Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

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Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Hyperactive X Child » 17 Déc 2014, 14:37

Je poste pour Lammie, qui gère cette superbe distro :

Hello there punks and punkettes,

It seems my last update was a while ago. Almost 4 months have past since my last sign of life on the forum scene. Have you missed me? I sure have missed all of you in all your anonimity and judgementality. To those who've been bugging me for my lack of review writing lately, I only have one thing to say: "Jimmy, you're the only goddamn guy reading them. Quit whining. Write your own!" Now that I've gotten that out of the way let's get on to the 'news'. That's what it's all about, right? Gotta stay in touch. Gotta stay keep up! Gotta keep pressing on! Crash the pose! Fuck the world! I hate the world and I hate all of you. Maybe it's true... I'm no fun...

Obviously a lot of new stuff has arrived here at Don't Buy Records HQ - read my two room appartment. I won't get into writing about all of it right here except for the most recent stuff.

A huge parcel from Atlanta came in last week containing the record you've all been waiting for. You've been dying to hear this one. That's right. The new GG King Lp is here. It took a while, but it was worth the wait. Add further copouts yourself if they'll sell you on this release. You need this record. That's not true, but as a matter of speech, it's fine. Unending Darkness is a whole different beast than GG King's previous Lp, but it's goddamn good and perfect in its diversity. In that sense it sort of is like Esoteric Lore, I guess. You can listen to the entire thing here: http://scavengerofdeathrecords.bandcamp … -darkness.

Another new Atlanta release I got in is by G.H.B. which apparently stands for Get High Boys. Smart? Hardly! It's a good punk rocker all the same, which should come as no surprise considering half of the brains of the much underappreciated Predator are in this group. G.H.B. are somewhat reminiscent of Predator actually or maybe Frantic would be a better comparison to draw.

I've also gotten some demo tapes in from a new Atlanta outfit that goes by the name of Slugga, who remind me of Crazy Spirit a bit. Wild and unhinged hardcore that has plenty of grit. I'm really into it. I hope they'll find more of a sound of their own as they progress, but this is really good stuff for a demo tape. Word on the street is Total Punk and Negative Jazz will be doing records by these cats soon. You can hear the tape here:

Last on the Atlanta front is the new issue of Droppings Fanzine, the second that is. This time around Prank Records are interviewed as well as UK hardcore outfit Die, Florida's Golden Pelicans, New York's Herpes and Barcelona's Una Bestia Incontrolable who I still hope to appreciate at some point. Although I've only scrolled over the writing, I've already cracked a few smiles, which is more than most zines have me doing after reading them in entirety. Recommended reading. The zine comes with a compilation tape with songs by your Atlanta favourites. A new Predator song is included. GREAT!

Buffalo gets a lot of praise. They owe a lot to Richie K for writing about their scene incessantly, but the reason mr. K is writing about the things happening in Buffalo, New York is there are really cool things going on there. The kids making shit happen there don't seem to give much of a fuck about getting attention. They're just doing what they're doing, because they are passionate about it. They take what they do seriously and you can tell. These releases all look great. Buy and learn, I say.

Here's a list with some links I wrote down in an e-mail. I might as well share it with you people now, right. All these are 5 euros a pop. I'm down to the last copies of some, but I won't say which in an attempt to cause a buying frenzy for all these releases. I personally think they're all worth picking up, but I'm a shady salesman.

- Beastman - Demo Tape (Cool snotty hardcore punk:
- Birdsounds - Uncle Sam, Meet Uncle Tom Tape (Weird stoned jams by some former Brown Sugar members. Hear a song here:
- Empty Room - Demo Tape (Good hardcore tape that got little attention for some reason:
- Han & the Solos - Teenagers from the Black Lagoon (Surfy and fun punk rock for you to enjoy. Hear it here: … -cassette. Download it for free here: … lack.html)
- The Punks - Demo Tape (Punk rock music brought to you by the punks. What more can I say? I can't find any songs of theirs online, but it's a great tape. Take my word for it.)
- Sperm - Nightmare Life (Noisy and dark hardcore. Mysterious guy? Maybe? Who cares?
- Sperm - Yahweh Brings Us To This Hell (See above or don't: … s-hell-cs)
- Utah Jazz - Green Tracks and Brown Notes Tape (Collaboration between Brown Sugar's former singer and Mayday's singer. Punky stuff with surf leanings. No bass, but I forgive them. Can't find any songs of this tape, but you can hear their Ep here: … h-jazz-ep)
- Tapehead - Cassingle (New band with members of Rational Animals and Brown Sugar. They will have a 7" out soon. This tape is sort of a promo release, but it contains two cool songs, which will leave you looking forward to an 'real' release by this outfit. I remember hearing one of their songs online, but I can't find the link right now. Do some research yourself!)

