BIS AUFS MESSER JUNE (No Trend, Spacemen 3, Uniform, Erik Ne

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BIS AUFS MESSER JUNE (No Trend, Spacemen 3, Uniform, Erik Ne

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 08 Juin 2018, 12:15

hi. friday happy friday. So many new amazing records arrived this week along with lots of restocks of the like Dead Moon LPs, the BODY etc. We got new Iron Lung stuff, the long awaited NO TREND - Teen Love 7“ re issue, BAD TIMES - Streets Of Iron LP re issue, new TOTAL PUNK stuff, SPACEMEN 3 re issues via Superior Viadcut, CHRCH - Light Will Consume Us All LP & the CHRIST ON PARADE re issue via Neurot, DEUX - decadence LP restock, DRUX - s/t LP, Lots of new MISSISSIPPI / CAIRO titles, ERIK NERVOUS - Assorted Anxieties LP and other Neck Chop titles, HILARY WOODS - colt LP & the killer UNIFORM & THE BODY collaboration LP on Sacred Bones, NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS re issues and more.

Also the GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ -s/t LP + comic is officially released and also the COLD LEATHER - smart moves LP on ADAGIO830.

June 12th - LOOSE TOOTH (Milk!, Australia) & Pigeon


Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


ANDY HUMAN AND THE REPTOIDS - Refrigerator 7“ (total punk - From THE CUTS to TIME FLYS, BUZZER, LENZ and now THE WORLD and ANDY HUMAN AND THE REPTOIDS, ANDY JORDAN has had his hands in much of my favorite Bay Area music over the last 17 years. I don't think there is a track I played more DJing last year then "Sarcastic" off of the Reptoids 2016 7" on Goodbye Boozy. So it with much pride that Total Punk gives you two brand new tracks from Andy and his Reps. A bit streamlined (no sax) but still with all the glitter and grease you've come to expect from your reptile rock. Glammy bouncy punk jams from outer spaces biggest hitmaker. They pack a hell of a wallop and are 100% TOTAL PUNK!) 8.00

BERNADETTE CARROLL - heavenly 7“ (numero - Though not a household name, Bernadette Carroll is one of the more successful teen vocalists of the girl group era. She charted as a member of the Angels, as a solo act, and as a for-hire backup singer, performing on at least two #1 hits, selling over a million copies of each. You’ve heard her voice, whether you know it or not. Her early ’60s work with Hazlet, New Jersey, producer Tommy Falcone resulted in a handful of singles for the Cleopatra and Julia labels, including the syrupy ballad “Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside)” and the upbeat dancer “Heavenly." Both have been remastered from the original analog tapes, pressed on high quality German vinyl, and housed in a stock Numero sleeve.) 8.00

BLACK PANTIES - Dirt From The Mop 7“ (total punk - t's been almost two years since we've heard Mr. Blac. What's he been doing with his downtime? He clearly hasn't been reading his four tracks owners manual, and based upon how long it took us to get this out he also wasn't checking his emails. But low and behold! It's finally here. The A side is a happy little number about being inferior to the flies gathered around a mop bucket that sounds like it very well could have been recorded at the bottom one. On the flip we get a four minute two chord scuzz punisher that's gonna shake those back molars right out of your head. Despondent, spit drenched and 100% TOTAL PUNK!( 8.00

DAUDYFLIN - Daudyflin 7“ (iron lung - 6 tracks of incendiary Icelandic hardcore punk custom built to destroy even the sturdiest of preconceived notions. Have no doubts, these fierce women (and FANNAR) of Reykjavík are laying down an unholy path to the icy acid bath that waits for us all. Hell has frozen over. Burn yourself all the way down with this one. Pogo to the prophecy beat. 350 copies on black vinyl housed in an ILR custom 12pt glued pocket sleeve with printed inner sleeve and download card included.) 10.00

GEWALT - wir sind sicher 7“ (this charming men - Die neue Gewalt 7″ mit dem Hit “Wir sind sicher” und “Guter Junge/böser Junge”  ( 6.00

NO TREND - Teen Love 7“ (digital regress - Only a handful of bands have been abhorred more than NO TREND were during their brief tenure on the D.C. hardcore circuit. Founded to bewilder and antagonize the harDCore scene (which the band felt was guilty of the same conformity that punk intended to rebel against), No Trend crafted an abrasive, dirge-industrial sound impossible to “slam dance” to. Their first self-released single “Teen Love” is a prime document of the band at their most cantankerous, with tracks like “Cancer” and “Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease.” The B-side title track, No Trend’s biggest hit if there ever was one, tells a bizarre pop tale of a budding teenage romance which violently and abruptly ends in a fiery car crash (“he was decapitated in an explosion of flame and glass fragments”). Few bands had a sense of humor as dark as No Trend’s—but they're not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you.) 10.00

PIERCED ARROWS - Paranoia/Ain't Life Strange 7“ (tombstone -  Back in stock! Pierced Arrows was Fred and Toody Cole's band after Pierced Arrows.  This single may well be the bands masterpiece.  Side A is a no holds bared dark psychedelic rocker.  Side B is a profound ballad sung by Toody.  Don't sleep on this one.) 7.00

VELVETEEN RABBIT - Mind-numbing Entertainment 7“ (hozac - As sad it was to hear about the demise of THE JEANIES by far NYC’s most addictive power pop band of the last half decade, we’re happy to announce their re-emergence as VELVETEEN RABBIT, now with far more polish and panache and pushing the boundaries of glam pop to unimaginable levels of euphoria. Whereas The Jeanies had a more ragged American pop feel like early Tom Petty meets Gentleman Jesse, Velveteen Rabbit are pure gloss & glam and far more fey, yet no less ferocious. Far less flavor of The Fevers here and more aligned with the breathy pop syrup of the gone-too-soon Brett Smiley and Milk N' Cookies, Velveteen Rabbit are one of the finest examples of modern glam, a genre soaked in 1970s over-production that’s virtually impossible to pull off in most cases. But sure enough, these two incredible songs are proof positive that it can be done, both massive tracks with deep, cavernous production and the impossibly great songwriting you’ve come to love, seeping out of every pore.) 7.00


BAD TIMES - Streets Of Iron LP (goner - In 1998, things were going south for friends Jay Reatard, Eric Oblivian, and King Louie Bankston. In between broken relationships, shattered homes, dissolving bands, and feeling low down, a collaboration was proposed. Jay and Eric trekked down from Memphis with some songs and ideas for songs, listening to Funkadelic and bad Killed By Death-styled punk songs for the six hours to see Louie in New Orleans. One day was spent learning songs, one day recording songs. Eventually they played one show in Normal, IL, opening up for Guitar Wolf. The result of this recording was a blast of punk, garage punk, and psychedelic mayhem. Indeed, the hours listening to Funkadelic did pay off. Jay stole some lyrics and some heavy fuzz solo style from George Clinton and the gang. Eric stole a couple songs from Japanese punk legends Friction and Texaco Leather Man, and tried to mention his favorite sumo wrestler Konishiki whenever possible. Fittingly, when Jay and Eric returned to Memphis, Jay found all his belongings—clothes, guitars, amplifiers—out on his front lawn, as his mom had returned to their house and kicked him out while he was away. Bad Times, indeed!) 18.00

BLUE LAWYER - Guess Work LP (emotional - Oakland, California—BLUES LAWYER is ROB I. MILLER (MALL WALK), ELYSE SCHROCK (THE WORLD), NIC RUSSO (DICK STUSSO) and ALEJANDRA ALCALA (PREENING). Founded in Oakland last year at the edges of these more formalized projects, Blues Lawyer launched as an outlet for friends Rob and Elyse to air their romantic woes over a shared pop sensibility; originally the two had planned it as a comically brief experiment. The group started with the intention of only playing two shows but morphed into the primary outlet for their tragic and hilarious romantic encounters. Rob and Elyse first met as co-workers at a record store in 2012 where they bonded over bands from the Flying Nun label such as the Clean and the Bats, which surface in the music the two now make together. Recorded over two days by ANDREW OSWALD at Secret Bathroom in Oakland, Guess Work, combines punk-like pace and concision with a measure of pop sentiment and wit, eliciting comparisons to bands such as Television Personalities, the Vaselines, and Wire.) 17.00

CASUAL HEX - Zig Zag Lady Illusion LP (water wing - CASUAL HEX is a three-piece formed in Seattle, WA, in 2015. Drawing influence from a variety of genres (post-punk, no-wave, noise rock), The band relies on the contrast of heavy, catchy, minimal, and dissonant. It’s difficult to draw a direct lineage, but flashes of Pylon, The Contortions or early Sonic Youth come to mind. ERICA's voice is a commanding narration, stern in delivery. Lyrical content is heady and cryptic, encouraging the listener to question human behavior and inspire positive change. Clocking in at 21 minutes, Zig Zag Lady Illusion is as much of a full length as you’re gonna get with most songs not even hitting the 2 minute mark. This is Casual Hex’s debut on Water Wing and their first effort to be pressed on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.) 18.00

CHRIST ON PARADE - A Mind Is A Terrible Thing LP (neurot - “Christ On Parade started in 1985, rising from the ashes of local bands Treason and Teenage Warning.  Like much of the punk music at the time, they had an intensely political edge and very serious lyrical approach. The “Peace Punk” scene of the early ‘80s Bay Area—typified by local bands like PLH, Treason, Trial, Crucifix, and Atrocity, and heavily influenced by British anarcho-punk—had a formative influence on many bands in the scene including Christ On Parade. “The band coalesced into a unique hybrid of influences that could have only happened in the venue / living space that most of the members dwelled in, Emeryville’s New Method warehouse. At that time, a lot of the Oakland punks were into the almost “prog-punk” stylings of bands like the Subhumans, Santa Rosa’s Victim’s Family, and the darkly paranoid spasms of England’s Rudimentary Peni. Musicianship had become a virtue rather than a non-issue. This confluence of sounds and ideas, and the fact that the East Bay was awash with LSD in those days, led to the band’s classic album, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing.) 22.00

