Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?


Messagepar Juliette » 15 Jan 2006, 15:28

In the UK the guys will get around £130-150, place to sleep for 5 & food.
So whatever you can arrange for your show would be great. They will have
their debut album out on deep elm records, released worldwide in march &
this European tour will be precided by a 3 week US tour.

The 6th or 7th can work. Please let us know & Many Thanks!

Friday 5th - London
Saturday 6th -Lille@LA RUMEUR + H-BURNS
Sunday 7th - Paris@help ! + H-BURNS
Monday 8th - France > HELP + H-BURNS
Tuesday 9th - France > Toulouse@TBA + H-BURNS
Wedensday 10th - France > Saint etienne@TBA + H-BURNS
Thursday 11th - Italy
Friday 12th - Italy
Saturday 13th - Italy

Sharing as much in common with the likes of Blood Brothers, Bikini Kill
and Ex Models as they do with Prince and the New Revolution, FREE DIAMONDS
is aiming at a target audience of, well...they have an unmistakable sound
that straddles the line between indie rock and post-punk without ever
leaving the pop realm. With thumping bass lines, propulsive drum beats and
guitars that snake in and out of some of the most unique vocals you've
ever heard, FREE DIAMONDS want to make you dance...and dance you will.
Listen to "Blind Boys" plus two additional demo tracks from FREE DIAMONDS:

"Sauntering precariously between lunacy and abject, no-nonsense genius,
rapid fire serrated riffs lay siege propelled by what sounds like a helium
enhanced vocal recanting half-remembered nursery rhymes which together
merge to charge into a perplexing 'anything can happen in the next two
minutes' foray - ultimately it's all fraught, frenetic and totally
fabulous." - Losing Today


> MP au cas où vous pourriez donner un coup de main.. merci
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Messagepar sozo » 15 Jan 2006, 17:38

oui faites les jouer ! ! perso moi j'ai accroché à la 1ere écoute

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