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Messagepar ADAGIO830 » 07 Déc 2018, 12:51

hi. welcome to the first newsletter for December. Tons of stuff arrived like the DREW MCDOWALL - The Third Helix LP, a ltd COLD CAVE - You & Me & Infinity 10“, BABY GRANDE - 1975 - 1977 LP re issue and other Hozac stuff, the FALL re issues via Superior Viaduct, KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD re issues, HISSING - Permanent Destitution LP on Profound Lore, SIMON FINN - Pass The Distance LP re issue, new STREET SECTS LP, BLACK RAIN - Metal Rain 1989 - 93 LP, CARBONAS DLP, WILL OLDHAM - Songs Of Love And Horror LP, GRAF ORLOCK - An Examination of Violent Cinema Vol 1. LP, NO STATIK - Mysterious To Ourselves LP, DÖDSRIT LP etc etc.

ADAGIO830 is having a bandcamp sale til the end of the year. Since we have some great new things in the pipe and we are also in a christmas mood we give 40% of everything in our BANDCAMP to make space and raise some funds

code is --- snowflake

we also got two things coming up

12.12. CONTRACTIONS (FR, peeps of Daitro, Baton Rouge) + Apostrophe at TIEF

15.12. Vernissage with Tine fetz at Bis Aufs Messer

Thank you
 Robert & Norman


SPELLLING - Hard To Please 7“ (sacred bones - SPELLLING released her first full length Pantheon of Me in September 2017 and it was self written, performed and produced in her apartment in Berkeley, California. She began experimenting with music production in 2015 in effort to carry on the creative legacy of a lost loved one. Drawing heavily from messages in her dreams, her sound spirals through clarity and obscurity searching through landscapes of psychic space. The result is a divine soul music, soft in its restraint but heavy with passion. SPELLLING’s powerful vocal range dances over compositions that vary from rhythmic and ethereal to crunchy and hypnotic, while all remaining singularly cohesive to her distinct and enveloping sound. Pantheon of Me was Bandcamp’s #4 record of the year in 2017 and they raved of that sound: “Cabral has it, from her careful sense of composition to her charismatic presence to her ability to communicate with her music straight through to the listener’s heart.”  Her newest tracks "Hard to Please" and "My Other Voice" (a cover of Sparks’ 1979 symphonic disco track) pair together to reflect on bittersweet passions of an obsessive romance. "Hard to Please" swells through the excitement and pain of yearning to please an unsatisfiable lover, with “eyes of winter” but a promising "heart of spring”. The track presents as dance music but journeys through a swirling climax to something more spiritual. "My Other Voice" channels a more sinister state of romantic high, commanding obedience from this aloof lover, “you're so independent but that’s going to change real soon, with my other voice I can destroy this room”. The sinister tone is juxtaposed with the elated music, that grooves celestially along, entrancing the listener and destroying the proverbial room with the power of SPELLLING's voice, which elevates this cover beyond an homage and to a unique vision entirely its own.  ) 8.00


COLD CAVE - You & Me & Infinity 10“ (heartworm - Limited edition picture disc sold online and on tour. Gatefold opens vertically. Comes with lyrics card.) 27.00


AH MER AH SU - Star LP ("Black trans women’s narratives across media are often synonymous with tragedy. Our lives and worth are often diminished and erased, but there is truly so much to celebrate about our existence. Oakland-based transfeminine musical artist AH MER AH SU is doing just that with her debut album, STAR, which is infused with words of wisdom from cultural figures including Maya Mones, Saturn Rising, and Davia Spain, and saturated with beats to get down to. STAR’s essence is reminiscent of the power behind Solange’s A Seat at the Table and the poignancy of Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer. Expanding on themes from her first full-length EP, Rebecca, in which she critiques the white gaze of Blackness at the intersection of trans womanhood, STAR provides anthems for anyone searching for autonomy in not only their romantic life, but in society as well."— Pressed on transparent deep purple vinyl. Limited edition of 250 copies) 18.00

ALASTOR - Slave To The Grave DLP (riding easy - Alastor hearken to the days when heavy rock was the music of the rebel, the occult adherent and lurker in the shadows, not hipster bros. Theirs is the doom sound for those who discovered it on the edge of town, in the cold rain, perhaps, as an escape from the squares who’ll never understand. Drenched in heavy, distorted darkness and steeped in occult horror that will make your skin crawl and ears cry sweet tears of blood, Slave To The Grave pulls no punches in the Swedish band’s unabashedly bleak themes.  The band formed under a bad moon in 2016, consisting of Dharma Gheddon (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar and organ), Lucy Ferian on lead & acoustic guitar and organ, Terry Fying on guitar and Levi Athan on drums.  The quartet released its epic three-song debut album Black Magic in early 2017 via Twin Earth Records, followed by the two-track Blood On Satan’s Claw EP on Halloween the same year. Joining forces with Riding Easy Records in 2018, they hunkered down to summon this seven-track hateful gospel with engineer Magnus Sörensen. “It’s an album that circles around the concept of death,” explains lead guitarist Lucy Ferian.) 30.00

ANGUISH - s/t LP (rare noise - The dark, impossibly intense dirges, industrial noise onslaughts and banshee-like free jazz wailing heard throughout Anguish could be an imposing soundtrack for a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future. This powerhouse, inter-generational offering and RareNoise Records debut brings together an unlikely gathering of members of the New Jersey-based experimental hip-hop group Dälek (electronic musician and vocalist Will Brooks with guitarist-keyboardist Mike Mare), the Swedish free jazz group Fire! Orchestra (tenor saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, drummer Andreas Werliin) and the classic ‘70s German krautrock band Faust (keyboardist and 68-year-old founding member Hans Joachim Irmler). Recorded in just three days during the summer of 2018 at Faust’s Scheer Studios, located in a former factory perched on the banks of the Danube in Swabia, Germany, near the Swiss border, Anguish stands as a hard-hitting manifesto for the next evolution in the hip-hop legacy. From the droning opener, “Vibrations,” fueled by ambient loops and sparked by Gustafsson’s cathartic, blast furnace intensity on tenor, to the slamming, industrial-tinged closer, “Wümme,” Anguish is an iron fist upside the head of complacency. “Cyclical Physical” is the sound of rage with an in-your-face rap from Brooks while the moody title track features a jazzy backdrop that has Gustafsson nimbly shadowing Brooks’ pointed spoken word rap. “Gut Feeling” is a hard-edged noise rock / metal romp with Brooks shouting the combative refrain: “Fuck your frail feelings!” The instrumental interlude “Brushes for Leah” is a dark, imposing soundtrack underscored by drummer Werliin’s subtle brushwork while Brooks spits thought-provoking verse with flowing aplomb on the ambient backdrop of “Healer’s Lament.” Gustafsson erupts with caustic abandon on the throbbing instrumental “DEW” then blows sinuous lines around Brooks’ vitriolic rap on the low-end industrial groover “A Maze of Decay.” Werliin's thunderous backbeat drives the kinetic closer “Wümme,” a krautrock flavored instrumental named for the rural German town where Faust formed in 1971. ) 25.00

BABA COMMANDANT & THE MANDINGO BAND - Siri Ba Kele LP (sublime - Baba Commandant And The Mandingo Band return with their second LP, Siri Ba Kele. After the Afro-beat fury of their first album Juguya (2015), the band has now distilled a potent mix of traditional and modern Burkinabe funk with a reverent take on the iconic Mandingue guitar music of the 1970's. Mamadou Sanou (Baba Commandant) leads the band with a confidence earned from years of toiling in the DIY underground of the West African music scene. His riveting growl and main instrument, the doso n'goni, still strike with a profound delivery. The band's guitarist, Issouf Diabate, is on board again and his breathtaking guitar work is one of the greatest examples of the instrument displayed in modern times. Massibo Taragna (bass) and Mohamed Sana(drums) are simply one of the finest rhythm sections working today, each a master on his instrument and the chops displayed here are truly something to behold. The band has become an interlocking five-headed hydra of complex funk and cosmic guitar explosions. Recorded in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in February 2018 by Camille Louvel and mixed with SF'sHisham Mayet, the Mandingo Band's sophomore LP is a modern statement of searing Sahelian compositions. It stands shoulder-to-shoulderwith such classics as the self-titled efforts from Super Biton De Segou (1977), Kanaga De Mopti (1977), Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux (1981) and the mighty Rail Band. Limited edition.) 26.00

