BIS AUFS MESSER Feb (Youth Attack, Solid Space, Pg99, Soft M

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BIS AUFS MESSER Feb (Youth Attack, Solid Space, Pg99, Soft M

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 02 Fév 2018, 13:51

ladies and gentleman, welcome to our 1st newsletter in february 2018 loaded with tons of new stuff. We got massive restock on available Mount Eerie & Microphones titles, YOUTH ATTACK stuff from Repos (LPs shirts etc), new HOZAC stuff like the LOW LIFE - Leaders 7“, SOLID SPACE & TRISOMIE 21 restocks via dark entries, new DERANGED 7“s, (HEAT etc), a handful MAJORITY RULE - 2000 Demo 10“s, the AMYL & THE SNIFFERS - Big Attraction & Giddy Up LP & BEND SINISTER - tape2 LP on Homeless, new GILEAD stuff and restocks, FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring LP, new ITALIANS DO IT BETTER stuff and restocks, LYCIA - wake LP re issue, new MAMMOTH GRINDER, PAGE99 represses, new SOFT MOON LP, HÜSKER DÜ restocks and so much more!!!

we also expect the new AMERICAN NIGHTMARE LP to be here mid february 

Also Vendetta started pre sales for his fest!!! pumped

then we got those shows lined up for your


ADAGIO830 B*day with The Remememberables, Caudal, Cold Leather and more …

Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman


AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER - Asscube 7“ (randy - Though AMERICAN BREAKFAST has been laying waste to dive bars and basements across Chicago for close to five years with their patented brand of femme-fronted garage punk, this 7” record on Randy Records is actually their long awaited vinyl debut. And they explode out of the gate with Asscube, with guitars, bass, and drums all pushing forward at a breakneck speed through out the barely minute and a half song, sounding like The Shadows of Knight if they had heard The Ramones back in 1965. They lay back on the accelerator slightly on "Ice Cream," finding a solid danceable groove early on and locking into it as the vocals and guitar dip in and out of a frenzy. It isn’t until the B-side that American Breakfast shows any mercy, with the heat turned all the way down, offering up the dreamy and atmospheric "People I Know," a song that evokes visions of driving through the desert under the starts of a cold summers night. Each song is a hit on its own accord, but one thing that really helps set it apart is the impassioned vocals of French-born LAURE ELIE, whose inspired delivery coupled with her infectious French accent is simply incredible. You can really hear Laure putting all of herself and her emotions into each snarled line. Edition of 200 copies.) 8.00

AUSMUTEANTS / PUFF - Klo Witz 7“ (static age - Puff, a very dirty and ugly SCREAMERS but with guitar, a nasty DEVO touch and a pinch of No Wave elements, sounding as authentic as can be this side of the 1970s. Oh, and there is even some german ANGST, which is no wonder, PUFF is based in Berlin. Again in the late 70ties this time with the Ausmuteants ... Los Angeles sounds, , SCREAMERS (again), NERVOUS GENDER and a fistful of NEW BOMB TURKS, a bastard son called LOST SOUNDS or REATARDS, combining the best from before mentioned bands – with that extra aussie weirdness) 6.00

CHARLIE REED - Love Hungover 7“ (randy- CHARLIE REED is a brand new project from LUKE TRIMBLE, the lead songwriter, singer, and guitarist of the UH BONES, easily one of the best bands to hit the Chicago rock n roll scene in recent memory. As Uh Bones was ending, Luke turned to his bedroom to experiment with a newly acquired reel-to-reel 8-track recorder, soon finding himself obsessed, using all of his free time to write and record new songs as they came to him. As he did with Uh Bones, Luke continues to show his prowess at songwriting in Charlie Reed, writing songs that are interesting and different, with strange chord changes and song structures, but always catchy and memorable. But the bedroom has changed Luke’s approach—he has turned down his amps, brought in a nylon-stringed acoustic, and slowed down the tempo. And so, whereas Uh Bones was a psych rock band, Charlie Reed is arguably more psych folk, but without any reverb, and without any of the hippy-dippy bullshit associated with the genre. Still, the songs have the feel of a vaguely lysergic waking dream, in and out of which the listener slowly floats, just as the faded remnants of the recordings left on the ¼” tape over which Luke recorded his songs fade in and out of at the beginning and end of each song. And while the songs give an impression of loneliness, it is mostly without sadness, a languid acceptance of longing as an inevitable that gives the songs a somber beauty that is all their own. Since finishing these recording, Luke has recruited a band to move these songs out of the bedroom and into the public eye, but until they come to your town, take home this 7” and experience it for yourself. Edition of 200 copies on black vinyl.) 8.00

COMBAT FORCE - Demo 7“ (youth attack - Hailing from the agitated Denver, Colorado underground, COMBAT FORCE comes out swinging with this 4-song EP of feral hardcore. Drawing influences from the great classics, COMBAT FORCE stampedes forth in a timeless manner, taking no prisoners and delivering over-the-top vocals and insanely catchy riffs captured with perfect lo-fi production by Denver scene stalwart, James Trejo (CADAVER DOG, CIVILIZED, CULTURE SHOCK). Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and originally self-released on cassette, this EP features a stunning gatefold sleeve with all new artwork printed on uncoated stock with a black flood and houses an extra-thick 70gm 7". This incredible introduction to the band anticipates their forthcoming EP due out on YA in 2018. ) 11.00

HEAT - s/t (second) 7“ (deranged - “Six primitive marching orders from San Diego’s Heat culling lean inspiration from the well of early ’80s Boston dirge and late ’80s NYHC beat down hardcore, with upfront drum beats busting forward to propel charging guitars that bouy tough, throaty vocals. Curt and to the point, with quick turns and drops in short quick bursts. The brute edges cut with stark simplicity recall Crossed Out’s sparse meditation on Impact Unit / Negative FX-style hardcore, though the burly vocals bark and bite between the curt toughness of Deathreat and more frightening spouts of vocal spillage. Recalls many influences, copies none as Heat slows to mosh, sets to stun, energetic rumbling that throttles in a broadly more expansive recording than hardcore originators, but shines in a stronger yet similarly manifest presentation.” —Ken Sanderson, Prank Records) 7.00

HELTA SKELTA - Nightclubbin' 7“ (deranged - “There’s a weird one-off episode of Only Fools And Horses set in Florida, and a running side-joke is that Americans can’t tell the difference between a Cockney and Aussie accent, constantly confusing the two. It always comes to mind when I think of Helta Skelta. Given that Jon [Warpole]’s accent floats somewhere between them like a trans-hemispheric version of the ‘mid-atlantic’ twang, and that the tune itself plays out like a mix of Eddy Current [Suppression Ring] and Blur’s ‘Parklife,’ filled with Sleaford Mods (millennial John Cooper Clarke)-esque stream of consciousness wordplay and compounded colloquialisms from both sides of the equation, the comparison grows only more apt. Stylistically, the band has been leaning toward a sparser, more minimal post-punk vibe for a while, and this single is the clearest expression yet of this trajectory. One play is not enough; expect to be returning the needle repeatedly.” —Alex Leech, No Exposure) 7.00

LOW LIFE - Leaders 7“ (hozac - BACK IN STOCK!!! Canadian punk is a rich tapestry of angry delights, and as long-time fans of our northern neighbors’ rock’n roll output (don’t forget the powerful punkish glam of Nick Gilder’s debut LP, too), we’re absolutely chuffed to bring the Lowlife ‘Leaders’ 7” EP back into the fold. Self-released in 1979 and known as the first punk release from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lowlife were a band with a lot of blanks to fill in, and if you did not become exposed through their reissue appearances on the Smash the State Vol 2, or Screaming Fist compilations as most of us youngsters did, you’ll revel at the brazen punk bravado, barreling off the rails and bursting with agitated urgency in each of the three tracks here. And although this EP’s release just made it across the line for inclusion in the 70s, all three screamers on this release seem to careen recklessly toward an obnoxious early 80s hardcore punk vibe, although still melodic enough to draw comparisons from the Dangerhouse bands, Negative Trend, Dils, and the Authorities. Limited edition of 500 copies.) 7.00

NIGHT PEOPLE - same 7“ (deranged - Night People play driving, synth-touched punk rock and feature current and ex-members of Pura Mania, Fashionism, Spectres and Haggatha. Using the same desperation found in bands like The Wipers and the melodic energy of bands like Masshysteri and The Observers, they began writing music in Vancouver, BC, in 2016 and self-recorded a demo in June of 2017. The lyrics are heavily influenced by childhood religious indoctrination and iconography and how they relate to love, death and the modern world.) 7.00

THE NORMALS - Demented Breakdown 7“ (last laugh -Last Laugh unearths these three songs from the band's 1978 recording sessions: "Demented Breakdown / Sex & Violence / No Cigars." All songs on vinyl for the first time. Suitable for quasi-PoGo dancing or just for disturbing your kids who obviously have missed out on the times of our lives among the Crescent City Punk Scenesters. After all, somebody had to really give a "kick-in-the-ass" to the Disco-era of the late ‚70s!) 10.00

RIK & THE PIGS - Blue Jean Queen 7“ /feel it - RIK and his PIGS return! Three tracks recorded this past summer in Portland at the tail end of the Pigs' West coast tour finds the current six piece lineup tight and ruling as ever. "Blue Jean Queen" kicks thing off in fine fashion with a rocking, Dictators-esque stomp brimming with snarled vocals and crunchy guitar hooks. The Pigs work up a new sax-washed version of "TV Bloopers" to finish off side A, which is backed with the brooding, bass-driven "Off/On." Yet another excellent batch of tracks from your favorite gang of Olympia punks, and a fine companion piece to the upcoming LP on Total Punk. 500 copies housed in a full color textured pocket sleeve with lyric insert.) 8.00

SURFBORT - Bort To Death 7“ (hozac - BACK IN STOCK!!! Well look at this, a Brooklyn band that isn’t taking itself too seriously and is somehow actually dripping, and/or seething with raw punk ooze??? Look no further than Surfbort, a rock’n roll mutation with living, breathing, tentacles of terror, and even and traces of Texas punk royalty. Started a few years back and with only one EP under their belt, band leader Dani Miller is a one-of-a-kind force of nature both onstage and on record, as her presence just leaps right out of the grooves and clocks you in the face immediately. The music is stripped raw, painfully precious mid-tempo punk, all salty & agitated, not far off from the late 70s vibe of The Eyes, and if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got Sean Powell (The Chumps, FuckEmos) on drums and Dave Head (Motards, Headache City, White+Outs) on bass, to round out the ringers in the rhythm section. Dani’s vocals are right where they need to be, front and center and commanding from the get-go, the perfect snarl of 70s punk lingering on the edge of early hardcore, but holding onto that impeccable tension that’s usually sorely lacking in most cases. She’s got to be one of the best aggressive vocalists of recent note and the deranged delivery is a taste of pure punk honey that you won’t forget. First pressing of 300 copies.) 7.00

STRAIGHT ARROWS - Out And Down 7“ (space case - “Out and Down” b/w “Francisee” is the latest 45 from Sydney’s STRAIGHT ARROWS. Recorded/artwork by OWEN PENGLIS. Limited to 300 copies.) 8.00

TARANTULA - Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate Deranged 7“ (deranged - The second EP from Chicago’s Tarantula, the band featuring former members of Cülo with the additional layer of the always popular bass player. Just as catchy as the aforementioned Cülo, but a little less mid-tempo, and with more obvious classic punk influence. Great jacket art from DrugFace as per usual. Mastered by Geza X, a killer 7-inch) 7.00

TRISOMIE 21- Chapters I - Iv 5xLP BOX (dark entries - Limited Edition 5xLP Box Set containing the first four albums by TRISOMIE 21 in a gold foil stamped black lined heavy board box with a die cut enamel pin and sticker. Limited to 1,000 copies.) 86.00

VERY MENTAL - Misconstrued 7“ (total pun Total Punk presents to you the debut release from Olympia's newest hit makers VERY MENTAL. VM features members of RIK & THE PIGS and STIFF LOVE and give us two tracks of riff crushing punk straight from the Dangerhouse. Shredding only outdone by the insanely catchy dual vocal interplay. Serious top notch rocking top to bottom and 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.) 7.00