CHRCH - Light Will Consume Us All LP (neurot - Standing at a crossroads of light and dark, Sacramento’s doom quintet CHRCH wields epic, lengthy songs, massive low end and an occult vocal presence in a perfect blend of height and depth. They have been hard at work crafting their particular sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble glorification of their fundamental musical elements. The band’s second full length, Light Will Consume Us All, carries with it the same quality of songwriting that caught the attention of fans worldwide on their first release, Unanswered Hymns (Battleground Records, 2015), a sprawling roller coaster of an album. Long form songs build and heedlessly dismantle as the band reaches sonic heights and beautiful plateaus. Severe, sometimes unrelenting, vocals contrast melodic singing; massive fuzz gives way to clean guitar parts. Building upon this unyielding foundation, this latest album continues the band’s narrative, traversing life’s epic journey of loss, reclamation and, ultimately, finding hope within the darkness.) 22.00

CLOWNS - bad blood LP (tcm - In 2015 Clowns have unsolicitedly carved their name into the walls of the Australian punk rock hall of fame. The success of their most recent full length Bad Blood has seen them smash sold out shows and festivals nation wide, appear at the 2015 SxSW festival, become the first ever Australian act to (dis)grace the prestigious Riot Fest line up in Chicago and achieve high rotation on national radio stations and bedroom record players alike. Combining a vicious base layer of punishing punk rock combined with influences that range from 77’ punk, to underground Australian rock, as well as thrash, doom, noise and powerpop all loaded with chaos, energy and fun. Clowns really know no boundaries in regards to leaving punters stoked that they left their couches and came out to see them at a show. With two full length LP’s under their belt including 2013’s “I’m Not Right” which ranked in at number 5 of national radio’s ”Short Fast Loud’ top 40 releases of 2013, as well as the already highly acclaimed follow up LP ”Bad Blood” released in early 2015, Clowns are heavily equipped with the right credentials to back up their impressive live show.)14.00

COLD LEATHER - smart moves LP (adagio830 - 9 song debut album after a stunning 7" and Demo. Well, Cold Leather sound like neither. In fact, they probably sound as if no punk band had existed from ’74 on. They play those tasty classic rock type riffs with a groovy rhythm section and have the same sexy teenage urgency that you feel when you listen to The Runaways. It’s like they were punks before there was punk – and I don’t mean power-pop. I’m thinking about that period of time when rock was dangerous and sexual and it wasn’t necessary to differentiate it from all the commercial bands’ bullshit. And believe me, if Cold Leather have one fault, is that the short duration of their single and demo leaves us wanting more. For a whole lot more." (cvlt nation /HUGO FILIPE LOPES) Recorded July 2017 by T - Rex at Allee der Kosmonauten  Mixed and mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory  Artwork by Zsa Zsa - 500 LPs with heavy card board cover & silk screened inserts) 13.00

DEUX - decadence LP (minimal wave - We’re pleased to announce that the re-press of the Decadence LP by French duo Deux will be available on January 3, 2013. Gérard Pelletier and Cati Tete formed Deux after meeting in Lyon in 1981. Their music can be described as minimal synth with stripped down rhythm compositions and suitably cold duets. Their influences are a perfect blend of Kraftwerk and French synthpop. Between 1983 and 1992, they released a cassette and several rare singles. They also appeared on the V/A BIPP LP (2006) and on the V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol 1 LP (2010). Check their lovely videos linked below. The Decadence LP features selections of their old material, newly remastered. It is a hand numbered second edition of 999 copies, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a heavy matte jacket) 23.00

DIVIDE & DISSOLVE - basic LP (It's hard to believe that DIVIDE & DISSOLVEare only a two-piece, as their Neo-Classical take on crushing Doom/Drone is so brutally and overwhelmingly physical & powerful, that when experienced live it has literally caused people to lose control of their bodily functions. Their 2017 LP BASIC is a passionate and honest ode to Black Empowerment & Indigenous Sovereignty—both celebrating and mourning at once, this album is emotive, heavy and vital. Using just Electric Guitar, Drums, Saxophone & Effects, this Texan-Australian duo create booming sonic landscapes & somehow take metal to an entirely new place. For fans of Sunn O))), Boris, Black Metal & Doom, and designed specifically to empower Black & Indigenous people the world over. Australian import (note: some copies have very slight jacket dings).) 17.00

DRUX - s/t LP (static age - Straight ahead 80s style influenced hardcore filled with punching mid tempo parts, showing hints of classic Boston style like SSD with the UK82 sound of Chaos UK. There‘s a video of an old Negative Approach show where a bunch of young Hardcore kids are going wild in front of the stage. They were singing along and slam-dancing to every single song. Every time I think about this gig I’m like ‘Damn, I need to time-travel straight to the 80’s’. As this won’t work out in the near future I’m more than stoked about the fact that there’s a new band from Leipzig / Germany that brings back the same energy and the same raw style that my heroes from the past had to offer. The first full length release from DRUX makes me wanna cut my hair with a rusty razor and to smash my head against the wall, as every single song brings this positive kind of aggression I’ve been searching for far too long.) 12.00

EDDIE AND ERNIE - Time Waits For No One LP /cairo -   The first ever vinyl LP compilation of songs by the great Eddie and Ernie!  The duo produced tons of great singles throughout the 60's and early 70's.  This LP features a couple dance numbers, but mostly slow dramatic soul ballads reminiscent of the best moments of more well known acts like Sam and Dave and Otis Redding.  Some pretty eerie soaring vocals and existential lyrics of the highest order.  Under appreciated in their time, Eddie and Ernie are two of soul musics greatest talents!  Old school "tip on" record cover and classy black inner sleeve.  One time limited pressing.  ) 18.00

ERIK NERVOUS - Assorted Anxieties LP (neck chop - You familiar with this, uh... this four-eyed yankee kid... calls himself ERIK NEUTRON, or something of the like. Legend has it that at a very young age, Erik was forcibly uprooted from his suburban home by an intense gust of wind, propelling his infantile body in a near-perfect spiral towards America’s Rust Belt. There, he found himself lodged in a strange, mystical land, to which some leather-donning yokels have taken to calling... “NWI-cago”. Using a small, hexavalent chromium-stained seashell, Erik spent his youth studying music through the sounds of the ocean, recording rock songs of his own creation onto multi-colored floppy disks. He called it... “Devo-core”. All was peaceful in the land of NWI-cago, up until a small, green goblin-man, Limpy, and his friend, the ex-host of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare, scurried away with Erik’s floppies in hand, redistributing the music on their own respective record labels for the general populace to dissect. The rest, my friend, is history.) 17.00

FRANCO BATTIATO - clic LP (superirp - On his fourth album, Clic, Franco Battiato moves further out—into realms of pure and elemental approaches to sound—to create a seminal work that flows naturally from one musical form to the next. Every second ripples with orbital chords, kosmische textures and schizophrenic string quartets, yet somehow manages the same dramatic pacing and variety as his avant-rock albums Fetus and Pollution. Originally released in 1974 on Bla Bla, Clic features Battiato on VCS3 synthesizer and piano, along with trusted collaborators Gianni Mocchetti on guitar and Gianfranco D’Adda on percussion. While only “No U Turn” bears the maestro’s voice, these seven tracks contain some of his boldest melodies, an underlying thread that runs through the choral arrangements and meditative compositions. Clic’s dedication to Karlheinz Stockhausen comes into focus on the final piece, “Ethika Fon Ethica”—a rapidfire journey into Italian shortwave radio, interrupted by fleeting fragments of folk music from around the world (sampled from Henry Cowell’s celebrated Folkways compilations from the 1950’s). It’s the perfect ending to Battiato’s beautiful and expansive tour of the cosmos, signaling the uncompromising experimentalism that would dominate much of the composer’s mid-1970s oeuvre. Superior Viaduct presents the first-time domestic release of Clic. Reproducing the original gatefold jacket and booklet, this reissue is part of an archival series that chronicles Franco Battiato’s masterful body of work from 1971 to 1978.) 27.00

GELD - Perfect Texture LP (iron lung - Swirling psychedelic D-Beat madness from Melbourne, Australia with members of KRÖMOSOM and POWER. Acidic fuzz guitars and wild distorted vocals snarling out eleven songs about suffering, vulnerability, paranoia and banality are what make up the perfect texture of living in today's doomed world. Perfect Texture offers about as much comfort as a swarm of angry bees whose nest has just been kicked. Includes a huge full-color poster, lyric sheet and download card come housed in a 24-pt UV coated jacket.) 18.00

GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ - s/t LP + Comic (adagio830 - 300 black / 200 clear with a 40 page riso printed zine ‚Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz' is the outcome of a long distance correspondence between Netherlands based musician Nick Jongen and Berlin based illustrator / comic artist Tine Fetz.  “What started as the loose concept of “Tine draws, then Nick records” turned into an artistic and personal dialogue that neither of us saw coming. It took two intense months to shape this project, sharing secrets and getting closer along the way. Drawing and recording every free minute we had, ‘Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz’ became the narrative of our fever dream.”  All illustrations were made by Tine in Berlin, Germany and Pafos, Cyprus. All audio was recorded and mixed in Nick’s bedroom in Maastricht, Netherlands, except for the field recording on ‘At The Movies’, which was made at Rockaway Beach, NY, USA. Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden studio in San Francisco, USA.  This project will be released as a gatefold lp & 40 page riso printed A4 zine. The lp holds all the home recordings & the zine contains all illustrations and lyrics.  Nick is also in bands Sleep Kit, Baby Galaxy, and I Am Oak. This is the first release as Ghost Bag. Tine published a book called ‘This Is Not Uganda’ (Jaja Verlag) and has a weekly cartoon in German newspaper Jungle World. ) 16.00