BABY GRANDE - 1975 - 1977 LP (hozac - Canberra, Australia in the mid 1970s: Teenagers STEVE KILBEY, DAVE SCOTLAND, JOE LEE, KEN WILEY and PETER KOPPES form the ultimate amalgamation of sneering, vicious glam rock, BABY GRANDE, out of the ashes of the short-lived, PRECIOUS LITTLE. Taking cues from Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, Stooges, Bowie, T. Rex, and other sub-level trash-decadents, Baby Grande rode their own wave and carved out their own sound, but with some high-profile opening slots for AC/DC in 1975, their salacious glitter rock was too late for the trend, caught between cultural shifts, as happened to so many other bands during this era. Cranked up glam rock with snotty vocals wasn’t exactly new in 1975, but in Australia, a new breed of hard-rock-fueled fans congregated around the beer-guzzling Sharpie scene had emerged, and Baby Grande just didn’t quite fit in, despite their all of their finely-crafted aggression and savage delivery. Their decadence was showing through their crushed velour, and the meatheads probably felt threatened, so even after a promising signing to EMI records, the band was dropped, and reluctantly split up. It’s a story you’ve heard a million times by now, but at least this time, there’s one incredible chunk of somehow buried, yet blazing rock’n roll holding it up. Just the way the band stops mid-song on "Going There And Back" and inserts the chorus to Mott/Bowie's "All The Young Dudes" and then dips right back into their own song is something to behold. The tracks included here cover all of their previously unreleased recordings at Alberts, EMI, and Air Studios, sadly all that’s left of this incredibly important band. Another true missing link between glam and punk, and even a glimmering seed or two foreshadowing the dark-pop sound KIlbey and Koppes would later find when forming THE CHURCH. But for the most part, Baby Grande sounds nothing like The Church, it’s an adrenaline-charged collection of razor-sharp ball-crushing hits.) 18.00

BB AND THE BLIPS - Shame Job LP (thrilling - Australia is a violent invention. BB AND THE BLIPS formed in 2017 in Sydney on the land of the Gadigal-Wangal people of the Eora Nation. Their debut LP Shame Job is a whipsmart retort to the insidious and complacent “she’ll be right” mentality fomented in the so-called Lucky Country. A ten song investigation into the uses and abuses of shame in various contexts, from nations and prisons to family and sex, these perfectly punk packages burst forth from the meeting point of first wave Sydney bands like Tactics or Thought Criminals and the caustic anarcho genius of early Crass. Featuring members of GOOD THROB, SEMI and HOUSEWIVES, this record is out in time to support the Blips on their upcoming North American tour. Accompanied by a two-color Risograph printed lyric booklet and limited to 600 copies on black vinyl.) 18.00

BLACK RAIN - Metal Rain 1989 - 93 LP (dka - "DKA is very honored to be able to present, on vinyl for the first time, BLACK RAIN's (led by STUART ARGABRIGHT of IKE YARD, DOMINATRIX) Metal Rain 1988-1993. This archival release captures the group at a time when it was experimenting with a more traditional 4-piece rock set up (drums/guitars/bass/vocals), although the results are anything but traditional. Interspersed with bits of scraping ambient and textural forays this is a record full of thrash and riffs and energy. While the palette is far removed from what fans might expect based on their more recent output, the core aesthetic ideas and principles that drive those tracks can still be heard throughout this wildly different format. The result is surprisingly varied and extremely dense and rewarding. This is a historically rich document that is integral to the development of the downtown New York scene that was so vital in this time." LP includes an insert.) 25.00

CARBONAS - Your Moral Superiors: Singles And Rarities DLP (goner - Fast, tight, and irresistibly tuneful, Atlanta’s Carbonas took America by storm in the mid-2000s with a slew of catchy singles and hit-laden albums. The group dragged into its orbit some of the best and brightest of Atlanta’s burgeoning punk scene, launching careers and developing a rabid fan following (and inspiring at least five tattoos). At the height of their popularity, they disbanded, leaving the masses clamoring for more material.  As songwriters, the band were incredibly prolific, gradually developing from a lo-fi treble blast (à la Rip-Off Records) into a finely tuned Euro-punk steamroller, and drummer / producer Dave Rahn was there to record all of it. For the past decade, however, many of these tracks languished on four-track cassettes, hard drives, and out-of-print singles and compilations. Finally, as they enter their twilight years and reflect on their legacy in the face of impending death, the Carbonas have decided to give these tracks to the world.  Ryan Bell (Scavenger Of Death Records) was tasked with raiding the archives and tracking down tapes and files, as well as sequencing and mixing audio, wrangling posters, flyers and liner notes and cover layout.  Goner Records is proud to present this collection of all the hits and misses from Atlanta’s finest.) 25.00

CURTIS MAYFIELD - Curtis / Live! DLP (anatacrtic - Recorded in early 1971, Curtis/Live! finds Curtis Mayfield in top form at the intimate Greenwich Village club The Bitter End. With veterans from Chicago’s soul and jazz scene, Mayfield runs through a superb setlist of Impressions classics (“Gypsy Woman,” “People Get Ready”), gems from his first solo LP (“We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue,” “The Makings of You”) and fierce originals that would make their recording debut here (“I Plan To Stay A Believer,” “Stare And Stare,” and “Stone Junkie”). As author Lloyd Sachs writes in the liner notes for this vinyl reissue, “All of the songs are lovingly reworked – in some cases stretched out and in others, brightened with humor. The band redefines groove via the West African polyrhythms of conga and bongo great Henry Gibson and the intertwined guitars of Mayfield – whose dulcet, vocal-like tone was a revolution in and of itself – and Craig McMullen. The group creates excitement through tension and release, through building up and letting go.”  Curtis/Live! was originally issued on Mayfield’s own Curtom label just before his second studio album, 1971’s Roots, and his influential Super Fly soundtrack. While the singer would continue to establish himself as one of the key voices of his generation, the powerful anthems and in-the-pocket perfection on this double-LP live set demonstrate how brilliant Curtis truly was – a master class in restraint and fearless expression.) 28.00

CRVEL - Sombras LP (Crvel is a new postpunk trio from Yucatán / Mexico. 10 dark hymns for the apocalypse. ) 12.00

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS - Darkness Rains LP (red vinyl) (suicide squeeze - At the core of Death Valley Girls, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel channel a modern spin on Fun House’s sonic exorcisms, ZZ Top’s desert-blasted riffage, and Sabbath’s occult menace. On their third album Darkness Rains, Death Valley Girls churn out the hypercharged scuzzy rock every generation yearns for, but there is a more subversive force percolating beneath the surface that imbues the band with an exhilarating cosmic energy. ) 18.00

DMBQ - Keenly DLP (god - DYNAMITE MASTERS BLUES QUARTET are back. Keeenly is their 13th album since 1989, but the first one over a decade, and, in anticipation of a tour in North America, the third DMBQ album ever released outside Japan. It is an enormous sound of rock, just what the world needs to hear right now! DMBQ are SHINJI MASUKO, SHINJI WADA and MAKI. In the time since their last record, Masuko has been a member of BOREDOMS, playing guitars, noise, tape machine and turntables. For Keeenly, the first DMBQ record in a long time, the band recorded themselves, using vintage mics, analog tech, and lots of amps. In a tribute to the old-school hard rock that is their inspiration, they recorded live. This reflects the inspiration of nature as well—things like wind, water, sky, wild animals and human beings are all very influential to DMBQ. Their music is an attempt to bring a great noise of natural sound into the world, sidestepping the use of computers completely. In the 1990s, the sound of DMBQ was described as heavy psych rock, which is a kind of music that the band has great feeling for. However, their goal is get free from the constrictions of rock, using more abstract and imaginative elements, such as the use of noise and drone elements in their playing. Today, these intentions are fully integrated and evolved, and the pure electric force of the music is at an apex of expression.) 27.00

DREW MCDOWALL - The Third Helix LP (dais - For this third release on Dais, Drew McDowall reaches into concept, ritual, and immersion, in an exercise of unravelling the DNA of hallucination. The Third Helix is McDowall’s product of deconstructive exploration, twisting the fibers of being into new structure, shape, pattern, and pulse, without reconstituting its inscribed template.  The result is a true “third act,” in McDowall’s career, that has seen him peregrinate from the late-’70s art-punk of the trio Poems to his work with Psychic TV and Coil throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, into his current home of New York City, where he has composed with CSD, Compound Eye, as well his solo work. That triangulation is central to The Third Helix, as it begins with his dive into the existence of a sensory toolkit unique to McDowall before twisting faculties and reconfiguring consciousness by honoring inherent power, cognizant of memory yet agnostic of context.) 23.00

DR. JOHN - Gris-Gris LP (jackpot - 1968 debut album from the king of the psychedelic bayou—the hypnotic, mystical and powerful sound of the swamp coming to life. As he became DR. JOHN (real name MAC REBENNACK), it was his LA session work with musicians like Sonny & Cher, Canned Heat, and Zappa that allowed him to start conjuring up his visions of guitar psych-pop to walk alongside his authentic New Orleans upbringing. While Gris Gris contains moments that make it a type stamped symbol of its era, it might have well been made in outer space. Recorded in its own psychic and stylistic vacuum, the album borrows as heavily from the New Orleans’ musical culture in which he grew up as it does the looming continuous pulse of war, heavy drugs, and the end of the free love/hippie movement. The album was taken under the wing of a small percentage of the “underground” upon its release in 1968 and did not find a true following for years. Original 1968 mono mix sourced from the original tapes. Pressed on limited edition green vinyl.) 27.00