MAJORITY RULE - 2000 Demo 10“ (diy - n 2000 we made a CDR demo to sell on tour. It was our first recording as a 3 piece and was the first time we sounded like the band we would end up being. We enlisted all our friends to help us make it happen John Henry (Darkest Hour) recorded us at Monster Island, Laura Harris (Ex Hex) did the artwork and Brent Eyestone (Magic Bullet) helped us make the CDRs. Now in 2017 we are re-releasing a limited, remastered for vinyl, 10" version of the demo for our reunion tour. There are 500 copies (100 Black/Black Ink - 200 Transparent Red/Red Ink - 200 Clear/Silver Ink) all hand silkscreened and numbered by us. ) 13.00

MOUNT EERIE pts. 6 & 7 : book + 10“ (pw. elvrum - 132 huge pages, plus a 3 panel fold-out, of natural light in the natural world, distorted and brought to life by ambient moonlight, expired film, antique cameras, and long night exposures. The photos are the visual counterpart to pretty much the entire catalog of the Microphones and Mount Eerie, spanning almost a decade. Bound within the pristine white silver foil-stamped hardcover is the new Mount Eerie EP, featuring 4 long songs: “Known World”, “Unknown World”, “Blue Light on the Floor” and “Mount Eerie Revealed”. This vinyl only release is intended to be a sequel to “Mount Eerie” by the Microphones (K records, 2003), picking up where that ambiguous myth left off and returning to firm ground to wander into the backyard in the middle of the night. This “2nd version” is the same book as the 1st version, but with a different image on the picture disc vinyl, and also a different dust jacket: the double sided poster for sale above, but folded and wrapped around the book. It looks good.) 65.00

ORANSSI PAZUZU - Kevät / Värimyrsky 10“ (20 buck spin - Oranssi Pazuzu’s Kevät / Värimyrsky 10-inch was released earlier in 2017 and sold exclusively by the band at their mind-bending live performances. Now that the band has wrapped up their live schedule for the year, the remaining copies of this one-time-only pressing are available from 20 Buck Spin. Featuring two tracks not on any other release, this limited release is a much sought after item in the band’s canon.) 14.00


AMYL & THE SNIFFERS - Big Attraction & Giddy Up LP (homeless - Amyl and the Sniffers are a punk band possessed by the spirit of seventies Australian rock. Amy Louise Taylor (vocals), Bryce Wilson (drums), Dec Martens (guitar) and Gus Romer (bass) are former housemates who formed the band, wrote a handful of tunes and released their debut EP, Giddy Up, all in a span of twelve hours. Taking their cues from a diverse bunch of legends including AC/DC, Cosmic Psychos, Dolly Parton and Die Antwoord, they set out to have as much fun as possible. With a ton of heat behind them, a debut album due before mid-2018, Amyl and the Sniffers are barely off the leash. The 12" gathers both EPs onto one beautiful slab of wax ) 18.00

BEND SINISTER - tape2 LP (homeless - South Seattle in the mid-1990s was an industrial wasteland. On Airport Way, there was a large "diesel" sign with the last three letters burned out, leaving giant 10 feet tall red letters that said "DIE". This was the birthing grounds of Bend Sinister, a crucial step in the evolution of A FRAMES and INTELLIGENCE. Erin Sullivan (guitar/vocals), Min Yee (bass), and Josh Turgeon (guitar) had previously tried out the names Impatiens and The Bends, playing their brand of obsessive, noise-drenched punk in some of Seattle’s most notorious dive bars and clubs. In 1997, they joined up with drummer Steve Kaplan and mutated into BEND SINISTER, after a song by The Fall, a key influence. Bonded by a love of black humor and scuzzy, dirgy, hypnotic, aggressive, punk, garage, and noise, Bend Sinister drew from a range of musical influences: The Scientists, The Fall, Stick Men With Ray Guns, Cows, Touch & Go, Halo of Flies, Pussy Galore, Scratch Acid, feedtime, X (Australia), Country Teasers, Electric Eels, The Who, The Damned, Crime, and obscure 60's garage. ) 20.00

CAVERNLIGHT - as we cup our hands and drink from the stream of our ache LP (gilead - Cavernlight play a devastating brand of doom metal augmented with passages of noise. Their demo, Corporeal, was gripping and emotionally deep, driven by heavy funereal doom and awash with shimmering noise and ambiance. As We Cup Our Hands… sees Cavernlight explore these ideas further by incorporating black metal elements into their sound, in the form of despondent and atmospheric guitar work, the blast beats on “A Shell of One’s Former Self” that close out the album, and the guest vocals on “Lay Your Woes Upon The Ground, And Know That The End Will Soon Swallow You” from False’s Rachel N. The pacing on these songs is much more urgent as well; the meandering contemplation of songs like “The Ember That Burns in Endless Dark” is traded out for a sludgier and more streamlined feel. Rest assured, though, that the sprawling ambiance that draws the listener in is still present. On As We Cup Our Hands… it is once again the balance between these two dynamics that makes what Cavernlight do work as well as it does. The material here is much darker and more aggressive than the material found on Corporeal, yet the band still incorporates the same breathing room and ambiance to allow the heavy moments to hit that much harder. Tracks like “To Wallow in the Filth That Dwells Where Despair is Born” and “Constructing a Spire to Pierce & Poison the Infinite”, aside from having some of my favorite song titles in recent memory, are masterclasses in how to play with texture and space to create something at times ethereal and staggeringly heavy.) 16.00

COUCH SLUT - s/t LP (gilead - From Brooklyn, New York, Couch Slut shook the underground in 2014 with the release of its debut, My Life as a Woman. Stereogum called that album "engagingly smart and terrifyingly blunt" and pegged the sound as "a little bit Oxbow and a little bit Today Is the Day during the AmRep years... It's catharsis through pain, both for the listener and the band. But it's also smart in the way it sets expectations and subverts them." New album Contempt carries on in this fashion – Couch Slut's savagery and intelligence are both in full effect, adding up to an album that thrills on two levels. Opening track "Funeral Dyke" sets the tone, with a skronking saxophone buried under a grimy, blackened, noise-rock blitz. Later in the song, a tambourine rattles along happily with the beat as vocalist Megan Osztrosits screams, "I will fuck you, now you're dirt!" Contrasts such as those on display in "Funeral Dyke" are what make Contempt the engrossing, dynamic affair that it is. The band's foundation rests on the scorched earth between Unsane's pounding NYC hate-rock and Darkthrone's mournful metal, but... more) 18.00

DIGITAL LEATHER - pink thunder LP (fdh - DIGITAL LEATHER has returned with a 10th LP of dark synthpop on Pink Thunder. The brainchild SHAWN FOREE, Digital Leather has seen many different lineup over the years. Lastly releasing All Faded record with a full band back in 2015. Pink Thunder is a return to the early days on Shawn being a one man band writing and recording the entire album. This 11 song album captures the wonderful poppy yet sarcastically dark art that nobody can do quite like Digital Leather. The first pressing of this record is limited to 500 copies co-released with P.Trash records in Germany and will be on pink vinyl.) 17.00

EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK - pissing stars LP (constellation - Constellation Record's first release of 2018 is the second solo record by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion co-founder Efrim Manuel Menuck. Pissing Stars is the brilliantly intense follow-up to Menuck's 2011 solo debut Plays "High Gospel" and the first new material with Efrim as central songwriter and vocalist since 2014's acclaimed Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything from his chamber-punk-rock band Thee Silver Mt. Zion. ) 23.00

ELLEN ARKBRO - for organ and brass LP (For organ and brass' is comprised of two works by the Stockholm-based composer Ellen Arkbro. Both works focus on tuning, intonation and harmonic modulation. In previous projects, Arkbro composed for early music ensembles, wrote a series of durational pieces utilising synthetic tones and processed guitars, and, most recently, presented a work lasting 26 days at the Stockholm Concert Hall. for organ and brass looks back to Arkbro's studies in Just Intonation with La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, and their disciple Jung Hee Choi in New York, as well as with kindred spirit Marc Sabat in Berlin.) 24.00

FLETCHER TUCKER - cold spring LP (gnom life - "Cold Spring" is an artifact of Fletcher Tucker’s deep inhabitation of Big Sur, California. Recorded gradually over the course of four years, songs were gathered on cloud-hidden peaks, wrung out from moss, and received while splitting wood, pushing through brush, and making camp. These recordings serve as trails, leading deep into a mythopoetic backcountry where forgotten mysticism and abandoned ancestral knowledge resurface. In arranging the soundscapes of "Cold Spring", Tucker took inspiration from Gregorian chants, Shakuhachi (zen flute) compositions, ancient Chinese paintings of mountains and mist, and of course the landscape of Big Sur itself. Analog synthesizers surge like storm-swollen creeks. A 110-year-old pump organ rumbles up from the depths of a ravine. Drones from 12-string electric guitars flicker like torchlight. Distinct aural-textures – buzzing rosined bows, resonant bells, trembling leaf rattles – punctuate the sound-world of "Cold Spring". Ethereal harmonies by Molly Erin Sarlé (of Mountain Man) drift above Tucker’s dark baritone. In Tucker’s words, “'Cold Spring' is an invitation to draw the blade of your mind across a whetstone of mythos and song. To hone your awareness of the uncanny, sense into the liminal, and awake within a vast atavistic wilderness.” "Cold Spring" is the first LP released by Fletcher Tucker under his own name. Tucker created five full-length albums and several EP’s under the project name Bird By Snow (the last, "Offering", was released in 2012). Tucker has performed on and produced records by Little Wings, Fountainsun, and Daniel Higgs. He is also the founder of Gnome Life Records. ) 20.00

GILLIAN CARTER - dreams of suffocation LP (skeleton lightning - Nothing ever happens like it does in the movies. The romanticization of life’s simpler things always leads to trouble, and perhaps that’s why Floridian multi-instrumentalist Logan Rivera lets that fact explode, verbatim, late in his latest catharsis. The track the hard truth gets shrieked over, “Rotting,” is incredibly urgent in its instrumentation. Guitars twitch and unravel over drums which threaten to decay to nothing more than brittle shrapnel. Welcome to Dreams of Suffocation, an album in which everything is laid out as it seems: frightening, direct and horrifically, painfully real.) 14.00

gSp - s/t LP (gSp is Marissa, Tobi, and Layla. Like Y-PANTS playing FLIPPER songs, or vice-versa, gSp are a terrifying skate crew, the coolest girl gang, an invective against the horrors of talking heads and late capitalism, a brief respite from our modern condition of total boredom. Features members of Bikini Kill, Skinned Teen, Mozart, The Frumpies, etc. 700 copies on black vinyl, recorded live to tape at High Command by Captain Tripps Ballsington in beautiful Olympia, Washington.) 18.00

JOHNNY JEWEL - Digital Rain LP (italians do it - CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.4 rating from Pitchfork. Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed 2017 LP Windswept—which soundtracked David Lynch's Twin Peaks, Digital Rain is JOHNNY JEWEL's s latest album. Jewel is known for his extensive collaborations with film makers David Lynch, Nicolas Winding Refn, and Ryan Gosling, as well as for his work with groundbreaking musical groups such as CHROMATICS, GLASS CANDY and DESIRE. The 19 movements of Digital Rain are three dimensional beds of analogue warmth encompassed in raw electronic moisture. The result is an expansive pallet of soft color amid canyons of jagged oscillations. Pressed on 180-gram purple vinyl. Housed in gatefold jackets. According to Jewel, "Digital Rain is a mirror image of itself designed to play as a singular liquid movement.“) 22.00

