Squash Bowels grind. Pol. cherche date sur Lyon

Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?

Squash Bowels grind. Pol. cherche date sur Lyon

Messagepar Julien » 12 Jan 2006, 04:42

Si quelqu'un est interesse, ca me ferait plaisir de les aider, ils sont bien marrants, sympas et font meme la cuisine!

I want inform you that SQUASH BOWELS http://www.squashbowels.prv.pl, http://www.lifestageprod.prv.pl recorded new album "Love Songs" last year and CD was released by LIFESTAGE PRODUCTION on 15.11.2005. In connection with it we'll go to European Tour in May 2006 together with other Polish Grind band NEUROPATHIA http://www.neuropathiasite.prv.pl, http://www.noescaperecords.com They released last CD "Satan is a Cunt"on No Escape Rec. from Australia in the end of 2005.
New CD of Neuropathia will be recorded in Spring 2006 and release by our small label LIFESTAGE PRODUCTION.
This tour will be start in the end of April 2006 and finish in the middle of may 2006.
I have proposal for you about this tour.

What do you think about gigs on 04.05.2006 (Thursday) in Lyon ???
Our condition for both bands are:
250 Euro + sleeping place (with shower room) and food for 7 - 8 persons. It's possible??? Pls let me know!!!
We'll take complete backline and drums of course. You'll receive tour posters and promo stuffs also!!!

It will be really nice meet again with you!!! And maybe I take my CDR's box from yours flat ha, ha ,ha :) I wait for yours answer.
Take care ma friends!!!
Andy/Lifeforms Tour Agency


Gore Grind Grind Core

26.04.2006 (Wednesday) – (PL) Bialystok - Trzy Korony
27.04.2006 (Thursday) – TBA (Poland)
28.04.2006 (Friday) – TBA (Czech Rep.)
29.04.2006 (Saturday) – (A) Vienna - Monastery
30.04.2006 (Sunday) – (SLO) Murska Sobota - Boss Club
01.05.2006 (Monday) – (I) Bologna - Atlantide Occupato
02.05.2006 (Tuesday) – (I) Cremona - Dordoni
03.05.2006 (Wednesday) – (I) Pavia Tatooing Metal Fest
04.05.2006 (Thursday) – TBA (France)
05.05.2006 (Friday) – TBA (France)
06.05.2006 (Saturday) – (E) Barcelona - TBC
07.05.2006 (Sunday) – (E) Irun - Tunk - TBC
08.05.2006 (Monday) – (F) Bordeaux - L'Inca
09.05.2006 (Tuesday) – (F) La Ferriere - Mat'sa Cafe
10.05.2006 (Wednesday) – TBA (Belgium)
11.05.2006 (Thursday) – (NL) Eindhoven - TBC
12.05.2006 (Friday) – (NL) Gemert - Grind Over Gemert Fest.
13.05.2006 (Saturday) – TBA (Germany)
14.05.2006 (Sunday) – (D) Dresden - Az Conni

Complete info:
Lifeforms Agecny
+48 601 356 510

Info and bands MP3:
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Messagepar zozzal » 12 Jan 2006, 11:03

haha ouais c'était pas mal la dernière fois!
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