Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?


Messagepar JOSS » 18 Nov 2005, 15:05

Hi there!!!!!
here Fres from the Basque Country (in the north east of the spanish state), I'm emailng you because I'm trying to book the european tour of one of my bands and a friend gave me your email address.
The band is Ira et Decessus, we play some kind of fast & screaming HC/Punk with socio-political lyrics (if you want to listen to us I can send to you some mp3), we will travel with all the stuff (also a small PA, just 150 watts) and we ask for the typical things, or the things we use to offer to the bands playing in our spaces, I mean: place to sleep, vegetarian or vegan dinner and money from the door, some drinks will be also more than wellcome. The day we need to play overthere is december the 3rd, I know there is not much time left but is not a bad day, is it?
I don't know what else I can tell to you so I'll stop here, sorry for my intromission in your email, thanks in advance, take care, Bye!!!!
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Messagepar julien213 » 18 Nov 2005, 19:13

Ce groupe tue. :twisted:
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