LESS ART - strangled light LP (gilead - Less Art is the alliance of brothers Riley and Ed Breckenridge of Thrice, Ian Miller and Jon Howell of Kowloon Walled City, and Mike Minnick of Curl Up and Die. On Strangled Light, these five veterans bash out their own new version of post-hardcore – "post-hardcore by post-youths" is how they cheekily describe themselves, but this music is dead serious. The musicianship is world-class; the perspective is world-weary; the sound is fresh and urgent and crackling with feeling. Strangled Light's nine songs add up to a modern, muscular incarnation of the vibe set forth years ago by bands like Fugazi, Unwound, and Drive Like Jehu. Like those bands, Less Art rages – emotionally-charged and electrifying – yet also knows how to wield dynamics as a weapon. The lulls make the peaks even... more) 16.00

LIVING EYES - Modern Living LP (neck chop - A collaborative release between Australia's Anti-Fade, France’s Gone With The Weed and California’s Neck Chop Records, Modern Living a new twelve-track LP from Geelong's LIVING EYES. The band has sprinkled enough inklings of genius between their records to show that, yeah, they do have a genuine aptitude for hooky, kooky chordage besmirched by a vivid, squeal-prone lead, all overlaid atop a catchy set of rhythms to bring a sense of pungent opulence to an otherwise filthy, irreverent endeavor, and that no, their band is a hell of a lot more than songs about cheap malt liquor and dicks the size of a man’s thumb—though it would still be safe to expect songs about either of those. Because at heart, The Living Eyes is about as smart as it is stupid, as any good punk band should be. It’s completely demanding of your attention while being, in itself, utterly confused by whether or not anyone, including themselves, should be taking their band truly seriously.) 17.00

LYCIA - wake LP re issue (This pioneering American dark-wave band's debut has seen a couple different mixes and releases on Projekt and Orphenage, with a recently self issued cassette paving the way for its first and only vinyl edition on Cercle Social Records. On Wake, JOHN FAIR andMIKE VANPORTFLEET crafted dreary yet mesmerizing songs that roughly laid the blueprint for an extensive and powerful discography to come. Lycia, from their inception, we're unique beyond words and it's our pleasure to give this landmark release a deluxe treatment.) 16.00

MAMMOTH GRINDER - Cosmic Crypt LP (relapse - Underground extreme metal trio Mammoth Grinder returns after five long years with their fourth full-length, "Cosmic Crypt," a non-stop, meteoric force of aggression and mayhem. Self-recorded by the band at Trax East in South River, NJ, mixed by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Sepultura, Inquisition), and mastered by Toxic Holocaust's Joel Grind, "Cosmic Crypt" is an 11-track slab of primitive, punk-inflected death metal. Frontman Chris Ulsh (Power Trip, Impalers) recruited Mark Bronzino (Iron Reagan) and Ryan Parrish (Iron Reagan, ex-Darkest Hour) to take Mammoth Grinder to new heights of misanthropic rage and blazing song craft. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 23.00

NORTHLESS - Last Bastion Of Cowardice DLP (halo of floes - a steamroller of midwestern doom, sludge and post metal by (now 10yrs old) vets of milwaukee’s metal and hardcore scene. Gatefold covers. 12page booklet.) 21.00

OLIVIA NEUTRON JOHN - Injury Train/Vulnerability LP (gilgongo - This LP compiles two original cassette releases -- Injury Train and I'm Never Getting Off and Vulnerability -- by Olivia Neutron John, aka Anna Nasty (Chain & the Gang, Neonates). BACK IN PRINT WITH NEW COVER ART IN HIGH GLOSS JACKETS "RAW, GLITTERING, PSYCHEDELIC... OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN, is a NON-BINARY, POST-BRO one person music/dance declaration of war on the accepted and the expected. The Olivia Neutron-John LP won't be seen in any record stores. They won't know where to put it. There isn't any card, section, genre, that can contain it The grooves barely fit on the album even… this is a record unlike any other. In an era when groups are formalistic recitations of previous groups, loathe to show any personality, innovation, or opinion—for fear of jeopardizing a future career in sales or politics—Olivia Neutron-John is a vital bolt from the blue, a radical arrival which signals something outside of noise, punk, disco, pop… Appearing fully formed, without a note or groove out of place, the O N-J record is a total statement; something brand new, a strike against complacency, a challenge thrown at the content-less stagnation of modern indie, garage, and whatever other tiresome genre exercises are being paraded around at the corporate festivals. Combining two cassette only releases by O N-J, (Injury Train and I’m Never Getting Off It & Vulnerability), O N-J's debut vinyl album captures the intensity of the same live performance that's transfixing audiences coast to coast. Olivia Neutron-John is ANNA NASTY (CHAIN & THE GANG, VEGETABLE) on keyboards, voice, saxophone… joined on the LP by MISHA POLESHCHUK (NO BABIES) on saxophone for this chunk of pure Casio crystal."—Ian Svenonius.) 18.00

PAGE 99 - document #8 LP (robotic empire -Over the course of their mere five-year existence, Sterling, Virginia’s Pageninetynine redefined what punk rock could be. This venerable squad of miscreants from the outskirts of the nation’s capital incorporated aspects of nearly every heavy music sub-genre into a tornado of punk fury, releasing a plethora of albums, singles, splits and more, touring relentlessly and inspiring a dedicated, diehard fanbase. Robotic Empire is pleased to announce a timely re-press of the band’s landmark Document #8 for availability during their September reunion shows! Each show will benefit a local grassroots organization on the frontlines fighting for civil rights, LGBT rights, youth rights, immigrant and refugee rights, and reproductive rights and justice. This album is the band’s aggressive and creative opus, originally recorded and mixed in a three day whirlwind. It’s been completely remixed by the band and engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Godcity Studios) and includes two bonus tracks. Housed in a hand-screened cover and packaged with a large sixteen-page booklet, it does fine justice to Pageninetynine’s legacy.) 25.00

PAGE 99 - document #7 LP (magic bullet - Five songs by Northern, VA hardcore band, Pg. 99. Originally release by Magic Bullet Records in 2001.) 17.00

PLASTIC - same LP (lumpy - Nevermind the darkwave, the latest tape of CHI’s moodiest trio gets the treatment just in time for winter. This is a fine synth record that stands out amid all this horrid post-coneheads hogwash and dull goth/postpunk. They know how to space out maybe it’s the cynicism that keeps them from being a grateful dead tribute band. A recommended listen for solitude in the dark.) 17.00

THE REPOS - hearts and heads explode LP (youth attack - With a looser, more free-form indifference to their playing, their second full-length charges on with an even crazier fist-in-the-face Midwestern rage and transcends their influences with a faster and more monstrous delivery, exemplified in Aaron Aspinwall's insane vocals atop Joe Philips' guitar tornado. Despite the fact that the majority of this material was written and recorded on the spot in the studio, its schizo urgency has gone on to be regarded as one of the finest U.S. hardcore albums of the 2000s. Originally released in 2006 and out of print until now, this deluxe reissue features newly-remastered audio by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Pressed on 180gm black vinyl, this LP comes housed in an embossed, spot-gloss slipcase with a slightly-updated UV gloss-coated jacket design and a euro sleeve displaying art sourced from original materials, including an unseen live photo of the band playing a Dekalb, Illinois basement show from this era. Recorded by Joe Partyka before he disappeared off the face of the earth. After a harrowing recovery of the original tapes, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Backing vocals on "Hearts and Heads Explode" by Mark McCoy and Will Killingsworth.) 21.00

THE REPOS - s/t LP (youth attack - In the wake of the dismal millennium thrash revival, THE REPOS brought a fresh perspective to hardcore by blending nihilistic humor and dirtbag culture with a furious classic sound that created their own distinct style. Led by legendary frontman Aaron Aspinwall (CHARLES BRONSON, DAS OATH), THE REPOS initiated a legacy with this stunning debut, laying out a template of unhinged three-chord, barebones hardcore that countless bands later emulated. With their patented low regard for showmanship, this classic lets loose with a wallop of timeless Midwestern fury. Originally released in 2004 and out of print until now, this deluxe reissue features newly-remastered audio by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Pressed on 180gm black vinyl, this LP comes housed in a spot-glossed matte slipcase with a slightly-updated UV gloss-coated jacket design and euro sleeve displaying art sourced from original materials, including an unseen live photo of the band during their first-ever performance at Buffalo Bill's garage in the south Chicago suburbs in 2003. Recorded almost completely live to analog 8 track Spring of 2003 at Smoke Free Studio in Downers Grove, Illinois. Mixed and sequenced at Acme in Chicago, Illinois. Originally released as a split release between Youth Attack and Fork Burns in 2004.) 22.00

SMART WENT CRAZY - con art DLP (earnest jennings - The second full length album by Smart Went Crazy, released in 1997.

THE SOFT MOON - criminal LP (sacred bones - ‘Criminal’, The Soft Moon's fourth studio album, is a confessional work. Through the stark lens of shame and guilt that has followed Luis Vasquez since a violent childhood growing up within the humming ambient sprawl of 80s Mojave Desert, here he documents the gut-wrenching sound of going to war with himself. Battling with his own sanity, self-hatred, insecurity, self-entitlement and grappling with the risk of these things transforming him into a person he despises, Vasquez has laid his feelings bare with this: his confession and most self-reflective work to date. Guilt is my biggest demon and has been following me since childhood. Everything I do strengthens the narrative that I am guilty” Vasquez reflects. “The concept of ‘Criminal’ is a desperate attempt to find relief by both confessing to my wrongdoings and by blaming others for their wrongdoings that have affected me.” ‘Criminal’ marks a striking and important chapter in his self-exploration, both artistically and emotionally. As a young musician living in Oakland, Vasquez began to try and process the narrative of his difficult upbringing veiled through musical exploration. Taking krautrock's motorik beats and Post-Punk deconstructions and honing them into a hushed percussive incantation, The Soft Moon's self-titled debut album took shape. The album was released in late 2010 by Captured Tracks and was praised by critics and emulated by contemporaries. ) 20.00

SOLID SPACE - Space Museum LP (dark entries - back in sock - Dark Entries is honored to finally present the first ever official vinyl reissue of Space Museum by SOLID SPACE. Solid Space was the British duo of DAN GOLDSTEIN (keyboards, vocals) and MATTHEW "MAF" VOSBURGH (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals) formed in 1980. Dan and Matthew met at the age of 11 while attending school in north London. In late 1978 at at the age of 14, they formed EXHIBIT 'A' with Paul “Platypus” and Andrew “Lunchbox” Bynghall. They recorded two EPs in 1979 and 1980, self-released on Irrelevant Wombat Records and appeared on The Thing From The Crypt compilation. After the dissolution of the group, Mathew started taking his guitar over to Dan’s house where he’d play his Casio MT-30 and they would record songs. ) 21.00

TRISOMIE 21 - Chapter Iv DLP (dark entries - TRISOMIE 21 is a post punk band formed in 1981 by PHILLIPE LOMPREZ (vocals, drums) and HERVE LOMPREZ (guitar, electronics), two brothers from Abscon, in the North of France. They began composing songs at the age of 16 while studying at school. The brothers were influenced by Kraftwerk, The Residents, Yello, P.I.L as well as the films of George A. Romero. Their music consists of lush soundscapes that do not easily fit into any one category. Lyrics are sung in English because in the north of France the duo sought to contradict the trend at the time for everything to be sung in French. Musically their mood is melancholic and one can hear traces of Joy Division, Durutti Column and The Cure. Since 1983 they’ve recorded 15 albums and appeared on numerous compilations and remain active to this day. For their fourth album the Lomprez brothers spent September and October of 1985 recording nine new compositions. ) 25.00

TWO KNIGHTS - effing LP (skeleting lightning - Two Knights is just one of Parker Lawson (guitar/vocals) and Miles DeBruin’s (drums) many bands. The inseparable Denton, Texas duo also play together in Flesh Born, Mimisiku, Father Figure, and Whimper just to name a few. But what sets Two Knights apart is the the pair’s extraordinary bond, of which you can attest to if you’ve seen their ridiculously tight live show. Following the release of their debut full-length Shut Up, along with an EP and a barrage of splits alongside Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Reptilian, Innards, and more, Effing finds the duo navigating hairpin turns with a manic math-rock technicality, at times screeching to an abrupt halt, but the band’s relentless and frantic energy always keep their songs moving forward. While Two Knights’ genre-defying songs often walk the line between extremes, even their heaviest moments rarely feel outwardly aggressive. Lawson’s honest lyrics tell the tale of the cyclical pattern of anxiety, but you don't have to listen too closely to get a sense of their inner battles. The music itself often bursts and thrashes alongside each and every emotion.) 14.00