HILARY WOODS - colt LP (sacred bones - Hilary Woods’ artistry is one of rare emotive reach. Her minimalist and compositional finesse combine with densely layered atmospheric instrumentation and dreamlike vocals to create music rich with both delicacy and intensity. The Sunday Times hailed her early solo recordings as “a revelation.” The power at the heart of Colt is a siren’s song, at once mysterious, dark and beautiful, pulling you in. Opening song “Inhaler” is a conceptual cry for oxygen, illustrating the desolation felt in the absence of a lost lover, but the song’s velvet fluidity feels like a long, enveloping exhale. “Jesus Said” is an entrancing expression of abandonment and catharsis, seeking absolution where none can be found. Percussion is sparse and intentional throughout the record, and “Jesus Said” is one of few songs with prominent beats. When the beat finally breaks the tension of the longing introduction, it creates an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythm and improvised piano. Written and recorded at home in Dublin, Colt was mixed by and co-produced with James Kelly (WIFE, Altar of Plagues) in Berlin in the winter of 2017. The dynamics of the production serve to temper layers of instruments, giving the compositions breathing room to match their pacing.) 18.00

HYSTERESE - s/t (3) LP (this charming man - new 3rd LP by this german punk outfit) 13.00

JESS WILLIAMSON - cosmic wink LP (mexican summer - On Cosmic Wink, JESS WILLIAMSON's third album following the self-released Native State and Heart Song, an artist emerges as another self in love, under California’s influence, and a part of an even wider consciousness. Cosmic Wink is a record about how vulnerability can feel something less vulnerable when love—true, deep love—creates a latticework of strength underneath the frame of our humanity.) 23.00

KAREN MEAT - You're An Ugly Person LP (emotional - Based between Des Moines and Iowa City, KAREN MEAT is the genre-hopping project of ARIN EATON. The Karen Meat band is a moody character; like a sequined oversized sweater, crooning melodies and lyrics of a bored generation. You’re an Ugly Person expands on Karen Meat’s November 2016 tape release, She’s Drunk Like The Rest Of Us. An EP that saw Eaton steer away from her DSM band forays (with Brad Turk, John Huffman) as Eaton collaborates with her business partner, DANA TELSROW. Glittering with memorable beats, '60s-girl-pop inspired vocals, sprinkled with guitar flights of fancy from Dana, and topped off with co-ordinated outfits. Together Eaton and Telsrow have toured the US, and as anyone who has witnessed will testify, create a phenomenal, cannot miss, live show through delightful co-ordinated chaos. Realistically, pop songs should be fun AND sad. Karen Meat embraces the power of rejection and depression as themes for her music, and her upbeat tunes are gems of sarcasm and truth.) 17.00

LENA PLATNOS - Lepidoptera LP (dark entries - Lena Platonos is a Greek musician, pianist and music composer. She was one of the pioneers in the Greek electronic music scene of the 1980s, and she remains active today. Lena was born on the island of Crete and grew up in Athens. She began learning how to play the piano at the age of two and became a professional pianist before turning eighteen. Soon afterwards, she received a scholarship to study in Vienna and Berlin, where she was exposed to jazz, rock, and Middle Eastern music. She returned to Greece in the late 70’s and began working with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. She released three collaborative albums between 1981 and 1983, but it was her “triptych” of solo albums, Sun Masks (1984), Gallop (1985), and Lepidoptera (1986) that would lead many to call her the “Greek Laurie Anderson” or “mother of Greek electronica”. Released in 1986, Lepidoptera was Lena’s third solo album, which was inspired by a scientific book on butterflies she found in a trashcan one day. The Latin genus and species names were mysterious and paralleled the changes in Lena’s personal life. “My concern in this work is transformation as a metaphor, or transcendence as an existential condition,” says Lena. Compositions follow minimalistic motifs and carefully-staged soundscapes. Vocals are processed through electronic filters, and at times plays a central role. Lena’s surrealistic verses are delivered in a direct fashion, touching on themes of metamorphosis, rebirth, love, and alienation. At times, she expresses tenderness; at others, a childlike innocence.) 18.00

LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs Revenge LP (neck chop - Generally speaking, the punk rock ethos is one slightly muddled by its own paradoxical philosophy; the idea that, as an accessible do-it-yourself three-chord act, you’re expected to exercise the genre’s “devil-may-give-no-fuck” attitude in order to create confrontational bouts of raw, intimate music that barks in the face of your oppressors—internal, external, or otherwise—and celebrate everything that makes punk so intrinsically cathartic and empowering. But of course, all of this means jack-shit when nobody can make out what the fuck you’re saying. That’s why a band like LIQUIDS—brainchild of Indiana’s MAT WILLIAMS, best known for his time playing in THE CONEHEADS, DAGGER, THE FRITZ, GUINEA KID, SCABS and PUKEOID—is one whose worth as a garage-y, glam-like solo project is elevated so far beyond its immediate deluge of vibrant, squeal-prone hooks and brilliantly infectious rock ‘n’ roll melodies. Since the band’s debut in early 2015, Liquids has always been an honest, shamelessly human introspective projected through the lens of highly electrifying rock ‘n’ roll fits, beautifully melding garage, pop, blues, and even hardcore sensibilities into a perfectly condensed lo-fi punk rock chassis. It is music so unabashedly pained and discontented, with lyricism veiled in a venomous sheet of nihilism and destructive impulses craving immediate discharge, that it only serves to magnify the songs’ uncontainable amounts of upbeat, yet bittered passion. As intense as it is intelligent, Mat’s continual usage of the Liquids handle has culminated in a discography chock-full of songs guaranteed to be underground hits once we’re all dead and gone. “Hot Liqs’ Revenge” is no different, compiling an assortment of pre-existing recordings onto one convenient wheel ‘o’ wax, exemplifying the eclectic, savant-tier songwriting coming out from one of the most rightfully-revered D.I.Y. musicians of the Midwest. Long live Liquids.) 17.00

LTD - s/t LP (in teh red - What happens when you put King Khan and Sean Wood from The Spits together? The results are Louder Than Death aka LTD. This mini-album is the first collaboration between the two titans of garage-punk and the results are as bonkers as you’d hope. Sci-fi inspired punk meets weirdo synth damage that’s as deranged and dumb as you’d hope. Since the recording of this debut release the band have added Aggy and Looch from the Magnetix to the line up and recorded an album (out later this year on In The Red) of blistering, whacked-out punk rock that is guaranteed to blow minds. Watch for the band on tour!) 18.00

MICHAELA MELIAN - Music From A Frontier Town LP (martin hossbach - Following the U.S. Army’s liberation of Munich in May 1945, the world’s first Amerikahaus was inaugurated there with a library, a magazine reading room, a children’s library, a record and lm department, and lecture and seminar rooms, together with a concert hall and exhibition space. Up to 80,000 people a month utilized the offerings of Amerikahaus during its early years. Beginning in 1953, the United States Information Agency (USIA), an institution founded as an instrument of the Cold War, began to finance Amerikahaus. In addition to representing the U.S., its principal task in West Germany was to democratize and denazify the postwar population. After the beginning of the Cold War, many of these re-educative measures also served as propaganda in a programmatic linking of democratic and economic principles meant to strengthen transatlantic relations against the Communist Bloc. In 1997, the U.S. government concluded its work at Amerikahaus in Munich and shipped almost all its items back to the States. However, 1,630 long-playing vinyl records from the library were left behind in cardboard boxes in the basement. When Michaela Melián looked through this forgotten collection, one of the first things she came across was Don Gillis’ 1940 tone poem »Portrait of a Frontier Town«, whose second movement is entitled »Where the West Begins«. Don Gillis, a composer and radio producer, used the musical styles and genres of that decade to create an explicitly American program music. Michaela Melián’s »Music from a Frontier Town« is fueled by the diverse sonic material of this extensive record collection once considered as an instrument of cultural education.) 18.00

NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS - Complete Studio Recordings LP (dais - Dais Records unveils the first ever vinyl reissue collection from storied New Zealand post-punk outfit NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS. “Complete Studio Recordings” comprises the band’s three original highly sought-after vinyl releases on one record – remastered. Formed in Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1981, Nocturnal Projections was the explosive project of legendary and prolific brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies (who would later form This Kind of Punishment before launching their solo careers), who along with friends Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford, created some of the most explosive, dark, and influential avant-garde punk rock to emerge from the country. Largely ignored during their tenure (but revered and referenced in the years after their breakup) and often compared to UK contemporaries like Joy Division, Comsat Angels, The Fall, or Wire, Nocturnal Projections stood well apart - never enjoying the luxuries of unlimited studio time, music videos or international fame, the NPs possessed a driven, rough-hewn serrated edge that cut through the lot comparisons to the UK post-punk exports of the era. They were ahead of their time, completely singular, and for those that had the benefit of seeing Nocturnal Projections play live – formative, with a dedicated cult following to this day. Nocturnal Projections are hard to pin down: bright, slashing, and prominent guitars with driving solid basslines and drums in tight lockstep, all with Peter Jefferies’ urgent signature baritone vocals soaring alongside – the result is still perhaps the most energetic, unique, and fresh music to ever emerge from the post-punk scene.) 23.00

NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS - Inmates In Images LP (dais - Dais Records unveils the first ever live and rare vinyl collection from storied New Zealand post-punk outfit NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS. “Inmates In Images” comprises the band’s best and rare material recorded right off the board at key gigs, capturing the unique and unbridled energy of the NPs. Inmates & Images (DAIS113) is issued alongside the vinyl studio collection: Complete Studio Recordings (DAIS112). Formed in Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1981, Nocturnal Projections was the explosive project of legendary and prolific brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies (who would later form This Kind of Punishment before launching their solo careers), who along with friends Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford, created some of the most explosive, dark, and influential avant-garde punk rock to emerge from the country. Largely ignored during their tenure (but revered and referenced in the years after their breakup) and often compared to UK contemporaries like Joy Division, Comsat Angels, The Fall, or Wire, Nocturnal Projections stood well apart - never enjoying the luxuries of unlimited studio time, music videos or international fame, the NPs possessed a driven, rough-hewn serrated edge that cut through the lot comparisons to the UK post-punk exports of the era. They were ahead of their time, completely singular, and for those that had the benefit of seeing Nocturnal Projections play live – formative, with a dedicated cult following to this day. As residents of New Plymouth’s Lion Tavern during their first year as a band, they perfected their soaring, impactful live set locally (often as the only band, without an opener and 3 hours to fill!) before heading off to Auckland in January of 1982, performing with bands like The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, and New Order at venues like The Mainstreet Cabaret, The Rumba Bar and Reverb Room. Over the next two years in Auckland the band would record 3 vinyl records (collected on the companion release to this record, “Complete Studio Recordings” DAIS112), write nearly 100 songs and play over 150 gigs.) 23.00