Enoug writing. You can check my entire catalogue at the top of this thread or you can go straight to I'll wrap this post up with a list of the stuff that's arrived here since my last post, but not without saying the Nerv and Mystic Inane Ep are highly recommended. People should also give Fright Eye a shot. Cool Danish punk rock nobody seems to know about. Anyway, here goes nothing:

- The Achtungs - Full of Hate 7" (5)
- Bed Bugs - Ep (5)
- Criminal Code - Salvaged Ep (4,5)
- Fright Eye/Massenger - Split Ep (5)
- Fright Eye - Ep (5)
- GHB - Drugs Ep (5)
- Glue - Demo Ep (5)
- Life Stinks - Portraits 7" (5)
- Mystic Inane - Deep Creep Ep (5)
- Nerv - USA off Earth Now! Ep (5)
- Video - Cult of Video 7"(4,5)

- GG King - Unending Darkness Lp (12,5)
- Golden Pelicans 12" (12,5)
- Hassler - Fed Worked and Watered Lp (10)
- Lebakko - Elävien Kuolleiden Yö 12" (12,5)
- LiveFastDie - Hit Stains Lp (12,5)
- The Stabs - Dead Wood Lp (15)
- The Stabs - Dirt Lp (15)
- Yes, I'm Leaving - Mission Bulb Lp (15)
- Yes, I'm Leaving - Slow Release Lp (15)

- Beastman - Demo Tape (5)
- Birdsounds - Uncle Sam, Meet Uncle Tom Tape (5)
- Empty Room - Demo Tape (5)
- Han & The Solos - Teenagers from the Black Lagoon Tape (5)
- The Punks - Demo Tape (5)
- Slugga - Demo Tape (4)
- Sperm - Nightmare Life Tape (5)
- Sperm - Yahweh brought us to this Hell Tape (5)
- Utah Jazz - Green Tracks and Brown Notes Tape (5)
- Tapehead - Cassingle (5)

That's it. Drop me a line and call me names at



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Re: Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Hyperactive X Child » 06 Mar 2015, 14:54

Hey there,

Long time since you last heard of me. A couple of things have changed since. Most importantly the euro has been plummeting, which makes ordering records from non-Euro countries more expensive. The fact that postal services worldwide have been increasing shipment costs over the last few years certainly isn't helping on that front. So yeah, times are getting tougher, but I'll persevere or will at least try to.

Many new releases have arrived since my last posts. I'm glad I finally got the Wymyns Prysyn Lp in. That record gets the highest recommendation. Although the band's earlier material was solid, 'Head in a Vise' showcases Wymyns Prysyn at the top of their game. It's a really good record. If you don't take my word for it. You can listen to the entire thing here:

See? I was right! Add these guys to your other Atlanta favourites! Mine keep growing in numbers.

Also hailing from Atlanta is Uniform, who are related to Wymyns Prysyn. Their demo tape is quite amazing. Check it out here: I can't wait to hear new material by this outfit

The Dark Times Lp is also an interesting release. This Norwegian three-piece was recently interviewed in MRR and their Lp has gotten a lot of praise. I find it hard to label or compare Dark Times to other bands, which is a good thing. It seems they're tapping into the era before Nirvana hit the stage, which is a period I know far too little of. This is not a hardcore band. Alternative? Maybe, but that word is sorta disgusting, isn't it? Just check some tracks of their Lp here: Sheep Chase Records also did a small repress of their demo tape, which might be my favourite recordings by this outfit to date.