V/A - uzende ukalale (don´t sleep) LP (mississippi - OMUTIBO FROM RURAL KENYA' - A compilation of uniquely Kenyan acoustic guitar songs, recorded in the homes and yards of Luhya musicians. In 2016, Cyrus Moussavi set out to learn the origins of Omutibo, a playing style invented by George Mukabi and adapted by his neighbors in a region that proved to be truly fertile for guitarists. These are the songs and stories of a golden era Kenya on the brink of independence, beautifully resurrected by the songwriters themselves over 50 years later. The LP comes in a deluxe metallic spot-colour jacket, with an 8-page full colour booklet featuring interviews, photographs, and lyrics in English and Luhya. This LP is co-released with Raw Music International and Olvido Records. ) 20.00


MOUNT EERIE - the dawn BOOK + CD (The music of MOUNT EERIE and THE MICROPHONES has always been a very personal, almost voyeuristic, view inside the mind of PHIL ELVERUM. Dawn is an archival core sample from an intensely creative period of Elverum’s life, the winter of 2002/2003 spent in arctic Norway, a kind of “lost album” finally properly recorded on just guitar and singing. This version of Dawn features a 144-page hardcover book of journal writing chronicling a winter spent alone in a cabin, wrestling with ghosts, gathering wood, acting out the myths; thre months of unfiltered brain torrents interspersed with drawings and including a nineteen track CD of songs written during that time, as well as sixteen color photo cards. It is bound in simulated “wood” paper. It feels like holding a piece of wood.) 32.00


LETTERS TO CATALONIA - fragmentary TAPE (skeleton - Purchase includes an instant digital download of the entire release after checkout. Three new tracks professionally duplicated to tape, showcasing a brand new lineup and fierce songwriting ability from Los Angeles emo-violence trio letters to catalonia. These songs will be featured on the band's upcoming full-length due out in 2018) 6.00

TINY MOVING PARTS - This Couch Is Long... TAPE (US PRESS Tiny Moving Parts is in many ways a family band. Founded by guitarist Dylan Mattheisen and his cousins Matthew and Billy Chevalier, the group has been playing music together for the past 10 years. On their latest effort, "This Couch Is Long & Full Of Friendship," they have honed their sound - combining mathy indie tunes with influences like Thursday, Tera Melos and more.) 6.00


YOUTH ATTACK - SKULL LOGO ENAMEL PIN (For nearly two decades, the YOUTH ATTACK skull logo has symbolized an elite group of artists, delinquents and antagonizers who reject the world's pathetic standards to pursue a different path—rare excellence. Here at last is your chance to glom onto the action with this classy 1" pin, featuring an opulent raised black metal border with recessed hard white enamel. Comes in exclusive YA packaging with full color card insert housed in a sealed poly bag. Edition of 100) 10.00


THE REPOS - 3D T-shirt (youth attack - Nothing screams "this era sucks" like this classic REPOS 3D shirt originally from 2004. Reprinted in a small batch to coincide with the represses of their first two remastered LPs, you can now transport yourself back to a time when wearing a red, white and blue shirt was still cool. Also features a stellar back print from when the band was Satanic.
in S/M/L) 18.00

THE REPOS - 2D 2004 T-shirt (youth attack - Nothing screams "this era sucks" like this classic REPOS 2D shirt originally from 2004. Reprinted in a small batch to coincide with the represses of their first two remastered LPs, you can now transport yourself back to a time when the world still seemed black and white. Also features a stellar back print from when the band was Satanic. in S/ m/ L) 18.00


DREW CAROLAN - Matinee: All Ages On The Bowery BOOK (radio raheem - Between 1983 and 1985, New York City photographer Drew Carolan began photographing patrons of the now-infamous hardcore matinees that were going on at seminal underground music club CBGB. During the week, Carolan was working as an assistant to legendary portrait photographer Richard Avedon, and on weekends he set up a makeshift studio across the street from CBGB and intercepted kids on their way to the all-ages afternoon shows. The result is a collection of photographs capturing the beauty, vulnerability, and the unbridled energy of youth during the height of the Reagan years. The Bowery at that time was a true melting pot of downtrodden adults, underage hardcore punk kids, and people living on the fringes of society. Now, more than thirty years later, all of that has disappeared and a copacetic, prosperous, and gentrified element has taken its place. While the hardcore punk scene still thrives today, these photographs capture a time and place in history that no longer exists. Nearly two years in the making, Radio Raheem is proud to offer this collection of Carolan's photos in a beautiful 10" x 10", hardcover volume featuring nearly 150 pages of images.) 25.00

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL - #417 FEB 2018 MAG (Year-end top ten issue. Top tens from 2017, photographs from Angela Owens and Farrah Skeiky, Charmpit from London, Chicago's Rash, Isotope Soap from Sweden, Tijuana's DFMK, and Erik Nervous from Shipshewana, Indiana.) 5.00

MITCHELL W FELDSTEIN - even change BOOK (A collection of prose and poetry by Lungfish drummer, Mitchell Feldstein. Published by Philadelphia's Paradigm Press in 2017) 20.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER Feb (Youth Attack, Solid Space, Pg99, So

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 09 Fév 2018, 14:23

hi. already two weeks in and another newsletter. Vendetta repressed the THOU - heathen DLP and we also got restock of the fantastic LOVE THEME - Love Theme LP on ALTER, MOLLY NILSSON - The Travels LP re issue, Nick Drake restocks, Carla dal Forno restocks and other goodies.

we also expect the new AMERICAN NIGHTMARE LP to be here mid february, new YA stuff etc. 

Also Vendetta started pre sales for his fest!!! pumped

then we got those shows lined up for your


ADAGIO830 B*day with The Remememberables, Caudal, Cold Leather and more …

Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


AB IMO PECTORE - the dissociative path LP (AB IMO PECTORE flourishes from a boundless core without shape, breathing hostility. Mel in ore, Fel in corde. Experimental Occult Black Metal, 12'' LP. Previously released through Debemur Morti on MC, comes with a completely new layout. Ltd. 300 copies on black vinyl ) 14.00

ALVIN LUCIER - criss cross / hanover LP (black truffle - Black Truffle is honoured to present the premier recordings of two recent works by legendary American experimental composer Alvin Lucier. A friend and contemporary of pioneers like Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Gordon Mumma, and Christian Wolff, Lucier has been crafting elegant explorations of the behavior of sound in physical space since the 1960s. Lucier is perhaps best known for I Am Sitting in a Room (1970), in which he repeatedly re-recorded his own speaking voice being played back into a room until the room's resonant frequencies entirely obscure the spoken text. Beginning in the early 1970s, he has written a remarkable catalogue of instrumental works that focus on phenomena produced by the interference between closely tuned pitches, such as audible beating, often using pure electronic tones produced by oscillators in combination with single instruments.  Demonstrating the restless creative drive of an artist now in his 80s, the two recent works presented here both feature the electric guitar, an instrument Lucier has just recently begun to explore. In Criss-Cross, Lucier's first composition for electric guitars, two guitarists using e-bows sweep slowly up and down a single semitone, beginning at opposite ends of the pitch range. The piece is a model of simplicity, exemplifying Lucier's desire not to 'compose' in the conventional sense, but rather to eliminate everything that 'distracts from the acoustical unfolding of the idea'. In this immaculately controlled performance of Criss-Cross by Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley, (for whom the piece was written in 2013), a seemingly simple idea creates a rich array of sonic effects – not simply beating patterns, which gradually slow down as the two tones reach unison and accelerate as they move further apart, but also the remarkable phenomenon of sound waves spinning in elliptical patterns through space between the two guitar amps.) 22.00

ASHBRINGER - vacant LP (vendetta - repressed - magenta colored, lim. to 200 copies "Naturalistic black metal that demonstrates an impressive degree of compositional confidence and control of dynamics, concept, and flow, resulting in a rich and immersive album with a lot of depth. A remarkable accomplishment by anyone“) 14.00

BELKA - Ermitage LP (koepfen - Belka is a new post-hardcore/screamo band Hamburg, Germany.) 11.00

COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE - the fallen ones LP (moment of collapse - New album of this epic postrock band. The LP is housed in a heavy cardboard including a die-cut. There is also a 4-page inlay with the full image of artwork-artist LOUKAS P.  Incl Download.) 13.00

FIRE! - The Hands LP + CD (For 20 years Rune Grammofon have made a habit of releasing music that is beyond easy classification, in later years typified by Swedish trio Fire!, consisting of Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin. All three are highly accomplished musicians, but Fire! music is not "difficult" in the sense that jazz and especially free jazz is often perceived. Very much a tight knit unit with three equal players, Fire! has been likened to powerful guitar led trios such as Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, but with Berthling´s heavy, doom laden basslines being such a typical identifier, we can´t help but thinking of Black Sabbath´s debut album when it comes to hypnotic impact. The Hands is the trio´s sixth album and once again displays a totally uncompromising and intriguing mix of (mostly) heavy, dark and intensely burning music whether one decide on calling it jazz or rock. The album closes on a quiet and reflective note with the appropriately titled "I Guard Her To Rest. Declaring Silence“. And we say it´s easily their best so far.) 25.00

ISWH - Adolescence Aftermath LP (koepfe - Four lads living in Dresden and Berlin playing a mix of post- / emo-rock. They already knew each other for a long time when they decided to start a band in summer’13.) 12.00

JAVIER SEGURA - El Sol Desde Oriente (Selected & Unreleased Recordings, 1980-1990) LP (For a good number of Spanish musicians, attracting attention from somewhere outside of Madrid was a mission impossible for several decades. While the Movida Madrileña, commonly referred to as the “Madrid scene” in English, stirred things up and made front page news on the basis of new wave music, musicians that were on the fringe or directly beyond it had few platforms from which to be heard. Although Javier Segura has been recording music in his studio almost continuously since the 70's, his relevance and recognition as a musician has been limited to underground music circles. The fact that he worked outside of the country's spotlight of power kept his name relatively unknown for years, something which even the arrival of the internet could not illuminate. Only the appreciation of a few collectors and disc jockeys kept the light on.  Passat Continu delivers here the first ever compilation by the spanish musician Javier Segura (born 1955), who worked as an isolated cell from his home studio in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, in the Canary Islands. Working for decades from the underground, Segura build up some brilliant ideas producing dozens of richly textured songs, stretching borders on ambient, experimental rock, dreamy folk or concrete music. Using guitars, rhythm boxes, trumpets, synths or simply pedals, Segura managed his own career and produced while published a handful of albums by himself: El ser y el tiempo (1976), No mires atrás (1983), Nostalgia de lo humano (1986), Lamento bereber (1989), El ángel caído vol I, la lluvia azul (2004), Levántate (2005) and El orden y el caos (2006). He also teamed up with Juan Belda on only impro project Arte Moderno (1981-1982), using the Roland TR-808 rhythm box as a main actor for the first time in the post-Franco’s Spain era.  'El sol desde oriente' uses three of that songs and add six more previously unreleased productions from 1980 to 1990, probably his most active period of time. Available on vinyl and digital through Bandcamp. Digital version includes two extra tracks. Vinyl comes with insert with unseen photos and liner notes by Javier Segura. ) 27.00