DUCHAMP - Kansas City 1980 LP (aloa - DUCHAMP played devolved post punk with a funky backbone and a distinctly midwestern artrock vibe. Psychedelic synths and tense drums mix with sweaty, suggestive lyrics and melodies. This compilation collects the group’s first formal forays into Kansas City’s Chapman Recording Studio in early 1980. It features all three of DuChamp’s hard to find garage-wave singles remastered from the original tapes. As well as three songs recorded alongside the original singles and unreleased until now. Includes insert with rare photos and liner notes by the band. CD and download include the band's hard to find 1982 eight song cassette-only album Change.) 18.00

THE FALL - Totale's Turns LP (superir - Given The Fall’s penchant for iconoclasm, it’s no surprise that they decided to say goodbye to the ’70s with a series of gigs at Northern England’s gruffest halls. The band’s formidable live show was met with even more derision and disorder than customary during these late ’79 and early ’80 performances, and they skillfully amplified such sentiments back at the crowd. Totale’s Turns, The Fall’s first live album, was released on Rough Trade just prior to their pivotal third album, 1980’s Grotesque.  “The difference between you and us is that we have brains,” shouts Mark E. Smith to open Totale’s Turns as the band breaks into the rollicking “Fiery Jack,” their latest single at the time. Each player is at their jagged best: Marc Riley and Craig Scanlon’s splintering guitars, Steve Hanley’s thunderous bass and Smith’s combative sneer reverberate over “Rowche Rumble,” “Choc-Stock” and “Spectre Vs. Rector” more than any studio would ever allow. Totale’s Turns never panders to live-record conventions, serving instead as a gripping exhibit of The Fall en masse and arguably the most accurate document of the group to date.  Superior Viaduct’s edition is the first time that Totale’s Turns has been available on vinyl domestically. Liner notes by Brian Turner.) 25.00

THE FALL - The Rough Trade Singles 1980 - 1983 LP (superior viaduct - The Rough Trade Singles collects The Fall’s four singles recorded for this influential label in 1980 and 1983 – How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’ / City Hobgoblins, Totally Wired / Putta Block, The Man Whose Head Expanded / Ludd Gang and Kicker Conspiracy – none of which appeared on any of the band’s studio LPs. With 7-inches being the era’s vehicle for buzzing communiqués, The Fall would use the format for short-form, standalone works rather than as mere promotional devices for forthcoming albums.  “Totally Wired” is often cited (and rightfully so) as The Fall’s most infectious tune – an amphetamine-fueled anthem with stuttering nods to forebears, yet too incisive to have been made by anyone else. “How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’” is another mad hoedown, one reimagined for the post-punk age. While the playful rhythm machine on “The Man Whose Head Expanded” almost suggests danceability, Mark E. Smith’s idiosyncratic shriek on “Kicker Conspiracy” pierces through the twin drumming of Paul Hanley and Karl Burns and the group’s unpredictable / unmistakable racket. Together these songs remain some of the absolute best material The Fall would ever release.  Superior Viaduct’s edition is the first time that The Rough Trade Singles has been available on vinyl domestically. Liner notes by Brian Turner.) 25.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Willoughby's Beach LP (flightless - REISSUED!!! KG&TLW’s second EP, Willoughby’s Beach was self-released in 2011 and originally limited to 350 hand-numbered copies. Lo-fi garage rock.) 25.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Oddments LP (flightless - REISSUED!!! The fourth studio album by KG&TLW released in 2014 featuring a collection of odd songs recorded between 2007-2014. Originally limited to 500 copies. Total pyschedelic rock/pop.) 25.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Float Along - Fill Your Lungs LP (lifeless - REISSUED!!! The third full-length album by KG&TLW released in 2013 featuring the ‘Gizzhead National Anthem’ “Head/On-Pill.” Psychedelic garage rock.) 25.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Eyes Like The Sky LP (flightless - REISSUED!!! The second full length album by KG&TLW, released in 2013 and originally limited to 500 copies. A cult western audio book, the album is narrated and tells a story of the American Frontier. Spaghetti western, garage rock.) 25.00

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - 12 Bar Bruise LP (flightless - REISSUED!!! The debut full length album by KG&TLW, originally released in 2012 and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Psychedelic lo-fi garage rock.) 25.00

LIFE SENTENCE - s/t LP (jet speed The first official reIssue of the classic hardcore punk debut LP from LIFE SENTENCE. Remastered from the original tapes with six additional bonus tracks. '80s Chicago thrash at it’s finest. This lineup of the band only lasted a little over two years but had logged in hundreds of gigs across the US and Canada playing with the likes of Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, DRI, COC, MDC, Suicidal Tendencies, 7 Seconds, and many more. Their t-shirts and stickers sporting the iconic logo were worn by everyone from Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus, OFF!, and Napalm Death to pro-skaters Monty Nolder and Steve Steadham. The LP itself received rave reviews in Maximum RocknRoll, Flipside, Thrasher, Faces, and even MTV’s 120 Minutes. In 2017, the original master tapes were returned to the surviving members and they decided to finally release a remastered official reissue of the debut LP along with two rare studio out takes, three four-track demos, and a live track.) 25.00

GRAF ORLOCK - An Examination of Violent Cinema Vol 1. LP (vitriol - Comes in a die-cut fully glued jacket with autopsy information and black bodybag polybag. European preorder color is Piss Yellow out of 150, American preorder colors in Predator Blood neon green, original black vinyl. Pressing out of 1000 total -An Examination of Violent Cinema Vol 1. was written and recorded in January 2018 in the midst of a snowed in 5-day lock down in the nether regions of a frigid North Carolinian winter. In the course of those vapid 120 hours, twelve songs emerged as testament to the rigor mortis of the vapid film industry and the thoroughly pedestrian worldview of hardcore. Taking inspiration from the cinema’s previous twelve months, Examination finds Graf Orlock in fine classic form; bizarre ideas haphazardly laid over even more pointlessly confrontational lyrical content. Contained therein is not only commentary on the weak and prosaic state of the last decades endlessly recycled and not-nearly-violent-enough releases, but also the question of how one could even contemplate the creation of “art” in a landscape so devoid of vision. If there will never again be the singularity of almost politicism and almost social commentary that was the beauty of 1987’s Predator, should we continue to push this same human sized ball of celluloid and shit interminably up the same hill? One could argue the irrationality of routinely ignoring empirical evidence would place us somewhere in the classification of “idiot”, “moron”, or in the formerly credible status of “imbecile”. This seems to apply in all regards to the difficult and confusing milieu we all currently inhabit. This is a study of those questions, through the ill-refined, gross, and frankly annoying lens of cinema-grind, a term some never seemed to notice we created ourselves to mock ourselves. Years on Graf Orlock still manages to confuse people either by motive or aim, and this hopefully continues that trajectory. In the fog of this shit-steam, the point remains clear-ish that perhaps the purpose here is to make something different out of the street refuse, the D-list VHS, or the synthetic and ironic world of the action movie. At its most reduced, perhaps it’s a pastiche of our heinously embarrassing cultural aspects, or at its best a critique of the past that attempts to look forward into a totally bleak future. As Benjamin said “Mechanical reproduction of a work of art . . . represents something new.” Who knows, but in order to find anything of value one must delve headlong into the breach (or torso in this case) and rip the innards out and see what can be salvaged.) 17.00

HISSING - Permanent Destitution LP (prfound lor - Seattle, Washington’s HISSING engage in dark, dissonant, cacophonous, inverted death metal noise and with their debut LP, “Permanent Destitution”, the three-piece have created a nihilistic vision of deranged otherworldly audial pandemonium. A soundscape of pure enveloping darkness and unrelenting chaos, “Permanent Destitution” deconstructs and builds itself through the walls and layers of pummeling audial turmoil and disarray generated through twisted angular guitar work and fretboard annihilation, surgically cold yet constructed and calculated death march drum ornamentations and monolithic bass pulsations that become interspersed with an overall dark overbearing ambience. With already being at the mercy of HISSING’s punishing sound fabric, that added touch of droning noise segments, also crucial to HISSING’s sound, mixed with the doomy industrial components become that final element to make “Permanent Destitution” a towering monument of primal avant-deathnoise. Formed in 2014, HISSING had already made quite the reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the West Coast through various live appearances (which included a major US tour with Sunn 0))), impressions made with their 2015 demo, and most notably with their 2016 self-titled 7” EP released by Southern Lord along with last year’s massive split with Sutekh Hexen (Flenser).) 25.00

MISERABLE - Loverboy / Dog Days LP (sargent house - Two EP's from the solo-project of Kristina Esfandiari, best known as the vocalist for King Woman and Whirr, issued together on one LP! 'Loverboy' is a somber and stormy affair and 'Dog Days' (originally out on cassette) contains upbeat pop songs.) 27.00

NO STATIK - Mysterious To Ourselves LP (iron lung - The tumultuous and ever intense NO STATIK are back with 8 furious hardcore tracks and 3 deconstructed soundscapes dealing with the anxiety of feeling incomplete, forward movement and total chaos. We as people are never complete. Even when we die there are parts of ourselves and our lives that are left less refined that we would prefer. Sometimes we don't know where we are going or what the fuck is happening to us but every once in a while there are little indicators or even outside forces helping us to grow and to move along to the next stage. Life is ugly, sparse and bold. Let this LP be an indicator for you. A navigation point to help get through the mess and offer a sense of possible order and hope for the future. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Laíza Ferreira. Edition of 300 copies on 150-gram black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with hand made test films attached. Download included.) 20.00

