Bis Aufs Messer January news

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Bis Aufs Messer January news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 10 Jan 2020, 13:53

Happy new year and welcome to a new year of exciting music. We are back with a bunch of restocks like the well beloved WRWTFWW RECORDS - It's a JAZZ sweatshirt! CREWNECK, the long awaited re issue of the MULATU ASTATKE - Ethio Jazz LP, DRAB MAJESTY - Modern Mirror LP restock, DIIV - Deceiver LP (grey vinyl), ANGEL OLSEN - All Mirrors DLP, ITASCA - Spring LP & MEGA BOG LP on Paradise of Bachelor, ERNEST HOOD - Neighborhoods DLP, the JUNIUS PAUL - Ism DLP etc ..

Also adagio830 started taking pre orders for the upcoming GOMME 12“ - check it out. ... nt-healing

And then you can get tickets for the BAPTISTS / DECULTIVATE show at TIEF on Feb 20th at Bis Aufs Messer

Thank you
Norman & Robert


ANGEL OLSEN - All Mirrors DLP (jajagjuwar - The descent into darkness is a trope we find time again across history, literature and film. But there’s also an abyss above. There’s a winding white staircase that goes ever upward into the great unknown — each step, each turn, requiring a greater boldness and confidence than the one before. This is the journey on which we find Angel Olsen. Olsen's artistic beginnings as a collaborator shifted seamlessly to her magnificent, cryptic-to-cosmic solo work, and then she formed bands to play her songs, and her stages and audiences grew exponentially. But all along, Olsen was more concerned with a different kind of path, and on her vulnerable, Big Mood new album, 'All Mirrors,' we can see her taking an introspective deep dive towards internal destinations and revelations. In the process of making this album, she found a new sound and voice, a blast of fury mixed with hard won self-acceptance.) 25.00

AUS - s/t LP (static age - How does something so vintage sound like such a breath of fresh air?! Berlin's AUS tap into the Heimatland's heritage of notoriously cold and humorless nihilism to produce a danceable sense of dread. When the rhythm section isn't driving us closer to armageddon it's providing a pounding tribal backdrop for brooding and disaffected witchy incantations. Distant guitars cut like broken glass and the synth rises up through the cracks like a blend of cigarette smoke and fog machine. Night time only record. Collectors take note!: Comes in a heavy 320g sleeve with band photo in handstamped wax envelope. Night time only record. by Daryl Sulfate, Diät.) 13.00

BIG BRAVE - A Gaze Among Them LP (southern lord - restock - BIG | BRAVE to release their fourth full length A Gaze Among Them on Southern Lord.  Since their inception in 2012, BIG|BRAVE have explored terrains of experimental rock with a clear focus on the key principles; space, volume, and raw emotion. The same principles are the starting point for the new album and in the process of revisiting their early intentions, BIG | BRAVE have boldly evolved, emerging with a thrilling new body of work that is all at once refreshingly new, explosively heavy, dynamically loud, beautifully minimal, carefully repetitive, and totally and utterly cathartic.  ) 19.00

CANCER CLAN / DESTEUFELS - split LP (merciless - CANCER CLAN was formed in 2005 out of the ashes of CRUDE BE. They describe their music simply as Blastpunk, but it’s so much more. On a skeleton of Grindcore they add crust, punk, hardcore and even have a weakness for thrashy riffs. In total this becomes a highly energetic, fast as fuck, at times heavy as lead entity of skull-splitting musick! After releasing a couple of demo CDs and 7"s and touring Europe with the likes of WEEKEND NACHOS and BLOCKHEADS they released their first full lengh in 2015. In 2017 a SPlit 7“ with GOD’S AMERICA followed. Three new songs and a Deutsch-Punk Classic cover will blast your speakers!DESTEUFELS – humanoid but bigger … evil, ugly – bowlegged and tremendous … deeply beneath, a greyish black color … coarse, dissonant, loud and fast … the three, praising decay and lunacy as a triumvirate… DESTEUFELS are a Metalpunk Band that started years ago. What you get is D-Beat-driven classical and classy Stenchcore. At times they rock really hard, on other occasions the thunderous double kickdrum provides the heavyness and the thrown in blastbeats do the rest to make you feel at times like you’re in the UK during the eighties. Following on several demos, 5 new Songs are pressed on a vinyl record.  ) 16.00

DIIV - Deceiver LP (grey vinyl) (captured tracks - Rebirth takes place when everything falls apart. DIIV—Zachary Cole Smith [lead vocals, guitar], Andrew Bailey [guitar], Colin Caulfield [vocals, bass], and Ben Newman [drums]—craft the soundtrack to personal resurrection under the heavy weight of metallic catharsis upheld by robust guitars and vocal tension that almost snaps, but never quite… ) 24.00

DRAB MAJESTY - Modern Mirror LP (dais -Since the 2015 release of Drab Majesty’s debut “Careless”, and the release of the acclaimed sophomore album “The Demonstration” the following year, artist Deb Demure and collaborator Mona D. have firmly established themselves amongst the pantheon of dark synth-pop greats, establishing a devoted fan base worldwide with their singular hypnotic sound and mysterious, constantly-evolving presence. ) 25.00

ERNEST HOOD - Neighborhoods DLP (freedom. -Ernest Hood’s Neighborhoods was released some two decades after the Portland, Oregon born and raised musician’s first forays into field recordings. These very recordings, and those captured over intervening years, define the universal sound and aural images of childhood, a theme memorialized by Hood’s privately-pressed opus of 1975. Sprawling through a haze of zither, synthesizer melodies, and foraged pedestrian sound, Neighborhoods is both a score and documentary composed and directed by Hood to offer, in his words, joy in reminiscence. Hood’s nostalgic impulse ran parallel to the developments of other artists, writers, and filmmakers of the 1970s who were looking back to the 1950s to convey a collective memory of childhood. Unlike some of the widely embraced work of this nature, the music of Neighborhoods eschews irony or detachment for lucidity, striving above all for a dream-like return to the details of sensory memory.) 28.00

ITASCA - Spring LP (paradise of - Itasca’s Kayla Cohen wrote the anticipated follow-up to her acclaimed 2016 album Open to Chance in a century-old adobe house in rural New Mexico. Inspired by the landscape and history of the Four Corners region, the sublime Spring—its title summoning both season and scarce local water sources—dowses a devotional path to high desert headwaters. Featuring contributions from Chris Cohen, Cooper Crain (Bitchin’ Bajas), James Elkington, and members of Gun Outfit and Sun Araw, Spring contains Cohen’s most quietly dazzling and self-assured set of songs to date. With color inner sleeve, lyrics, and high-res DL code. ) 23.00

JUNIUS PAUL - Ism DLP (international anthem -Ism opens audaciously with the spiritual mic-check “You Are Free To Choose,” a track that features Junius Paul alongside Vincent Davis (drums), Justin Dillard (piano), and Corey Wilkes (horns). This is by no accident. In many ways, “You Are Free To Choose” captures the spirit of Junius Paul’s artistic roots. Corey, Justin, and Vincent were among the multigenerational cadre of Chicago musicians present when Junius chose to follow his own path of creative discovery at the storied Velvet Lounge on the South Side of the city back in October of 2002. Though the origins of his craft go back to playing in church, his creative instrumental voice really developed during jam sessions at clubs like The Velvet alongside members of the AACM, or Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. It was iron sharpening iron, the most natural form of knowledge transfer. He explained Velvet’s vibe in 2018: “It’s like in Africa.... If you had this society of diviners or medicine people, or you know, sages… The Velvet stuff is not secret; but there are certain aspects of it… if you weren’t there, you weren’t there.” The Velvet Lounge closed in 2010. y, would head to a bistro for a meal (Junius favors duck confit and wine), then would work on edits at night. Junius notes that “Paris” is one for the clubs: “I want a 12” [extended DJ] cut!”) 28.00

