Plaids / Mars to Stay EU tour, help needed!Hey this is Joe C

Angoisse du day-off, dates à boucler, besoin d'aide ?

Plaids / Mars to Stay EU tour, help needed!Hey this is Joe C

Messagepar Joe C » 21 Mai 2013, 21:27

Hey this is Joe C.

You may know me from other boards and sites such as Collective-zine. I play in Plaids, played in What Price Wonderland and La Boite Diabolique. I co-run the DIY space in Nottingham called JT SOAR and I run Subsequent Mastering. I am a busy guy.

I am booking my current band, Plaids, which I do vocals in, a euro tour with our buddies Mars to Stay.



Plaids often gets compared to a mix of frantic DC HC(Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring) mixed with modern post-hardcore (Hot Cross, At the Drive-in, Self Defense Family). But it's my band so I can't really describe us truthfully so have a listen?

Mars to Stay are different, and we like that. They play a really sad, broken down slowcore/emo type thing which is somewhere between Red House Painters, I Hate Myself and Shores. Check em out too.

We have a route and a bunch of shows booked.

We are DIY. We only want petrol money and whatever else you can give us. We would also like a vegan meal and somewhere to sleep. We put on a LOT of shows (once a week or so) we know the score, we are a promoter friendly band!

Here is the route:

13th August - London, UK
14th August- Leuven, Belgium
15th August- Leiden, Holland
16th August- Cologne, Germany
17th August- ?? HELP!
18th August- ?? HELP!
19th August- ?? HELP!
20th August-Hamburg, Germany
21st August- Dresden, Germany
22nd August- Berlin, Germany
23rd August- ?? HELP!
24th August- ?? HELP!
25th August- ?? HELP!
26th August- Schaffhausen, Switzerland
27th August- Lyon, France
28th August- Kingston ,UK

Thanks so much!

If you can help, please reply here or email plaidspunk atty
Joe C
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