Total Punk is still on fire. They just released Cal and the Calories debut 7”. Cal is Lumpy's twin brother playing punk rock without the mutant qualities of the Dumpers. The songs are catchy and fun all the same. You can hear the title track here: I love the vocals. The remind me a bit of the Contaminators. Anybody remember that band? I was afraid so... Midnite Snaxxx just did another single on Total Punk too. Their 7” delivers two perfect punk songs with plenty of sugar and pop sensibilities to keep any Ramones fan involved. No surprises there. Hear the title track here:

Another round of 7”s from everybody's favourite Bay Area punk rockers is in again as well. Bad Daddies are slowly getting the recognition they're due. Rudimentary punk rock with a lot of feedback and a singer screaming on the top of her lungs. What's not to like? The band just released a split record Hard Left, which is an oi-ish group with pro-worker lyrics and enough melody to tap your boots to. I've also restocked their 'Bad Year' Ep and 'You Ain't Right' Ep for those who missed out on these before. If you haven't heard these cats yet, you better wake up. You can hear all their material here:

I've also gotten a bunch of records from some lesser known Boston groups, which are totally worth your time though. Flaccid, not to be confused with the Calgary band who are also quite excellent, play a brand of hardcore which isn't that far removed from Gas Rag. American hardcore with trebly riffs played over simple stomping drums. Dbeat? Probably. I'm too stupid for such classifications. Rhythm has never been my thing, which is why I'm such a great bass player. You can download both Flaccid's Ep and their demo here: Related to Flaccid is a rather new group called the Cringe. So far they only have a demo tape to their name, which is really great. Wild garagey punk with a bit of hardcore blend in as well. Check their first show here: .

Since the Even Worse releases have been selling really fast I restocked all Gas Rag releases as well as the Ajax Ep. I also got some restocks of the G.H.B. and Beat Beat Beat Ep. That's more Atlanta for you. For those not yet in the know G.H.B. is the brainchild of the guys behind Predator, which means this is a record you need.

Here's a list of what's new:

– Ajax – Bleach for Breakfast Ep (4,5)
– Bad Daddies – Bad Year Ep (4,5)
– Bad Dadides – You Ain't Right Ep (4,5)
– Bad Daddies/ Hard Left – Split Ep (4,5)
– Beat Beat Beat – Cheap Time Ep (4,5)
– Cal and the Calories – Bastard in a Yellow Suit 7” (5)
– Flaccid – Ep (5)
– Gas Rag – 6 Track Ep (4,5)
– Gas Rag – Human Rights Ep (4,5)
– Gas Rag – On the Beach Ep (4,5)
– G.H.B. – Dope Ep (5)
– Krigskade – Nar Alt Gar Til Helvede Ep (6)
– Midnite Snaxxx – Don't Wake Me Up 7'' (5)

– Dark Times – Give Lp (15)
– Gas Rag – Beats Off 12” (10)
– Wymyns Prysyn – Head in a Vise Lp (12,5)

– The Cringe – Demo Tape (4)
– Dark Times – Demo Tape (5)
– Flaccid – Demo Tape (4)
– Uniform – Demo Tape (4)

– Maximum Rock 'n Roll #381 February 2015 (Broken Prayer, Dark Times, Hysterics, Quango, Vacant State, Wiccans, Earth Girls, Accidente, Börn, Metadona, Not Dead Yet) (4)
– Maximum Rock 'n Roll #382 March 2015 (In School, Pig DNA, Spot, Year End Top 10s, Grenoble Scene Report) (4)
– Neons #1 (Meat Dog and a lot of distasteful stuff) (3)

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

Call me names and ask me questions at dontbuyrecords @ gmail . Com.


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Re: Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Hyperactive X Child » 27 Avr 2015, 18:42

Hey there,

Over a month has passed since my last update, but here I am, back on the horse. It's all stuff from Cleveland this time around. Technically the Caucasoid tape isn't, but Anus lived in Cleveland for a few years and despite being back in his native Italy these days we all know where his heart truly lays, right. And Daniel of the UV Race always had a boner for Cleveland so I'll just pile the UV Race demos bootleg on the Cleveland stack too. I admit I can't come up with a way to link Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat to Cleveland. They have nothing to do with the city, but I had to give the topic a new title. That's just how this thing works.