SALOLI - The Deep End LP (kranky - Portland, Oregon resident Mary Sutton’s solo debut materialized in the wake of a performance she gave at a clothing-optional soaking-pool sauna: “I had never composed for synth before but wanted to make something people sitting motionless and naked in hot bubbly water would want to hear.” It was while in this headspace that she reconnected with Satie’s entrancing cyclical motifs, particularly the way “he subtly spins melodic fragments, and pivots harmonies and phrases so the repetitions feel new and surprising yet soothingly familiar, as if casting a spell.” The nine intuitive instrumentals comprising The Deep End accomplish exactly that, threading complementary shades of soft-hued hypnosis, dazed modal introspection, icy amusement park reverie, and lunar lullaby into a prismatic suite of contemplative melody and synthetic communion. Sutton’s songs are active rather than ambient yet their structure is more suggestive than scripted, full of lulls, asymmetries, and daydreams. Each track was written specifically to be played live on an analog synthesizer, with no overdubs or post-production wizardry. The sound of Saloli is one of warm-blooded wiring, turned on and tapped into, emotive and electric, storied machines speaking through all too human hands.) 21.00

SCORCHED - Ecliptic Butchery LP (20 buck spin - Scorched return with their second full length experiment in barbarity. Earlier in 2018, 20 Buck Spin collected the body of Scorched non-LP material onto the Excavated For Evisceration platter, reintroducing the band under the label’s banner. And yet that collection served as mere appetizer to the main course of Ecliptic Butchery, a sadistic tale of deep space terror and desolate inhumanity smeared in blood red brutality.   The eerie bizarre intro of “Blood Splatter Eclipse” sets the unearthly mood of a place far beyond. The band fades in with a savagely slow churn indicating a crossover to a domain where piercing shrieks of pain are to be indifferently lost in the lifeless expanse of the void. The hopeless punishment continues as “Exhibits Of Torture” are everywhere and the “Mortuary Of Nightmares” leads only deeper into the horror until finally a formless mass of “Dissected Humanity” is all that remains. Produced, mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Tomb Mold, Pissgrave, Prurient), this impossibly heavy recording, seething and slicing, exemplifies the ideal Scorched operating theater for the band’s uniquely gut-wrenching death metal—simply, one of the most malicious onslaughts of 2018.) 23.00

SIMON FINN - Pass The Distance LP (antarctica -Few albums define a genre as succinctly as Simon Finn’s Pass The Distance does for psychedelic folk. Not even landmark recordings by Pearls Before Swine or Skip Spence can stand up to the sheer madness of Finn’s sole LP, originally released in 1970.  After moving to London in 1967, Finn busked around town for a couple years before entering Camden’s Chalk Farm Studios, best known for producing a string of reggae hits. Pass The Distance, however, would become more than a solo-acoustic project.  Backed by free-improvisation innovators David Toop and Paul Burwell, Finn’s dark, personal songs unravel lysergically over 40 minutes. Toop’s sinewy electric guitar and Burwell’s broad percussive palette lift up Finn’s ardent strumming and snarling vocals, making this one wild ride in catharsis, introspection and raw merriment.  As Finn tells journalist Dave Segal in an interview for this vinyl reissue, “The songs were about alienation and loneliness. ‘Jerusalem’ came to me in one shot. I wrote it on mescaline and was playing it over and over and one of my flatmates wrote it down.”  Pass The Distance remains a “cult record” in the best sense of the term, possessing a hypnotic beauty all its own) 26.00

STREET SECTS - The Kicking Mule LP (flenser - As urgent and tense as a hunting knife pressed to a quickening jugular, The Kicking Mule presents ten intimate vignettes about self-sabotage, visiting themes like battling mental illness, addiction, alienation and more across ten new tracks. Though primarily known as masters of cacophonous samples and jittery electronic stutter, post-punk duo Street Sects’ forthcoming sophomore album represents a seismic shift in execution by applying those ideas to that of the romantic yet experimental approach of Roxy Music / Brian Eno as well as Berlin-era Bowie. Take for example how “Something I Can Never Have” fits on Pretty Hate Machine—a section of serenity within a blanket of attack.  Vocalist Leo Ashline and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth use pulsating tension, melodic vocals and deliberate space, keeping their assault on the senses measured and intentional. Featuring album art by renowned illustrator Francesco Francavilla and the title inspired by Elton John’s track “Ticking,” the duo pairs neo-noir aesthetic with aching lyricism, recalling scenes of fear, loss, crime and desperation  Street Sects formed in 2013 after Ashline emerged from the fog of a thirteen year battle with addiction and began to collaborate with friend Ringsmuth. The duo embraced the ethos and aggression of punk rock, and the experimental attitude and disillusionment of early industrial music to create a sound unique to them alone. The band has earned a reputation for their confrontational, sensory deprived fog-drenched live performances.) 22.00

ULTHAR - Cosmovore LP (20 buck spin - Ulthar create something uniquely arcane within the Bay Area metal underground. The trio comes together on their debut full length Cosmovore to unleash its feral urgency for dizzying Absu-like black metal with death metal’s bludgeoning violence. Thematically heavy on weird and supernatural horror with a bizarre Rudimentary Peni-like surrealism, the band are a difficult to classify spectral entity.  Over the course of the album’s forty minutes, the band careens forward at primarily unrelenting velocity, with the opening title track instantly battering with primal persistence. The album’s middle section, a blinding storm of ghastly black dread, leads into the thirteen-plus minute epic “Dunwich Whore” where the Ulthar universe becomes all consuming with proggy synth bookends, vertiginous tempo variation, grinding technical violence, and thrashed madness.  Yet another stellar debut album released under the 20 Buck Spin banner, Cosmovore can be seen as the monstrous opening salvo for a band only starting to wage war.) 23.00

UPSETTERS - Double Seven LP (antarttick - “Double Seven, released by Trojan in late 1973, was the last album Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry would release on the label for some considerable time, and it was essentially the final album project he put together before establishing his own Black Ark studio. Opening track ‘Kentucky Skank’ sets the tone with a slow creeper whose frying sounds underscore its role as a praise song to the Colonel’s KFC recipes; the cosmic Moog blips come courtesy of Ken Elliott at Camden’s Chalk Farm studio, also prominently featured on U-Roy’s double-tracked, stereo-panned gambling ode ‘Double Six.’ David Isaacs’ ‘Just Enough’ was cut a few years prior, which makes it slightly out of phase with the rest of the set, though the enigmatic ‘In The Iaah’ sounds mightily fresh, with its uncredited chorus said to come courtesy of the Wailers. Perry’s own ‘Jungle Lion’ has hilarious roars from the maestro at the start, strangely grafted atop a reggae re-make of Al Green’s ‘Love and Happiness.’ “Overall, Double Seven melds the soul, funk, reggae and dub elements that were constant in Perry’s work during this phase. His enhanced audio spectrum and endless reference points would keep his music continually apart from that made by his peers.”  — David Katz (excerpt from the liner notes)) 25.00

VECTOR COMMAND - System 3 LP (hozac - San Francisco’s bands in the early 80s didn’t have many stalwarts from 5 years prior, and just as the first wave’s legendary bands dissolved and re-grouped into their reinvented personas, the second wave of bands had just as many interesting ideas. Enter VECTOR COMMAND, Blade Runner aesthetics cross-wired with Velvet Underground’s deconstructed noise, and lyrics full of subconscious madness and mysticism, an all-analog 2-man unit consisting of JOHNNY STRIKE and JOEY D'KAYE from SF punk legends, CRIME. An entirely different direction, yet still seedy and sonically corrupt, Johnny & Joey were looking to start something ahead of the curve yet again, and with the snazzy, quirky new wave of electronic music emerging everywhere in the early 80s, they got in on the ground floor and locked themselves into the Dark Side of this sick new wave and never looked back. The tracks included on their unreleased debut LP, System 3 are stark, minimal, and nightmarish noise exercises into the deranged mental state, a sci-fi experiment gone off the deep end, and a bad trip you can’t escape. Panic-inducing drum machines, interlaced with shrieking blasts of paranoid vocals on one track, and subdued and sedated whispers on the next, a sonically-thrilling experience in Dark Wave music, back when still in it’s evolving primordial stages. The System 3 LP sat unreleased and unfinished for decades until the early 2000s, when the two decided to start the tape transfer & mixing process from the original analog reels, and decided to start to form the tracks into the LP we’ve got today. HoZac Archival is proud to present yet another striking album of tracks that almost slipped through the cracks, and we hope you’ve got the curtains pulled tight and all the doors & windows locked, as the witching season is just around the corner, and this is your perfect soundtrack to a hell reimagined through deranged audio texture and terror-stricken tones that are just too beautifully ugly for the daylight.) 18.00