K.LEIMER - Imposed Order / Imposed Absence (Remastered + Expanded) LP (palace of lights - The first phase of K. Leimer’s recorded work began in 1972 with the production of the Grey Cows cassette and culminated in 1983 with the release of Imposed Order. Though work seemingly stopped following the release of I/O, Leimer continued to record and experiment with sound during what proved to be a 15-year interegnum for his Palace of Lights label. That work, never before issued, is included in this expanded remaster. Imposed Absence features ten tracks recorded in the years between Imposed Order and his return to releasing music with The Listening Room. Imposed Absence features the addition of Mellotron and early digital synths, some excursions into lo-fi and, unusual in his catalog, a few improvised tracks. Combined with the VOD double album of his earliest tape recordings and RVNG’s A Period Of Review double album, the release of Imposed Order / Imposed Absence brings the entirety of Leimer’s early work into view. Remastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K Mastering, the vinyl includes a four-page booklet and download card for all nineteen tracks. K. Leimer founded Palace of Lights in 1979. Leimer has been actively producing music since the mid 1970s—his current catalog includes eighteen solo albums plus collaborative albums with Savant and Marc Barreca. His work is included in the collection of The British Library.) 18.00

LEAF KICKERS - you went gospel on me LP (No Wave Jazz/Experimental, Members of Amigo Tropical …) 14.00

LIFE FUCKER - z LP (static age - Just when you thought these primates looked like they'd hit the evolutionary ceiling, they emerge from the marshlands with ‘Z’ to reveal themselves as the missing link between the Sexual, Destino Final and Chaos Z that’s been puzzling discogs junkies and pit warriors alike for decades. ‘Z’, the first initial of LF vocalist Kalo’s single biggest costume influence (Zorro) and also the name of this new release, this cut is primal but not primitive, the sound of a seasoned pack indulging in their instincts. Comes with A 2 double sided poster and Obi Strip.) 13.00

LOVE THEME - Love Theme LP (alter - BACK IN STOCK If there's a single guiding motif to this debut recording from Love Theme, it's the melancholic throb of love learnt and love lost, a descent that tumbles and slips through the overall feeling of looking back. As intimately and carefully as its parts cohesively lament a narrative, it's the after-image that catches your breath, like a memory morphing as it is observed. Comprised of Alex Zhang Hungtai of the now defunct project Dirty Beaches, along with Austin Milne, and Simon Frank, 'Love Theme' is arranged from an improvised session with twin saxophones, synthesizer, percussion, drum machine, and voice. Over the course of a year the material was edited remotely from the members' home cities of London, LA and Taipei. The record's sullen ambience is never left too long to set in. The aching wane of the saxophone arrangements frisk the propulsive aggro of the mixed percussion, forcing a melancholic halo upon the queasy stupor of the synthetic swing that closes each side of the record. It's a bizarre lust for life that's being divined from equal parts dislocation and invigoration, a potent remedy which perhaps Love Theme can call their own. ) 19.00

MARTIN NEWELL - The Greatest Living Englishman LP (captured tracks - Produced by XTC's Andy Partridge (who also plays most of the drums), Martin Newell's first solo album, The Greatest Living Englishman, was hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as a rock classic upon release. Originally released in 1993, it has all the hooks and melodies of Cleaners from Venus and Brotherhood of Lizards and then some. With Partridge's immaculate production, it's something rather more again. They don't make albums like this anymore...  We're ecstatic to bring this album back in print to celebrate it's 25th Anniversary! This reissue includes a 10-page Booklet with Updated Liner Notes by Martin Newell and is restored to original Tracklist as envisioned by Martin Newell and Andy Partridge. ) 24.00

MOLLY NILSSON - The Travels LP (night school - The Travels represents a signpost in the continuing journey that is the songs of Berlin-based artist Molly Nilsson.  Starting out by hand-dubbing CDrs and forging a singular path in the global pop underground, Nilsson’s art has grown to the extent where hers is a precise songwriting devoid of unnecessary flourish. Her songs are perfect silhouettes of feelings everyone shares but that few can articulate with such heart-rending, icy pathos. Journeys offer change - the possibility of renewal - and accordingly on The Travels Molly Nilsson’s resonant voice is found curling around a new sense of optimism and wide-eyed discovery that was only alluded to in her previous work. Songs like “Dear Life” might be spiked with a barbed sense of the dejected, but the presiding feeling is one of optimism, of being in love with life despite a shield of cynicism. “Dirty Fingers” brings a melancholy recognisable from previous work but with an incessant beat and ecstatic underpinning it becomes apparent that a new force is at play here. In case the listener missed it, “The Power Ballad” brings an endearing, sincerity to proceedings that also offers a tantalising question: can you be sceptical about love but still be bewitched? On her 5th long-player, Nilsson’s perspective is challenged and manipulated by changes in environment and psychological space: like any other traveller the protagonist brings their own set of values and emotional states to new places, colouring them with a wash of subjectivity. Like any other traveller Molly Nilsson reacts to her environment and shares her unique version of it to other people. Based loosely on Marco Polo’s “Travels” and reading like a map of the protagonist’s geographical and inner journey, The Travels reveals new places and new emotions that are never the same to the beholder. Nilsson’s art is in turning this subjectivity into a cloak that almost anyone can don for the trip.) 22.00

NEW NATIVE - Soul Cult LP (koepfen - New Native is an incredible alternative rock band from Vienna, Austria. We first heard about them when they were on tour with Pianos Become the Teeth and Silver Snakes in Europe, and a mutual friend gave us the good word on them! Creating ambient instrumentals paired with emotional and moody vocals, New Native bring to mind comparisons of Seahaven, early Balance & Composure, and Jimmy Eat World.) 11.00

NICK DRAKE - family tree DLP (back on black - NAvailable as a 2-LP gatefold package with an 8-page book, the set includes an intimate 'letter' to Nick from his sister, Gabrielle; a firsthand account by Robin Frederick from their brief time in Aix en Provence, France, where a portion of this material was recorded; and a childhood memoir from Andrew Hicks. The music in this release is as compelling and revealing a tale of early Nick Drake as the written accounts in the booklet. Family Tree provides an insight into Nick's early songwriting exploits, as well as the songs he covered, along with recorded appearances by his sister, and mother, Molly.) 27.00

ROSETTA - Utopioid DLP (Col. Vinyl) (pelagic - ROSETTA returns in 2017 with „Utopioid“, their sixth full-length album and most concept-driven work to date. Written as a four-part song cycle that treads multipolar extremes of texture, dynamics, and harmony, it reaches the highest heights and the deepest lows of the band’s career. An unflinching study of human aspiration, frailty, and betrayal, the album is equal parts mysticism and the band’s own biography, encapsulating and transcending the band’s 14 years of sonic experimentation. Formed in Philadelphia in 2003 as a four-piece, ROSETTA‘s first two albums—2005’s „The Galilean Satellites“ and 2007’s „Wake/Lift“ – pulled together elements from 90s hardcore, drone, doom, and atmospheric sludge metal. Informed as much by the minimal soundscapes of STARS OF THE LID as by the pulverizing weight of GODFLESH, the band’s compositions had a spaced- out, exploratory feel, appropriately dubbed “metal for astronauts.” 2010’s „A Determinism of Morality“ moved on from celestial themes, focusing on increased melodic sophistication while honing a confrontational urgency. After concluding a decade-long partnership with Translation Loss Records in 2013, ROSETTA embraced their newfound independence with the self-funded, pay-as-you-wish album „The Anaesthete“. The darkest, most unsettling album of the band’s career also marked their greatest success so far, recouping costs in 24 hours and remaining the top-selling release on Bandcamp for nearly a month. 2015’s „Quintessential Ephemera“, ROSETTA’s first effort as a five-piece, received widespread critical and audience acclaim. With „Utopioid“, ROSETTA has again upended their stylistic palette. But as always, with ever deeper gratitude for the investment of fans around the world, they continue to search for the intersection of heaviness and beauty.) 28.00

SING FANG / SOLEY / ORVAR SMARASON - team dreams DLP (morr - Heavyweight gatefold sleeve, incl. printed inner sleeves, etching on side D, initial copies come with extra poster. „Team Dreams“ is the collaborative album of Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason of múm and FM Belfast. It combines the individual strengths of three acclaimed musicians, blends folk sensibilities with futuristic pop beats. It’s an emotive ocean of sound, melodies and miniature stories that gently washes over you. And it’s easily one of the best albums the three Reykjavík artists have been involved in.) 29.00

THOU - heathen 2xLP (vendetta - repressed - THOU is one of the heaviest sludge bands that anyone has ever heard.  But it must be noted that while Heathen is Thou's heaviest work to date, the album is also their most melodic and beautiful. They have channeled their songwriting capabilities into creating one of the most monumental metal albums in existence, weaving soft, melodic passages and prosaic, often ecstatic lyrics into the crawling, resplendently heavy riff-laden metal that they've been known for. And this is no mere collection of songs; this is a cohesive and ambitious record that, while centered, covers a variety of topics and emotions.) 20.00

VILLA ABO - Magnetic Moves DLP (dark entries - Villa Åbo is the alternative solo project of Swedish musician and producer Jan Svensson, who has been making electronic music for the better part of 30 years as the artist behind such aliases as Frak, Studio SS and Alvars Orkestra. Svensson also runs legendary Swedish dance and experimental music label Börft, the product of a mutual appreciation for Severed Heads and Terse Tapes. As Villa Åbo he released two records in 1997 on Börft and remained inactive for 17 years until the Dutch label Bio Rhythm coaxed him into revisiting the project and released a double 12″ in 2014. Jan has since followed with a steady stream of 12” singles for Kontra-Musik, Noise In My Head and Radio Lundberg. “Magnetic Moves” is Villa Åbo’s debut album, originally released in an limited edition of 65 hand-numbered cassettes by Funeral Fog in 2016. Clocking in at over 46 minutes, this first-ever vinyl edition spreads the 8 ragged techno tracks across four sides for maximum loudness. Some songs are aggressively potent, with cyclical synth riffs and razor-sharp acid lines riding a heavy, funk-fuelled techno groove. Others tracks are more fluid, vintage Underground Resistance or Derrick May with killer drum machine workouts that come in handy as DJ tools. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The record is housed in a custom made jacket designed by Eloise Leigh, featuring a photograph of Jan’s mother’s house, the meaning behind “Villa Åbo”. Each copy includes a double-sided postcard with notes.)) 25.00

YUSEF LATEEF - Psychicemotus LP (back on black - Psychicemotus was released in 1965 and features Yusef Lateef on various flutes and tenor saxophone, Georges Arvanitas on piano, bassist Reggie Workman, and drummer James Black. And while the Coltrane era of modal and free jazz was in full swing, Lateef always followed his own muse, and continued looking forward while looking back to ancient music.) 21.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER Feb (Youth Attack, Solid Space, Pg99, So

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 16 Fév 2018, 14:14

welcome to our 3rd installment of news for the month of february 2018. We hope u all good a good week and will enjoy scrolling through our news.
We got a ltd COURTNEY BARNETT - faceless ltd 7“ , the new U.S. GIRLS - In A Poem Unlimited LP, DEAN BLUNT & JOANNE ROBERTSON - whalla LP, KAS PRODUCT - Black & Noir (Mutant Experimental Synth Punk From France 1980-83) LP re issue, SONGS:OHIA - travels in constant LP, WINDHAND / SATAN'S SATYRS - split LP, the new LOCKTENDER LP and more

for next week we expect the new AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, CONVERGE represses and more …

Also Vendetta started pre sales for his fest!!! Get your ticket at bisaufsmesser

then we got those shows lined up for your


MAY 5th - ADAGIO830 B*day with The Rememberables, Caudal, Cold Leather and more …

Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


COURTNEY BARNETT - faceless ltd 7“ (milk / marathon - First single from the forthcoming album, "Tell Me How You Really Feel“. Some independent record stores were provided these prior to the official release date of February 15, to give away or sell to their customers. Some loyal fans of Courtney Barnett and Milk! Records were also sent this single as a gesture of their ongoing support.) 10.00


COMA REGALIA / VRIL / OSTRACA / UNTOLD WANT - split 10“ (i corrupt .- These four bands of friends are probably America's most promising in the underground scene these days. On this four way 10" split they bring you variations on the theme of empathy in the modern world. UNTOLD WANT (formerly Iwakura) drop four poisonous tracks of screamy hardcore. OSTRACA continue their paths from their current album "Last" and offer up two beautifully constructed screamo opus'. VRIL commit three blistering and volatile hardcore songs with highly refreshing and emotional female vocals, while COMA REGALIA bring their A game with three more chaotic, screamo gems.  This split 10" is co-released with Middle-Man Records and Zegema Beach Records and comes on grey vinyl with white smoke.) 11.00