MEGA BOG - Dolphine LP (paradise of - Mega Bog is the fluid musical moniker of songwriter Erin Elizabeth Birgy, who has spent the last ten years channeling, capturing, and releasing her unique bouquet of fragrant, sci-fi pop experiments with a handful of bicoastal collaborators. She is joined on her fifth and finest album (and first for PoB) by members of Big Thief, Hand Habits, and iji, who help her spin a manic web of emotions into beautiful, abstract future poems and thrilling genre perversions. Mega Bog is the fluid musical moniker of songwriter Erin Elizabeth Birgy, a Pacific Northwestern rodeo child with an unmistakable laugh, who was allegedly cursed upon conception. She has spent the last ten years channeling, capturing, and releasing her unique bouquet of fragrant, sci-fi pop experiments with a handful of bicoastal collaborators. Mega Bog has visited a significant portion of the Western world, frequently looping the USA and Europe to sing in tiny art spaces and haunted historical theaters alike. The live concerts are known for their emotional unpredictability. Onstage, Erin’s current mood is amplified, for better or for worse; she is an honest and unflinching performer.) 23.00

MULATU ASTATKE - Ethio Jazz LP (heavenly sweetness - This album '' Ethio Jazz '' by Mulatu Astatké is a jewel of the modern Ethiopian music and a mythical album. An album incredibly groovy recorded between 1969 in 1972. A record of Ethio groove in which we find some US soul, the jazz, the Latin accents and especially the oriental rhythms. A real jewel of the Ethiopian modern instrumental music, which illustrates perfectly the symbiosis of the strong rhythms and the quality arrangements with the Ethiopian subtle and deep melodies. A best for all the music lovers of 70’s sound! In the Ethiopian musical landscape, Mulatu Astatke is a unique musician, a composer, an arranger. His real contribution lives in its action for the instrumental music, in a country where the orchestral traditions did not exist. For more than 30 years, he is the door flag of the Ethiopian music.) 22.00

PASSION KILLERS - They Kill Our Passion With Their Hate And Wars LP (Passion Killers were from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and featured Dave Lentil, Daz White and Boffo. All three members were later, heavily involved in Chumbawamba but at the time of this demo Boff was already only on loan from Chumbawamba. This 1983 Demo was recorded in one day at Lion Studios, Leeds and features 11 melodic, simple, anarchist pop songs. The Band had already shared a split tape with Chumbawamba on Sky and Trees but this demo is the jewel in the crown of the Passion Killers recorded work. It features 'Start Again' which was released by Crass on 'Bullshit Detector 2'. The LP comes with a 16 page 11”x11” booklet featuring photos, lyrics, handouts, clippings and other stuff.) 14.00

SAARISELKA - The Ground Our Sky LP (temporary -There is an old Norse myth that says the great northern glaciers stored energy until they burst with fluorescent light, creating the Aurora Borealis. Saariselka is inspired by the meeting of earth and light, where slowly moving land masses merge with enveloping light fields. This sonic collaboration between composers Marielle Jakobsons (Fender Rhodes, organ, synthesizers) and Chuck Johnson (pedal steel guitar and treatments) is as expressive as it is enigmatic. ) 23.00

SECT - Blood of the Beasts LP (southern lord -“Blood of the Beasts” is ten reflections on the myth of progress, the new old tribalism, the single face of all subjugations, the broken promise of automation, love, loss & obsolescence set against the dying light of a better tomorrow. Vegan straight edge outfit SECT unites vocalist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Burning Love, Left For Dead), guitarists James Chang (Catharsis, Undying) and Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance), bassist Steve Hart (Day Of Suffering), and drummer Andy Hurley (Racetraitor, The Damned Things). The result is a caustic, riotous, belligerent style of vile hardcore fed by a boundless well of socio-political vitriol. Blood of Beasts was recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.) 19.00

THE SERFS - Sounds Of Serfdom LP (detriti - back in stock - Minimalistic, No-Wavey postpunk from the US of A. FFO: The Normal, The Normal, The Normal) 23.00


GORDON WITHERS - Jawbreaker On Cello TAPE (A collection of songs by East Bay punk band Jawbreaker arranged for cello by Gordon Withers (Office of Future Plans). Features recordings used in the documentary, Don't BreakDown.) 9.00

HEAVY METAL - Heavy Metal 4 TAPE (static age - "COUNTER ELECTRODE - IRON MONO" "KILLING YOURSELF TO OWN YOUR PARENTS & THE TORIES" New Heavy Metal! 65 odd minutes of the stuff, exploring a bunch of different modes but with the full allocation of puerile, brutally repetitive space-punk - from the PiL-meets-Phantom Payn opener ('Savagely Beaten By Funk') on in. 26 songs about golf, Bergadler beer, suicide, Frank's basically their Exile on Main Street. Limited pre-release from Static Age. More information to follow! ( Kiran, Low Company / BEB )) 6.00

T-shirts / Sweater

WRWTFWW RECORDS - It's a JAZZ sweatshirt! CREWNECK (Official WE RELEASE JAZZ crewneck sweatshirt (Forest Green). Silk-screened on GD56 Gildan Heavy Blend™ Sweatshirt in M/ L) 40.00
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Re: Bis Aufs Messer January news

Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 16 Jan 2020, 13:05

Hi. Welcome to the 2nd newsletter for January. Lots of cool stuff arrived like the long amazing re issue of the BGM - Back Ground Music LP & the NINA ATSUKO - Play Room LP, the new LORI GOLDSTONE LP, COMIX - Comix LP + CD re issue, ELIANE RADIGUE - Chry-ptus DLP re issue, SARAH DAVACHI - Let Night Come On Bells End The Day LP repress, the DANIEL SCHMIDT & THE BERKLEY GAMELAN - Abies Firma LP + CD re issue & the new SEAN McCann LP via recital, new Editions Mego titles, FLIPPER T-Shirts, HÜSKER DÜ t-shirt restocks, TURBONEGRO restocks, DARKTHRONE restocks, BATHORY restocks, AGALLOCH reissues, VATICAN SHADOW - Kuwaiti Airforce DLP, SUMAC & KEIJI HAINO - Even for just the briefest Moment... DLP, GIF FROM GOD - approximation_of_a_human LP (yellow vinyl) and more …

Also teh GOMME - Absent Healing LP is ready to be shipped.

And then you can get tickets for the BAPTISTS / DECULTIVATE show at TIEF on Feb 20th at Bis Aufs Messer

Thank you
Norman & Robert


AARON TURNER - Repression's Blossom LP (sige - “Aaron Turner’s solo debut Repression's Blossom explores the realm of avant-garde and reductionist metal. Avoiding the pitfalls of unintentional monotone, the album's abstract narrative tightropes through viscous noise mayhem and clinical serenity towards the mythical echelons of minimalism with gravity analogous to Kevin Drumm, Caspar Brötzmann and Pauline Oliveros. The drone-supported fragments of exquisitely manipulated audio create a magnificent multi-layered backdrop for Turner’s feral guitar mangling, which extends across lyrical abstraction and concrete art.” - Pekka Jääskeläinen Besides his solo works, Aaron Turner is renowned for his participation in the bands SUMAC and Old Man Gloom. His other projects include Mamiffer, Split Cranium, and House of Low Culture, as well as collaborations with other artists such as Tashi Dorji, Daniel Menche, Keiji Haino, and Circle. He is the founder of Hydra Head Records and co-founder of SIGE Records.) 24.00

AGALLOCH - The White EP LP (eisen - Remastered re-issue with original artwork and bonustrack. Eisenwald presents The White EP: a collection of dark folk & ambient work written & recorded between 2004 - 2007. Originally released in 2008 by now defunct Vendlus Records, the White is the last installment of two companion releases & the stylistic counterpart to the Grey. This remastered re-issue includes the rare track “Where Shade Once Was”.) 25.00

ALDOUS HARDING - Designer LP (4AD - Aldous Harding’s third album, Designer is released on 26th April and finds the New Zealander hitting her creative stride. After the sleeper success of Party (internationally lauded and crowned Rough Trade Shop’s Album of 2017), Harding came off a 200-date tour last summer and went straight into the studio with a collection of songs written on the road. Reuniting with John Parish, producer of Party, Harding spent 15 days recording and 10 days mixing at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and Bristol’s J&J Studio and Playpen. From the bold strokes of opening track ‘Fixture Picture’, there is an overriding sense of an artist confident in their work, with contributions from Huw Evans (H. Hawkline), Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo), drummer Gwion Llewelyn and violinist Clare Mactaggart broadening and complimenting Harding’s rich and timeless songwriting.) 23.00