Alright, here's what's in:

- Bad Noids - Rats Live On No Evil Star Ep (5)
These guys released an excellent 12" on Katorga Works a few years ago. This new Ep is more blunt and raw, but still nice. Catch these guys live if you can. They're touring Europe as I type this. I saw them a few days ago and had a blast. Hear the new one here:

- Caucasoid - Demo Tape (5)
New band of Alessandro, aka Anus, former singer of the Grabbes, Out With a Bang and Flying Trichecos and let's not forget his time behind the drum kit in Folded Shirt. If I had to compare Caucasoid to any of these projects it'd be Out With A Bang. I actually like this outfit better than Flying Trichecos, but that might just be me. Cool hardcore with great vocals and mean lyrics. Music for the unkind. You can hear one song here:

- Lucha Eterna - Asceroso Ep (5)
More hardcore from Cleveland, but this is in Spanish tongue. It compares pretty well with the Bad Noids Ep. A Guns cover is included. I think this band is done for, which is a shame. You can check this Ep out here:

- Numbskull - Final Days of Torture Lp + Ep (15)
Rerelease of this Cleveland hardcore gem dating all the way back to the mid 1980s. It's not been available since. This is some seriously stripped down music with ugly vocals and weird lyrics. According to the info Numbskull were a three piece consisting of a drums, guitar and vocals, but to me the guitar sounds an awful lot like a bass. If you can't get enough of projects by Larry Lifeless this should be right up your alley. The Lp comes in a silkscreened sleeve and a 7" Ep with extra songs is included. Great rerelease. There's some great lyrics on this one too. One sticking with me is: "I know this ain't love. Ain't from below and ain't from above." See old versions of these guys do one of their songs with a surprising amount of vigour anno 2007:

- Real Regular- Lp (12,5)
This record is quite the mind fuck. If it was just for the music I'd call this noise, but the vocals and overall attitude keep Real Regular firmly in the punk rock camp. I'm know I'm not the first to point out this band's singer sounds a lot like Dave E. of the Electric Eels, but it has to be said. The first time someone described Flipper to me, he said it were a bunch of junkies all doing their own thing without paying any mind to the rest of the band. That applies to Real Regular too. This record makes very little sense and it's fucking great. It also includes the best 'Mary has a little lamb' solo I have ever head. Listen to the whole thing here:

- The UV Race - Demos bootleg Ep (5)
Alright, I'm not quite sure what the story is here. My Mind's Eye, the label that released this record, classified it as an 'official bootleg'. Interesting! According to discogs this thing was released last year. It contains four songs of which the UV Race fans should already be familiar with some, but these are different takes with very little production. This one might not be essential, but let's face it, nothing is except perhaps breathing depending on how much you like life. That said, it amazes me this record is still available considering how much love these Aussies have gotten over the years.

I'll wrap up with a review I recently wrote for the latest Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat Ep:

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat - Oma Rauha Ep (Mutant) (5 euro)
Six new tracks by everybody's favourite Finnish crew of handicapped punks. All four band members have developmental disabilities. Although I've heard and read about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat a lot throughout the years – after a movie called 'the Punk Syndrome' about these guys the group got a lot of attention even outside of the punk scene which has led to them being Finland's entry for Euro Vision 2015 with Sony releasing a full discography soon – this is the first time I'm giving them a proper listen.
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat play raw, simple, straight forward and downright blunt punk. The guitar sounds abrasive and fucked in just the right way. All songs on this Ep are played over a solid mid pace one-two stomp with the snare cranked all the way up. Kari's vocals are crude and guttural. His lyrics address topics more interesting than those most of his contemporaries lacking an extra chromosome are coming up with. They shed some light on the day to day of people living with disablities. Translations are included in both French and English, which is helpful. 'Kehitysvammainen' is about as defiant a song can get. It claims the disabled are the only true punks, because for them there are no rules and they behave stupidly in all sincerity whereas a normal person can only pose. There's definitely some truth in that. The final two lines of 'Leipäveitsi' are hilarious and had me smirking. They're a smart twist that has to be unintended and probably more perfect for it.
What I like about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat is they prove punk is for everybody and how it can be an instrument to action. These guys took from it and made it their own. That's great, inspiring even! You can have a laugh with the band too. Pertti, Kari, Sami and Toni are funny dudes. This band makes for an amazing parable showcasing how punk still has meaning in 2015 regardless of what the cynics say. I have mixed feelings about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivat going to Eurovision, but hope they'll have a great time.