OLIMA ANDITI - Where Else Would I Be? LP (mississippi - Olima Anditi is an innovative guitarist and singer known and loved throughout Western Kenya. Blind since childhood, Olima travels the trucking routes along Lake Victoria, playing haunting, gorgeous tunes passed down through generations. He's a local legend, helped along wherever he lands.  This intimate session, recorded at Olima's rented room in Kisumu, Kenya in 2010, is being released for the first time on vinyl and digital. Since the appearance of some of these tracks online in 2012, some Kenyan music fans and scholars have questioned the authenticity of Olima Anditi, claiming this musician is occupying the place of an artist who died long ago. Vinyl and digital versions of this album include an essay about the controversial origin stories of Olima Anditi and finally clear up this mystery. All versions of the album include lyrics in English and Luo in a 14-page booklet. ) 18.00

OREN AMBARCHI / KASSEL JAEGER / JAEMS RUSHFORD - face time LP (Face Time is the second release from the trio of Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, and James Rushford, following on from their 2016 debut Pale Calling. Recorded at the GRM studios in Paris in June 2017, the record immediately returns to the idiosyncratic sound-world of the trio’s first release, a simmering stew of electronic smears, pitched-down animal moans, and mysteriously emotive microtonal organ chords. But before long the record takes an unexpected turn, as sounds that initially enter as occasional percussive pitter-patter build to a halting rhythm. Equally reminiscent of Basic Channel-style dub techno and the sound of a microphone loose in a pocket, these stumbling rhythmic figures provide the framework for the remainder of the record’s two sides, occasionally receding into the background to allow squelching electronics, chiming bells, distorted autoharp, inchoate grunts and the sound of a Cristal Baschet to take centre stage, but each time returning with the inevitability of a an idée fixe) 25.00

PEP LLOPIS - Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes LP (iemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes offers a Mediterranean journey, one that Ulysses, Aeneas, and Jason with his Argonauts charted first and Valencian artist, Pep Llopis, retraced and retread from the islands of Menorca to Santorini. All of his experiences are aboard this vessel of sound: no format in mind, no course but the chasm within self. Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes offers a musical language that any listener can understand. Untethered to the meaning of words, one is set adrift and free in minimalist sound and traditional music.) 20.00

RANGE RATS - s/t LP (mississippi - Fred and Toody Cole's (from Dead Moon, the Rats etc) country band recordings from 1987! Great raw and rugged rocking' country tunes recording during the break between the Rats and Dead Moon. Most songs with full band accompaniment, but two songs at the end with guitar, bass and an off kilter drum machine named “Rolly”. Great lost recordings not to be missed.) 17.00

RANDY AND THE RANDIES - s/t LP (randiful - RANDY AND THE RANDIES, a garage punk band was originally formed in late 1979. They are of the Portland music lineage traced back through Jennifer to FORMICA AND THE BITCHES and the Neo Boys, becoming the strange little brother band to these more famous UNDERGROUND greats.They were privileged to be a part of the early PORTLAND DIY scene, and helped redefine what it meant to be in a band. With instruments provided by FRED & TOODY COLE, the same way many emerging outfits got their start, the band was off and running. Included in Mark Sten's book, ALL AGES: THE RISE AND FALL OF PORTLAND PUNK ROCK, 1977-1981; the band's original cassettes and 8-track recordings were recently remastered by MIKE LASTRA. And, in 2015, Jennifer Lobianco, along with her former band, Neo Boys, were inducted into the OREGON MUSIC HALL OF FAME.) 20.00

RITUAL CHAMBER - the pits of tentacled screams LP (Ritual Chamber is the most recent project of the prolific Dario J. Derna (aka Numinas) who is most well known for his work with Krohm and Infester among the many other entries on his résumé (Vetus Obscurum, Drawn and Quartered, Evoken, and Funebrarum among others). This demo, entitled “The Pits of Tentacled Screams,” is the first Ritual Chamber release and features Derna on all instruments. Ominous and oppressive, this demo reeks of the glorious stench of cadaverine. Amid the glut of Death Metal releases over the past decade, Ritual Chamber stands out in its ability to conjure a melancholic aura while retaining the intensity and focused precision of classic Death Metal. This is due, no doubt, to the nearly 25 years that Derna has dedicated to honing his skills in playing some of the most evocative Death and Black Metal produced in the United States. The quality of this demo suggests that, as this project continues to mature, Ritual Chamber may be the most effective of Derna’s many endeavors.) 14.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER JUNE (No Trend, Spacemen 3, Uniform, Eri

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 08 Juin 2018, 12:16

SHATTERBOX Strung Out On The Line LP (DIG! Records Archeological Division presents Strung Out on the Line, the all but lost private press powerhouse LP from SHATTERBOX. The band formed in 1979, at a major and sketchy (read: majorly sketchy) generational crossroads for what threatened to be the last gasp of Rock’n’roll in the ‘70s, and the shaky-new directions it’d take in the ‘80s. Recorded in their Seattle basement, the band utilized a mobile studio unit a la a low-rent D.I.Y. Exile Main on St., and self-released the album on New Year’s Day 1981 in an unknown quantity, and in an array of handmade album art designs: stencil and spray paint; paste-on Xerox cutout; and bare-white factory sleeves, Shatterbox never followed standard operating procedures and Strung Out on the Line captures the band’s wild and ragged original sound and style in full. Newly restored and remastered by DAVID ECK from the original quarter-inch reels and housed in properly printed jackets with liner notes displaying the numerous versions of album art and an oral history from the band’s sole surviving member, Richard Pleasant, this LP is finally receiving the presentation it deserves. Rocketing through twelve brash and energetic cuts of exuberant Punk Rock and raw Power Pop, the album sonically falls somewhere between The Heartbreakers, Nervous Eaters and either—or, better yet—both iterations of The Gizmos.) 18.00

SKOGEN – Skuggorna Kallar LP (nordvis - Under a frozen Swedish moon, Skogen have their sonic pentagram of albums in homage to the stark, nebular beauty of their motherland. Theirs is a blackened folkish metal possessed by the mysteries of nature and dedicated to paying homage to its majesty, both in light and darkness. This polarity is felt in the music as subtly beautiful melodies and clean vocals are woven into the more pervasive darker tones that saturate Skuggorna Kallar, like the blanket of night, heavy with dew. You could say that it is simultaneously the band’s most complete and darkest work to date. Our sonic journey starts at the onset of a Nordic eve, as the sun shines its last reluctant rays on the bleak landscape. Dark omens are foretold by our shrouded companion, or is it Loki, playing with our minds as the frostbite takes hold, numbing our brains and weakening our defences. Finally, the sun’s blood seeps through the seemingly impenetrable fog of pre-dawn grimness and we are arrived at our final destination, beneath the mighty ash -Yggdrasil. Only then do we realize that the gods have indeed played laid down our final card and the funeral rites begin. Valhalla awaits.) 24.00

SSLEEPING DESIRESS -Ssleeping DesiresS LP (onderstrom - Coldwave / darkwave debut album by San Fransisco based producer Gabriel Ramos. While the band has gone through a few lineup changes Ssleeping Desiress has essentially remained the brainchild of Gabriel Ramos, who is now the sole member. Ssleeping Desiress is certainly a gem in the electronic underground, the album runs along the boundaries between minimal synth, coldwave, and electro with lyrical themes being gentrification, coping with death, artistic drive and confusion and the ephemeral nature of relationships. The only Ssleeping Desiress release so far was the great A Voice / Sister 7inch on the FlexiWave label in 2012. They also appeared on numerous new new wave compilations in the last couple of years. The self-titled album presented here takes the project to the next level. Kicking off with an echoing voice over repetitive drums and outbursts of synths & guitars, slowly moving towards a more darkwave sound on the second half of the album. Gabriel Ramon started making solo recordings while living in Portland, Oregon around 2005. Being inspired by the culminating factors of the DIY drive of the city, hosting live shows at his house, which frequently would host friends' bands from San Francisco and his growing fascination and voracious consumption of music: "I can really trace it to the first time Spector Protector played at my house and getting a tape afterwards from one of the two members, Eric Davis. That and being freshly exposed to groups like Suicide and Arthur Russell was very inspirational to begin recording music on my own, though it is something I had done fairly aimlessly since high school. I make an effort and try and change my process as much as I can (usually through collaboration) and vary the instrumentation. I try and incorporate a late 70s punk vibe, a marriage of dub and krautrock repetition and cavernous space.) 20.00

SOFT KILL - Savior LP (profound lore -Portland, Oregon’s Soft Kill ripped through 2016 with Choke, the follow up to 2015’s Heresy. It became the band’s most acclaimed album to date and saw them on a constant touring cycle through North America and Europe. The band now returns with the triumphant follow-up Savior, released by Profound Lore Records, bringing a unique blend of gloom laced with pop charm and flawless songwriting that transcends the post-punk genre. The writing for this album was influenced by tragic events in frontman Tobias Grave’s life, including songs about losing his son, his battle with drug addiction, and the empty space suspended between mourning and celebration, life and death. Recorded and mixed in Kingsize Sudios in Los Angeles and produced by Benjamin Greenberg (Uniform, The Men, Algiers), this band has matured into a powerhouse, effortlessly combining genres, always with Grave’s powerful, raw emotional storytelling. From the pop perfection of “Trying Not to Die” to the swelling and crushing guitars on “Hard Candy” to the unrelenting dirge of “Bunny Room,” Savior is a creative tour de force.) 22.00