V/A - Brown Acid - The Seventh Trip LP (riding easy - Everybody’s favorite source for the hard stuff is back in business, with ten more lethal doses of rare hard rock, heavy psych and proto-metal! Hard to believe it’s seven Trips in and they haven’t lost any steam. As usual, these obscure tracks have all been licensed, the bands have been paid, and the sources are all analog. The quality of tracks seems to increase along with the number of Trips and this cohesive collection comes outta the gate with both guns blazing!   Pegasus recorded one single in Baltimore in 1972 and they made it count. “The Sorcerer” is a throbbing ripper that prior to this was basically unknown. The track title for the Nobody’s Children single and start thinking, oh no, Riding Easy given up on bad trips. Fret not, “Good Times” was originally written as a joke. The song has since been bootlegged numerous times and even covered by the Butthole Surfers, but this is the first time it’s been fully licensed. This latest volume continues with many more boneheaded bangers, crunchy jams, and incredibly damaged heavy slabs.  The closer on the Seventh Trip is one the label holds very near and dear. Not only is this record the one that’s taken the longest to secure the rights to, it’s also one of the very best examples of heavy psych ever heard. “The Darkness” was recorded in a basement studio in Kansas City in 1969 when the lead guitarist was only 16. The band was from a rural Missouri town, played only one impromptu gig in Clinton, and pressed only 125 copies of this, their only single. It should come as no surprise that it sells for hundreds of dollars when it’s offered. That’s a small price to pay for such greatness.) 25.00

V/A - Unusual Sounds DLP (anthology - In the heyday of low-budget television and scrappy genre filmmaking, producers who needed a soundtrack for their commercial entertainments could reach for a selection of library music: LPs of stock recordings whose contents fit any mood required. Though at the time, the use of such records was mostly a cost-cutting manoeuvre for productions that couldn’t afford to hire their own composer, the industry soon took on its own life: library publishers became major financial successes, and much of the work they released was truly extraordinary. In fact, many of these anonymous or pseudonymous scores-on-demand were crafted by the some of the greatest musical minds of the late 20th century—expert musicians and innovative composers who revelled in the freedoms offered, paradoxically, by this most corporate of fields. Unusual Sounds is a deep dive into a musical universe that has, until now, been accessible only to producers and record collectors; a celebration of this strange industry and an examination of its unique place at the nexus of art and commerce. This compilation includes compositions by Brainticket founder Joel Vandroogenbroeck, KPM Allstars John Cameron and Keith Mansfield, Montenegrin-born composer Janko Nilović, and the Italian film composer Stefano Torossi amongst others. Album art by Robert Beatty.) 31.00

WILL OLDHAM - Songs Of Love And Horror LP (palace - Fall of 2018 sees the release of a celebrated lyrics archive that has been growing for over 25 years—the words to the songs sung by BONNIE PRINCE BILLY and PALACE MUSIC. The author of the songs is WILL OLDHAM, and the book, to be released by W.W. Norton, is titled Songs of Love and Horror, the same as this album. The songs of Will Oldham have been written most often for the aliases of Palace or Bonny. Their identities, kept necessarily separate from Will’s, has allowed them to bring to the stage the reach needed to project to everyone in the room, to everyone outside the room, to whomever chose to make the audience. The songs were written to create a singular encounter, to be shared among those who choose to listen. Songs of Love and Horror is a rare entry in this oeuvre: a Will Oldham album, with the writer taking a turn as singer. As befits the nature of this project, the songs are sung and played by Will alone, in a setting enjoyed by fans of his music—that of one voice and one guitar, the better to savor the spare changes and starkly-cut lyrics, operating in quiet tension and ultimate collaboration. Will brings to the songs all that he has learned from his stagecrafting fellows over the years, singing new versions that quiver like fresh young things in the air of today.   Starting with such classics as “Ohio River Boat Song,” “I See A Darkness,” and “The Way,” the sequence wanders into deeper cuts, and before it is over, Will is singing other kinds of “greatest hits”—Richard and Linda Thompson’s “Strange Affair,” a Bonny contribution to the Refugee benefit album, “Most People,” and a previously unheard writer’s demo from years ago. This microcosmic revisitation touches on the breadth of Oldham’s musical conception—the songs that came before him, the songs that came out of him, but didn’t make it on to the album, the songs that never came out at all. Will Oldham sings some favorites on Songs of Love and Horror — some of yours, some of his, and some other songs too.  The world keeps on turning, and as it does, it ruthlessly turns away from ages of creation, heaving toward new creations as they come along. In this sense, nothing on the planet is getting any younger, but as it revolves, it becomes continuously newer. Songs of Love and Horror celebrates not one legacy, but rather a confluence of them, flowing in the stream towards an unknown and often unknowing future, with the hope that these notes in a bottle ever pass on through.) 25.00


FRANKIE COSMOS - Zentropy TAPE (double double - "If you haven't been paying attention Frankie Cosmos has released over forty albums since 2009, but Zentropy is the first studio effort as a three piece, adding a new sonic chapter to the anti-folk beauty of her songs. Ready to melt your hearts and make you believe, Frankie aka Greta Kline's songwriting captures everything that's great about a pop song. Sadness, optimism, and charm blend effortlessly in every song. Dreamy, catchy, and vibrantly beautiful." Dan Goldin (EIS Records) "Pop doodlebugs from a Gotham songstress on the rise." Calvin Johnson (K Records)) 8.00

RANGERS - Europe On TV 2xTAPE (nnf - Nearly a decade after their original assembly, two crucial early volumes of Texan ranger Joe Knight’s voyaging kaleidoscope kitchen sink-psych have been dusted off and dressed up for a new generation of suburban tourists. Europe On TV collects the entirety of both 2009 outings on freeform Pittsburgh imprint As Above So Below, totaling 110 twisted minutes of miasmic guitar heroics, sci-fi city surf, face-melt glam, no-fi jangle, art rock squall, and bootleg new wave, pocked with 4-track feedback bramble and cathode-blasted voices.   Taken as a whole, these sides vividly remind just how omnivorous, inventive, and scrambled Knight’s sound was in its infancy, like scanning low-watt stations in a shitty car cruising the industrial outskirts of a foreign city. Fragments of mangled melody and rhythm beamed from crumbling radio towers in the distance, half-heard through static before the road turns and the signal fades. An alien and absorbing revisitation to the restless roots of Rangers.   Remastered by Alex Nagle. Design by Britt Brown.) 16.00

TASHI DORJI - but a night that ends, as all nights end, when the sun rises TAPE (Bhutanese guitarist currently residing in Asheville, NC. 2 long improvised guitar songs. FFO: Derek Bailey, Bill Orcutt, John Fahey) 8.00


EVOKEN - Hypnagogia CD (prfound lore - Known as one of the founding fathers of American death / funeral doom, New Jersey’s Evoken have been a long-standing pillar of the scene during their 25 year pillage. Their new full-length album Hypnagogia is the band’s sixth album, their first in six years since the landmark Atra Mors, and is a towering monolith that develops and redefines the band’s sound, strengthening their position within the metal hierarchy. This release is an expression of doom metal artistry: one will bear witness to how the band creates new and even more daring expressions, expanding their musical dynamics through meticulous care and discrimination in the song writing process. A multitude of varying and flourishing emotions exists herein, pushing their trademark penchant for grandiose melodicism and pulverizing heaviness into the band’s most intense, compelling, and soul crushing experiences yet—one of euphoria, desperation, and hopelessness.) 14.00

OLD TOWER - Rise Of The Spectral Horizons 2CD (prfound lore - The Rise Of The Spectral Horizons is a limited double CD release which combines two Old Tower releases (previously out of print) and sees them for the first time on CD: Spectral Horizons and Rise Of The Specter releases. Packaged exquisitely in a digipack and limited to 500 units only, this collection gives fans a further glimpse into the wondrous world of The Specter, an ancient long-forgotten realm within lonely castle walls and moonlit forests. Old Tower is one of the most prominent acts in the current dungeon synth movement.) 18.00

PRURIENT - Rainbow Mirror 4xCD (On Rainbow Mirror, the latest work from renowned noise-music artist Prurient, fifteen new time-stretching tracks explore the more glacial and meditative side of Dominick Fernow’s noise and power electronics with a total running time of almost three-and-a-half hours. Not necessarily the direct follow-up to the Frozen Niagara Falls album, this second conspiracy between the label and the band stands as another singular landmark among the vast repertoire Fernow has amassed. While familiar moments from that recent album can be found within, this ambient noise marathon also conjures the atmosphere of Fernow’s old-school noise histrionics, while bringing in introspective new observations. This intense, unforgiving, trance-inducing aura is presented through waves of time-stretching electronics, layered counterpoint feedback, loops, and extended droning pulsating synth passages.) 26.00


MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #426 NOV 2018 MAG (November's issue has the bases covered with features on FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES, CASUAL HEX, UK82 greats WARWOUND, LAVENDER FLU, GUMMING, SYRINGE, ATMEN WEITER, ANTIFACES, Ever/Never Records, Bay Area author SOUP, Je Me Souviens Records and more. Also included are the usual columns, news items, action-packed photos and reviews.) 5.00

