases were at times more cerebral or more poppy, but rarely again were the two simultaneously so perfectly realised.“) 29.00

SUNN O))) - Life Metal DLP (southern lord - At the very beginning of 2018 Sunn O))) cofounders Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson set their intention and set out a path toward a new Sunn O))) album production. They were both determined to create not only new music but a new method of working with the band in the studio, without forgoing the long history of production and studio accomplishments they’d won over the first 20 years of the band’s lifetime (and the members’ own musical experiences outside of the band’s). One long term goal was completely clear : to record O))) with Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio Studios A room. Steve took the call, said “Sure, this will be fun. I have no idea what is going to happen”. Greg and Stephen gathered twice in the spring for writing, conceptualising and riff woodshedding in the very building where the band was formed : downtown rehearsal in Los Angeles. Sonic cosmoses, flashes of abstract color (synthetic and objective) and themes emerged from the mastered depths of saturation and circuits between the two players and the mountains of gear. Strong themes of brightness, color, energy and visionary cues stepping toward subconscious areas of practice, as well as exploration into other areas of consciousness through sound/time and sound energy. In early summer a preproduction session with full backline, as a trio with TOS on Moog, was done at the Foo Fighter’s 606 studios, Northridge, CA.) 35.00

SYL JOHNSON - Is It Because I’m Black LP (numero - Ten years into his role as poster boy for pop soul and peak-hour R&B, Syl Johnson did an unlikely about-face and cut his most inspiring and powerful album. The title track, coupled with the politically charged “I’m Talking About Freedom” and ghetto conscious “Concrete Reservation” sealed the album’s political bonafides. “Right On,” “Together Forever,” “Come Together,” and “Black Balloons” are positively uplifting, forming their own pot of gold at the end of a grayscale rainbow. Fifty years later, Is It Because I’m Black is still as relevant as the day of it’s release. No liner notes. No extra tracks. Just the greatest Black concept album of all time. Ten years into his role as poster boy for pop soul and peak-hour R&B, Syl Johnson did an unlikely about-face and cut the most inspiring and powerful song he’d ever touch. “I didn’t want to write no song about hating this people or hating that people,” Johnson said. “I really didn’t have no vendetta against people. It’s a sympathy song.” Issued on 45 in September of 1969, “Is It Because I’m Black” struck an immediate chord within the black community, forcing the song up the charts by sheer volume of call-in requests. It would be Syl’s biggest hit for Twinight, climbing as high as #11 on the Billboard R&B chart during its 14-week stay, marking the defining moment of what had become more than just an occupation. Syl had his hands on a career.) 27.00


ENISUM - moths illusion CD (avantgarde - A5 digipack - Back from the woods of Piedmont is ENISUM, once again delivering their lore-infused atmospheric black metal. The fourth album since the shift from one-man project to full band, Moth’s Illusion can no longer be defined a surprise in the lively Italian extreme underground.) 14.00

KEVIN MORBY - Oh My God CD (dead oceans - Throughout his four solo albums and myriad records of various collaboration, Kevin Morby has recognized in his work the ubiquity of an apparent religious theme. Though not identifying as “religious” in the slightest, Morby—the globetrotting son of Kansas City who has made music while living on both coasts before recently returning to his Midwestern stomping grounds—recognizes in himself a somewhat spiritual being with a secular attitude towards the soulful. And so, in an effort to tackle that notion head-on and once-and-for-all, he sat down in his form of church—on planes and in beds—and wrote what would become his first true concept-album: the lavish, resplendent, career-best double LP Oh My God.) 16.00

V/A - Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 CD (lita - Pacific Breeze documents Japan’s blast into the stratosphere. By the 1960s, the nation had achieved a postwar miracle, soaring to become the world’s second largest economy. Thriving tech exports sent The Rising Sun over the moon. Its pocket cassette players, bleeping video games, and gleaming cars boomed worldwide, wooing pleasure points and pumping Japanese pockets full of yen. Japan’s financial buoyancy also permeated its popular culture, birthing an audio analog called City Pop. This new sound arose in the mid ’70s and ruled through the ’80s, channeling the country’s contemporary psyche. It was sophisticated music mirroring Japan’s punch-drunk prosperity. City Pop epitomized the era, providing a soundtrack for emerging urbanites. An optimistic spirit buzzed through the music in neon-bathed, gauzy tableaus coated with groove-heavy strokes. Pacific Breeze is an expertly compiled collection of choice cuts that range from silky smooth grooves to innovative techno pop bangers and everything in between. Long-revered by crate diggers and adventurous music heads, this music has never been released outside of Japan until now. Including key artists like Taeko Ohnuki and Minako Yoshida, as well as cult favorites Hitomi Tohyama and Hiroshi Sato, the long-awaited release also features newly commissioned cover painting by Tokyo-based artist Hiroshi Nagai, whose iconic images of resort living have graced the covers of many classic City Pop albums of the 1980s. Many of the key City Pop players evolved from the Japanese New Music scene of the early ’70s, as heard on Light In The Attic’s acclaimed Even a Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973, the first release of the ongoing Japan Archival Series. In fact, you could say City Pop set sail with a champagne smash from Happy End, the freakishly talented subversives who included amongst their ranks Haruomi Hosono and Shigeru Suzuki, both featured on this compilation. As Michael K. Bourdaghs noted in his book, Sayonara Amerika, Sayonara Nippon, this music was, “Deconstructing the line between imitation and authenticity.” Some of the best City Pop teeters in this zone—easy listening with mutant exotica, tilted techno-pop, and steamy boogie bubbling beneath the gloss.) 18.00

ZIPPER / T-shirts

BAUHAUS - logo ZIPPER (plastic head - hooded zip up sweatshirt with white front and back print on AWD zippers in M/L/XL) 30.00

CANNIBAL CORPSE - pile of skulls 2018 Longsleeve (plastic head - red long sleeve with front, back and sleeve print in M/L/XL) 25.00

HÜSKER DÜ - landspeed record T-shirt (plastic head - white Gildan shirt with black / grey front print in S/M/L) 18.00

SLOWDIVE - album T-shirt (plastic head - black Gildan Shirt in M/L(XL) 18.00
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hi. welcome to the 2nd newsletter for May 2019 and we don’t know where to start since so many amazing new records arrived like the fantastic ALICE COLTRANE re issues, the long awaited PATIENCE - Dizzy Spells LP, a beautiful CRAIG LEON - Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon LP re issue, the new DAMIEN JURADO LP & the HALEY HEYNDERICKX LP in mama bird recordings, the killer DEAD MOON - Dead Moon BOOK + 2xLP (!!!), the new crazy THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS - Shattered Dimension DLP, GARDSGHASTR - Slit Throat Requiem DLP (peeps of chaos moon), new HOLLY HERNDON - Porto LP, new MARTHA LP, TOWNES VAN ZANDT - Sky Blue LP restock, lots of Sleater Kinney restocks, STEREOLAB restocks, REIGNING SOUND - Abdication... For Your Love LP, SOAP & SKIN restocks, RAKTA - Falha Comum LP & D7Y - s/t LP on iron lung and sooo much more

Besides selling tickets for the a bunch of upcoming PUSCHEN shows and DIRECT BOOKING (Uniform, Full of Hell etc) we also have tickets now for the GRAF ORLOCK & SPORT & BAYONNE show in Berlin

we also added a bunch of 2nd hand stuff on our discogs (mostly emo/screamo etc) check it out

Thank you
Robert & Norman


ALICE COLTRANE - Transcendence LP (antarctica - Transcendence was not only Alice Coltrane’s last studio album for Warner Bros., it would also be her last studio work for nearly three decades. While Eternity and Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana followed the composer’s muse through an exciting range of musical styles and influences, Transcendence is perhaps the most fully realized of the three LPs, synthesizing the best elements of each into a monumental whole. Side one consists of intimate compositions with Alice’s pointillist harp enhanced by intricate string arrangements. At times, the emotional climaxes in “Radhe Shyam” and the title track sound like the score to an epic film. This would be the closest Coltrane ever came to chamber music, yet rendered with her uniquely spiritual tint.  Side two moves into celestial territory with uplifting chants, light handclaps and bluesy organ. These call-and-response chants, featuring members from her Ashram, completely embody both African-American gospel and Hindu devotional traditions, an uncanny fusion that is transformed through Alice’s pure spirit.  What runs through the album’s two musical halves is a powerful sense of devotion and discovery. At this point in her life, Coltrane was on a journey toward truth through sound, and Transcendence gives the listener a front row seat to this quest.) 25.00

ALICE COLTRANE - Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana LP (antarctica - Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana was the first of two albums Alice Coltrane released in 1977 (the other being Transcendence). Coltrane’s music during this period grew out of an epiphany in which she would renounce secular life and don the orange robes of a swamini (spiritual teacher in the Hindu tradition). Musically, this meant leaving jazz behind (at least partially) and embracing the chants and rhythms of devotional music. The first half of Radha-Krsna is mostly filled with simple arrangements of bhajans (Hindu devotional songs) and features the singing of students from the Vedantic Center, the Ashram that Coltrane founded in 1975. The group bounces with the joy of a gospel choir (not coincidentally, some had backgrounds in Southern Baptist churches).  A rapturous aura permeates opener “Govinda Jai Jai” with Alice leading on Fender Rhodes. On “Prema Muditha,” she returns to acoustic piano (her main instrument in the early part of her career) to deliver a powerful and poignant theme.  Sidelong “Om Namah Sivaya” beams with probing organ improvisations accompanied by the drumming of her 13-year-old son Aruna John Coltrane, Jr. This closing track offers a strong indication that even if Alice Coltrane was turning toward new traditions for inspiration, her music was still something that only she could make.) 25.00

ALICE COLTRANE - Transfiguration DLP (antarctica - By the late ’70s, Alice Coltrane had largely gravitated away from jazz, incorporating Hindu chants and hymns into her music to reflect a newfound sense of creative omnipotence. However, in April 1978, she would return to her roots, performing at University of California, Los Angeles to make her first and only live album.  Transfiguration, featuring drummer Roy Haynes and bassist Reggie Workman, showcases Alice’s many compositional talents and fierce improvisatory abilities. Throughout this double LP set, her playing evokes the time spent in her late husband John Coltrane’s band and the avant-garde music of her earlier years.  As biographer Franya J. Berkman writes, “Her up-tempo keyboard work here is the most exciting of her commercial career. With its rapid-fire transpositions of short figures; its long modal passages, rhythmic play, and timbral inventiveness; its sustained energy and burning pace; and the unrelenting support of Haynes and Workman, she takes leave of the jazz business with a truly breathtaking swan song.”  Alice Coltrane would not revisit jazz on record for another 26 years, turning instead to spiritual music made with students at her Vedantic Center and self-releasing a series of cassettes under her Sanskrit name, Turiyasangitananda. It is hard to imagine a better farewell than the intense and spellbinding Transfiguration.) 30.00

ALICE COLTRANE - Eternity LP (antarctica - Released in 1976, Eternity was Alice Coltrane’s first album for Warner Bros. after eight wondrous records on Impulse! Combining the drones and textures of India, the gospel and R&B of her Detroit youth and the dissonance of modern classical composition, Coltrane’s music in the ‘70s would become increasingly difficult to categorize. ) 25.00

ASUNA & JAN JELINEK - Signals Bulletin LP (faitiche - Watching the Japanese sound artist ASUNA playing the organ, some people might be surprised. ASUNA is no virtuoso flying over the keyboard in a rage. Instead, with the calm gestures of an office worker, he cuts strips of adhesive tape to the correct length before sticking them onto the keys of his instrument. In this way, large clusters of keys are held down, creating a dense and sustained range of frequencies, while the sound artist continually prepares further sets of keys or removes tape again. I have rarely seen a more convincing performance concept, with such a power to fascinate. ) 20.00

BIG THIEF - U​.​F​.​O​.​F. LP (4AD - U.F.O.F., F standing for ‘Friend’, is the name of the highly anticipated third record by Big Thief, set to be released on 3rd May 2019 via 4AD. U.F.O.F. was recorded in rural western Washington at Bear Creek Studios.  In a large cabin-like room, the band set up their gear to track live with engineer Dom Monks and producer Andrew Sarlo, who was also behind their previous albums.  Having already lived these songs on tour, they were relaxed and ready to experiment.  The raw material came quickly.  Some songs were written only hours before recording and stretched out instantly, first take, vocals and all.  “Making friends with the unknown… All my songs are about this,” says Lenker; “If the nature of life is change and impermanence, I’d rather be uncomfortably awake in that truth than lost in denial.”) 22.00

CRAIG LEON - Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon LP (rvng - Craig Leon revisits the extraterrestrial origins of civilization in Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon, a continuing chronicle of his early 80s albums Nommos and Visiting. Exploring the cosmic lore of Leon’s earlier work, The Canon expands upon the conceptual cycle based on the alien and mathematical relationships that backbone the creation of art, architecture, science, and music. In 1981, producer and composer Craig Leon, known in the downtown New York zeitgeist for his production on The Ramones and Suicide’s debut albums, released Nommos, a minimal, primitive electronic exploration based on a speculative, wildly imaginative anthropology. After viewing an exhibition of Dogon art at the Brooklyn Museum in 1973, Leon remained fascinated by the Mali tribe’s creation myth that the Earth was visited in ancient times by the Nommos, a semi-amphibious alien race who travelled from the white dwarf Sirius B to impart their wisdom to mankind. Nommos, curiously released on John Fahey’s Takoma Records, manifested Leon’s obsession and investigation: an abstract, ascendent collection of music that could have soundtracked the interstellar visitors’ journey to Earth. Shimmering, mechanical, and anchored by an entrancing pulse of the Dogon’s ceremonial music, Nommos and its sequel, the privately pressed 1982 album Visiting, careened into obscurity. In the intervening years, while Leon pursued his career as a successful producer, cult interest in the albums grew, culminating in the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1., the 2014 archival collection which presented Nommosand Visiting as they were intended to be heard, two sides of the same coin.) 25.00

DAMIEN JURADO - In The Shape Of A Storm LP (For more than two decades, DAMIEN JURADO has sung folk songs brimming with prophetic imagination. Whether singing ballads about killers, wounded lovers, UFO cults, or yes, the phantoms of departed friends, he’s populated his work with eerie foretelling, the sense that he’s divining something just on the verge of happening. He wrote his last record, 2018’s The Horizon Just Laughedas a goodbye letter to his home of Seattle, Washington, before he’d even decided to leave there for sunny Los Angeles. And while he recorded the ten songs featured on In the Shape of a Storm months before the passing of his longtime collaborator and close friend Richard Swift, it’s no coincidence that Swift’s death looms over the album. “His absence is very much felt on this record,” Jurado says. Damien has always worked fast, but In the Shape of a Storm came together with unprecedented speed. Recorded over the course of two hours one California afternoon, it’s Jurado’s sparsest album to date. Gone are the thundering drums and psychedelic arrangements that defined the trilogy of concept albums he made with Swift. Gone even is the atmospheric air that hovered above his early albums for Sub Pop. Here, there’s only Jurado’s voice, acoustic guitar, and occasional accompaniment from Josh Gordon, playing a high-strung guitar tuned Nashville style, rendering its sound spooky and celestial.) 22.00

