die todeskakerlaken des zorns & gtuk -22 juillet- Lyon?

Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?

die todeskakerlaken des zorns & gtuk -22 juillet- Lyon?

Messagepar francois » 21 Jan 2006, 02:21

hello there Francois!
situation as follows:
we are those two music groups:
die todeskakerlaken des zorns & gtuk,
based almost in denmark & berlin,
both playing different kinds of hybrid highly
spread out by a little diy label called stenze quo.

together we are planning a tour through europe for
this summer!
and then we very much would like to come also to Lyon
and play at a place!
it would be huge if you took a little time to listen
to our music and may put up a show for us!
or maybe you also know some other people who may be
interested, or do shows in Lyon?
like visible at the bottom of this e-mail, we very
would like to play on the 22. of july.
since we´re poor people it simply is impossible for us
to send demos out to everybody, we are really sorry
about that!
we prefer the things to hold in your hands as well, so
we hope this works o.k. for you!
here´s a link to 2 songs of both of us:
oh, all we need is a place to sleep, some kind of pa
and something to pay the food for our car.
thanxx so much for now, and we hope to hear from you!
all the best!
dtdz music group, gtuk one man group and stenze quo
oh, and my name is Johann

14.07. germany, bremen/oldenburg
15.07. netherlands, groningen
16.07. netherlands, utrecht/anwerpen
17.07. netherlands, amsterdam/eindhoven
18.07. belgium,
19.07. belgium/france
20.07. france, paris
21.07. france, dijon
22.07. france, lyon/st. etienne
23.07. france, montpellier
24.07. spain, barcelona
25.07. france, marseille
26.07. italy, torino
27.07. italy, milano/genova
28.07. italy, verona
29.07. switzerland, zürich
30.07. germany, münchen
31.07. austria, wien
01.08. czech republic, prague
02.08. germany, nürnberg/würzburg
03.08. germany leipzig/dresden
04.08. germany, berlin

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Messagepar xavier » 21 Jan 2006, 02:50

J'ai eu le mail. Plein mois de Juillet à Lyon, no way sauf si tu t'appelles Unsane.
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