SPACEMEN 3 - Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To DLP (superor - Amidst the swirl that is Spacemen 3’s discography, Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To occupies a pivotal position --- one right at the nexus between their garage beginnings and their expansionist future. While much of this material is expanded upon via Sound Of Confusion and The Perfect Prescription, many devotees consider these urgent, minimally treated recordings as the prime document of Spacemen 3 at this stage. Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To casts Spacemen 3 alongside the mid-80s cadre of UK front-line rockers, contributing a distinct variation of high pop shining through layered noisy guitars.  Ultimately, this collection serves to exalt the strength of Spacemen 3’s songwriting over the atmospherics and production assemblage that would permeate their later efforts.  Be it the rave-up rendering of “The Sound Of Confusion” or the churning take on “Losing Touch With My Mind”, these full band recordings capture the excited and inspirational spark of psychedelia rather than deep-dive ruminations on sonics and space.) 32.00

SPACEMEN 3 - Playing With Fire LP (superior viaduct - Spacemen 3 began assembling their third album, 1988’s Playing With Fire, at perhaps the freest, most confident point in their career. Recording began with the band road-tested and rugged, even amidst the functional volatility that famously motivated their course. The sessions’ first offering came in the form of “Revolution,” a single of heroic Stooges-devotion and the most commercially successful release the group had to date. High expectations for the album were soon exceeded, as Playing With Fire would become Spacemen 3’s crowning studio achievement and cement their rightful place on the vanguard of otherworldly rock ‘n’ roll. An exquisite mix of stuttering tremolo guitars and wistful melodies, Playing With Fire sheds any trappings of revisionism and furnishes a nuanced grade of psychedelia. Epic entries like “Suicide” (named after the notorious NYC band) and the mesmeric “How Does It Feel?” catch Spacemen 3 at their celestial apex, the very point where their collective writing, performance and production would crest and wondrously splinter. Includes download card and new insert with liner notes by Marc Masters.) 28.00

SPACEMEN 3 - Recurring LP (superior - 1990’s Recurring, the fourth and final studio album by Spacemen 3, is often considered the introduction of two brilliant solo projects (Spectrum and Spiritualized) rather than the work of a functioning band. While Spacemen 3’s departing statement surely reveals a deep divide within the S3 camp—each side of the LP was written by Sonic Boom and Jason Pierce separately and, unlike previous releases, the two do not play on each other’s songs—Recurring maintains a cohesive, dreamy feel with its chief sonic officers backed by fellow travelers Will Carruthers, Mark Refoy and Jon Mattock. Opening saga “Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)” marries ambient haze with narcotized indie rock, while “I Love You” manages to arrange a beautiful flute alongside a defiantly throbbing bass track. “Hypnotized,” a reimagined fuzz-pop hymn, would become the group’s first entry in the UK Singles Charts. Recurring lays bare the essence of Spacemen 3’s persistent sound, rooted in both aural expansion and phenomenal songwriting. Includes download card and new insert with liner notes by Marc Masters.) 28.00

SUPERSTITION - Surging Throng Of Evil’s Might LP (20 buck spin - Despite the explosive re-emergence of death metal during the last ten or so years, few bands in the U.S. have sought to carry on the faithful legacy of early evil in American death in a manner that wasn’t a pale forgery. To that end, Superstition manifest from the ancient landscape of New Mexico with their debut Surging Throng Of Evil’s Might, heralding the return of perdition’s flame. Unpolished malevolence dripping with vile iniquity, occultic force and eerie demonic sentience is draped across the audial essence of the band’s debut, from the hellish introduction of “Death’s Fuming Passage” to the closing keys of “Grave Portals.” The very primordial elements of the abyssic fire are summoned in this ancient invocation. Ready to pierce the sacrificial lamb and open the gates in the U.S and beyond, Superstition presage the permanence of darkness in the material plane this summer on tour with Spectral Voice and Mortiferum. This album is only the beginning to the plague of the Superstition.) 18.00

THE JUST MEASURES - Flagellation LP (emotiona - Newly released from captivity, the acclaimed 1983 avant-punk masterpiece album featuring the dark and humorous genius of NARKI BRILLANS, C.D. GREYT, and YAKKO BANOVIC with special guest SARA FANCY. The lone JUST MEASURERS LP, originally an edition of 300 copies on the Its War Boys label, has rarely been seen in the wild during the past 3 and a half decades, (although was recently spotted on Discogs for $450!). The band consists of members from other essential under-the-radar 80s UK DIY luminaries, such as MILK FROM CHELTENHAM, THE HOMOSEXUALS, THE MURPHY FEDERATION, DIE TRIP COMPUTER DIE, L. VOAG, AMOS AND SARA, THE WORK... Playful and unsettling, the 16 tracks contained within are as vibrant and challenging as the day they were conceived. Who knows where The Just Measurers may have dragged us to had they followed up with further records? We never got to find out, as they had the good grace to split at the top of their game, leaving this essential document of their collective and vibrant minds. Emotional Response are thrilled to exhume this essential body of work. Don’t miss out this second time around!) 17.00

UNIFORM & THE BODY - Mental Wounds Not Healing LP (sacred bones - In Spring 2017, Uniform was asked to support fellow noisy, boundary-pushing duo The Body for a European tour. Having been longtime fans of the band, Uniform vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist Ben Greenberg jumped at the opportunity. During the planning phase of the tour, Berdan and Lee Buford from The Body started corresponding regularly. Ultimately, Berdan asked Buford if he and The Body cofounder Chip King would be interested in making a collaborative record with Uniform. Buford enthusiastically assented, and the seed of Mental Wounds Not Healing was sown. The title of the record is a line stolen from the chorus of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.” Most of the titles are culled from horror literature and cinema, with specific nods to Shirley Jackson, Jack Ketchum, and Elem Klimov. Thematically, the songs have to do with feeling trapped in one’s own mind, projecting images over and over again of a future in shambles before it even gets a chance to happen. It is about hopelessness, anxiety, and depression so familiar that they seem like permanent fixtures of one’s psyche and identity.) 18.00

UT - Live At The Venue Nov. 24, 1981 LP (First time on vinyl. Part of the ongoing UT remaster/reissue series. Originally released in 1982 as a cassette only release. Features five tracks recorded in November 1981 at the Venue. Remastered from original recording by Dominique Brethes, these five tracks recorded in 1981 are the perfect accompaniment to the recent 12” reissues of S/T and Confidential (OUT0102) Released in November 2017). New artwork by the band, and a DL card come with this RSD 2018 edition.) 20.00

VIRUS - the agent that shapes the desert LP (duplicate - The Agent That Shapes The Desert is the third album from Norwegian avantgarde rock maestros Virus. Whereas its predecessor The Black Flux was a dense maelstrom that threatened to pull you under, The Agent... is dry, sharp and refined. It combines the dissonant guitar-washes of mastermind Czral's former band Ved Buens Ende and The Black Flux with the outlandish nature of the band's Carheart debut, while simultaneously moving in several new directions at once. At the same time, The Agent... is the band's most coherent, catchy and well-produced effort yet, and should appeal to music addicts across a vast spectrum of genres. Czral's trademark sideways riffs are perfectly underscored by the concise, efficient drumming of Einz and Bjeima's adventurous bass lines. The vocals, also courtesy of Czral, are stronger than ever, at times reminiscent of a choir of mad preachers, at others subtle and brooding, giving off an air of desperation.) 14.00

VIRUS - carheart LP (duplicate - The outlandish threesome's debut, originally released on cd by Jester Records in 2003, and later on vinyl by Duplicate in 2009, remains a fan favourite with its unheard of mixture of Czral's trademark dissonant riffs and alien vocals, Plenum's rollercoaster-gone-bad bass excursions and Einz' infectious grooves. All seasoned with a healthy dose of Monty Python'esque imagery and absurd darkness.) 14.00

WAYFARER - World's Blood LP (profund lore - World’s Blood is black metal of the American West. Wayfarer recorded the album in the winter of early 2018 at The Thousand Caves in New York under the watchful production of Colin Marston. A reflection of the Rocky Mountains and high plains of their native Colorado, this album tells a story that is uniquely American. Drawing influence as much from the dusty, dark Americana of the “Denver Sound” and the scores of epic westerns as they do the fury and melody of black metal, the band brings something original to the table with a sound that is at once aggressive and honest. The album paints a hallucinatory picture of the western frontier, and the haunting presence of the blood in the soils from a culture lost to time. First brought together in 2012, the members of the band aimed to create something original, in order to contribute back to the pantheon of the great and timeless music that shaped them as people. World’s Blood marks Wayfarer’s debut with Profound Lore Records, as they step into their own in the music underground with their strongest and most fully realized vision to date.) 22.00

V/A - Buried Country LP (mississiippi -  Compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music.  When we say country, it is a broader category than you might imagine.  This LP contains all kinds of sounds. The cosmic organ driven dream song of Black Allan Barker, the droney intensely political Glararrwuy Yunupingu,the straight up rocking Warumpi Band, the ballad singing of Maisie Kelly, the down home pop of Bobby McLeod and much much more.  A diverse cross section of Aboriginal "country".  All of this material has never been reissued on vinyl before. Political and powerful songs from communities throughout Australia.  This is a truly unique LP. Comes with extensive 36 PAGE liner notes and photos.  A co-release with our friends Flipping Yeah Records.  ) 18.00