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #427 DEC 2018 MAG (MRR puts the finishing touches on the year with features on CHOKED UP, JABBER, GIANT PEACH, THE SHIFTERS, LIE, MARRON, PINK NOISE, ANICIENT FILTH, THE FUNS and PROTO IDIOT. All that and the usual columns, news items, action-packed photos and reviews.) 5.00
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hey. welcome to 2nd newsletter for december. Lots of good stuff arrived like the THOU / RAGANA split LP and the THOU / HIRS LP, BOYGENIUS - s/t LP, COLIN SELF - Siblings LP and other RVNG intl restock, DÖDSRIT and other Alerta restocks, LIBEREZ - Way Through Vulnerability LP on ALTAR, MARTIN DUPONT - The Complete Collection 1980-1988 5LP-BOX, TARIVERDIEV - Seventeen Moments Of Spring LP and restock and also SANDRA KERR & JOHN FAULKNER - The Music From Bagpuss LP on EARTH recordings, V/A - Sowas Von Egal: German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985 LP, the WIRE - #419 | January 2019 MAG and other goodies

we also have a new art show coming tmrw at BAM with a little vernissage

Tine Fetz - „good morning“ incl. the release show for her new Book

ADAGIO830 is having a bandcamp sale til the end of the year. Since we have some great new things in the pipe and we are also in a christmas mood we give 40% of everything in our BANDCAMP to make space and raise some funds
code is --- snowflake

Thank you
 Robert & Norman


ALBERTO BALDAN BEMBO - Lingua D'Argento OST LP (sonor - An Italian soundtrack originally issued in 1976 which is widely considered a Funk Exotica masterpiece. Originally composed by orchestra conductor Alberto Baldan Bembo for the movie soundtrack "Ecco lingua d'argento", starring the sexy Carmen Villani. The album includes many spellbinding and powerful grooves filled with great basslines, dope wah wah and killer Funky sounds; a countless amount of drum beats with dancing Fender Rhodes, Disco-Funk arrangements with driving tropical percussions, dreamy cinematic strings and sexy female chorus harmonize. Top-notch stuff for any crate digger / groove hunter / beat maker / record collector and vintage music vinyl maniac out there. Exclusive liner notes written by DJ Spaziale aka Scott Hesselink, Original movie poster reprint included.) 28.00

ALONE WITH KING KONG - Bedroom​-​sized Doomsday LP (specific - Alone With King Kong is a folky indie rock band from Metz / France and reminds of The Shins, The New Pornographers, Destroyer,…) 15.00

BOYGENIUS - s/t LP (matador - Matador hosts the debut EP by feels-core radio rock supergroup trio Boygenius, consisting of songwriters Julien Baker (also of Forrister and The Star Killers), Phoebe Bridgersand Lucy Dacus. All three musicians hot-swap confessional lead songwriting and vocal duties throughout, lending some varied perspectives and style.)

CLAUDIO TALLINO - Calamo OST LP + CD (somor - Original soundtrack for the erotic thriller movie from 1976 directed by Massimo Pirri. Outstanding and 100% essential Italian OST containing top-notch Giallo and sleazy thrilling music with dark, fuzzy, funky and definitively trippy sounds that put this amazing soundtrack on high demand. Euro Sex movie themes & arrangements with the classic Italian Giallo sound of the time filled with funky drums & breaks dopeness, spaced-out downtempo beats and hypnotic basslines / dark orchestrations with threatening bells and swirling, filtered-out Hammond organ / sinister female chorus / fuzzy cues and captivating Psychedelic moods / ringing thriller vibes and dramatic moments / menacing Progressive riffs / sleazy wah-wah, heavy piano and sweeping strings. For fans of Nicolai / Morricone Giallo and Thriller cults. A terrific Italian soundtrack! Music has been remastered from the original master tapes using the original tape cuts as source. The Bonus CD included features more outtakes from the original recording sessions.) 28.00

COLIN SELF - Siblings LP (rvng - One-time pressing of 400 LPs with unique hand stamped jackets featuring artwork by Raul De Nieve and a 12-page lyric booklet.  ***  Colin Self’s Siblings is a proposal for interdependence, critical joy, and an expansive sense of being. As the lyrics beam, “I used to live as an anomaly... no explanation biologically,” so siblings share hidden language, lore, and identity. On Siblings, ecstatic voices and sound knot to form new ideals of kinship, emerging as horizontal relations for multi-species flourishing. Limited edition vinyl includes multi-format digital download.) 23.00

DÖDSRIT - Spirit Crusher LP (col. vinyl) (prostehtic - The mixing of genres is something that Dödsrit creator and sole member, Christoffer Öster has always done and done extremely well. As the main songwriter and driving force for Sweden’s crust punk, d-beat, screamo, atmospheric, sludge, etc. cult group, Totem Skin, Öster received a vast amount of critical praise through journalists and peers alike. Dödsrit doesn’t necessarily take on as many styles, maybe limiting it to black metal, crust, d-beat and post metal, though as evident on Spirit Crusher, Öster’s second album as Dödsrit, he’s found the perfect balance to meld and create a staggering opus.) 22.00

DÖDSRIT - s/t LP (alerta - Repressed with new cover! ex. TOTEM SKIN!!!  Dödsrit is a project created by Christoffer Öster from TOTEM SKIN. Dödsrit tries to blend atmospheric black metal with the rawness from crust. The writing for Dödsrit started right after Totem Skin had recorded their last album "Weltschmerz" . And was conducted for almost two years before it saw the light of the day. Dödsritt shivering melodies were created in the deep forests in the outskirts of Borlänge, Sweden. Conducted by Christoffer Öster from Totem Skin who poured every drop of passion he could harvest from the bottom of his heart. "this same titeled LP is the band’s 1st full-length. The soundscape of the album ranges from raw aggression to doomy heaviness and unsettling guitar melodies. The vocals create an honest and desperate atmosphere, the vocalists screaming themes of nature and problems in life. Intense grinding shares space with quiet and reverent moments, but the sonic landscape is always filled with emotion.) 15.00

DUR DUR OF SOMALIA - Volume 1, Volume 2 & Previously Unreleased Tracks 3LP (analog africa - When Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb arrived in Mogadishu in November of 2016, he was informed by his host that he would have to be accompanied at all times by an armed escort while in the country. The next morning, a neighbour and former security guard put on a military uniform, borrowed an AK-47 from somewhere and escorted him to Via Roma, an historical street in the heart of Hamar-Weyne, the city's oldest district. Although previous Analog Africa releases have demonstrated a willingness to go more than the extra air-mile to track down the stories behind the music, the trip to Mogadishu was a musical journey of a different kind. It was the culmination of an odyssey that had started many years earlier. In 2007 John Beadle, a Milwaukee-based musicologist and owner of the much loved Likembe blog, uploaded a cassette he had been handed twenty years earlier by a Somalian student. The post was titled 'Mystery Somali Funk' and it was, in Samy's own words, "some of the deepest funk ever recorded". The cassette seemed to credit these dense, sonorous tunes to the legendary Iftin Band. But initial contact with Iftin's lead singer suggested that the 'mystery funk' may have actually been the work of their chief rival, Dur-Dur, a young band from the 80s.) 35.00

EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - haus der lüge LP (potomak - Haus der Lüge is the fifth full length studio release from the German band, originally released in 1989. This is a nice modern day re-press! ) 22.00

GEORGE RUSSELL SEPTET - The Stratus Seekers LP (doxy - The Stratus Seekers is an album by George Russell originally released on Riverside in 1962. The album contains performances by Russell with John Pierce, David Baker, Paul Plummer, Don Ellis, Steve Swallow and Joe Hunt. In his review in the August 16, 1962 of Down Beat magazine Harvey Pekar says this of Russell: "His work abounds with such devices as polyphony, polytonality, and changing tempos and time signatures. He is also a brilliant orchestrator... producing constantly varying sonorities and textures. A retrospective Allmusic review by Scott Yanow states that "The music has its own logic, is somewhat difficult to classify, yet deserves further attention by jazz historians and analysts“.) 20.00

JAN MÖRGENSON - Ad Patres LP (specific - One guitar. That's all it takes Jan Mörgenson to build landscapes made of countryside dreams and mountaintops nightmares. His blues blends traditional anthems with an urge to explore new territories, always playing on the verge of cloud-like trance and twisted psychedelia.) 16.00

LEHMANN B. SMITH - poplar music LP (bedroom suck - Lehmann B. Smith joins the Bedroom Suck Family for his seventh album. Finding his greatest success as a sideman for Totally Mildand Kes Band, Smith has often been described as a musician’s musician, an undiscovered talent. He is a prodigious songwriter, compiling album after album of unreleased material and storing them away in his home studio for a rainy day. “His compositions are elegant gossamer tapestries that engage and inspire – The back-porch pathos is stunningly interwoven with haunting reverie and a morbid curiosity — about the physical nature of the human body and all it’s designed to control and contain” – Brendan Telford, The Music) 23.00