DEAD MOON - Dead Moon BOOK + 2xLP (mississippi - 300 pages, full color with TONS of unseen photos and ephemera * 2xLP contains Dead Moon greatest hits collection completely remastered from the original tapes BACK IN STOCK!!!  DEAD MOON were a DIY band, active for 19 years. Singer and guitarist FRED COLE was playing music since the early 1960's—beginning his career as "Deep Soul Cole—the white Stevie Wonder", then joining the psychedelic garage rock band the LOLLIPOP SHOPPE / THE WEEDS. In the 70's and early 80's Fred and TOODY COLE played in various punk, country and hard rock bands. In the late 1980's, they formed Dead Moon with ANDREW LOOMIS. This band went on to become mythic and legendary. They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon on rock bands—a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of. The book is a tribute to their unique aesthetic, unbelievable twisted path of a story, and roll as pioneers of the Portland music scene. The book tells the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself. Just the voices of Fred, Toody and Andrew. It includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released, song lyrics, and TONS of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral stuff. Lots of it has never been seen by the greater public. The package also includes two LPs of the "best of" Dead Moon—lovingly remastered from the original tapes.) 140.00

D7Y - s/t LP (iron lung - D7Y is a new and absolutely scorching and ever-so-slightly metallic D-Beat unit featuring members of DAUÐYFLIN and ROHT offering up a 12 track debut that will incinerate all preconceived notions of Icelandic music. Reminiscent of S.D.S., Glorious? or Physique. Reykjavík punks have the fucking fire right now so stand close and feel the heat. Greenland must be fully melted away by now because D7Y is way too blazing to ignore. Edition if 300 on black vinyl housed in a 24pt, reverse board jacket with download card included.) 20.00

ELKHORN - Sun Cycle LP (feedng tube - "Two mind-bending slabs of acoustic and electric guitars, wandering into corners of acid-logic only accessible to bravest explorers. ELKHORN is a duo—JESSE SHEPPARD and DREW GARDNER—from NYC. Their earlier records (Elkhorn on Beyond Is Beyond, The Black River on Debacle) would have blown us away, even if we didn't know Jesse from his work as a film-maker (he directed the Glenn Jones/Jack Rose doc, The Things That We Used to Do) and organizer (he put together the 1,000 Incarnations of the Rose festival). Elkhorn's music, which we had suspected might be in a fairly traditional American Primitive vein, was anything but. And these two LPs (released individually, but recorded more or less simultaneously) explore a whole warren of new style caverns. Sun Cycle was recorded at JASON MEAGHER's Black Dirt Studio and is closer to their pure duo sound (although guitarist WILLIE LANE and percussionist RYAN JEWELL are along for the ride). There are elements of the American Primitive thread present, but these touch mostly on the outer reaches of the form, like Gene Estibou & Jean-Claude Pickens' Intensifications, or the crazy distentions of MV and PG Six. Layers of pluck and soar and light percussion mix at the upper edge of the cosmic barrier, and Sun Cycle is, to our ears, Elkhorn's most adventurous and fully realized album yet. On Elk Jam, Willie Lane and Ryan Jewell function more as members of a psychedelic folk-rock quartet, and the troupe takes things even deeper in a Bay Area-styled trip zone. Recalling the classic ruminations of Mountain Bus, the full four man Elkhorn is exactly what the doctor prescribed for a generation of sack-butts who imagine John Mayer's pudgy phallus-riffs have shit to do with transcendental psych exploration. Elkhorn are the true sonic dealio. Instrumental music doesn't get much better than this. As Capt. Beefheartonce said, 'If you got ears/You gotta listen!' We couldn't agree more."—Byron Coley, 2019. Edition of 300; Black/clear vinyl pressing.) 35.00

THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS - Shattered Dimension DLP (god - The Flying Luttenbachers’ “Shattered Dimension” is the first offering by the seminal cult band since 2007. The current New York City based version of the group on this recording features stalwart leader and primary composer Weasel Walter on drums, saxophonist Matt Nelson (GRID, Elder Ones), bass guitarist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch) and guitarist Brandon Seabrook.) 36.00

GARDSGHASTR - Slit Throat Requiem DLP (prfound lore - Gardsghastr, a new black metal entity created by forces comprised of prolific members culled from elite black metal artists Bekëth Nexëhmü and Chaos Moon, have unleashed their debut album Slit Throat Requiem, an epic, bewitching, overwhelming, symphonic black metal maelstrom that harkens back to the glory of the unparalleled Norwegian black metal scene of the ’90s. 15Manifesting in a grandiloquent yet strident and powerful sound, with a production that mirrors the textures that were once produced from the confines of Greighallen Studios back in the ancient times, this relentless bombardment invokes an overbearing wall-of-sound replete with a dark, ominous, unmerciful atmosphere. Heavily orchestral on all fronts, from the ambient sound-generating guitar assault, the pounding battery, glorious sounding keyboards, and the piercing vocal incantations spewed forth, Slit Throat Requiem emerges as a black metal attestation to the genre’s true spirit and manifesting flame.) 33.00

GENERACION SUICIDA - Reflejos LP (going underground - The fourth LP from Los Angeles-based GENERACION SUICIDA. Not often does a bands fourth album yield as much power or importance as this album does, especially in punk music. It's hard to make a second record as viable as your first but Reflejos defies all odds. This is easily the band's best record yet. No new tricks, no artsy weirdo tracks, it's all Generacion Suicida. Love them or hate them, this is a band at the top of their game. Eleven tracks, heavy printed inner sleeve, matte cover, pura potencia.) 18.00

THE GET UP KIDS - Problems LP (polyvinyl - After releasing their highly anticipated "Kicker" EP in the summer of 2018 (which Pitchfork described as the band's "most satisfying release in nearly 20 years"), The Get Up Kids have returned with an invigorating new full-length album, "Problems." Produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Sharon Van Etten), "Problems" sees the band expanding on the unmatched energy and emotion found on "Kicker" and channeling it into a fresh collection of songs that showcases the highly developed songwriting characteristics and impeccable use of melody we've come to expect from the Kansas five-piece. Standouts like "Satellite" and "The Problem Is Me" make it clear the band has come full circle while continuing to evolve. Vinyl version includes MP3/WAV download code.) 21.00

GHOSTS OF DANCE - Walking Through Gardens LP (dark entries -We are proud to release a compilation from British post-punk/Futurist group Ghosts of Dance formed in North Devon in 1981. The members were Yvette Norris (vocals), Kevin Maynard (drums), Daryl Hunt (bass), Mark Butcher (keyboards), and Pete Heaton (guitar). Ghosts of Dance took their name from the song 'Ghosts' by David Sylvian which appeared on the first Japan album. After playing an early gig in Barnstaple, a gentleman in the audience named Richard Newman expressed his interest to start a record label and release their music. Richard scheduled a recording session for the band at Otter Studios in Georgeham with producer Harry Williamson, son of Henry Williamson, member of progressive rock band Gong. The debut single ‘Ghosts of Dance’ was released in 1982 on Plastic Canvas Records to mixed reviews as it was very different from anything being released at the time. Our compilation includes their debut single along with 9 bonus tracks recorded between 1981 and 1983 on vinyl for the first time. The band call themselves “Vocal Trance Music” on the 7” sleeve credits and it’s accurate. We call it melancholic pop with gloomy atmosphere and dream-like melodies. The final track shows the band moving in a New Romantic direction with Mark taking over the main vocals. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Each copy is housed in a jacket featuring original artwork by John Hurford and includes an insert with photos, lyrics and liner notes by Pete Heaton.) 23.00

HALEY HEYNDERICKX - I Need To Start A Garden LP (mama bird - t takes a mix of skill and luck to tend a garden well, but it’s impossible without a certain amount of kindness tended. While the cyclical nature of gardening seems inherent, in some ways, HALEY HEYNDERICKX is just beginning. Her debut album, named I Need to Start a Garden came out of a search for calm through waves of uncertainty and upheaval. For the empathetic singer/songwriter, the reasons for seeking such acceptance and understanding stem from a life of paradoxes. Heynderickx grew up in a religious household in Oregon, closely identifying with her Filipino roots, but also straddling multiple cultural identities. Now residing in Portland, her faith is not overt, but her introspection and continued struggle for self-actualization are easily accessible and relatable. Likewise, the tracks on I Need to Start a Garden reflect these seemingly disparate elements. Through soft acoustic guitar picking and deftly accented trombone sighs, Heynderickx’s music immediately recalls folk music of the '60s and '70s mixed with a love of jazz radio. But Heynderickx’s singing—her vocals that range from sultry to operatic—belie a tenacity in her soul. It’s a balance then, between exposing and protecting herself on I Need to Start a Garden. Heynderickx vacillates between powerlessness (opener “No Face”) and empowerment (lead single "Oom Sha La La"). But her generosity of spirit remains the constant throughout the whole album.) 22.00

HAND HABITS - placeholder LP (saddle creel - Meg Duffy grew up in a small town in Upstate New York and they cut their teeth as a session guitarist and touring member of Kevin Morby’s band. The Hand Habits project emerged after Meg moved to Los Angeles; it started as a private songwriting outlet but soon evolved into a fully-fledged band with Meg at the helm. Hand Habits’ debut album, Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void), was released by Woodsist Records in 2017. The LP was entirely self-produced and recorded in Meg’s home during spare moments when they weren’t touring. Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) is a lush, homespun collection of folk songs that found Meg in an exploratory state as an artist moving out on their own for the first time. ) 26.00

HASH REDACTOR - Drecksound LP (goner -  quick glance at the résumés of Hash Redactor’s members might seed certain expectations. The band is fronted by guitarist Alec McIntyre of Ex-Cult, with NOTS rhythm warriors Meredith Lones on bass and Charlotte Watson on drums, and rounded off by George Williford on second guitar. But their debut full-length dives into territory that feels distinctly untethered from their lineage and era. Drecksound is a clattering, shambolic oasis in the sleek digital desert of the late twenty-teens. Perhaps both because and in spite of the alienation that typifies the glut of rock music at the end of this god-damned decade, these twelve songs deliver a pointed social criticism, more cathartic than suffocating, while championing a nihilism that greets the abyss by laughing mockingly in its face. The chorus to the incendiary “Step 2: Success” is sneered, not sung, “It’s a long con job and you just got it wrong / banned from the world.” McIntyre’s lyrics present a puckish fascination with humankind’s rake-stepping self destruction. He’s a merry prankster, but more in the mold of a jackbooted Monty Python character than a Ken Kesey acid casualty.) 20.00

HOLLY HERNDON - Porto LP (4AD - Holly Herndon operates at the nexus of technological evolution and musical euphoria. Holly’s third full-length album 'PROTO' isn’t about A.I., but much of it was created in collaboration with her own A.I. ‘baby’, Spawn.  For the album, she assembled a contemporary ensemble of vocalists, developers, guest contributors (Jenna Sutela, Jlin, Lily Anna Haynes, Martine Syms) and an inhuman intelligence housed in a DIY souped-up gaming PC to create a record that encompasses live vocal processing and timeless folk singing, and places an emphasis on alien song craft and new forms of communion.  'PROTO' makes reference to what Holly refers to as the protocol era, where rapidly surfacing ideological battles over the future of A.I. protocols, centralised and decentralised internet protocols, and personal and political protocols compel us to ask ourselves who are we, what are we, what do we stand for, and what are we heading towards? ) 20.00

KAJKYT - III DLP (god - Another five years were necessary for Kajkyt to destroy the old and develop a completely new musical concept. "III" explores territories of complete alienation, abstraction, degradation. A four-part process of pulses that increase to complete reduction and secession.) 27.00

KONTROLLE - Egal LP (holy goat - Solinger/ Düsseldorfer Düsterpunk-Kombo mit Leuten von Blank und Minutes, die einen schön brachialen Sound an den Tag legen. Deutschsprachige Spoken- bis screamed-Vocals, eine rassiermesserscharfe Gitarre, ein gelegentlicher Synthie und eine Rhytmuswalze, die keine Gefangenen macht mischen den Sound aus D-Punk a la Chaos Z/ Ea 80 mit UK-Einflüssen der Marke Killing Joke im Zementmischer. Düster und brutal, trotzdem durchaus eingängig. 80s-influenced Wavepunk der punkigeren Sorte.) 14.00

MARTHA - Love Keeps Kicking LP (dirtnap - “Funny thing about kicking: it’s one of the first and last things we do. In the womb, a fetus kicks to announce an imminent arrival. Meanwhile, laid out on a stretcher, the dying man is ‘still kicking’ up until his final moment, when the last thing he kicks is the bucket. All through life we take our kicks: teenage kicks, modern kicks, kicks in the gut. These days, with the worldwide rise of fascists, demagogues, abusers, and hypocrites, the kick we feel most often comes while we’re down. ) 20.00

MAZE - Maze LP (lumy - Japan's MAZE debut 12" gives a dewey feeling. It's Rainy post punk nice for a walk or a drive on a bleak sunned day. It's real hands in pocket music, like that mellow Big in Japan material. But also sounds like Altered Images. An upper and a downer at the same time. aMAZEing.) 18.00

MONOLORD - Fairies Wear Boots LP (riding easy - Monolord's 12-minute cover of Black Sabbath classic "Fairies Wear Boots" pressed on gray w/ black smoke colored vinyl with etching on the b-side.  Monolord's enveloping, syrupy sludge is a vibe, it's a state of mind. Not riffs for riffs sake, but a collective buzzing, rattling and rumbling that's more total environment than collection of songs. Together, guitarist/vocalist Thomas Jäger, drummer Esben Willems and bassist Mika Häkki create a massive, dynamic sound with ultra-low frequencies serving as its fourth member.    Monolord is a rare breed: A band both encompassing and transcending genre; a vortex of heavy rock density that consumes all others. Rust, the band's third full length, truly exemplifies why it received universal praise in reviews and landed atop multiple Album of The Year lists for 2017 -- including the #1 Album of 2017 on the Doom Charts collective of journalists, bloggers, radio and podcasters.) 24.00

OSSUARIUM - living tomb LP (20 buck spin - To start the 2019 campaign off with continued crushing precedent, 20 Buck Spin introduces Portland’s Ossuarium and their debut album Living Tomb. Following on the heels of the widely hailed and brutal Calcified Trophies Of Violence demo in 2017, the band’s first full length record reveals immediate maturation to ruinous and overwhelming effect. A formidable death / doom monstrosity, where devastating sonic bludgeoning gives way to writhing hallucinations of disemboweling transcendence, Ossuarium conveys the calamitous aura of still burdened souls agonizingly leaving the mortal coil to the region of final darkness and perpetual rot. Time melts away, colorless dreams turn to endless nightmares and the pillars of eternity tremble at the dreadful permanence of the Living Tomb. In crafting their debut album, the band creates a funereal rite of irrevocable passage to the other side. They do so with the grandiose power and putrid elegance of the best in the genre. This Living Tomb has opened to wrathful consequence and will never again rest in peace.) 25.00