BGM - Back Ground Music LP (studio mule - Premiere vinyl reissue of a Japanese no wave/disco-punk classic from 1980, newly remastered and dished up by Studio Mule. Hugely sought-after, original copies trade for triple figures! A killer lesson in stripped down, nagging no wave drills, ‘Back Ground Music’ was first issued by the legendary Vanity Records in 1980 and has been sought-after ever since on the 2nd hand market. And it’s not hard to hear why. Like the tighter far eastern cousins of Wire, Liquid Liquid, Mars or DAF; BGM possessed a millimetre-tight groove control, a hypnotic feel for repetition and trippy mixing, and a strange way with near-whispered, mumbled vocals that sets them way out on their own. Slipping its disco clogs on with deliciously slouchy bass, drums and guitar countered by clattering, two-left-footsteps in ‘Mix’, the LP impresses at every turn between the discordant jag of ‘Neo Dancer’, the primitivist no wave hunch of ‘Repeat’, and the sozzled swagger of ‘And’ on the A-side, before locking down a mean psych-disco groove with ‘Member Ship Card’, and what sounds like the Japanese grandpappies of Sleaford Mods on ‘In Put’, while a couple of beat-less oddities sandwich the brilliant, asymmetric rhythm and deeply odd use of drones and pealing electronics in ‘Romantic Recovery.’ Don’t sleep!) 28.00

COIL - Stolen And Contaminated Songs DLP (col. vinyl & seam split) (cold spring - Attn. seam split on top! Double LP on sumptuous 180gm bone vinyl, housed in a glossy 350gsm gatefold sleeve. Cold Spring are proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of Coil's 1992 album, presented for the first time, on vinyl. "Stolen & Contaminated Songs" was recorded and produced by Coil in 1992. It is comprised of over 60 minutes of outtakes and unreleased songs, evolved during the recording sessions for their prior album, "Love's Secret Domain“. A wealth of superb material showcasing the diversity of Coil: dark, violent, vivid and fractured, yet cohesive and beautiful. Combined with the latest studio technology and Coil's ever-evolving production skills, "S&C Songs" walks a fine line between tradition and innovation, continually creating semi-abstract soundscapes with a cinematic quality.) 20.00

COMIX - Comix LP + CD (One of the most treasured French minimal wave records is back on vinyl (and first time on CD!) Comix, a duo of guitarist/composer André Demay and DJ/singer Natan Hercberg, are a one album project. Their first single “Touche Pas Mon Sexe”, recorded in 1979, has been refused by several record companies, but duo finally found home on French branch of Virgin. They released two singles and one full length LP in 1981, and appeared on “BIPPP: French Synth-Wave 1979/85” compilation a few decades later. The music was composed by André with a legendary Roland TR-808 (Marvin Gaye, Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa used the same drum machine for their hits at the same time). Natan wrote the lyrics, filling comic speech bubbles. Their production was somewhat different to mainstream “nouvelle vague” artists: much more positive and ironic than their chart mates. However, Comix didn’t have much success with their songs in 80s, but was rediscovered in 21st century with the strong interest in original minimal wave/coldwave artists. Here they are again, young and bold, as nearly 40 years ago.) 22.00

DANIEL SCHMIDT & THE BERKLEY GAMELAN - Abies Firma LP + CD (recital - The second album by the American Gamelan composer and instrument builder, Daniel Schmidt, following In My Arms, Many Flowers, his majestic debut on Recital. Abies Firma lies next chronologically, collecting works from 1976 to 1991, considered the second phase of his compositional form. “We were like children playing with new toys,” Daniel recalls of the early days of American Gamelan music. “Though, as we moved into the 1980s, I moved away from Javanese traditional formalism completely, no longer using a constant stream of notes.” Daniel became a father twice over in the early 80s, transforming his compositional voice, finding himself open to new affects. Notably, the Sierra fir species, ‘abies firma’ … “These trees gave me a sense of rising and rising, all their branches reaching toward sun and sky. Looking at them across open spaces, I felt myself part of their upward striving. The tall mountain trees became rising themes and arpeggios, sometimes even sweeping across the six octaves of the gamelan.” This album holds a variety of recordings including an especially immersive tape-delay piece for the rebab, a bowed Javanese instrument. A sort of Eastern Frippertronics weaving the stereo field. Another standout is a semi-improvised flute and gamelan work, ebbing in slowly like a night’s wind. “Accumulation” and “Abies Magnifica,” the spirited opening pieces, exemplify the precision and dexterity of Daniel’s group, The Berkeley Gamelan, who at this time were constantly performing around North America. Two pieces on the album were co-composed by Schmidt and the late Lou Harrison, who helped conceive of the American style of gamelan and enjoyed a similarly long and varied musical career. “Unempins to Sociseknum” is based on arranging Harrison’s social security number against Schmidt’s unemployment insurance number. A window into the cooperative spirit and experimentation of the late 70s. With each LP comes a CD including the addition of “One White Crow,” a three-part tapestry of melodic fragments which epitomizes the second phase of Schmidt’s composing; a divergence from both Javanese and European music. Daniel states, “William James once said that one white crow would suffice to overturn science’s assertion that all crows are black. I felt myself to be ‘one white crow’ amidst the prominent, established musical styles.”) 26.00

DAWN RAY'D - Behold Sedition Plainsong LP (prosthetic - Two years after the release of their debut album, The Unlawful Assembly, British black metal trio, DAWN RAY'D return with Behold Sedition Plainsong; a call to arms and a potential catalyst for positive radical change. From the evocative intro (Raise The Flails) with its rallying cry -'It's time for new tales of resistance' - through to The Curse The Dappled Light at the album's climax, Behold Sedition Plainsong comprises of 11 tracks of what will surely become their trademark sound: pure black metal, shot through with sonic flecks of traditional folk. Each song is an emotional response to a political struggle, with a clear focus on ecological destruction and anti-capitalism. That the lyrics are poetic is by design; inspired by the likes of Sharon Olds, Yannis Ritsos and John Burnside, words are employed to channel both texture and meaning in a creative and nuanced manner. Whilst their message is unwavering and bound by anger, DAWN RAY'D take an imaginative route with the method they use to convey it. On Like Smoke into Fog, a caustic defiance burns through the core of the track; whilst the missive bristles with the chill of cold black metal, it does little to salve the white hot indignation and clarion call contained in the accompanying words. By recounting bloody historical events - such as the Kronstadt Rebellion on To All, To All, To All! - DAWN RAY'D holds a mirror up to behaviours in the present, positing a challenge and an opportunity for action.) 23.00

DEUTSCHE LAICHEN - Deutsche Laichen LP (zeitstrafe . "Hi na, wir sind Deutsche Laichen! Pöbeln und Feminismus stehen bei uns seit Gründung 2015 im Vordergrund. Wir dachten uns: Die Band, die wir gerne auf der Bühne sehen möchten, müssen wir vielleicht einfach selbst starten. Denn cis-boy-Bands kennen wir schon genug und Queers sind auf Punkbühnen leider immer noch unterrepräsentiert. Den Sexismus in der Szene haben wir oft genug am eigenen Leib zu spüren bekommen, deswegen schreien wir um so lauter gegen den patriarchalen Normalzustand an. Deutsche Laichen sind dadurch für uns nicht nur Herzenssache, sondern auch politische Praxis. Nachdem wir eine Menge Live Shows abgerissen haben, hatten wir Ende 2018 das Gefühl, es ist Zeit, genau das auf Platte zu verewigen. Bis hierher sind uns tolle Leute begegnet und wir haben den Sound, das Studio, das Label und die Allies gefunden, die wir wollten, um unsere erste LP rauszuhauen.Alerta.) 17.00