DEAN BLUNT & JOANNE ROBERTSON - whalla LP (textile - Produced in 2014, Wahalla is the collaboration between Dean Blunt (Hype Williams - Babyfather - Blue Iverson...)- and visual / folk artist Joanne Robertson. Created in the same year of Blunt's Black Metal and Skin Fade releases - this eight-track release coincides with the time Robertson was recording for her 2015 album Black Moon Days (Feeding Tube Records). Originally released on social media (Mediafire/YouTube) early 2017, "Wahalla" is now available for the first time on a physical format. No Download Code.) 25.00

THE GREEN CHILD - s/t LP (upset the rhythm - The Green Child is the long distance musical collaboration of Mikey Young and Raven Mahon, who met in 2013 in when their bands, Total Control and Grass Widow played a show in Oakland, California. They started writing songs together in Australia in 2014 and the project has been on a slow burn since. Their self-titled debut album is the culmination of few years of putting ideas together internationally and periodically recording in Mikey's home studio. Some of the lyrical content and the band's name was inspired by Herbert Read's 1935 utopian, communist, sci-fi novel called The Green Child.) 20.00

JOHN COLTRANE - Chasing Trane OST DLP (rhino - If you asked someone to make you a single-disc mixtape of legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane 's most important recordings, focused on both his creative innovations and abiding spirituality, you'd probably get something akin to the soundtrack to the 2017's Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary. Directed by acclaimed documentarian John Scheinfeld (Who Is Harry Nilsson…?, The U.S. vs. John Lennon), Chasing Trane attempts to encompass Coltrane 's life and career, from his early days as a freelance bebop musician in Philadelphia to his transformation into a deeply spiritual, avant-garde-influenced jazz giant. Not surprisingly, the soundtrack feels thoughtfully curated and while not exhaustive, offers a succinct portrait of the saxophonist. Rather than putting tracks in chronological order, here we get a more narrative structure with Coltrane 's most indelible moments presented in a timely and emotionally gratifying manner. Fittingly, Scheinfeld and producer Harry Weinger kick things off dramatically with what is arguably Coltrane 's most important recording, 1965's landmark "A Love Supreme, Pt. 1: Acknowledgment" off A Love Supreme. From there, they move backward to his propulsively swinging rendition of Irving Berlin 's "Russian Lullaby," off 1958's Soultrane, and later, they go forward again to his visceral rumination on the 1963 racially motivated bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, "Alabama," off 1964's Live at Birdland. We also get such essential recordings as 1958's "Moment's Notice," 1960's "Giant Steps," and 1961's "My Favorite Things." Admittedly, several essential sides are missing, including "Blue Train," "Central Park West," "Equinox," and "Naima," not to mention anything Coltrane recorded with Miles Davis . While these omissions mean that Chasing Trane is by no means a definitive collection, it isn't intended to be, and instead offers a moving portrait of Coltrane 's ascension into jazz mythology. ~ Matt Collar) 30.00

KAS PRODUCT - Black & Noir (Mutant Experimental Synth Punk From France 1980-83) LP (souljazz - Soul Jazz dip into the killer archives of French synth punk circa 1980 with this reissue of material from Nancy duo Kas Product. After delivering a nation-wide primer on the early ‘80s French wave of punk acts with last year’s Punk 45 – Les Punks: The French Connection, Soul Jazz square their focus on one of the bands that featured in Kas Product. Formed of Mona Soyoc and Daniel ‘Spatz’ Favre, this duo represent a classic French slant on the early synth punk formation with the former’s dramatic vocal delivery and cheap guitars offering a foil for the latter’s budget electronics. As Kas Product, Soyoc and Favre recorded several albums throughout the ‘80s that played their part in shaping the Coldwave movement in France; a fact Soul Jazz attempt to reaffirm on this compilation. Essentially a repackaged edition of the Kas Product retrospective issued on Paris label Fan Club in 1990, Black & Noir - Mutant Synth-Punk from France leads with debut single Mind and covers the period between their first two albums. A period where Soyoc and Favre were more focussed on experimentation as opposed to the latent poppy avant-gardisms of their third and final album, Ego Eye. Highlights here include the scratchy punk funk of Seven, the bleepy electro of Party and the bizarro Talking Heads pomp of Mezzo. Recommended - worth scrutinising if you are a fan of Ruth, Deux, Philippe Laurent!) 25.00

LOCKTENDER - Friedrich LP (i corrupt - Four years after the release of "Rodin", Locktender from Cleveland, Ohio, are back with their third studio full-length. While the previous albums "Kafka" and "Rodin" focused on the works of Franz Kafka and Auguste Rodin, Locktender are staying on the path by this time reinterpretating the works of the German Romantic landscape painter Caspar David Friedrich. Attempting something new, the band has not only used Friedrich’s paintings as inspiration but also managed to tell a cohesive narrative using the mood, settings, and characters from the works. With "Friedrich" Locktender are taking philosopher-core, their own sub-genre somewhere between post-hardcore and post-metal, to the next level. ) 13.00

MIRACLE - The Strife Of Love In A Dream LP (relapse - Dark synthpop duo MIRACLE return with their sophomore full-length and first album in over five years, The Strife Of Love In A Dream. Consisting of Steve Moore, one half of the progressive synth-rock duo Zombi and composer of contemporary horror soundtracks including The Guest and Mayhem plus vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan, known for his work with a myriad of art rock luminaries including Ulver, Grumbling Fur, Æthenor, Sunn O))), Guapo, Mothlite and This Is Not This Heat plus special guest drums from A.E. Paterra (Zombi, Majeure, Maserati), MIRACLE play moody, stylish, synth-driven pop that evokes vintage Depeche Mode at their most dramatic heights. Self-recorded over a four year span in London, New York and Pittsburgh and mastered by Matt Colton (Aphex Twin, Caribou, Flume) at Alchemy Mastering, London, The Strife Of Love In A Dream is an incredible display of synthpop composition, infectious arrangements and gothic lyricism that is nothing short of a modern masterpiece.) 23.00

SILVIA KASTEL - air lows LP (blackest ever black - Air Lows is the debut solo album by Silvia Kastel. The Italian artist has been a fixture of the underground since her precocious teens, clocking up many miles in Control Unit with Ninni Morgia, including collaborations with the likes of Smegma, Factrix, Gary Smith, Aki Onda and Gate (Michael Morley of The Dead C). Both solo and in her work with others, Kastel has explored the outer limits and inner workings of no wave, industrial, dub, extreme electronics, free rock and improvisation. Air Lows is both her fullest and most refined offering to date, a work of vivid, isolationist electronics which draws deeply on her past experience but breaks new ground. Prompted by a late-flowering interest in techno and club music, Kastel sought to create something which combines a steady rhythmic pulse with the otherworldly sonorities of musique concrete, and avant-garde synth sounds inspired by Japanese minimalism and techno-pop (Haruomi Hosono's Philharmony being a particular favourite). The formal artifice of muzak / elevator music, the intros and outros of generic popular songs, the extreme light-heavy contrasts of jungle, the creative sampling of hardcore, and the very "human" synths in the jazz of Herbie Hancock's Sextant and Sun Ra: all were touchstones for Air Lows' conception and composition, and all strains of music addressing - or complicating - the relationship between the human and the technological.) 17.00

SONGS:OHIA - travels in constant LP (temporary residence -Sometime in 2001 - sandwiched between the release of Ghost Tropic and its follow-up, the cryptic classic, Didn't It Rain - Songs: Ohia recorded an EP for Temporary Residence's distance-themed subscription series, Travels In Constants. The untitled EP consisted of a single 18-minute song - performed live by Jason Molina in his living room, recorded directly to 4-track cassette as the sounds of a typical Chicago night bled through the air. Built solely from an acoustic guitar and Molina's familiar melancholy croon, it's a hauntingly intimate track. Molina once remarked that it was "probably too out there" for a proper Songs: Ohia album, which is perhaps why is felt right at home in this context. Scarcely available in its original CD-only edition of 1,000 copies, Travels In Constants has finally been remastered and reissued for vinyl and digital formats. Completing this reissue is "Howler," another unusually lengthy Songs: Ohia track that, like Travels In Constants, was recorded and released in 2001 in an edition of only 1,000. These tracks are amongst the most abstractly beautiful and alarmingly delicate music that Molina ever committed to tape. It's an honor to finally make it properly available for the world.) 21.00

U.S. GIRLS - In A Poem Unlimited LP (4AD - Meg Remy’s second release for 4AD, In A Poem Unlimited, which includes single ‘Mad As Hell’ – a clarion call for pacifism – was tracked in collaboration with Toronto-based instrumental collective the Cosmic Range, and features arrangements by long-time contributors Maxmilian Turnbull and Louis Percival. The dizzying buffet of live grooves on In a Poem Unlimited represents an inversion of the dusty, sample-based minimal textures of Half Free, Remy’s euphoric 4AD debut. Steered into focus by Remy and mixer/co-producer Steve Chahley, Poem features disco employed as a protest vernacular (‘Mad As Hell’), as well as an unrelenting assault (‘Time’); moody, slow-burning funk (‘Velvet 4 Sale’ & ‘L-Over’) and earnest synth anthems ‘Rosebud’ and ‘Poem’, which form the album’s emotional core. Poem features dark meditations reflecting charged atmospheres that directly precede and follow acts of violence. Many of the songs are character studies of women grappling with power; how to gain and exert it spiritually, as well as desperate strategies to mitigate its infliction. Remy also rallies against the public lies told by political and religious leaders, and more crucially, questions the lies we tell ourselves in order to survive. While U.S. Girls, denoting the plural, is no longer a misnomer, In A Poem Unlimited may be Remy’s most individually distilled protest to date.) 21.00

WINDHAND / SATAN'S SATYRS - split LP (relapse - Two of Virginia's finest heavy bands team up for an amp-worshipping, acid trip from hell! Includes two brand new songs of smoldering gloom and grief from WINDHAND paired with three tracks of devilish, fuzz-drenched metal/punk from SATAN'S SATYR’S.) 21.00


BODEN - Lesion TAPE (holy goat - post-blackmetal / shoe gaze from Stuttgart - new & previously unreleased song) 6.00

KONTROLLE - Demo TAPE (holy goat - post-punk / dark-wave with german lyrics -feat. members of Blank and Sunlun) 6.00
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peeps. february is almost over - last one for this month. lots of new sick records arrived. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - American Nightmare LP, ALL PIGS MUST DIE - A Caustic Vision LP, a new BIB 7“, CONVERGE - The Dusk In Us LP restock, FELT re issues, FRIENDSHIP - I & II LP restock, MARK RENNER - Few Traces DLP, OLDEN YOLK LP, new WIRE MAG, COLD CAVE merch restock, new OUGHT - Room Inside The World LP, SIEKIERA - Nowa Aleksandria LP re issue, WEAR YOUR WOUNDS DLP & LP and other goodies

Also Vendetta started pre sales for his fest!!! 1/3 is gone so far - Get your ticket at bisaufsmesser

then we got those shows lined up for your


MAY 5th - ADAGIO830 B*day with The Rememberables, Caudal, Cold Leather and more …

Thank you
 Robert & Klose & Norman


BIB - Moshpit 7“ (pop wig - For their first release on POP WIG Records, Omaha-based BIB continues their streak of making sketchy-as-hell punk rock for straight up weirdos.) 7.00

REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER - Demo 7“ (life of dreams - Raw, aggressive, and just straight up rips.) 7.00