PATIENCE - Dizzy Spells LP (night school - Patience began as bedroom synth project for songwriter Roxanne Clifford after the break up of her acclaimed indie pop band Veronica Falls. Born out of a desire to experiment with a new sound and analogue synthesizers, the project has since grown to become an all-encompassing persona and serves as the main vehicle for the full emotional spectrum always latent in Clifford’s songwriting. From her first long-sold-out 7” singles on Night School, her knack for melodic hooks and oblique emotional stances already contained a glistening sheen of promise. ‘Dizzy Spells’ serves as an intimate portrait of Clifford’s creative adventure, almost diaristic, conceived and recorded in her home studio, as well as with collaborators Todd Edwards (Daft Punk/Uk Garage fame), Lewis Cook (Free Love/Happy Meals) and engineer Misha Hering (Virginia Wing). Dizzy Spells delivers a debut album that twists Clifford’s songwriting into new shapes and ecstasies. The album dances around melancholy, thrown to the floor like a bad dream to be circled, emerging bright-eyed into the early morning full of hope. On Moral Damage, former Veronica Falls bandmate Marion Herbain joins Clifford on an anglo-french duet that feels instant and spontaneous, a cutting comment on emotional accountability. More than a vehicle for Roxanne Clifford’s songwriting prowess, Patience is holding our hand through the night, dancing with tears in our eyes, dizzy and spellbound.) 22.00

PIGEON - Bug LP (tcm -These guys from Berlin are around for quite some time. Their last longplayer was released by Dunkelziffer Records and Antenne Krzyku in may 2018. Their new stuff (Bug ep) was only released on tape so far and will be ready for all vinyl maniacs in spring 2019. Music wise the songs vary between furious noisy uptempo smasher and cold atmospheric creepy stuff. Think of GØGGS meet Eagulls or wavy EX-Cult.) 16.00

PLEASE - Circus Days: A Collection Of Demos And Studio Recordings 1967-69 LP (lion - A third collection of previously unreleased recordings by this late 1960’s British psychedelic band fronted by Peter Dunton, who went on to form the legendary band T2. Dunton was a key figure in UK psychedelia, founding or playing a key role in many important bands. In brief, here’s Dunton’s pedigree: Neon Pearl (1967), Please (1967) and (1969), Flies (1968), Gun (1969), T2 (1969-1972), and Infinity (1969-70). This release follows on from two other superb albums of unreleased music by Please, 1968-1969 and Seeing Stars. The music on Circus Days can easily be filed next to that of contemporary bands like Blossom Toes, Forever Amber, Tomorrow, July, and an album which is now lauded as one of the best of the era, Odessey And Oracle by The Zombies. Circus Days contains such highlights as the original 1969 demo version of ‘Morning,' later to appear on T2’s fabulous It’ll All Work Out in Boomland album. There are also some earlier demos including the classic 'Gently As You Feel’ and 'To Dream.’ a track that features additional female vocals. Circus Days also includes other previously unissued gems that will fit very well next to your collection of Please, Neon Pearl and T2 records! Limited edition of 500 copies.) 25.00

POW! - Shift LP (castle face - Just when one thought one knew what to expect from POW! they surprise everyone with a vigorous and rabid album’s worth of moody cybernetic punk that’s frankly their best yet. Their fourth album is oil-dipped in a rainbowed slick of dread, yet the songs are buoyed by tight tunes that seem to have a lot of fun among the ruins of the future, perhaps with an eye to a less gloomy horizon? Melissa Blue’s sharp elbowed synths jostle with Byron Blum’s zap gun guitar in an ominous fog of oscillations, and yet somehow it gets the toe a-tapping. The band got darker and more catchy at the same time, for which some credit is due to the excellent drumming of Cameron Allen and the fantastically future savvy production by Byron Blum and Tomas Dolas. Lots of sticky punk heart resin-layered in a futuristic-scanning bionic bop.) 20.00

PROTRUDERS - Poison Future LP (feel it - "After four self-released cassettes, Montréal's premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band PROTRUDERS makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefier—some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc. “Fruit Hang” has a perfect mid-70s style garage feel—like a Boston pre-punk band tearin’ it up at the Rat! This could be the hit, kidz! Skronky sax gives “Hydrophytol” a kinda Hawkwind/no-wave feel. And dig “No Stone”—a slower one, catchy as hell—I swear it could pass for an outtake from the Saints circa 1978. Solid—another hit! At five minutes, the title track stretches things out a bit. This one has a definite Ubu/Voidoids vibe—nasty angular spazz-punk with a little more sax blat added. Very nice guitar stuff happening here. We get some weirdo HC action on “Stabilizer” and more hot guitar squiggles. “Tax 101” is maybe a “typical” Protruders song—that means good! “Wrong Way Sign,” pushes things over the six-minute mark, with a strong psych-punk feel (Wipers?) and some totally swell rock-jam stuff at the end. Wow. This record is a significant step for the band and an impressive way to start their vinyl career as they gain the higher visibility they deserve. Most excellent!"—Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)) 20.00

RAKTA - Falha Comum LP (iron lung - With a slight line up change in the drum department we see RAKTA tighten up their more tense, soundtrack natured developments alongside their more sparse and vulnerable elegance. They consistently manage to create a tripped out creep chamber with room to explore as the aura builds to nightmare crescendos juxtaposed with shaking silences. Simultaneously eerie and serene. With each new release we see more and more of what makes this group so essential in the canon of modern music. Recorded by FERNANDO SANCHES. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN. Art by ANDRE PENTEADO, KARLLA GIROTTO and Rakta. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl housed in a beautiful printed inner sleeve inside a heavy duty reversible cover 24pt. jacket with a vellum insert and downward card included.) 20.00

REIGNING SOUND - Abdication... For Your Love LP (Red Vinyl) (merge - When he was approached by Scion in 2011 to make an album for the music promotion arm of the car company, REIGNING SOUND frontman GREG CARTWRIGHT found himself unable to refuse—despite his band’s tenuous existence at the time. “Several line-up changes had ensued after the original Memphis quartet disbanded, and I found myself considering the possibility of shedding the Reigning Sound moniker,” muses Cartwright. “I had decided to take a break to work on production for other people and write songs for THE PARTING GIFTS, my upcoming collaboration with Coco Hames.” But now, Reigning Sound had an offer on the table, and there was no band. Besides Cartwright, the one constant of Reigning Sound’s previous three years was keyboardist DAVE AMELS, who was moonlighting in THE JAY VONS, the Brooklyn soul combo formed by Long Island natives MICHAEL CATANESE, BENNY TROKAN and MIKEY POST. Sometimes Amels would even pull double duty at gigs where Reigning Sound and The Jay Vons shared a bill. When The Parting Gifts released their outstanding album Strychnine Dandelion in 2010, The Jay Vons opened shows for them on a brief tour. A few months later, Scion came knocking. Around the same time, DAN AUERBACH of the BLACK KEYS, who provided guitar for the Parting Gifts record, had just moved to Nashville and was busy putting the final touches on a private studio. “Dan was eager to do some work in the new studio in preparation for an upcoming session with Dr. John, and he offered us some studio time as well as his production assistance. Tentative arrangements with Nashville players evaporated one after another due to prior engagements or last-minute snafus. “There I was, twiddling my thumbs in a Nashville studio, the clock ticking, with no band. On a long shot, I phoned Brooklyn and made a Hail Mary pass to The Jay Vons—and they said yes. I called Scion and asked for three plane tickets and hotel rooms, and in a matter of hours, the band were on their way to Nashville. In two days, we cut five songs. I paired these five with three outtakes from the previous Reigning Sound LP Love and Curses which featured LANCE WILLE and DAVE GAY on bass,” recounts Cartwright, adding, “The Greg + Jay Vons line-up of Reigning Sound continues to this day.”) 23.00

RINGWORM - Death Becomes My Voice LP (relapse -

SALT LICK - Salt Lick LP (permanent "SALT LICK is the very new L.A. trio with heavy connections to Permanent Records, Mock Records, JESUS SONS and that particularly collector-y Bonehead Crunchers/Crushers/etc.-style blunt-object '70s rock ‘n’ roll. Enthusiastically working the same grinding vibes of that recently rediscovered wave of old-school weirdos who got lost somewhere between prog rock they couldn’t play and punk rock they didn’t get, and who’s we-just-wanna-rock! 45s ended up creating a whole micro-genre of longhair off-the-grid proto-proto-punk. (Salt Lick also claims as an influence 'the one good song on a bunch of major label LPs from the early 70s,' which is also very accurate—and Permanent / RidingEasy’s own Brown Acid comps also make a nice sampler of this sound.)"—LA Record. Edition of 300 copies.) 26.00

SUTEKH HEXEN - Sutekh Hexen DLP (sentinent - We’re truly honored to welcome the comeback of US Black Ambient veterans SUTEKH HEXEN. Both defiant and meditative, their latest self-titled full-length and first proper studio album furthers the project’s inquiry into opposition, endurance, and paradox. Both hypnotic and cruel, these ten highly charged tracks transgress yet again any previously imposed boundaries while upholding their raw ethos at its root, and at times defying the listener's expectations altogether. Though tempestuous as ever, with this work, Sutekh Hexen reaches across thresholds and thrusts longtime listeners into redefined spaces: haunted disorientation, surreal agony, the distress of buried forces surfacing, a revelation of black tongues. Each track is a rite of clandestine horror through a distillation of power-ambient, industrial, and black metal deconstructionism. This is a new era of Sutekh Hexen, and it is a sharpening of their blade, a merciless lucidity.) 30.00

TOWNES VAN ZANDT - Sky Blue LP (fat posse - Sky Blue, a collection of unreleased songs by one of the most celebrated songwriters of the twentieth century, is a time capsule that TOWNES VAN ZANDT created forty-six years ago, and we’re only now just unearthing and opening it to find the treasures inside. Scheduled for release on March 7, 2019—which would have been his 75th birthday—this album shows the artist working out some of his most iconic songs in an intimate, comfortable setting with one of his lifelong confidantes.) 25.00

VAURA - Sables LP (prfoudn lore - The ever-evolving quartet Vaura follows up their 2013 album The Missing almost six years later with Sables, their most refined and contemplative release yet. Introspective and somber, this album finds the band shedding most of its post-metal heaviness in favor of experiments with brooding kosmische musik and the more avant-garde elements of new wave. Consisting of Josh Strawn (Azar Swan) on vocals, guitar and synthesizers, Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) on guitar, Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) on bass, and Charlie Schmid (Tombs) on drums and electronics, the band engages ever more with their UK and German prog / art rock influences to grandiose and eerie effect. While still retaining the distinctive and specific style carved out on the band’s first two releases (Selenelion in 2010 and the aforementioned The Missing), Sables is the all-vital third release, a concise collection of meditative compositions on endings and extinctions. Brilliantly complemented by the mixing and production work of legendary UK producer Peter Walsh (Scott Walker, Peter Gabriel), Vaura have delivered their best sounding, most intricate and realized album yet.) 25.00

V/A - Bulawayo Blue Yodel LP (mississippi - BACK IN STOCK!!!  High lonesome sounds from Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa, 1948-1959: Gorgeous fingerpicked guitar ballads, yodeling, slide guitar, and haunting travel-weary songs by troubadours with a penchant for the fabled American cowboy lifestyle. A stunning fusion of neo-traditional African melodies and early American country-western music. 14 lost classics by George Sibanda, Josaya Hadebe, Sabelo Mathe, Sammy Ngaku, and more, all reissued for the first time from original 78 rpm discs. Co-released with Olvido Records. Includes liner notes with lyrics and old school tip-on covers.) 20.00

V/A - Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 DLP (lita - Pacific Breeze documents Japan’s blast into the stratosphere. By the 1960s, the nation had achieved a postwar miracle, soaring to become the world’s second largest economy. Thriving tech exports sent The Rising Sun over the moon. Its pocket cassette players, bleeping video games, and gleaming cars boomed worldwide, wooing pleasure points and pumping Japanese pockets full of yen. Japan’s financial buoyancy also permeated its popular culture, birthing an audio analog called City Pop. This new sound arose in the mid ’70s and ruled through the ’80s, channeling the country’s contemporary psyche. It was sophisticated music mirroring Japan’s punch-drunk prosperity. City Pop epitomized the era, providing a soundtrack for emerging urbanites. An optimistic spirit buzzed through the music in neon-bathed, gauzy tableaus coated with groove-heavy strokes. Pacific Breeze is an expertly compiled collection of choice cuts that range from silky smooth grooves to innovative techno pop bangers and everything in between. Long-revered by crate diggers and adventurous music heads, this music has never been released outside of Japan until now. Including key artists like Taeko Ohnuki and Minako Yoshida, as well as cult favorites Hitomi Tohyama and Hiroshi Sato, the long-awaited release also features newly commissioned cover painting by Tokyo-based artist Hiroshi Nagai, whose iconic images of resort living have graced the covers of many classic City Pop albums of the 1980s. Many of the key City Pop players evolved from the Japanese New Music scene of the early ’70s, as heard on Light In The Attic’s acclaimed Even a Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973, the first release of the ongoing Japan Archival Series. In fact, you could say City Pop set sail with a champagne smash from Happy End, the freakishly talented subversives who included amongst their ranks Haruomi Hosono and Shigeru Suzuki, both featured on this compilation. As Michael K. Bourdaghs noted in his book, Sayonara Amerika, Sayonara Nippon, this music was, “Deconstructing the line between imitation and authenticity.” Some of the best City Pop teeters in this zone—easy listening with mutant exotica, tilted techno-pop, and steamy boogie bubbling beneath the gloss.) 39.00

VR SEX - human traffic jam LP (DAIS - Technology was meant to be humanity’s tool to combat famine, disease, confusion, and to facilitate life, culture, and innovation. Instead, we’re mired in a digital labyrinth that few care to navigate or even solve. Perhaps it’s not a ruse and the matrices coded by keyboard maestros are a path to liberation, but without querying the constructs we cannot ruminate on their affectations on humanity. VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. Comprised of visionary mercenaries Noel Skum (Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty), Z. Oro (Aaron Montaigne of Antioch Arrow/Heroin/DBC) on vocals and drums, and Mico Frost (Brian Tarney of Guardian) on synths and electric bass. Their debut tome, Human Traffic Jam, focuses on lyrical themes that probe the possibilities of loss of autonomy through social media, the decline of human interaction, and celebrity favoritism. Skum believes in the stabilization of society and preservation of our planet by reducing its amount of procreators.  Through PSRS or Procreation Simulation Reproduction Stimulation, humans can act on their hedonistic desires and not face the responsibilities and consequences that come with being an ill-prepared guardian. The future of our offspring will exist in virtual realms and population growth in turn will be stabilized. VR SEX is the cure to most societal ills.) 23.00

