Issuna (squatt-core, Pays basque) cherche date en Juillet

Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?

Issuna (squatt-core, Pays basque) cherche date en Juillet

Messagepar BxL » 24 Juin 2015, 22:09

Je fais passer le mot parce que j'ai trouvé ce groupe plutôt cool.
Pour écouter :

"Hi!Hi!My name is Iker and I play in a Hardcore/Punk/Thrash or named
Issuna. We are going to play some gigs in Germany this summer with the help of
SantaDiabla DIY records ( as they are going to release soon
our first LP, so we need help setting up gigs in France/Switzerland between the 25
and the 30 of July (we’ve got already a gig in Toulouse the 28th of July)

Regarding the band, we see ourselves as a DIY hardcore/punk/thrash band from the
Basque Country. We have recently changed our name to Issuna (that means, without the
double S, "fine" in Basque), although we released an LP (in CD format) named Multa
(st) 3 years now (really different from what we are doing now). We played 25 gigs in
two years more or less, most of them played in the north of Spain. Then we stopped
for a year or so due to different facts but now we are on the road again besides
preparing new songs apart from those from the new LP. In case you like it and you're
interested in setting us up a gig in your venue or in some venue that you know in
one of the days I mentioned before it would be awesome. As well, if you cannot make
it but you know some other place in France that could be interested in helping us,
please let us know. I would appreciate even if you just answer the mail. We won't
ask for nothing in exchange, neither money nor a place to sleep because we just want
to have a good time playing around Europe while people enjoy our music. Although, if
there is a possibility to get some money or if you have a place where we can sleep
we won't say no, of course :) .
I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks in advance!!
Kind regards,

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