V/A - Looking Back LP (cairo records - Compilation of Sam Cooke's great production work for his independent SAR label.  SAR Records was founded by Sam Cooke and JW Alexander in 1959 and closed in 1965, shortly after Sam passing away.. Nobody knows knows what "SAR" stood for.  Sam kept that secret and died with it.  (Maybe it was "Sam and Alex Records"?). They had one employee - Zelda Samuels. She wrote songs, handled all publishing and distribution and ran the office more or less solo.  Their office was just two desks and a piano in a tiny room.  SAR records was the kind of small family affair that Stax was in it's early years and Motown pretended to be. The label produced both Gospel and secular recordings, all with the odd distinction of sounding almost like Sam Cooke. SAR co-founder J.W. Alexander explains:the goals of the label as such -  “We wanted to give young black artists the benefit of as good a production as they could get with a major company. We used the top studios. We didn’t short-cut. We never thought of it as a training ground. We thought of it as an opportunity to contribute something back to the community.” This compilation features Gospel side by side with soul and R&B songs.  Classics by RH Harris, the Simms Twins, The Womack Brothers, The Valentinos, The Soul Stirrers and more.  Old school "tip on" cover and a classy black inner sleeve. One time limited pressing.  ) 18.00

V/A - GUITAR MOOD LP ( First ever repress of the most mystical collection of rare and moody, early 1960's guitar instrumentals from around the world! Features 16 tracks of pure instrumental delight and strangeness from TAKESHI TERAUCHI & HIS BLUE JEANS (Japan), LOS RELAMPAGOS (Spain), LES GUITARES (France), THE TRONICS (USA), LES FRANGINS (Belgium), THE JOKERS (Belgium), ELECTRIC JOHNNY & HIS SKYROCKETS (Holland), and TIMEBREAKERS (Holland & Java).) 18.00

V/A - Dutch Wave: A History Of Minimal Synth & Wave In The Netherlands DLP (onderstroom - First chapter on Onderstroom digging into the history of Dutch minimal synth & wave. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with metallic finishing and pressed on 180gr. vinyl. Who needs a big, expensive recording studio with all those fancy high-tech machines that only make your weary head spin when you can do it all by yourself at home in your (teenage) bedroom? Way back in the early eighties all you really needed was an idea, quite a bit of guts and some rudimentary equipment. You could basically do whatever you wanted. The means were limited, yet the sky was unbounded. It was the time of the cold war nuclear threat, social unrest and mass unemployment but at the same time it was an era of infinite possibilities. The future was just around the corner. A lot of music that was being produced sounded just like that: a brave new world of sound and rhythm. Music was simply put on cheap cassettes, easily duplicated and swiftly distributed in limited quantities into the big world outside. Tracks recorded in Amsterdam, Arnhem of Heiloo ended up in unimaginable destinations such as Brisbane or Buenos Aires.)25.00

YOB - Our Raw Heart DLP (relapse - From tragedy to triumph, YOB’s incredible 8th full-length recording was conceived amidst dire circumstances that nearly left frontman Mike Scheidt dead. Suffering from an extremely painful and potentially fatal intestinal disease, Scheidt miraculously recovered and reinvigorated the Oregon trio with a new sense of purpose for Our Raw Heart, an album informed by the will to survive. More exposed than ever both physically and emotionally, YOB bleed out seven riveting tracks of enormous volume and pensive, transcendental beauty across 75 minutes of ultimate doom. A brilliant musical progression in the YOB continuum, Our Raw Heart is the band at their most aggressive, impassioned and eclectic. The riffs are massive, the vocals captivating and the songwriting sublime. Existing in its own organic universe, Our Raw Heart is truly the band’s finest work to date and the apex achievement of what heavy music can accomplish.) 28.00


MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #420 MAY 2018 MAG (A special tribute to Maximumrocknroll founder Tim Yohannan to mark the 20th anniversary of his passing, plus the organizers of Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp band Little Debbie & The Crusaders, "The Price of Legal Marijuana," Dark/Light from Portland, Death Ridge Boys from Portland, All Torn Up! from NYC, Kohti Tuhoa from Helsinki, Finland, Miss Destiny from Australia, YC-CY from Switzerland, director of the film "Careful Not To Cry," Erik Sutch, and a photo spread from Everything Is Not OK IV.) 5.00

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL -#422 • JULY 2018 MAG (Maximum Rocknroll #421 features Vancouver's FASHIONISM, CUNTROACHES from Berlin, MORAL PANIC from New York, APPRAISE fom Barcelona, Portland's MR. WRONG, Mexico's CRUZ DE NAVAJAS, Australia's EXEK, DURS COEURS from Ottawa, NO LOVE APPRAISE from North Carolina, Japanese legends FIRESTARTER, photos from DC's Damaged City festival, and DIY recording tips.) 5.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER JUNE (No Trend, Spacemen 3, Uniform, Eri

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 15 Juin 2018, 15:24

Another friday in June. Lots of great new records arrived as usual. A couple Neck Chop restocks, BELL WITCH - four phantoms DLP restock, CULT OF OCCULT - anti life DLP, PETER BRÖTZMANN & FRED LONBERG HOLM - ouroboros LP, CHRCH - Light Will Consume Us All LP restock, PLANNING FOR BURIAL - quietly LP, SOFT KILL - Savior LP restock, WILD ANIMALS - The Hoax LP, new MOURN - Sorpresa Familia LP, CARSON WELLS - no relic LP & REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER LP on Adagio830, THE PETER BRÖTZMANN OCTET - Machine Gun LP and more


Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


BACK TO BASICS - shaded eyes 7“ (secret mission - From Kyoto Japan comes one of the best and most powerful punk rock/power-pop bands going today. Featuring members from Japan’s now legendary and influential punk band FIRST ALERT, as well as Osaka’s LOUDER. Following a Japanese only album, this is their third 7” in 10 years and the first one ever to be released in the US. This is the band at the rawest and most punk, don’t miss this absolutely essential record. Limited to only 200 copies in the U.S., with the rest going overseas.) 7.00

COMA REGALIA / DREI AFFEN - split 7“ (A sensational screamo split with Spain and the U.S. uniting to create a stunning collection of songs. Spain's DREI AFFEN (members of OsoLuna) follow up their 12"EP with two more songs of punishing, screamy and crusty hardcore while the almighty COMA REGALIA offers up another three tracks of themed screamo very much in line with Funeral Diner and Orchid.) 6.00

KID CHROME - I've Had It 7“ (neck chop - “I’ve had it!” Truly, these are words to define an entire generation—a generation plagued by empty promises, emptier pockets, and even emptier skulls. Sometimes, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the palpable, burning desire to stomp your feet, gouge your fuckin’ eyes out and scream at the top of your lungs, “I’VE HAD IT!” Thankfully, for the benefit of all humanity, Seattle’s KID CHROME has sonically centralized these sentiments onto one three-track, seven-inch, zero-fucks-given vinyl record, sparing everyone’s eyes from a socket-full of fingers—and frankly, this clever fucker deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for that alone. The person responsible for Kid Chrome’s irresistible rock ‘n’ roll luster is none other than CHAD BUCKLEW of LYSOL, whose legacy as a solo-rock maestro trails back but a few years. And yet, the progress Chad has made since releasing his first hyper-lo-fi spasm of simplistic, drum machine-backed punk is nothing short of inspiring, as it would be for anyone capable of single-handedly writing snappy, bonafide songs of this caliber. Spurred by punchy mechanical drum-beats sure to get a crowd pogo-ing, Kid Chrome has re-recorded three flaming-hot takes on songs of past and present, toting a sharp, ultra-refined rock ‘n’ roll sound whose copious hooks, squeal-sensitive guitar licks, and rampant rodeo howls hearkens back to the great seminal proto-punk acts of yesteryear, complete with a contagious sense of enthusiasm set to enliven once-deadened senses. These are the type of songs you can expect to hear in “underground punk compilations” a few decades from now—so don’t you dare fuckin’ sleep on it now. These songs are somethin’ else.) 8.00

LYSOL - teenage trance 7“ (neck chop - A band that calls themselves “Lysol” ain’t got no business sounding this fuckin’ filthy, but if this new single is of any indication, things are only gonna get far, far more filthier from here. These Seattle-based garage rockers have been playing a dangerous, potentially litigious game of footsie with this identically-named multi-billion dollar corporation for years, even going as far as to censor their name to “L.I.” (Lysol Incognito) on two select releases in order to avert suspicion, and ideally, a cease and desist order—but if there’s one thing that should be made immediately clear by their continued deliverance of demented, psych-tinged jams under the Lysol name, it’s that this band is aiming to live fast and die even faster. They do not give. A. Fuuuuck. Lysol’s “‘Teenage Trance’ b/w ‘Chemical Reaction’” is yet another two-track, grease-sodden helping of rock ‘n’ roll slop served atop a seven-inch vinyl record, effortlessly incorporating elements of the group’s preceding efforts in Seattle’s Freak Vibes, with frantic slews of garage-like grooves propelled by a hardcore ferocity. Drumbeats restrained as the songs cautiously degenerate into psychedelic, noodle-prone moments of mid-paced obscurity, Lysol regularly dislodges themselves into a violent, bombastic concoction of causticized riffs and throat-rending roars, burdened by paranoia yet driven by sheer funk. The only thing that sucks about this record is that it’s only two tracks. But then again, that just might be all the human heart can take before it fuckin’ ruptures on itself.) 8.00

SHOCK - s/t 7“ (SHOCK from Bordeaux (France) is some pure essence of disgust and resentment. This first vinyl effort delivers 5 venomous hardcore tracks combining heavy parts, noisy riffs and high speed tempo. It's violent, raw and dirty, SHOCK is taking you down to the darkside of human nature. Expect some bitter and disillusioned lyrics (most of them in French) which grealty participates to create a very singular atmosphere. SHOCK features members of bands from the very prolific and inspired Bordeaux scene like Gasmask Terrör, Hondartzako Hondakinak, Fraude, Bombardement... Artwork by Mathieu Freak City who also sings in the band.) 5.00