You can go back to the first post of this thread for an up to date list of my stock. Better yet go straight to:

Ask questions or call me names at dontbuyrecords @ gmail . com.


Lammie (dontbuyrecords @ gmail . com)
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Re: Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Panpan » 03 Aoû 2015, 12:29

Hey there punkoids,

Long time no posts. Nothing new on that front. As I mentioned in a previous post running a mailorder in the Euro zone has gotten harder with the euro plummeting earlier this year, but I'm trying to figure ways out to keep obtaining that punk rock gold for the vinyl craving masses without charging prices that will keep me awake at night.

Many new releases came in at the end of last month. There might be something among it that tickles your fancy. Lots of Total Punk stuff! I'd further recommend the Chicken Chain Lp which is a cool hardcore release which will probably get shit from the elite for running with the mutant theme, but I'm above that like a Buddhist monk. I'm all about the hate contained in the music and don't care about extraterrestrial motives. Also worth mentioning is the Happy Hookers for Jesus Ep, which originally came out in a fairly limited run in 2013. It was one of my favorite 7"s releases that year next to the excellent Quango single. Anyway, the German Erste Theke Tonträger rereleased the record last year so it's available for punk rock consumption again. I highly recommend it. Aggressive post punk dripping with urgent desperation and a perfect band name to boot. Or is it just stupid? You tell me!

Here's a list with some short descriptions and links to the actual records. You're welcome!

The Achtungs - Full of Hate 7" (5)
Finnish teenage punk. These kids just toured the States and unleashed their second album on Going Underground Records. These kids know how to write a snotty song and his single contains their evergreen 'Full of Hate', which is impossible to not like.

Hear the thing here:

The Beekeepers - Pallet Stacking Ep
Weird art punk from the wastelands of Detroit. This release is definitely on the margins of what most consider punk. It's all over the place and moves from jazzy minimalism to weird ass quire bits. The lyrics are of an observational nature cynically commenting on features of modern day life. Post-modern? Probably...

Hear the thing here:

Bill Bondsmen - Overcrowded Control 7" (5)
Bill Bondsmen - Nineteen 7" (5)
Bill Bondsmen - Dead 7" (5)
Bill Bondsmen/ SBLC - Resurgent Cinerbus Split Ep (6)
I've never made a secret of loving this Detroit hardcore outfit and will keep repeating they are criminally underrated as much as people loved to say that about Out Cold at some point. The Bondsmen reinvented themselves with their three self-released singles leaving the 1980s USHC influences behind and creating more of their own nieche in the here and now. The split with S.B.L.C. is a cool release which sees them teaming up with local old-timers S.B.L.C.

Hear their self released singles here:

Hear their split with S.B.L.C. here:

Blotter - Under Armour '77 Ep (5)
Defunct hardcore outfit from Austin, Texas. Good stuff. I dig the vocals. Laura Pall Mall was in this band which explains the awesome artwork. This is the version on Erste Theke Tonträger.

Hear the thing here:

Crooked Bangs/Secret Prostitutes - Split Ep (5)
Teaming up of two contemporary Houston bands of which most will know the Secret Prostitutes. They deliver three more samples of their goofy Indonesian punk. Crooked Bangs released a full-length not too long ago, which remained largely unnoticed. It was cool although more rock than punk perhaps. Think LA's X. 'Ce Type' is sung in French which is a plus in my book.

Hear the thing here:

Happy Hookers for Jesus - Ep (5)
This record gets my highest recommendation. Desperate post-punk with an emphasis on the latter. Four great songs on a flawless Ep. I do not know whether the band is still around, but kids that formed this band are still active in a shitload of groups in Aarhus, which is the city putting Copenhagen to shame for those of you that weren't aware yet.

Hear the thing here:

The Intended - Huguenot 7"
New band of Kevin Boyer, Hugh and Larry, all members of the first Tyvek line-up. With Kevin doing vocals on the A-side of this single it's near impossible to not compare this band to Tyvek, but I guess that's not a bad band to be compared to, right? The Intended are less post-punk though and it seems they've got a boner for the wah-way pedal. Cool single and I'm interested to hear where this band will go next.