WAND - Laughing Matter DLP (drag city - Received a 7.5 rating from Pitchfork. Almost two years on from 2017’s Plum, Californian scrap polymorphs WAND are prepared to launch their fifth, and newest long-playing record, Laughing Matter. By now, Wand is the shifting but unmistakable collaboration between SOFIA ARREGUIN (keys, vocals), CORY HANSON (guitar, vocals), ROBERT CODY (guitar), LEE LANDEY (bass) and EVAN BURROWS (drums). Laughing Matter is marked by the confidence and exuberance of a band that has lived, feuded, thrived and grown together through years of dedicated jamming, touring and recording, across western and eastern states, continents and mind-sets. In this world that insists we must increasingly rely upon ourselves, Wand listen to each other, and this is the sound. Swerving between out-of-focus parable, travel diary, pep talk, polemic, love song, and lullabye, Laughing Matter is a tough and tender album, its eyes on a lot of prizes. Where Plum held the tension of its five band members getting on their feet, the songs on Laughing Matter are concentrated and relaxed, even as they search for the right accusations to hurl at cynics and megalomaniacs.) 29.00

THE WELL - Death And Consolation LP (riding easy - Death And Consolation is without a doubt a weighty album title. And, Austin, TX trio The Well is among the heaviest heavy psych bands in existence. So when Riding Easy says that there’s even more darkness and intensity to the band’s third album than previous efforts, take heed. It’s a deep sea diving bell of enveloping heaviness and longing. While The Well continue to walk an intriguing line between authentic early ’70s doom / heavy psych and frayed weirdness of dark folk—especially with their haunting unison male / female vocals—this new album also adds the stark vibe of post-punk acts like Joy Division and early The Cure.There’s also much less jamming, the songs are tight and concise. And, was it mentioned, heavy? The band tuned down a full step to C-standard tuning for this album, which gives the proceedings its monstrous sound. Sonically,the album picks up where the band—guitarist / vocalist Ian Graham, bassist / vocalist Lisa Alley, and drummer Jason Sullivan—left off with their widely heralded 2016 Pagan Science. The band once again recorded with longtime producer / engineer Chico Jones at Estuary Studio in 2018, who has turned the knobs for all three of their albums—Jones engineered the band’s debut album Samsara with producer Mark Deutrom (Melvins, Sunn O)))) in 2013. Samsara, released late September 2014, was ranked the #1 debut album of 2014 by The Obelisk and Pagan Science among the Best of 2016 from the Doom Charts collective. Likewise, the band’s intense—some even say “possessed”—live performances have earned them featured slots at Austin’s Levitation Fest, as well as tours with Kadavar, All Them Witches, Black Tusk and more. ) 24.00

WOLFMANHATTAN PROJECT - Blue Gene Stew LP (in the red - Merriam-Webster definition of supergroup: a rock group made up of prominent former members of other rock groups, also: an extremely successful rock group. While the definition of “extremely successful” may differ, there can be no arguing that Wolfmanhattan Project are a supergroup. This three piece features Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus), Mick Collins (Gories, Dirtbombs) and Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Pink Monkey Birds) and their collective track record beats Blind Faith, West, Bruce & Laing and The Power Station’s resumes combined! All three members write, sing and play in this band and, for anyone familiar with the member’s other bands, this stuff is as twisted and great as one can hope for. Everyone involved brings flavors from their past efforts and it’s all mixed together into one unholy rock ’n’ roll gumbo. It’s sleazy, swampy, trashy, no-wavey, weird and rocking! Lydia Lunch even makes an appearance, which makes this album that much more super!) 20.00

ZIG ZAGS - They’ll Never Take Us Alive LP (riding easy - “Eight years, seven singles, three albums, three bass players, two drummers and God knows how many shows later —Zig Zags has continually evolved, mutated, transitioned and transformed, rising again and again, like a phoenix emerging from the flame. “The addition of the newest member of our triumvirate—multi-instrumentalist, designated bassist (and longtime Zig Zags sound engineer) Sean Hoffman—recalls those golden moments past, when destiny stepped in, like when Neil Peart joined Rush or Bob Rock teamed up with Metallica. In short - the circle is now complete, the cornerstone has been set and the winged serpent rises—once again. “Some say it’s luck, but really, it’s about patience. A band is like a relationship. You have to know when to push, and when to hold back. You gotta listen and you gotta learn. We look to the masters. Like Henry and Glenn, we’ve gone from drinking hooch to pumpin’ iron. We quit smoking. Two of us are married, for chrissakes! After 2017’s brutal European tour, which left us coughing blood and taking names, we sought out Lemmy’s Doctor (Feel Good), who diagnosed us with”Rock’n’roll Pneumonia”. Like Lemmy, we were pushing too hard. And if you push too hard you’ll end up in an apartment above The Rainbow Room, playing video poker on Christmas Eve (which is also your birthday)...but that’s another story. “This album, our first with Riding Easy, was written over the last year. It’s reveals our longtime roots, our enduring love (all hail!) to the early punk of our hero(ines) Dead Moon and The Wipers (forever!)... but friends, don’t be mislead, this is a metal record—of the true blue, headbangin’, riff-ridin’, no-bullshit-kind.”) 23.00


GARDSGHASTR - Slit Throat Requiem CD (prfound lore - Gardsghastr, a new black metal entity created by forces comprised of prolific members culled from elite black metal artists Bekëth Nexëhmü and Chaos Moon, have unleashed their debut album Slit Throat Requiem, an epic, bewitching, overwhelming, symphonic black metal maelstrom that harkens back to the glory of the unparalleled Norwegian black metal scene of the ’90s. 15Manifesting in a grandiloquent yet strident and powerful sound, with a production that mirrors the textures that were once produced from the confines of Greighallen Studios back in the ancient times, this relentless bombardment invokes an overbearing wall-of-sound replete with a dark, ominous, unmerciful atmosphere. Heavily orchestral on all fronts, from the ambient sound-generating guitar assault, the pounding battery, glorious sounding keyboards, and the piercing vocal incantations spewed forth, Slit Throat Requiem emerges as a black metal attestation to the genre’s true spirit and manifesting flame.) 15.00


BOB BERT - I'm Just The Drummer - My Time Behind Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, .... BOOK (Hozac Books is proud to present our third art book, I’m Just The Drummer: the BOB BERT artist compendium of photography and interviews, establishing his irreplaceable link between the 1970s No Wave movement and contemporary noise rock. Although Bert’s immediate work is best known drumming in his wide array of musical projects he’s been involved with (such as SONIC YOUTH, PUSSY GALORE, CHROME CRANKS, LYDIA LUNCH, and many more) since the early 1980s, the focus of his book isn’t drum-centric as it is an encapsulation of the artistic world he’s developed within. It’s not a drumming instructional guide, or a critical assessment of how the drummers in bands are treated, but a 200-plus page guide through Bob’s musically adventurous life, and what a ride! Starting out with his teenage love of photography and his process of capturing the underground downtown figureheads as well as the emerging unknown No Wave bands, Bob was just as much of an enthusiastic fan of music as he was a fixture in some of the most crucial music of the 1980s, 90s, and beyond. And that’s what’s really important in the long run, as his excitement for music bursts from each page, providing the springboard to his long-running life in bands on the fringe of the mainstream. Includes a foreword by LYDIA LUNCH and introduction by KID CONGO POWERS. 200 page paperback. First edition of 450 copies.) 36.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MAY news (Kevin Morby, Sunn o)), Big Bra

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 17 Mai 2019, 12:17

hi. welcome to another newsletter for May. A bunch of nice records arrived as usual like the killer new FULL OF HELL LP on relapse or the new ASEETHE - throes LP on Thrill Jockey, the new INSTITUTE - Readjusting the Locks LP on Sacred Bones along with some Sacred Bones restocks, new PUCE MARY LP & the beautiful TUJIKO NORIKO - kuro Soundtrack LP on PAN records, NOOTHGRUSH & SUMA re issues via Throne, the new RADARE - Der Endless Dream LP and a bunch of other goodies ….

ADAGIO830 also has a sale for the SPORT - slow LP til the end of May

And besides selling tickets for the a bunch of upcoming PUSCHEN shows and DIRECT BOOKING (Uniform, Full of Hell etc) we also have tickets now for the GRAF ORLOCK & SPORT & BAYONNE show in Berlin

we also added a bunch of 2nd hand stuff on our discogs (mostly emo/screamo etc) check it out


ASEETHE - throes LP (thrill jockey - Aseethe’s Throes is a work of corrosive beauty and colossal weight. The trio of guitarist/vocalist Brian Barr, drummer Eric Diercks, and bassist/vocalist Noah Koester craft tectonic slabs of doom through minimalist approaches to composition. Minutely selected textures built on simplistic, repetitive motifs become mountainous. With each cycle of repetition, their towering riffs, bludgeoning drums, and inhuman howls become increasingly hypnotic and reveal subtle intricacies. The recursive nature of their songs coupled with their glacial pacing make masterful use of restraint to create moments of genuine surprise. On Throes, these elements coalesce into songs as detailed as they are visceral and scathing.) 23.00

ENTOMBED - clandestine LIVE DLP (threeman - A unique ENTOMBED experience with original members Nicke Andersson, Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid performing their second album "Clandestine" for the album’s 25th Anniversary! Threeman Recordings now presents Act 2: The ENTOMBED performance – A concert in two acts based entirely on the Swedish band’s acclaimed album "Clandestine" from 1991. It is a unique concert where the pioneering album is played from beginning to end. From the opening "Living Dead" to closing "Through The Collonades ".  In the first act, the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and Choir performs "Clandestine", arranged for orchestra by Thomas Von Wachenfeldt (Wachenfeldt), with the original members from ENTOMBED sitting in as part of the ensemble. In the second act, the band performs the entire album live in the original version for the very first time. "It is amazing to experience the musical journey with an orchestra and we really enjoyed the experience" -Alex Hellid.) 32.00

FULL OF HELL - Weeping Choir LP (relapse - Full Of Hell makes their Relapse debut with their most explosive album to date, "Weeping Choir." Full Of Hell has once again culled the extreme elements from hardcore, metal, and power electronics to redefine darkness and sheer brutality. Recorded by the critically acclaimed Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, "Weeping Choir" sees Full Of Hell fully unleashed.) 23.00

INSTITUTE - Readjusting the Locks LP (sacred bones - With half the band having left their native Texas for New York, Readjusting the Locks is the first Institute album written across the country. Despite the distance it sounds every bit as cohesive as if they were all still hanging out every night in the same Austin dives. The newly NYC-based Moses Brown and Arak Avakian flew to Houston in October 2018, where they joined Barry Elkanick and Adam Cahoon to demo the entirety of the new album in a single day. In December, the band got back together in Brooklyn to record with their longtime producer Ben Greenberg (Uniform). Where the previous Institute albums often wandered into the experimental, Readjusting the Locks strives to be economical, its 13 tracks clocking in at a tight 29 minutes. The band has seamlessly incorporated more ’77 rock n’ roll into their sound, some songs feeling like they could’ve been a Stiff Records single. This sound is emphasized by Greenberg’s expert production — crisp but still blown out and dirty. Lyrically, Readjusting the Locks moves away from the traditionally personal words of frontman Moses Brown. Rather than attacking the internal workings of his brain or its socialization, as on previous records, this album attempts to address the societal atmosphere in which his agita exists.) 21.00

JIM JARMUSCH / LEE RANALDO / BALÁZS PÁNDI / MARC URSELLI – s/t LP (trost - New York based producer and engineer Marc Urselli (Nick Cave, Mike Patton, John Zorn) had the idea to bring people together who had never met before and let that meeting of minds create beautiful soundscapes. Film director and musician Jim Jarmusch, Sonic Youth co-founder and guitarist Lee Ranaldo shared space with versatile drummer Balázs Pándi (plays regulary with Keiji Haino, Venetian Snares, Merzbow) for a night session at Urselli's EastSide Sound studio in downtown NY. These are the unfiltered results. Absorbing instrumental patterns of cinematic sounds and improvised rhythms. No overdubs, no editing. All was recorded live and analog, produced and mixed by Marc Urselli. The front/back cover were taken by photographer William Semeraro in Norway. That is why Marc Urselli gave all the songs titles that come from Norwegian mythology. pressed on 180g black vinyl, download code included) 20.00

KUKANGENDAI - palm LP (editions mego - Kukangendai is a kick ass rock trio from Kyoto (Tokyo transplants). When I first hear this band live I was instantly transfixed by their minimalist yet illusory primitive, polyrythmic and structural, memory evoking rock narratives. Their energy is completely and transparently palpable yet handled with restraint of the pleasure of a disciplined form dealing with time and articulation. They are a power trio of bass, drums and guitar but the music they play is as much the limbic system of a forest than it is a geode. They started in 2006. They left Tokyo to Kyoto and started the cult venue Soto (“Outside”) “to listen to music they hadn’t heard yet” a few years later. They collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto last year. They reminded me of James Brown on a heavy binge of Bastro, there’s a deep current of both archaic musical tastes and the human desire for articulating that archaism in there, but you shake your ass and get the shouting in… in a punk basement … 13th century version of Breadwinner, the bare soul version. I’m honoured and proud to work with this tribe, and to count them amongst friends. -Stephen O’Malley, February 2019, Paris) 20.00

NEST - Metempsychosis LP (maniayx - "Metempsychosis is a modern sludge classic. This type of stuff should make you feel uncomfortable, threatened and generally in danger. That feeling is across every inch of this mean ass fuckin’ record and the songwriting is several ear-slicings above cookie cutter bands with no moxie in their mutilation. Anyone that signed onto the sludge trip with the classic bands and have followed some of its most extreme purveyors should grab up every single thing that Nest has done to date, especially this full-length offering." --Teeth of the Divine) 17.00

NO SUN RISES - Ascent ​/​ Decay LP (maniyax - Considering the current global political situation and the problems inherent in the Western capitalist system, one can’t help but conclude that the world is fucked. North Rhine-Westphalia’s “No Sun Rises” have also come to that conclusion. Taking an anarchist approach, they set themselves to shake the proverbial place where the sun never shines to the very foundations. The band started out playing crust and d-beat but, partly due to a line-up change (new bassist, additional guitarist), gradually changed their sound to heavy, atmospheric post-black metal. A wall of sound, composed of plangorous black metal riffs, frantic blast beats, atmospheric post-rock elements, and political-philosophical lyrics dealing with the human condition capture, and at the same time steamroll, the audience. Early samples of this sonic image can be found on the No Sun Rises / Dysania split tape, released on the Mackey’s Law label in 2017. The band’s forthcoming album “Ascent / Decay,“ set to be released in 2019, promises to also hammer the tidings of a decaying system and the resulting impact on humanity into the brains of the audience. Formed in 2015 (as a four-piece), “No Sun Rises,” whose members have played in bands like Unrest, Irrlicht, and Some Are More Equal, lyrically deal with human life in the postmodern era and manage to do so without the usual slogans, platitudes, and banalities. Driven by philosophical questions surrounding that topic, “No Sun Rises” have played in virtually every venue that shares, appreciates, and lives their views. Having been part of the musical and political underground for some years, they have shared the stage with bands like Celeste, Dawn Ray’d, No Omega, and Hexer. Nigh is the eternal sunset! - IdioteQ) 15.00