DINOSAUR JR. - Ear-Bleeding Country: The Best Of Dinosaur Jr. DLP (cherry red - "This deluxe white vinyl edition (double LP with gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeves!) has been remastered and includes original sleeve-notes by Byron Coley and a new introductory essay from Dinosaur Jr. fan Henry Rollins! Dinosaur Jr. need no introduction. One of the most successful and influential alternative guitar bands from America, and fronted by laconic singer/guitarist J. Mascis, they've enjoyed global success and inspired generations, from grunge onwards. First issued in 2002 only in the States and Australia, Ear Bleeding Countryis the only career-spanning compilation of Dinosaur Jr. This is the first time this album has been made available on vinyl! The first six tracks are drawn from the band's early career in the 1980s, when they recorded for independent labels like Homestead and SST. Among them are the classic single 'Freak Scene' and the follow-up cover of The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven'. Most of the compilation samples the best of Dinosaur Jr.'s output after signing with Warner Bros in 1990, including hit singles such as 'The Wagon', 'Whatever's Cool With Me', 'Out There', 'Start Choppin' and 'Feel The Pain'. Ear Bleeding Country ends with 'Where'd You Go', a track by J. Mascis' post-Dinosaur Jr. band The Fog.) 36.00

DINOSAUR JR. - Hand It Over DLP (cherry red - "Formed in 1984, Dinosaur Jr carved a singular path through the latter half of the 1980s and first half of the 1990s, issuing a number of highly influential albums in the process. Hand It Over, their seventh record, appeared in the spring of 1997 following a lengthy absence, and would prove to be the band's final album-length offering for a decade. Performed primarily by J Mascis, Hand It Over appeared at a time of declining international interest in American alternative rock, but nevertheless received widespread approval and appreciation amongst critics and reviewers. The album was accompanied, unusually, by an EP of non-album songs recorded for the Matt Dillon movie Grace Of My Heart and, later, a vinyl only I'm Insane 7" single, all of which are collected here alongside previously unreleased recordings made on stage in Stockholm and on TV in Australia. Presented here on purple vinyl, and accompanied by in-depth sleevenotes from Mojo's Keith Cameron (based on recent and exclusive interviews with J Mascis), this edition provides a final view of a band about to disappear from the limelight but still as engaging and powerful as ever.“) 38.00

ELIANE RADIGUE - Chry-ptus DLP (important - Eliane Radigue's Chry-Ptus is her very first piece for the modular synthesizer. It was composed in 1971 using a Buchla 100 which had recently been installed at NYU by Morton Subotnick. Originally two tapes which were to be played simultaneously, with or without synchronisation, which does not affect the structure of the work, but creates changes in the game of sub-harmonics and overtones. Three variations on this piece were performed at the New York Cultural Center in 1971, with variations of amplitude and location modulation as well as synchronisation. Realized on the Buchla Synthesizer at the New York University. The booklet contains a text by painter Paul Jenkins, who also realised the watercolor on the front cover, written on occasion of Radigue's first concert in New York, April 6th, 1971. “It’s with the Buchla that I constructed Chry-ptus, a piece made up of two tapes with an analogue duration, 22 or 23 minutes, which could be played either simultaneously or with a slight time difference, so as to establish slight variations every time the piece was played. I spent the first months eliminating everything I did not want; I even used a notebook in which I tried to determine a writing system resembling chemical formulae.” Eliane Radigue) 36.00

THE FORCE DIMENSION - Deus x Machina + DLP (mecanica - The Force Dimension was formed in the late 80's by René Van Dijck and Tycho de Groot. After some demos and appearances on compilations, the band signed a contract with the Belgian label KK Records. Their self-titled debut was released in 1989 curiously on two different versions, one produced by Luc Van Acker (Revolting Cocks) and the other co-produced by Dirk Ivens (Klinik, Dive). The duo continued developing a very unique sound mixing EBM, industrial and different electronic influences. In 1990 they finished what is considered their definitive work, “Deus Ex Machina”, followed by the mega club-hit “Algorythm”. The band released another single next year, “New Funk”, and after a couple of compilations stopped to work together in 1997. During the next years there were some failed attempts to reunite but it wasn't until 2013 when The Force Dimension was resurrected by René Van Dijck. “Deus Ex Machina” is being now re-released on an expanded edition with all original tracks plus some bonus including remixes of “Algorythm”, some rare tracks from old compilations and new versions of the unreleased songs "Fatal Erection” and „Scanners“) 28.00

GIF FROM GOD - approximation_of_a_human LP (yellow vinyl) (prostheitc - Though long-time residents of Virginia's storied screamo and DIY scene, the Richmond-based collective known as .gif from god have embedded themselves within the system of hardcore punk and extreme metal, spreading an encryptedmessage of social injustice and impending collapse.Solidifying their line-up in late 2017, .gif from god describe themselves as "serious yet playful", practicing a cold, calculating blend of grind and metalcore absurdity designed to act as a vehicle for their ominous propaganda. On their upcoming Prosthetic debut, a 12-song album titled approximation_of_a_human , the Virginians demonstrate a surgical command of their ruthless and chaotic sound. The album was recorded and mixed at Viva Studios by Matt Michel, and mastered by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Recording.) 22.00

GOMME - Absent Healing LP (adagio830 - We are really excited to present the vinyl version of the latest release from France's Gomme, Absent Healing. This perfectly executed all-female post-punk / goth group calls to mind some of our favorite groups such as Malaria and Grass Widow, highly recommended! Gomme is a female-focused 3-piece post-punk band formed in 2015 in Paris, FR. As recently donned Parisians hailing from San Francisco and Vienna, the women of Gomme sing in French and German as well as English. Accompanied by dark rhythms, dreamy riffs, and aggressive beats, the meanings of the songs range from the experience of being a woman in today’s society to the feeling of being lost and disconnected as an expatriate in France, messages that have been proven to unite womyn at their shows resulting in many all-girl mosh pits. Tape version on DIGITAL REGRESS - 300 copies on Black Vinyl) 14.00

JOE MCPHEE / GRAHAM LAMBKIN / CHARLIE MCPHEE / OLIVER LAMBKIN - Live In The Batcave LP (black truffle - Ever imagined getting lean with free jazz legend Joe McPhee, lo-fi lord Graham Lambkin, and their families? ‘Live In The Batcave’ extends a very surreal chance to do just that via Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle. McPhee and Lambkin have been pals for years after meeting in a Poughkeepsie shop in upstate New York, where McPhee lives, and they’ve crossed paths many times since, both in person and on record via Lambkin’s defunct Kye Records. In 2017 Lambkin brought his son, Oliver, down to the basement of Joe’s brother, Charlie and they recorded this typically candid document of the evening, capturing the sound of four guys getting increasingly half-cut, singing along to soul records, drumming on everything in sight, and generally having good craic in Charlie’s “Batcave.”  Edited into captivating windows by Lambkin the elder, it all feels just like we got an invite, given a half pint of whiskey, and told to shut up and sit quietly in the corner if we wanted  to stay. Fine by us. Mind if we smoke? It’s worth sticking around for when it all comes together in the final part, various voices rising together with offbeat claps in sozzled, familial harmony. "Our music was born from the sounds of jazz, funk, soul, noise -- sounds with no other reason so exist, except because they did, sounds which occurred like putting one step in front of the other to see if the way was clear to take the next step. The plan was, there is no plan, just start at the beginning, end at the end and party like it's 1999" --Joe McPhee.”) 26.00

JULIA REIDY - in real life LP (black truffle - Not-to-be-missed Kosmiche flights from gifted Aussie guitarist/composer Julia Reidy, chasing her acclaimed ‘Brace, Brace’ LP for Slip with a jaw-dropper for Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle, unfolding her sound along vast axes of folk, krautrock, new age synth and avant-blues…) 25.00

LORI GOLDSTON - Things Opening LP (second editions - Second Editions presents Things Opening by Lori Goldston. Lori Goldston's approach to the violoncello is true and immediate. Describing herself as "classically trained and rigorously de-trained", Goldston indeed defies all conformities of genre, style and technique. Her playing reflects as much of Baroque as it does of American roots or experimental traditions. It is elegant, gritty, restless, delicate, irreverent, utterly pure. This album comprises of two parts, highlighting Goldston as both a distinct composer as well as a many-faceted performer. The first side holds a suite of songs written by Goldston to accompany the poems of Melinda Mueller, while the second features pieces written for Goldston by Jessika Kenney, Satchel Henneman and Julio Lopezhiler. Recorded live by Mell Dettmer at the Chapel Performance Space and at Studio Soli in Seattle WA, 2018. Mastered and cut by Anne Taegert at Duplates & Mastering in Berlin, 2019. Photograph by Antonis Theodoridis, 2016.) 23.00