LIBEREZ - Way Through Vulnerability LP (altar - Southend-on-Sea experimental outfit Liberez deliver the end result of a year and a half long recording process, an amorphous new line up and advanced studies in sound collage. On ‘Way Through Vulnerability’ new members Reay, Saunders and Ugarteburu channel the projects previous outings on Alter and Night School by conveying the same firm grounding in rhythm, though this time via Flamenco time signatures and eerie, repetitive clapping. At times sounding indebted to the ‘tribal ambient’ of decades gone by, at times sounding fresh in their approach (‘Here is the Proof’ is of note) the trio manage to export motifs from Italian avant-garde circles, UK industrial and dare we say post-rock all at the same time. The sound design on ‘Derelict Intentions’ makes heavy use of background ambience and bleak, world-weary minimalism to lull us into a false sense of calm before harsh and unexpected blurts of noise break the equilibrium. In doing so they swiftly side-step any preconceptions of ‘easy listening’ and opt instead to drag us deeper down into their own dark waters. At times we almost seem to delve into lost theatre soundtrack territory; fragmented neo-classical elements dance with punchy drum machines (‘Cara En La Foto Pt II’) and things draw to a close with the end credit worthy swansong of the album’s title track. The group repeatedly utilise Basque country language, Hungarian dialect and ancient Russian to lend their compositions a cross-cultural underpinning and eschew any clear geographic origin, a decision which all but adds to the perplexities of their unique brand of electro-acoustic purgatory.) 20.00

LISA MELISSA & THE MESS - The Message LP (q sound - Q-Sounds Recording is proud to present Lisa Mélissa & the Mess' first long-awaited album. 12 tracks of Soul with strong Hip Hop influences, Garage & Psych flavors. Lisa Mélissa wrote beautiful melodies and Lyrics, with her typical and particular voice & attitude. A must have for you, all Soulheads !) 18.00

MARTIN DUPONT - The Complete Collection 1980-1988 5LP-BOX (5LP Box Set contains 5 x 180 gr black vinyl, individual heavy LP sleeves, 12 page full-size booklet, inside linen bound hard box with foil pressed design, ltd. to 500 copies. Minimal Wave presents The Complete Collection 1980-1988, a five LP box set by the highly lauded French group Martin Dupont. The band formed in Marseille in 1980 and consisted of Alain Seghir, Brigitte Balian, Beverley Jane Crew, and Catherine Loy. They were immensely talented with a rare dynamic between them that was likely inspired by a combination of their magnetic personalities, creative vision and and the home studio where they recorded. The music they made was colorful, enthusiastic and delicate, but also melancholy and mysterious. A mixture of hot and cold, light and dark. They made electronic music that incorporated guitars and clarinets and are described by many as a New Wave band yet they truly transcended genres. They had some mainstream success finding themselves opening for bands like The Lotus Eaters, The Lounge Lizards and Siouxsie and the Banshees, without any intention of ever being a commercial enterprise. In Beverley Jane Crew’s words, “the songs just tumbled out in a completely organic and spontaneous way and as soon as they were recorded on the four track, they were shared with friends on tapes, openly and excitedly.” They released three studio albums: Just Because, Sleep Is A Luxury and Hot Paradox, one cassette entitled Inédits 1981-1983 and one 7” single entitled Your Passion. In 2008, Minimal Wave released a compilation of selected tracks entitled Lost And Late. Now one decade later, MW releases its first box set for this phenomenal band. The Complete Collection 1980-1988 consists of all of Martin Dupont’s recorded material to date in the form of five 180 gram vinyl LPs and spans 60 songs recorded between 1980 and 1988. Along with the five LPs, the box contains a 12 page LP-sized full color booklet featuring previously unpublished photographs of the band, their history, and select song lyrics. The box itself is bound in platinum grey linen, with black foil type and both booklet and box are designed by NYC based artist Peter Miles. All five LPs are pressed on black 180 gram vinyl and feature the original artwork of the French artist Yves Cheynet. The box set is limited to 500 copies.) 140.00

MICHELE MERCURE - Beside Herself DLP (rvng . back in stock - Beside Herself collects the dream music of Michele Mercure’s self-produced and distributed albums, offered in scarce analog editions between 1983 and 1990. Traversing the DIY cassette trading scene and sensory bending soundtracks for experimental theatre and television, Mercure’s night-lit, minimal synthesizer music expresses an ambitious vision and (simulated) voice swelling from the electronic music substratum of the 80s.) 26.00

SANDRO BRUGNOLINI - Gli Arcangeli OST LP (dagored - Dagored present the first vinyl reissue of Sandro Brugnolini's Gli Arcangeli, originally released in 1964. Italian composer and alto sax player Alessandro Brugnolini -- composer behind 1970's Overground (CNPL 801LP) and L'Uomo Dagli Occhiali A Specchio (1975) -- launched his career playing in the super jazz band inspired by Miles Davis, The Modern Jazz Gang. Later, he became very prolific as a composer and performer under his own name, as well as under pseudonyms (such as Narassa). One of the first pure jazz soundtracks for film belongs to him: it was 1963 and the movie was Enzo Battaglia's Gli Arcangeli. Featuring the legendary American singer Helen Merrill, here it is, one of the all-time rarest Italian jazz.) 16.00

SANDRA KERR & JOHN FAULKNER - The Music From Bagpuss LP (earth - 12th of February, 1974, and for an audience of small children at 1:45pm, a life irrevocably coloured by the wayward wonderings of one saggy cloth cat. Some 44 years later and Earth Recordings opens the door to Bagpuss & Co. once again, revealing for the first time the original music in all its newly-mastered splendour. The 32 tracks that make up the main body of the compositions are – like all good folk music – a patchwork of traditional pieces, half-remembered tunes and pure improvisation. It's testament to Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner's musicianship that the recordings work so well, not only within the context of the television episodes, but as an album in its own right. Of the recording, Oliver Postgate (in his exquisite autobiography 'Seeing Things') says: "Between them Sandra and John could play every sort of instrument from a mountain dulcimer to an Irish fiddle. They knew and could sing every tune in the world and didn't bother with written music, except as a last resort. They were exactly suited to Gabriel the Toad and Madeleine the Rag Doll and in those roles were happy to play whatever music and sing whatever songs would be needed." Those songs manifested themselves as reworkings of familiar tunes ('I Saw A Ship'; 'Row Your Boat'; 'Bucket's Burning'), takes on traditional ballads ('Brian O'Lynn'; 'The Frog Princess'; 'Weaving Song'; 'The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Basket') and delicious flights of fancy ('The Bony King of Nowhere'; 'Turtle Calypso'; 'Uncle Feedle'). The counterpart to Madeleine and Gabriel's more polished ditties are the interludes from the mice; a raggle-taggle chorus that accompanies the creatures' efforts of help (with the mice once famously going on strike when they were not permitted sang as they worked). Again, Postgate muses: "Once I had worked out a few episodes I would make a very rough list of the bits where I though music would be appropriate. I would send it to [Sandra and John] to think about. Then we would borrow a fairly silent room in a remote house and, taking the various articles that we intended to celebrate with us, would spend a happy day with a tape recorder, thinking up and recording whatever songs and tunes came to mind." The outtakes provide an intimate – and often very humourous – insight into the trio's work ethic, if it can be called such a thing. (By all accounts they sound as though they're having a very jolly time indeed.) Highlights include alternative opening words and end music, as well as Postgate sound-checking in character as Bagpuss. This never-before heard audio provides a real treat for fans (and indeed those new to the Smallfilms stable) – affirmation again to the enduring quality of these special recordings, and the beloved programme that inspired them. "An accidental classic of the folk-roots underground that we never dared hope we’d hear with such clarity." - Stewart Lee) 21.00

SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS / CONVULSING - The Breath Of The Beast / Engraved Upon Bleached Bone LP (maniax - Australians Siberian Hell Sounds and Convulsing are perhaps two of the most punishing, dissonant, and avant-garde black metal entities out there, and they’ve joined forces on this split release, each providing a song over twenty minutes long to feed this beastly behemoth of a record. What results is not so much a split as it is a collaborative effort to bring forth to the altar a worthy sacrifice. And worthy it is, as it pleases us with its long, winding and unconventional song structures, its sickening harmony, its thick and heavy atmosphere put on our shoulders to burden, and its incantations spewed from the mouths of madness. Truly, I need not say more, as the music should speak for itself from that point on. Siberian Hell Sounds have returned from Svengali with a bang, and Convulsing establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, after their impressive debut Errata.) 13.00