NOOTHGRUSH - Failing Early, Failing Often DLP (throne - A collection of first & early rare, unreleased, out of stock, hard to find recordings from US' misanthropic doomed Sludge pioneers. Includes new artwork. Contains re-mastered tracks from obscure compilations, plus the following recordings: ) 26.00

NOOTHGRUSH - Erode The Person Anthology 1997-1998 DLP (throne - A re-mastered collection of Noothgrush’s mid 90’s best recordings. Includes the very rare and limited split vinyl with Gasp, Suppression, Carol Ann, Wellington and Corrupted. Plus a good bunch of re-arranged and unreleased stuff.) 26.00

PUCE MARY - the drought LP (pan - Frederikke Hoffmeier aka Copenhagener Puce Mary joins PAN for her new album The Drought, where she is found tucking in to the world’s most suspicious-looking apple. The image suggests themes of temptation, self-destruction and self-preservation are encountered in these new tracks, while compositionally Hoffmeier seems to be using decidedly less aggression and more vulnerability and melody than we’ve heard from her before.) 25.00

RADARE - Der Endless Dream LP (golden antenna - On their fourth album, Radare explore the confusion of adolescent desires: ‘Der Endless Dream’ is a story about escapism and the longing to be a part of something meaningful and true. An instrumental score comprised of droning synths, soothing woodwind, and wailing guitars.) 18.00

SIMANSKY NIESNER - Tance Neznámé LP (stoned to - American primitivism in Eastern Europe? One of the earliest connection might be the Dobro guitar, known a brand that built acoustic guitars with a metal resonator to amplify the sounds. The name originated in 1928 when the Dopyera brothers, John and Emil (Ed), formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company. Dobro is both a contraction of "Dopyera brothers" and a word meaning 'good' in their native Slovak. An early company motto was "Dobro means good in any language." -- Wikipedia And then there is the guitar duo consisting of Jakub Šimanský and Tomáš Niesner who just released their debut LP "Tance neznámé" on the Czech Stonded to Death label. For many who got sucked into the vortex of solo acoustic guitar music, the appearance of Daniel Bachman around 2011, was the entry into a musical world that lead to discover legends like Jack Rose, John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Bachman was a young guy who showed that it's still possible to travel the world with an acoustic guitar if you have stories to tell and some mind-boggling picking skills that leaves everybody mouth open.) 16.00

SUMA - The Order Of Things DLP (throne - Here we are, after 15 years, 3 full length albums and a bunch of EP’s, splits and collaborations; behold, worshippers of tectonic plates’ ultra-low frequencies and 5-ton mammoth’s slow walking, this is 2016 and the anticipated 4th full length album from Sweden’s SUMA is finally unleashed! “The Order Of Things” was, again, produced, recorded and mixed by Mr. Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Swans, Melvins, Sleep, etc.), this time recorded in Portland, OR. (US).) 26.00

TUJIKO NORIKO - kuro Soundtrack LP (PAN - Ooh, nice. the PAN people have a new offshoot which they're calling Entopia, specially for soundtracky things and this dreamy little belter of a long-player from Tujiko Noriko is their first release. The composer-film director-actor made this dreamy detachment to complement her film 'Kuro' (2017). Yet another Japanese gem to file alongside the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono and Midori Takada.) 25.00


JULINKO - Nèktar TAPE (stoned to death - Julinko was born in Prague during the year 2015 from the musical poetic oneiric vision of Italian singer and songwriter Giulia Parin Zecchin. “Two autumns ago I spent a long day at an old house in the countryside, where a band of friends were intensively rehearsing”, Julinko says. “Surrounded by loyal books, pen and notebook at hand, lips moistened by Lamercier absinth, I found myself irresistibly, mysteriously seduced and enveloped by the profound sense that the aura and the sound of a specific word I had encountered, was suggesting me: nectar, nettare, nèktar … as if beyond its common use, such term hid in itself a buried world which was claiming to be unveiled”. According to some in-depth etymological studies on its Indo-European linguistic origin, “nèktar”, more than the mythological drink, seems to indicate a movement, a transcendental process: (quote) “ let go through the dark ocean of death” . Nèktar points to a backwards initiation journey, where death corresponds to a new life. The black fluid which wraps us up within the shallow gloom of indolence and of the egoistic desire of possession, turns into the alchemical gold of knowledge and contemplation; grief is transformed into an ecstatic abandon into the chaotic flow into which we all are united and dispersed …) 7.00

URN - Recitál TAPE (stoned to - Imagine that the wild west would have never been tamed nor industrialized. Moreover, imagine how it could sound. The recital is inspired by Americana guitar riffs accompanied by torn apart percussive samples and synths. Self-produced and recorded in Aarhus, Denmark between June and November 2018.) 7.00



WIRE - #424 | June 2019 MAG (Inside this issue: Charles Hayward: With a discography spanning progressive rock, post-punk and beyond, the former This Heat drummer/vocalist surveys a rich career ahead of a moving new solo album. By Daniel Spicer Equiknoxx: The polymorphous Jamaican production unit walk the line between dancehall, pop and noise. By Chal Ravens 75 Dollar Bill: The durational jams of New York duo Che Chen and Rick Brown open up dialogues between continents. By Dave Mandl Mike Falana: The talented Nigerian trumpeter was a star of UK jazz until he vanished from the London scene. By Val Wilmer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler: The German minimalist seizes the means of reduction. By Julian Cowley UVB-76: Haunted science from the Bristolian drum ’n’ bass unit. By Louis Pattison Mort Garson: US Moog magus undergoes a plant based revival. By Dave Segal Caterina Barbieri: Trance as mission with the Milan based composer. By Lewis Gordon Invisible Jukebox: Alexander von Schlippenbach: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection strike a chord for the German pianist and improvisor? Tested by Harald Kisiedu….) 8.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MAY news (Kevin Morby, Sunn o)), Big Bra

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 24 Mai 2019, 13:25

hi. another week passed by and a bunch of killer releases showed up like the debut LP by AMYL & THE SNIFFERS, a new long awaited COLD SHOWERS LP, the new EARTH DLP on Sargent House plus Emma Ruth Rundle restocks, the amazing DER MODERNE MAN - 80 tage auf see LP re issue, the beautiful JOSHUA ABRAMS AND NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY - Mandatory Reality DLP, MAULGRUPPE - tiere in tschernobyl LP and AG GEIGE restocks, the new UV RACE LP, TRYAD - If Only You Believe In Lovin' LP re issue, OM TAPES, V/A - Turkish Freakout (Psych-Folk Singles 1969-80) DLP, a couple DUST TO DIGITAL books, very last copies of the DEAD MOON BOOK + DLP, new OLDEN YOLK - Living Theatre LP, BIG THIEF restock, a bunch of Oathbraker, Converge, Loma Prieta restocks, also new releases from Get Better records (EMPATH - Active Listening: Night on Earth LP, HIRS COLLECTIVE), FURY restocks, FIDDLEHEAD restocks, CULTURE ABUSE restocks, BRUTUS restock, BIG CHEESE LP and JACKAL 7“ on PAINKILLER, MY DISCO restocks, PUCE MARY restocks, PAN restocks along with the new HELM LP, ANNA ST. LOUIS - First Songs LP and restock of her LP and many more …

ADAGIO830 also has a sale for the SPORT - slow LP til the end of May

And besides selling tickets for the a bunch of upcoming PUSCHEN shows and DIRECT BOOKING (Uniform, Full of Hell etc) we also have tickets now for the GRAF ORLOCK & SPORT & BAYONNE show in Berlin

we also added a bunch of 2nd hand stuff on our discogs (mostly emo/screamo etc) check it out

Thank you
Robert & Norman


CZARFACE - Dog Days Of Tomorrow 7" + BOOK ("2018 Black Friday RSD release.7" single packaged in a comic book! Early in 2018 Czarface, the joint effort of Boston's 7L & Esoteric and Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck, set the Hip Hop world on their collective ears with the release of their collaboration with MF DOOM. Soon, they'll issue the follow up release, which will pair Czarface with yet another major Hip Hop icon with the all new Czarface Meets Ghostface. This 7" + comic book serves as the first teaser for the upcoming project. Czarface's Esoteric elaborates: 'With this release, you'll witness a legendary team-up as Czarface and Ghostface join forces to thwart the forces of evil! Wu-Tang Clan general Ghostface Killah leaps off the pages with hip hop hero Czarface through an astonishing storyline, which of course comes with a 7" full of exclusives to spin while enjoying the latest Czarface adventure.' The 20 page full-color comic is illustrated by Marvel Comics' young gun Mike Del Mundo (Thor, Avengers, X-Men). The Dog Days of Tomorrow 7' and comic is one to get your hands on.“) 25.00

IV/AN - Sloboda Kretanja / Umorna Lica 7“ (fettkakao - “Sloboda kretanja” (“The Freedom of Movement”) is a minimal tale of isolation from the modern world choking in on new technologies marked by restrictions and dangers that lurk from underneath the instant, self-indulgent fun. The damage done and loss of empathy is further explored in “Umorna lica” (“Tired Faces”), singing of loss of reason and identity, directed by social media we’re all succumbed to.) 6.50


KOHEI AMADA / SUGAI KEN - Kyogokuryu-sokyoku "Shinshunfu" 10“ (EM - Shinshunfu exists at a crossroads, a form both distinctly Japanese and distinctly "other", a complex blend of folk strains that is deep with emotional resonance and hard to place even for aficionados of Japanese traditional music. Of "Shinshunfu", only the drone of the sho and the occasional taiko hit appear in plain view. The exploration sits comfortably in the idiosyncratic sound world that Ken has been prolifically constructing for himself in the last few years (what he has come to call "Japanese electronic-folklore"), just as brilliant as one would expect. - Spencer Doran (Visible Cloaks) The cover of this release features a gradation of color, a subtle but complete infusion of one element into another, an almost imperceptible moment where A becomes B and both become more. And that is one way of thinking about the music in this release, a piece composed in the mid-1950s, and a 2018 re-working of that same piece. The original was composed by Kohei Amada and played by an ensemble in which the Japanese traditional instruments koto, sho and taiko fuse perfectly with the Irish harp. The composition itself also melds Amada’ s traditional, classical sensibilities and his knowledge of the deepest roots of Japanese music with his appreciation of new developments in both Japanese and Western music. Another element to consider here is the role of Amada’ s voice and lyrics, fusing noh and other traditional elements with a modernity foreshadowing the rise of the singer-songwriter, melding high tradition with folk impulses. This theme of gradation and infusion continues in the other piece of music on this release, Sugai Ken’s revision of the original, with its puzzling amalgamation of analog/digital, acoustic/electric, and performed/programmed, with the various temporal and geographical elements of Amada’s music melted and melded into the 21st century.) 23.00


AMYL & THE SNIFFERS - Big Amyl and The Sniffers LP (rough trade - The debut album from Amyl and the Sniffers is the sound of 21st century Australia recorded in Sheffield with producer Ross Orton. It's primal and explosive with a love of glam, the 70's Sharpie movement and good time rock n roll backed with lyrics that somehow are simultaneously bleak and nihilistic, yet humorous and celebratory. The album is full of beefy riffs and stomping drums that rages and rolls and lives up to all the hype. It has attitude, sass and Amy's sore throat howl.) 19.00

ANNA ST. LOUIS - First Songs LP (woodsist - Despite her last name, Anna St. Louis was born and raised in Kansas City. She grew up a painter and singing in punk bands, eventually leaving her hometown to attend art school in Philadelphia. After graduating she made the move to Los Angeles where she began teaching herself guitar, writing songs and recording them on her own in her bedroom. First Songs is the sound of someone discovering their talent in real time—a peak into a wonderful mind absorbing new surroundings and using new tools to put them into the room. Listening to this collection one can feel the sun coming in through the window, St. Louis on the foot of her bed with a guitar on the knee, finding her voice. St. Louis wears her influences well—think Patsy Cline singing over John Fahey—but has a style all her own. And while you can take the artist out of the midwest, you can't take the midwest out of the artist—so let this be known: this is Midwestern music run through a California filter. Anna St. Louis will have many more releases in her lifetime, but let it all begin here.) 24.00

BRUTUS - nest LP (sargent house - Et album two, Brutus? Yes, the Belgian trio are back, serving up eleven new songs with Hassle Records. Nest isn’t quite as exciting an album title as that of the debut, Burst, but I wouldn’t worry about it lacking any of the energy and strength of the debut. Nest finds the group more settled and confident than ever.) 27.00

COLD SHOWERS - Motionless LP (dias - A few years have passed since their last album for Dais, but Los Angeles-based Cold Showers steadily returns to the label’s roster with their third album, Motionless, wielding a more developed pop sound that is familiar to followers, yet more sophisticated and evolved than their previous works. Having traversed the realm of synth-laced post punk expertly for close to a decade, their return with the new album Motionless is a process-based album that reaches into the band’s collective quiver, melding their familiar anthem infused postpunk and lush, grand pop influences.) 23.00

DEFEATER - Defeater LP (epitaph - Massachusetts hardcore band Defeater's new self-titled album. Defeater is available now on Epitaph. This is Defeater’s fifth full-length release and their first in 4 years. The first new single, “Mothers’ Sons” features blistering guitars that take the song into something chaotic and beautiful. Defeater was produced with Will Yip (Quicksand, La Dispute, Blacklisted, Ms. Lauryn Hill) whose enthusiasm and talent pushed the songs to their fullest potential. Defeater showcases the band at their most devastating and sonically arresting to date. It is as pummeling as it is atmospheric. Yet it’s been a long journey to where the band is now. Years of touring took their toll on the friends that make up the current lineup of Derek Archambault (vocals), Jake Woodruff (guitar), Adam Crowe (guitar), Mike Poulin (bass) and Joe Longobardi (drums). Health, substance abuse issues, and ejecting a longtime member had made a touring hiatus necessary.  After a few months at home, working and decompressing, the fire to write a new record caught everyone in a major way. The result of time off and the band’s renewed energy, Defeater has created their most organic batch of songs yet. And in Defeater fashion, the instrumentation is complimented by a narrative approach. Archambault explores his own "Glass family" (an homage to the J.D. Salinger characters) from new perspectives.) 22.00

