BIS AUFS MESSER MAY (Slowdive, Mount Eerie, Youth Attack, CL

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BIS AUFS MESSER MAY (Slowdive, Mount Eerie, Youth Attack, CL

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 05 Mai 2017, 12:57

welcome to a heavy packed newsletter. since it´s shit weather anyway its perfect to browse through and get some new tunes :) We finally got the long awaited new MOUNT EERIE LP, the new WOODS - love is love LP, Consouling sounds restock (amenra, black heart rebellion, wiegedood etc etc), new YOUTH ATTACK releases, new stuff from Mississippi, the killer BOSTON STRANGLER - Outcast LP, PRIESTS restocks of both Lps, Dischord restocks, Converge restocks, new SLOWDIVE LP, new MAC DEMARCO, new MOON DUO, new CLOAK/DAGGER - I Want Everything LP (!!!) CROOKED BANGS LP, new ORINADAL releases and restock (Julie Byrne restock), FULL OF HELL - Trumpeting Ecstasy LP, new Superior Viaduct (pin group, bert jansch etc), new ENISUM … and sooo much more





Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman


ABNER JAY - Depression / I'm So Depressed 7“ (Two versions of an Abner Jay classic!  On the A side we have a rockin' R&B version of Abners signature tune, originally released under the band name "Koko Joe and the Job Hunters."  Side B features a beautiful one man band version with an extended ending.  A beautiful little record!) 6.00

BEATNIKS - same 7“ (There’s two things you could infer from a band who calls themselves the “Beatniks”: that they either do a shitload of drugs, or just get high off of their own simplistic, contrastingly-impactful proto-punk sounds—even as a mere listener, exposing yourself to this marled sprawl of regurgitated rock and roll riffage can quickly prove to be intoxicating, if not lethal. With metallic whirls, squeals, and screeches complimenting the generally downbeat garage anthems, the temper the Beatniks’ exhibit in this four-track record is shorter than the end of the stick they were given at birth; their musicality is palpably snide and ridden with angst, contributing to the shades of contempt and catharsis their rudimentary sounds will surely fill you with. “KBD” is a descriptor that often gets thrown around when translating a band’s sounds into words, implying that they seem as if they were appropriated from another era: Oakland’s BEATNIKS—featuring members of esteemed acts such as THE WORLD, ANDY HUMAND & THE REPTOIDS, LIFE STINKS and VIOLEN CHANGE—may as well be the epitome of that.) 6.00

C.H.E.W. - Demo 7“ (neck chop - Frankly-speaking, it was really only a matter of time before this band’s demo was given the wax treatment. C.H.E.W. (formally known as CHEW, and before you ask, no, the acronym doesn’t stand for anything) has quickly proven themselves to be one of Chicago’s crowning hardcore acts, even when this seven-track demo—originally released in March of 2016—is the sole exposition of this group’s distinctive, menacing grooves; and that’s just tragic. In a subgenre so easily inundated with rehashed, recycled, ultimately repetitious riffs and breakdowns, bands like C.H.E.W. help breathe new life into a subcategory otherwise left to be scoffed at, be it through genuinely brilliant, genre-bending songwriting, or compacting every ounce of the members’ passion into a discordant, unconventional hardcore performance that’s nothing short of stunning, banshee-like vocals, searing riffs, abusive drumbeats and all. C.H.E.W. truly is a band you have to listen to believe, a near hallmark of today’s take on the genre – one of those seems to pop up every other week, but the praise doesn’t seem any more warranted than it does for these freaks.) 6.00

ERIK NERVOUS - Teen Distortion Art Junk Music 7“ (neck chop - Remember what it was like being a bored teenager? The awkward feelings of being frustrated and anxious all the time. Most of us just took it out on our friends and parents, not ERIK NERVOUS. The self-described “Loner with a four track” lays it all out in his music. His spastic jerky delivery (on all the instruments he plays on this 7”) combined with his apprehensive vocals are the perfect combination! Punk is built on this formula but rarely do we have somebody like Erik to execute it in the way it should be done. Building on what he started with the Warm Ratio 7”, this EP certifies that Erik is right where others strive to be. Don’t snooze on this one!) 6.00

LOST SYSTEM - No Meaning No Culture 7“ (neck chop - “Formerly known as BLACK MONUMENTS in the Grand Rapids underground music scene, they made a name for themselves after playing with bands like Sheer Mag, Lumpy and The Dumpers, and CCTV. After Black Monuments broke up, they formed LOST SYSTEM with three of the four members. The result is something different. A unique sound with a distinct message to be heard. This project invokes a dynamic and dark energy inspired by the many frustrations of the world we experience today. Lost System's recent single Future Shock is an intense piece showing the constant pressure of a collapsing economy. A reminder of what we are living in and the fear of what’s to come. Repetitive to drive home the point of a bleak future. Lost System was formed in the latter half of 2015 and have been creating new material at a very quick pace since. They have found a more mature sound with a focus on songwriting rather than playing shows. Each member brings a unique presence to the band and a wide variety of influences including Factory Records style Post-punk, 80’s Goth, New Wave, and Hardcore Punk.”—Chromatin Records) 6.00

MOZART - Nasty 7“ (iron lung - A wild, petulant, anti-social mess of an EP. 'Zart's signature brand of noisy hardcore punk brings to mind an angrier Teddy & The Frat Girls or a more female, more unhinged Urinals with that same energy/approach that the '80s Italian HC scene had. That barbed wire fire burns bright here. This shit is just plain crazy. And we love it! Six songs of raw dynamite on excellent hand stamped black vinyl each housed in a hand-painted jacket. All 100% unique. A pure record. Includes a download.) 10.00

NOSEBLEED - s/t 7“ (A new offering from Richmond, VA, nihilists Nosebleed. Following an acclaimed demo, Nosebleed continues to lay waste to the world with four more tracks of bleak and desolate, D-beat tinged hardcore punk.) 6.00

RACE CAR - Go Build Your Won Go-kart 7“ (The guttural snarls of a vicious, rabid vocalist clawing at your throat. The crisp, punchy cadence only a live drum set could conjure. The penetrating, sharp-tongued lyricism spearheading songs covering topics most are too afraid to speak up on. With California’s RACE CAR, you get absolutely, positively, UNDOUBTEDLY, fucking none of that—not unless you consider songs about go-karts and in-school suspension to be “touchy”. No, you instead get four steaming, shitspeckled hot ones from a wannabe cowboy—RAYMOND aka SHRINK RAY—armed with nothing more than a drum machine, twang-loaded guitars, various mechanical noise-makers, and more importantly, an intense hankering for SPEED. No, not the amphetamine, I’m talkin’ SPEED: Race Car’s customary unit of measurement for HOW HARD HIS MINI-GAS-GUZZLERS TEAR UP SUBURBAN STREETS. Believe me, the quirky, garage-y nature of these pastoral earworms won’t detract from how much these songs’ll rip up the highway to your earholes, “hombre”— these records might as well be soaked in gasoline. Unlike Raymond’s later project, S.B.F., you’re not gonna want to expose this four-track EP to an open flame. Grippin’, rippin’, and straight-up scorchin’.) 6.00

ROHT - S/t 7“ (iron lung Stomping isolationist noise punk with a raging undercurrent of industry and primitivism from Reykjavik. This new EP, their first, shows a much noisier and angrier side of what was once an industrial solo project. All sung in Icelandic. Along with Dauðyflin, these folks are fostering a cold hardcore outsider vibe in a place that has had a rich tradition of punk/pop that's not widely known for it. A truly exciting discovery. Never under estimate the remote reaches of our community, you'll be zapped every time. 500 copies of heavy duty lacquer mastered black vinyl and glued pocket sleeve with art by Þórir Georg sit inside a hand embossed sealed envelope. A pure record. Includes a download.) 10.00

SCHIZOS - Fuck Iggy Pop 7“ (“Fuck Iggy Pop”—a crass, bluntly-put sentiment that couldn’t encapsulate Birmingham’s SCHIZO's any better—which, coincidentally enough, is another phrase that could easily be used to represent the Schizos: crass and bluntly-put. Being composed of nothing more than a vocalist—sounding as if he’s on the brink of mutually-assured destruction with everyone on the planet, a drummer making herself known through monotonous, drilling drum beats, and a synth player choosing to take a page out of the drummer’s book by keeping his aural eminence to a minimum, with sharp, quivering tones being his only contribution, it’s an absolute wonder how this record manages to make up for the vast pockets of negative space occupying its airwaves and remain engaging in spite of the sheer absurdity of their music. Devilish, deranged, and often times demented, the Schizo’s debut record is an oddly-captivating bout of synthpunk that probably doesn’t deserve to be nearly as good as it is—then again, people were probably saying the same sort of shit about Iggy Pop, right?) 6.00


AB BAARS & TERRIE EX - shifting sands LP (“After a sixteen year recording hiatus, the unusual pair of Ab Baars & Terrie Ex (The Ex) are finally together again in the studio. Terrie, wicked grin, tilting his head like a dog hearing an instruction to back off, jumps straight out of a favorite children’s book. The Menace from Wormer. And Ab, stepping right out of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age. Nothing if not a gentleman: impeccably dressed, soft-spoken, well-mannered. An unlikely match if ever there was one. And yet...” —Guy Peters • First new improvised jazz album from duo after sixteen-year hiatus) 18.00

AMPS FOR CHRIST - Plains Of Alluvial LP (water wing - "The alluvial fans on the south side of the San Gabriel mountains are some of the biggest anywhere. I ended a twelve year relationship and moved into my friend's house in east Claremont only about 100 yards from the San Antonio River, on the center of that giant alluvial plain. I made instruments in a falling down garage and in the front of the house built a studio. It was the end of me in MAN IS THE BASTARD and the birth of me returning to folk, but bringing hardcore and noise back with me. I started calling it Folk-core meaning folk and hardcore mixed together and Musnic meaning musical noise. I had at that studio a Hammond S-6 chord organ, pure tube electronics. with no mechanical tone wheel to derive the sounds. I circuit bent it to produce the sounds of bodrahns and bagpipes, sounds I have always loved. It has 60-80 vacuum tubes in it! A small little organ designed by John Hannert for Hammond; and one was used on Magical Mystery Tour. I had been writing AMPS FOR CHRIST on all the amps and oscillators I made, so it ended up being my new name. The Plains of Alluvial felt meant to be, everything, the name, the recordings just seemed to fall in place. I took the tape to Dennis of Shrimper Records and he agreed to release it."—HENRY BARNES. Now reissued for the first time ever. The Amps For Christ debut cassette as a full-length LP with covers letter-pressed by Stumptown Printers. Limited to 500 copies.) 18.00

ARNOLD DREYBLATT AND THE ORCHESTRA OF EXCITED STRINGS - Propellers In Love LP (superior viaduct - Arnold Dreyblatt has been called “the most rock ‘n’ roll of all the composers to emerge from New York’s downtown scene in the 1970s.” Dreyblatt founded The Orchestra Of Excited Strings in 1979, harnessing unusual tuning intervals to an exuberant performance style. Propellers In Love, the Orchestra’s second album – originally released in 1986 on the Stasch imprint, in conjunction with the contemporary art space Künstlerhaus Bethanien – develops Dreyblatt’s rhythmically exacting exploration of the glittering resonances and overtones generated by an ensemble of uniquely-altered stringed instruments and drums. On Propellers In Love, simple song titles – “Odd & Even,” “Harmonics,” “Bowing” – belie intricate harmonic structures. Dreyblatt’s modified instruments – a contrabass and miniature piano fitted with piano wire along with violin, all tuned in just intonation – undergo the Orchestra’s rapid, staccato attacks. Sparkling timbres dance above interlocking rhythmic patterns moored by sparse yet propulsive percussion (“Pedal Tone Dance” and the title track). Throughout, the Orchestra’s perpetual motion achieves a tremulous and exquisite density. Thirty years since its initial release, Propellers In Love remains a peerless work of second-generation American minimalism. This first-time domestic release is recommended for fans of Glenn Branca, Ellen Fullman and Charlemagne Palestine.) 22.00

BAD BREEDING - divide LP (iron lung - BAD BREEDING from Stevenage return with their second LP in less than a year. In that time the world has become a melting pot of hate, absurdity and on the brink of destruction and Bad Breeding have made a record that sums up these dark, dense and claustrophobic times. Once again the relentless rhythm section drives the sound with guitar work that is squealing and immense alongside vocals that spit bile and razor-sharp lyrics. Standouts include "The More the Merrier"—which sounds like prime Icons of Filth from 1985 whilst last track "Endless Impossibility" is a five-minute-plus dirge that hits hard like Killing Joke but with more noise and chaos. On Divide Bad Breeding have upped the intensity and made an even stronger album. Rather than being self-released, they have now joined La Vida Es un Mus in Europe and Iron Lung in the States. Includes a download.) 20.00
BEHAVIOR - Bitter Bitter LP (iron lung - Bitter Bitte' was written and recorded in Los Angeles early last fall, just before the latest drought broke, and just before a cynical national election made the ongoing arrangement very plain. It’s a simple music, crafted according to a shifting ad hoc agreement between three friends who try and share the labor, who borrow promiscuously from whatever finds them, who try and garner enough space to intuit a next stumbling move in restless hopscotch across a pop music tradition that has tallied an unlivable inheritance of promises. There’s a desire for tension, a desire for fraudulent postures, a desire for drama and its perverse digressions. The song is traversed by other songs, the voice is traversed by other voices, the singer never held the title to their own tongue—nosing uninvited into darkened houses for what’s ripe and fermenting. The title of the record is a translation of the name given to the ocean on a Babylonian map thought to be the oldest depiction of the world. The cover is a mask of swatches. A shroud of ribbons. Bitter Bitter is an imprint and an agitation, wrapped like a circus in an exterminator’s tent. Countless fluttering images hoisted like flags above countless shrinking islands in a rising sea. Contempt, mercy, grief and good will. Is it a timely attitude? Includes a download.) 20.00

BERT JANSCH - Rosemary Lane LP (superior viaduct - By the time Rosemary Lane was released in 1971, Bert Jansch had covered a great deal of territory on numerous albums as a solo artist, collaborations with John Renbourn and records by the band in which he and Renbourn sang and played guitar, Pentangle. Returning to the intimate economy of his self-titled debut LP from a half-dozen or so years earlier, Rosemary Lane was recorded on portable equipment by engineer/producer Bill Leader and featured Jansch with no accompaniment save his guitar and voice. Rosemary Lane has elements of many of the styles Jansch covered in his extraordinarily eclectic career — from the folk and blues that were his bedrock to medieval music — yet cuts to the heart of his strength as spell-binding storyteller and empathic interpreter of isolation and want. Occasional instrumentals vary the mood that, like much of his work, is usually somber and introspective.) 25.00

BERT JANSCH - Birthday Blues LP (superior - Bert Jansch’s freewheeling fifth album, Birthday Blues, occupies a unique place in his solo discography. Released in 1969, the same year Basket of Light propelled Pentangle into the UK pop charts, Birthday Blues almost sounds like a Pentangle LP missing John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee. Backed-up by bandmates Danny Thompson and Terry Cox, Jansch neither holds back his characteristic moodiness nor takes himself too seriously. What’s more, Jansch is in love. Heather Rosemary Sewell isn’t just the inspiration for one of the song titles; she also designed the cover, whose Hans Feurer front photo shows Bert holding the couple’s puppy. With just enough of a Donovanesque pop sense, Pentangle producer Shel Talmy keeps the overall feel of these recordings fresh, warm and immediate. ) 25.00

BOSTON STRANGLER - Outcast LP (fun with - The band's long out of print 2010 demo tape finally gets the superior vinyl treatment. contains all five tracks and the previously unheard alt version of outcast as a bonus. widely considered a "modern classic" since day one, this is Boston Hardcore in it's purest, most perfectly executed form. It belongs in a museum.) 17.00

BRAVEYOUNG - Misery And Pride LP (flenser - Portland OR’s Braveyoung return with a new album of somber instrumentals entitled Misery And Pride.While arranging the details for this release, founding member Isaac Jones was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. He has since recovered, and Braveyoung are eager for their long-awaited second album to see the light of day. The album unfolds like an ominous premonition of the turbulent years since its completion. Brooding drones and chamber string arrangements shape these stripped-down eulogies, but the menace of their punk roots remains. The album takes its name from text in Czech author Milan Kundera’s novel, Ignorance.) 18.00

