Graanrepubliek new releases (Slow Worries, HTSOM LP's)

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Graanrepubliek new releases (Slow Worries, HTSOM LP's)

Messagepar Graanrepubliek » 08 Mai 2016, 19:56

Hey everyone,

It's been a while but i released something. Two things actualy.

Slow Worries - s/t 12" - €10
The debut 12" by this Amsterdam four piece. My first introduction to them was years ago through their now defunct band Dusty Blinds, who only recorded a great 7" before splitting up. I was lucky to catch them live twice and always thought it was such a shame they never recorded anyting else because they were truly great. Needless to say i was thrilled the members joined forces again in a new band. Heavily influenced by everything good out of the 90's. Taking cues from bands like Slant 6 / Team Dresch / Treepeople / Fugazi. Catchy and melodic. Pure indierock. Urgent and just plain beautiful. Listen here;

Humans the size of Microphones - Human Crop Circles lp - €11
A discography by a band nobody heard of. That obviously makes no sense. But triggered by their demo from ages ago i asked John the drummer whether they didn't have anything else recorded. They did, and boy, those tracks are great. They need to be heard. So here's a 12" with the demo on one side and 5 unreleased tracks on the backside. I guess they started out with bands similar to that 90's ebullition/gravity sounds in mind on the demo. The unreleased tracks have that older sound upgraded with a 00's feel. Imagine if Majority Rule would be playing Mohinder songs. You'll get the idea. Listen here;

have fun listening!

Prices are excluding postage

ordering graanrepubliek.records at and have a look at the complete distro here; Lots of items for sale and postage makes it probably worth it to order more than one record for those prices. Well.... that's the guy that wants you to order talking of course...

cheers, mark
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