NINA ATSUKO - Play Room LP (studio mule - Japanese singer-songwriterc Nina Atsuko's debut 1983 album finally reissued. "One of the most wanted japanese city pop albums  - nina covers her favorite bossa, latin and american pop songs in japanese with the sound of 80’s urban jazz fusion…“) 28.00

OVERO - s/t LP (sncl - Sometimes, you hear a record that immediately burrows itself into your skin. It flows through your veins, bubbles in your blood, and fills you with a wealth of conflicting emotions that make you feel happy to be alive — even in your darkest moments. Overo’s debut full-length is one such album. Comprised of members of football, etc.(guitarist/vocalist Lindsay Minton, bassist Mercy Harper) and Perfect Future (guitarist/vocalist Brendan Stephens) alongside musical maverick and drummer John Baldwin, the Houston, TX-based band only formed in November 2018, but took no time in getting to work and writing these songs.) 14.00

PITA - Get On LP (editions mego - With over 2 decades of formal exploration and exhilarating abstraction Get On is, somewhat surprisingly, only the fourth solo Pita full length. Peter Rehberg has always been vouched for pushing the very limits of the technology du jour, be it software or in recent years a complex modular set. Rehberg’s motives are one of unbridled exploration often resulting in extreme and exhilarating audio works. Having spearheaded the contemporary electronic sound with his uncompromising explorations of noise, rhythm and extreme computer music, he has also worked with numerous experimental musicians in collaboration. Rehberg stands in the wake of a sonic revolution, once fringe, which transformed over time into the sound of a generation of experimental geeks and club freaks worldwide. Get On follows on from the 2016 release Get In. As with other titles in his ‘Get’ series we have an unwieldy blend of noise, abstraction, gnarled rhythm and blurred melody. Both analogue and digital tools are deployed as a means of expressing something outside of everyday electronics. ‘AMFM’ launches proceedings with some delightfully disorientating ricocheting electronics setting off a subversive sonic spectrum. ‘Frozen Jumper’ presents some ugly skittering electronics which rotate into exquisitely mangled forms before launching into an unsettling euphoria. The last piece ‘Motivation’ is a towering sensitive work, simultaneously haunted and emotionally moving. Get On marks another monumental work in the ongoing evolution from one of the ground zero pioneers of contemporary radical electronic music. As uncompromising as ever this is Pita in his prime. Emotion rung from the most twisted of frames.) 22.00

SARAH DAVACHI - Let Night Come On Bells End The Day LP (recital - Finally repressed! Recital is joyed to publish the newest record by Canadian composer Sarah Davachi. Currently working on her PhD in Musicology at UCLA, her trajectory has been unorthodox. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, which, if you’ve never been there, doesn’t really scream “Avant-Garde” (Calgary is the rodeo capital of the world).  From a young age, Sarah was a driven pianist (and figure-skater, although that’s a story for a different time). It is important and interesting that she chose to study esoteric music; as Sarah could have easily been a cowgirl or a concert pianist had her ingrained love of synthesis and sonic phenomenology not taken the wheel. Sarah is a considered person. I find few people that have the diligence and resolve to take their time with music… especially in a live context.  I respect that about her.  The first time I saw Sarah perform, I presumptuously told her that her music reminded me of my favorite Mirror albums (the exceptional project of Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann).  Sarah was not familiar with Mirror, so the compliment was initially lost on her.  Years back I was in the same situation when a review compared my music to Andrew Chalk, who was unknown to me at the time.  So I felt a kinship in our magnetic drift towards unspoken and clustered beauty.) 26.00

SEAN MCCANN- Puck LP (recital - Puck is here. Music for Public Ensemble, Sean McCann's previous album, was released three years ago. And three years before that was Private Ensemble. Puck is both public and private in nature. A smear of chamber works from Stockholm, Moscow, New York, and Kansas. Three aged personal recordings from 2008, 2009, and 2010 are also poured in the batter: a bedroom violin trio, ambient music, and a sad plucked guitar piece. A marbled blend of new chamber works and older, boisterous recordings from the late-2000s. The first side is subtitled "Folded Portraits" – a three part suite: Nightfall, Broth, and Damals: German for "back then..." (or Remember When: the lowest form of conversation). The spine of it is an informal rehearsal session of Portraits of Friars (2018). Recorded at the fabled Fylkingen in Stockholm, the 10-person text and chamber piece grows and shrinks. False starts and stops and tests are outlined with the black ink of editing. Little moments become big moments. Nailed above that spine is Folded Rose (2018), a piece for piano and humming. A dainty march out of context, immersed in recordings of me gagging and yowling in my car. Italian artist Lia Mazzari shared the titular spoken piece with me. "Puck", a duet for dialogue about eggs and jewelry, premiered at Café OTO in 2018. I recorded my text in a dark bathtub in Toronto on my 30th birthday last year. The text is a mold growing on top of a quintet I wrote called Vilon (2017), sweetly performed by the Russian Kymatic Ensemble. Jackson Graham, skilled American percussionist, is a rod bolted through the album. He commissioned a work by me called Violet Fat (2017), which is spliced across both sides, hammered and bent to fit in place. A fusion of jubilation and gut clenching, Puck balances on the rooftop, tipping side to side in the fog. Sean McCann, September 2019) 26.00

SUMAC & KEIJI HAINO - Even for just the briefest Moment... DLP (trost. Post-metal sludge avantgarde powerhouse SUMAC around Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom) follow up their collaboration with legendary Japanese guitarist and singer/performer Keiji Haino on Thrill Jockey (American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways, You are too Hideous to Look at Face on) with another monolith - heavy and experimental at the same time.) 30.00

THOMAS BRINKMANN - Raupenbahn LP (editons mego - Editions Mego is proud to present the latest addition to the compelling discography of Thomas Brinkmann. Throughout his career Brinkmann has focussed on the human operating amongst industry alongside rhythms that manifest as a result of technological advancement. With this new release Brinkmann makes a u-turn, looking back to the early industrial age. Comprised of recordings of various looms, Raupenbahn investigates the sonic properties and consequences of the first automatic loom as constructed by Jacques de Vaucanson in 1745. Thomas Brinkmann once again adheres to his tendency for clarity and simplicity whilst further investigating not only the sound and rhythms of the machines (looms) but also what role they serve in society and what consequences they have on the environment. Raupenbahn presents 21 tracks in total, 11 feature on the vinyl, the remaining 10 as digital bonus tracks. The majority of recordings were undertaken by Brinkmann in 2017 with a Neumann KM 184 stereo set. Additional recordings were sourced with permission from Monika W. recs. from 2014 Central Museum of Textiles Łódź, Poland. Each piece presents a diversity of material which borders on the breathtaking and beautiful in richness and complexity. The various looms unravel rhythms and patterns unexpected from machines of the early industrial age.) 20.00

URN - Iron Will of Power LP (seasons of - Finland's URN have churned out a ferocious blend of traditional metal and black thrash for over two decades. 'Iron Will of Power,' their new album and first for Season of Mist, see the cult metal band detonate nine new blasts, which blend pronounced old-school influences with modern power.) 23.00

VATICAN SHADOW - Kuwaiti Airforce DLP (hospital - The rarest of all Vatican Shadow’s tape releases (only 25 were made), ‘Kuwaiti Airforce’ now appears on double vinyl alongside obscure cuts and previosuly unreleased collaborations with Silent Servant and Demdike Stare in the 4th vinyl collection of early, hard-to-find VS editions. Back at the start of this decade the underground conversation between noise, techno and ambient music manifested definitively thru Vatican Shadow’s eerily evocative glut of tape releases for Hospital Productions. Clad in militaristic imagery and titled after phrases lifted from media articles about the War On Terror, the project became one of very few to contemporaneously attempt to musically reflect the state of international geopolitics, and did so in a manner that resonated with the subversive post-industrial music and politics of Muslimgauze and Whitehouse - who were both key touchstones for Dominick Fernow (Prurient, Vatican Shadow, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement). The ‘Kuwaiti Airforce’ tape which lends this set its title was only available in edition of 25 copies at Vatican Shadow’s September 29, 2012 show in LA with Silent Servant, Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, and Kangding Ray. Its two bombed-out blasts of rhythmic noise are now available on the 1st disc here, backed with two previously unreleased works written in 2012: a deep, rolling techno collaboration with Juan Mendez, lodged somewhere between his Silent Servant output styles for Sandwell District and the seminal ‘Negative Fascination’ LP; and a more messed-up, subbass- mired rework by Demdike Stare, who were still clearly in the mood surrounding their classic ‘Elemental’ LP. The 2nd disc however highlights cuts from earlier and more obscure releases, rounding up two powerful, even darkly romantic pieces of sturm und drang from 2010’s ‘Around The Dragon’s Broken Neck...’ 2 x cassette, plus his opiated half of a split with Contrepoison, and a cranky grinder that was only found on the ‘White Eye Of Winter Watching’ compilation, both issued by Hospital Productions in 2011.) 28.00