CAVITY - Supercollider LP (final warning -Reissue of CAVITY's 1999 Man's Ruin CD-only release, now for the first time ever on vinyl. "Supercollider is straight up my favorite record by Cavity... from beginning to end, total damage and the sincerest of despair from one of their finest incarnations. this is one of, if not THE record, that captures the essence of the South Florida heavy music scene... for me, anyway."—Gary Mader, EYEHATEGOD) 23.00

CIVILIZED - chopping block LP (youth attack - Despite their geographic isolation, Denver's CIVILIZED have emerged as elites in the hardcore underground. Building upon their stellar Dust and Blood EP, they unveil 13 new songs with a mastery that surpasses their influences. This is how eternal US Hardcore is made: raise the standard with scrutiny and persistence, smash all that is mediocre with brute force and aspire toward truth by eliminating all that is not real. Through these aims, CIVILIZED unveils a classic. Chopping Block is a tour de force of modern hardcore—a barrage of hooks and jaw-dropping shifts delivered in a burst of youthful fury. Zach Reini's vocals astound as he leads the way in a sequence of perfectly executed compositions that balance time-honored motifs with dizzying variety. Engineered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, with an unforgettable cover shot by acclaimed photographer Daniel Shea, CIVILIZED has laid your neck on the line. ) 18.00

CLOAK/DAGGER - I Want Everything LP (self released - Third LP from Richmond/DC's CLOAK/DAGGER. The long overdue follow up to 2009's Lost Art, Cloak/Dagger deliver 9 new tracks of garage punk goodness. Its the first release in eight years from Richmond, VA garage-punk band, Cloak Dagger. Released via the band's own label, Quit Life in 2017.) 14.00

CROOKED BANGS - II LP (nervous intent - Nervous Intent records is excited to be releasing the new CROOKED BANGS LP! Crooked Bangs are from Austin, and are proud purveyors of a distinct musical form of the freakiness for which that city is so well-noted. Crooked Bangs could be described as dark punk noir, with brooding guitar and bass lines, Phillip Gonzalez' relentlessly powerful drumming, and smoky French/English hybrid style vocals from Leda Ginestra - but the energy and overall vibe delve deep into the a distinctive sonic playing field and atmosphere akin to early Sub Pop singles club releases. Samantha (guitarist) has a distinct guitar style that is reminiscent of the more-innovative second-wave Crass Records bands such as Rudimentary Peni, 90's heavy-but-melodic noise rock like Babes In Toyland, and the noisier side of UK82 HC, while the whole band's sound remains resolutely modern and compatible with the dark garage ouvre from stalwarts such as Lost Sounds. Crooked Bangs' new album is called II. It was recorded by Ian Rundell (Ghetto Ghouls) and mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Control (Severed Head of State)) 15.00

CULTURE SHOCK - same LP (youth attack - Urban life promises many rewards—lies that foster complacency and addiction. In the cities where these hotbeds fester, we observe in real time how societies fail. After a period of crisis, horrifying acts are normalized. Drugs become one's identity, hype is power, ego is abuse.  For the lone wolves and free thinkers disgusted by the mainstream echo chamber, they scorn the idea of getting along with self-proclaimed role models and their bland, conventional "fun." CULTURE SHOCK is a fist in the teeth of the Good Life, with an outrageous vendetta to take out the entitled parasites ruining the world. CULTURE SHOCK's debut is an unapologetic and relentless pummel of US hardcore. Each of these 10 anthems delivers a feral intensity that we've come to expect from the Denver scene. Recorded on analog tape in Denver, Colorado and mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, maniacal vocalist Geoff D. sums it up it best when he proclaims "The Pack is small, but the bite is hard!" ) 18.00

DEAR NORA - Mountain Rock LP (orindal - Orindal Records is proud to present the first ever vinyl edition of Dear Nora's 2004 lo-fi folk pop classic, Mountain Rock. As a special pre-order bonus, we are offering exclusive, limited edition colored vinyl LPs & t-shirt bundles. Quantities are limited, so order yours now! I wrote the songs that appear on Mountain Rock during the time of George W. Bush’s early presidency, the 9/11 attacks and the beginning of the Iraq war. I recorded the majority of the songs during winter in rural Arizona at the end of 2003, after returning home from a Dear Nora tour of Sweden. “Hey Ya!” by Outkast had just been released, and it was playing everywhere. Overall I think this album is about bliss and terror, and how interactions with wilderness and humanity can provoke those emotions. Here’s a guide to the songs: “The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1” is a breakup song. But I think at the time I was also unintentionally conveying deep existential dread.) 19.00

DOUG TUTTLE - Peace Potato LP (trouble in mind - Massachusetts songwriter Doug Tuttle returns with his third solo album, “Peace Potato”, once again on Chicago label Trouble In Mind Records. His 2013 solo debut (after fronting his longtime psychedelic band, MMOSS) was an insular and foggy psychedelic masterpiece punctuated by Tuttle’s stinging guitar leads, accented by flashes of bedroom Fairport /Crazy Horse brilliance, towing the line nimbly between elegance and ragged assurance. We last saw Tuttle on “It Calls On Me”, his 2015 sophomore album, which pushed his songwriting toward further clarity and melody; “Peace Potato” shakes it all down with Tuttle’s strongest batch of songs yet. “Peace Potato” introduces itself with the horn-laden, honeydripper,“Bait The Sun”, a classic Tuttle tune; downer pop melodies coloring a hypnagogic landscape. RIYL: Woods, Kurt Vile, Solar Motel Band, Steve Gunn, Gun Outfit, Promised Land Sound, Ultimate Painting) 20.00

ENISUM - seasons of desolation DLP (avantgarde . A work of both breathtaking beauty and majestic misery, Seasons of Desolation easily surpasses Enisum's previous works, both in terms of songwriting - which here scales greater heights and lower depths, as well as offering tracks that aim for the epicness of previous works and also more concise shots of aggression/atmosphere - and especially in production, where a superior mastering job was undertaken by American producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Bosse de Nage etc) at The Atomic Garden Studio. No small amount of detail was left untouched, with the aim being to create a canvas that pulls on the listener's heartstrings as well as ruin his/her soul. Since the touring activity after Arpitanian Lands became more and more demanding, founding vocalist/guitarist Lys - who was solely in charge for writing and recording their very early albums - consolidated Enisum's lineup by adding members Dead Soul (perhaps Italy's best black metal drummer at the moment), bassist Leynir, and female vocalist Epheliin. Together, they've delivered a jaw-droppingly expansive and emotional album in Seasons of Desolation, and the record by which the name Enisum shall be on the tongues of metal/music fans worldwide.) 20.00

FORSEEN HKI - Grave Danger LP (20 buck spin - Returning a few years and a few tours after their debut album Helsinki Savagery set the world ablaze, Finland’s Foreseen HKI are back with the topically resonant savage crossover burst Grave Danger, their second album for 20 Buck Spin. Continuing the direction of its predecessor, this album delivers the punishingly relentless pace and aggression now firmly established by the band’s iron hammer. Scraping, throat-ripping vocals with lacerating thrash hardcore breakdowns twist seamlessly with an 80s heavy metal tenacity, exemplified on tracks like “Fearmonger,”,“Bloodline” and “Chemical Heritage.” The band embraces social commentary and critique throughout, as heard in “Government Cuts” and “Suicide Bomber,” for example. With new albums from several of the leading crossover bands of the current era being released in early 2017, Foreseen HKI are set to carry the banner for the United Forces representing Finland and Europe in a genre particularly known and grown in the U.S. — a perfect moment in time to unleash the fury of a politically-minded, no-joke European invasion into North America.) 20.00

FUOCO FATOU - Backwater DLP (profound lore - Fuoco Fatuo was born in 2011, in the middle of the ghastly lakes of Varese, Italy. Starting out as an occult and oppressive death / doom band with an eerie and gloomy debut album The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains, which followed several EPs, they explore the darkest and most desolate spaces through a sickened development of sound, like a flood of impenetrable black magma. Their new album Backwater is a massive and suffocating funeral doom opus, focused on the distressing awareness of the nothingness, transcendence in the oblivion, and feeding on the black void. The relationship between the state of mind and nature, desolation, and the vast sense of distance are also main themes. An introspective, mournful journey, deeply rooted into the unknown. • Follow up to their 2014 debut by one of Europe’s best and most prominent funeral death / doom bands) 32.00

FULL OF HELL - Trumpeting Ecstasy LP (prfound lore - Maryland / Pennsylvania experimental death-noise band Full Of Hell have embarked on quite the journey leading up to the their latest full-length album Trumpeting Ecstasy, their most punishing, virulent, and dynamic work to date. The embryonic beginnings of Full of Hell displayed their palette at its most primitive: d-beat and blast-ridden hardcore punk, with spats of noise and caustic rhythm. After the release of their Profound Lore Records debut Full Of Hell & Merzbow in late 2014, their third full-length album, the band began to truly come into their own, combining elements of their previous sound with grindcore, death / black metal, sonically laden power electronics and industrial pounding. The band followed this up with a direct collaboration album with The Body and several EPs, one of them being their most-recent split 7-inch with Nails (which debuted on #2 on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart). The band builds upon their Merzbow collaboration and the releases succeeding it with this latest—going into God City Studios with Kurt Ballou at the production helm, the result is their best and strongest. Sky tearing and sonically cataclysmic, this aural deluge also features guest appearances by Aaron Turner (Sumac / Old Man Gloom / Mamiffer / Isis), Nate Newton (Converge / Old Man Gloom), Andrew Nolan (Column Of Heaven / The Endless Blockade), and Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger.) 22.00

GOLDEN PELICANS - Disciples Of Blood LP (goner - The third thug rock masterpiece from these Orlando miscreants lays waste to the land with gruff voice and loud, raw guitar backed by in-pocket bass and drums. As of late, their boot-stomp beat has been ringing true across the land—born of Slade and AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Coloured Balls, it’s the sound shared by punkers Slaughter And The Dogs and modern acts such as Melbourne’s Power. Golden Pelicans blends this blast with only the strongest essences of punk, hardcore, and metal on Disciples Of Blood, their latest album. Guitar attack has been given more space to do its damage, and the band moves into a new, even more aggressive direction. Check out the cover, once again by Mac Blackout—this time the mayhem has been taken from black and white into full-color carnage. Just as their live shows are guaranteed ceiling-breakers, this album rages from note one to note last, perfect to accompany late-night speeding through residential back alleys, smashing bottles and crashing into trash cans. “Break the cosmos, with your mind!” seems an appropriate and possible goal when screamed at you by vocalist Erik Grincewicz. And remember... it ain’t psychedelic until you kill someone, and this record is psychedelic as hell.) 17.00

GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD - blood war LP (youth attack - After five secluded years of death worship and occult study, GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD calls forth Blood War. A mature work of painstaking devotion, it presents nature as an evil force propelling life toward a violent demise.  Where past recordings assaulted with crude provocation, Blood War deploys a newfound clarity that builds upon previous achievements. The basement haze of years past is stripped away, revealing spatial chasms that resound with sinister majesty. With the addition of conspirators M. McCoy and I. Jacyszyn, J. Wood commands with a fierce compositional focus. ) 18.00

JESSICA MOSS - Pools Of Light LP (constellation - Jessica Moss is best known as violinist, backing vocalist and co-composer with the acclaimed cult chamber-punk band Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, the avant-klezmer group Black Ox Orkestar, and for her involvement in multiple records by Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista and two albums by Vic Chesnutt. Having made six full-length albums and toured extensively with Mt. Zion from 2001-2014, Moss began performing solo work two years ago as that band went on hiatus, leading to mesmerizing solo appearances at ATP Festival, Le Guess Who? Festival, the Basilica Hudson 24-Hour Drone, the Winnipeg New Music Festival and the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art, among others. Pools Of Light is her first full-length solo album, following the 2015 self-released cassette Under Plastic Island (recorded with Guy Picciotto of Fugazi). 25.00

JONI VOID - Selfless LP (constellation -Joni Void is the newly minted pseudonym of producer Jean Cousin – known previously in the Soundcloud, Bandcamp and other online communities as Johnny Ripper. A self-taught musician making tracks since he was 14 years old and living in Lille, France, Cousin moved to Montréal in 2012 to pursue Film Studies. He plunged into the city’s fertile DIY/loft scene and in a spirited transformation, evolved from cloistered bedroom/virtual persona to highly engaged organizer and performer. Cousin has self-released a cavalcade of original albums and remixes since 2011; Selfless is his debut release on a record label. Selfless is chock full of stand-out tracks that work in isolation but also make for a wonderfully complex, coherent and compelling album of experimental plunderphonics. Joni Void presents a debut album that balances the freeform spirit of sampledelica with the conceptual, emotive and stylistic specificity of individual songcraft, to glorious effect. Thanks for listening.  ) 25.00

JULIE BYRNE - Rooms With Walls and Windows LP (back in stock - Rooms With Walls and Windows is the first album by Seattle-by-way-of-Chicago-by-way-of-Buffalo singer, songwriter & guitarist Julie Byrne. Blending psychedelic & traditional folk elements, Julie Byrne creates a highly personal & quietly mystical world that echoes the early work of Leonard Cohen & Vashti Bunyan. Rooms With Walls and Windows' twelve tracks were collected from two limited edition cassette releases, recorded between 2011 & 2012 by Jake Acosta in Chicago, IL. Each song was recorded live, with Julie accompanying herself on fingerpicked acoustic guitar or keyboard. Rooms With Walls & Windows was lovingly remastered for vinyl by Owen Ashworth & Matthew Barnhart. "The songs of Julie Byrne are hushed and mysterious. Close-miked within the natural reverb of windowless rooms, utilising fingerpicked nylon-stringed guitar and Byrne's rich sequestered voice, they unfold from bare folk simplicity to abstracted tales of home life and longing that conjure up a simultaneous feeling of warm cabin intimacy and a deep interior sadness." - MOJO Magazine) 18.00

KARIMA WALKER- Hands in Our Names LP (orindal - Hands in Our Names, the first full-length album from Tucson, Arizona experimental musician Karima Walker, is a hypnotizing patchwork of drone, folk, psychedelia, field recordings and tape loops. Equal parts gorgeous and abrasive, comforting and confounding, Hands in Our Names builds abstract song-collages from disparate sonic components, isolating and harmonizing a wild array of instruments and textures across the span of twelve interwoven tracks. Hands in Our Names is dizzyingly abstract at moments, but taken as a whole, the album moves like a half-remembered travelogue, with Walker's understated, measured and beautiful singing voice acting as a compassionate tour guide through a wrecked landscape. The Orindal edition of Hands in Our Names is a remixed, resequenced and remastered version of a self-released 2016 cassette that went out of print almost immediatel) 19.00

LITTLE WINGS - light green leaves LP (gnomg - For the last two decades Little Wings (Kyle Field) has been quietly building a kingdom of lyrically and melodically incomparable alt-folk songs. In a treasure trove of hundreds of songs and twelve unique albums, one Little Wings record sparkles with a particularly iridescent sheen... the drifter-pop, lo-fi masterpiece Light Green Leaves. In 2002, Kyle Field released Light Green Leaves on three formats (cassette, vinyl, CD). Each format bore different versions of the same songs in various states of refinement. The tape was solo demo recordings made on a hand-held recorder. The vinyl was loosey-goosey studio experimentation around the major themes. And the CD contained the polished precious stones. This latter, definitive version of Little Wings' indie classic Light Green Leaves is now available on vinyl for the first time ever! Light Green Leaves features spare and eclectic percussion, surfy electrics and sandy nylon strings, rolling bass lines, an occasional sci-fi keyboard, and Kyle Field singing along with himself in unpracticed harmonies. Compositions are assembled with care and playful intuition like tiny stick-and-leaf fairy houses. Shrink down, climb inside, and enter a fantastic inner world. A personal mythology unfolds in Light Green Leaves amidst naturalistic melodies and truly masterful wordplay. Whimsy is the lyrical modality of choice, but these song-poems are no less profound for their impish nature. The songs sometimes feel like nursery rhymes from another dimension populated entirely by Kyle Field. This album, and the man behind it are of the sand and surf. Just like Kyle, these tunes are open-hearted ramblers, with long sunny days tangled in their salty hair, and a constellation of roguish twinkles in their eyes.) 20.00