SPIRITUAL CRAMP - Mass Hysteria 7“ (React - „Spiritual Cramp comes to the Bay Area in a time of need. San Francisco has always been a haven for artists, musicians, punks & freaks. But here, in 2017, these types have become more offhand than on–lesser, as if that side of our culture has been tucked in, put to sleep. But, no matter how much polish is applied, no matter how clean they try to make it, there will always be danger in the city. What we’ve learned from this big change is that existing in an affluent society can feel just as oppressive as living in a disadvantaged society, especially if one doesn’t fit certain criteria of the dominating class. Rock ‘n roll has always reflected disgruntled youth and its rockers often create sounds that are mimetic of their inner state–what is experienced in the day-to-day.  For their first release, rightly named Mass Hysteria, Spiritual Cramp relates this state of unease in a seemingly at ease system. The sounds borrow from the past, echoes of late 70’s, early 80’s working class rock ‘n roll / punk, which function on the upbeat, showcasing very bright guitars, yet generating darker vocal rhythms, darker patterning.) 6.00


ALABASTER - time to get a job LP (bigoit - Alabaster is an noisy-hardcore band from FR with current and former members of Overmars, Sofy Major, Geneva and Kiruna) 12.00

ALL PIGS MUST DIE - A Caustic Vision LP (nonbeliever - Behold the APMD “A Caustic Vision” 12inch EP. Released on the bands own Nonbeliever Label. Features three exclusive songs previously unreleased and a screen printed B-side.  These four songs were recorded during the "Hostage Animal" sessions at Godcity Studios making this EP a companion piece to the recently released "Hostage Animal" LP out on Southern Lord Records. Limited to 619 copies. ) 21.00

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - American Nightmare LP (Rise - LTD WHITE VINYL - American Nightmare is back after ten years with a new album in the original line up! "American Nightmare was formed when Tim Cossar and Wesley Eisold (who was then a roadie for Ten Yard Fight) met up with Azy Relph and Jesse Van Diest in 1998. They recorded a demo tape in 1999, followed by their debut release, a self-titled 7", on Bridge 9 Records under their original name American Nightmare in 2000. After extensive touring and line-up changes, the band recorded their second release 7", The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter. This was later combined with their self-titled effort to form Year One, which was released posthumously. Their debut full-length, Background Music, was recorded for Equal Vision Records in 2001 and was released to much acclaim. In 2003, the band faced a legal battle with a similarly named band from Philadelphia. The band then changed their name briefly to the initials "A.N." then to American Nothing for a brief period. After the other American Nightmare again threatened legal action, they changed their name to Give Up the Ghost (which was intended to be the name of their second album). Their second full length, We're Down Til We're Underground released on Equal Vision Records, saw the band experimenting with their sound, with longer songs that didn't follow the typical hardcore songwriting formula that they had adhered to in their previous releases.) 25.00

CONVERGE - The Dusk In Us LP (deathwish - back in stock - Five years since their last release, Converge returns with "The Dusk In Us": a brutal but beautiful album that shows the band's artistic evolution while still capturing their classic sound. The ninth full-length from the Boston, MA-based heavy-music innovators - vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller - "The Dusk In Us": proves to be both dark and hopeful, abrasive and melodic, devastating and powerfully cathartic. While "The Dusk In Us" finds Converge defying boundaries and pushing into new sonic terrain, it's also a natural progression for a band that's long thrived on making music that both challenges and connects. LP includes digital download.) 24.00

DAVID TOOP & PAUL BURWELL - Suttle Sculpture LP (sub rosa - Never released before recordings from Logos Foundation live sessions in Brussels, May 7th 1977. When Paul Burwell and I started playing together just after Christmas, 1969, we found ourselves wrestling with a new language of sound, listening, actions, objects and space. At first it was music. We studied in the improvisation classes given by John Stevens at Ealing College in 1971-2, also took classes in African music at London's Africa Centre. Most of the musicians lasted only one or two sessions so we resigned ourselves to being a duo and worked out an approach to free improvisation that expanded from simple structures and instrument combinations. Decomposition, we called it. We had worked intensively together, searching for techniques through which to decondition ourselves from orthodoxies, devising exercises in listening and instrument building, studying esoteric organology, bioacoustics, environmental sound, raw musics and anthropology. We were both fascinated by phenomena like diffraction, propulsion, resonance, projection, masking and heterodyning, and by shamanism, the symbolically grounded agency of shamanic drums, animal-becoming and noisy costume, the shaman's capacity to enliven quotidian space with the commotion of discarnate audible entities from the spirit world. This recording is one of the very few that conveys anything of what we were about.  Paul Burwell - percussion, whistles David Toop - flutes, home-made reeds, whistle) 18.00

DEATH PEDALS - s/t LP (The recording of the last release, Album No.3 embraced a more experimental approach than their previous albums. With only 4 songs written, and a handful of ideas, they decamped to Giant Wafer Studios, Wales for four days in November to write and record as much material as possible, live, vowing to commit it to wax, whatever the outcome.) 14.00

DEITUS - acta non verba LP (dawnbreed - “Deeds, not words” is the title of British BM band Deitus’ debut album, though without very much information about these guys at my finger-tips I can’t say how much they live up to that motto. Here be straightforward no-frills / no-nonsense 1990s-styled raw BM that stresses hard-edged martial riffing, outbreaks of blast-beat drumming and plenty of melodies in songs boasting occult and Satanic themes. All songs show thought and care in their construction and each track stands as a flowing self-contained unit in its own right with drama, aggression and energy. The weakest element here is the spidery BM vocals which are all but swamped by the energetic music, which is a bit unfortunate as most songs feature singing and the music accommodates it, never fighting it. While the guitars have a distorted sound, the band’s overall style is actually clean and polished enough for all instruments to be heard clearly and the general sound is more steely and spacious than grinding. All songs are played well and consistently though if they had fewer and more distinctive riffs and melodies they might all emerge as potential singles. Trying to pack in as many riffs as possible into each and every song has the unfortunate effect of robbing them all of their own identities. As they are, the longer tracks “Ladder of Divine Ascent” and “Todestrieb” coming at the end of the album stick out more, probably because they also feature some lead guitar playing, pay more attention to creating mood and ambience than the other earlier pieces or experiment a bit with the band’s style and sound. ( the sound projector )) 15.00

EKRANOPLAN - Hypnopædia LP (narshardaa - Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of Hungry Lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their new full-lenght record. Nine songs of grindcore, d-beat and sludge filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. expect a bastard of icy sludge, raging crust and precise grindcore annihilation. The russian artist Rotten Fantom painted an outstanding artwork for the album.) 13.00

FELT - The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories LP (cherry red - Before the Stone Roses and after Be-Bop Deluxe and Plastic Ono Band, John Leckie worked with Felt. Booked into a metal/reggae studio in Birmingham’s industrial wasteland he sculpted a Michelangelo slice of new rock – exquisite and beautiful guitar odysseys – quite unlike anything the city had experienced before. Merging pop with a classical nuance Felt stood alone as the forerunners of a brand new style. And Gary Ainge was finally allowed to use his high-hat!.) 28.00

FELT - The Splendour Of Fear LP (cherry red - Lawrence escapes the contours of a bland city and retreats into his mind. Felt had risen from the underworld searching for a new horizon but only managed to slip into a desolate obscurity! Dark black slabs of creosote guitar – vast swathes of epic interplay – casting futuristic Shadows – an idiosyncratic and unobtrusively brilliant band, the music Felt made on this album is unlike anything attempted before. This really is a template for an age yet to come. And it pays to know that Maurice Deebank now resides in a monastery in Birmingham!.) 28.00

FELT - The Seventeenth Century LP (cherry red - Previously named Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death, this album is now renamed The Seventeenth Century – the original name for the album was changed late in the day. This reversal of misfortune was classed as an awful mistake and Lawrence’s biggest regret. Fast forward to now and this situation can finally be rectified. “You can’t change the title of an album” - they told him – so he said; “if Kraftwerk can and Bowie can then I can too!!”.) 28.00

FELT - Ignite The Seven Cannons LP (cherry red - Produced by Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins and featuring the sky-scraping vocal of Elizabeth Fraser on the mighty Primitive Painters. Felt found themselves at the top of the independent charts. Unhappy with the overall sound though – it was as if some of Lawrence’s best songs were lost in an “ethereal swirl.” John A. Rivers has been given access to the original master tapes and six songs have been remixed. Also – side 2 has been focused, edited and “made symmetrical.” Finally these songs can be heard as intended by Felt. It has become at long last a cohesive whole..) 28.00

FELT - Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty LP (cherry red -Anyone who has been living on the grapevine these past few years must have heard the rumours about the coming of the FELT reissues – well they’re here. During the ‘80s Felt produced ten albums and ten singles for the Cherry Red and Creation labels. This beautifully produced series examines the work of one of the greatest underground groups of modern times. These vinyl records, unavailable for many years, have been re-mastered and revisited by Lawrence, and he has fashioned the ultimate definitive collections. They are available in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Lawrence’s ambition was to release the best debut English album ever! Adrian Borland offered his services, but commitments with his band The Sound prevented this from happening. So Felt began a relationship with Swell Maps producer John A. Rivers. Recorded and mixed over six days, the band got a taste of how bitter reality fares compared to the “mellow fruitfulness” of blind ambition..) 28.00

FISTER / CHRCH - split LP (crown & - Here comes the forthcoming release by Sacramento's epic psych/doom rock titans in CHRCH and our old friends in Fister.  CHRCH, who are new to the label, have been hard at work crafting their particular brew of sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble continuation and glorification of those fundamental musical elements that first built and then sustained the genre and it’s offshoots over the course of decades. This purity and honesty comes across in a striking manner on the band’s debut "Unanswered Hymns" (Battleground Records), a sprawling roller coaster of an album that plumbs the heights and depths of emotion, whether be it sorrow, loss, or redemption. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studios in Rocklin, CA, the recording exudes a warm, organic tone that draws the listener in to music heavily influenced by traditional doom, psych rock, drone, and ambience. CHRCH cannily wields dynamic songwriting, musicianship, and raw power to spin a spellbinding tale of occult darkness that clashes with illuminating melodies and riffs drenched in grimy reverb. Minimalistic, indulgent, or straightforward, the music of CHRCH is simply whatever the listener wants it to be.  Fister, coming off their recent reissue of "Gemini" on vinyl (Encapsulated Records), their split 7" with TEETH (Broken Limbs Recordings), and of course their last 12" "IV" that we released in 2015, provide one new soul crushing track to this new release. The band, as before, incorporates heavy influences from the black and death metal genres into a depressing sludge spewing heaviness that many have attempted, but few have mastered. ) 17.00

GRAVE PLEASURES - Motherblood LP + CD (century media - Gatefold LP includes also CD version of the album. Second album by apocalyptic post punk - outfit Grave Pleasures. Beastmilk's successors entered the Orgone Studios for this release.) 19.00

JAQUELINE HUMBERT & DAVID ROSENBOOM - J. Jasmine - My New Music LP (My New Music is a collection of personal stories and private desires, exposed, articulated, performed and dedicated to the hope that one person's fantasies can contribute to another person's freedom. - J. Jasmine, a.k.a Jacqueline Humbert / September 1977 All arrangements by Jacqueline Humbert and David Rosenboom )18.00

MARK RENNER - Few Traces DLP (rvng - Few Traces surveys a near decade of Mark Renner’s scarcely released and unreleased material from 1982 to 1990, embracing and evoking the timelessness of his artistic statement: a wordless translation of the individual’s musical experience, met with the poetic expression of being here. Mark Renner first encountered punk while a teenager in Upperco, a country town in rural Maryland. Growing up on his family farm, he became a young acolyte of the British exports hitting not-so-distant Baltimore record store shelves in 1979 / 1980 and was baited by an area musician-wanted ad declaring Ultravox a primary touchstone. This nascent band and a pair of other group experiments flamed out under the typical totem of despotism. In their ashes Renner began recording independently around 1983 with a portable four-track, electric guitar, and classic Casio CZ101 synthesizer. Aside from John Foxx-era Ultravox, Renner’s process was inspired by the period’s electronic pioneers venturing into deeper, romantic pop pastures: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Bill Nelson, The Associates. With his tools and teachers in place, the blueprints for Renner’s sound were laid out – metronomic, skeletal rhythms built on sturdy yet singular drum machines supporting luminescent guitar and synth lines, Renner’s reverent voice guiding the fables and construction. Most directly influential, Renner’s enthusiasm for Days in Europa, the third album by Scottish new wave band Skids, would lead to a correspondence and long-distance tutorship with Stuart Adamson. Before Adamson would achieve worldwide success co-founding the group Big Country, a chance friendship with Renner would impart great confidence in the young musician from Maryland, who, after a visit in Edinburgh, would then travel to London to demo an early version of “Half A Heart” featured in its final form on Few Traces.) 25.00