DER MODERNE MAN - 80 tage auf see LP (rockers - Finally re issued. Der Moderne Man is / was one of the best german new wave / post punk bands out of Hannover. They released two LPs and a few 12" and 7"s via the legendary NO FUN label. The LP re issue contains BONUS songs Der Moderne Mann existierte kaum fünf Jahre (Herbst 1979 bis Mitte 1984), hatte einige Besetzungswechsel hinzunehmen, Gründungsmitglied Ziggy XY verließ die Band bereits nach dem wenig wohlwollend aufgenommenen Debüt zugunsten eines Kosmonautentraums, brachte es gerade auf zwei Studio LPs und eine Handvoll EPs und Live-Alben. Trotzdem hinterließen die Hannoveraner unverkennbare Spuren in der deutschen Rockgeschichte. Der moderne Man war eine experimentelle, deutschsprachige Band aus Hannover zur Zeit der Neuen Deutschen Welle während der frühen 1980er Jahre. Hervorgegangen aus der Punk-Band The Worst, erschien "80 Tage auf See" 1980 auf No Fun Records. Eine gewisse musikalische Nähe zu Joy Division und Gang Of Four ist hörbar, trotzdem ist der Moderne Man mit den deutschen Texten und dem eigenwilligen Gesangsstil von Ziggy XY absolut eigenständig. Der Moderne Man klingt auch heute noch modern. John Peel spielte den Song "Gib mir den Tod" von der ersten Single in neun (!) aufeinanderfolgenden Sendungen, die lokale und nationale Presse begeisterte sich für die Band. Anlässlich des 40-jährigen Bandjubiläums wird die LP nun "Rockers Records" wiederveröffentlicht, die Songs der 1979 selbst veröffentlichten ersten Single "Umsturz im Kinderzimmer" sind als Bonus-Tracks mit enthalten) 17.00

EARTH - Full Upon Her Burning Lips DLP (sargent house - Commemorating thirty trips around the sun as one of metal’s most monolithic bands, Earth release their ninth studio album, Full Upon Her Burning Lips. A purge of the embellishment and panache from previous releases, Full Upon Her Burning Lips intimates Earth’s commitment to the minimalism of their primordial days. Deconstructing the tried-and-true dynamic consisting of Dylan Carlson on guitar and bass and Adrienne Davies on drums and percussion, Full Upon Her Burning Lips taps into the Platonic ideal of Earth—an incarnation of the long running band bolstered by the authority of purpose, where every note and every strike on the drum kit carries the weight of the world. In addition to scaling back the flourishes of their hulking, drone-driven opuses, Full Upon Her Burning Lips was composed sans narrative, relying instead on their collective subconscious to hone in on the overarching muse as the songs developed. The record was engineered, mixed, and mastered by long time associate Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli. Showcasing Carlson’s sepia-toned Bakersfield Sound guitars and Davies’ death knell drums, Full Upon Her Burning Lips mines for the expressive, nuanced, and tonally rich components of Earth’s arsenal of sound. And indeed, anyone that’s followed Earth on their journey will bask in the unadulterated hums, throbs, and reverberations conjured by Carlson and Davies.) 32.00

EKUKA MORRIS SIRIKITI - Ekuka DLP (Ekuka is a mesmerizing survey of Ekuka Morris Sirikiti's thumb piano performances broadcast on radio stations in North Uganda between 1978-2003. All previously unheard beyond the stations' range of transmission, Hailing from the Langi tribe of Lira, Northern Uganda, legendary local griot Ekuka Morris Sirikiti performs his music in various situations -- festivities, market days, and other gatherings -- on a homemade foot/drum contraption coupled with the Lukeme; a small, handheld thumb piano that produces flurries of metallic rhythm-melody under deft digits, and is maybe best known as an Mbira in its heavily distorted use by the Democratic Republic of Congo's amazing Konono Nº1, as well as myriad other recordings from the vast Central and East African region. Entirely comprising home recordings of the original radio broadcasts made on various devices, the music on Ekuka is understandably distorted to differing degrees, resulting in a broad spectrum of fidelities that are both unavoidable and inherent to the music, its reception, and its perception by those who didn't catch the broadcast as it happened. The 12 songs selected zig-zag across the timeline 1978-2003, with an alternating patina of ferric noise that camouflages their chronology -- it's difficult and unnecessary to discern their recording dates, as the songs serve a timeless social purpose, from everyday reminders to be a good husband; take your kids to school; and don't disturb the wife of your son; to Government commissioned warnings about venereal diseases, drinking alcohol, and paying taxes. As with Nyege Nyege Tapes' previous dispatches from modern day Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, Ekuka provides a genuinely street-level, unfiltered perspective on unfathomably long-rooted traditions in a way that sounds incredibly fresh, unfamiliar, and hugely interesting to keen ears. Master by Matt Colton at Alchemy.) 35.00

EMMA RUTH RUNDLE - Some Heavy Ocean LP (sargent house - A highly accomplished debut solo album from Red Sparrows and Marriages singer Emma Ruth Rundle. Much like her band efforts, Some Heavy Ocean adopts a gothic-hued post-rock template to great effect. This time she lets her Elizabeth Frazer-esque voice fly above the instrumental soundscape. Except with actual words. Out on CD & vinyl LP from Sargent House.) 25.00

EMMA RUTH RUNDLE - On Dark Horses DLP (sargent house - The cover to Emma Ruth Rundle’s fourth solo record, On Dark Horses, bears a blurry photo of the songwriter obscuring her face with a large toy horse with broken legs. The photo suggests something candid but also hidden, graceful but also fractured—a fitting portrait for an artist who has established a career by vacillating between shrouding herself in mystery and exposing her wounds to the world. Previous album Marry Us mirrors On Dark Horses’ Light Song, with the union of Rundle’s siren vocals and Patterson’s poised baritone conjuring a dizzying and feverish update on the duets of Johnny Cash and June Carter. The eight tracks of On Dark Horses capture the evolution of Rundle as an artist, with vestigial traces of the savvy guitar work of Electric Guitar: One, the siren song beauty of Some Heavy Ocean, and the amplified urgency of Marked For Death all factoring into the album’s rich tapestry. Rundle arrives at the end of the album with an ode to a traumatized and heartbroken friend on the grand and triumphant You Don’t Have To Cry.) 25.00

EMPATH - Active Listening: Night on Earth LP (get better - Empath goes far beyond the sound of birds faintly chirping. They’re a band that writes songs like communing with nature, bringing all their fuzzed and tripped out idiosyncrasies into harmony. Empath began in 2016 when Garrett Koloski, Em Shanahan, and Catherine Elicson moved into a house in West Philadelphia together, with Randall Coon joining shortly after. Even with the simple vision to shred, there’s a natural sensitivity in the way Empath communicates. Between the contrast of Elicson’s lush, almost delicate vocals, Koloski’s boisterous drumming, and the half-harmonious wash of guitar and Shanahan and Coon’s synths, Empath equips us with a healthy dose of emotional repose.) 24.00

FACS - Lifelike LP (trouble in mind - Chicago trio FACS was founded in 2017 by former Disappears members Brian Case & Noah Leger, along with their bandmate Jonathan van Herik. After van Herik amicably parted ways with the group just before their debut album "Negative Houses"'s release, Case & Leger recruited longtime friend Alianna Kalaba (Cat Power, We Ragazzi) to play bass & FACS began methodically destroying live venues across the world. "Lifelike" is their sophomore release; six tracks clocking in at half an hour, carrying forward the musical trail blazed by the debut towards a new frontier. ) 21.00

HELM - Chemical Flowers LP (PAN _ Luke Younger returns to PAN with an eight-track album of his most direct work to date. Composed alone at NO studio in the Essex countryside, to start an album with a piece called ‘Capital Crisis (New City Loop)’ seems an intentional misnomer. Long, sustained periods in the rural studio setting see Younger working with an array of fragmented, disassociated sound sources to build upon 2015’s Olympic Mess. It shares a similarly inclined vision of the urban environment, but here Chemical Flowers makes reference to paradoxical notions of authenticity and creative practice by way of questioning the structures around us. Collages are assembled and dismantled, temporal and spatial boundaries fluctuate and movement is an overarching theme. Surrealist drowned world atmospheres sculpted far enough away from the source of inspiration leave plenty of room for ambiguity. The nocturnal nature of the recording process is self-evident, and pieces like ‘Leave Them All Behind’ tap into a deep psychedelic undercurrent. Confused narratives, emotions and aleatory hallucinations ebb and flow throughout. ‘I Knew You Would Respond’ evokes murky soundtrack terrain with eerie repetitive strings and ambient respite, disrupted periodically by brief bursts of granular noise. It’s one of the records most unnerving moments, possibly as it’s one of the most recognisably human. The album is mastered by Rashad Becker, featuring artwork by Johannes Schnatmann & Bill Kouligas.) 25.00

IMPOSITION MAN - s/t LP (cut surface - Debut 12" of this insurgent post punk twosome from Berlin/Graz. Driven. Rebellious. Devoted. By means of impelling beats, brusque (bass)guitars, sinister synths and unadorned & demanding vocals Marian Gm (Berlin) and Markus Gö (Graz) spiral into the harsh and cold unknown, the uncertainty. Struggling and pounding. Liberate yourself, Imposition Man! Indeed, you are your own ultimate foe, my friend.) 16.00

JERMAN BARNES - The Finger'd Remove LP (feeding tube - "Jerman Barnes sounds like a fancy men's shoe brand, but it's actually a duo comprised of two of the American underground's most prolific wanderers -- Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes. Jeph has explored everything from primitively brilliant free jazz with Blowhole to deep electronic explorations under the name Hands To, although in the latter part of the 1990s he shifted his focus to music made with found natural objects. Tim Barnes entered our consciousness as fluent master of experimentally canted percussion before he threw us a curve by joining Matt Valentine's Tower Recordings ensemble and going deep-prole for a while. Regardless, he and Jeph started releasing duo recordings almost 15 years ago, and they all brim with a very specific type of spectral weirdness. The instruments listed in the credits are: metal, bamboo temple blocks, springboard, wood, feathers and electrics. Furthermore the sho is played by Ko Ishikawa. So what about the three horn players pictured on the cover? In fact, they are Alex Bruck, Ramón Del Buey, and Misha Marks. This ensemble is briefly heard as distorted source material on the a-side (a penny to the first listener who finds them), but it turns out for this project they're mostly just dancers who use the horns as props, visually key to the process; aurally, not as much. 2018 Edition of 200; Includes download code.) 25.00

JOSHUA ABRAMS AND NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY - Mandatory Reality DLP (eremite - Double LP version. LPs pressed on premium audiophile-quality vinyl at RTI from Kevin Gray Lacquers; Presented in a textured gatefold Stoughton "laserdisc" jacket with a cover painting by Lisa Alvarado. Jackets, retro-audiophile sleeves and record labels hand-screen printed by Alan Sherry at Siwa Studios, Northern New Mexico. Mandatory Reality, the new album by Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society, is here. Setting aside (for the moment) the electric instrumentation of Simultonality (GB 048CD/MTE 068LP, 2017) and Magnetoception (MTE 063-64LP, 2015), Joshua Abrams conceived Mandatory Reality for an eight-piece acoustic manifestation of NIS, consisting of himself on guimbri, Lisa Alvarado on harmonium and gongs, Mikel Avery on tam-tam and gongs, Ben Boye on autoharp and piano, Hamid Drake on tabla and tar, Ben Lamar Gay on cornet, Nick Mazzarella on alto saxophone, and Jason Stein on bass clarinet. A double album, Mandatory Reality is comprised largely of two performances, both Joshua Abrams compositions, 24- and 40-minutes in length. All performances on Mandatory Reality are full takes recorded live to tape by the full ensemble, magnificently captured by Greg Norman at electrical audio, Chicago -- the first true "audiophile" recording of Joshua Abrams and NIS. Mastered by Helge Sten at Audio Virus, Oslo.) 59.00

LA DISPUTE - Panorama LP (epitaph -Panorama, the fourth album from hardcore luminaries La Dispute is available now via Epitaph.Their first album in 4 years and first with the label, Panorama was produced by the band in tandem with return producer Will Yip (Quicksand, Braid, Code Orange, Nothing, Title Fight) combining jazz, rock, slowcore, noise, hardcore among other influences over the span of 10 tracks. It’s a highly ambitious and deeply affecting body of work that filters narrative storytelling through a personal lens, like a set of Joan Didion essays set to music. Where the past two albums had vocalist Jordan Dreyer delving further into fictional subject matter, it’s with Panorama that the band has created the most personal project since their breakthrough Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, an album whose influence has been palpable within the genre over the course of the past decade. Most of what happens on Panorama takes place on the route Jordan and his partner would drive from their home in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids to the city of Lowell, where she grew up. Everywhere along the drive are places where, in varying degrees of recency, people have died: a pond where a man drowned walking home in the winter, multiple places where people crashed driving drunk or were killed in car accidents, and one place where years prior a city worker found a Jane Doe decomposed. Panorama is intended to be a wide angled shot of that drive, with the stories of those tragedies becoming focal points but filtered through the sieve of the couple's life together.) 21.00

LUKA PRODUCTIONS - Falaw LP (sahel - Luka Productions presents Falaw, an innovative take on West African Hip Hop and sample-based folktronica. A follow up from the acclaimed Malian “new age” inspired Fasokan (2017), Luka Guindo turns his focus to the rich cultural heritage of Manding music. Eschewing wholly PC-based sequencing, Falaw invites a number of traditional performers to join him in the studio. Griots recount sage stories over Luka’s sweeping synth pads while ngonis shred pentatonic solos to the crash of sequenced drum samples. Paying homage to the storyteller, combined with regional styles of lyrical Hip Hop, Falaw offers advice on modern living, with heartfelt songs about loss, love, and life. Luka Productions is the creation of Luka Guindo, based in Bamako, Mali. With a musical training in West African gospel music, Luka is one of Bamako’s hardest working producers, churning out tracks for scores of popular artists in the regional scenes of thumping electro Balani Show and lightning hi-energy Hip Hop, and he brings this varied experience to Falaw. ) 24.00

MARINO ZUCCHERI - Parete '67 Per Emilio Vedova LP (die schachtel - Parete 67 is a great work has been totally forgotten since today -- this record is in fact a world premiere, and the final act of justice towards a man that contributed so much to the birth and development of electronic music. In 1967 the painter Emilio Vedova was appointed by the Italian government to create an installation for the Italian Pavilion of the Montreal Expo. Vedova came up with this great idea of using small glass slides, especially created to reproduce his abstract painting, and projecting them on the asymmetrical walls of the Pavilion. He then asked Luigi Nono to compose some electronic music, but Nono had no time, and suggested to ask Marino [Zuccheri]. He replied: "I could do something, but keep in mind that I am no composer." The result is "Parete (Wall) 67", a spectacular and intense 30-minute loop of pure and intense electronics, a magmatic cascade of harsh sounds and deep drones, and a fantastic counterpart to the harsh and expressionistic painting of Vedova. Marino Zuccheri was the sound engineer of the famous Milan RAI (Italian Broadcasting Company) Electronic Music Studio, and he helped Berio, Nono, Maderna, Cage, Pousseur, among the others, to give birth to some of the great masterpieces of early electronica. He was the man who actually knew and operated the machines (oscillators, tapes etc). Deluxe silver cover with foil embossing; Custom inner sleeve; Includes insert; Edition of 300.) 30.00