MAC DEMARCO - This Old Dog LP (captured tracks - Before you ancients out there turn your heads and scoff at the premise of a twenty-something rock-and-roll goofball calling himself an old-anything, consider this: said perpetrator, he who answers to the name Mac DeMarco, has spent the better part of his time thus far writing, recording, and releasing an album of his own music pretty much every calendar flip, and pretty much on his own. The fresh meat you’re now feasting on, This Old Dog, makes for his fifth in just over half a decade—bringing the total to 3 LPs and 2 EPs. According to the DMV, MacBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco is 26. But in working-dog years, ol’ Mac here could easily qualify for social security. To stay gold, turns out all he needed was some new tricks.) 25.00

Clear vinyl 26.00

MACHO BOYS - same LP (neck chop - Portland’s MACHO BOYS are many things: A punk band. Feminists. Partial wrestling enthusiasts, etcetera etcetera. But as far as most listeners are concerned, Macho Boys should be commended for being one thing in particular: '80s hardcore revivalists. As the group’s name would imply, Macho Boys’ debut LP is a non-stop spasm of light, pummeling rhythms in the vein of highly-revered hardcore classics, specifically the likes of Minor Threat, and boasts a sharp, angular sound accordingly. In a Coors-fueled love letter—à la the great Texas Rattlesnake—Macho Boys storm through their 16-minute runtime with jagged discharges of puerile hardcore beatitude, not only managing to recapture the youthful energy of the treasured hardcore acts of yesteryear, but also make the sound their own through inflammatory, equally-playful tonality needed to better suit the social commentary at hand… as well as an honorary hymn dedicated to the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin, of course. Needless to say, this record is an absolute blast; and people say you can’t catch lightning in a bottle.) 14.00

MOON DUO - Occult Architecture Vol. 2 LP (sacred bones - Offering a cosmic glimpse into the hidden patterning embedded in everything, Occult Architecture reflects the harmonious duality of these light and dark energies through the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang. Following the Yin (feminine, darkness, night, earth) represented on Occult Architecture Vol. 1, Vol. 2 presents the Yang.) 20.00

Blue Vinyl 21.00

MOUNT EERIE - A Crow Looked At Me LP (pw elvrum - A new Mount Eerie album unlike anything else in the Mount Eerie or Microphones back catalog. Eleven stark songs about basic deep grief, loss, real death, love, significance and non-significance, reality. Nothing wise or learned, just the described experience of living through unimaginable domestic obliteration, with names and dates. contains: 11 songs, 42 minutes, very nice sounding vinyl, foil stamped front and back covers, heavy old style gatefold tip-on jacket with special Neenah “Slide” paper as the inner liner, silver on black, all the lyrics, double sided art poster, free download card) 21.00

ORANSSI PAZUZU - Kosmonument DLP (20 buck spin - Since 2013 Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu has released two critically lauded full length albums via 20 Buck Spin in North America, 2013’s Valonielu and 2016’s Värähtelijä. Both albums showed the boundless enormity and remarkable uniqueness that this band alone creates. Are they a psych-influenced black metal band or a black-metal-influenced psych band? No one knows for sure and it doesn’t matter anyway—no other band bends these genres into such an extraordinarily cohesive whole. For most in North America, the Oranssi Pazuzu black hole only came into focus with the aforementioned last two albums. However, the band has previously recorded and released two full length albums and a split LP. With their growing reputation here, their back catalog has become increasingly in demand. 20 Buck Spin will now present the band’s back catalog on various formats domestically for the first time. The Kosmonument 2xLP from 2012 was another huge leap forward for the band both musically and in terms of exposure. They signed to UMG-owned Spinefarm Records, which the album still calls home today. However the vinyl edition, a sprawling, triple-gatefold double album with some of the most incredible artwork in the band’s history, was only released in a small quantity in Europe with very few copies arriving in North America. It will now see its first domestic vinyl release in the same deluxe format.) 32.00

ORANSSI PAZUZU - Muukalainen Puhuu LP (20 buck spin - Since 2013 Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu has released two critically lauded full length albums via 20 Buck Spin in North America, 2013’s Valonielu and 2016’s Värähtelijä. Both albums showed the boundless enormity and remarkable uniqueness that this band alone creates. Are they a psych-influenced black metal band or a black-metal-influenced psych band? No one knows for sure and it doesn’t matter anyway—no other band bends these genres into such an extraordinarily cohesive whole. For most in North America, the Oranssi Pazuzu black hole only came into focus with the aforementioned last two albums. However, the band has previously recorded and released two full length albums and a split LP. With their growing reputation here, their back catalog has become increasingly in demand. 20 Buck Spin will now present the band’s back catalog on various formats domestically for the first time.) 23.00

ORANSSI PAZUZU - Farmokologinen LP (Since 2013 Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu has released two critically lauded full length albums via 20 Buck Spin in North America, 2013’s Valonielu and 2016’s Värähtelijä. Both albums showed the boundless enormity and remarkable uniqueness that this band alone creates. Are they a psych-influenced black metal band or a black-metal-influenced
psych band? No one knows for sure and it doesn’t matter anyway—no other band bends these genres into such an extraordinarily cohesive whole. For most in North America, the Oranssi Pazuzu black hole only came into focus with the aforementioned last two albums. However, the band has previously recorded and released two full length albums and a split LP. With their growing reputation here, their back catalog has become increasingly in demand. 20 Buck Spin will now present the band’s back catalog on various formats domestically for the first time.) 17.00

PIN GROUP - Go To Town 12“ (superior viaduct - New Zealand's Pin Group emerged out of the early '80s Christchurch scene and, with just two stunning singles and one brilliant five-song EP, have become an archetype for nearly all indie bands ever since.  Ambivalence was not only The Pin Group's hypnotic debut, but also the very first release on Flying Nun. While guitarist Roy Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphries and drummer Peter Stapleton build off each other's jittery riffs, Montgomery's uncanny baritone pierces the torrential clangor. Conjuring both Wire's Chairs Missing and VU's White Light/White Heat, the band captures a truly unique sound – evocative, yet austere.) 17.00

PREDATORY LIGHT - s/t LP (The Predatory Light seeks to peel the mind and inseminate the spirit-cortex with the corrosive fluid of divine transgression.  After proving themselves with two celebrated demo cassettes and a split LP, Predatory Light unveils their self-titled debut full length.  While logically expanding upon the already distinct voice established on earlier releases and venturing down the same labyrinthine paths, the album also forges new ground for the band.  While much of the song-writing finds the band pushing further into the melodic unknown, there is simultaneously a paradoxical willful regression that witnesses the players more clearly exhibiting the influence of classic Greek, Italian, and South-American black metal.  It is precisely this ability to balance tradition with a single minded compositional freedom that makes the album so remarkable. P.S. featuring members of Ash Borer!) 18.00

PRIESTS - Nothing Feels Natural LP (sister - Nothing Feels Natural is the first full-length by Washington, D.C.'s PRIESTS. Recorded in the fall of 2016, the record is the culmination of two years' writing, touring, tweaking, and refining. Throughout that time the band has carved out an existence on its own terms,performing mostly all-ages shows booked via a network of like-minded artists both within and outside punk communities. The album represents a major step forward for Priests. It's the bands most stylistically diverse set of songs to date, expanding on their lo-fi post-punk bona-fides with ideas drawn from pop, R&B, and industrial noise. Thematically, Nothing can be understood as a series of vignettes—nine stories that crystallize into a bigger picture about the economics of human relationships, the invisibility of feminized labor, and the dual purpose of art for both the group and the individual. The album will be the first full-length LP released on Sister Polygon Records, the label that Priests founded and operate.) 17.00

PRIESTS - Bodies and Control and Money and Power LP (don giovanni - back in stock -Priests are the sort of band that is unafraid to look you right in the eye and beg answers to big questions. In early 2012, Priests began playing frantic post-punk, full of tempered tension and thoughtful rage and relentless energy that would come from living in the microcosm of institutional oppression that is DC. Their music conveys a sense of unmatched urgency in their smart, politically charged, noisy songs.) 17.00

PROTESTER - Hide From Reality LP (trash king - Protester emerged about five years ago as a one-man-band, a study in the isolation that such a lifestyle inevitably leads to. "Hide From Reality," their debut LP and first release as a full band, is their definitive statement as a group ready to raise the profile of DC hardcore to new heights. Free of the empty anthems and melodic intrusions of the worst of the genre, "Hide From Reality" is equally informed by the more nihilistic side of punk while retaining the harder edge of the fiercest in their class. With the top grade musicianship that only years on the road can bring, this record forcefully asserts their place at the top of the heap.) 14

RAKTA - III LP (iron lung - Brazil's RAKTA is back with six new powerfully feminine trips through the fog. Simultaneously claustrophobic and cavernous. You can feel pulsing bass and thundering battery intertwine, akin to a snake coiling around your leg, pulling you down into the murky vortex. A flourish of atmospheric keyboard and vocal clamor pulls you right back to the surface just in time to be sucker punched by silence. This garland will leave you reeling. Art by MATEUS MONDINI. Sounds by BERNARDO PACHECHO. Mastered by DANIEL HUSSAYN. Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl housed in a heavy duty sleeves.) 20.00

SLOWDIVE - s/t LP (dead oceans - "It felt like we were in a movie that had a totally implausible ending…" Slowdive's second act as a live blockbuster has already been rapturously received around the world. Highlights thus far include a festival-conquering, sea-of-devotees Primavera Sound performance, of which Pitchfork noted: "The beauty of their crystalline sound is almost hard to believe, every note in its perfect place.“ "It was just nice to realise that there was a decent amount of interest in it," says principal songwriter Neil Halstead. The UK shoegaze pioneers have now channelled such seemingly impossible belief into a fourth studio opus which belies his characteristic modesty. Self-titled with quiet confidence, Slowdive's stargazing alchemy is set to further entrance the faithful while beguiling a legion of fresh ears. The world has finally caught up with Slowdive. This movie could run and run…) 20.00

Silver vinyl Version 21.00

SPACE LADY - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits LP US PRESS (mississippi - US PRESS The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of San Francisco in the late 70s, playing versions of contemporary pop music an accordion and dressed flamboyantly, transmitting messages of peace and harmony. Following the theft of her accordion, The Space Lady invested in a then-new Casio keyboard, birthing an otherworldly new dimension to popular song that has captured the imaginations of the underground and its lead exponents ever since, with the likes of John Maus, Erol Alkan and Kutmah being devotees.  Of her early street sets, only one recording was made, self-released originally on cassette and then transferred to a home-made CD. "The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits"(LSSN021) features the best of these recordings - mostly covers but with some originals - pressed on vinyl for the first time and features archival photographs and liner notes from The Space Lady herself. “Greatest Hits” contains The Space Lady’s personal favourites; her haunting take on The Electric Prunes’ “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night),” a frantic “Ballroom Blitz” amidst other reconstructed pop music. Included are also 4 originals that easily match for the Pop canon. Following the release of this archive, The Space Lady will be issuing new material and travelling the world to present her message outside the United States for the first time.) 18.00

TARA JANE O'NEIL - same LP (Tara Jane O'Neil describes her latest album "Self Titled" as a "singer songwriter"  endeavor. At the invitation and by the design of Mark Greenberg (The Coctails), half of this record was recorded mostly live at Wilco’s Loft Studio in Chicago with a band that included James Elkington, Gerald Dowd, Nick Macri, and Greenberg himself. Another half was made in TJO’s home studio in California with Devin Hoff, Wilder Zoby, Walt McClements and string supervisor Jim James. This album also features the voices of Chris Cohen, Carolyn Pennypacker-Riggs and Joan Shelley. Tara Jane ONeil plays guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion.) 17.00

TEWOLDE REDDA - Eritrea's Guitar Pioneer, 1970-73 LP (domino sound - From Asmara, Eritrea (formerly Ethiopia) TEWOLDE REDDA revolutionized the sounds of traditional Eritrean music by amplifying his kirar, playing his Eko electric guitar, and recording six singles in the first part of the 1970s. Including the first Eritrean songs to use a horn section, traditional songs reworked into his new sound, and originals influenced by radio broadcasts from the United States military base in Asmara, Kagnew Station, these ten songs originally released on the Philips, Amha, and Yared labels show off his talents with stringed instruments, a talented back up band, and often the hand clapped beat shifting into double time near the song’s end. Tewolde’s thick, deep voice sings songs of love over somber and joyous tunes. Comes in a tip-on sleeve with extensive liner notes, lyrical translations, and unpublished photos. A co-release with Mitmitta Musika of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.) 18.00

TINY VIPERS - Laughter LP (badabing - Since the release of her sophomore album Life On Earth, Seattle-based musician Jesy Fortino has become a civil engineer. While studying at University of Washington to pursue a wholly new life direction, she wrote and recorded Tiny Viper’s Laughter. Although it seems like a deviation from the singer-songwriter albums Fortino released on Sub Pop, it continues early works such as Empire Prism, and later instrumentals such as her 2015 contribution to the Ambience series (Box Bedroom Rebels) and her collaborations with Rafael Anton Irisarri and Liz Harris (Mirroring / Grouper). Though previous works like Hands Across the Void and Life On Earth are collections of songs, just underneath their façade simmers a raw emotional expression that goes beyond words. Laughter is the result of experiments deconstructing pop tropes. Fortino takes inspiration from early electronic pioneers like Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh, as well as the raw experimentation of ’80s proto-industrial tape culture. Additionally, she carries the seemingly disparate influences of Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky soundtrack and Meredith Monk’s exercise in turning the human voice into a spectral instrument. The apprehension that comes along with attempting something new and challenging is captured in the fragile structure of these compositions, which threaten to fall apart almost as soon as they come together.) 18.00

WOODS - love is love LP (woodsists - But what are we looking for from the art we enjoy? Escapism? A reckoning with harsh reality? A temporary shared hallucination? Music can heal because it presents the pain of being human as universal. Love is Love was written and recorded in the two months immediately following the election, but it’s not a record borne entirely of angry, knee-jerk reaction to what America is becoming. Instead, it’s a meditation on love, and on what life means now. Taking cues from last year’s City Sun Eater in the River of Light, it feels very much like a record made from living, shoulder to shoulder, in a major city: weaving psychedelic swirls of guitar between languid horns reminiscent of the best Ethiopian jazz—Love is Love is a distinctly New York record. It is a document of protest in uncertain times and an open-hearted rejection of cynicism in favor of emotional honesty. It is bright, and then, unexpectedly, a little dark sometimes too.) 18.00

V/A - Honeybeat - Groovy '60s Girl-pop LP (real gone music - Hey, ‘60s pop collectors…do you suppose there might be some killer rare tracks lurking inside the Sony archives? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too…so we enlisted girl group expert extraordinaire SHEILA BURGEL (producer of the Grammy-nominated box set One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found and the Japanese girl pop series Nippon Girls among other prodigious collecting feats) to go tape spelunking and see what she could come up with. And man, was THAT a good decision—cuz Sheila (and Sony Legacy producer ROB SANTOS) have emerged triumphantly from their journey into the deepest nooks and crannies of the Sony vaults with 19 fantastic girl pop finds that sound like they shoulda been, coulda been hits had anybody heard them the first time around! Presson 180-gram, violet vinyl in gatefold jackets. Limited to 1,200 copies) 29.00

V/A - I Believe I'll Go Back Home LP (mississippi - A sequel (of sorts) to the I Don't Feel At Home In this World Anymore compilation. The stone cold beautiful African guitar playing and singing of Sabelo and G. Wayawaya, the intense Native American country music of Jenks "Tex" Carman, the great Tex Mex of Lydia Mendoza, the heavy hypnotic Cajun sounds of Amede Ardion and Dennis McGee, the shimmeringly beautiful singing and playing of the Genial Hawaiians, the deep deep deep Rembetika of Marika Papagika, the soulful gospel of Blind Willie Davis, the sacred Indian sounds of T.R Mahalingham and Khansahib Abdul Karim Khan, the early Jewish mysticism of Max Leibowitz, the dark Cuban rumbles of Sexteto Bologna and much more. Here we have a diverse cross section of the worlds music—a unifying sound during divisive times. Old school "tip on" cover.) 17.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MAY (Slowdive, Mount Eerie, Youth Attack

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 05 Mai 2017, 13:00

part II


FELL VOICES / ASH BORER - split TAPE (Ash Borer and Fell Voices both present a single Untitled track, and each one displays the incredible amount of growth and progress the respective band has made over the past couple years. Sometimes very atmospheric, sometimes very intense. Always brilliant. Black vinyl only. Includes two-sided insert and patch. Artwork by RAINBATH Visual.) 7.00