Hear the A-side here:

Messrs - Ep (6)
Mysterious new hardcore group from Columbus, Ohio. Their demo tape was great and so is this new Ep, which is all new material. Heavy noisy hardcore punk that sounds mature in a non boring way. Mysterious guy hardcore this is not. Does anybody still know what that term refers to or am I the only idiot even considering it 'a thing' these days? If anybody want to get rid of their Messrs demo tape, hook me up for I still need a copy!

Hear the thing here:

Midnite Snaxxx - Don't Wake Me Up 7" (5)
Two power pop bangers from these three ladies. Midnite Snaxxx keep their songs on the right side of sugary by only a tea spoon, but in the end they win me over by their hooks. Two songs about not wanting to leave the bed are also very appealing of course. Fuck that daily struggle!

Hear the thing here:

Pink Reason - I Ache for You 7"
More music from Columbus, Ohio, but no hardcore this time around. Columbus has brought us a lot of great outsider music and Pink Reason fits right in with that tradition paying hommage to V-3 to some degree. Kevin's 12"s have always been a challenging listen to me - although I must say the stuff is growing on me ever more. The Pink Reason singles on the other hand always struck me as more succinct and on point, more about the actual songs. 'I Ache for You' serves two great desperate tunes with cool guitar work.

Hear the A-side here:

Slugga - Parasite 7" (5)
After an excellent demo tape Atlanta's Slugga return with their vinyl debut on Total Punk. This one is definitely one of the more hardcore releases Rich has put out lately, which is bound to get Slugga lumped in with the Lumpster. Although I have nothing against Lumpy and the Dumpers, I like to think Slugga have a different angle on their hardcore punk. Either way their music is great. 'Shaved Heads' will have you sing 'Could have been dead/ Should have been dead' all day. Best song!

Hear the thing here:

Tyvek - Mary Ellen Claims 7"
One of the few early Tyvek singles that's still in print. Both songs on this one are a total hit, but my pick would be the flip 'Honda', because it never fails to make me giggle like a little girl. Tyvek lovers should also give the Intended single listed above a hear.

Hear the A-side here:

Vatican Dagger - Not to Be 7" (5)
New hardcore band from New Orleans with Phil from the Necro Hippies on vocals and Gary Wrong on guitar. I love Phil's vocals. The A-side is the winner here, because of its awesome riff. The flip ain't no stinker either though.

Hear the thing here:

Chicken Chain - Birth of the Googus 12" (12,5)
Story is that kid from Sick Thoughts who seems to be on a mission to pave the surface of this entire globe with 7"s, found out about hardcore and decided to do a hardcore release. For some reason there's a chicken theme running through this record. The opening song is titled 'Glug, glug, glug'! Don't ask me why. It all makes little sense to me, but that's why I love this record. It's weird and the music is rudimentary and raw.

Hear the thing here:

Cold Circuits - Out of Hat Yai 12"
Nice post-punk with a punky bend coming from the same side of town as Synthetic ID, who I think they share members with. Although a lot of recent post-punk has been a total snore to me, Cold Circuits' songs have hooks making this record worth a listen.

Hear the thing here:

Flesh Wounds - Lp (12,5)
Not much I know about this bunch, but this is an excellent garage punk release with nice song writing. They've got a bandcamp you can hear the entire thing at so do that google search already! I'll save you the effort.

Hear the thing here:

Spray Paint - Punters on a Barge Lp (15)
Fourth 12" by these Austin art punks. Spray Paint have a heavy Urinals influence, but they give the whole thing their own twist. There's something very druggy about this music and I like that a lot. 'Pointers on a Barge' isn't too far removed from Spray Paint's earlier material except it's a bit darker perhaps. Quite an unique band if you ask me. They just got back from touring Japan and Australia. People like them there so you just might like them too!

Hear the thing here:

Mercenary - Atlanta's Burning Tape (4)
Swan song of this mean Atlanta hardcore outfit which came from the ashes of Bukkake Boys. Ruby fronts this band too. Punishing stuff. This tape is apparently already out of print, but Scavenger of Death will press these songs on vinyl soon.

No links but to their demo tape:

Nurse - Demo Tape (4)
New hardcore from Atlanta, Georgia, which will hopefully grieve a bit less about Mercenary's demise. The drumming on this thing is relentless and brutal! A strong demo that's over way too soon. Good news is an Ep is on the way on Scavenger of Death.