MARS - Mars Archives Vol. 3: N.N. End LP (feeding tube - "Barring some miraculous discovery (never out of the question!), Mars Archives Volume Three: N.N. End is the final LP in our series of LPs documenting the music of New York's most amazing combo of the No Wave era, MARS. From their more-quotidian beginnings as CHINA, whose sound was influenced by the Velvets and Television, Mars mutated and grew in a variety of nearly unchartable directions. N.N. End documents the latter, immaculate stages of the band's destruction of song forms once and for all. The A-side captures a live show at Max's Kansas City in July 1978. They were still playing some of the songs from the No NY compilation, which had not yet been released. Their sound had moved on since the recording session, however, and you can hear the songs dissolving structurally as they move along. Pretty amazing. The B-side is from a rehearsal tape recording while they prepped for their final show (at Max's in December 1978.) At this point, Mars was shredding the cocoon that had held their music. Then shredding the music itself. Vocals, guitars, rhythms all come apart in clumps, taking on lives of their own. Beyond good and evil, Mars stood alone. And then they were gone. Hope you've followed their contrail."—Byron Coley, 2019.) 25.00

MAULGRUPPE - tiere in tschernobyl LP (major label - Jens Rachut ist wieder da! Zusammen mit den Musikern von YASS / KURT bzw. TEN VOLT SHOCK treffen Rachuts wohlbekannte Stärken auf einen unglaublich dichten, düsteren und energiegeladenen Elektropunk der dich umhaut. Damit wird Rachuts hochkarätigem Bandspektrum von ANGESCHISSEN über DACKELBLUT, OMA HANS, KOMMANDO SONNE-NMILCH bis ALTE SAU ein weiteres absolut eigenständiges Kapitel hinzugefügt. Hier ist ein wahnsinnig gutes Album entstanden! Setzt die Kopfhörer auf und dreht die Lautstärke auf Maximum! Es gibt keinen besseren Grund sich das Gehör zu ruinieren! Die LP kommt mit Einleger und allen Texten) 18.00

MAZOUNI - un dandy en exil 1969 til 1983 DLP (born bad -Mazouni, a dandy in the 1970s 1958, in the middle of the liberation war. While the rattle of machine guns could be heard in the maquis, in the city, the population listened at low volume to Algerian patriotic songs broadcast by the powerful Egyptian radio: "The Voice of the Arabs". These artists all belonged to a troupe created by the self-proclaimed management of the National Liberation Front (FLN), based in Tunis and claiming to gather a "representative" sample of the Algerian musical movement of the time, among which Ahmed Wahby (who sang Wahran Wahran, a song popularized by Khaled) and Wafia from Oran, Farid Aly the Kabyle, and H'sissen, the champion of Algiers’ Chaâbi. The same year, singer Ben Achour was killed in conditions that have never been elucidated. Algiers, by a summer evening in 1960. Cafe terraces were crowded and glasses of anisette kept coming with metronomic regularity, despite the alarming music of police sirens heard at intervals and the silhouettes of soldiers marching in the streets. The mood was good, united by a tune escaping from everywhere: balconies, where laundry was finishing drying, windows wide open from apartments or restaurants serving the famous Algiers shrimps along with copious rosé wine. Couples spontaneously joined the party upon hearing "Ya Mustafa", punctuated by improvised choirs screaming "Chérie je t’aime, chérie je t’adore". The song, as played by Sétif-born Alberto Staïffi, was a phenomenal success, to the point that even FLN fighters adopted it unanimously. Hence an unfortunate misunderstanding that would trick colonial authorities into believing Mustafa was an ode to the glory of Fellaghas. In 1961, Cheikh Raymond Leyris, a Jewish grand master of ma’luf (one of Algeria’s three Andalusian waves) who was Enrico Macias’ professor, was killed in Constantine, making him the first victim of a terrorist wave that would catch up with Algeria at the dawn of the 1990s by attacking anything that thought, wrote or sang. ) 26.00

MINYO CRUSADERS - Echoes of Japan DLP (Minyo Crusaders rework historic Japanese folk songs (min'yō) with Latin, African, Caribbean, and Asian rhythms for their debut album Echoes of Japan. Releases from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, and Midori Takada have re-ignited global interest in Japanese music and Echoes of Japan marks the arrival of a big band like no other. "For Japanese people, min'yō is both the closest, and most distant, folk music," explains band-leader Katsumi Tanaka: "We may not feel it in our daily, urban lives, yet the melodies, the style of singing and the rhythm of the taiko drums are engrained in our DNA." Initially indifferent to min'yō, a tragic event in recent Japanese history set Tanaka on his current path: "Following the Tohoku earthquake of 2011, I reflected on my life, work and identity. A fan of world music, I began searching for Japanese roots music I could identify with. Discovering mid-late 20th century acts Hibari Misora, Chiemi Eri and the Tokyo Cuban Boys, I was captivated by their eccentric arrangements and how they mixed min'yō with Latin and jazz." Originally sung by fishermen ("Kushimoto Bushi"; "Mamurogawa Ondo"), coal miners ("Tanko Bushi") and sumo wrestlers ("Sumo Jinku"), these songs deal with topics such as the returning spirits of ancestors ("Hohai Bushi"), Japan's smallest bird ("Toichin Bushi"), and a bride's love for her husband's pockmarked face ("Otemoyan"). Minyo Crusaders are one of the most hyped acts on the Tokyo music scene that went national in 2018 through festivals such as Fuji Rock. The band features veterans of the Tokyo roots music scene such as bassist DADDY U (Ska Flames), keyboardist Moe (Kidlat), sax player Koichiro Osawa (Matt Sounds, J.J. Session), Yamauchi Stephan (J.J. Session), percussionist Mutsumi Kobayashi (Banda de la Mumbia), conga player Irochi (Cubatumb), and vocalist Meg (DJ collective Tokyo Sabroso). For fans of: Haruomi Hosono, Soundway Records, Analog Africa, Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band.) 35.00

OLDEN YOLK - Living Theatre LP (trouble in mind - The follow up to their 2018 self-titled LP, Living Theatre conjures moments of stark minimalism and cinematic maximalism, most potent for Shaffer and Butler’s lyrical intimacy and vivid arrangements. The title was inspired by the experimental thespian movement in New York of the same name, in which actors broke from tradition by creating an experience of communal expression. Their songwriting palette takes cues from influences as disparate as avant garde punk, psychedelic folk, and experimental electronic music. Inspired by both freedom and restriction in their creative practice, the pair set to record the album in a constrained period of 3 months after spending a year on the road touring without a home base. They wrote all summer, in a space with no windows, molding private conversations into more expansive works that address concepts of home, spirituality, and ancestry in a contemporary landscape. The album was conceived alongside percussionist Booker Stardrum and co-producer Jarvis Taveniere (Woods) in collaboration with Eliza Bagg, Frank Maston, Peter Wagner and Benjamin Levinson. It was recorded at Comp-NY in Los Angeles by Jarvis Taveniere with additional help from Vishal Nayak at The Black Lodge in New York City.) 21.00

OSHEYACK - Sadomodernism LP (bedouin - ‘Sadomodernism’ takes a few tracks to get going, but when it reaches critical mass you’ll know all about Osheyack, the newest lamb on Bedouin Records. Expect Cut Hands-style drum works veering into full pelt hardcore techno gabber. “At the crux of American-born, Shanghai-based producer Eli Osheyack's debut album, Sadomodernism, is a question of agency. Borrowed from film theory, the album title was originally coined by writer Moira Weigel to describe a waning European art house tradition that vehemently rejects 'naïve pleasure'—the tranquilizing comfort of conventional cinematic narrative, like mainstream Hollywood—and opts for violence and pain, with the aim of shaking audiences out of cinematic manipulation and into their own position vis-à-vis the malaise of contemporary life.  Echoing the work of sadomodernist auteurs, Osheyacks's Sadomodernism is a deeply political project with critical ambitions. The smashing and blending of genres, from techno, industrial, noise and gabber to ballroom and metal, even opera, and spontaneous percussion arrangements, sometimes mixed with distorted spoken word, do not mean to please, but provoke through disorder and chaos. Laden with Brechtian alienation affects, Sadomodernism interrogates the notion of autonomy in contemporary music, club culture, and social-political life.”) 25.00

PAUL PAGE AND HIS PARADISE MUSIC - Pacific Paradise 2LP (sublimnal - Paul Page -- poet, pagan, and playboy of Polynesian pop and Hapa Haole exotica. The music on this unusual exotic album, takes you right to the ocean's edge, mingles you with jungle drums and animals, the booming surf, seagulls, and ocean liners in a coral kaleidoscope of sounds. This is the real deal authentic tiki bar soundtrack. Paul Page and his Paradise Music entertained in Polynesian themed restaurants all over Southern California from the late '30s to the mid-60s, then all the way out to the Kona Coast during the late '60s and early '70s. The whole time, he kept leaving behind these little independent albums, recorded specifically for the purpose of selling them to the people coming to his small venue shows... which, when you think about it, is basically what all the most-worthy bands to dig do these days, outside the doting eye of the lame record industry. Dude was so ahead of his time! Paul Page was a singer, piano player, bandleader, writer/composer, radio, and TV host, artist of oils, professional basketball player, and much more. He published many albums during the 1950s-60s and wrote hundreds of songs. His story has never previously been told and his original recordings are very rare, in fact some of them are completely unknown and undocumented, and much sought after by collectors. Paul Page is really the only one to mix actual, authentic Hawaiian music and other Polynesian and Pacific Ocean influences, with the nomadic feel of the seafaring Anglo working sailor man with a sense of American pop sophistication, based in jazz-age. It is his cheerful insistence to employ every known cliché from the Polynesian pop dictionary that makes his stylings so charming to today's tiki lounger. Subliminal Sounds now brings you the full Paul Page saga on this comprehensive compilation. Includes a 32-page booklet with in-depth liner notes by author and pop historian Domenic Priore, with a foreword by author and urban archeologist Sven Kirsten.) 35.00

PETER BRÖTZMANN / WILLIAM PARKER / HAMID DRAKE - Song Sentimentale LP (otoroku - You might think with a title like Song Sentimentale, that this album could be a victory lap for three of the most important players on the free jazz scene, Peter Brotzmann on tenor saxophone, B flat clarinet, tarogato, William Parker on double bass, guembri, shakuhachi, shenai and Hamid Drake on drums, vocals and percussion, but there is little sentiment on display here. The musicians are very familiar with one another, and their paths have crossed many times over the years, particularly on the superb double album Never Too Late, But Always Too Early. The music on this album is strong and focused, creating a free jazz set that becomes suite-like due to the near telepathic interplay of the musicians. The music develops organically on “Shake-A-Tear” with very powerful tenor saxophone, bass and drums advancing a powerful collective improvisation. As the music moves into “Stone Death” and particularly the concluding "Dwellers in a Dead Land,” which is the longest track on the album, their aptitude shines through with a near incandescent light. The very long concluding improvisation begins with Drake developing a subtle rhythmic foundation and vocalizing in a hypnotic manner. Parker plays an exotic string instrument and Brötzmann, moves to the Hungarian reed instrument tarogato, and the music is completely fascinating at this point, moving away from traditional free improvisation into cutting edge world music. Brotzmann will move further out into his clarinet and tarogato, Parker will move into improvising on his exotic instruments and Drake provides further inspiration with voice and ever shifting rhythm. The texture of the music on this album is ever shifting like sheets of rain and sand on a distant shore. This is an excellent album from three masters that have nothing to prove. They pursue a greater goal and succeed grandly in making excellent music.) 27.00

PETER BRÖTZMANN & HEATHER LEIGH - Ears Are Filled With Wonder LP (trost - "Ears Are Filled With Wonder, the debut release from the duo of pedal steel player Heather Leigh and reedist Peter Brötzmann, blows the old adage about improvised music somehow not being best appreciated via the recordings to beautiful pieces. This is a music that demands re-visiting, that seems to alter, slightly, every time it is played, with new details emerging, new relationships of tone and style, new romance, even. Recorded during a mammoth stint in Kraków, Poland, where Brötzmann and Leigh played as part of big bands, trios, quartets, and duos, this duo performance represents the diamond heart of the sessions, an improvised set that bears little relation to what either of the players has achieved outside of its prodigious gravity. We mentioned romance and really Ears Are Filled With Wonder, a play on a line from the poet Kenneth Patchen, showcases the full reach of Brötzmann's rebel lyricism, his lover man style, now smoky, seductive, late night, now roaring and vibrating with energy.) 25.00

PRIDE - Pride LP (get down - "2018 Black Friday RSD release. Dig deep in to the released output of famed producer David Axelrod and you'll discover this gem, Pride. The single self-titled release is the pairing of Axelrod with his son Michael. The father-son duo deliver psychedelic pop with what many may call a Baroque folk-rock twist. Issued in 1970, the project is somewhat in the realm of the output from groups such as Love or The Byrds ? but indelibly David Axelrod through and through.“) 27.00

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Music For Film DLP (silva - Ryuichi Sakamoto has a hell of a repertoire when it comes to film soundtracks, so it is only right and proper that he was honoured by the Brussels Philharmonic at the World Soundtrack Awards this year. This suite of Sakamoto’s finest accompaniments stretches from the classic ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’ right up to ‘The Revenant’, all newly performed. ) 40.00

SALUM ABDALLAH AND CUBAN MARIMBA BAND - Ngoma Tanzania LP (domino - Sweet and joyful sounds from the first half of 1960's Tanzania. Salum Abdallah and Cuban Marimba Band were at the forefront of 'muziki wa dansi', the emerging dance music scene influenced by Cuban 78s, crazes like the twist and cha cha cha, and the local sounds of their home country. Hailing from the town of Morogoro, they rose to be stars across the country. Out of over 100 sides recorded for local labels, mostly Mzuri Records of Kenya, these twelve songs are the cream of the crop. Only a few of these have ever been re-released in any form, and that hasn't happened in eons. Lots of toe tappers, smile enhancers, and downright dancers, with a few slower and sweeter songs to round it out. Taken from 1961-65, these twelve songs shine a brighter light on an already bright light that was Salum Abdallah, taken away from this earth all too early at the age of 37. The 12 song LP comes in an old style tip-on sleeve with lyrics in Swahili with English translations on the inner sleeve.) 25.00