ASH BORER - bloodlands TAPE (psychic - Ash Borer has become well known as a power in the US metal scene in a relatively short period of time. Beginning with their split LP with Fell Voices in early 2011 released on vinyl by Gilead Media/Eternal Warfare, self-titled LP on Pesanta Urfolk in late 2011, and most recently their critically lauded full-length CD, Cold of Ages, on Profound Lore in 2012. Ash Borer have gone through a gradual evolution over the course of these releases, tightening their sound and expanding their scope. On their self-titled LP Ash Borer began experimenting with noise and ambient components after the addition of a permanent fifth member. On Cold of Ages, and through live shows, this experimentation developed into an integral aspect of Ash Borer’s sound, always providing great layering to music that was already very atmospheric. On Bloodlands the band travels further into this territory, exploring greater textures and pushing the ambience and atmosphere even further to the forefront of their songs.) 6.00

ASH BORER - demo TAPE (psychic - Finally repressed as a tape This is ASH BORER'S 2009 demo, remixed and mastered at Mammoth Sound Studios.) 7.00

ASH BORER - cold of ages TAPE (psychic - Arcata’s Ash Borer formed several years ago and in just a short time was recognized as one of the most prominent black metal bands from California. With a style of raw black metal that is bleak and atmospheric as well as harsh and searing, the group is aligned with such elite artists as the (now defunct) Weakling, Xasthur and Leviathan, along with the Black Twlight Circle (Volhan, Arizmenda, Dolovotre, etc.) and the Rhinocervs cult (Odz Manouk and Tukaaria). Their first demo, released in 2009, was just a mere glimpse of the coming sonic storm unleashed over the following years: a split EP with Santa Cruz’s Fell Voices, an acclaimed self-titled debut album, and a series of decimating live shows.) 7.00

BAD MOVES - s/t TAPE (don giovanni - Formed in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2015, Bad Moves is David Combs (guitar), Emma Cleveland (bass), Katie Park (guitar), and Daoud Tyler-Ameen (drums). On November 18, Don Giovanni Records will release the band’s self-titled debut EP. It includes four songs recorded at Lurch, a studio run by Danny Saperstein (Flasher) and Owen Wuerker (Big Hush).) 7.00

V/A - Ghost Woman Blues / I'm In A Strange Town CASSETTE (Two Mississippi compilations on one tape! 'Ghost Woman Blues' is a compilation of absolutely must have country blues.  A mix of well known artists playing their signature songs and more obscure musicians.  Highlights include Bukka White's elemental "Fixin' to die", Lottie Kimbroughs' seldom heard "Don't Speak To Me", George Carters' haunting "Ghost Woman Blues", Willie Browns' existential "Future Blues", Monroe Moe Jackson's wild "Go Away From My Door" and many more hits.  'I'm In A Strange Town' is a compilation of top notch Gospel and blues recorded between 1927 and 1967.  A mix of very well known artists such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Gary Davis and Robert Wilkins and more obscure folks like John Lee and Charles White.  Ripping guitar work outs, soulful ballads, loping drunken jug bands and more.  All songs are on the theme of travel, death and transcendence.  Got an existential crisis?  This may be the cassette for you.  ) 7.00

V/A - My Intention Is War / Seven Skeletons Found In the Yard CASSETTE ( Two Mississippi compilations on one tape! 'My Intention Is War' is a compilation of Calypso classics from Trinidad recorded between 1928 and 1948 by well known masters of the form such as The Roaring Lion, Attila the Hun, Lionel Belasco and Lord Invader, as well as by some lesser known but great artists.  Minor chord intense meditations on death, beautiful and fragile instrumentals, topical and poetic songs and more. Songs include The Horrors of War, African War Call, When I Lay Me Body Down In The Grave, Exploiting, Inequality Of Life and Death.    'Seven Skeletons Found In the Yard' is another compilation of Calypso classics from Trinidad recorded between 1928 and 1948.  Songs include When You Hear I Die, In The Dew and The Rain, Hojoe, Jimby's Ingratitude, Ba Boo La La and much much more.  All true master pieces.  ) 7.00

V/A - FREQUENCY OF THE TRUEWAVE-VOLUME II TAPE (Metallic gold C-48 cassette with black on-shell print, hand-stamped tape cover, and insert sheet risograph printed! 16 songs in 38 minutes. Mastered for cassette and real-time dubbed for high audio quality. CROOKED BANGS (Austin) - Le Phènix (0:00) SHOPPING (London) – Long Way Home (2:41) STREET EATERS (Bay Area) – Witch (5:12) MOZART (Bay Area) – Die Slow (7:51) TROIKA (Madrid) – Etiquetas (9:34)  NO BABIES (Bay Area) – Ripper (10:59) LIÈ (Vancouver) - Sorry (13:15) STEEL CHAINS (Portland) – Standing In The Light (16:11) PRIESTS (Washington D.C.) – Talking (18:29)  COMPOSITE (Bay Area) – Freedom and a Dagger (21:31) SPLIT FEET (Chicago) – Cat Mug on Secretaries Day (22:32) DAISY WORLD (Bay Area) – Untitled (23:44) VIOLENCE CREEPS (Bay Area) – Amber Alert (26:06)RAGANA (Bay Area) - Chain Reaction (27:10) STRANGE FACES (Bay Area) – No Peace (30:15) NAIVE (Leipzig) – Whiteout (32:16) 6.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MAY (Slowdive, Mount Eerie, Youth Attack

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 12 Mai 2017, 20:45

hey. welcome to the 2nd newsletter for May filled with lots of goodies again. We got lots of restocks (converge - jane doe, run for a cover, touche amore, … etc), then the killer EXIT ORDER LP & 7“, PINEGROVE - Everything So Far DLP, FORESEEN - Power Intoxication 7“, Coma regalia LP, CLOUD RAT / CREVASSE - split 7“, BOB’S BURGERS soundtrack, FOREST SWORDS - Compassion LP, BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Best Troubadour DLP, HEXIS - tando ashanti LP, new edition mego releases, DON CHERRY - Music, Wisdom, Love 1969 LP and more …

Vendetta just released the TONGUE - s/t LP and the HEXER LP plus started taking pre orders for the NUMENOREAN - demo 2014 LP

There is also a couple Adagio830 releases in the works like the the rememberables LP (feat. peeps of coke bust etc) a City Of Caterpillar LP will unreleased tracks together with repeater records and the You could be a cop LP (great samuel influenced emo from Norway) and more ..

Also the PUFF PIECES euro starts next week with their first show in berlin on may 18th - don't miss this!





Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman


AUTARCH / LANDBRIDGE - split LP (AUTARCH formed in North Carolina in 2010, Autarch is a four-piece band from Asheville that combines elements of melodic/emo-crust and post-metal to defy the limitations and expand the boundaries of each genre in order to forge their own path forward. Sci-fi narrative influences and anarchist themes abound. From the unrelenting drums and enduring melodies to the undying screams of dual vocalists, Autarch evokes a palpable sense of urgency in order to contest the choices humankind and individuals have made that pose a grave threat to our future. LANDBRIDGE originated in Florida in 2009. They play dark melodic crust laden with d-beat and melancholy like EKKAIA, MADAME GERMEN.... Subject matter includes earth/animal liberation, anti-colonization, abandoning a dogmatic lifestyle and personal autonomy.) 6.00

AVIATOR - Heaven's Gate bw Death's Door 7“ (i corrupt - This is the new 7" EP by our friends in Aviator. Both songs were written during the band's EU/UK tour and recorded right after the tour in the Faust Studios in Prague. This is emotional, heavy and dynamic post-hardcore for all fans of Caravels, Touché Amoré, Frameworks and alike artists. ) 5.00

CLOUD RAT / CREVASSE - split 7“ (Michigan's grind champions CLOUD RAT, share a new split with Dutch/German powerviolence punks CREVASSE. A more frantic side of Cloud Rat with a cover of 'Fish in a Pool' by Danish punks Electric Deads. Crevasse blend hardcore, powerviolence, d-beat, and doom for a rare breed of metallic shrapnel.) 6.00

EXIT ORDER - s/t 7“ (Exit Order's new EP steps away from the non stop hardcore of their demo and shifts into a catchier UK82 meets Welcome to 1984 euro punk style.) 7.00

FORESEEN - Power Intoxication 7“ (Finland’s Finest thrashband Foreseen return after their crushing Helsinki Savagery LP with a two song 7” taking their metallic crossover style to new hardcore punk territory ala Cro Mags. Throbbing breakdowns and guitar screams punch through a cacophony of cymbals and snare rolls as drummer Mårten Gustafsson channels the precision blasting of legends like Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor and Dave Lombardo. All this plus a classic 80s heavy metal production. Their recent tours across the USA and Europe have only strengthened their abilities to deliver ornate punishment riff after riff. You’ll be flipping this 7” until your needle breaks.) 7.00

GATTACA / ROSA PARKS - split 7“ (diy - New split from two very active "female fronted" czech crust / hardcore / punk bands with a strong DIY background and political message.) 5.00

ITHACA - Trespassers 7" (rguably one of the best releases of 2015, a near perfect blend of hardcore and metal is displayed on this release. Pressed on to clear 7" vinyl with a special fold over cover for this year's Euro tour- redesigned artwork by Dia Artio.) 6.00

SOFT GRIP - Devil Plays Nowhere 7“ (Pop Wig presents Devil Plays Nowhere, the first official release by Soft Grip. Four songs of hardcore made without a specific direction or process, with expectations left by the wayside. This is some visceral shit. Soft Grip is a swift kick to the fucking teeth for a world that needs it. ) 7.00


ATLAS - Blush LP (Debut LP by Belgian emotive hardcore band Atlas, entitled 'B L U S H'.  Released on Smithsfoodgroup DIY, Black Basset Records and Dingleberry Records, this long awaited full length follows up to the band's 2013 debut 'For You, Forever’.) 12.00

BOB'S BURGERS - The Bob's Burgers Music Album 3LP (subpop - Bob’s Burgers premiered on the Fox network January 2011, and quickly became one of the most watched series on television. After enjoying the highest-rated new season premiere of the 2010-11 season, Bob’s Burgers quickly settled into an average viewership of over 4 million per episode. The show has won an Emmy award and been nominated five times, including a current nomination for Outstanding Animated Program. It has inspired many popular spinoff items, including a recent, best-selling cookbook. With the seventh season set to premiere this fall, Bob’s Burgers’ cultural influence only grows. Now comes The Bob’s Burgers Music Album, featuring 107 songs from the first 107 episodes (all six existing seasons), plus five special cover versions of songs from the show. Originally broadcast within the episodes – and often in abbreviated form – these songs appear here in their freestanding glory for the first time. The Bob’s Burgers Music Album – in both its affordable standard editions and its impressive deluxe edition – is sure to be a must-have for any fan of the show (and, really, any sentient life-form).  • The album features the main cast members – Bob (Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) and their children Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) – singing original songs that build on the show’s unique sense of humor.  • Also featured are many of the show’s recurring and special guests, from comedians like Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Kline, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Zack Galifianakis, and Fred Armisen, to musical guests Cyndi Lauper and Carly Simon.  • Includes five never-aired “Bob’s Buskers” cover versions of songs from the show performed by St. Vincent, the National, Lapsley, and Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields. ) 35.00

BOB'S BURGERS - The Bob's Burgers Music Album BOX-SET (Deluxe limited-edition 3 LP+7” box set includes “condiment-colored” vinyl (ketchup red, mustard yellow & relish green), plus a hardbound lyrics book with exclusive Bob’s Burgers artwork, a soft cover sheet-music songbook, three original posters, a six-piece sticker pack, and a patch. Both the standard and deluxe LP editions include the five “Bob's Buskers” tracks on a white 7” single.) 110.00

BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Best Troubadour DLP (drag city - If we could fly through the songbook of ol' Merle Haggard, we could come up with a thousand different ways to go down the mighty road he walked in his long life making records. But none would be as sweet and stalwart as ol' Bonny’s.) 25.00

CHILD MEADOW - It Hurts LP (Child Meadow is a two piece band from Toulon, France who formed in 2009.  Child Meadow play a late 90's inspired style of hardcore, punk, emo, and screamo.  Since forming in 2009, Child Meadow have released a self-titled five song demo in November of 2009, a five song 7" titled Rad in November of 2010, a twelve song LP titled Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger in November of 2011, and a split LP with Remek in January of 2012.  It Hurts is the band's latest eight song LP which was released on July 9th, 2016 and is expected to be released via IFB, Désertion, Crapoulet, Bus Stop Press, Emotionally Unstable, Dingleberry, La Cellule, Mosh Potatoes, Music For Liberation, Prejudice Me, Ours, Pundonore, and Emergence Records sometime in early 2017.  On It Hurts, Child Meadow offer up eight tracks of discordant and tense sounding hardcore, punk, emo, and screamo.  Overall, It Hurts makes for a killer listen and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!) 12.00

CITIZEN - Everybody Is Going To Heaven LP (run for a cove r- Almost two years to the date of the release of their breakthrough album, Citizen return with their highly anticipated follow-up full-length, Everybody is Going to Heaven. Haunting these ten songs is a foreboding, dark atmosphere masterfully crafted by producer Will Yip, and an immediate, intense energy is palpable from even the first grimy seconds of the opener, "Cement" As with every one of Citizen's releases, Mat KerekesÍ signature vocal delivery here is a trademark feature, demonstrating the emotional tension that boils over on this release. As cathartic as ever, he duels between a soft croon and a haunting scream, confronting his demons on tracks like "My Favorite Color" echoing the tormented refrain, ñmy heart still beats for nothingî. And while most of the record is an intense and noisy onslaught, songs like "Heaviside and Yellow Love act as armistices, each aching in reverb-drenched consonance. Everybody is Going to Heaven is a turning point for Citizen: once regarded as newcomers with undeniable potential, the band shows here that they have matured both abruptly and uniquely, with no end to their upward trajectory in sight.) 20.00

COMA REGALIA - There's Still Time LP (The new LP by COMA REGALIA! 10 inspiring songs of screamy, emotive hardcore from Indiana.) 12.00

CULT OF LUNA - Live At La Gaite Lyrique: Paris 3LP (indie - Swedish six-piece Cult Of Luna is well known for its mesmerising live shows, so even those with the highest expectations for this release will not be disappointed. This is post-metal at its best, presented on three black vinyl platters in a trifold sleeve.) 35.00

CULT OF EIBON - Lycan Twilight Sorcery LP (This is CULT OF EIBON's debut mini-album, Lycan Twilight Sorcery. Longtime supporters of the particular scene, in recent times, IRON BONEHEAD has heralded the classic Greek black metal sound with exceptionally potent new albums by KAWIR and DISHARMONY, as well as celebrated EPs by ancient-minded newcomers ITHAQUA and a recent split mini-album by likeminded classicists FUNERAL STORM and CELESTIAL RITE. But with Lycan Twilight Sorcery, the label raises the banner yet again and unveils the timeless magick of CULT OF EIBON.  Just last year, CULT OF EIBON were introduced with a teasingly short and super-limited debut EP titled Fullmoon Invocation. Indeed, it was aptly named, as the Greek duo's black metal was of a mesmerizingly mystical hue and its foundation was firmly - and, more importantly, authentically - rooted in their homeland's enduringly unique idiom of ancient darkness. Here, with the longer 'n' stronger Lycan Twilight Sorcery, CULT OF EIBON brew a heady, hazy potion that pulses with that same addicting, ageless black magick that made the early works of Rotting Christ and Varathron massively influential in Greece and far beyond. But, as with anything worth its while, from replication comes reckoning: immediately identifiable as "the classic Greek sound" they may be, CULT OF EIBON nevertheless possess a bewitching, almost-(were)wolven identity all their own, and prove it across the mini-album's six central tracks. It's startlingly familiar, but also startlingly awe-inspiring; there's certainly sorcery at hand here. Behold the Lycan Twilight Sorcery and follow the CULT OF EIBON into forgotten realms!) 14.00

THE DEADNOTES - I'll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face LP (Debut album by The Deadnotes from Germany: world's hardest working punkrock band. Beautifully entitled "I'll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face", this record perfectly blends raw punkrock with a new school emo vibe. A bright string of summer to start this year's autumn with.) 12.00