STIFF LOVE - Trouble 7“ (neck chop - Nevermind the weird phrasing: Olympia’s Stiff Love is a fuckin’ beautiful instance punk rock incestuation. Like, if there was some kind of omniscient deity responsible for eating grapes, chuckin’ down lightning bolts, and ensuring that certain groups of people got into rooms together and started up bands, they definitely would’ve had to pull some strings to get the stars to align over Washington that fateful day. Sampling members from Lysol, Lowest Priority, Beta Boys, Very Mental and The Vitamens -- the first three of which are Washington-based, and all four phenomenal punk acts of their own distinct, varying flavors --, Stiff Love is the aftershock following years of rambunctious reverberations spawned by their past musical efforts. Liberating themselves from the arbitrary limitations of straight-forward punk, Stiff Love has channeled decades’ worth of vintage garage rock into a shameless, glittery stint of glam-like moxie, complete with a presentation worthy of posters plastered all over a bedroom wall. This four-piece has curated a sound that’s distinctly their own, emanating sheer confidence and gusto through heavy-handed, toe-tap-inducing rhythms, spring-loaded guitar licks reminiscent of surf-esque sensibilities, crunchy, scuzzed-out riffage imbued with a metallic potency, and a kickass lead capable of inciting a fuckin’ riot. “Trouble” could not have been a better follow-up to the group’s original debut cassette of 2017, honing their once-coarse tones to an edge fit for a smiley face-embossed switchblade. Stiff Love is the exact type of band you wish you had back when you were in middle school. Because, well, maybe then you wouldn’t have turned out to be such a mess.) 8.00


AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN - Everything LP (Bleak paintings of the sky since 2009. The name of the band is an altered song title from UK band Ebony  Lake. First album 'Lost' released May 2010. Second album 'Everything' released September 2011.) 16.00

AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN - Eternal LP (The Dutch trio An Autumn for Crippled Children are exemplars of blackgaze, the increasingly popular subgenre that takes inspiration primarily from black metal and shoegaze. There’s a damaged aspect to their music, with strings and synths breaking out haphazardly.) 16.00

BELL WITCH - four phantoms DLP (profound lore - back in stock - A doom metal triumph for the ages, now available on vinyl!  Seattle funeral / death doom act Bell Witch made a massive impact with their debut Longing, hailed as one of 2012’s finest doom metal albums. In the aftermath of its release, the duo (bass, drums and vocals) toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, generating even more notoriety within the scene.  Their much-anticipated new full-length Four Phantoms, recorded and engineered by the legendary and respected Billy Anderson (Agalloch, Pallbearer, Leviathan, Neurosis, Melvins), is Bell Witch’s most crushing work yet. The band takes their sound further into the realms of soul-destroying heaviness, with intricate song structures that display finely honed compositional skills.) 32.00

CARSON WELLS - no relic LP (adagio830 - 300 copies on black and 200 on Blue The third album from Scottish post-hardcore trio Carson Wells, out 15 June 2018 via Barely Regal Records and Black Lake Records in the UK, as well as European labels Adagio830 and Discos Finu, in Berlin and Madrid respectively. It will be available on 12” vinyl and as a digital download. All artwork was created by Andy Hemming. From their roots in mathy screamo, to their intricate and brooding sophomore LP, Tread A Northern Path, Carson Wells has evolved considerably during their near decade as a band. No Relic continues to push their music in new directions, as arguably their most surprising release to date. At 6-songs, certain authorities might consider it too short for the ‘long-play’ tag, yet, at thirty minutes it outruns their debut album, the nine track 'Wonderkid'. The sprawling compositions on 'No Relic' stand as a testament to the expanded horizons of the trio’s songwriting - switching effortlessly from blistering, scrappy sections that hark back to the band's early output, to expansive, hypnotic passages.  A joint effort between Adagio830, Barley Regal Records, Black Lake & Finu Discos) 13.00

CHRCH - Light Will Consume Us All LP (neurot - - Standing at a crossroads of light and dark, Sacramento’s doom quintet CHRCH wields epic, lengthy songs, massive low end and an occult vocal presence in a perfect blend of height and depth. They have been hard at work crafting their particular sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble glorification of their fundamental musical elements. The band’s second full length, Light Will Consume Us All, carries with it the same quality of songwriting that caught the attention of fans worldwide on their first release, Unanswered Hymns (Battleground Records, 2015), a sprawling roller coaster of an album. Long form songs build and heedlessly dismantle as the band reaches sonic heights and beautiful plateaus. Severe, sometimes unrelenting, vocals contrast melodic singing; massive fuzz gives way to clean guitar parts. Building upon this unyielding foundation, this latest album continues the band’s narrative, traversing life’s epic journey of loss, reclamation and, ultimately, finding hope within the darkness.) 22.00

CULT OF OCCULT - anti life DLP (music fear - France’s most hated band is back with their fourth record,  »ANTI LIFE », and this time it is a concept album. CULT OF OCCULT delivers a sole 54 minutes track divided into four parts, exploring the darkest, creepiest and most extreme side of doom and sludge music. The four musicians were used to drown like a stone through the abyss but with this new album they have touched the bottom, maybe even deeper. This is a one way ticket to the ultimate extremities music can offer.) 20.00

FIRESTARTER - Livin' On The Heat LP (secret mission - "In Japan’s vast and varied punk rock world, few legends loom larger than FIRESTARTER. Having emerged from the debris of the mighty TEENGENERATE, Firestarter was launched with spectacular motivations, free to operate away from the constraints of scum-fi production and GaragePunk™ scuzz, the omnipresent trends of the preceding decade. The band’s creative nucleus, warrior brothers FIFI and FINK, joined (again) by bassist SAMMY and drummer JIMBO (of those wild TITANS), moved far beyond break-neck abandon, crafting masterful punk and power-pop, epic in scope and sound, devout to the absolute truest spirit of Rock’N’Roll. To celebrate the bands 20th anniversary Secret Mission Records has FINALLY unleashed both of Firestarter’s classic albums for US consumption, each remastered by JEFF BURKE and MARK RYAN (of THE MARKED MEN) and completely repackaged. Firestarter’s sophomore stunner from 2003, processes a grandeur that somehow surpasses their debut. The album is more daring, with the band taking more chances, resulting in a brilliant and inimitable hybrid of punk and power-pop. Beginning with a sweeping call to arms in “The Beat Goes On”, Livin’ On The Heat comes across as the band’s true statement of purpose, their love letter to Rock’n’Roll itself."—Mitch Cardwell. Edition of 300 copies.) 20.00

THE GET UP KIDS - kicker LP (polyvinylö - On the strength of five records (including seminal debut Four Minute Mile and bona fide classic Something to Write Home About), THE GET UP KIDS have toured the world over and sold more than a million albums. The Midwestern five-piece defined a genre and inspired a generation of musicians in their wake. With Kicker, the band triumphantly returns to form after a brief hiatus with four new songs, an extensive line-up of shows, and plans to release a much anticipated full-length album next year. LP pressed on 180-gram pink vinyl. Both formats include a download. ) 16.00

LES MAUVAIS JOURS - s/t LP (OK, I have to admit that I’ve listened to Sport’s Colors LP an unhealthy number of times since it came out, now more than five years ago. It’s not that I listen to that indie-influenced, melodic punk-rock all the time, actually quite the contrary. It’s just that some records are so catchy that they instantly make it into your summer jam playlist. Well, it’s still snowing outside and it’s too early to get hooked on such a poppy record with a melted ice cream on the front cover. Still, it’s a great stuff from another French band in the veins of Sport. There’s a great vibe in all these ten songs and you can feel it that the band is just as passionate as any other energetic hardcore punk act you’d love. If you need more proof of that, I should tell you that this record was self-released by the guys and that Les Mauvais Jours (the name translates as the bad days) feature members of such intense Strasbourg hardcore bands such as The Boring, Another Five Minutes, and More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters. I have a soft spot for French emo and punk bands, even if they sing in English. And, although Les Mauvais Jours is definitely not what I’m usually looking for, this is an excellent record if you want to indulge in the sugary flavours of catchy, Cap’n Jazz influenced tunes. The musicianship is topnotch, the lyrics are okay. Unless it’s too sweetish for your taste, it’s a nice record that you would have fun with. I can’t wait for sunny days and loads of vegan ice cream. (DIY Conspiracy)) 12.00

LINGUA IGNOTA - All Bitches Die LP (profound lore - Lingua Ignota, the solo project of multidisciplinary artist Kristin Hayter, takes a radical, unflinching approach to themes of violence and vengeance in ways that are moving, brutal, and harrowing. Her music is intentionally situated at specific and strange intersections, incorporating elements of power electronics, death industrial, and black metal alongside baroque classical, spiritual minimalism and folk. Relentless intensity and soaring dramatic arcs are informed by Hayter’s background in classical music, and the major sonic locus of the project is her voice, a dynamic entity that rushes from unhinged screaming to lilting soprano to angular belting with an artistry and ferocity that has drawn comparisons to Diamanda Galas. She is notorious for confrontational live performances that can leave an audience breathless or in tears. Hayter began classical training at the age of ten with intent to pursue an operatic conservatory track. Instead she developed an interdisciplinary fine arts practice at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She continued with graduate work at Brown University, producing a controversial thesis titled Burn Everything Trust No One Kill Yourself. Lingua Ignota was born out of this thesis which re-contextualized misogynist content as biblically vitriolic anthems for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. A survivor herself, Hayter seeks to give a singularly aggressive voice to the unheard, silenced, and dismissed. Lingua Ignota self-released two albums in 2017 that garnered attention and accolades from Noisey / VICE, The Village Voice, The Quietus, Bandcamp, and many others. She tours and collaborates chiefly with metal-transgressing luminaries The Body.) 22.00

METTE RASMUSSEN / TASHI DORJI - s/t LP (feeeding tube - "METTE RASMUSSEN is a Danish saxophonist, based in Norway, who has been recording with some of our favorite players (Chris Corsano, Alan Silva, Mats Gustafsson, Ace Farren Ford, etc.) She has also formed this duo with Asheville-based guitarist, TASHI DORJI. The duo material for this LP was recorded in Montreal, right around the same time Mette and Tashi recorded a trio set for Trost (with the addition of drummer Tyler Damon). And it's all great stuff. Mette's playing has a raw tonal approach that makes one think of Eric Dolphy at his harshest. Her lines evince much of the same nimbleness as well. The effect is not unlike being hit in the face by a bunch of snakes with wings. Naturally, Tashi is playing electric in order to make himself heard, and the clots of sound he manages to coax out of his amp are worthy of comparison with such form-erupters as Keith Rowe. On the first side, there's a real physicality to the blocks Tashi creates, as well as to the manner which Mette's reed attacks them. It's an incredible sound—brutal and communicative in equal measures. But as much as this may imply a musical surface akin to that of Borbetomagus, there's a lot more open space here. Especially on the second side, the music is paced to give itself over (now and then) to crenellations that allows in as much light as they emit. This record is a supremely human effort and hopefully the harbinger of much more to come."—Byron Coley, 2018. Edition of 250.) 27.00