TARIVERDIEV - Seventeen Moments Of Spring LP (earth - FOR RUSSIA - WITH LOVE - A man enters a café, takes a drink and sits smoking. He watches as a woman enters with another man. They order coffee and converse at a table. Her companion says something quietly to her and gets up to leave. Alone, she looks around the café and suddenly sees the first man. For the next six minutes, they look at each other, around each other, through each other. Not a word is exchanged. The woman’s companion returns and leads her away. This silent sequence, accompanied only by music, is from Seventeen Moments of Spring, a 1972 Soviet twelve part television series. The scene was resisted by the producers and included only on the insistence of the director Tatyana Lioznova, but it became one of the best-known in Russian film history, and its piano score one of the best-known pieces of Russian cinematic music. The series tells the story of a Soviet spy (portrayed by the actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov) operating undercover in Nazi Germany as military officer Max Otto von Stierlitz. Stierlitz is on a covert mission to disrupt secret negotiations aimed at forging a pact between Germany and the Western Allies. He is sometimes referred to as ‘the Soviet James Bond’ and there are some correspondences, despite the World War II setting: both Bond and Stierlitz work for their respective countries’ secret service agencies and both, in various ways, reflect their cultures’ idealised alpha males. But whilst Bond, is a hard-drinking, hard-loving, wisecracking free agent, Stierlitz is restrained, faithful to hiswife, intellectual and modest. He spends much time looking out of windows rather than crashing through them. There is a further link in that Seventeen Moments was made partly in response to the way the KGB was typically portrayed abroad in works such as the Bond series (where it appears as SMERSH). On broadcast, Seventeen Moments was immediately immensely popular with an estimated audience of between 50 and 80 million viewers for each episode. Crime rates dropped significantly during the broadcasts, city streets were empty and power stations had to increase production to cope with a surge in the demand for electricity for TV sets. It is said that Brezhnev moved meetings of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in order not to miss an episode and that Vladimir Putin’s decision to join the KGB was influenced by watching the series when young. It became the most successful Soviet espionage thriller ever made. It was rebroadcast annually in the Soviet Union and throughout the Warsaw Pact nations, and is still regularly shown in Russia where it remains one of the most popular television series of all time. Without any doubt, the score by Mikael Tariverdiev contributed to this huge success. He wrote it after some initial reluctance to be involved but its popularity catapulted him to national fame. ‘Somewhere Far Away’ and “Moments’, remain some of the best-known and well-loved cinematic songs of the era. The main theme and his piano underscore to that famous café scene where Stierlitz and his wife meet-but-don’t-meet must have surely captured the haunted longings and romantic poignancy of a generation of Soviet citizens who had suffered their own forced separations, displacements, silences and losses. The score presented here follows the narrative arc of the series’ story. It has been re-mastered from transfers made from original tapes in the Tariverdiev apartment in Moscow. )25.00

TELOS - Telos LP (maniax - Face destroying Blackened Hardcore monsters TELOS present their debut of the same name. Drawing significant influence from contemporary blast merchants Hexis and angular, chaotic riff titans Converge TELOS create their own sound through an alliance of these concepts. This masterpiece shifts from rushing breathless sections of hasty drums and frantic riff to super aggressive hyperblasting to sudden melodic drops and back again. Coming in at under the 30minute mark this output does an admirable job of exploring the concept presented under the title; TELOS being Greek for 'End', the release follows ideas of environmental collapse, the problems of post-modern society and overpopulation, and plays with ideas of metaphysical beings as metaphors, embodying the eponymous TELOS as a deity-like humanity destroying creature. Following this almost sci-fi story like structure is refreshingly unusual in this genre and the band pulls it off remarkably well. Their sound is certainly comparable to that of a destruction deity. In short this is a brutally effective release in the blackened hardcore genre that will satisfy anyone looking for their blasting dissonance fix while at the same time offering interest and depth for repeated listens with a strong conceptual leaning and unusual instrumentation.) 15.00

V/A - New Tape LP (sonor - Founded in early 70s by historical Rai TV trumpeter and composer Cicci Santucci (Looking Around, On The Underground Road etc.), New Tape grown up during the golden period of Italian music production and was dedicated to experimentation of new forms of sound, always hailing from the solid Jazz basis of the musicians and theme music inspiration. Andrea Galtieri aka Cavalier Piscopo sequenced the very best shots from the whole label production including exclusive liner notes, with an explosive mix of Jazz-Rock, Bossa, spellbinding groove and raw Experimental stuff. "A leading figure in the Italian Jazz scene, Francesco 'Cicci' Santucci worked as trumpeter in the legendary Rai TV orchestra for over 20 years. He was renowned for collaborations with such international jazz legends as Lionel Hampton, Gato Barbieri, and Kenny Clarke – that is until his foray into the avant-garde progressive experience of The Living Music, a project founded by his brother Umberto. During these same years, he took part in important Italian jazz sessions like "Looking Around", "Mondo Operaio", and "On The Underground Road", with his close colleague Enzo Scoppa. It was just around this period of great music production and experimentation that Cicci founded his own label, the NEW TAPE, in the very early '70s. His goal was to dedicate himself to composing library music with a new expression of music, less linked to hard bop or American standards, but rather more focused on the new sounds of the time that brought the listener closer to modern vibes, like jazz-rock and avant-garde music. "Mixed Grill" opens this series, composed by the maestro's alias, 'Girosan', along with Lesiman (a.k.a. Paolo Renosto) who added a more esoteric and captivating atmosphere, closer to English progressive rock. "Rengran Mix" and "Tropical" follow, with music by Paolo Renosto and the old avant-garde connoisseur, Romolo Grano. This work gave way to electronic instrumentation and weird experimentation, and was built on a rich rhythmical carpet – tropical percussions, rock and blues inspired vibes, sleazy psych, and jazz improvisations. Music from “Rengran Mix” was also used as the soundtrack for the TV programme "Futili Motivi", and also featured the great backing sound of I Marc 4 with the accompaniment of Nora Orlandi's warm vocals. The trademark of the label, and the most important production, is the fourth album, "Mirage" by Cicci Santucci and Enzo Scoppa themselves. This record is an explosive mix of elegant jazz, funk, and psychedelia, where every instrument finds its expressive space. We can clearly hear the connection on both the 'On the Underground Road' and 'Looking Around' albums, recorded that same year, bringing that unmistakable underground jazz dopeness typical of the magical duo of Santucci and Scoppa. The last album of the series is "Appunti Di Guerra" by the mysterious 'Ruscigan' – a very obscure alias which probably belongs to Renosto and Guido Baggiani. This work features complex and dramatic sounds properly composed for war scenes and gloomy atmospheres, with a large assortment of percussion, distorted effects, and tape manipulation – an album that foreshadowed what would become industrial music. With a ridiculously small pressing of only 100 copies per title, NEW TAPE is among the most interesting discoveries to date in terms of original production library music, and as a result, a very respectable journey begins inside the creative underground jazz of 1970s. - Andrea Galtieri) 26.00

THOU / RAGANA - Let Our Names Be Forgotten LP (feast of tentacles - "Once you think you're in, you're out". In memory of those lost in the Ghost Ship fire.) 18.00

THOU / HIRS - I Have Become Your Pupil LP (feast of tentacles - Already a classic - Songs are played fluidly into each other, complete or otherwise on The Hirs Collective side, and with radio edits fluid with the beginning of each song on the Thou side. All songs are Nirvana covers.) 18.00

V/A - midday moon (Ambient And Experimental Music From Australia And New Zealand 1980 - 1995) DLP (Midday Moon is a survey of ambient and experimental music that emerged from Australia and New Zealand between 1980 and 1995. These recordings are sourced from a rich variety of micro-labels, private pressings, theatre soundtracks and artists’ personal archives.  Curated by Melbourne based DJ and archivalist, Sanpo Disco (a.k.a Rowan Mason), the collection delves deep into the world of outsider music that emerged in Australia and New Zealand in the latter half of the twentieth century, as synthesisers and early workstations began to enter the consumer marketplace.) 35.00

V/A - Sowas Von Egal: German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985 LP (bureau b - The excellent Hamburg-based label Bureau B have unearthed more rare synth gems, to compile: Sowas Von Egal: German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985. Not your typical '80s synth comp; this collaboration with the Damaged Goods party DJs has brought to light some remarkable, seldom heard music  ranging from post punk and synth wave -- all originally released in very small quantities, often by the bands themselves and sold at their gigs -- all pressed in the first half of the 1980s.) 22.00

WORST WITCH - Toil and Trouble LP (alerta - 8 tracks of pissed off hardcore punk from Bristol, UK. In the vein of LIMP WRIST, DROPDEAD and GLOSS. With lyrics dealing with social anxiety, bullying, self confidence and identity, TOIL AND TROUBLE is about finding solace in sharing difficulties, ideas, punk and friendship.) 13.00


TROPICAL TRASH - A Dent In The Forever Can TAPE (stoned to - TROPICAL TRASH descends from the sky straight onto your brain stem. Instead of trace papering some shadow punks of previous days, these patriots pull the curtain back, revealing nine condensed blasts of well honed songcraft that really put them at the top of the rock heap, with paranoid punk and an eagerness to melt it all down and make it into something bold and badass.) 6.00


WIRE - #419 | January 2019 MAG (Inside this issue: - 2018 Rewind: the year in underground music: Releases of the year: We asked our contributors to nominate their top ten records, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, then we counted up the votes Critics’ reflections: Our contributors look back on 2018’s cultural highs and lows Black Noise: Reclaiming the racket. By Moor Mother Climate Sounds: Blowing hot and cold. By Lewis Gordon Minimal Rock: Beat the repeat. By Marc Masters Jazz & Protest: Freedom fighters. By Daniel Spicer Four/Four: Deconstruction time again. By Chal Ravens Columnists’ charts: Our specialist critics select music that rocked their corner of the subculture, from avant rock to the outer limits …..) 8.00
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