DEDEKIND CUT - American Zen DLP (Following a strictly limited tape edition of American Zen, Lee Bannon aka Dedekind Cut links with Hospital Productions for an expanded new vinyl edition clasping a sublime bonus single collab with Alex Zhang Hungtai, who’s better known for his maudlin pop bewts as Dirty Beaches. If you like your ambient music intangible and synaesthetically olfactory, huffable, you’re encouraged to check this one without delay… American Zen finds its centre in quivering, pensive drones and fractured small sounds, but is rent with an oceanic sense of scale, deploying splashes of distant percussion, extreme panned vocal snippets and slowly escalating harmonic space perfused by crackling radiowaves and that intangible timbre of an old TV turned on somewhere, but you can’t quite pick out its location. It unfolds at a glacial pace in five parts, crossing lines/waves comparable with Chino Amobi & Rabit’s ultraviolent mixtape, the nostalgic Americana yearn of Torn Hawk, and even The Caretaker’s hallowed aether zones; perpetually out of reach, submerged or hardly there, but feeling as though he’s close, breathing quietly in the background and watching you listen. In addition to the original 5 tracks, including the formerly tape-only Folsom Lake 04, you’ll now also find a rare outing from Alex Zhang Hungtai infiltrating the finely graded and diaphanous silhouette of I’ll Give You The World on the final side, serving to complement and temper Dedekind Cut’s broader strokes with fluctuating microtonal infidelities and a gauzier, anaesthetising and almost pastoral atmosphere that’s a real pleasure to drift off with.) 27.00

DIPLOID - Is God Up There​? LP (contraszt - Melbourne’s Diploid fuse elements of screamo, black metal, noise rock, and powerviolence to create caustic new forms of sonic violence. Their experimental approach sears the psyche with bursts of swirling blackened noise, crackling feedback, and distorted screams. Heavy stuff!) 11.00

DON CHERRY - Music, Wisdom, Love 1969 LP (finders keepers - Reaching a near-mythical status amongst fans of free jazz’s most worldly intrepid explorer, these seldom heard Paris soundtrack sessions known as Music, Wisdom, Love have evaded collectors’ grasps and confused historians for exactly 50 years. Instigated in Paris in 1967 and filmed during Don’s downtime on a visit to the Chat qui Pêche nightclub in March 1967 (where he played with Karl Berger, Henri Texier and Jacques Thollot), the bulk of this cinematic portrait was filmed on the streets of Paris under the direction of creative all-rounders Jean-Noël Delamarre and Nathalie Perrey, who, as their careers bloomed, would become pivotal figures in underground French cinema – straddling La Nouvelle Vague, adult entertainment and cinema fantastique in what can only be described as speedball cinema. As the supportive creative family that primarily played home to French vampire/horrortica director Jean Rollin, both Nathalie and Jean-Noël, his brother Jean-Philippe Delamarre and a small team of other fans of oblique media would be responsible for a vibrant micro-culture that awkwardly flourished on the outskirts on the Parisian new wave – combining comic book culture, Lettrism, sexual liberation, psychedelic rock, graphic design and (with this record as prime example) free jazz and avant-garde music. What previously might have been regarded as an unlikely coupling, with the benefit of half a century of archival hindsight, this release documents the essential cosmic collision of two fantastic planets.) 18.00

EXIT ORDER - Seed Of Hysteria LP (Following a fantastic demo in 2013 and a flawless 7” EP in 2015 Boston’s Exit Order finally grace us with a long waiting debut 12”. Seed Of Hysteria is made up out of 10 perfect hardcore punk songs. With one boot firmly stuck on the Bristol punk sound of the golden era and with nods to early USA Hardcore and prime UK Peace-Punk Seed Of Hysteria is an all out sonic assault. Using the best elements of the last 30 years of international hardcore punk and turning them into short sharp bursts of energy. Heavy on the guitar chorus and with a extremely sharp vocal deliverance reminding at times of No Side era Comes the record flows with urgency and aggression. You’ll have to dig hard to find a punk record as tough and tight as Seeds Of Hysteria. The record comes in a heavy reverse board monochromatic sleeve with a double sided 22”x11” which doubles as poster and lyric sheet.) 17.00

FELICIA ATKINSON - Hand In Hand DLP (shelter - Félicia Atkinson's new full length album ‘Hand In Hand’ is an expanded development of her musical compositions started with the highly-acclaimed 'A Readymade Ceremony' released on Shelter Press in 2015, and follows her collaborative effort with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma 'Comme Un Seul Narcisse' (Shelter Press, 2016). Composed over the year of 2016 at EMS during a snow storm and at home in Brittany, Hand in Hand could be considered as the most ambitious body of work recorded by the French musician and artist.) 28.00

FOREST SWORDS - Compassion LP (ninja - Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new full-length record.  “Compassion" is the follow-up to 2013's critically lauded debut “Engravings” and released via Ninja Tune. The album will be followed by a set of projects across multiple mediums by Forest Swords’ own Dense Truth, a new experimental studio and record label, including a series of music videos.  Central to this enthralling world is “Compassion", an album that's as weighty as it is vulnerable, sculpting the most striking parts of his previous work into something that feels urgent and necessary, and cementing Barnes as one of the UK's most significant electronic artists and composers.) 20.00

GERANIUM / LINK - split LP (alerta - French crust hardcore punks GERANIÜM team up with Belgium's blackened d-beat veteran pack LINK for a new split EP! 180gram Vinyl, Massiv silk screened fold out cover.) 12.00

GERARDO IACOUCCI - La Avventure LP (fnders keepers -Combining all the traits of an international superhero or intrepid comic book adventurer, the true identity, whereabouts and history of the spectacular Italian composer known as Gerardo Iacoucci has been a mystery to record collectors for many years. As a result of the best efforts of secretive archivists and DJs as well as and the overprotective force field that surrounds the clandestine world of Italian library music, the commanding experimental psychedelic pop music made singlehandedly by this early pioneer of the anti-genre time after time rises to the top of collectors’ want lists, commands huge ransom notes, ignites dancefloors and decimates genre tags before returning to its mythical status as one of the kings of the underworld without removing his mask. Despite the fact that original Italian copies of records by Gerardo Iacoucci are amongst the rarest, enigmatic fixtures of European psychedelia, his music simply refuses to be ghettoised and as the name of this album suggests the history of this artist reads like the memoirs of a genuine musical adventurer as well as a well-travelled prophet of experimental music and unsung pillar of Italian jazz and sound design. Recorded in early 1970, Iacoucci’s wide-eyed L’Avventura suite spanned 6 sides of loud, heavyweight monophonic vinyl for Romano Di Bari’s Deneb label and created an epically detailed blueprint for independent mood music companies whilst sharing release schedules with likeminded workaholics Alessandro Alessandroni and A. R. Luciani. However, Gerardo’s adventure didn’t begin here…) 18.00

HVOSCH - Thornsmoat LP (thornsmoat. a two-chapter antiutopia about a tough fate of a black fox.a hunter and a couple of dogs are chasing the prey to a certain death. the burrow is clouded with smoke. everyone has burnt alive. he is the last of the free; his death is coming close. the only thing left is to run. towards his fate - or away from it. ) 12.00

HEXIS - tando ashanti LP (alerta - Follow up to the break through Abalam LP. tipon gatefold jacket, download code, 180gram Vinyl, 12 Page LP-sized booklet, printed inner sleeve.) 15.00

HOWLS - The Headache LP (Brighton based trio Howls let loose with their frantic blend of punk and hardcore on their debut album, ‘The Headache‘. 'The Headache’ is the sound of a band challenging itself to evolve; eager to take a step away from familiar surroundings in order to create something true to their influences whilst also embracing more experimental and melodic sounds. This LP is Howls newest material since their 2015 EP, 'No Living', which was released on the now defunct Wolf At Your Door Records (Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana). Since then, Howls have played up and down the UK, sharing stages with the likes of Bastions, Palm Reader, and Employed To Serve. ‘The Headache’ was recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios (Palehorse, Yards, USA Nails) during the summer of 2016. Cover artwork by Mercedes Bellido.) 14.00

JAAP VINK - s/t DLP (The Institute of Sonology in Utrecht has earned its international reputation mostly for pioneering work in the field of computer-assisted algorithmic composition and digital sound synthesis by composers such as Gottfried Michael Koenig, Werner Kaegi, Paul Berg and Barry Truax. Anyone familiar with the music of these composers would have to admit that even within this ‘genre’ there were no stylistic dogmas. The stylistic range of Sonology’s artistic output becomes even broader when the work of other staff and frequent guests is taken into account, for example the compositions based on field recordings and audio-visual projects by Frits Weiland, the radiophonic works and pieces for tape and instruments by Luctor Ponse, the cybernetic tape compositions by Roland Kayn, or the experiments with computer graphics by Peter Struycken, to name just a few. And then there was Jaap Vink. Jaap Vink (Den Helder, 1930) studied engineering at first, but then became interested in electronic music. He attended courses in electroacoustics at Delft University of Technology and installed a pedagogical studio for electronic music in 1961 at the Gaudeamus Foundation in Bilthoven with the help of the Nederlandse Radio Unie (NRU). He was a staff member at the Institute of Sonology as a teacher in analogue studio techniques from 1967 until his retirement in 1993.) 25.00

KVALVAAG - Malum LP (dusk - "Malum" is KVALVAAG's latest journey through the symphonic black metal cosmos. It contains KVALVAAG's trademark riffing and old school synth wrapped up in an ice cold sound. ) 14.00

LOKE RAHBEK - City Of Women LP (editions megs - Editions Mego is pleased to welcome Danish Loke Rahbek (Damien Dubrovnik, Croatian Amor and Posh Isolation) to the fold. Known for countless creative and commercial endeavours Loke presents his first solo full length under his own name. As with all of Loke’s output City of Woman harnesses the radical with the aesthetic in a manner of extreme pleasure for all who encounter.  Harnessing his thorough knowledge and experience in extreme electronics, melodic encounters and sultry showmanship Loke ties together disparate threads of various underground movements to create a singular and deeply personal journey through industrial temptation, noise refraction and melodic seduction.  This is 21st Century pop music. One which dismantles previous held borders of sound to present a wide palate of sound, song, abstraction and intense emotion.) 18.00

LOVE A - Nichts Ist Neu LP (rookie - Mit Love A fühle ich mich jung. Nicht jung wie 18 oder 25 oder 30 Jahre alt; nein, jung, weil wieder so tief, so melancholisch, so verärgert, so wütend, so rastlos. Emotionen die mich umgetrieben haben, als ich noch mehr Zeit zum Suchen hatte. Love A ist Musik zum Suchen nach Positionen, Haltungen und Standorten oder Suche nach Wegen und Bewegung. Zeitloser Wave und Postpunk mit Wiperschen Gitarren, EA80 Stimmungen und Monarchie-Und-Alltag Riffs und Zeilen. Sie bewegen sich weiter mit ihrem vierten Album, probieren was, werden weicher und zeigen Kante, bleiben sich treu; oder wie ein Freund der Band sagt: "Love A ist wie diese Szene in einem Film Noir, bei der plötzlich aus dem Nichts jemand losschreit, an einer Stelle, an der du eigentlich erwartet hast, dass er am Boden liegenbleibt und weiterraucht. Dann explodiert was... - und Musik wie schräge Architektur, an der du nicht vorbeigucken kannst ..." Love A ist groß und klar, schmerzhaft und schön. Ich werde mir in Zukunft mehr Mühe geben jung zu sein!) 17.00

NIGHTSTICK - Blotter LP (armaggedon - SIEGE drummer Robert R. Williams powers this sonic trip through some extremely heavy territory. Pink Floyd meets Flipper under a collapsing bridge, Lydia Lunch meets the Brainbombs and they take acid together, Black Sabbath meets Funkadelic while Kilslug throws empty beer bottles at them both. I file this in my collection in the "fucked up music" category, alongside Flipper, Brainbombs, Kilslug, Drunks With Guns. If SIEGE's Grim Reaper was ever to be completely extended to band status, this is it. You will either be on board for this trip, or you will not be. We are definitely on the boat.) 18.00

PINEGROVE - Everything So Far DLP (run for a cover - inegrove’s Everything So Far is exactly what its title suggests - an anthology of all of Pinegrove’s output up to the point of their breakout Run For Cover Records full-length, Cardinal. The collection encapsulates their debut LP Meridian, a number of EPs and even some singles like the captivating track “Angelina” & Cardinal Favorite “New Friends.” ) 31.00

SPECTRAL LORE - Gnosis DLP (No matter the vast amount of different amazing sub-genres Black Metal's richness has accustomed us to, there will always be new paths explored leading to an endless forest. Such is the importance of "Gnosis", the founding opus of a brand new sub-style of its own; being it "Ethnic Black Metal", or any other nomenclature of your choice. Behold here an absolute masterpiece of ancient times-like craftsmanship. "Gnosis" is presented along 3 sides of vinyl, allowing its 50 minutes running time to widely expand through the grooves while displaying all the majesty contained in these five long compositions. To top the muisc off, the artwork pieces were treated with true care and focus. A facsimile of the ancient cover painting was acquired, then scanned, to give this unique vinyl release the top quality treatment it truly deserves.20.00

SUN RA - Singles | Volume 2 of 2 3LP (strut - Strut present a new definitive collection of singles released by jazz maverick Sun Ra during his Earth years, spanning 1952 to 1991. Released prolifically during the 1950s and more sporadically thereafter, primarily on the Saturn label, the 45s offer one-off meteorites from Ra’s prolific cosmic journey, tracing the development of his forward-thinking “Space-Bop” and his unique take on jazz and blues traditions which sounded unlike anything else from the period. As with his LPs, most 45s were only pressed in small runs and were sold at gigs and have since become extremely rare and sought after. Some have only been discovered in physical form in recent years; some were planned and pencilled but allegedly never made it to vinyl and some appeared as one-off magazine singles and posthumous releases. ) 30.00

SVARTELDER - Pyres LP (dusktone - Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER, whose lineup comprises members of CARPATHIAN FOREST, NORDJEVEL, IN THE WOODS... DEN SAAKALDTE, PANTHEON I, OLD FOREST and Doedsvangr, have released the long acclaimed debut full length album titled “Pyres”. ) 14.00

TONGUE - s/t LP (vendetta - A new Black Metal quartet from Bielefeld / Germany.  Imagine a blend of second wave Scandinavian BM as well as modern influences from the Cascadian Black Metal. Killer!) 13.00

V/A - The Rain Don't Fall On Me LP (mississippi - Compilation of pre-war country blues and gospel. Features popular artists such as Blind Willie Johnson, Gary Davis, Bukka White, Memphis Minnie alongside unfairly less documented artists such as Sonny Boy & his Pals, Lulu Jackson and Willie Mae Williams. Could be viewed as a sequel to the Last Kind Words compilation. Features some heavy meditative songs and a few dance numbers too.) 17.00

V/A - Time As A Color X 2007-2017 LP (Celebrating the 10th label anniversary, this LP compiles 9 exclusive recordings by 9 bands that helped write the story of time as a color in the last years: carson wells, nebraska, bail, lorraine, coma regalia, duct hearts, kumulus, grand detour, terraformer, The records are housed in a hand-diecut plain off-white cover sleeve and black inner sleeves, include an inlay and download card and are handnumbered /309.) 12.00


FIT FOR THE BLEEDING - Est. Today TAPE (econd EP by Zeeland (NL) based hardcore band Fit For The Bleeding, containing their debut on the flipside. The scene in the south western part of the Netherlands might just be the most vibrant of all in NL, launching young punkrock and old school hardcore bands into local and Belgian fame. FFTB fits right in, delivering the fast paced 'Est. Today' on rusty cassettes. Their 2015 debut 'War Behind These Walls' is taped onto the B-side. No space wasted.) 5.00

GOUGE AWAY - Swallow b/w Sweat TAPE (Florida born GOUGE AWAY follow up their 2016 blistering debut LP ", dies" with this two song cassette and first release on Secret Voice. Recorded after doing tours with G.L.O.S.S., Touché Amoré, and Ceremony "Swallow b/w Sweat" dive deep into an abrasive and vulnerable place that few bands can explore without getting the bends on their way back to surface. Mixed and Mastered by Jack Shirley (Dangers, Loma Prieta, Deafheaven).) 7.00

SCARED OF EVERYTHING - 2016 TAPE (New EP by UK based screamo mobb Scared Of Everything, released as promo for their upcoming full length. This A grade cassette tape consists of three tracks housed in ACDSleeve made cardboard and is mixed by Joe Clayton at Nø Studio. Delighted to have seen "SoE" play one of their first Euro shows ever in Utrecht last May and they're coming out again for ACU and Smashfest early June. With a Miss The Stars fest show under their belt already- we're gonna bawl our eyes out from screamo induced sadness aren't we?) 5.00

UVB 76 / STIRRINGS STILL - split TAPE (Contemporary noise and synths coming together into an electronic mass. Brits UVB-76 (a.o. Caïna and Cold Fell) and Stirrings Still (a.o. Throats) bound together on a cassette and in the accompanying handmade magazine. On UVB-76's "the wetness of summer's ghost. Spring's black wings spread under a dying sun" Laurence Taylor has enlisted the assistance of friends to read aloud an original passage of prose, the multitude of voices illustrating that our suffering is not special, but that we are not alone. This is a long-form composition by UVB-76 which draws influence from all areas of contemporary noise and electronic music, from warm melancholic synth loops, through droning layers of static, to aggressive industrial. On the flipside, "it will always follow me" is the first offering from Stirrings Still. A track for the thoughts that haunt, the ones that never leave before tearing you to shreds, a track for the disintegration and repetition it leaves in its wake; crippling and emetic. Working alongside Knifedoutexistence, the track is a composition of fragmentary thoughts accompanied by a wall of punishing noise that suppresses as much as it attacks.) 5.00
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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MAY (Slowdive, Mount Eerie, Youth Attack

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 19 Mai 2017, 15:57

hi. welcome to another newsletter on this finally hot summer day! A bunch of great new records arrived like the new AARON DILLOWAY, the fantastic ROBBIE BASHO re issues on Takoma, new Mississippi titles, Elliott Smith re issues, FALLS OF RAUROS - Vigilance Perennial LP, KRALLICE - prelapsariam LP and Gilead Restock (Mizmor etc), MULATU ASTATKE - umlaut of ethiopia re issue, the new WIRE, new TRANS AM - California Hotel LP, THE BODY / VAMPILLA LP, the long awaited VAN PELT re issues and other goodies!