Hear the thing here:

Uniform - Demo Tape
Side project of people from Wymyns Prysyn, which you can cleary hear. Angular punk with a hardcore heart beat. Original stuff and therefor a very cool tape!

Hear the thing here:

Neons #2 (5)
Second issue of this French zine (written in English, mind you) coming from the dirty paws of Raph who used to do Sex Before Suicide with some of his pals. If you liked that zine, you'll love Neons. Lots of disgusting and hateful writing from a kid obsessed with distaste and gore!

You can still check my entire catalogue at: (Still working on a website... with some luck it'll be up and working before a meteor hits this cursed planet to destroy life as we know it.)

Alright, that's it for now. Hit me up at dontbuyrecords @ gmail . com.


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Re: Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Panpan » 15 Déc 2015, 15:24

Hey there punks and punkettes,

As the year draws to an end there's gotta be a Don't Buy Records mailorder update! HAS TO BE, GOTTA BE!. So here it is! My last update for 2015. No new records will be in until next year.

It's been over three months since my last post and obviously a lot of new shit has come in over the last period of time. There are quite a few Australian releases on the list you'll find below. I'm really glad I got some copies of the Sacred Product Lp. It was near impossible to obtain, because Heinous Anus Records sorta threw in the towel. I'm also fucking stocked on the Ghastly Spats Lp. Their debut Ep was some minimal Fall inspired post punk with a lot of venom. The Lp sounds bigger and meaner. It is great. If you haven't heard the band's debut yet, make sure you pick that up too for that one is a banger too and I still have some copies left. Also the Constant Mongrel Ep is worth a hear. For some reason I never hear people about this band, but everything they've done so far has been good. And no last update of 2015 can be finalized without mentioning the new Kitchen's Floor Lp which is among my favourite releases this year. It took a while before I grasped its quality, but it's a great record easily as good as 'Looking Forward to Nothing' although for entirely different reasons. 'Bitter Defeat' was my jam this year. Best song. I also picked up some copies of Kitchen's Floor's debut Ep on R.I.P. Society for those of you who missed out on it in the first run. Nothing to be ashamed of. I did the same thing.

Another new release I love and people seem to be sleeping on is the Farang 12". Ivan of Kremlin fame is in this band and yet nobody is paying attention. Too bad, because this is some of the more interesting hardcore I've heard this year. It's angular with some dissonant guitar work and great female vocals. My only complaint is the thing is one sided, because I want MORE! Ivan also hooked me up with some demos of new Toronto locals the Boys, a treat for anyone into juvenile snotty punk. If you don't fit under that category I don't want to know you.

Also worth mentioning is I still have copies of the Mystic Inane Ep on Negative Jazz. The Mystic Inane records are without a doubt going to be on everybody's year end top ten lists so better grab these now so you can pretend you were already into this band before the squares tuned in, right? Pick up the Patois Counselors Ep while you're at it. It contains some interesting post-punk. Negative Jazz is branching out with that one proving they also know their shit outside of hardcore.

Alright, here's a full list of what I got in since we last spoke. Price are in euros. Here we go:

- Ajax - Ep (5)
- Constant Mongrel - D.C.M. Ep (6)
- Frau - Mira Ep (5)
- Gentlemen - Good Husband, Bad Omen 7" (6)
- Kitchen's Floor - Ep (6)
- Mystic Inane - Ode to Joy Ep (5)
- Patois Counselors - Ep (5)
- Predator - Drag 7" (5)
- Sheer Mag - Demo Ep (5)
- Sheer Mag - Ep (5)
- Sick People - In My Nightmare Ep (5)
- Sick Thoughts - Stabbed in the Back Ep (6)
- Suburban Homes - Conformity in the UK 7" (5)

- Broken Talent - Rules No One Lp (12,5)
- Cured Pink - As a Four Piece Band Lp (12,5)
- Dawn of Humans - Slurping at the Cosmos Spine Lp (12,5)
- Diät - Positive Energy Lp (12,5)
- Farang - One Sided 12" (12,5)
- Ghastly Spats - Spinozism Exorcism Lp (15)
- Golden Pelicans - Lp (12,5)
- Golden Pelicans - Oldest Ride, Longest Line Lp (12,5)
- Gotobeds - Poor People are Revolting (12,5)
- Good Throb - Fuck Off Lp (10)
- Kitchen's Foor - Battle of Brisbane Lp (13)
- Lumpy and the Dumpers - Collection Lp (15)
- Perspex Flesh - Ordered Image 12" (12,5)
- Roach Motel - It's Lonely at the Top Lp (12,5)

- The Boys - Demo Tape (4)

That's about it. Go to the first post of this thread for my entire catalogue or better yet visit my shitty blog at:

If you have any questions or feel the urge to call me names contact me at dontbuyrecords(A)gmail(DOT)com. That's how I'm supposed to spell my e-mail address on a forum, right?