V/A - Tens Across The Board LP (dark entries - Celebrating a Decade of Dark Entries with a compilation titled Tens Across The Board. We revisit our roster and chose 10 songs from 10 bands from 10 different countries spanning the years 1981-1993. The songs flow in chronological order and have never appeared on vinyl, with 7 of the songs previously unreleased. Features tracks from PARADE GROUND, DISENO CORBUSIER, LENA PLATONOS, VICTROLA, BORGHESIA, TOM ELLARD, X-RAY POP, SECOND DECAY, FROM NURSERY TO MISERY, and CYRNAI. All songs have been remastered by GEORGE HORN at Fantasy Studios. The vinyl is housed in a custom designed jacket by ELOISE LEIGH featuring our label’s colors black-white-red with connect-the-dots pattern linking the 10 songs via maps/timeline/location, all relating to the reissue process, plus source images from San Francisco, our hometown. For this landmark release we've also printed a 2-sided fold-out wall poster that includes every artist we've released in our first 10 years 2009-2019 in black, red and silver metallic ink, plus an 8x11 insert with lyrics, notes and photos.) 26.00

V/A - USA 1981 LP (Compilation of USA Punk and Hardcore Tracks from 1981, limited to 300 copies, all out of print and super rare 7"s. 22 songs by 18 bands (DV8, Society Dog, Stains,…).= 20.00


RAVETANK - An Intimate Study Of Alcohol TAPE (sncl - An album entirely about alcohol and the anecdotes that it comes with. Initially this wasn't supposed to be an album, I had 'Stung By The Bee' written well before the 'Don't Be Sad, Be Rad!' days and it was initially supposed to appear on there, but it didn't due to a lack of adequate drum equipment (which basically means "I wanted ride cymbal on it, but didn't have one to hand"), so it that got shelved, and then I found that a lot of my lyrics started to revolve around alcohol, so I decided that it would be fun to write an entire album based around various drinks and stories of hazy nights out with friends. What was originally a dumb and novel idea grew into something so much more, and the result has ended up becoming an album about the mundanity of everyday existence and friendship. It's a love letter to all of my friends in Bath and Bristol, there are too many people to name individually, but I want to thank you all, because without you guys putting up with my dumb drunken self this probably would've never have gotten made. Recorded at Radical Westy Studio, Wiltshire on a Tascam Porta 02 with Type II tape except for 'Closing Time' which was recorded in Logic Pro 9. Noise, field recordings, and sound collage elements were made in either Logic Pro 9, or with various tape machines, and added in Logic Pro 9. All field recordings are my own except for some in 'Closing Time' which were taken from BBC archives. Ravetank encourages you to drink responsibly. ) 6.00


AGALLOCH - The White EP CD (eisen - Remastered re-issue with original artwork and bonustrack. Eisenwald presents The White EP: a collection of dark folk & ambient work written & recorded between 2004 - 2007. Originally released in 2008 by now defunct Vendlus Records, the White is the last installment of two companion releases & the stylistic counterpart to the Grey. This remastered re-issue includes the rare track “Where Shade Once Was”.) 14.00

AGALLOCH - The Grey EP CD (eisen - Remastered re-issue with original artwork and bonustrack. Eisenwald presents The Grey EP: A collection of destroyed & rebuilt songs from “The Mantle”.
The Grey is the first installment of two companion releases, originally released in 2004. This new edition includes the original artwork and arrives with exclusive bonus track recorded in 2003, that has never been released on any format.) 14.00


DARKTHRONE - Logo PATCH (B/W Darkthrone logo patch.) 6.00

DARKTHRONE - Logo METAL PIN BADGE (Gruesome Darkthrone logo pin.) 10.00

DARKTHRONE - Transilvanian Hunger BACKPATCH (Massive Darkthrone backpatch.) 11.00

DAVID BOWIE - David Bowie BUTTON SET (David Bowie button set! (6 pieces)) 6.00


DARKTHRONE - True Norwegian Black Metal T-SHIRT (Black Gildan Heavy Cotton shirt with greyish front and back print. In M & L) 20.00

DARKTHRONE - Under A Funeral Moon LONGSLEEVE (Black Fruit Of The Loom longsleeve with white front and back print. In M/L) 25.00

FLIPPER - Logo T-SHIRT (Yellow Gildan Softstyle shirt with classic front print. In M/L/XL) 18.00
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Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 30 Jan 2020, 15:15

hi. Welcome to the last newsletter for January. A bunch of stuff arrived like the new ALGIERS - There Is No Year LP + 7" FLEXI, restock of the CARLA DAL FORNO - Look Up Sharp LP, restock of the latest JEFF PARKER Lp and the previous one, new GATTACA - Monumenty Selhání LP, finally restock of the PURPLE MOUNTAINS LP, restock of the NEUROSIS / JARBOE DLP, SQÜRL - Some Music for Robby Müller LP, PETER BRÖTZMANN - I Surrender Dear LP, MAKAYA MCCRAVEN - In The Moment 3LP etc … lots of stuff is on its way like Mount Eerie, Boduf Songs, new MAMIFFER, Maximum Joy - Station M.X.J.Y. - LP, King Midas Sound - Solitude - 2LP
Phill Niblock - Music for Organ - LP, latest ANDY STOTT etc etc etc
ADAGIO830 also started shipping GOMME - Absent Healing LP and we got a few restock of some out of print ADAGIO830 titles like the GHOSTBAG & TINE FETZ LP, KINDLING LP, SED NON SATIATA/ CARRION SPRING LP etc. Also the ADAGIO830 sweater should be available again next week.

We also will host the PUNK THE CAPITAL MOVIE with a discussion afterwards with JEFF NELSON & JAMES SCHEIDER . Tickets will go online next week.

And then you can get tickets for the BAPTISTS / DECULTIVATE show at TIEF on Feb 20th at Bis Aufs Messer

We also got lots of tickets for PUSCHEN & DIRECT BOOKING shows like BIKINI KILL, TWIN TEMPLE, PHARMAKON, MIKAL CRONIN etc etc.

Thank you
Norman & Robert


EMPATIA - Discography 7“ (miss the stars - Empatia is an amazing raw emoviolence/screamo band from Bogota, Colombia consisting of Kate, Nicolás, Harold, Hugo. This 7″ contains their whole discography from 2017 – 2019.) 6.00

GAD WHIP- Ward 24 / Trademark 7“ (New limited edition single by Yorkshire's GAD WHIP. A one-time pressing of 150 copies only, on thick 180g-vinyl, with two inserts and download-code included!"The ‘Ward 24’ b/w ‘Trademark’ 7”, joint-released by X-Mist, Fourth Dimension and the group themselves, might well adhere to their humble and foggy beginnings in the sense it is limited to 150 but the music, perhaps the most immediate yet, wryly looks far beyond. 
‘Ward 24’, still bound to vocalist Pete Davies’ semi-spoken psycho-rambled narrative, has a distinctly melodic lilt to its serpentine yet curdled minimal rock underpinning, whilst ‘Trademark’ is pure ’n’ catchy garage-punk bluster instantly proving these boys don’t want anybody to get too cosy before whatever it is next they’re cooking up. This one mainlines straight to the late night dancefloor of a seedy basement club already cracking with the strain of music not especially designed to be danced to."x mist ) 7.00

GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS - Arterial Movements 7“ (x mist - NEW exclusive EP featuring three previously unreleased songs by UK's newest Riot-Punk sensation! Limited edition of 500 copies with lyric-sheet included. Killer stuff for fans of the IDLES, BIG BLACK, CRASS, or whatever.) 6.00


ALGIERS - There Is No Year LP + 7" FLEXI (matador - In the FBI file on the American rock ‘n’ roll band Algiers—which given their prior penchant for repping the Black Panthers, Malcolm X, Angela Davis, and Afeni Shakur, among others, surely exists—under the subheading for their third album, There is No Year, the intelligence should soon read: all prior analytics appear outdated… this undoes everything we thought we knew about their intentions…what hides inside them… as if they are mutating live on camera, between frames… Indeed, even those aware of the ideals of this outspoken four-piece will find their latest direction traversing unprecedented ground. Coming off two years of nonstop world-touring for their critically acclaimed second album, The Underside of Power—including Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Balkans, where they have established a rabid following; an extended stint opening for Depeche Mode in huge stadiums such as the 75,000-capacity Olympiastadion in Berlin; as well as Glastonbury 2019—There is No Year solidifies and expands upon the doom-laden soul of their foundation, toward an even more epic, genre-reformatting sound, one somehow suspended in the amber of “a different era,” as described by guitarist Lee Tesche. From the instant synth-pulse of the opening seconds of There is No Year, it’s clear that Algiers have set out to stake new ground, internally as much as sonically. At the forefront of this evolution is the centrality of power housed in Algiers’ multi-instrumentalist lead vocalist, Franklin James Fisher, whose voice and words provide the backbone of the album, his lyrics sourced entirely from an epic poem, “Misophonia,” composed during his search for meaning amidst a protracted personal period of anxiety and lack) 25.00

BAND OF SUSANS - Here Comes Success LP (replica - Long awaited reissue on 180 gram vinyl for Band Of Susans' 1994 LP, originally on Restless Records in 1994.) 18.00

CARLA DAL FORNO - Look Up Sharp LP (kallista - Carla dal Forno announces her second full-length album, Look Up Sharp , on her own Kallista Records. The London-based artist enters a new era in her peerless output pushing her dub-damaged DIY dispatches to the limits of flawless dream-pop. In a transformative move towards crystal clear vocals and sharpened production, Look Up Sharp is an evolutionary leap from the thick fog and pastoral stillness of her Blackest Ever Black missives, You Know What It’s Like (2016) and The Garden EP (2017). Three years since her plain-speaking debut album, the Melbourne-via-Berlin artist finds herself absorbed in London’s sprawling mess. The small-town dreams and inertia that preoccupied dal Forno’s first album have dissolved into the chaotic city, its shifting identities, far-flung surroundings and blank faces. Look Up Sharp is the story of this life in flux, longing for intimacy, falling short and embracing the unfamiliar. Dal Forno connects with kindred spirits and finds refuge in darkened alleys, secret gardens and wherever else she dares to look.) 20.00

ENNIO MORRICONE - il federale OST LP (doxy - Issued on vinyl in an edition of 500 copies, this very early score by Ennio Morricone, written for the 1961 movie 'Il Federale', already reveals the maestro's amazing talents.) 16.00

EVIL SPIRIT - Cauldron Messiah LP (horror - “Cauldron Messiah”, the debut album from German-based trio EVIL SPIRIT, is as fine a rendering of the Devil’s music as one is likely to find. The group formed in 2010, releasing a pair of demos before completing their first full-length effort. With its primitive instrumental crunch and spine-tingling tempos, “Cauldron Messiah” is a sulfurous ode to all things dark and heavy.) 20.00

GATTACA - Monumenty Selhání LP (Gattaca from Czech returns once again with 5 emotionally driven, intense and politically charged songs. The new LP Monumenty selhání (Monuments of failure) coming 4 years after the last one is the stuff that makes you wanna go back to the times when you were not cynical and in your thirties and you were blasting His Hero Is Gone and Madame Germen through your second hand speakers. The layers of melodic guitars and the variations in passionate vocals combined with loud and angry music make this a pleasure to listen to. While lyrically Gattaca deals with various aspects and pitfalls of struggles for power in everyday life, this is perhaps their most personal record so far. The record was born at SF Mini - a DIY venue/studio/skateramp in Olomouc closely connected to Gattaca, and marks 10 years since the first demo of the band which was released in October 2009. The new LP comes with a fullsize 12-page booklet with lyrics, English translations and bunch of footnotes explaining some of the remarks popping up in the songs. Monumenty selháni is out on 1st October and it is a split release by Rope or Guillotine, Contraszt! and MxFxL.) 13.00

JEFF PARKER - Suite for Max Brown LP (internation anthem - “I’m always looking for ways to be surprised,” says composer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Parker as he explains the process, and the thinking, behind his new album, Suite for Max Brown, released via a new partnership between the Chicago–based label International Anthem and Nonesuch Records. “If I sit down at the piano or with my guitar, with staff paper and a pencil, I’m eventually going to fall into writing patterns, into things I already know. So, when I make music, that’s what I’m trying to get away from—the things that I know.” Parker himself is known to many fans as the longtime guitarist for the Chicago–based quintet Tortoise, one of the most critically revered, sonically adventurous groups to emerge from the American indie scene of the early nineties. The band’s often hypnotic, largely instrumental sound eludes easy definition, drawing freely from rock, jazz, electronic, and avant-garde music, and it has garnered a large following over the course of nearly thirty years. Aside from recording and touring with Tortoise, Parker has worked as a side man with many jazz greats, including Nonesuch labelmate Joshua Redman on his 2005 Momentum album; as a studio collaborator with other composer-musicians, including Makaya McCraven, Brian Blade, Meshell N’Degeocello, his longtime friend (and Chicago Underground ensemble co-founder) Rob Mazurek; and as a solo artist. Suite for Max Brown is informally a companion piece to The New Breed, Parker’s 2016 album on International Anthem, which London’s Observer honored as the best jazz album of the year, declaring that “no other musician in the modern era has moved so seamlessly between rock and jazz like Jeff Parker. As guitarist for Chicago post-rock icons Tortoise, he’s taken the group in new and challenging directions that have kept them at the forefront of pop creativity for the last twenty years. As of late, however, Parker has established himself as one of the most formidable solo talents in modern jazz.”) 26.00

JEFF PARKER - The Relatives LP (thrill jockey - back in stock - If you went looking for a poster-child for Chicago's multidirectional, cross-pollinating, interstylistic music scene, you couldn't find a better one than Jeff Parker. Parker: jazz guitarist with pro credentials, widely travelled and prized by top soul-jazzers and hard-boppers. Parker: inveterate rocker who revitalized Tortoise with his ferocious improvising and tasty licks. Parker: experimentalist willing to try new dub, hip-hop, electronic, collage, free, chamber - anything worthwhile, irrespective of genre or orientation. Community expander, boundary buster, restless explorer - Jeff Parker is constantly trying out new things with new partners. A man on the move. Somehow, Jeff Parker manages flow through all these incarnations without copping a dilettante's superficiality. He applies the same depth of musicality and keen ear for quality to everything he does, which is part of what has made him one of the most sought-out musicians in the Windy City. Another part of that appeal, it must be said, is Parker's immense generosity and warm humility, the latter of which perhaps explains why he's only made one other CD as a "leader," the acclaimed trio outing Like Coping, released on Delmark in 2003.) 19.00

MAKAYA MCCRAVEN - In The Moment 3LP (deluxe edition) (international anthem . "One of the most important recordings to date in the modern jazz world." – Turntable Lab Makaya McCraven's early 2015 offering In The Moment was pared from nearly 48 hours of live, improvised performance recorded at 1 venue over 12 months and 28 shows. Working with instrumental contributions from an array of Chicago jazz players (including Jeff Parker, Joshua Abrams, Marquis Hill, and Matt Ulery), Makaya culled, cut, rendered and remixed the mass of sounds into 19 potent pieces of organic beat music for the original 80-minute, 2xLP issue. At the close of a breakthrough 2015 (with In The Moment receiving high marks from BBC’s Gilles Peterson, New York Times, and ‘Best of 2015’ honors from Los Angeles Times, Apple Music, NPR Music’s Jazz Critics Poll, and more), International Anthem announced a limited vinyl pressing of In The Moment E & F Sides, which contains 40 new minutes of music produced by Makaya from the same source material and mastered by Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev. The In The Moment Deluxe Edition compiles both the original 19-track In The Moment and the 40-minute E & F Sides into a single 3xLP collection.) 34.00