Also the PUFF PIECES euro tour started last night in Berlin and they played a fantastic show. Up next is a show with LAS ROBERTS from Costa Rica. They just released their new album via Burger Records.

04.06. LAS ROBERTAS (Burger, Costa Rica) & PIGEONS (BLN)


Thank you
Robert & Klose & Norman


ALLVARET - skam och skuld LP It’s always a good sign when you cannot explain why a band is so awesome. It means something new and inexplicable is at work in their music. Småland, Sweden’s ALLVARET is that awesome. The elements are easy enough to define: there are the surf-drenched guitars, the outstanding female vocals and the rock ‘n’ roll frenzy of X – a sound which has been brewing in Denmark and Sweden over the last decade with bands like MASSHYSTERI, THE VICIOUS, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, VANA INGET, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. The ten short and catchy songs that make up this album are simple yet powerful, and the beginning of each new track jolts the listener back into their music.) 12.00

AARON DILLOWAY - the gag file LP (dais - Hundreds of releases and countless live performances littered the path that lead to 2012’s Modern Jester, artist AARON DILLOWAY's last major artistic statement as a solo artist and one his most well received documents since leaving WOLF EYES, the prolific noise troupe that Dilloway co-founded in the late '90s with musician Nate Young. Within these pieces, we find a surreal treasure hunt that helps guide us through Dilloway’s obsessions, neurosis and influences while also developing a splintered maturity of someone with great complexity stumbling through a well thought out, yet totally unplanned “long game” of an artistic career. Since then, Dilloway has been busy collaborating with the likes of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Jason Lescalleet, releasing various short form sketches and running his retail outpost, Hanson Records, while slowly working on his next major album, The Gag File. Introducing itself with the cover image of a posed dummy ready for his yearbook portraiture, The Gag File pick up right where Modern Jester left off; its identity is directly tied to an absurdly uncomfortable head shot that stays permanently fixed in the listener’s mind whenever the album is summoned. The opening track, “Ghost”, sets the heartbeat for the record. A rogue pulse that becomes lost in a disjointed, trapdoor loop but becomes even more unorthodox as Dilloway introduces himself through parable of jumbled, confused vocals and phrasing. Past this point, nothing in this record is typical or expected.) 23.00

BILL EVANS / SHELLY MANNE / MONTY BUDWIG - Empathy LP (A major Jazz meeting! Outstanding drummer Shelly Mann and brilliant jazz pianist Bill Evans combine with the sensitive bass playing of Monty Budwig in a program of superb improvisation. This album came about through a fortuitous convergence of circumstances. Shelly Manne & His Men were appearing at New York's Village Vanguard, sharing the bill with the Bill Evans Trio. Getting Riverside's permission to let the pianist participate, Creed Taylor set up a session at Rudy Van Gelder's studio with Evans and Manne sharing top billing. Manne's bass player, Monty Budwig, made up the trio. This was a busman's holiday for Evans, who was freed from the musical parameters he had set for his then-current trio. The result is that his playing seemed lighter, freer, and more relaxed than it had for a while. The album kicks off with a jaunty version of Irving Berlin's "The Washington Twist" from the unsuccessful Mr. President with Budwig sharing the honors with Evans as much as Manne. Manne spends most of his time driving Evans into more diminished and sharper playing than was usually Evans' wont. Another relatively unfamiliar Berlin work, "Let's Go Back to the Waltz," gives full reign to Evans' lyricism. The longest tune on the set is an audacious, almost lampooned version of "With a Song in My Heart" with light chordal phrasing that pretty much characterized much of the tone coming from this session. Listening to these three, it's clear that everyone was having a good time and simply enjoying being relieved of their duties with their regular combos, even if for just one day. Empathy - Dave Nathan) 19.00

BOY WONDERS - luv LP (The Boy Wonders formed in 1983 in Portland, Oregon. This album is comprised of two live shows from 1984 & 1988, at Satyricon in Portland Oregon. They were the first band to ever play on the Satyricon stage. It was recorded by Greg Sage of the Wipers. They shared the stage with Mudhoney, Western Front, Napalm Beach, and many others. The band members bought all of their gear from Fred & Toodys'  music store. Super catchy, high energy garage rock / pop punk.  FEATURES NONE OTHER THAN THE LATE GREAT ANDREW LOOMIS (PRE - DEAD MOON) ON DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!) 21.00

CLARENCE ASHLEY - Live and in Person LP (Clarence Ashley: Live and In Person is the first all-new album in over 50 years by the legendary singer and banjo player who helped introduce old time country music to audiences throughout the nation.  Clarence Ashley (1895-1967) recorded for Columbia Records in 1929, was featured on Harry Smith's “Anthology of American Folk Music” in 1952, and toured the US in the 1960s. 
    Jalopy's vinyl-only release was produced in 2016 by Peter K. Siegel, from tapes he personally recorded in 1963 at the Greenwich Village folk club Gerdes Folk City. All 14 tracks are being released for the first time on March 1, 2017.  John Cohen, founding member of The New Lost City Ramblers, wrote the liner notes and provided never-before-seen photographs of Ashley in Greenwich Village. A 16-page illustrated booklet includes additional notes by Peter K. Siegel and Eli Smith.  Live and In Person is Clarence Ashley's first and only live album. He is accompanied on the album by guitarist Tex Isley, a member of Charlie Monroe's Kentucky Partners.) 20.00

ELLIOTT SMITH - Either​/​Or: Expanded Edition DLP (Hailed as a "future folk hero" by Alternative Press, ELLIOTT SMITH's "Either/Or" represents a stylistic and songwriting breakthrough, taking it to the "next level," creatively speaking. This singer/songwriter can say more with a whisper than most folks can with a scream. The gently insinuating despair of Smith's work communicates volumes about the heartbreak and alienation that is the bane of 20th century boys with too much time on their hands. On "Either/Or," Smith observes a production ethic that retains a lo-fi looseness without sacrificing any sonic clarity. His songs of loss and loneliness have the broken-poet aura of Smog or Mark Eitzel, but he offsets the gloom with a hatful of damnably catchy melodies and progressions, turning suffering into pop and making it signify. This album features the original tracks carefully remastered from original tapes under the supervision of Larry Crane, owner of Jackpot! Studios and archivist of the Estate of Elliott Smith. The additional content features five live multi-track recordings from the Yo Yo A Go Go Festival in Olympia WA in 1997, as well as three previously unreleased studio recordings and one b-side gem. The double LP is packaged in a gatefold jacket that includes an insert of the original liner notes, a postcard of the original master tapes, and several never-before seen photos. This gorgeous collection is an essential listen for longtime fans and newcomers alike.) 29.00

ELLIOTT SMITH - XO LP (XO is the fourth studio album by singer-songwriter Elliott Smith.Co-produced by Bong Load Records owner Tom Rothrock, XO was recorded in 1997-1998 and released on August 25, 1998 and Bong Load Records pressed the vinyl. XO was well received by critics upon it’s release. Mark Richardson of Pitchfork Media wrote, “Smith’s songwriting continues to improve, as each of the fourteen tracks display his inarguable mastery of the pop song structure more clearly than ever.” XO placed number five on The Village Voice’s 1998 end-of-year Pazz & Jop poll.) 20.00

ELLIOTT SMITH - Roman Candle LP (Re-issue of Roman Candle, Elliott Smith's first solo album, originally released on Portland's Cavity Search Records in 1994. Roman Candle is now re-mastered for the re-release by Roger Seibel (SAE) and Larry Crane, editor of Tape Op Magazine and archivist for Elliott's family. ) 20.00

ELLIOTT SMITH - From A Basement On The Hill DLP (From A Basement On The Hill - Released posthumously in 2004, From A Basement On The Hill was recorded by Smith before his death and became Smith’s highest charting album.) 26.00

ELLIOTT SMITH - figure 8 DLP (The story of Elliott Smith is well known now: Shy and reclusive indie rocker soars to a Hollywood soundstage and major-label contract. His fans gasped in collective horror when he took a bow at the 1998 Oscars, his hand clasped by Celine Dion. He seemed far too fragile to survive among the sharks and vultures on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. But as his subsequent albums XO and now Figure 8 show, Smith has weathered the spotlight successfully and is moving ahead with self-assured grace. The beauty of Figure 8 is that it encompasses Smith's musical virtues, from the stark and wispy tunes of his lo-fi beginnings on Roman Candle to the orchestrated, Beatlesesque pomp and circumstance of later work to the intimate and sometimes painful nature of his live shows. Figure 8's opener, "Son of Sam," is as good as anything Smith has ever crafted, its soaring melody buoyed with lush instrumentation and a tin-pan-alley piano romp. "Happiness" is vintage Smith, its lyrics belying the title. But best of all are "Everything Reminds Me of Her" and "Everything Means Nothing to Me," which capture the dichotomies of Smith's music. The first is a lovely, delicate little tune--just Smith's wavering voice, a plucked guitar, and the plaintive lyrics of unabashed longing. The second is a layered soundscape, heavily produced, with washes of music covering a repeated lyrical line. One is direct, naked, and honest; the other is slippery, distant, and rational. These are the yin and yang of Smith's music, and it's the friction between the two--or, more accurately, the wreckage from one obdurate truth bashing up against the other--that makes Figure 8 resonate with such devastating power. --Tod Nelson) 26.00

EUREKA BRASS BAND - Dirges LP (Recorded in a New Orleans alley on a Sunday afternoon in 1951. This is a truly unique field recording of a Jazz band playing dirges intended as a soundtrack to the parade to the graveyard during a traditional New Orleans funeral.  It's beautiful mesmerizing music and about as deep as it gets.  The Eureka Brass band played hundreds of funerals  - dirges to the graveyard and raucous joyous sounds on the way out.  Here we have just the dirges. Some of the finest trombone, trumpet, sousaphone, clarinet, sax and drumming you're likely to ever hear.  Songs include Fallen Hero, West Lawn Dirge, Garland of Flowers and Eternity.  A co-release with Singasong Fighter records. ) 17.00

FALLS OF RAUROS - Vigilance Perennial LP (bindrune - With Falls of Rauros' 4th full-length album, Vigilance Perennial, a vital complexity and multifaceted emotion is at the forefront of this stunning quartet's musical creativity, drive and evolution. Ever since the opening notes of the Hail Wind and Hewn Oak debut, Falls of Rauros have never put on a mask to hide behind a false facade. Yes their sound has indeed grown to embrace an otherworldly atmosphere that feels almost spiritual, but their songs possess endlessly layered riffs and thoughts from the heart that feel as real as the earth squishing up between your toes as you stop to appreciate the sound of the wind sailing through the pines. Such an organic flow and endlessly dynamic rise and fall elevates the 5 songs of Vigilance Perennial from a multi-layered bout of aggression to beautiful moments of music that twist with a powerful and honest emotion rarely experienced within a musical mindset that others refer to as “black metal”. Vigilance Perennial finds Falls of Rauros once again challenging the status quo, for the pure honesty and obvious love for truly unique songcrafting has in part distanced this band from any obvious genre defining terms. This music bleeds from the heart in a giving way.) 26.00

HEAVEN IN HER ARMS - Erosion Of The Black Speckle DLP (moment of - Finally, a reissue of HEAVEN IN HER ARMS first album 'Erosion Of The Black Speckle'. This album was originally released by Ape Must Not Kill Ape in 2006. MOC will now re-release a slightly different version of this masterpiece. Heaven In Her Arms is influenced by fellow Japanese bands like Envy, Dip Leg and Nitro Mega Prayer and european screamo bands like Daitro and Raein. Epic instrumental build-ups collide with frenzied screamo parts and the vocals go from whispered to screamed. All in all a terrific, atmospheric album!) 18.00

KARA LIS COVERDALE - Grafts LP (Ltd. one-sided 12" (300 copies) A sublime and quietly hypnotic work belied by steadfast conceptual rigour, Grafts is the most ambitious and involving work yet from Kara-Lis Coverdale, her first since 2015. In three parts of cascading yet plaintive multi-instrumental gestures, Grafts expands on the processing and self-temperement techniques explored on 2014’s A 480 into a more encompassing palette. Uncompromisingly distinct while redolent of modal minimalism, 70s, new age, and folk music, Grafts effectively blurs distinctions between traditional composition and more open, overlapping genres that hover in the half-light between acoustic and electronic refinement.) 20.00

KISHOTE - Kaleidoskop LP (miss the stars - “The offering is equally as bonkers in musicality and graphic form as its title and the labels involved suggest, and despite wearing all kinds of influences on its sleeve, it adds it own feel. The violence floats elusively, adding all the more intrigue to their chaotic, yet pleasingly digestible sound.” – idioteq Issued with a screenprinted and handnumbered cover and a screenprinted b-side. ) 11.00

KRALLICE - prelapsariam LP (gilead - Krallice continue the saga of their artistic growth by crafting elaborately composed works that are increasingly more impossible to define by typical genre terms. Not quite death metal, although obviously borrowing a great deal from the genre. Further from black metal than they’ve ever been without losing continuity with their prior compositions. Technical without alienating the listener or scattering the musical narrative. Heavy without giving way to basic metal gimmicks. Blistering in speed while never losing their precision or power. And throughout the masterful balance in composition, Krallice also include lyrical content that appears to sway more on the side of the the personal, reflective, or commentative as opposed to the seemingly more cryptic content of previous material. Prelapsarian stands as further evidence that Krallice are an ever-evolving entity whose works will not be shaped or defined by any force other than the desire of the band themselves. When they share their music with us it is a snapshot of their own pure intent.) 17.00

MALVINA REYNOLDS - same LP (mississippi - A timely record, if there ever was one.  Malvina Reynolds started writing songs in her late forties and her first LP came out in 1962. A labor organizer and activist in a lot of other movements, Malvina wrote many beautiful songs and was greatly admired by Bob Dylan.  She is best known for her tune "Little boxes" and for appearing on Sesame Street frequently as the character "Kate".  Here we have 12 unreleased gems by Malvina - demo's she made in the mid 1970's that have never seen the light of day!  And - the good news is - they're great!  Songs about the woman's, gay, race and labor struggles and a couple love songs too.  Just Malvina and guitar (and one song with her daughter Nancy and piano).  Limited edition of 500 copies.  A co-release with our friends at Singasongfighter.  ) 17.00