SKENET - Morsning LP (sublime - Skenet stands for the renewal of the genre folk rock and takes it to places it's never been! This is the long-awaited follow-up to their much-acclaimed debut album of stellar new electric instrumental folk rock, Allting rullar (2015). On their new album Morsning, Skenet establish their sound and reputation as one of Sweden's premier folk rock band and offers a unique mix of dirty riffs and Swedish fiddler traditions -- on the border between tradition and innovation. A folk psychedelic Led Zeppelin meets the legacy of Swedish fiddle culture -- in the gray zone between a pat on the cheek and a knock-out. With the help of the celebrated producer Mikael Herrström (Thåström, Popsicle, Weeping Willows, Ane Brun, etc.) behind the mixer desk, Morsning takes you closer to the raw, energetic sound that became Skenet's signum. Most of the songs on Morsning are written by the siblings Staffan and Lena Jonsson, who are both legitimate "Riks-spelmän" (National Swedish Fiddlers). Staffan and Lena have also performed as special guest musicians with many musical constellations including Dungen, for example. Since the release of the previous album, Skenet has been touring all over Scandinavia and Europe Sweden, including performances at some of the largest folk music festivals in Europe. They will tour even more around this new release. If you dig progressive psych and folk rock, this is definitely for you. Edition of 500. A few words from Skenet: "Every mile in the tour bus has given us a chance to write and play much more together. The Morsning album is the result of what we want to say more than anything else right now! We are hugely proud!“) 25.00

TONY TORNADO - Tony Tornado LP (mad about - Legendary Funk soul album from 1972. A Black Rio masterpiece reissue for the first time on Vinyl. Son of a Guyanese father and a Brazilian mother, at 11 years old Tony ran away from home and ended up in Rio de Janeiro where he became a street kid and made a living selling peanuts and shining shoes. At 18 he served in the Deodoro School of Parachuting along with the futurely TV presenter and entrepreneur Silvio Santos. In 1957, he fought in the Suez Canal. Tony began his artistic career in the 60s with the stage name Tony Checker, lip-synching and dancing on "Hoje é dia de Rock" show of Jair Taumaturgo. That time Tony imitated singers Chubby Checker and Little Richard. Even in the 60s, he traveled to the United States where he lived for five years in New York. In New York, Tony served as drug dealer and pimp,to deceive the immigration department, pretending to be an employee of a car wash. At that time, Tony met another Brazilian who also lived in New York, the also singer Tim Maia. Back in Brazil in 1969, he worked in the group of Ed Lincoln and also sang at night with the pseudonym Johnny Bradfort, the owner of the club forced him to pretend to be a foreigner. By the 1970s, other Brazilian musicians, such as Tony tornado, Banda Black Rio, Cassiano, Gerson King Combo, Jorge Ben Jor and Gilberto Gil, began making soul records. DJs started throwing soul-only parties. This nova (new) music spoke to an experience—both universal and unique at the same time. The time period was known as "Black Rio. By the end of the '70s, funk and disco would take over where soul left off, but it was the latter that helped to shape a generation of artists around a universal black identity. ) 35.00

TRYAD - If Only You Believe In Lovin' LP (Del Val Records present a reissue of Tryad's If Only You Believe In Lovin', originally released in 1971 as a private press. Ultra-deluxe LP reissue on the newly resurrected Del Val label -- obscure but legendary label previously responsible for early editions by The Brigade, The Bachs, Bent Wind, D.R. Hooker, Fifty Foot Hose, etc. Long overdue and much delayed reissue of this 1971 NYC private press few have heard and less have seen. Comparable to the best UK folk-fusion LPs of the era, this is like a Yankee version of Hunter Muskett's great Every Time You Move (1970) with co-ed vocals plus bass/drums/pedal steel/flute/keys accompaniment and East Coast haunted not West Coast hip, though you'll be reminded of a certain revered private from out there that wouldn't exist for another five years: Relatively Clean Rivers. Comes with a four page lyric insert and the cover is what they were made like fifty years ago. "Low key but really cool. Hard to believe it's an NYC piece from '72 from a sonic aspect. There's a kind of innocence to overall heft that puts me in mind of very early Bay Area stuff, like the second We Five LP (1967). That same sort of psych-is-hanging-unnamed-in-the-background vibe. The only thing that really places it in the '70s is that pedal steel which has a definite post-Sneaky-Pete feel. Very cool." -- Byron Coley) 25.00

UV RACE - made in china LP (future folklore - Seven years after their last long player, the Melbourne band finally returns with a 10 tracks new record. They're like an old friend who promised he'd swing by but never shows up... until he does, unannounced. But it's ok because everybody loves him! And everybody loves the UV Race too! The recipe hasn't changed much: they're still this great messy punk band you wanna dance to.) 18.00

WUTANFALL - 81 bis 83 DLP BOX (trümmer - Wutanfall war die erste Punkband aus Leipzig, aus der bekannte Namen wie L´Attentat und Der Schwarze Kanal entstanden sind. Wutanfall war der Anfang, der Urknall in Sachen DDR-Punk. Durch diese Band ist Punk auch in der DDR in Rollen gekommen.Die Box enthält zwei LPs: LP1 enthält 18 Songs aus den Jahren 1982/83, LP2 "Live im TAS Club Leipzig 22.11.1982", ein 56-seitiges Beiheft im LP-Format mit Interviews, Akten, einer Chronik und vielen, vielen Fotos sowie ein A1-Poster.Das Ganze ist handnummeriert und streng limitiert auf 1000 Stück. Ein Hammerteil!) 30.00

YC CY - Béton Brut LP (x - mist - The third full album from Switzerland's YC-CY, going even further and deeper into the most ferocious Noise-Rock territories. An outstanding, incomparable, fierce and monstrously furious attack, where sinister post-Industrial thunder meets with Hardcore roots, infected with some of the most infernal and terrifying noise-sounds ever put onto vinyl, that'll make your speakers blast and your ears bleed…) 14.00

YPY - Be A Little More Selfish LP (EM - YPY is back with his third full-length album, his second on EM Records, following his 2016 debut Zurhyrethm, and 2020 on Where To Now? YPY is the solo alias of Osaka-based Koshiro Hino, who has honed his rhythmic instincts as leader of the acclaimed Japanese band goat and the sound installation/theatre project GEIST and Virginal Variations. His preoccupation with propulsion is on full display here, across five tracks of varying density and intensity, all thoroughly beat-oriented, with skeins of synthesized and sampled sound stretching to the horizon, rising from a bedrock of minimal drum machine pulses, all lovingly embraced in a cassette-borne sonic fug. The cover image and title hearken back to Hino’s past, with the image obscurely referencing his yesteryear green mohawk, and the title derived from Talking Heads, but this effervescent album, though recorded using cassette technology, is not a sad tale of nostalgia, rather a look at a present/pleasant reality. Cover drawings by NAZE.) 25.00

V/A - Excavated Shellac: Reeds LP (dust to digital . Reed instruments are capable of some of the most impassioned music on the planet, all due to the malleability of the reeds, themselves—historically made of plant tissue – which vibrate when air hits them. The origin of most reed instruments is steeped in rural, pastoral culture. Many insistent, loud, often joyful, reed instruments have always been played outdoors as traditional accompaniment for dancing and celebrations. This compelling album is the second volume in the Excavated Shellac release series, featuring rare, never-before issued 78rpm records from around the world, centered on a unique theme. The previous volume (Excavated Shellac: Strings) focused on stellar stringed instrument performances. This release examines some of the most intense and hypnotic music set to disc during the early years of international recording, all featuring reed instruments. All records have been carefully transferred and mastered and are presented with extensive liner notes by Jonathan Ward.) 20.00

V/A - Nigerian 80s Disco Music To Move Your Soul DLP (Amazing collection of Disco Music released in the 80s (1980-84) on the Nigerian label Duomo Music Ltd. and reissued here for the first time. "The late 70s, the thrust of mainstream music had changed from the indigenous highlife to a more international funky disco sound. Keyboards and drum machines were the key components of the new sound, and this shift in style saw Bunny Mack, Chris Okotie, Christy Essien and Jide Obi replace Osita Osadebe and the Oriental Brothers on the charts. It was in this effervescent climate that Duomo Sounds Ltd was established by Mr Humphrey Aniakor, a business man with no prior investment in the industry. It was simply the in-thing for a young monied businessman at the time. The name suggested European sophistication, modernity and a little abstraction. D U O M O Sounds, the kids loved it. The first release was Bassey Black’s “Someone to love” (DSL 001) which sold over a 100,000 copies, a big hit at the time. The success of the album attracted several artists the most influential of which was Mike Umoh. He aimed for the pop market with accessible, funky arrangements, however his affinity for funk and disco has made him a reference for collectors worldwide. His LP entitled, “Honey, Honey” (DSL 002) was the label’s second release and his most successful album and he also produced the labels 19th release, Bindiga’s, “No More Starvation” (DSL 019), an afro-boogie funk masterpiece. The album in its original format is very sought after by collectors and djs and changes hands for huge sums. Its been described by many as cosmic funk at its finest. Christy Ogbah´s disco soul/highlife records on Duomo are also very highly sought after. This new Livingstone Studio release presents the best of Duomo Sounds Ltd. for the first time.”) 32.00

V/A - Turkish Freakout (Psych-Folk Singles 1969-80) DLP (Incredible compilation of tripped-out Turkish gems, curated by Bouzouki Joe. This thing is definitely filled to the brim with exotic breaks, some of which have a distinctly Western sound, while others carry a heavy Eastern vibe. If there's any overriding theme though, it's that all of this stuff is obscure as hell, so it's great to have it presented in one convenient place so the rest of us don't have to break the bank searching these tracks out. Check out tracks from Okay Temiz, Cem Karaka, Beyaz Kelebekler, Alpay, Ajda Pekkan, Baris Manco, Erkin Koray and Onder Bali. Last but not least, make sure to peep Ersen's "Gunese Don Cicegim," which features the drum break sampled by everyone from Mos Def to CFCF. 17 tracks in all spread over 2LPs, packaged in a thick gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes that feature digging anecdotes and original cover scans for each track. Recommended.) 28.00


CHRONOPHAGE - Prolog For Tomorrow TAPE (While Chronophage has cleaned up their sound from those earlier tapes, they still play rough-hewn and loose pop music. Their recordings have a handmade quality that sounds like people playing together in a room, which stands in stark contrast to most punk rock I hear, which takes advantage of recording technology to sound as full and as a tight as possible. While Chronophage don’t sound retro, that quality forces me to go back further for good reference points for their sound, whether it’s to UK groups like Swell Maps, Television Personalities, and O Level, or American stuff like Pavement’s earliest material. While the whole thing is an enjoyable listen, my ears perk up when unexpected sounds crop into the mix, like the gurgles of electronic noise that pepper between-track transitions, the trumpet on “Racing,” or the double-tracked chorus of “Double Suicide.” Recommended if you want to hear smart people making loose, raw, and earnest music.) 6.00

OM - god is good TAPE (drag city - It's been years now - just about two, judging from the sun. Om have done their time in the desert, and ever-changing, are returned. Today, they say, God is Good. Are you surprised? Perhaps you haven't understand what Om was saying to you. But perhaps you felt something... ) 13.00

OM - advaitic songs TAPE (These sides will bring fullness, high definition and depth out of every consecutive moment. Advaitic Songs achieves a level of composition that would've been impossible to foresee. There remains the singularity of purpose that is the core of all Om records, but whatever drone-doom camp that Om had been placed in has been decimated by the sheer imagination & expansive quality of this recording. Let's call it "heavy world music.“) 13.00


MAXINE PAYNE - Making Pictures: Three for a Dime BOOK (dust to digital -In the 1930s, the Massengill family of rural Arkansas built three portable photography studios on old truck frames, attached each to the back of any car that would run, and started a mobile photo booth business that would last for a decade. Without formal training or help, the Massengill family invented and improvised ways to mimic the popular photo booths they had seen in drug stores and brought their business to the dirt roads and open fields they knew well. Making Pictures: Three for a Dime, featuring Massengill family prints and photo albums collected by the artist Maxine Payne, illuminates a sliver of the Depression-era south previously unseen by the public. Unlike the hardscrabble lives and worn-down faces captured by Works Progress Administration photographers of the time, the Massengill photographs often show folks working to look their best. A man mugs in his Sunday suit and hat; a girl preens with lusty eyes; a boy clutches his prize rooster. Hand-painted backdrops, colorized prints, and even the occasional prop add a playful edge to these scenes. Among them, we also get a haunting glimpse or two of the difficult lives lived outside of these moments. Not unlike discovered troves of photographs by Vivian Maier or Mike Disfarmer, the Massengill photographs invite us to reconsider a time and place from a new perspective. Alongside the prints and albums, this volume includes introductions by Payne and curator Phillip March Jones, short remembrances from Lance and Evelyn Massengill, and a transcribed diary that recounts the difficulties and successes of the family business in short, powerful bursts. ("June 18, 1939 Mr Pennington drowned today. We went home about 4:00 o'clock and made cream at mama's.") Collected here in a handsome and ample design, Making Pictures: Three for a Dime is the definitive volume of the Massengill photographs. Hardcover book, 180 pages, 8.5" by 6.25", 271 images reproduced in full color.) 31.00

UGLY THINGS - #48 | Summer / Fall 2018 MAG ("In this issue (and on the cover), cool and colossal cover stories on West Coast psychedelic garage monsters The Other Half (featuring future Blue Cheer guitarist Randy Holden), and -- dig this -- Elvis Presley -- a reappraisal of the King's music complete with rare photos and interview quotes from people who were there when it all went down. Also in this issue: expansive interviews with Trevor White (the Jook, Sparks, Radio Stars), Marc Jonson (about his incredible cult classic album Years), Denny Carleton of The Choir, and Jackie McAuley (Them, Belfast Gypsies, Trader Horne). Plus: Indiana '60s garage combo The Olivers, obscure pre-DOA Canuck punks The Skulls, a closer look at the making of Moby Grape's Truly Fine Citizen album, Cyril Jordan's Flamin' Groovies tales, and more. Not to mention our insightful reviews of reissues and rock-related books.“) 10.00

V/A - Voices Of Mississippi (Artists And Musicians Documented By William Ferris) 3CD + DVD + BOOK (This watershed release represents the life’s work of William Ferris, an audio recordist, filmmaker, folklorist, and teacher with an unwavering commitment to establish and to expand the study of the American South. William Ferris was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1942. Growing up on a working farm, Ferris began at a young age documenting the artwork, music, and lives of the people on the farm and in his local community.  The archive of recordings that he created and the documentary films that he had a hand in producing have served as powerful tools in institutions of higher learning for decades. It is with great excitement that we present these films and recordings. Our hope is that the enjoyment and educational value that has been received by Ferris’s students over the years will be transmitted to listeners around the world and further the understanding of Southern culture.) 55.00


GET BETTER - LOGO MUG (get better - Killer heavy GET BETTER RECORDS coffee mug) 16.00
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