MARCOS VALLE/ PAULO SERGIO VALLE/CONJUNTO AZYMUTH - O Fabuloso Fittipaldi OST LP (la vieux - Reissue of this sensational 1973 album. From the golden archives of Brazilian library music, here comes the mighty soundtrack of 'O Fabuloso Fittipaldi' featuring a very early incarnation of Azymuth performing compositions by Marcos Valle and Paulo Sérgio Valle for a documentary about the legendary Formula 1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi. An holy grail among Brazilian grooves collectors, the album also features the voices of Emerson Fittipaldi and his wife Maria Helena, but what makes it amazing are Azymuth's great instrumental performances. Perfectly balanced between deep grooves, Latin funk, killer breaks and unbelievable melodic moments, 'O Fabuloso Fittipaldi' stands out as one of the masterpieces in its genre.) 20.00

PETER BRÖTZMANN - I Surrender Dear LP (trost - A long desire of extraordinaire saxophone player Peter Brötzmann was a studio recording of some of his favourite jazz tunes and his own music - a grande bridge over the music important for his life and his musical career in the past and present.... we invited him to Martin Siewert’s studio in Vienna to do so in summer 2018. The result is intense, beautiful and touching. Peter Brötzmann: Tenor Saxophone) 22.00

PURPLE MOUNTAINS - Purple Mountains LP (drag city - David Berman comes in from the cold after ten long years. His new musical expression is a meltdown unparalleled in modern memory. He warns us that his findings might be candid, but as long as his punishment comes in such bite-sized delights of all-American jukebox fare, we'll hike the Purple Mountains with pleasure forever.) 27.00

SQÜRL - Some Music for Robby Müller LP (sacred bones - These recordings were made by SQÜRL to provide the score to the documentary film LIVING THE LIGHT by Claire Pijman. The subject of Claire’s film is Robby Müller, the unparalleled Dutch cinematographer and poet of light whose work includes: PARIS TEXAS, DEAD MAN, BREAKING THE WAVES, BARFLY, 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE and at least 70 other remarkable films. He also produced many still photographs, like these luminous Polaroids on the jacket of this vinyl recording.   ) 21.00

THE VENTURES - walk don't run LP (rumble - If ever there was a ''band that launched a thousand bands,'' it would be the Ventures. Founded in Tacoma, Washington in 1958, their guitar-based instrumental sound would prove hugely influential, inspiring countless followers to pick up a guitar, bass or set of drumsticks and try to emulate their heroes. As these musical neophytes would soon learn, it wasn't as easy as it initially appeared. The Ventures were masters of tone and technique, deftly arranging their instruments in a seamless approach that was instantly recognizable. Because they were an instrumental group, their songs needed no translation, which resulted in a huge worldwide following. While many rock bands have claimed to be ''big in Japan'' over the years, the Ventures were the country's first rock superstars and they maintain a devoted worldwide following to this day. With over 100 million records sold, they are the best selling instrumental group of all time. Sundazed is proud to rightfully address the magnificent Ventures' catalog - each title has been sourced from the original Dolton and Liberty Records' reels and painstakingly mastered to sound and feel like they were originally intended. Along with precise artwork restoration on each title, these new Sundazed editions stand as the definitive re-releases of these monumentally important albums. Long may they rock!) 15.00

ZE RODRIX - O Esquadrão Da Morte OST LP (Exact reproduction LP by Le Vieux Renard Records of this sensational album from the mid 70s. From the golden archives of the Brazilian library, here comes the mighty soundtrack of Carlos Imperial blaxploitation movie 'Esquadrao da Morte'. Written, arranged and composed by the genius of Zé Rodrix and performed by his band 'Agência de Mágicos', this is a mostly instrumental masterpiece, a perfect meeting between North American '007' moods and Brazilian Funk.Fantastic artwork by artist Benicio. Highlights include: 'Esquadrão da Morte' – the opening track, a beautifully haunting, nervous track. 'Assalto', a great harmonic progression full of jazz intercourses and 'Esconderijo', with great “groove”, heavy bass, moog and electric piano. Killer stuff!) 20.00


LORI GOLDSTON & AIDAN BAKER & ANDREA BELFI - The Passion of Joan of Arc CD (substrata - As a follow up to her work inspired by contemporary and historical films with her collection of non-oficial and interpretative scores entitled: “Film Scores” (first published in 2013 by the Belgian label Sub Rosa); Lori Goldston returns with a brand new musical interpretation of the celluloid; this time, inspired by: “The Passion of Joan of Arc”, the legendary 1928 silent film, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, about the condemnation and punishment of the young french martyr -and feminist icon- Saint Joan of Arc. Lori Goldston, the renowned American cellist from Seattle, best know for playing in some of the most visible rock acts from Seattle as: Earth, Nirvana, The Black Cat Orchestra, brings us a new jewel of contemporary and alt-classical music at it’s untamed and organic side; this time accompanied by two of the most notable artists in avant-garde music worldwide: The ambient/experimental music guitarist: Aidan Baker, and the percussionist, drummer and Italian sound artist: Andrea Belfi. The Passion of Joan of Arc is an album that evolves slowly letting glimpse small variations, while growing in intensity to reach a strong climax, transiting through the sonorities of experimental chamber music, alt-classical, minimalism, free-improv and ambient music with a special organic feel. An album recorded live at the Christuskirche in Bochum, Germany, an evangelist church from the XIX century, capturing the natural reverb of the place . With an evolving improvisational composition they give us an extremely organic work, full of variations, textures and nuances, taking the expression to the limit, introjecting and projecting in a liminal way, looking to create a sound space of acoustic images. Substrata proudly presents a special and limited edition digipack. The album was recorded at the Christuskirche, an XIX century curch in Bochum, Germany and is edited, mixed and mastered by the renowned sound engineer: Mell Dettmer (The Melvins, Sunn O)), Godflesh, Earth, Boris, Stephen O ‘Malley, Eyvind Kang, John Zorn, Jessica Kenney, Wolves in The Throne Room among others.) The cover artwork is a painting: An abstract interpretation (and a layering) of some scenes of the film “The Passion of Joan of Arch”, made by the Mexican visual artist: Mariana Ortizalbo. ) 13.00


WIRE - #432 | February 2020 MAG (Inside this issue: Wire: Since 1977’s Pink Flag, Wire have crushed and expanded rock at will. About to release their 17th album Mind Hive, the most stable line-up in the band’s history discuss facing the future while repurposing the past. By Dan Barrow Katie Gately: Bereavement and ritual inform the new album from the Los Angeles based avant pop auteur. By Emily Pothast Frank Denyer: With his unusual instrumental combinations and penchant for microtonality and extended technique, the English composer offers sanctuary from sensory overload. By Sam Richards Invisible Jukebox: Mayo Thompson: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection trigger a “Free Form Freak-Out” for the Red Krayola founder? Tested by Alan Licht Unlimited Editions: Recital Records Unofficial Channels: Auctioneers Marcela Lucatelli: The Brazilian composer and improvisor gets her shriek on. By Philip Clark Nava & Shayna Dunkelman: Percussive siblings bond over the beat. By Kurt Gottschalk Terry Allen: Weird country’s master storyteller returns. By George Grella Global Ear: Malta: Creativity flourishes quietly in the shadow of turmoil. By Kurt Buttigieg The Inner Sleeve: Freedom To Spend on Heroin Epiphanies: Ryley Walker gives in to the temptation of Christian ska punk Print Run: Poesy Matters by Catherine Christer Hennix; Other Matters by Catherine Christer Hennix; Girl To City: A Memoir by Amy Rigby; Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair; Double Lives In Art And Pop Music by Jörg Heiser; A New Day Yesterday: UK Progressive Rock & The 1970s by Mike Barnes; To Live And Defy In LA: How Gangsta Rap Changed America by Felicia Angeja Viator On Screen: Liam Barker’s Voice Of The Eagle: The Enigma Of Robbie Basho; Posy Dixon’s Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story…) 8.00
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