MARY LATTIMORE & ELYSSE THEBNER MILLER - And The Birds Flew Overhead LP (Mary Lattimore (harp) and Elysse Thebner Miller (keyboard) present a brand new collaborative recording of kosmische textures and pastoral melodicism. "We attended Three Lobed’s 'Sweet Sixteen' concert at King's Barcade in Raleigh, NC. That morning, there was a palpable buzz in anticipation of one of the early sets of the festival: an onstage collaboration between harpist Mary Lattimore and keyboardist Elysse Thebner Miller. Though we here at Footfalls were already fans of these two artists, the music performed by Lattimore and Thebner Miller that afternoon — a natural blend of kosmische textures and pastoral melodicism — exceeded all expectations. Crucially, it was the human aspect of the duo’s performance that most appealed to us: eschewing sequencers, prerecorded loops, and stock arpeggios in favor of an improvisational, distinctly haptic approach, the unique insta-compositional voices of Thebner Miller and Lattimore rang out like cosmic prayer bells. Lattimore’s treated harp glissandos blended seamlessly with Thebner Miller’s spectral electric piano, building small tornadoes of sound before receding and beginning the process again, like the inhale / exhale of some small universe. Within five minutes, it had become clear that this would have to be the second Footfalls release. We hastily contacted the artists, acquired the tapes — dutifully and masterfully recorded by our pals at NYC Taper — and began the process of publishing this beautiful work. Footfalls is very proud to present this rst commercially available collaboration by these two postmodernist sound painters. We’re quite positive you will love it as much as we do.“) 20.00

MULATU ASTATKE - umlaut of ethiopia LP (strut - Strut present the first official reissue of a landmark album in the field of African music, Mulatu Astatke’s ‘Mulatu Of Ethiopia’ from 1972. Recorded in New York, the album arrived at a time when Astatke had begun to master the delicate fusion of styles needed to create Ethio jazz. “I left the UK for America and studied at Berklee College in Boston. I learnt the technical aspects of jazz and gained a beautiful understanding of many different types of music. That’s where I got my tools. Berklee really shook me up.”  Journeying regularly to the Big Apple to play and watch live shows at the Cheetah, the Palladium and the Village Gate, Astatke met producer Gil Snapper on the circuit. “Gil was a nice and very interesting guy. He produced music and worked with all kinds of musicians.” The meeting would lead to a series of albums on Snapper’s Worthy label. The first, ‘Afro Latin Soul’, documented Astatke’s new-found directions. “Mulatu has created a new sound,” enthused Snapper on the album jacket. “He has taken the ancient five-tone scales of Asia and Africa and woven them into something unique and exciting; a mixture of three cultures, Ethiopian, Puerto Rican and American.” ) 20.00

ROBBIE BASHO - The Grail and the Lotus LP (takoma - It's become an oft-quoted statement that John Coltrane was the Father, Pharaoh Sanders was the Son, and Albert Ayler, the Holy Ghost.  It could arguably apply to the holy trinity of steel string guitarists as well. Many claim John Fahey to be the Father, Kottke was considered the Son, then Robbie Basho would certainly be considered the Holy Ghost. The Basho/Ayler similarities are many, and both pushed their idioms further physically and emotionally than all of their respective contemporaries. The Grail and the Lotus was Basho's 2nd release for the Takoma label (1966) preceding the wildly prolific year of 1967 that produced 3 absolute classics with the Falconers Arm sets and Basho Sings. Supposedly the thematics of The Grail and the Lotus came to Basho while recovering from a feverish bout of pneumonia, and in that state Basho envisioned and expressed a simultaneous glimpse of the Feudal Age, European and Japanese evocations side by side, both co-mingling with Knighthoods in Flower. A truly outsider take on the American primitive genre, The Grail & The Lotus is finally re-issued for the first time on vinyl 50 years after its initial release.  Beautifully re-mastered and limited to 500 copies.) 25.00

ROBBIE BASHO - Basho Sings LP (takoma -  It's become an oft-quoted statement that John Coltrane was the Father, Pharaoh Sanders was the Son, and Albert Ayler, the Holy Ghost.  It could arguably apply to the holy trinity of steel string guitarists as well. Many claim John Fahey to be the Father, Kottke was considered the Son, then Robbie Basho would certainly be considered the Holy Ghost. The Basho/Ayler similarities are many, and both pushed their idioms further physically and emotionally than all of their respective contemporaries. Basho Sings was Basho's 5th release for the Takoma label (1967) and as the title proclaims, Basho Singsshowcases a unique voice that transcends the limitations of the vocal form.  He's left the pentatonic raga scales of his previous releases and showcases a unique and unparalleled  take on the folk/blues song idiom.  A truly outsider take on the American primitive genre, Basho Sings is finally re-issued for the first time on vinyl 50 years after its initial release.  Beautifully re-mastered and limited to 500 copies.) 25.00

THE SLUTS - 12” Of Sluts LP (Originally released in 1982 on Spread-um Records "New Orleans forgotten legends that started around 1979... a classic example of glue sniffin' rancid thug punk... an album like this sloppy 12 inch 45 rpm monster (divided into side fuck and side you) in these days of collegiate elevator musak is an object to cherish as much as the Dead Sea Scrolls." from Black to Comm (Barry Goubler))11.00

TEWOLDE REDDA - Eritrea's Guitar Pioneer, 1970-73 LP (mississippi - From Asmara, Eritrea (formerly Ethiopia) TEWOLDE REDDA revolutionized the sounds of traditional Eritrean music by amplifying his kirar, playing his Eko electric guitar, and recording six singles in the first part of the 1970s. Including the first Eritrean songs to use a horn section, traditional songs reworked into his new sound, and originals influenced by radio broadcasts from the United States military base in Asmara, Kagnew Station, these ten songs originally released on the Philips, Amha, and Yared labels show off his talents with stringed instruments, a talented back up band, and often the hand clapped beat shifting into double time near the song’s end. Tewolde’s thick, deep voice sings songs of love over somber and joyous tunes. Comes in a tip-on sleeve with extensive liner notes, lyrical translations, and unpublished photos. A co-release with Mitmitta Musika of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.) 18.00

THALASSA - Bonds of Prosperity DLP (sige - Thalassa is the avant-drone project for Aaron Turner (Sumac, Isis, Mamiffer, House Od Low Culture, etc.) and William Fowler Collins. In his many guises, Turner articulates a chimerical aesthetic that intrepidly explores beyond the scope of sludge, hardcore, and post-rock. In Collins' blackened earth drones, he steadfastly engages in the elemental exploration of the New Mexican landscape that often inspire comparisons to the potency of black metal without the need for a single blast beat. It makes a lot of sense these two would eventually cross paths and collaborate.) 30.00

TRAINWRECK - s/t LP (moment of - Trainwrecks outstanding self/titled first LP as a limited re-release! This record was originally released in 2006 by Yskalnari Records and started their career. ) 12.00

TRANS AM - California Hotel LP (thrill jockey - Trans Am is a band that has never compromised. Originally from North Bethesda, Maryland, Trans Am is considered fathers of the instrumental post-rock sound of the 1990s. Since then the band - Phil Manley, Sebastian Thomson and Nathan Means - has added vocals and spanned genres from metal to house to progressive rock. They exploited Casio keyboards for cacophonous lo-fi sounds. They played fully electronic sets when most of their contemporaries were sticking exclusively to guitars. They pioneered early millennium fad Electroclash. Today, they continue to set their own course. On California Hotel, Trans Am borrowed ideas from My Bloody Valentine, John Carpenter, DAF, Led Zeppelin, Air, Sade and David Gilmore, among others. The result is an incredibly rich range of sounds that retain a pulsating energy. California Hotel was constructed in four one-week bursts that took place over two years deep in San Francisco’s El Studio. Bits and pieces of songs like “Expansions” and “Alles Verbotten” were recorded during live jams, lost due to unique file management and remerged for inspection and improvement – often multiple times.) 20.00

VAMPILLIA + THE BODY - xoroAHbin LP (gilead - Vampillia and The Body are two creative forces that are no strangers to the worlds of experimental and abrasive music. Although both have touched upon various types of metal styles in their previous works, also has each entity shown an obvious penchant for compositions that lean heavily into the worlds of electronics and experimental music. On this LP, xoroAHbin, we sit between each of those realms, experiencing them in equal parts. Neither group is new to the collaboration game. Vampillia counting Lustmord, Jarboe, Nadja, and µ-Ziq amongst their past collaborators, while The Body has a discography just as long and varied, with the likes of Thou, Haxan Cloak, Full of Hell, Braveyoung, Krieg, and more. And as perfectly as these artists mesh with others it makes sense that their joining together yields such a powerful result. Each track on xoroAHbin serves a narrative throughout the 30-minute album. Distorted electronic rhythms surge and create atmosphere as heavily-effected vocals and guitar wail from the depths. Then give way to mellow passages of strings and ambient tones, before surging again with abrasive textures for which both Vampillia and The Body are well-known.) 17.00

VAN PELT - Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves LP (he Van Pelt "Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves" REMASTERED EDITION - DEBUT LP FROM 90’s NYC CULT HEROS. Post-Punk? IndieRock? Post-Hardcore? The Van Pelt walked between all these worlds. Spoken/sung vocals, anthemic pop hooks, fiery guitars and a tightly wound rhythm section made them stand outs of the DIY basement scene they emerged from. ) 20.00

VAN PELT - Sultans of Sentiment LP (The Van Pelt "Sultans of Sentiment" REMASTERED EDITION 20th ANNIVERSARY CLASSIC ALBUM BACK IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Recorded in 1996, the second album from this NYC quartet featured a new line up & sound. Clean, warm, spacious guitars paired with repetitive, hypnotic songs showcased the band reaching a new peak. Beloved by those initiated, it continues to find new devotees. ) 20.00

VATICAN SHADOW - Rubbish Of The Floodwaters LP (ost gut - Some resurrect themselves after near-death experiences in politics, while others continue to appear politically alive even when they have actually died.”  In time for the 20th anniversary of his label Hospital Productions, Dominick Fernow offers the first release of his Techno-focused moniker Vatican Shadow on Ostgut Ton, following up on his Berghain residency and joining Ostgut Booking in 2016 with his Vatican and Prurient projects.  The Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil-channelling, beatless widescreen opener “They Deserve Death” and the two collateral club/dancefloor tracks “Rubbish Of The Floodwaters” and “Weapons Inspection” offset each other by reincarnating the tape manipulation that laid the foundation of Vatican’s first performances with analog hardware and minimalist midi-dissection. Produced in Los Angeles with Josh Eustis, Vatican Shadow’s Rubbish Of The Floodwaters EP casts a full spectrum picture of where the project was born and where it headed. ) 12.00


BARROWLANDS - thane TAPE (From Portland, Oregon, hail BARROWLANDS an epic and primitive-sounding black metal/goth/folk band that is highly reminiscent of heavyweights in the genre like Enslaved, Agalloch, Velnias, Botanist, Primordial and, to some degree, also Wolves in the Throne Room. There is deep and textured melody in this band, and their black metal roots run deep in the ancient tradition of the genre, and are anchored to the finest hour of Scandinavian viking and pagan metal. The riffing and arrangements are really eerie, melodic and highly evocative, materializing vast and sorrowful sonic landscapes of loss, abandon and redemption through the worship of the natural world far away from the human sphere. Highly recommended for any fans or more introverted, sorrowful, melodic and meditative blackened folk/progressive metal.) 7.00

MANTAR - death by burning TAPE (“Despite only being a two man operation, MANTAR manages to sound even heavier than most five-piece bands you may know, in spite of the fact that no bass guitar was used on Death by Burning – just drums and guitar set for destruction. Forget about rock ‘n’ roll: this will hurt. Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem – early Melvins, Motorhead, Darkthrone, you name it. A soundtrack for the final battle. ) 7.00

SHEM TUPE - Country Music of Western Kenya, 45s from the Archive of Shem Tupe TAPE ) Rare recordings of rural Luhya guitar music from the archive of legendary guitarist Shem Tupe. In the late 1960s, Shem Tupe, Justo Osala and Enos Okola formed Abana Ba Nasery (Nursery Boys), a trio characterized by cascading dual-guitar melodies and vocal harmonies in a pure Bunyore style. These songs have been digitized and restored directly from Shem's personal collection of 45s, and have never before been issued outside of Kenya.  Co-released by Raw Music International. Edition of 200.) 8.00

UN - The Tomb of All Things TAPE (Originally formed as a 3-piece in the summer of 2012, the band combined their collective experiences and influences to create a unique blend of Doom and Post-Metal. After two self-released demos in 2013 and numerous performances around the Northwest, the band eventually expanded to add a second guitarist, further developing their sonic palette.) 7.00

UPRISING - s/t TAPE (Chrome cassette in pro-printed muslin pouch. Meticulously designed j-card and cassette shell imprint. 16-page booklet (separate from J-card) and hand-numbered mini art print. Quality melodic black metal from germany that has not forgotten to be Metal: brings plenty of aggressive riffs to the table as well as epic atmosphere.) 8.00


THE WIRE - #Issue 400 June 2017 MAG (Wire 400: The Wire celebrates its 400th issue with a series of special essays surveying the still fertile territory between word and sound. By Clive Bell, Alexander Hawkins, David Keenan, Meredith Monk, Chal Ravens, Greg Tate and David Toop) 8.00
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hi, one day later then usual - but I guess you all spent time at the park anyway. Here is a bunch of new records we got this week. Besides that we started taking pre orders for the upcoming CITY OF CATERPILLAR - Driving Spain Up A Wall LP (US version on Repeater) on ADAGIO830 that will be out for their short european tour this summer.

and then we got this for your

04.06. LAS ROBERTAS (Burger, Costa Rica) & PIGEONS (BLN)


Thank you
Robert & Klose & Norman


BOY ON A GUITAR - we wait 7“ (rubiyat - Boy On Guitar are a really, really great indie pop/acoustic band from California, and I'm really glad to have helped put it out! It's not usually the sort of thing I release, but it's absolutely fantastic!! ) 5.00

PAPER WOUNDS - always hurt 7“ (Saint Petersburg, Russia based emotive dreamy indie pop rock act PAPER WOUNDS comes around with their new EP. ) 5.00

YURI - demo I 7“ (rubiyat - Absolutely batshit powerviolence/emoviolence demo with 5 songs in 2 1/2 minutes, featuring Shaun from TIMNTOY! ) 5.00


BURIAL - subtemple / beachfires 10“ (hyperdub - Two new tracks by Burial, rendered in his singular ambient style. Total running time of seventeen minutes and thirteen seconds.) 13.00


ALLOCHIRIA - throes LP (Allochiria's highly anticipated 2nd album, Throes. Allochiria is a post-sludge band from Athens, Greece. Having shared the stage with Deafheaven, Year of No Light, Altar of Plagues, and many more, as well as undertaking their first European tour in March 2015, Allochiria's live experience becomes readily apparent across the vast expanses of Throes. Although their music has often been likened to Neurosis, ISIS, Amenra, and Cult of Luna, Allochiria assert their own identity in the post-sludge realm with their deep exploration of very human themes. With Throes, its theme explores man as a social being, the corruption that defines him in modern societies, his vain struggles, painful routine, and the effect this has in the world around him. In that regard, Throes retains the same concept as Omonoia, which has man in its main area of interest. But this time, Allochiria's pursuit of that concept is angrier and more direct, making for an even more intense listen. Speaking directly to mankind, Throes expresses anger, pain, and agony in a higher degree; living beings are being killed, drowned, destroyed, and left helpless, and the rest either cause this or witness it. We mourn a little bit, and then go on with our lives - we are hopeless and weak. This is Throes, and Allochiria are guiding its maelstrom.) 15.00

BILL MACKAY - esker LP (drag city - Spirit-guitar played in a polyglut of styles that melt together liquidly, like the glass slide figurations throughout the album. A landscape in song, and modern guitar on a personal high.) 23.00

BIRGE GORGE - avant toute LP (soufflecontinu - Have you ever imagined what a meeting between the Silver Apples and Sonny Sharrock would sound like? In 1974, Jean-Jacques Birgé, one of the first French synthesizer players (ARP 2600) along with Francis Gorgé, virtuoso guitarist, created some unique improvised pop music. These unreleased and flamboyant recordings would be the source for the cult 1975 « Défense de » album by Birgé, Gorgé, Shiroc before founding 'Un Drame Musical Instantané' with Bernard Vitet. ) 18.00