MOURN - Sorpresa Familia LP (captured tracks - Catalonian quartet MOURN stormed onto the scene in 2014 with their self-titled debut - a work of angular indie rock and pointed lyricism delivered with confidence well beyond their teenage years. Two years later, they returned with the equally superb Ha, Ha, He. and proved themselves worthy of the early praise, squashing any remaining questions of fleeting hype. But with seemingly endless opportunities in front of them, MOURN found themselves caught in a legal dispute with their former Spanish label, rendering them unable to tour or effectively support their sophomore effort. Facing the sort of obstacles that might, understandably, derail a fledgling band’s career, MOURN instead forged ahead, and in typical fashion managed to harness their swirling anger, frustration, and passion from the past 2 years into new music. Now, only just recently freed from their legal binds, MOURN is back in full force to share their 3rd full-length album, Sorpresa Familia.) 20.00

OSTAVKA - s/t LP (destructure - Ostavka is a quite young band from Brittany, they had a demo and a first 7" released last year. Ostavka members have previously been in several punk/crust bands and are now exploring the coldest and darkest side of punk with lots of depressive and melancholic melodies. Beautiful guitar picking parts, chorus sound, tribal drums and incredible female vocals makes this first LP a perfect cold / post / punk record full of anthems.) 13.00

PETER BRÖTZMANN & FRED LONBERG HOLM - ouroboros LP (monofous - The long-awaited follow-up to 2008's Brotzmann/Lonberg-Holm duo album The Brain of the Dog in Section (Atavistic).... in fact Ourorboros was recorded during a 2011 European tour in support of said album. Although these recordings date from 7 years ago, they find both Brotzmann & Lonberg-Holm in top form. "The Figure Eight" is the highlight of the record featuring a rare turn of Brotzmann on Bass Clarinet, which isn't often heard these days. The duo recording also may be of particular interest in comparison with Fred Lonberg-Holm & Ken Vandermark's 2015 duo LP Resistance (Bocian). Lonberg-Holm plays counterpoint to two very strong and individual players in surprising and unique ways on both albums.) 20.00

THE PETER BRÖTZMANN OCTET - Machine Gun LP (trost - 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Machine Gun's release, but it's still just as shocking and powerful a record as ever, a stunning and bewildering listen from beginning to end. Peter Brotzmann's second release as a leader, this was the album that firmly established his voice as a performer and an improviser, defined what would become the FMP aesthetic, and truly distinguished European free-music from its American counterpart. Machine Gun opens with a deafening blast of pure sound, a pummeling broadside of Brotzmann, Evan Parker, and Willem Breuker's saxophones. Even today, so many years after this was captured to tape, it's still startling, and still brings to question any ideas you might have about what could be considered "jazz." Yes, American fire music players had broken countless barriers earlier in the 1960s, but nobody had ever really sounded like this before. Noise artists for generations to come would give everything to be half this abrasive.  Machine Gun is not all volume, though: there are passages of silence and chilling hints of space between barrages of instrumental fury. There are even hummable themes, however brief they may be. One of two drummers in the group, Han Bennink loudly declares his intent to push free percussion in a direction unique from his American counterparts, Murray, Graves, and Ali. The octet is rounded out by several other players who would form the foundation of the European free avant-garde: Fred Van Hove, Peter Kowald, Sven Ake-Johansson, and Buschi Niebergall. Originally released on Brotzmann's own Brö imprint, Cien Fuegos has remastered the original album and lovingly presented it here on this limited, 180 gram reissue. If there is one Peter Brotzmann record to own, this is it; if there is one European free jazz record to own, this it.) 25.00

PLANNING FOR BURIAL - quietly LP (flenser - After the release of his debut album, Leaving (2010), Planning for Burial’s Thom Wasluck wrote and recorded a series of EPs that have become collectively known as Quietly. It was a tumultuous time in Wasluck’s life, and the songs he composed reflect the intense feelings of longing and jealousy that he was experiencing. As the title suggests, these tracks are more restrained in approach than the work which preceded them. They are also set apart from much of Wasluck’s other output by their recording process, which was largely done live with few or no overdubs in order to properly capture every emotion in its rawest state. For almost a decade, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based musician Thom Wasluck has been releasing his signature gloomy dirges under the name Planning for Burial at a nearly relentless pace. He now has three full-length albums (most notably 2017’s monumental Below the House) under his belt as well as countless EPs and splits. The Quietly sessions took place between 2011 and 2012 and will be available for the first time on vinyl from The Flenser. This new version includes a song that was previously only issued on a floppy disc as well as an unreleased track from the same era. This collection was remastered specifically for this vinyl release by Nicholas Wilbur (Mount Eerie) at The Unknown.) 18.00

REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER - World Of Inconvenience LP (adagio830 - After releasing their demo early 2017, REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER quietly worked on their song writing craft, no teasers, no promo tapes, just a constant display of force through live performance where they refined until their was no fat left to trim. WORLD OF INCONVENIENCE finds its home in ever shifting time signatures, punishing punk beats and constantly off kilter breaks. This record expands RJC from the one man band demo and adds players from the live band as well a brief guest appearance by Mark Palm(Go It Alone, Supercrush, Black Breath). Drawing from such sources as CROSSED OUT all the way to the THE BEATLES the record never leaves you anticipating what will happen next. Recorded in Western Massachusetts with Will Killingsworth and housed in art by Mark McCoy, WORLD OF INCONVENIENCE makes for a complete package of hardcore brilliance. FFO : Infest, Sex Prisoner, Crossed Out) 13.00

SOFT KILL - Savior LP (profound lore - Portland, Oregon’s Soft Kill ripped through 2016 with Choke, the follow up to 2015’s Heresy. It became the band’s most acclaimed album to date and saw them on a constant touring cycle through North America and Europe. The band now returns with the triumphant follow-up Savior, released by Profound Lore Records, bringing a unique blend of gloom laced with pop charm and flawless songwriting that transcends the post-punk genre. The writing for this album was influenced by tragic events in frontman Tobias Grave’s life, including songs about losing his son, his battle with drug addiction, and the empty space suspended between mourning and celebration, life and death. Recorded and mixed in Kingsize Sudios in Los Angeles and produced by Benjamin Greenberg (Uniform, The Men, Algiers), this band has matured into a powerhouse, effortlessly combining genres, always with Grave’s powerful, raw emotional storytelling. From the pop perfection of “Trying Not to Die” to the swelling and crushing guitars on “Hard Candy” to the unrelenting dirge of “Bunny Room,” Savior is a creative tour de force.) 22.00

VIVE LA VOID - Vive La Void LP (sacred bones - Vive la Void is the new solo project of Sanae Yamada, co-founder and keyboard player of Moon Duo. Yamada wrote and recorded the self-titled debut album over roughly a two-year period, during windows of downtime in Moon Duo's substantial touring and recording schedule. The dense, shape-shifting atmospheres of the seven songs grew out of late-night basement experiments in the layering of synthesizer tracks, a process that also led to meditations on the changeable nature of memory and perception. The result is an undulating blend of ethereal swirl, low end thrumming, and electric crackle, buoyed by Yamada’s understated but captivating vocal melodies and her striking lyrics.) 18.00

WILD ANIMALS - The Hoax LP (Wild Animals forms in 2014, clearly influenced by ’90 punk and indie music and its characteristic guitar fuzz, melodic vocals and energetic rhythms. That same year, Jamie R. Green (guitar and vocals), Paula Sánchez-Lafuente (drums and vocals) and Fon Álvarez (bass), decide to start the band after moving to Madrid from their hometowns.) 12.00


SERPENT - Demo TAPE (Throughout a few sporadic tests during the year 2016, Eric and Beni compose a demo of 7 post-hardcore songs that are very self-taught and direct. In mid-2017, they join  Fran and Marc to make a group of truth and take it to the live one.) 5.00


REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER - World Of Inconvenience T-shirt (adagio830 - Black Gildan Shirt with grey/white front print in S / M / L / XL /XXL) 14.00


THE WIRE - #413 July 2018 MAG (Inside this issue: Cairo's New Wave: A fresh contingent of underground musicians and artists forge escape routes from the harsh realities of life in the Egyptian capital. By Maha ElNabawi. Mongolian Rock: Though widely accepted as an antique artform in the West, in Mongolia rock is a vital bulwark against the forces of oppression. By Josh Feola. Alan Tomlinson: Since the early 1970s the UK trombonist and improvisor has balanced unorthodox strategies and playful humour with a serious commitment to his art. By Mike Barnes.
Bites. Red Brut: Dutch tape mangler Marijn Verbiesen makes a virtue of limitations. By Daniel Neofetou. Tasos Stamou: The electroacoustic composer reconfigures the sounds of the Mediterranean. By Abi Blis. Okzharp & Manthe Ribane: The producer-vocalist duo are diamonds in the rough. By Tristan Bat. Yasuaki Shimizu: The Japanese saxophonist’s got algorithm. By James Hadfield Zimoun: The Swiss sound artist boxes clever with cardboard and motors. By Emily Bick The Inner Sleeve: Spencer Clark on Alien Nation. Epiphanies: US poet Nathaniel Mackey gives Seymour Wrightlicense to dream On Screen: New films and DVDs: Susanna Nicchiarelli’s Nico, 1988; Tommaso Cassinis’s Yenkyi Taxi Print Run: New music books: Can, record shops, altered states, Keith Rowe, and more) 8.00
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