OLDEN YOLK - s/t LP (trouble in mind - Olden Yolk is a New York-based group whose penchant for dystopian folk, abstract poeticism, and motorik rhythms have enveloped them in a sound uniquely of-the-moment yet simultaneously time-tested. The project is led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi- instrumentalists Shane Butler and Caity Shaffer, whose interlaced vocals are found guiding each composition on their enlivening self-titled debut. The project was initially conceived in 2012 by Butler as an outlet for one-off songs and visual art while touring and releasing albums with the band Quilt (Mexican Summer). Following the release of a split-record with Weyes Blood in 2014, Olden Yolk became a collaborative entity. Olden Yolk’s debut ruminates on questions surrounding love, self-doubt, and locating autonomy amidst burgeoning unrest. Wrought with hazy melancholy and halcyon joy, Butler and Shaffer’s lilting vocals play off one another through a devotional dialogue, taking form in haunting choral melodies and candid rock n' roll. These songs are ecstatic odes to the life of the city; to the subway platforms, kiosks, and monuments which enliven and encompass our collectivity, elevating into an urban-psychedelia. On the album, Butler and Shaffer are joined by drummer Dan Drohan (Tei Shi, Uni Ika Ai) and guitarist Jesse DeFrancesco who round out the studio sessions and live-band. Drohan’s deep passion for jazz, hip-hop, and experimental percussion come to fore while Defrancesco’s minimal yet powerful guitar ambiences are heard swelling in the peripheries of each song. The album was recorded at Gary’s Electric in NYC by Jarvis Taveniere (Woods) with co-production, electronics, and mixing by Jon Nellen (Ginla, Terrible Records). Other guests, such as multi-instrumentalist John Andrews (Woods, Quilt, The Yawns) and violinist Jake Falby (Mutual Benefit, Julie Byrne), add to the mercurial nature of the record, creating a landscape tinged with beatific songwriting and transgressive underpinnings. RIYL: The Clientele, Nap Eyes, Cate Le Bon, Yo La Tengo, Fresh & Onlys, Quilt, Ultimate Painting) 17.00

OUGHT - Room Inside The World LP (merge - On Room Inside the World — Ought’s third album and their first for Merge—growing up doesn’t mean mellowing out so much as it means learning to pay attention, listening carefully and openly, staying somewhere long enough to really understand where you are. Recorded at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn with producer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Silver Jews), Room Inside the World explores themes that have always concerned the band—identity, connection, survival in a precarious world—but with a bolder, more nuanced sound palette. Vibraphone, justly intonated synthesizers, drum machines, and a 70-piece choir suffuse the precise post-punk breakdowns that spangled Ought’s first two albums, giving rise to an emotional complexity that pushes their characteristically taut sound to greater depths.) 20.00

PIERRE VASSILIU - Face B - 1965 - 1981 LP (born bad - Compilation album by French singer and songwriter Pierre Vassiliu (the man behind 'Les Masques' and tons of other cool projects).  Vassiliu was – awful word – a poet. Even worse, he was an wandering entertainer. He wandered the world, bringing back words, sounds, instruments and feelings. Maybe his rhymes weren’t that rich, the instrumentation not too lush, the production quite laid-back and the timbre rather little demanding, but you could be sure the song would be pampered. Had anyone else taken care of it, it would have been worse. To make a good Vassiliu song, you had to be Vassiliu. The problem is, all this was nothing but a succession of misunderstandings. Because he continuously tried to remodel his career, from a chansonnier to a cunning singer, from tender to comical, to a beatnik poet, to an ethno-artist, to a venue manager, to a showman, to a barfly.) 16.00

PILE - A Hairshirt of Purpose LP (exploding in sound - Pile's new LP, A Hairshirt of Purpose, has a warmth to it that sets it apart from 2015's, You're Better Than This. Songs move slower, develop at their own pace, and leave space for Rick Maguire's incisive self-reflections and ruminations. His trademark songwriting style is still impossible to miss, however. His vocals slide off of, onto and around their expected resolutions; he stretches melodic phrases across the band's dexterous grooves against all expectation and jumps from a drawl to a falsetto without warning. Although there are the expected ferocious bangers to be found in "Hissing For Peace" or "Texas," the meat of this record is its gorgeous, winding ballads. They play with carefully shifting dynamics, as on "Rope's Length," moving through dramatic narrative structures that are underscored by the churning instrumentation. The last quarter of the album even harkens back to the twangy sensibility of their Jerk Routinedays. Maguire's lyrics are slotted into the music counter-intuitively, but not haphazardly. He describes emotional alternate realities that feel personal no matter how bizarre their details get. "Milkshake" illustrates a succession of last thoughts as their thinker lays sprawled out on the sidewalk with gracious subtlety: "It never crosses your mind to close your eyes.“) 23.00

RAZORBUMPS - Hellrazors LP (silver) (pop wig - "Much like Minneapolis’ Uranium Club or Coneheads, Denton, Texas’s Razorbumps clearly wear their DEVO influence proudly, leaning on the speedy-side of that legendary band’s approach to angular post-punk. But besides the stutter-y staccato rhythms and the tongue-in-cheek robotic approach, Razorbumps exhibit that same sense of strong melodicism and a goofy fun that is clearly evident on “Go With the Flow,” their latest single from their forthcoming Pop Wig LP HELLRAZORS. It’s sunny, it’s smart and very repeatable. But more importantly waaaay more than just plain ‘ol “DEVO worship.” - Brooklyn Vegan) 21.00

SIEKIERA - Nowa Aleksandria LP (mannequin - Mannequin Records present a reissue of Siekiera's Nowa Aleksandria, originally released in 1986. A classic record from the legendary '80s Polish post punk band. Originally released in 1986, Nowa Aleksandria caught brilliantly the cold, sultry atmosphere of the dark times of last years of communism in Poland. Influenced by British post punk heroes like Joy Division and Killing Joke, the album represents one of the most important records in the history of Polish rock. Graphic layout by Alessandro Adriani; Re-arranged from the original design cover by Alek Januszewski. Mastered by Damian Lipiński from the original analog master tapes. Edition of 500.) 18.00

TOTALLY MILD - Her LP (chapter - Chapter is thrilled to be releasing Her, the second album by Melbourne lush pop quartet Totally Mild. Following on from their acclaimed 2015 debut Down Time (released on Bedroom Suck in Australia, Fire Records in the UK), Her is a shining jewel of an album. Elizabeth Mitchell’s voice is a thing of unearthly beauty, capable of soaring and swooping in shiver-inducing ways. As a songwriter she is equally arresting, addressing desires and dreams with affecting frankness.  In Totally Mild she is joined by guitar magician Zachary Schneider, drummer Ashley Bundang and bassist Lehmann Smith. In the last few years the band have developed a quasi-psychic intensity, surging forward or pulling back in seamless unison. This intensity has been captured in crystalline form by producer and one-time Architecture In Helsinki member James Cecil. Her is polished and spacious, while never losing the feeling of a band in full flight.) 18.00 

WEAR YOUR WOUNDS - wyw DLP (deathwish - Wear Your Wounds is the product of years of Lo-fi solo recordings by Converge founder Jacob Bannon. On this release he is joined by guest musicians Kurt Ballou (Converge), Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord, Stomach Earth, Unraveller), Chris Maggio (Sleigh Bells, Trap Them, Coliseum), and Sean Martin (Hatebreed, Cage, Kid Cudi, Twitching Tongues). Together they have created a powerful album that is unlike anything they have ever individually worked on. The album is contains ten emotional songs that call to the slower, more epic leanings of Converge, as well as his previous work in Supermachiner. Bringing to mind the multi-layered approach of Swans and early Pink Floyd, while being as vulnerable as influences Sparklehorse, Songs: Ohia, other like minded artists. ) 27.00

WEAR YOUR WOUNDS - Dunedevil LP (silver/blue) (Exclusive Blue / Silver Vinyl Mix. For one week J. Bannon resided in the C-Scape Dune Shack (formerly known as the Cohen Shack) within the Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historical District in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This primitive environment inspired an outpouring of abstract mixed media work, photography, and music. Each day, the skeleton of a song was recorded using a portable recording device powered by a Goal Zero solar power setup. The sounds were captured through an Apogee Duet using a Critter & Guitari mini piano, Martin Jr. guitar, assorted effects pedals, and a Shure SM7B microphone. Mike Mckenzie graciously played additional guitar on “Be Still My Heart” at a later date. All songs were then refined and mixed during the winter of 2016, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. These recordings are presented as “Dunedevil”, an experimental album from Wear Your Wounds. ) 18.00

XYZ - Artificial Flavoring LP (XYZ = a Trans-Atlantic American/French project featuring Ian Svenonius (of Make-Up, Chain & the Gang, Escape-ism, et al) on vocals and Memphis Electronic (of the groups NON!,Dum Dum Boys, Die Idiots, et al) on instruments. 12 dancefloor rockers and sexy glam numbers with fuzz guitars, drum machines, and analog synths on this irresistible plastic platter! XYZ? A new solution to an old problem.) 18.00

VOX LOW - Vox Low LP (born bad - “There seemed a strange stillness over everything; but as I listened I heard as if from down below in the valley the howling of many wolves. The Count’s eyes gleamed, and he said: ‘Listen to them—the children of the night. What music they make!’” Dracula. Bram Stocker. 1897. “It’s just a big trash can. And the trash can has been full for so long, That there’s no more room for our own waste. That’s Paris." Paris. Taxi Girl. 1984. This is a time for punk urgency, for depressed minimal Krautrock, for the great shamanic hypnosis. This bunch of greasers from the Porte de St Ouen area now perform as Vox Low, with Jean-Christophe Couderc (vocals and synth) and Benoît Raymond (legendary bass guitar, guitar, synth), later joined by Mathieu Autin (infernal drums and voodoo percussions) and Guillaume Léglise (savage SG guitar, synths as well) for setting up live performances. Indeed for Vox Low, stage performance is a founding act. It even has to do with pure ceremony, which quickly brought the band its cult aura. Seeing the combo on stage is an act of faith, a celebration of dark forces. Far from lazy live performances on Ableton, Vox Low is like an acid-house version of the Jesus & Mary Chain on stage. After having been the heartthrobs of Andrew Weatherall (whom they’ve remixed), after being remixed by the black angel Ivan Smagghe, after releasing maxi-singles on Jennifer Cardini’s techno label and on the brilliant Evrlst, Vox Low is now turning up on an insolently rock’n’roll label. ) 16.00


CONVERGE - Eye Of The Quarrel T-SHIRT (deathwish - White Tultex shirt with front and back print. in S / M / L ) 20.00


THE WIRE - #409 MARCH 2018 MAG (On the cover: Milford Graves: The percussionist, herbalist and educator has cut a titanic figure in free music for almost 60 years. By Alan Licht. Plus: Julian Cowley on Graves’s essential recordings. Also in issue 409: Robert Haigh: From industrial music via drum ’n’ bass to minimal piano, the former Omni Trio operative has carved out a unique career thanks to his deeply interrogative approach to rhythm and melody. By Simon Reynolds. Psyphonics: The esoteric practice of channelling ideas and information via sound has an extensive secret history, taking in TC Lethbridge, Daphne Oram, Chris Watson, Led Zeppelin and Aphex Twin. By Dan Wilson. Neutral, Kate Carr, Todd Barton & Ursula K Le Guin, Stroom, Global Ear in Belfast, Invisible Jukebox with Young Echo, The Inner Sleeve chosen by SIREN, Epiphanies by Veronica Vasicka, plus the usual mass of albums, books and gigs reviewed, and much more.) 8.00
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