[ B O L T ] / biblo - collaboration LP ([ B O L T ] 2 bass drone ensemble from the german Ruhr area which is completed by the former Kodiak/WALL drummer in the meantime unites with the abstract electronica project biblo from Instanbul.  While [ B O L T ] emerges out of oppressive silence and ends up in ecstatic noise and drone, creating waving sounds and crushing riffs.  Biblo redefines ambient sound by bringing it closer to noise with her collages made by blustering various sounds and haunting vocals. This is far more than a split record by two different entities that are musically located somewhere in the ambient area - it's a collaborative work. Each of them is represented with one song and another where they are featuring the other part - despite being divided by 2500 kilometers. The sounds of [ B O L T ] and biblo flow into another - resulting in a climax adding drums in the final collaboration song. The [ B O L T ] songs are based on an idea they played live once. They tried to build layers that would leave spaces for biblos sounds. The part [ B O L T ] wrote for the biblo + [ B O L T ] track should bring some (black) metal harmonies and atmosphere to biblos songs. The artwork consists of pictures shot and arranged by Ole-Kristian Heyer:  FFO: Massive Attack, SUNNO))), Portishead, Ben Frost, Ulver Limited to 100 copies  180g black vinyl including engraving by hand. Laser Cut out cover 30x30cm picture booklet (8 pages) 250g/m² paper) ) 13.00

BYMYSIDE - Affogare, Risalire, Rigadere LP (rubiyat - Affogare, Risalire, Rigadere is the debut full length by Italian screamo band Bymyside. This is 8 tracks of melodic screamo/hardcore, in the vein of Raein, La Quiete and Healing Powers! Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl, with artwork by Valik (of Yotsuya Kaidan and Samegrey Records fame).) 12.00

CECIL LLOYED GROUP - i cover the water front LP (dynamite -  180 gram Vinyl Featuring soon-to-be Skatalites Don Drummond, and Roland Alphonso, I Cover The Water Front shows the world that Jamaican musicians could swing with the best of them, with just the slightest taste of island flavor to top it off. A stellar early 60s jazz title that was nearly impossible to find until now, back in print on 180 gram vinyl.) 18.00

CLEARER THE SKY - Held In Merciful Light LP (rubiyat - The debut album by Clearer The Sky (Aberdeen, Scotland), Held In Merciful Light, is 9 tracks of melodic hardcore/metalcore FFO 7A7P, Renounced, Hopesfall!!) 12.00

COHELMEC ENSEMBLE - next LP (The COHELMEC ENSEMBLE celebrate above all the pleasure of collective music-making. A group without a designated leader, they base their approach on reciprocal listening and equal responsibilities. This is reflected in their name, created from the first syllables of the founding member’s names, which would remain unchanged in spite of the subsequent personnel changes: COH as in Jean Cohen (saxophones), EL as in Dominique Elbaz (piano) and MEC as in the brothers François and Jean-Louis Méchali (respectively, amongst others, bass and drums), Evan Chandlee joined them after they had already been playing together for a while, at the time they recorded their first album. The follow-up (appropriately named Next) saw the original pianist leave, to be replaced by guitarist Joseph Dejean, who had already played with the Full Moon Ensemble, known for having accompanied Archie Shepp at the Antibes Jazz Festival in 1970. In spite of the personnel changes the understanding and cohesion remain total within Cohelmec. They also maintain their trademark ambitious mix of written and improvised material. From this point of view, Next is even more audacious than its predecessor Hippotigris Zebrazebra. Relatively brief tracks follow hot on the heels of one another bolstered by a poly-instrumentality which stands out even more than in the past, giving the album the feel of a contrasting suite. There is a lot going on, leading to evocative atmospheres in which rigour and fantasy go happily hand in hand.) 20.00

Dæphne - full circle LP (rubiyat - Debut LP from Boston's own "bummer-rock" trio Dæphne! Punktastic says - "The sound self-proclaimed bummer-rock band Dæphne have found follows on from stalwarts in their scene opting for a more lo-fi sound. Far from emulating their peers though, Dæphne’s ‘Tiny Flame’ is truly exceptional. Their sound, lead by vocalist Alexa Johnson, has seen them draw comparisons to the likes of Hop Along, sitting somewhere between the beautiful emo of The Hotelier and the ominous shoegaze of Cloakroom.") 12.00

EMMANUELLE PARRENIN - Pérélandra LP (It was some line up, even for the most open-minded: Emmanuelle Parrenin and her musicians, in 1981, opening for the Clash in Paris, at the Zénith! Unsurprisingly, the crowd roared the name of the English band as soon as the French musicians appeared on stage. Didier Malherbe responded with a saxophone improvisation with all the others joining in behind. If we believe the musician improvising, rather than following the cult playlist of Maison Rose, was what saved them. Created from previously unpublished recordings from 1978, 1981 and 1982, Pérélandra is a wonderful array of the experiments so unique to Emmanuelle Parrenin. Rather than being improvised, like the legendary show at the Zénith, these experimental tracks have a more composed instrumental form and were conceived for choreographers: mainly Pérélandra, staged with dancers from Carolyn Carlson's troupe, but also Nomade, some of the sonic environment of which can be discovered here in (superb) bits and pieces found on cassettes. In total, just under a dozen tracks are presented, including contributions on bandoneon from the Argentinian Juan José Mosalini, electric piano from the ex-Double Six Jacques Denjean, or elsewhere great electroacoustic work from the wonderful and ever-faithful Bruno Menny. All of this steeped in a sonic mix typical of the most way-out acid-folk freak-outs of the 1970s. Didier Malherbe (who just before was still playing in Gong with Daevid Allen) is on three tracks, his heady graceful agility instantly identifiable, adding to a magical and spiritual universe created with spinet dulcimer, flute, hurdy-gurdy and other-worldly vocals (amongst other ingredients). Though very difficult to label, Pérélandra could evoke a meeting between Trees Community, Heron and Robin Williamson with Ellen Fullman, Meredith Monk and Ligeti. The whole thing is steeped in an atmosphere as intense as the ecstatic hymns of Hildegard von Bingen. Emmanuelle Parrenin continues to explore similar territory in her concerts, always surprising us with, Etienne Jaumet, Pierre Bastien (in what is a most promising collaboration) or (occasionally) Jandek. Unreleased recordings from the “Maison Rose” era. ) 20.00

ESG - Step Off LP (Fire - “ESG's fusion of sweet soul and punk attitude with an intuitive understanding of dance music remains.” The Guardian “This is still funk with an alien otherworldliness the likes of which George Clinton never envisioned, stripped to its barest essentials for maximum impact.” All Music “ESG are as cool as ever.” The Guardian Pumping their way out of the South Bronx of New York in the early 80s, this rhythm and dance-punk outfit made unforgettable funk that was also unusually rooted in post-punk. This powerhouse of raw and cutting edge music ultimately made them ahead of their time. ESG enjoyed success sharing stages with PiL and Gang Of Four and have been heavily sampled as many musicians including TLC, Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys and Liars. A band-approved reissue of 'Step Off' will be released the same day with artwork from award nominated illustrator Hannah Alice, who recently gained critical praise for her work on the Bert Jansch reissue of “Avocet”.) 21.00

FOREST SWORDS - Compassion LP DELUXE EDITION (ninja tune - LTD Deluxe LP+MP3 Incl. Art Booklet on CLEAR VINYL - Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new full-length record.  “Compassion" is the follow-up to 2013's critically lauded debut “Engravings” and released via Ninja Tune. The album will be followed by a set of projects across multiple mediums by Forest Swords’ own Dense Truth, a new experimental studio and record label, including a series of music videos.  “Compassion" engages with an uncertain world we’re experiencing, distilling it into a unique sound territory: Barnes' exploration of the mid-point between ecstasy and frustration, artificial and human feels timely and affecting. The result is an assured, compelling body of work, tying together the ancient and future: weaving swathes of buzzing digital textures, field recordings, clattering beats and distorted jazz sax with fizzing orchestral arrangements. ) 25.00

GLI ALTRI - Prati, Ombre, Monoliti LP (The second album by Italian screamo band Gli Altri.) 12.00

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY - Aokigahara 2xLP (HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY is a young black metal/post-rock band from Vienna, Austria. The band was formed by M.S. in December 2011 with the idea to perform black metal that’s rough and melodic at the same time. M.S. wrote and recorded a couple of songs and asked his friend J.J. for lyrical input. That’s when J.J. joined the project as vocalist and HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY was born. During the spring of 2012, the band recorded their self-titled debut album, which was released via Art of Propaganda in October 2012. At the end of 2012 and into the following year, the band already played a handful of shows with bands like Fäulnis, Heretoir, and Whiskey Ritual which led them to Austria, Germany, and Italy. During the autumn and winter of 2013, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY recorded their second album, Aokigahara. As a tasty tidbit, Aokigahara contains guest vocals from other noteworthy black metal musicians, such Torsten (Agrypnie), Eklatanz (Heretoir), Seuche (Fäulnis), and Cristiano (Whiskey Ritual). An album release tour will take place from April 21-24 with the bands Eis & Fäulnis. In October 2014, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY will embark upon a 10-day European tour with Agrypnie, with other shows to come throughout the year. ) 20.00

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY - s/t LP (This young band from Austria was formed by members of Karg and Bifröst. Melodic Black Metal with Postrock parts. You can take bands like Amesoeurs, Grey Waters or Austere to describe the music of Harakiri For The Sky.) 15.00
HORDE CATALYTIQUE POUR LA FIN - Gestation Sonore LP (Eighth in a reissue series of the cult French underground Futura label. "We just wanted the sound, the raw sound-texture, before being treated and shaped by any cultural code…” remembers Georges Alloro member of Horde Catalytique Pour La Fin. Formed in 1967, the French avant garde quartet played instruments coming from western, african, middle-easten & far-eastern cultures. Gestation Sonore, their 1971 unique album, is the intriguing result of an improvisational session which unsurprisingly later found its way onto the famous Nurse With Wound list of influences. First time vinyl reissue fully licenced by Gérard Terronès.) 18.00

IDRE - unforgiving landscapes LP (There’s an art to writing long songs, particularly in doom metal where slower tempos can very easily lead to monotony. For every band like Samothrace or Yob who can write a 20+ minute song be engaging, there are at least a score of other bands that you end up wishing had better self-editing skills. Oklahoma City’s Idre is one of the good ones, and on their aptly-titled sophomore full-length Unforgiving Landscapes, they take listeners on a two track, 44-minute journey through some very dark territory indeed.) 13.00

I HATE SEX - same LP (rubiyat - The debut I Hate Sex EP 'Circle Thinking' is finally available on vinyl!!! This is seven of the catchiest screamo songs I've ever heard, pressed onto a single-sided record with a screen-printed b-side.) 12.00

ISIS - live VII DLP (ipecac - One of heavy music’s most influential artists of the past 20 years, Isis (the band), are to release the seventh in their ongoing series of live albums with Live VII (Ipecac Recordings, March 31st). The collection will see a limited worldwide release of 3000 CD copies, 2000 vinyl copies. The nine-song set was recorded on Feb. 25, 2010, at The Corner hotel in Melbourne, Australia during the band’s stint on the venerable Soundwave Festival. The band’s own Aaron Harris mixed the album.) 35.00

KARG - Weltenasche 2xLP (Karg was founded as a one-man black metal project in August 2006, which was common at that time. During the autumn of the same year, sole member J.J. (in the beginning, still named V.Wahntraum) started to record his first tracks and created the demo Zeitenwende – Martyrium eines sterbenden Traums, which was never released. Two years later, during the summer of 2008, he finished work on Karg's first real output, Von den Winden der Sehnsucht #1 - ...und leiser wehen die Lieder. This first full-lengh album had an epic playing time of 78 minutes across seven songs. Those songs were musically located somewhere between dark neofolk ala Of The Wand And The Moon and haunting, depressive black metal not unlike Nyktalgia and Austere. Since the beginning, Karg has always worked with clean-delay guitars like early shoegaze and post-rock bands do. Later in 2008, J.J. left his hometown in the Tennen mountains and settled in Vienna. He then began to write and record the second Karg album, Von den Winden der Sehnsucht #2 - ...und doch hab ich deinen Herzschlag noch in Ohren, which was musically and mood-wise similar to its predecessor. Shortly before finishing the recording and mixing process, J.J. fell into a life crisis, which left him unable to accomplish the second album satisfyingly.  At long last, we have Karg's fifth album, Weltenasche: the conclusion of all the albums and songs recorded until now. Weltenasche is the first Karg opus which is lyrically completely performed in the dialect J.J. grew up with and which is spoken around the mountains of his hometown. Although highly influenced by post-rock and hardcore, Weltenasche is still a black metal record at heart – even though it’s far from what purists would call "black metal." But Karg has always been a band of individualists, for individualists, and always will be; not for nothing is J.J. also a member of iconoclastic critically acclaimed labelmates Harakiri For the Sky. Take flight and descend with Karg's Weltenasche, across infinity and beyond, where rules are discarded and only the strength of the spirit rules supreme…) 20.00

MUMRUNNER - gentle slopes LP (wolves and - A year ago Mumrunner were all aglow at the release of their debut EP, Full Blossom. The singles Bond and End, along with the EP itself quickly established Mumrunner as an exciting prospect to watch, especially within shoegaze/alternative circles. With much blog presence aligned with releases in Germany and Japan and their own European tour last fall, the stage has been set for some new material from the band. This Spring saw some new music with the well recieved single Shawshank and now comes the news of another new song and an EP announcement. Mumrunner deal with aesthetics from contrasting aspects of sound: sometimes abrasive alternative rock melds with dream pop soundscapes that gives the impression of being otherworldly.   The Tampere, Finland based band love to play loud but never forsake an interest in subtler dynamics which makes Mumrunner’s ambitions unique and special.) 13.00

NEBRASKA / DIPLOMAT - split LP (This is a split between Nebraska and Diplomat - both from Adelaide, Australia. Besides their appearances on various compilations, this is the first new batch of songs from Nebraska since their S/T 7" was released in 2012. This release also marks the first new songs from Adelaide's indie/noise rock stalwarts Diplomat since their 2003 EP 'The Divine and the Impure’.) 12.00

REBECCA DRY & RADEK AZUL BAND - Bring Back Soul LP (specific - Teaming up with the Radek Azul Band, on her second album Rebecca Dry offers 12 northern soul tracks. Mixing fresh nods to the popcorn community with a thougtful sense of deep soul grooves, not to mention the amazing 'Tainted Love' cover, this second album is sure to please every true soul music fan around.) 15.00

SICK HORSE - Good Body Feeling LP (statc age - Finally, the first album by Berlin gang Sick Horse! "Big, groovy, polytoxikoman, psychedelic, punk rock nightmare debut long player by Berlins' unpredictable, multi-dysfunctional, multinational boy group. As majestic, tragic, delirious and powerful as...well, a sick horse. Buy it." Sig Vishnu (Heavy Metal) "Sick horse play loud. Sick horse play hard. Sick horse play tight. And if you don't like the songs it doesn't fuckin matter cos they've been up for two days and they didn't miss a beat." Daryl Sulfate (Diät)) 13.00

VILLAGES - Ill Ages LP (pike - Post-Punk / Synth from Dresden, Germany „VILLAGES. Rauschen, Zerren und Hallen. Vergilbte Lautsprechermembranen, rostige 80er Synthesizer und undefinierbares Kabelgewirr. Mit Hingabe zu Tasten, Saiten und Fellen, mit Verstand fernab gewohnter Songstrukturen und einem Mindestmaß an notwendiger Enttäuschung von der Realität. Die Verwobenheit im DIY-Punk und Postrock ist sowohl in dynamischen als auch soundwandgewaltigen Stücken durch die Vorgängerband Lara Korona unverkennbar. Der Hang zu neuen elektronischen Wegen und Orgel-Experimenten fließt manchmal sanft, manchmal vehementer in die Songs ein. Mit Akribie arrangierte Riffs, mit Taktwechseln, Kopfstimmen und Glockenspiel-Elementen versehen, sind diese durch einprägsame Melodien gleichermaßen anspruchsvoll und zugänglich. Zwischen gestern und morgen verschmilzt jedes Live-Set des Trios zu einer Unteilbarkeit von noisigem Post-Punk und eingängigem Synth-Pop.“ (Anika / 12.00


ILGEN NUR - No Emotions TAPE (sunny tapes - debut record by this lady from Hamburg. Indie bedroom slacker pop) 7.00

NO OMEGA - Culture TAPE (No Omega's third full-length album. Follow up from EP 'Occupants' (2015). Recorded in Söderhamn with Dennis Bertilsson, in November and December, 2016. All vocals (except guest vocals and main vocals on 'Culture', 'Unsociable' and 'Safe', as well as guest vocals on 'Contortion') recorded in Stockholm with Ted Lundwall, in January 2017. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio in San Fransisco. ) 6.00

S.H.I.T. - FEEDING TIME TAPE (voice form the - Toronto legendary hardcore punk powerhouse, one of the best and distinct canadian bands from last few years. 2 track ep recorded in 2013 was originally out right away on Static Shock in UK) 6.00
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