Happy new year to y'all. Have fun making your stupid ass top 10s.


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Re: Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Panpan » 26 Avr 2016, 13:44

Hey there people,

Despite no signs of life from my end in a while, I've had a shitload of new stuff in since my last post and I thought I should share this with you. Here's a list. Highly recommended are the Ghastly Spats, Kitchen's Floor and Wymyns Prysyn Lp. UFUX is cool as hell as well. I love the Lysol tape, which was just released as a 12" on Deranged as well as the Nasti cassette, one of my favorite recent hardcore releases.

Those in love with either Lumpy and the Dumpers and/or the Ausmuteants should pick up issue 1 of No Friends Zine, because it contains a split flexi by those groups. It's also a good read.

My entire offering can be found in the first post of this thread as well as here:

Here's what's fairly new:

- Black Panties - Ep (6)
- Black Panties/ Sick Thoughts - Split Ep (5)
- Caucasoid - Ep (6)
- Gibbous - Mortal Crust 7" (6)
- Henry Fiat's Open Sore/ Spider Babies - Split Ep (5)
- Kitchen's Floor - Regrets Ep (6)
- The Monsieurs - High School Star 7" (5)
- Nathan & the Mean Streaks - Childstar Redemption 7" (5)
- Sauna Youth - The Bridge 7" (5)
- Sauna Youth/ Monotony - Split Ep (5)
- Strutter - Ep (5)
- UFUX - III Ep (5)
- Ultra Violent - Crime for Revenge Ep (5)

- Gary Wrong Group - Away in Heathen Darkness 12" (12,5)
- Ghastly Spats - Spinozism Exorcism Lp (15)
- Kitchen's Floor - Battle of Brisbane Lp (13)
- Monotony - 12" (12,5)
- Sauna Youth - Dreamlands 12" (12,5)
- Sauna Youth - Distractions Lp (12,5)
- Sin Motivo - El Desierto Lp (12,5)
- Uranium Club - Human Exploration 12" (12,5)
- Woodboot - Crime Time Lp (12,5)
- Wymyns Prysyn - Head in a Vise Lp (12,5)

- The Cringe - 2015 Tape (5)
- Faux Départ - Demo Tape (4)
- Flaccid - 2015 Tape (5)
- Gas Rag - Discography Tape (5)
- Good Throb - 9 Modern Classics Tape (5)
- Lysol - On the Corner Tape (5)
- Mystic Inane - EP's of MI Tape (5)
- Nasti - Ex Static Tape (5)
- V/A - Maggot Minded Tape with HIV, Loose Change, Horrible, White Boss, Funerot, Sisters and Sex Vid (6)

- No Friends #1 (with Lumpy and the Dumpers/ Ausmuteants - Split Flexi) (8)
- Nuts #12 (Dawn of Humans, Pharmakon, Nomad) (5)
- Nuts #13 (Ajax, Goosebumps, Glue) (5)
- Nuts #14 (Gas Rag, New York's Alright Fest) (4)
- Nuts #16 (Vanity, Sheer Mag, J Booz & Laura Pall Mall) (4)
- Nuts #17 (Good Trob, Mark Winter, Mateo of Dawn of Humans and a write-up on New York by DX) (4)
- Stitches in my Head #8 (Animal Mother, Gibbous, Cum, Obat Batuk, Konton Crasher Records, Sex Dwarf USA Tour Diary) (4)


Lammie (dontbuyrecords @ gmail . com)
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Re: Don't Buy Records Distro Update [explicit content]

Messagepar Panpan » 08 Avr 2017, 11:45

Je peux ramener des skeuds de Hollande à la fin du mois pour crevards du skeuds et radins de La poste!
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