Lucertulas + Amavo

Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?

Lucertulas + Amavo

Messagepar clément » 28 Mar 2008, 14:07

ualà clèment
how are you?
this is Endrius from aflowerkollapsed orchestra
I hope you are fine

I'm here to ask you a little help:
there are our super friends that search a date in france!!!
the band:
they are crazy dudes and sounds is really cool!
they will be in tour with this crazy duo-girls hehe

they're setting up a tour in france
the last date organized is in Montpellier on 1st of May
they are searching a date for 3rd of May in Marseille/Tolone/or Nizza [in the coast]
not Lyon like you'll can see in their myspace

have you contacts in Marseille/Tolone/or Nizza [in the coast] for them?
can I pass your contact to them?
let me know man
and good days

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